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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff sky verse ski, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. we are just 25 hours away until the super bowl lii and the anticipation is so thick around here you can cut witt a knife. >> oh, yeah. >> good evening i'm walter perez. >> i'm alycia vitarelli. every where you go there are signs, people deck out in green and that eagles fight song on a loop. we have team coverage of the most exciting game for the bird since 2005 when they last played in the super bowl. >> can you wait.
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>> ducis rodgers outside u.s. bank stadium where the big game goes down tomorrow night but first we will begin with brian taff and sharrie williams, brian and sharrie, take it away at mall of america. >> all right, hi there, walter and a leash a live from the mall of america, we have been here for super bowl headquarters all week. it is super bowl eve. the teams are fine tuning their game plan but fans, they are finding a way to pass the time hanging out here at mall eagles nation, of course, making their presence felt in minute so the. it continues to be bitterly cold outside but i for one could careless it is as hot as it gets here in the heart of the football america today. we were right there in the thick of the action, as fans jammed into super bowl live in downtown minneapolis, not too far from where we stan just to the south. the eagles nation, co mingled with patriots faithful and absolutely jam for the big show tomorrow night. but for now all of these fans are happy to be here soaking
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it all in on a very snowy minnesota saturday. the atmosphere is absolutely electric. the smell of food, loft go through the air, all under scored by what has been, until right now, a friendly rivalry between fans. >> so, everybody is just so nice here. it has been great so far. >> reporter: so far everybody has been cordal but you can start to see eagles fans are starting to gear up and ramp up and they are excited and it will be crazy, tomorrow. >> absolutely nuts tomorrow. check this out, the eagles kicked off party today with the official team pep rally. owner jeffery lurie and howie roseman getting the green whipped up in to a frenzy. brian dawkins made an appearance as did some injured members of the squad, i can tell you what the fans absolutely loved, being out there today, it has been a fabulous day for sure here in minute so the. it has been a great way to warm up to see the team
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leaders and get some swag out in the cold today. we also learn this today singer and hometown favorite, pink, she has the flu. but she says she still planning to sing the national anthem come tomorrow night, at super bowl lii. here's what we have learn. she posted on social media that yes, she's not feeling so well. this picture of her rehearsing for the national anthem. she said her two kid gave her the illness and that singing the national anthem is a long time dream and that, it is a nightmare. thirty-eight year-old fridays doyletown. she said singing the national anthem at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis is one of the biggest honors of her life especially to perform in front of her family and, of course, with the eagles playing in super bowl lii. >> you know you know, she has always wanted to do it. she had whitney houston do it. she has a voice she will sing. >> she plans to kelly. >> no doubt she will. >> of course, eagles are flying for lombardi trophy tomorrow night but there is another piece of hardware they
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will take on if and when they win the big game. >> we're talking about those super bowl rings. >> yeah. >> they are on display here in minneapolis. take a look for yourself. it is unbelievable hardware only given to those who win the championship. every single super bowl ring from the previous 51 games is on display here in minneapolis , and the custom made pieces are usually made of gold, decked out with diamonds and, of course, includes the team logo and roman numerals of the championship game. a piece of jewelry that any man would likely wear. of course, eagles are hoping this is the year they too will get that super bowl ring. every other team in their division, already has one, yeah, cowboys, the redskins, and the giants and now, fans are hoping that the eagles too will be able to say that they were able to take home the championship title. >> we're hearing from it cowboys fans all the time that we don't have any jewelry. that is only thing they resort
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to when we have an argument. super bowl ring, that is right below wedding ring. you have wedding ring and then super bowl ring. it is right there. >> so, it is a right below wedding ring, super bowl ring comes next, this team, of course works love to get fitted for that, get diamonds and green and white. >> do we get one for coming. >> we should put in a request, to mr. lurie. >> formal request, if you happen ton watching. eagles are bus tie, they have their official team picture taken and as sharrie mentioned minutes ago, that final game plan ahead of the big game tomorrow night. sports director ducis rodgers is tracking all things eagles and he joins us at u.s. bank stadium with the very latest, hi there, ducis. >> hi there brian and sharrie. we have been telling you about a buzz through the team, it hit cornerback ronald darby,
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tim journigan and nelson agholor. agholor had to get iv fluids pumped in to his body but coach pederson says that is not unusual. all three players should be good to go. the team was here at u.s. bank stadium this morning, for their official, team photo, their super bowl photo. they also went through a walk through here at the stadium. now, stopping tom brady is priority number one for this football team. i spoke with eagles linebacker nigel bradham about that challenge. >> how important is your role in encountering tom brady. >> oh, man my role is to keep my defense in tack. i mean we will to have play a chess match with tom for sure but for me my thing is more so being focused on that making sure we don't show our hands too early, and don't give him, exactly what we're in because we will definitely to have counter, a couple of looks, disguise a couple of things, give him a couple of offsets
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just different things he might not have seen us do normally. >> you guys study game film what makes him so good and effective. >> i think, what makes him good, man, the way he gets the ball out quick for sure, first and foremost and his ability to study, man. i think you can tell the way he studies the game, he is up there. so that is what i'm saying we have to be on coup with this because we know what we're going up a begins. >> stop tom brady and they win this football game. coming up later we will hear from sal paolantonio, ron jaworski with the keys to victory. reporting from minneapolis at the super bowl with the bird i'm ducis rodgers, back to you >> in the best hat ever, ducis , thank you. eagles nation is touching down they are in the twin cities. we caught up with some people taking flight to minneapolis today ahead of the big game.
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sam gross is from penn valley, making the trip with his dad and his brother. >> hopefully this is the time they can pull it off, and we are all there together watching it. >> and, gross went out to predict it will be a tight game. he says 21-20 a real nail bit er. >> as long as they win. philadelphia alto show is ing green, a green out is getting underway at pennsylvania convention center that is where we will find "action news" reporter annie mccormack, annie. >> reporter: hi there, walter we are flying high right now with kevin massicola from the executive director of the auto dealers association of greater philadelphia. i'm ready, we're ready, here we go, this is the pep rally, that they are holding today, at the philadelphia auto show. look at all of these people. 60,000 people, came through the ought owe show here today right now we are estimated thousands here, in the crowd, and given out signs, and
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pompons, we have got, philadelphia auto show, black tailgate, ben franklin is out there, we have the auto dealers out there and group of people, that just want to show some love to our bird. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> in minnesota >> reporter: do you feel the energy, feel the love. this is not the first time that the auto show has done something like this, they have done this for the last time that the eagles were in the super bowl, it is loud, people are pumped, look at all of this green out here, and, kevin he is still getting the crowd going. and again they just want to send some love to our eagles. thousands of people out here today. the auto show dozened tomorrow , at 6:00 o'clock right before kick off time. >> go, birds, baby.
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>> reporter: that is what we have got, live from the philadelphia auto show annie mccormack for channel six "action news". >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> watch the game in center city tomorrow you need to be aware of some major parking restrictions. starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon there will be no parking around city hall, and on both side of broad street from arch to pine in center city and from dickinson to oregon avenue in south philadelphia. no one can park in the median either and those restriction reese main in effect until 3:00 a.m. monday so ab wear of that. six abc, of course is place to be, start your game day coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. with live reports all morning, and through "action news" at noon, and then, of course, we will be back here tomorrow night for live pregame coverage starting at 5:00. then, live coverage continues, immediately after the game, from philadelphia, all the way to minneapolis. it all wraps up with "action news" at is 11:00 followed by a special presentation of "aews" sports sunday. and be sure to join the
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morning team on monday morning , "action news" team will be beginning early so you can catch up at 4:00 a.m. for latest news, traffic, weather and, of course, sports. >> you will probably still be up at 4:00 a.m. >> i will be drinking coffee. >> just keep watching. >> yes. moving on to the accu weather forecast, heading to the super bowl party tomorrow you will need an umbrella. we're in for rain and snow , meteorologist melissa magee joins us with the accu weather forecast for our super bowl sunday. >> alycia and walter, good idea to stay indoors and even joe that i super bowl party because this time tomorrow evening we will be tracking moisture moving through. right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 30 degrees, after a high of just 31. definitely chilly. thirty in allentown. twenty-one in the poconos. 31 degrees down in cape may. factor in the wind and the wind chill, it feels like only 19 in the city, 18 in trenton. twenty in allentown. current wind chills in dover dipping down to 23. here's the change on the way, storm tracker six live double
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scan radar 3-d showing we have two pieces of energy one down to the south and area of low pressure across upper great lakes and ohio valley. these two pieces of energy never come together but they will ride up to the north of our area and that will allow precipitation, to move on into the west/east direction. future tracker six taking you through our sunday and as early as sunday afternoon you can see 4:00 p.m. we have what the's cross the delaware and lehigh valleys and this will start as snow, for areas north and west of that i-95 corridor and poconos where we are tracking the soaking rain tomorrow. lets talk about the rain tomorrow. through the rest of tonight and with the cloud cover overhead it is not as harsh tonight as it was last night so overnight lows dipping down to 25 to 27 degrees and then we are tracking that soaker for super bowl sunday. we will let you know when all this rain moves out as we get into sunday night with details coming up with the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> more "action news" after
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ten year-old super fan from delaware known as the dutch destroyer. before he who his fight with cancer he formed a special bond with quarterback carson wentz and nut lucas's family will be in the stands, in minneapolis, and here's sarah bloomquist with their story. >> reporter: lose ago kusters
5:16 pm
got the call from the eagles organization on tuesday and they offered them six tickets to go to the super bowl, right here in minneapolis. the bird wanted lucas family to be here considering what an inspiration he has become, this season. >> yeah, it is incredible. we were not expecting this, at all. >> reporter: rebecca and her family left minneapolis for super bowl but when you think of the eagles season, it is exactly where they should be where lucas would have wanted them to be. >> lucas would be out of his mind, excited. >> reporter: lucas kuusters died in june 2017, 4 days after his tenth birthday. known as the dutch destroyer, for his style of play on the football field, this wilmington kid forced a special bond with eagles quarterback carson wentz, who heard about his fight for life and sent him a video of encourage. >> hi, lucas. >> reporter: lucas spent the day at eagles practice facility inn gave him a dutch destroyer bracelet that wentz
5:17 pm
has worn every day ever since. >> it is an amazing feeling, the relationship that he and carson built in such a time. >> reporter: tuesday out of the blue the family got a call from the eagles organization. >> we got tickets for all of us, and we just drove out, yesterday. we drove from delaware. so, we're a little bit tired but super excited to be here, it is amazing. >> reporter: family stopped at lucas grave before making their journey, you bet, they wore their dutch destroyer bracelets. >> it could not have come at a better time, my wife was going back to work for the first time in a couple years and she was going through some old paperwork and saw lucas's discharge papers from the hospital, and she was just in a bad place and five minutes later the call came from the eagles and went from tears to sadness to tears of joy when they told thaws we were coming here. >> reporter: since lucas's death the family has shipped
5:18 pm
about 65,000 of the bracelets and raised about $300,000 for live like lucas foundation which helped those impacted by childhood cancer n bloomington , minnesota i'm sarah bloomquist for channel six "action news".
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5:20 pm
you have been sending us most incredible displays of eagles pride from the city, drenched in green, gorgeous shot here of boat house row with the glow reflecting off the schuylkill to check this out the kids spelling out the
5:21 pm
word eagles at girardi elementary school during their pep rally. we know emotions are high right now and when it comes to the fight song it is bonding people in this fine city and healing too. >> one, two, one, two, three, ready, go. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fly eagles fly ♪ >> cutie on the lefties 14 year-old jc from runnemede, new jersey recovering from a five organ transplant in pittsburgh. she taught her music and art therapist in steelers nation our fight song and learned it, on the ukeelee when her mom called up time, go get them, j c. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> ♪ >> that is 86 year-old roland, from williamstown, new jersey
5:22 pm
playing the eagles fight song on his accordion, he got it in italy when stationed in france during korean war in 1953 and now in 2018 he plays for eagles with heart and love and i feel like i'm in venice, the sounds of philadelphia throughout the region. and check this out, mary snapped these pictures today of the bears and even dinosaurs at the academy of natural sciences on the parkway all decked out and cheering on the eagles, of course, keep your pictures and videos coming using the #six abc action. dinosaurs are known eagles fan by the kay. town sent positive energy to the eagles in minute so the a. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> as you can see here, thousands of people line state street in media for eagles pride parade, overbrook string band played and strutted to the teams fight song and providence rescue center showed up with a bunch of underdogs all dressed up in
5:23 pm
green. >> cheers. marking students from archbishop carroll high school in chester turned a failed business venture into an act of charity. students failed to sell about half of the 300 eagles t-shirts they have designed, they decided to donate the remaining shirts to the homeless rather than squeeze out more profits. today students delivered the shirts to city team ministries in chester where they will now be distributed. >> i love it. meteorologist melissa magee has a check of the forecast, frigid. >> really cold today. our high was 31 but temperatures felt like in the teens and 20's. welcome to the weather center and show you picture outside, sky six live hd looking at ben franklin bridge on this saturday evening. we've got a mostly cloudy sky, and the cloud will actually help to keep these temperatures, slightly on the milder side, and in comparison to where we were this same time yesterday, so looking at the numbers, right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 30 degrees, 31 for reading. thirty in allentown. thirty-one in cape may.
5:24 pm
28 degrees in beach haven. looking at the wind chills though much colder, just 19 in philadelphia, 20 in allentown, 24 for reading and lancaster currently number in beach haven coming in at 19 degrees. looking at the big picture with satellite six with action radar we are dry right now with the dominating ridge of high pressure in control but you look off to the west and we're tracking a piece of energy right now that is moving across the great lakes and the ohio valley, that will be working its way from west to east direction, as we move throughout the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. so it is cold enough for this precipitation to start out as snow and then changing over to rain. over the next 12 hours it is mostly cloudy not as cold but with that layer of cloud overhead 27 the low in philadelphia. twenty-five in allentown. same thing in dover. we will dip down to 29 in cape may. middle 20's in beach haven. so your pregame tomorrow for super bowl on sunday, it looks to be mostly cloudy, we're tracking rain coming in the festivities taking place before the actual start of the game.
5:25 pm
temperature 43. during the game it is still wet, we're tracking a soaking here in philadelphia 42 degrees for that temperature and it is time to celebrate after the game we have a temperature coming in at 40 degrees with all that precipitation starting to depart. 11:30 tomorrow morning note that is rain here in philadelphia, but cold enough for mixed precipitation and snow, to the north and west and stays snow for majority of the event here in the poconos before you get a change over to rain. still raining in philadelphia, points to the south and east, 6:30, at the start of the soup her bowl we have pockets of heavy rain. it departs by 9:30 to 10:00 from the west/east direction we will clear out. as far as expected snowfall just a couple of flakes here in philadelphia and then switching over to rain, a coat to go an inch for northern berks, most of the lehigh county and even as we move up in the poconos, we can find two to 4 inches of snow before you transition and change over to rain. so this is a mostly rain event , for many location as cross the delaware and lehigh valleys. so, enjoy the super bowl and
5:26 pm
grab the umbrella. "action news" continues with more right after the break. acronyms are fun. lol laugh out loud, btw by the way, and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do. ♪ carmax music sting
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brandywine zoo, and, super bowl, and the bobcats made its prediction, favoring a football shaped toy today with the eagles logo. and, the conndor shredded it inside a box with the patriots logo. silly superstition dictates bird will devour a patriots you just like the food in the
5:29 pm
box, you see. >> jamie apody's little guy crawled right toward the eagles logo, we all of it. >> you have to read tea leaves >> stars are aligning. >> yes. >> still ahead on "action news", how the eagles are relying on their skills as well as their faith to win a super bowl. we will talk to two of the men who helped guide the coaches off the field. scanners and helicopters, all took part in the security measures in place in minneapolis, a look at high tech efforts to keep everyone safe during the super bowl. those stories and mow when "action news" comes right back ♪ ♪ you can smell it. you can almost taste it. you know exactly what you want. your instincts demand it. give them a reason to rejoice. tonight, get your longhorn favorites.
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while the focus tomorrow will be on the eagles and patriots, super bowl lii behind the scenes security operations are stepping into high gear. >> the security plan has been in the works for two years now , and it includes use of the black hawk helicopter and more than 2,000 security cameras. here's abc's maggie ruley on is what being done to keep the fans, safe. >> reporter: tomorrow's super bowl promises two things: epic showing of diehard fans. >> eagles. >> reporter: and a massive security presence. u.s. bank stadium sits in the heart of the downtown minneapolis and authorities have spent nearly two years planning on how to protect it
5:32 pm
using creativity and sheer manpower. black hawk helicopters are patrolling the sky ready to intercept any aircraft that flies too close on game day. >> we want viewers just enjoy the day relax and have a state of mind that somebody is out there watching. >> reporter: more than 2,000 cameras are keeping an eye on the entire city. >> we have folks from the federal government, department of energy, fbi. >> reporter: inside multi agency command center authorities are watching what is happening in the stadium, fan zones and all across minneapolis, and st. paul. there is more than 60 local law enforcement agencies, 1700 federal agents, 10,000 volunteers, even elite k-9 units have been brought in from across the country. >> for everything that has gone into this planning i feel very confident we will have a safe super bowl. >> reporter: authorities say all of this extra security is not meant to scare fans and there is no credible threat against the game, rather they just want to make sure people feel safe and go have fun. maggie ruley, abc news,
5:33 pm
minneapolis, minnesota. back here at home and across the delaware valley eagles nation is singing bird fight song and that includes people at a pep rally going on right now in abington. "action news" reporter christie ileto joins us live from the 2100 block of morris avenue where the support for the bird has never been stronger, christie. >> reporter: that is right, walter, the cold weather is not keeping these people from showing their team spirit. in fact they have... >> no audio. >> reporter: did this 13 years ago. >> really close neighborhood and we said, with time we have been waiting so long, miracle year. >> we have pretzels, hot dogs, hot chocolate, proceed from that will go to pal, our local abington township police department. >> we will have a dj, we are going to have some games going and probably some craziness. >> reporter: well, we bleed green here on morris avenue.
5:34 pm
>> it brings everyone together i think everybody is excited about the super bowl. >> ♪ >> reporter: yeah, lot of eagles spirit out here and just like willing heard they said proceed from their bake sale will be donated to the abington police department but again, a lot, a lot of eagles spirit here at morris avenue live from abington, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> eagles fight song, rocky fight song, you cannot get more philadelphian then that. thank you. when the eagles win tomorrow we are likely to point to relentless defense and opportunistic owe even if but many of the players point to something else, as well, their faith. "action news" reporter chad pradelli met two men who coached the eagles in that department. >> reporter: walking into pastor herb lusk office in north broad street and is there eagles memorabilia throughout but this picture is his favorite. >> i'm so proud of it. first time nfl player scored a
5:35 pm
touchdown and need down and prayed in the end zone. >> reporter: before his days behind a pulpit lusk was backup running back for dick vermeil and eagles. after this 70-yard touchdown in 1977, he need and prayer widely recognized as the first in the nfl. now he is one of the two official pastors for this years birds, he says that the team has a burning faith, and it starts with head coach, doug pederson. >> he is very serious about his faith. he is not the kind of guy that will be battle pumping and quote the script tour but you see it in his life. >> reporter: pastor ted of the family church in voorhees also provides religious services for the team. >> what i seen is the team kind of blossom from a bunch of guys that believe to men who are, almost deciples of christ who are living out their culture. >> reporter: both pastors will keep this weeks routine the
5:36 pm
same, the message, subdue your dream. >> the belief is in them and the person that they will to have rest will is themselves. >> reporter: the eagles are once again under dogs and during his services on the eve of the super bowl, pastor lusk will focus on a story from the old testament, david and goliath. >> if that is not a david and goliath situation i don't know what is, and those of you listening, read the story, goliath lost and david won. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". fantastic. six abc is the place to be tomorrow start your coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. with live reports all morning and through "action news" at noon we will be back here tomorrow night for live pre game coverage starting at 5:00, and live coverage continues immediately after the game from philadelphia and minneapolis and wrap it all up at "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. moving to other news tonight a local solder has been identified as victim of a
5:37 pm
deadly training accident, in oregon. army ranger specialist devon kuhn died from a gunshot wound at camp riley. accident occurred on wednesday , kuhn, a 2013 graduate of the arch bush object ryan high school turn 24 last sunday and just got married on december 30th. he was a decorated member of the second ranger battalion and served in afghanistan. now to the story you will only see on six abc, two people had to be rescued after their car plunged in the lake in mercer county. "action news" reporter bob brooks has more on the rescue efforts from hamilton. >> reporter: as we arrived divers were going in the extremely cold water. they hooked up a tug and fully submerged car was pulled out. police say when it went in two people were trapped inside. >> what is going through your head when you see this car come. >> i need help, what can i do. >> reporter: happened in a instant. >> you are stunned because you don't know what to do record record ed mayo works at the gas station on south broad, he said small white suv came barreling into the frozen lake >> she went this way, missed a
5:38 pm
pole, straight in the water, 30 feet out. >> reporter: while he was dialing 911 his co-worker jumped in the lake to try to help. >> i came out, the car was out there. it was further out then i thought. >> reporter: it sank so fast and water was frigid he knew he would be a victim himself. >> i just could not do it, i tried. >> reporter: police say two victims were pulled from the water, medics immediately began and we were told they were unconscious and rushed straight to the hospital. detectives say two victims were inside, police identified the driver, as 40 year-old bernadette joseph, and her passenger, 18 year-old ana lisa, they are both of hamilton. they were pulled out by divers from the trenton fire department, and the guy at the gas station just hope they pulled through. >> i didn't want to see that. >> reporter: reporting from hamilton, bob brooks, channel six "action news". philadelphia police are investigating a reported assault, involving an off-duty officer. it happened earlier this
5:39 pm
morning in the 4400 block of livingston street in brideberg the officer reportedly confronted a man, relieving himself in the alley of the officer's home and he was punched in the face during the altercation. much more to come on "action news" tonight, ducis will join us live once again from u.s. bank stadium. in health check a sports psychologist weighs in on whether the eagles are mentally prepared for tomorrow 's game. meteorology goodies melissa magee has the story. >> i got you covered, walter, alycia we will show you the numbers. it is cold outside. it is only 19 in philadelphia factor in the wind chill. eighteen in trenton. feeling like 20 in allentown. it gets milder tomorrow but we are tracking a warm up, for super bowl sunday, coming up with the accu weather forecast coming up.
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5:41 pm
5:42 pm
jeff skversky has a check on sports. we are about 24 hours away. >> wow. >> tonight, it is so important , it sounds so simple but eagles need rest. they need sleep. they need that energy. the big one tomorrow. super bowl sunday cannot get here quickly enough. just about 25 hours away eagles making their final preparations tonight for patriots in super bowl lii tomorrow. today we are getting a pep talk from a hall of famer. lets go live to ducis rodgers in a snowy minneapolis with more on the eagles, ducis. >> hi there, jeff yes super bowl lii is nearly upon us. the team we have been telling
5:43 pm
you all week long there has been a bug on the team. nelson agholor wide receiver for eagles nfl network reported he needed iv fluid pumped in to his system this week. doug pederson that is not a big deal that happens often with players, he should be good to go for tomorrow. lets go inside u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. the team held a walk through here this morning. all week long coach doug pederson has been stressing the importance of seizing the moment, jeff, as you alluded to. he hid his own teammates brett favre reiterate that at a meeting at the team this morning. brett favre won with the pack ers in super bowl 31. extended "action news" sports team now gives you the keys, to the game. >> i'm ron jaworski and here's my key to an eagles victory over new england patriots in super bowl lii. you must hit tom brady. knock him down. the key will be that the eagles defensive line gets to tom brady. >> the keys to the eagles victory, on sunday is being
5:44 pm
able to adjust. bill belichick does a masterful job of making adjustments in game. doug pederson has to be the same type of master and if he does that we will find a way to win this game. >> i'm sal paolantonio of espn and channel six sports. my key to eagles victory if nick foles does not throw an interception eagles will beat the patriots in super bowl lii >> here's my pick for winner of super bowl lii, patriots 21 , eagles 29. get ready for the parade, in philadelphia. >> my prediction for the game, of course, an eagles win. they put up 30 points begins this patriots defense and our defense will do a great job holding them to 17 points. eagles victory 30-17. we are the champions. >> my prediction eagles 31, patriots 21. see you at the parade. >> oh, yeah, three for three,
5:45 pm
lets win tomorrow before we start planning the parade. reporting live from minneapolis at super bowl with the bird i'm ducis rodgers for channel six "action news", jeff, back to you. bring that hat to the parade, by the way next week, love it. eagles quarterback carson wentz is not walking home empty handed. wentz was federal innings air player of the year. ultimate honor can come tonight for brian dawkins and terrell owens will find out if they are heading in the pro football hall of fame. both snubbed last year and t-o says he is tired of defending his rest may. >> it would be a honor. i have been to the rodeo, this is my third time, at this point i'm just like it is what it is. i'm not a lawyer by any means but i will not sit up here and try to defend myself and continue to say why i should be in. >> he says his biggest regret not winning the big one in zero four. flyers have been ice cold on the verge of the falling out of the final wild card
5:46 pm
spots. flyers after getting pushed around against ottawa, watch out what a finish, down by one , noland patrick on the rebound, with only 2.6 seconds left we will go to the shoot-out and senators and senators take 12 hots mike hoffman only one to score flyers lose four-three in the shoot-out. another loss, by the flyers, fourth straight. >> all right. >> thanks, jeff. we love all of the support we have been seeing for eagles this week. >> as we head to break enjoy the ukrainian male choir singing fly eagles fly. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. >> fight, fight, fight. >> fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 123. >> 123. >> hit them low, hit them high , and watch our eagles fly
5:47 pm
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talking about the eagles, mental game, in health check. many athletes agree sports is just as much in the mine as it is in the body. so we need a checkup. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman spoke to the expert in sports psychology and she said eagles have a lot going for them. >> ♪ >> reporter: from the post
5:50 pm
game dancing, interacting with fans and the infamous dogmas beings, it is clear to see that the eagles are having a blast. >> i'm just enjoying the moment, enjoying moment. >> we're here, having fun with it, it is what it is. >> i think it is huge. when you can keep it loose if you have fun. >> reporter: jennies a mental health coaching professional and i spoke with her nine years ago when the phillies went to the world series. now she sees a lot of similarities between the two philadelphia teams. on top of the eagles enjoying the ride and staying relaxed, she also noticed that something that she called compassionate coaching. >> it is about understanding leadership from a heart level instead of just a brain level. there is that compassion, empathy that players feel from their coaches. they will go to the war with them. >> reporter: she says eagles are shifting off mistakes and rebounding quickly. as for the under dog mentality
5:51 pm
many in sports psychology say that is an asset. >> because you are not going to lose. you can go in loose. no one has any expectations of you. >> reporter: it can boost motivation to prove people wrong add nothing swagger and confidence. >> i feel great. i feel really, really good, confident. >> i like our team, i like where they are mentally. they prepare themselves. they have block out a lot of this noise which helps. >> reporter: as for the fans, well, you also help. i mean energy is incredible. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we have people around you, all the team, and keeps that energy level up, that definitely helps. >> reporter: she also says that even though the patriots have more super bowl experience that doesn't matter because both teams have earned their spots. she says as long as eagles go into it thinking they are just as prepare, there is in reason they could not win. ali gorman for channel six
5:52 pm
"action news". by the way did you notice everyone wearing green or some variation of it. melissa had something before but didn't fit right. >> i had a little scarf. >> yes. >> so much fun. >> people on the air, wearing green. >> when you have to stand in front of the green screen, you cannot. >> i'll explain why i cannot wear green. we will talk about the details with the weather. sky six live in hd as we are looking at a temple university camera, as we see the center city sky line. it is dry, quiet, it is cold and we have partly cloudy sky overhead. but tomorrow, it is all about the eagles, the super bowl taking place, in minnesota, 6:30 p.m. and we have got you covered if you every doing pre gaming here in philadelphia we have a temperature of 42 degrees. soaking rain is likely during the game, temperature 42. as it is time to celebrate as we get into sunday night temperature coming in at 40 degrees and rain will
5:53 pm
likely end as we get into 9:30 or 10 from the west east direction. we will talk about the details today was frigid. high in philadelphia at 31 degrees but factor in that wind chill it feels like 19 in the city, 20 in allentown, 11 in the poconos. twenty-four in cape may. same thing for reading and lancaster, wind chill at dover at 23. satellite six with action radar showing you high pressure is situated to our south. it is dry, it is quiet, if you look off to the left this is what we are tracking on sunday there is an area have low pressure moving across upper midwest and great lakes, snow attached as well, rain, further to the south. that has been in our direction as we get into tomorrow. but for the rest of tonight mostly cloud which a layer of cloud cover overhead and it will not be as cold, tonight as it was last night, and we have got 25 in the suburbs. twenty-seven in philadelphia, for the overnight low. so, today we will certainly be cold. temperatures in the 30's here in philadelphia but fast forward into tomorrow, for super bowl, sunday we're tracking this area of low
5:54 pm
pressure that slides up to the north. so the high is actually milder we're at 44 degrees. brief snow is likely at the on set north and west. northwest of that 95 corridor. then we're tracking rain in the afternoon and for that evening. for future tracker you can see , by noon time tomorrow, we've got rain here in philadelphia, areas to the south ande, snow there for northern lehigh, northern berks county and up through the poconos, and it continues at 6:30 in the evening for the start, of the game, and 43 in philadelphia, for that temperature and we have got a soaking overhead, 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock tonight we will track that moisture as we depart from the west to east terly direction. talk about the weather headlines with super bowl sunday and what to expect. in the poconos you can find two to 4 inches of snow, then a mixture of rain. lehigh valley far northwest suburbs brief snow about an inch of snow is likely and then quickly changes over to rain. in philadelphia maybe a flake early and then a soaking rain for i-95 metro area and points to the south ande. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, as the celebration continues on
5:55 pm
sunday, it is mild, high temperature of 44 but that afternoon and evening rain likely, brisk, cold on monday at 35, turning colder, and cloudy, on tuesday, a high temperature of 43, abe period of rain on wednesday, milder in at 50 and then back down in the 30's as we get into thursday, friday, and even next saturday. "action news" continues after this.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
check this out annie was teen got a surprise of his young life when he opened up an envelope and found two tickets to tomorrow's super bowl. >> wow. >> non-profit gifted the tickets to 14 year-old logan manderfield with muscular dystrophy. they were a way to recognize logan and his family has done to help others with the disease.
5:58 pm
>> they said it is a gift for me and that is where i got these tickets from. i didn't know anything about it, until i got the tickets. >> oh, my god. >> wow. logan says he is going to the game with his dad. so who is logan rooting for. he says he is a dallas cowboy fan but tomorrow he will be cheering for the eagles. >> absolutely, why not. >> come on, logan. thanks for joining us. be sure to tune in at 6:00. >> we will have more live reports from minneapolis where eagles are gearing up for super bowl lii, "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:59 pm
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switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program work meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky and, walter perez. saturday night, the day before the biggest story in "action news" is count down to kick off, we are a little more than 24 hours away from the eagles and patriots stepping on the field at u.s. bank stadium to fight it out for the vince lombardi trophy. >> just a little bit green in here. >> a little bit. >> entire city of philadelphia and surrounding area is supporting that eagles green. we have team coverage tonight. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is


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