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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 3, 2018 5:30am-5:59am EST

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playing a sweet tune theriding . the game 37 hours away. >> we'll have much more eagles coverage, but first let's get a look at what's in store for the weekend and the super bowl party with meteorologist chris sowers, hi chris. >> reporter: good morning, nydia. it's a 50/50 day between the two weekend days. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine today, blustery an cold. rain moves in tomorrow. warminster, 14 degrees. lake harmony, 4 above z newtown, 16. over the other side of the delaware river. glassboro, 16. 12 in vineland. 17 in fortescue. 14 degrees in hammonton. not much of a breeze this morning, it will pick up a little bit as the sun rises.
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windchill values even though we're forecasting high temperatures in the 0s it will feel right back the teens and 20s. 3:00 p.m., 23 degrees. blustery and cold out there today. the good news, the next system we're tracking is what we call a cutter, it's an area of low pressure that will ride up the spine of the appalachians like that. it will bring in a mild wind flow, this system will be liquid e poconos will see snow at the on set, but flip over to rain. 4:00 p.m., 34. later this evening, temperatures dropping back down into the 20s. nydia? >> all right, chris, thank you. in 40 hours, the eagles and their fans could be celebrating their first super bowl win. eagles players and their fans have a little pain mixed with their pride after a couple of
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failures in the super bowl. they have a storied franchise history, but not one that includes the lombardi trophy. jeff skeverski says the closeres are fueling the team and its fans. >> reporter: the eagles are the winningest team in super bowl history but one of 13 teams yet to hoist the lombardi trophy. they are hungry and starving to wash away decades of disappoint. come sunday, eagles fans want to she had tears of joy. in the streets of philadelphia, there has been an empty feeling a dark cloud hanging over our city. it makes eagles fans sick to their stomach call it a curse,
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call it bad luck, call it whatever you want, but the eagles are yet to be called super bowl champions. it pains the people, the owners, the players, and the coaches for more than 50 years in a city rich in history, history has not been kind to our beloved eagles. >> i know what it means to the city, i know what it means to us, there's been a lot of hard work and years waiting for the opportunity. >> reporter: the eagles feel the weight of the city on their shoulders. this team is likely to be here in super bowl l shoulder the pain and the load of the failures that have come before them. 1980 and 2004 and all the other bad breaks along the way. >> that's the only regret i have in my career not bringing a championship to philly. >> even though i've been there for this sean, how important it is to the city we want to get this one for them. >> they deserve a super bowl.
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they need starving for a super bowl. as players we're going to do whatever we can to delivery that. >> reporter: if there's ever a team that personifies the people of philadelphia it's this team. >> nobody has given us a team. >> reporter: underdogs like rocky who despite all odds became champion of the world. eagles fans cannot take one more punch to the gut. philadelphia is ready to knock out the patriots. >> we embody our what city is, we are a bunch of guys we don't care about the glitz glamor, blue collar, we enjoy a fight and talk a little trash. >> reporter: it is eagles can envision what it feels like to win the super bowl and parade down broadroad street. it's going to be a great feeling. >> it's going to be pure craziness. we have to get extra security. >> reporter: the phillys ended
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the curse of billy penn ten years ago. the parade drew 1 million. the eagles would top that. the city of philadelphia being hush hush on a date time and route. last time bill belichick read the parade route 1 years ago and they beat -- 13 years ago and they beat the eagles. don't want to jinx anything. >> 5:35 a.m., there is someone in eagles green at the super bowl. droves of fans a in minneapolis to route -- root on the birds. trish hartman caught up with a flock of birds fans heading to the super bowl. >> reporter: for these eagles fans the road through philadelphia international airport. >> welcome to the back of the plane. >> you take what you can get when you're going to the super bowl, whatever you can get -- >> r plane.
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b9 the atmosphere looked like a tailgate. american airlines is the official airlines of the philadelphia eagles. they flown 2200 passengers from philadelphia to minneapolis this week. >> we have two children flying from boston and l.a. to meet us there. >> reporter: you have patriots fans going to the super bowl? >> my son only lives in enemy territory. >> i had to say do you mind if we were out until tuesday. >> we were arguing about something, he said you can't be mad at me because i'm you to the super bowl. >> reporter: we found fans who were going to the super bowl. >> got injured we bought them. he got injured. >> we got tickets in november
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after they broncos. >> reporter: on the plane the party continue understand true . >> the fans are one step closer to history. >> reporter: we've been waiting for this for 27 years. >> on the way to victory, e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: airport officials say extra flights to minneapolis will be going out all weekend. 22 extra flights will be coming back from minneapolis to philadelphia to get all the fans home. reporting from philadelphia international airport, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> chester county man hit the super bowl jackpot. dave lear and jeff all expenses paid airfare and vip lodgings
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and tickets to game. almost sounded too good to be true. >> i googled super bowl contest. we put $125 into a couple of the next morning i got a call. >> i thought he was lying or playing a joke on me, it took a few hours to come to grips with it. >> reporter: it was real. >> we mentioned vip parties. this is the picture, former representative, runyun at the mall of america. ur friends at ac more laid out a dyi playbook super cute inexpensive and easy. alicia vitarelli takes a closer look. >> even if you're a beginner and never crafted anything in
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your life this is easy to do. >> reporter: ac more say you don't have to be a seasoned pro to score an touchdown. all you need is a piece of stick on moss and white paint. >> do the season 30, 40, 50. >> reporter: for a birds bash win grab paper mache letters and let the game inspire you, from the refuse -- referee to the ball to the game posts. >> this is t right here. >> reporter: for the feast grab old mason jars and white duct tape and brown disposable silver wear for the pig skin effect. throw green and white straws into more, think chic but couch
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yi desert with chocolate melt and sprinkles. >> get the involved. >> reporter: if you're still down an underdog mask, ac more created a. it's way cuter to make one. if you have a color printer here's the 6abc printer underdogmatic all you need is a popsicle stick and glue. here are our friends at montgo college west campus sporting there. we have a link to the pdf it's free at alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> looking good with the underdogmatic right there. >> ducis rogers, jamie apody, brian taff and sharrie williams
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and sarah bloomquist have been in minnesota all week. look for their live coverage to continue later today on "action news" starting with sarah at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow start the game day coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. him we'll bring you live reports through "action news" at noon, live pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5:00 p.m. time 5:41 a.m. philly pops show off their eagles pride, the celebration you need to see ahead on "action news" saturday morning. >> they are going to the super bowl. two local love birds win tickets to the big game. we'll tell you what they almost gave up before they were a hit by luck. >> health coach sees a sleart between the eagles and phillies. >> live from our temple university camera, you can see the green skyline right there. chris sowers comes back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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♪ >> i just love the philly pops, don't you, they made their eagles pride part of last night's performance at the the conductor wore a dog's mask. looking great. meteorologist chris sowers tracking the weekend forecast, it's cold, chris. >> reporter: it's cold, it will be rainy tomorrow. >> great.
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>> reporter: looking outside, that's a nice view for the skiers here they are making quite a bit of snow with testers as cold as they are. highs tomorrow in the mid 40s. the problem tomorrow we'll see wet weather push through theolds talking about. 15 in the lehigh valley. 18 this philadelphia. 14 in wilmington, 4 above in the poconos. it's pretty cold across the lower 48. we had this cold pocket of air drop down from canada. the good news there's no blocking high to the east. that cold air will continue to move on its way swiftly over the next 24 to 48 hours. the next system we're watching is threw here, the area of low pressure dropping across the high plains that east pick up moist out of the gulf and with temperatures climbing in the 40s, most of it will be in the form of rain as we head into sunday afternoon. today is sunny day with clouds
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increasing late. 9:00 a.m., temperatures will be in the 0s to -- 30s to start. it will be milder than what we're seeing right now. lots of clouds in place. the precipitation holds off until after lunchtime. 1:00 p.m. it's raining in the western counties it's in the lehigh valley at that point. snowing in the poconos all areas north and west. the rain moving in 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. in the city of philadelphia. it will come down steadily over the gun here. you can see lots of yellows. by 5:00 p.m. it's a steady soaking rain for 90% of the viewing area. the exception being the poconos where it's snowing. that will continue through the game and probably shutting off around 10:00, 10:30 p.m. by midnight the rain is off the coast and the temperatures falling in the 30s. most of sunday lk miserable. snowfall totals this is rain for the delaware and the lehigh valleys. a little bit of snow at least at the on set of the lehigh
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valleys. this coating to an inch will happen very, very early on sunday, at least the beginning portions of the storm lunchtime until 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. 2 to 4 inches for the poconos north and west. all areas south of the lehigh valley this is a cold rain, maybe flakes to start, but it's quic over to rain. sun and clouds, cold, 34 degrees is the forecasted high. light breeze out of the southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. hour by hour we're climbing out of the of the teens into the low 20s by 10:00. lots of sunshine early on. 2:00 p.m., temperature, 31. 4:00 p.m., 34. overnight tonight it's cloudy and cold once again, it will stay dry, 24 degrees outlying suburbs, 28 for tritt. for center city. minneapolis, very, very cold. snow, high of 20. this will be the super coldest r
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bowl ever, 6 degrees sunday. monday, 16 degrees. when we track storms traveling across the country we get milder air it's rain as owe mowed to snow. you can -- as opposed to snow. here comes the milder air. 44. the cold air comes in once the storm departs. monday, colder, 35. tuesday, cloudy and seasonable, 43. the next system moves in wednesday, once again, the winds are shifting out of the south that's a milder day, high of 50. that means more rain. temperatures fall off again. thursday, 40, friday, cloudy, high of 34. fortunately everybody wants to be in doors anyway, raiough. >> thank you chris for the update. it's time to put pep in your step. take a look at the eagles drum line doing their. t's go eagles!
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>> that's it, can we do more? l experience in minneapolis, they sound really good. >> i want to hear them again, it gets you going in the morning. >> 5:49 a.m., back here after the break. >> sp
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with us, it's difficult to focus on reading and writing when your team is in the super bowl.
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♪ >> oh, yeah, they are getting down, the second graders in springfield township, montgomery county they are showing off their dance moves to express, the eagles cannot be stopped. >> here some of the pictures we wanted to show you of the youngest generations of eagles fans for some it's their very first super bowl. these adorable pictures were taken by the kids creative care center in warminster, bucks county. >> that's too cute that's my favorite. >> mattel's barbie collection has rolled out three dolls based up on the upcoming movie wrinkle in time. oprah took to instagram to proudly show off her own new doll. the movie produced by our parent company disney hits theaters on
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march 9. we'll be right back.
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5:55 a.m., the bird have been on the practice field getting ready for the big game. what about their mental game. many athletes agreeing sports is in the mind as in the body. how do the eagles stack up. health reporter and registered nurse ali an expert in the field of sports psychology. ♪ from the post game dancing interacting with fans and the infamous dogmatic it's clear to see eagles are having a blast. >> i'm enjoying the moment. >> i'm here having fun with it. >> i think that's huge, keep it
5:56 am
loose, if you have fun. >> reporter: january is a mental health coaching professional. i spoke with her when the phillies went to the w now she sees similarities between the two teams on top the eagles enjoying the ride and staying relaxed. she knows about compassionate coaching. >>f there's compassion and empathy that players feel for . >> reporter: the eagles are shaking off mistakes anduickly. as for the underdog mentality many say that can bet. >> you have nothing too lose. nobody has any expectations of you. >> reporter: it can boost motivation to people
5:57 am
wrong adding definite swagger and confidence. >> i feel great, i feel really, really good. confident. >> i like where our mentally. they prepared themselves. >> reporter: as for the fans, well yous energy wins it, thatt about when you have the people around you, you have the team, the energy level that helps. >> reporter: even though the patriots have more super bowl experience, that doesn't matter, because both teams have earned their spots. as long as eagles go into it thinking they are are just as prepared there's no reason they couldn't win. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> they have earned their spots indeed. a couple that was ready to give up their wedding plans for a trip to the super bowllast ni. [cheers and applause]. >> dylan won the last minute
5:58 am
tickets tea pep rally at the acme in clifton heights. his bride-to-be kelsey suggested they blow the wedding budget on a super bowl trip instead of on a big recepti spend 15 grand gog there or 30 grand and have a wedding. it's we entered this contest, it's real we'll have boston both. >> reporter:he chance the officiate may be in minnesota and there's a chance they will return married. we'll be right back. un-stop right there!
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of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide >> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, nydia han joins us this morning. here's a look at the stories we're following for you. that eagles chant echos philadelphia international as lucky fans head to minneapolis. >> the birds last practice before the super bowl is now in the


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