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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 4, 2018 9:00am-10:30am EST

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it is 9:00 a.m. on this super bowl sunday. and in the news at this hour, this is the year of the underdog. the eagles have been delivering win after win throughout the season and now it is time to execute a super bowl win. >> indeed it is. this is it, super bowl sunday. the eagles will be facing the patriots in just 9.5 hours from now in a game of the year there in minneapolis. >> here at home, some rain and spots of snow across our region as we cheer on the eagles all day. we will have live reports from minneapolis coming up in a moment but first let's check in with meteorologist chris sowers with details on our wet weather. >> it's actually starting out as some snow across the western portions across the state of pennsylvania, south central pennsylvania, york, gettysburg, harrisburg, we're starting to pick up a few flakes to the west of our immediate viewing area. the national weather service has
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issued a winter advisory until 10:00 this evening because initially this is going to start as snow in these counties here. it will transition over to a wintry mix, sleet and freezing rain and eventually go over to rain as some milder air works its way into the area. as of now temperatures are below the freezing mark of 32. bethlehem 32, lake harmony 22. colder stuff out here to the west, but numbers are above freezing south and east that's part of the wn why there's no advisory for new jersey and delaware. as we take a look at future tracker here, the snow line will continue to lift to the north as the day wears on. this is just a cold rain for the immediate philadelphia area today. accuweather says cloudy and damp this afternoon with rain developing around midday and a high of 44. i'll have much more on this with the timing and the accuweather
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7-day forecast all coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thank you. it is finally super bowl sunday. the eagles will take the field in about nine and a half hours. >> the birds have not let their underdog status indim tate them all season long. >> yesterday the team got a feel for the graph. the owner was with them on the side line now marked with the eagles logo. >> we have live team coverage of the eagles in super bowl lii. brian taff and sharrie williams are at the mall america, ducis rodgers and jamie apody are at u.s. bank stadium. >> here at home the massive security effort and jeannette reyes is following the fan pandemonium. up close and personal the day we've all been waiting for, finally here. >> you said it, guys. good morning, from minnesota.
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this is the moment we've been waiting for for so long to cap off this memorable season. all we need now, one more win. let's get that win later today. we are here inside the mall of america. it's 8:00 a.m. central time so it's empty now. that will not be the case later on. this is where fans will arrive later on to go through the screening process before those who are lucky enough to have a ticket to super bowl lii board a train to go from here to u.s. bank state yumd. >> it's been hopping all week that includes last night. eagles pride could be seen as the green and white is all over the twin cities. the love for this team could also be heard as fiancee rupted time and time again in that eagles chant. this is what they traveled here for. to take in the excitement of being at a super bowl. some unique stories as to some of these people fell in love with the eagles. we spoke with one man whose fandom goes back to the 1940s
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and another who's been following the team since the days of franklin field. >> my first eagles game i ever went to was the last game at the vet and now my second game i've ever gone to is the super bowl here. so yeah. once in a lifetime. >> since 1940. the first time i saw was 1942. >> 1942 was your first game? >> yeah. green bay packers playing the eagles. >> reporter: it's just so special to those who have traveled here. you hear these stories. only two games, the super bowl being one of them. the only gentleman back to the 1940s. it's just great to see their faces, the excitement of them being here. and today it's gate day. >> we're looking to add to those history books today. for so many fans this is not just the end of a story book season. it's a milestone of a lifetime
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of fandom and we're all relishing it here in minnesota. i'm brian taff, we'll see you guys later today for now we'll send it back to the studio. >> generations of eagles fans watching tonight. let's go now to jamie apody and ducis rodgers. >> they are live outside u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. it's cold but the fans are on fire? >> reporter: yes, and this team is on fire as well. red hot in that nfc championship game against the vikings. super bowl is finally here. >> for right now, ducis, it's -5, feels like -22. >> that's why i'm using all those hot words. >> i know. the eagles are getting set for this game. it's finally here. i feel like we've waited forever for this day to come. and you know, we all know about the whole underdog thing, we know about the patriots and their dynasty. the bottom line is this.
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this team has a mutual respect for one another and it's going to be a great game tonight. the eagles have made it a point to keep things light this week, from dancing to wrestling masks. this team has been focused on fun. but bring up tom brady and the patriots, that mood changes quickly. >> they've done a lot of great things. they're not here by mistake, we're not here by mistake. if we make this whole thing about the patriots -- >> the birds are not intimidated they're not in awe. instead they look at the patriots and see a model for what they would like to become some day, a dynasty and this is the first step. >> brady is gone eight out of 16 years playing for the super bowl. you can't even comprehend those numbers. >> that feeling of respect is mutual. even with his five super bowl rings, tom brady knows. >> it's not going to be easy we
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all have to have the mentality we're going to have to work for it. everybody has to play well. this isn't a game where we can have one group that's not really playing as well as they're capable. >> reporter: at last check the eagles were 4.5 underdogs for super bowl lii. >> of course brady told me they're no underdogs, they were 13 and 1 coming into this. live outside u.s. bank stadium and we haven't frozen yet. he's ducis rodgers, i'm jamie apody at the super bowl. channel 6 action news. >> it's going to be good. >> 9:07 your time back here at home bob brooks is in center city, philadelphia this morning. >> the city is ready for any celebrations that might occur following the game, right? >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross said earlier this week, they are ready for anything that could happen.
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and i know a lot of people, they've been waiting their whole lives for this moment for when the birds win this game. so just ask that when you do come out here and celebrate, don't cause any trouble. these were the massive crowds after the nfc championship game. as expected they formed in notorious city hot spots. with an eagles win tonight, police say these crowds are going to be much bigger. earlier this week police commissioner richard ross gave a clear message to those think about doing more than just celebrating. >> clearly assault, destruction of property will be dealt with swiftly. we're going to move in and handle those situations. >> reporter: but in the same breath, police are encouraging celebration. after all, a win tonight in the super bowl will be the first for the city and no one wants to put a stop to soaking in the moment. >> we are about business but we are still about business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it's done peacefully. >> the commissioner wouldn't go into too many details of what the plan is to keep order, but
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he did say they will not be greasing poles. instead he says they have another plan. we spoke with a local jiu jitsu club. >> i don't want any rocks thrown, cars flipped over. i hope everybody has a good time with it, but i don't want anybody making too much damage. >> reporter: also let's talk parking restrictions. they're going into effect at 2:00 p.m. today and will be in effect until tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. broad street is lined with barriers ready to be put out in place. there will be no parking from arch to pine and also on broad street from dickenson to oregon avenue. there is no parking on either side of broad street and median parking as well. you can see behind me here at city hall, some of these steel barriers have already been put in place. getting ready again those restrictions start at 2:00 p.m. if you remember last sunny had my green turtle neck on. i've got it on again today.
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the birds killed the vikings two weeks ago and now i think it's lucky so i'm going to wear it on game day. bob brooks, channel 6 action news. back to you guys. >> if they win tonight, it is all thanks to you. >> let's go over to jeannette reyes. she's live in the city's mayfair section. >> to say fans are ready and pumped for this game is an understatement. >> reporter: they've been ready since 5:00 this morning. they were hearing in the back right behind me this morning. but this is the place to be. aside from minneapolis, you want to be here. right near frankford and cottman as we know it's a hot spot. wear green before you step inside of here. it is going to be packed really throughout the day especially as we get closer to kickoff later on this evening. the manager told me last time a couple of weeks ago when we won against the vikings in a blowout
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game, the crowds did behave and tonight we're expecting the same thing. double the profit, double the numbers in terms of foot traffic. >> what's your prediction for the game tonight? >> 24-14 philadelphia. >> reporter: okay. and why are you so confident? >> i tell you what. like everybody is saying, they're such an underdog and they are underdogs they come out and they're going to take a bite out of brady's butt. >> reporter: and before i send it back to you guys, i want to show you someone here who got something that is pretty hard to come >> my whole life, 58 years.
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we're hearing from a true fan there. if there's anywhere you want to be tonight, you don't want to be in the madness, you can watch from the window here. we're hoping you'll tune in tonight and go eagles. back to you guys. >> surrounded by lots of optimistic fans that's what we want to see. jeannette, thank you. action news and are your sources for complete coverage the moment the super bowl ends we will have extensive live post-game coverage from minneapolis and all across the tri-state. it's right here on action 11:00 and sports sunday. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning catch up on all the coverage on what will hopefully be an eagles victory. we will be on early at 4:00 a.m. >> we'll have much more of our eagles super bowl coverage including how the men and women working hard to protect our country arehe
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birds. >> sky 6hd taking you live. meteorologist chris sowers tracking some rain and a little snow in exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast on a super bowl sunday. we'll see you after the break. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles!
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>> that wonderful can cheer is soldiers with the pennsylvania national guard. we want to say thank you to all those men and women for their service and of course for sharing their eagles pride. >> that is awesome. meteorologist chris sowers is here with his awesome eagles tie. >> this is green. show them that makeup bag. the other one on the side. the makeup thing there. never mind. it's green. you see right there on the end table there? there's a live view here looking from our center -- that's what it is. that was my fault, gray. as we look behind me, you can see the clouds are lowering and
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thickening all in advance of the next system that we're watching here. the radar starting to pick up some moisture just to the west of the philadelphia area now and it is falling in the form of snow. you see the shades of gray and white showing up across lancaster county just north of the mason-dixon line, everything moving to the northeast at about 10-15 miles per hour. because of that the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for our far western counties. it will begin to snow at the on set and go over to rain as the afternoon wears on. minor accumulations expected in our far western counties but perhaps just enough to create some slick spots out there. that's part of the reason why the advisory was issued. close to freezing now north and west. poconos it's really cold up there, it's only 22. a blanket of snow out to the west. all of this pushing off to the northeast. so in time some milder air from both the chesapeake and delaware bays will flood the area and
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whatever snow you are seeing should quickly go over to rain as this model is starting to show here by midday. here's the rain-snow line south of lancaster. it lifts all the way up to the lehigh valley by this afternoon. it's a cold rain. still snowing in the poconos becomes steady and heavy as the late afternoon and evening wears on. especially around halftime. this is a downpour taking place right through the heart of the delaware valley. right around 11:00 everything should start to end from west to east 9:30 to 11:00. at that point temperatures are starting to fall. still dealing with visibility issues at that point. the fog tracker showing visibility ranges 1-3 miles. rain begins right around midday in the immediate philadelphia area. briefly starting as snow. heavy rain this evening, it all ends between 9:30 to 11:00 from
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west to east. upper 30s north and west, low to mid 40s south and east. millville getting close to 50, philadelphia 44, cape may 48. and overnight tonight evening rain some of this is going to be heavy, continuing until about 9:30 or so, and temperatures crashing first thing tomorrow morning so a lot of these numbers are right around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. millville 32, tomorrow morning we will have wind chills in the single digits and teens. bundle up, old man winter is making a comeback here. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, ponding on the roads expected, 44 tomorrow breezy and cold 34. the next system arrives on wednesday. more rain for us and 45. nydia? >> all right, chris thank you. early this morning the action cam was outside the lit brothers building at 7th and market streets in old city. as we can see the building that opened as a moderately priced
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department store in 1891 has become the latest structure to go green. the slogan was a great store for a great city. now they're rooting for a great team.
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welcome back. it is 9:22. 36 degrees. sky 6hd taking a live look from our city hall camera at 15th and jfk. lots of rain and a little snow on this super bowl sunday so be aware as you head out to your super bowl parties today. well, they say the snow must go on. doylestown native pink says she will not let the flu stop her from singing her national anthem from singing at the super bowl. she posted this picture on social media rehearsing the anthem. she said her children gave her the virus but she said it is one
9:23 am
of her biggest honors of her life so she plans to soldier through the illness. >> you will no doubt be so at a party. a new study finds that the average american will consume 2400 calories during a super bowl party. that's hey -- a day's worth of food. 1.2 billion chicken wings will be consumed alone. pizza is considered a must-have on super bowl sunday. 11 million pounds of chips and 4 million pounds of pretzels. >> and if you're hosting a super bowl party today, you need to take some steps to avoid a food safety penalty. >> that food is delicious when it's fresh but when it's left out for several hours it could become very dangerous. when you're cooking those wings, make sure they are not overcrowded, that could cause
9:24 am
some of them to be undercooked. they should be cooked to a temperature of 165 degrees. and remember to keep hot food hot, the cold food cold. perishable foods should be left out longer than two hours should be tossed and replenished with fresh food. since super bowl parties tend to be all day affairs putting out food in small batches a good idea. at halftime do a check on any food that may be replaced. we're back after this. according to the largest seller
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of licensed gear, more merchandise has been sold for the eagles and patriots than any of the past seven super bowl games. you might say eagles fans are the most loyal that's because
9:27 am
they have purchased 50% more gear than seattle seahawks fans did which was the previous record. >> it will be plenty of trash talking during the game at one home in bucks county. in fact the trash talking has already been nonstop at the smith home. that's because mike is a patriots fan, his wife is a die-hard eagles fan and the children are split. today's game all boils down to one thing for the family, bragging rights. >> i wanted to do if the eagles won, i wanted to get an eagles tattoo and she wanted to get a patriots tattoo but she's not having that. >> the smiths have decided whoever loses have to wear the winning team's jersey every sunday during the next football season. i like that better than the tattoo. >> i think mom is correct on this one. 9:27. there's still much more to come on this sunday edition of action news. the eagles underdog help to get
9:28 am
the party started for some young ters. >> the mayor says he's not allowing anything to jinx this game. how he's trying to help the birds to a win. plus meteorologist chris sowers will have your super bowl sunday sluf 7-day forecast when the news continues.
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headed to the super bowl. a group of eagles fans leave bright and early so they can catch the eagles take on the patriots in person. >> plus a perfectly solution r delicious centerpiece. bakeries working overtime to help you cheer on the eagles. >> and we are tracking some rain, and yes some possible snow in areas as you head out for your birds celebration. meteorologist chris sowers with those accuweather details. snow? >> let's get you to storm tracker 6. we're zoomed into lancaster county. i was just looking at observations. the only two areas that are reporting any kind of snowfall are harrisburg and york. it wouldn't surprise me if some
9:31 am
location here in lancaster county, in particular lancaster, oxford, seeing a few flurries but this is very, very light stuff and 80% is not even reaching the ground. the wider view shows moisture to the west. in time what happens air off the atlantic pushing inland and it will quickly go over to rain. you can see it actually advancing to the west already over the last couple of frames. see this over the last 15, 25 minutes you can see it already starting. so it will be very, very brief if you do pick up that snow west of philadelphia. then it's just a cold rain for most of the storm here. so what to expect from the poconos, you'll see snow, 2-4 inches before mixing over to sleet and freezing rain late this afternoon and evening. the lehigh valley far north west suburbs, it will start out as snow for a brief period of time, a coating to an inch and that goes over to rain. and for the i-95 metro area,
9:32 am
it's a cold rain. your impact scale looks like this. it's quiet around morning and right around lunchtime the first drops begin in philadelphia and from that point on it is a heavy, soaking and driving rain. and tomorrow morning this is what greets you. wind chills in the single digits as the cold air starts wrapping in again. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 5 below with the wind in the poconos, 7 in read, 9 in lancaster and 15 degrees in philadelphia. i'll have much more coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> thank you for the update. super bowl sunday has finally arrived. it's the day eagles fans have been waiting for and dreamed about for a long time. >> now the birds and their fans are in minneapolis where they will face the new england patriots in just hours hoping for their first super bowl win and hoping to stop tom brady from what will be his sixth. it will be a bone-chilling 2 degrees at game time, but
9:33 am
fortunately for birds fans who made the trip, it is a covered stadium so they will be nice and toasty as they cheer on the eagles hopefully to their first super bowl win in franchise history. >> and this is what they will bring home if they win tonight. itsz named in honor of the famed nfl coach who led the green bay packers to victory in the first two super bowl games. >> this may well have bin the longer two weeks of their life. >> those fans can barely wait for kickoff. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> the philadelphia auto show turning into one giant pep rally. you don't have to go far to find fans willing to break out into a spontaneous fight song. they say they have had a tough time focusing on anything but eagles the last two weeks. >> they're ready for it.
9:34 am
>> i'm ready for the big game. >> we're all very excited. very anxious. >> game day finally here. many eagles fans tell action news that although it would be great seeing them playing in the super bowl in person, they also want to be right here at home when the sem -- celebration begins after. >> fans are picking up last-minute things. >> trish hartman is live in west berlin. people have been coming in all day long for those goodies. >> reporter: that's right. all morning it's been packed in here and we are standing in front of one of the busiest places in the zallie's shoprite right now. people are waiting for their meats and their party trays. we've got some spirit going here! so busy this morning.
9:35 am
getting their shopping down nice and early, they're ready for a big game and a big party. >> treats, chips, nuts, things like that. >> reporter: keeps everybody fueled up and excited. >> absolutely. >> just need to pick up some trays, some cookies and stuff to get ready. and very excited. >> reporter: customers, some dressed to the nines, started streaming into zallie's shoprite in west berlin, new jersey shortly after opening after 6:00 a.m. this will be a busy day for last-minute shoppers and hundreds of employees who are working hard to keep the store stocked and clean. but managers say it's well worth it. over the past several weeks business has been up about 10%. now they're in the final stretch. >> business has been tremendous. we're prepared. we put extra staff o we're
9:36 am
working throughout the night. business has been tremendous and we really picked up because of the super bowl. >> been prepping for over a couple of weeks. it's like christmas time. that's what we planned on. it's probably going to be a little busier. >> this store is open until 11:00 p.m. but managers expect the peek busy time around 11:00 a.m. if you still need to pick up the last couple of things, they say the sooner, the better. trish hartman, channel 6 action news. >> procrastinate no more. the action cam was at philadelphia international airport this morning and the green legion boarded a plane for minneapolis. the 160 members of the green legion are among the birds' most faithful followers. they fly to eagles' away games and certainly this is not one they would miss. >> in 1960, i was at franklin field with my dad and my uncle.
9:37 am
58 years later i'm taking my best friend, his two kids, my daughter and my nephew and we're all going to be there to watch the eagles win in minneapolis. >> the whole crew, we decided that when they won, it was time to go. we could not have not gone today. and called my kids from new york and from philly and said you want to go and they said yep. so we're all going. >> a family affair. sid rosenblatt has the eagles shutting out the patriots 28-0. >> stay with us all day. we'll have live reports from minnesota on action news at noon and just before kickoff on action news at 5:00. >> action news and are your sources for complete coverage the moment the super bowl ends we will have extensive live post game coverage for minneapolis and across the tri-state region. it's all right here on action news at 11:00 and on sports
9:38 am
sunday. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning, catch up on all of the coverage of what hopefully will be an eagles victory as you have that morning cup of coffee because we're going to be on early at 4:00 a.m. with matt, tam, dave and karen. >> everyone wishing monday was a national holiday. we'll have more super bowl coverage coming up ahead. >> we'll have the latest on that fatal crash involving an amtrak trin from south carolina. >> an accident overnight sends a car sailing in chester county. now taking a live look outside, meteorologist chris sowers will have your exclusive accuweather forecast when we return on this super bowl suvenlt suvenlt nsuvent t t t
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a freight train and flew off the tracks.
9:41 am
the crash happened just outside columbia. the train carrying 140 passengers was heading from new york to miami when it collided with a csx freight train. several amtrak cars derailed. stick with action news and for updates. >> you're about to see some incredible video of a car that flew into a historic chester county home. the action cam at that scene. an unbelievable scene. a car was going fast enough to go airborne and turn side ways right into that building there. the two people in the car managed to get out on their own. there are no reports of anyone inside the home being hurt. right now police are trying to figure out how this happened. >> a house fire in the logan section of philadelphia has injured one person. the action cam was at the scene. when firefighters arrived a little after 6:50 this morning, they found thick smoke pouring
9:42 am
out of the home and flames coming from the basement. at one point firefighters were forced to evacuate the building. one resident was treated for smoke inhalation. the house was heavily damaged. there are no reports of injuries and no word yet on a cause.♪ fl on the road to victory ♪ >> okay. that's too cute, right? this little guy is a patient and shared his amazing eagles cheer. great job. fly eagles fly! >> pretty cute. well, the weather could be a little bit better as you get outside. not so cute. we have gray skies overhead as we look at the commodore barry
9:43 am
bridge. the one point i want to stress, please take it easy on the roads later on. that rain is going to be coming down at a pretty good clip. there's going to be a lot of ponding on the roads and the visibility will drop off because low level fog and clouds will settle in. take it easy on the roads to get to our discontinuation safely. we do have moisture out here to the west, most of the philadelphia area already above the magic number of 32 and we'll continue to climb during the afternoon hours. you can see the light snow flying out here to the west. the park is much worse than the bite. 60% of this not even reaching the ground. some locations are and we are expecting to see this moisture overspread the area from southwest to northeast over the next few hours. initially over philadelphia it may start as snow but it will quickly go over to rain as that
9:44 am
milder ocean air starts to work its way inland. here's the close-up by lunchtime, maybe some light snow flying in lancaster, berks and lehigh, the poconos. but this rain-snow line lifts way to the north during the mid afternoon hours. by 4:00 it's through the lehigh valley and up into the poconos. everybody else will be seeing cold rain which will be heavy and steady. look at the oranges that's rain coming down in sheets. wilmington 40 degrees by 8:00, which is probably right around the halftime show. philadelphia 42, heavy rain. that pulls through rains will end from west to east from 9:30 to 11:00 this evening at that point we'll clear the fog out, the low level clouds and the temperatures will crash. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to numbers in the 20s. wind chills in the single digits and teens. snowfall totals as we head into the late afternoon hours, again
9:45 am
this is just a quick coating to an inch. it will quickly go over to rain, rain washes everything away. for an hour or two, there could be some slick spots out here. that's why the advisory has been issued. 2-4 inches for the poconos. whatever you get initially should wash away as everything changes over to rain and look at the rain we're expecting here, a good inch a little bit more. close to an inch in atlantic city. that will wash everything away. forecast for today, afternoon and evening rain, some of it will be heavy at times. it's a milder day. yesterday we struggled the high was only 31 with wind chills in the 20s. today our late afternoon high is 44. we'll probably hit that around 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. everything starts to clear out from west to east, 27 degrees outlying suburbs, 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow is a cold day. wind chills for the morning are in the single digits and teens.
9:46 am
tuesday 32. wednesday a little bit milder the next storm we're tracking is in the form of rain once again, and thursday, friday and saturday are cooler days. >> thank you, chris. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> the celebrating began last night for some eagles fans. the action cam was at this party. these youngsters were among the 100 neighbors who gathered to root on the birds. one of the kids has high expectation. >> how excite are you? >> a lot. >> is your whole family eagles fans? >> uh-huh. >> are you having a party or anything like that? >> i don't know. >> just along for the ride? how many touchdowns are they going to score tomorrow? >> 100. >> 100 touchdowns. >> got to love billy, right? he's cute and smart.
9:47 am
the partygoers all have high hopes for the eagles victory. we'll see you after the break. t. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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>> who better to cheer on the underdogs than the actual canines. meet chloe. >> when it comes to superstitions, philadelphia has quite a few. the mayor explains why he refused to put an eagles jersey on the statue of billy penn. >> i know our history. we put a cap on billy penn in
9:51 am
1993 and lost in that walk-off home run and then we put a flyers jersey in 1997 and lost to the wednesday -- red wings. so absolutely no way a jersey is going on billy penn. go birds. >> we'll be right back. >> the team favorite to win is
9:52 am
9:53 am
the patriots. but i'm flying with the eagles because of their relentless defense. >> this is our super bowl-related, technically
9:54 am
speaking, alexa still rooting for the eagles. she gave a similar response last week but now throwing a little shade at the patriots. it is of course a big weekend for the eagles, both present and past. >> not only are the birds playing in responsibility's super bowl but there are big honors for the players who were on the team last time they were in the big game. >> here's jeff skversky with your eagles sports action. >> finally it is super bowl sunday. the eagles the winningest team in nfl history without a super bowl trophy can end the drought tonight in super bowl lii at 6:30 against the patriots. the eagles wake up this morning after that final walk-through yesterday. the eagles got a pop talk from brett favre and they get ready
9:55 am
in minneapolis. doug pederson says being out on the field, the players can see it, they can feel it. so you have to wonder when they went to combed last night, what are the nerves of your head coach. >> hopefully it's like i was going into the minnesota game. i'm at peace. i can sleep well. i know the team is prepared. we've exhausted everything in practice, study, the film, 9 whole thing. at that point you just you try to get in as much rest as you can. the players are the same way. >> brian dawkins says this weekend could be electric. the eagles can win it all after he received the ultimate call last night. dawkins and terrill owens finally elected. dawkins one of the greatest safeties that ever lived said his family got emotional.
9:56 am
jamie apody goes one on one with weapon x. >> congratulations. what was your reaction when you got the call? >> obviously i was, there was some surprise there but i kind of felt it. i really did. i felt it this time around and i was there with my family, my wife, my kids, my daughter was crying. it was an emotional thing. it's such a blessing, a humbling thing for me to be able to receive this on behalf of so many people who have helped me and fans. enjoy this weekend. >> what does it mean to you to get elected to the hall of fame the night before your eagles are playing the super going to be electric weekend. it is. i'm not a guarantee-er dude, i don't do that. there's going to be some celebration this weekend. >> t.o. catches a spot? canton as well. he has the second most seflg
9:57 am
yards all time, third most touchdowns of all time. he led the eagles in their last super bowl trip in 2004. they will be enshrined in august. owen said his biggest regret not leading the eagles to a super bowl 13 years ago. the drought can end tonight in super bowl lii. that is sports. i'm jeff skversky, have a good day. >> so who will win the super bowl? while we all hope the eagles will bring home the trophy, it's still anyone's guess. but 23fiona has any inclination, we'll be celebrating the parade. the hippo picked the birds to win. she started to chomp on a pile of lettuce on a box with the eagles logo. this is her sports prediction and we believe she will be
9:58 am
correct. >> she got it right for sure. >> there's more to come on sunday morning. helping others while feeding eagles fans. >> memorable wedding reception. we have details on the fans that incorporated the birds' super bowl appearance. love that story. plus meteorologist chris sowers will have an update on the exclusive accuweather forecast. we'll see you back here after the break.
9:59 am
10:00 am
welcome back on this super bowl sunday. this is the year of the underdog. the eagles have been delivering wins and now is the time to deliver a super bowl win. >> yes. this is it. it is super bowl sunday the eagles will be facing the patriots in just eight and a half hours from now in the game >> here at home some rain and spots of snow from our region won't dampen our spirits as we cheer on the eagles all day. let's get right to meteorologist chris sowers. chris, i like your eagles tie. >> it's going to go with the radar later this afternoon.
10:01 am
green everywhere. initially things may begin as light snow well west of philadelphia. that's why the national weather service has issued this. it's a winter weather advisory up until 10:00 this evening. these highlighted areas here, you'll start out as a little bit of snow and going over to a wintry mix before going over to rain by mid afternoon. whatever accumulation you see should quickly melt. taking a quick look at storm tracker. we've seen a lot of light snow, these lighter shades of gray, falling well west of philadelphia. very, very light stuff, i would say about 50% to 60% of this is not even reaching the ground. just a couple of flurries here. the latter view shows this out to the west. what's happening is this moisture is lifting like this, the milder ocean air will continue to push westward so the rain-snow line will advance like
10:02 am
this over the nicks 6-10 hours. it will not last long. it could create some problems early on. it's only 29 right now in kutztown, new holland 33, malvern 34. no issues south and east it's cold but well above freezing at this point. cloudy and damp this afternoon. rain developing by midday. highs around 44. guys? >> chris, thank you. it is finally super bowl sunday. the eagles will take the field in about nine hours to face that power house team the new england patriots. >> but the birds have not let their underdog status intimidate them all season long, the biggest game of the year, no different. >> owner jeffrey lurie was with them confidently on the sideline that's now marked with the eagles logo. >> we have live team coverage in eagles super bowl lii.
10:03 am
brian taff and sharrie williams are at the mall of america, ducis rodgers and jamie apody are at the u.s. bank stadium. >> bob brooks has the massive security effort and jeannette reyes is following the fan pandemonium. let's begin with brian and sharrie. tonight's game marks the end of the season but could mark the beginning of a new era for the eagles franchise. >> reporter: yeah. we're certainly hoping. hello again from minnesota where super bowl magic could happen tonight. the eagles looking to put an exclamation point on a season filled with so much excitement. the mall of america starting to come to life now. we are one hour behind here. it is 9:00 a.m. central time, mostly mall walkers milling about. this mall will become the hub of activity later on as fans lucky enough to have a super bowl ticket will come here to be screened then get on a train and go directly into u.s. bank
10:04 am
stadium. >> and that of course is what they've been waiting for. just a matter of time before the activity picks up here. but this has been the hub of activity all week and last night the eagles pride could be seen as the noticeable green and white is all over the twin cities. the love for this team could also be heard as fiancee rupted with the eagles' chant over and over again and this is what they traveled here for. to take in the excitement of being here in the super bowl and some unique stories as to how some of these people fell in love with the eagles. eagles nation living for this moment. birds of a feather flock together and that goes for eagles fans, many of them are using super bowl sunday to common cause and -- reunite for one common cause and that is to cheer on their birds. >> it's great that i have this opportunity. we're meeting up with two other friends that just flew in. and they're the ones for responsible for getting us the
10:05 am
tickets so i can't wait to meet up with them and give lots of thanks. >> i can't wait to bring back the super bowl ringers. >> yes. you can feel the excitement. look at these people they're having a great weekend. it's what they came here for and tonight it is game day. >> i had a hard time sleeping last night. >> yeah, right? we've been restless all week. and now finally it is super bowl sunday. >> it's finally here. and i doubt philadelphia slept last night. i doubt philadelphia will sleep tonight but we'll find out. magic moments lie ahead. we're live in the mall of america. sharrie williams along with brian taff. guys we'll see you later on today as the game draws ever closer. >> it really is magical, brian. thanks so much. let's hope it's a magical monday. >> let's go now to jamie apody and ducis rodgers. >> they join us outside u.s.
10:06 am
bank stadium. ducis, i want that hat. >> reporter: we'll work on that when we get back into philadelphia. all week long, head coach doug pederson has been stressing to his players to seize this moment. they'll get that opportunity tonight inside the building behind us. >> he actually posted a sign with the phrase his father used to tell him, it says an individual can make a difference, a team can make a miracle. >> as for the match-up on the field, the eagles are a 4.5 point underdog and when you look at the coaching match-up it may seem lopsided, but then again maybe not. >> on one side you have a relatively new guy who just completed his second season as an nfl head coach. on the other side it's the experience of a living legend. >> the winningest coast of all time and the greatest quarterback of all time on their team. but doug is sharp. that's our guy. we work with him every day. >> reporter: that is the
10:07 am
sentiment that permeates throughout the locker room. they love their head coach. >> i just love him as a coach. >> i think he really knows his players well and puts players in a position to succeed based on things they're good at. >> reporter: the birds also love the aggressiveness pederson shows. >> he has a lot of confidence in his guys. he's playing to win. you go back to last week playing minnesota kicking a field goal, no one does that. >> reporter: he has not only earned the respect from his players, but also his opponent. >> the coach has done a great job, that football team they lost a couple of key players this year, they continue to role along with tremendous production. >> reporter: there is definitely mutual respect between pederson
10:08 am
and belichick. >> reporter: he's been a great guy, look at the way his game planned. >> for jamie apody, i'm ducis rodgers, in machine yams at -- minneapolis at the super bowl. back to you. >> our coverage continues with bob brooks in center center philadelphia this morning. >> we hope there's reason to celebrate and all fans celebrate safely. >> reporter: absolutely. now that the sun has come up, the city is starting to come to life. we've been speaking to fans now for the last hour, hour and a half. they have plans for when the birds win to come out here and celebrate. the police department says they have absolutely no problem with that. it's just when everyone comes out here, they don't tear the city down in the process. these were the massive crowds after the nfc championship game. as expected they formed in notorious city hot spots, city
10:09 am
hall, frank forward cotman, south philadelphia. earlier this week police commissioner richard ross. >> clearly assault, destruction of property will be dealt with swiftly. >> in the same breath police are encouraging celebration. after all, a win tonight in the super bowl would be a first for the city and no one wants to put a stop to soaking in the moment. >> we are about business, but we are still about the business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it's done peacefully. >> reporter: now, the commissioner wouldn't go into too many details of what the plan is to keep order, but he did say they will not be greasing poles. instead he says they have another plan. we spoke with a local jiu jitsu club on broad street. he too echos the same sentiment. >> i don't want any rocks, i don't want any cars flipped over. i hope everybody has a good time with it, but i just don't anybody making too much damage.
10:10 am
>> reporter: also let's talk parking restrictions. they're going into effect at 2:00 p.m. today and will be in effect until tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. broad street is lined with steel barriers ready to be put in place. there will be no parking from arch to pine around city hall also on broad street from dickinson to oregon avenue. no parking and median parking as well. we spoke with a man who lives in northern virginia now but he grew up in the area. he says he has some words of wisdom for the younger fans who might come out of here to celebrate. that was he's a father now, don't do what he did when he was their age. pace yourself, go birds. and certainly do things peacefully when you come out here tonight. bob brooks, channel 6 action news. nydia, gray, back to you. >> we switch now to action news reporter jeannette reyes. she is in the city's mayfair section. >> you've got plenty of company there this morning. >> reporter: oh, my goodness.
10:11 am
yeah. i'm dodging waitresses and customers. it is a packed house here. this is right near frankford and cottman. it goes without saying. this morning there are smaller fans in this restaurant. i want to introduce you. his name is demarco. he is with daniel. what were you saying earlier? >> um -- go eagles! e-a-a-a-l-e-! >> that's what we've been hearing all morning. and danielle you say this is him all the time when it comes to
10:12 am
his team? >> all the time. >> sunday football he is right by the tv, he is so ready. >> go, if it were up to this guy, the team would win. but i want to show you another table here. i'll tell youken over this morn. how are you feeling? >> good. >> you're feeling good? you want the eagles to win? >> yeah. >> reporter: okay! so lase tells me, geri, she tells me that last time a couple of weeks ago when we beat the vikings in that blowout game, the crowd was actually pretty cooperative, they were pretty peaceful so they're expecting the same thin gets here, they've doubled their revenue, they've doubled their foot traffic and that was just beating the vikings. so when we beat the patriots, you can expect this to be crowded throughout the do plan evening and you have a larger party, they're asking that you call in advance so they can make sure they have room for you and
10:13 am
your group. we'll send it back over to you guys. in the meantime we're going to hang out with the cool kids here, right? you're one of the cool kids. we'll send it back to you guys. >> they're all adorable. that eagles green creating a lot of green for now. thank you jeannette. action news and are your sources for soon as the su bowl ends, we will have extensive livepost-game coverage it's all right here action news at 11:00 and sports sunday. >> because when you wake up tomorrow morning you can catch up on all the coverage of what will hopefully be an eagles victory as you have that morning cup of coffee. we'll be on early 4:00 a.m. matt, tam, dave and karen will be here to continue our eagles super bowl coverage. >> the eagles victory is on the tip of my tongue. it's so hard not to say it. still ahead action news
10:14 am
hoagies are a super bowl must-have. how a south jersey fund raiser is helping others. >> underdog was spot d at just one of the pep rallies held for the birds this weekend. sky 6hd giving you that gloomy and gray look there. meteorologist chris sowers tracking all the rain and snow. his accuweather forecast coming up next. >> so glad you stayed w.
10:15 am
10:16 am
if you're shopping around for hoagies for your super bowl party, clearview regional, middle and high school have a suggestion for you, come over to the school in mullica hill, new jersey. buy some hoagies. they made around 2,000 of the sandwiches this morning as part of the hoagies for hope super bowl fund raiser. last year they raised $22,000 to help children in the community with major medical problems. mullica hill. >> i'm actually going to try and take it easy on the food today. this is a bad day for me. let's get you down to the weather center and show you what's going on as we look live
10:17 am
at sky 6 over the ben franklin bridge. gray skies continuing in adva e advance. snow flurries even snow showers being reported now just west of philadelphia. take this and show you the close-up shot here. right into lancaster just south of reading we're starting to see light snow make it to the ground. we're not seeing anything sticking at this point. we're not seeing any accumulations as of yet. but we are expecting minor accumulations over the next hour or so. part of the reason why the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory. we can see some of the numbers already behind me we're above freezing now. it's 33 in reading. 34 in allentown, lancaster 33. you can see the direction of the wind here. everything is moving in off the milder ocean waters. so we will see all those temperatures easily climb into
10:18 am
the upper 30s to mid 40s later this afternoon. that means all this white will turn to eagles green later this afternoon periods of rain, some of it will be heavy at times. lots of ponding on the roadways expected later on. so again this milder, somewhat milder air that we're seeing over the coastal plain right now, that will continue to advance just like this over the next couple of hours and turn all that snow over to rain. there you go. so this is later this afternoon into the evening hours and this will quickly scoot on by here. it could be a decent snowstorm for new england, even in places like boston or providence, rhode island, typically areas of the northeast are going to flip it over to rain. future tracker, a little bit of slight snow through about midday. cloudy in philadelphia, rain quickly overspreading the area by 1:00, 2:00 and once it starts it's going to come down at a pretty good clip here.
10:19 am
darker greens and yellows coming down right through 7:00, 8:00 this evening. it will continue through about 9:30 to 10:00. everything shuts off from west to east. moisture holding on down to the jersey shore but everybody else starting to dry out. lots of sunshine mixed with clouds, temperatures are only in the 20s and 30s. so what you need to know here this afternoon, rain heavy at times, low visibility. those low level clouds and the fog is going to start settling in. make sure you're driving slow, lots of ponding on the roads. the end time between 9:30 and 11:00 from west to east. rain heavy at times today. 44 in philadelphia, millville 49, allentown 48, cape may 48. evening, heavy rain, clearing after midnight turning blesstory tomorrow morning. upper 20s north and west. low 30s south and east. single digits and teens tomorrow morning. old man winter making a
10:20 am
comeback. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 44 today, heavy rain, breezy and colder tomorrow, 44. rain again for wednesday and 45. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> it was a sea of green as thousands of birds fans cheered on their team. they held signs and pom-poms for this pep rally at the pennsylvania convention center. everyone who attended the show was encouraged to cheer on their team. the auto show wraps up today at the convention center.
10:21 am
10:22 am
>> these are some of the videos that you have shown us showing your bird spirit. ♪ fly eagles fly >> to victory ♪ the students created their own unique version of the eagles fight song. drummers provided the back beat as the students provided the high energy. this is one of the most
10:23 am
energetic versions. ♪ fly eagles fly the eagles fight song for entrance for the bridal company. she handed him a jersey and changed their entrance song. he was expecting bruno mars. they walked in with the jerseys over their tux and wedding gowns. >> a good wife. >> yeah, i think so. keep sending us your videos and pictures. we have been enjoying seeing them and your eagles pride and spirit as we prepare to win the super bowl. >> we'll be right back.
10:24 am
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10:26 am
so what's your prediction for tonight's game? here are ours. i think 27-20 eagles. >> i've got a little more scoring. >> we see that. >> what in the world are you talking about? >> earlier i changed my score. i originally had 103-10. i figured it would be a little closer than that. seriously, i think we put the clamps on them.
10:27 am
i think we shut them down. >> as the eagles prepare to take the field for the super bowl, we continue to invite you to keep sending us pictures. use the hashtag #6abcaction. >> it's a little damp out there, keep the umbrellas handy and drive slowly on the roads. that rain is going to be coming down quite heavily. the visibility is going to drop off as well. fog, low level clouds will settle in. 44 for today, blustery and cold. 44 single digits and teens which is better than minneapolis. the wind chill there is -26. >> we will see you back here at noon. here's a look at some of the stories that we are following for you. who is going is to take home the lombardy trophy? jamie apody son gives us a
10:28 am
prediction. >> a heartwarming story out of new jersey. the kindness of a stranger helped a 10-year-old boy go to the super bowl. now for chris sowers, gray hall and the entire action news team. i'm nadia han. have a super sunday. go eagles and we'll see you right back here at noon.
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> the president's memo. >> i think it's a disgrace. the memo was sent to congress it was declassified. >> defying and targeting the fbi. democrats and officials pounce. >> this memo is false. it makes inaccurate assertions. >> this clearly is a blatant political act. >> the memo matched the hype. president trump now claims it vindicates his attacks on the russia investigation. what does it really prove? will the president move to control the probe, fire the man in charge? how will congress respond? questions for adam stiff, republican will hurd. plus insight and analysis from our panel of national security and legal


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