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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han, and meteorologist chris sowers. good afternoon, on this super bowl sunday, february 4th i'm nydia han with gray hall. here's a look at some of the stories we are following
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for you on "action news". >> count down to the super bowl. eagles/patriots rematch in minnesota is coming down. we have live reports from the stadium where one of those teams will be named the super bowl lii champions. plus what would a super bowl win mean for philadelphia eagles react to taking away center city on their shoulders the super bowl celebrations begin, the new restrictionness place to keep local fans and businesses, safe this evening. more on those stories in a moment but first we will turn our attention to the exclusive forecast and meteorologist chris sowers, rain, super bowl sunday, chris. >> for now we are seeing a little bit of snow in the western counties here but majority of this will be rain, just temperatures will be cold enough to support a little bit of that white stuff. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. for counties highlighted here. we are expecting light snow to transition over to a icy mix, sleet, freezing rain but will go over to rain by mid afternoon. could be minor accumulations in this part of the viewing area perhaps a coating to as
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much as an inch here in these area. and because of that there could be slick spots out there storm tracker six very latest here lots of colors showing up on the radar. we have green to the south which is where rain is falling , light snow to the north and right in between here we see sliver of blue. that is where we are seeing a wintry mix of snow, rain and sleet pellets mixed in. this line will lift to the north over next half an hour, so again by mid afternoon it should be all the way up between here north of the pennsylvania turnpike approaching the lehigh valley. wider view shows plenty of moisture out there. this is just the beginning, once the rain starts to move in and it will come down, steady toy occasionally heavy at times, set up a rather messy late afternoon into the early evening hours, and around the region here. temperatures wise and thinks part of the problem this is why advisory has been issued for far western counties we are still below freezing. twenty-nine in kutztown. thirty-one in new holland, 31 pottstown. twenty-nine in slatington. but look what is going on the other side of the delaware river.
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we have milder air moving from the south east, 30's and 40's across south jersey and delaware. so for today accu weather says rain developing, whatever snow you are seeing right now will go over to rain by about 12:30 or 1:00 o'clock. high temperatures around 44. i will be back along in a few minutes and time everything out with future tracker six and i will that have accu weather seven day forecast. >> chris, thank you. super bowl sunday, it is finally here. it is the day eagles fans have been waiting for, all season long. >> yes, could this be the year bird bring home lombardi trophy. they are just one team standing in their way, new england patriots. >> "action news" is live with complete game day coverage. janet reyes is live in mayfair where fans cannot stop talking about the birds. bob brooks has safety precautions going in to place in philadelphia ahead of the game. >> in minnesota sports director ducis rodgers and jamie apody are live outside u.s. bank stadium but first brian taff and sharrie williams inside mall of america where pennsylvania governor tom wolf is spending
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sometime before the game, brian and sharrie? >> reporter: yeah, hi guys, game day welcome back to bloomington, minnesota fan central outside philadelphia eagles fans hoff tickets to the big game are beginning to flood the zone here in the mall, as they get ready to watch the big show tonight. >> it is of course just hours away. we have a very special guest joining us on "action news". come on in governor tom wolf is here with us, of course, governor of pennsylvania and also, a fan of the eagles. good to see you, governor. >> i'm a fan of pennsylvania. >> yes, we know, of course, of pennsylvania. >> but of course today you you are sporting the eagles green. >> absolutely. >> this is your first super bowl. you are not only obligation but also an experience for you as well. >> experience for me. i flew out here commercial, i bout the tickets and i will be sitting in the stands and really enjoying the game. >> you had a bet with governor mark dayton in minneapolis, minnesota when we beat vikings were you successful on that one.
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now you have a bet with governor bake inner massachusetts what is that bet >> well if the eagles winnie get clam chowedder, some c raisins and some other things if the patriots win i have to give them, send up scrapple, federal dough nuts, i think the tastykakes. >> no cheese stake involved. >> you cannot ship cheese steaks. >> tastykakes i did bet and i just collected, because governor of minute so the a was there, went to the governor's mansion yesterday, collected the candy bars and so, i used them, so that is good. >> talk to us about your experience here. you have been here since friday. you have been seeing fans, the excitement, take us inside your experience. >> it is really exciting. i mean obviously it is exciting for anybody from philadelphia but this is exciting for pennsylvania. everybody is in great spirits.
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i do have to say, that the weather is a lot colder in minnesota. then it is in pennsylvania. i'm just saying. >> which is why we're inside. >> that is the place to be. >> of course, you are the governor of pennsylvania. there are two nfl teams that you have to keep in mind, pittsburgh steelers are, of course, have conquered the super bowl. governor, isn't it time that philadelphia eagles get that into history. >> absolutely the super bowl, pittsburgh steelers have six super bowl rings, that is more than any other team, i think number two is patriots, they have five. another reason why the eagles to have win to make sure that pennsylvania stays number one with six super bowl rings, to get this one, pennsylvania will have seven super bowl rings, that is really important. >> your prediction, for game day super bowl. >> twenty-four-14 eagles. >> all right. >> well thought out, good one. >> go bird. >> it is in paper. >> lots of intense fans here in minneapolis today we know about the fan in chief, have a good time at the game tonight.
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>> thank you very much. >> we will have complete coverage throughout the evening at the hours ticking down super bowl lii. with sharrie williams and governor tom wolf, i'm brian taff, live in bloomington back to you. >> clam chowedders and c raisins will be heading to governor wolf's office on monday. thanks. thank you for governor wolf, as well. our live coverage continues with sports director ducis rodgers and jamie apody live outside u.s. bank stadium where eagles hope to win their first super bowl and come back to philadelphia as champions, guys, tonight could mark a beginning of the new chapter for the birds. >> yes, indeed, nydia. right now team still at the team hotel, couple hours they will make their way here to u.s. stadium for what they hope is a fantastic evening. >> surely will get a warm welcome for fans. warm, that is only thing warm, it is chilly out here. it is about negative five with 22-degree wind chill. >> who is counting. >> us. >> we are. >> with that said we're excited, it is game day we are hoping eagles will make
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history and they want to win one for the city that is so proud of them and proud eagles fans and our jeff skversky has that story. >> reporter: in the streets of philadelphia there has been a empty feeling, a dark cloud hanging over our city. it makes eagles fans sick to their stomach. call it a curse, call it bad luck, call it whatever you want but the eagles are yet to be called super bowl champions it pains the people, the owners, the players, and the coaches for more than 50 years in a city rich in in history, history has in the been kind to our beloved eagles. >> i know what it means to the city. i know what it means to us there has been a lot of hard work a lot of waiting for this opportunity. >> reporter: eagles feel the weight of the city on their shoulders this team as likely as they are to be here in super bowl lii are trying to shoulder the pain and shoulder the load of all of the failures that have come before them. 1980, 2004, and all of the other bat breaks along the way
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>> only regret i have in my career is not bringing a championship to philly. >> oh, yeah, even though i have been there for this season, you can get a sense of how important it is to the city and we want to go get them one for them. >> they deserve a super bowl. they have been stretching for a super bowl. as players we will do everything we can to deliver that. >> reporter: if there was ever a team that personified the philadelphia city it is this eagles team. >> i will go to war with everyone in that dressing room >> reporter: under dogs like rocky who eventually despite all odd became champion of the world, eagles fans cannot take one more punch to the gut, philadelphia is ready to knock out the patriots. >> we embody what our city is. we're a bunch of guys, we don't care about the glitz, glamour, very blue collar, we enjoy a fight, we talk a little trash and we fly around and hit people. >> reporter: eagles can envision what it will feel like to win that first super
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bowl and parade down broad street. >> going up broad street, you know, it will be a great feeling. >> it will be pure craziness, better get extra security you don't know what will happen. >> let's hope it does happen. i think that the city has really embraced this team because of adversity they have been through this year, hopefully today is the day that philadelphia finally gets to hoist a lombardi trophy. >> they have who a pro bowl team with carson wentz, jason peter, jason maragos, jordan hicks. we should find out, if the eagles will bring it home. for jamie apody i'm ducis rodgers, with the bird in minneapolis, back to you. >> thanks, very much. while game will be played in minnesota that is 18 hours away officials here in philadelphia still taking precautions for fans who want to celebrate here at home. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in center city with the restrictions going in to effect, bob. >> reporter: yeah, gray, several road closures around
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city hall and down broad street about to happen at 2:00 . for a lot of people they have been waiting their whole lives for this moment and when the birds win they just ask when you come out to celebrate we don't tear the city down in the process. lets just say the sit it is flying high right now. center city, city hall, all morning we have watched people begin their super bowl sunday. it is morning jog or on their way to begin the celebration. >> fly eagles fly. >> reporter: are you going to celebrate after. >> absolutely, every where, until next august. >> next august. >> reporter: city hall is also without win or lose expected to look like this after the game. one of the many hot spots, philadelphia police will be focusing on. now earlier this week commissioner ross told thaws crowds are expect to be way bigger then these ones post nfc champion ship. department plans to keep them
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safe. >> clearly assaults, obstruction of property we will move in and handle those situations. we will not tolerate that throughout this city. >> reporter: he says almost all of the department will be involved with post game security and after eagles win he encouraging peaceful parties. >> we are about business and we are all about the business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it is done peacefully. >> reporter: good to hear we hear fans are already in that mind set and offering some advice. >> you need to behave well. don't do what i did. >> i will be at mcgillans watching in center city and hopefully peacefully, celebrating the win, and a crazy way if that makes sense. >> police are out. we have seen them in force. >> party's on. >> yes, they are here. policeman are your friends. >> reporter: they certainly are. those road closures from arch to pine around city hall, that is going to be closed down. from dickinson down to oregon avenue on broad, and that will be closed, parking on both
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side of broad and in the media , that closure will take effect until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. so reporting live, bob brooks, channel six "action news", gray and nydia. >> bob, thank you. "action news" is your resource for all things super bowl, game day coverage on six abc continues later today with live pregame reports, beginning on "action news" at 5:00 o'clock. and live coverage continues immediately after the game, from philadelphia, and minneapolis and wrap it up with "action news" at 11 and sports sunday. we have you cover all day right here on "action news". we are following developing news this noon out of south carolina where an amtrak train has crashed, killing two people. amtrak train was headed to new york to miami with about 139 people on board, when it crashed with the csx freight train around 2:45 this morning two amtrak employees were killed and 116 other people suffered injuries, and scratches to broken bones. the crash caused 5,000 gallons of fuel to spill, what caused
12:14 pm
the crash remains under investigation. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this super bowl sunday. >> from excitement to nerves, feel what fans are feeling about today's match up. jeanette reyes will be live in mayfair. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the full forecast, "action news" continues after this
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lots of rain and a little snow today. >> we have a little bit of snow right now especially west of philadelphia lets go right over to the temperatures and number are still fairly chilly north and west that cold air is hanging on pretty tough, milder though to the southe, we have 47 in atlantic city, 44 in millville but still below freeze ago cross far western counties, reading, lancaster 31. allentown 32. because of that we have light snow flying across, actually mess of the state of pennsylvania this morning with that mixed line that blue in the middle and then south and east of there we have the rain falling.
12:17 pm
here's close-up view, so most of south jersey just cloud a cross camden, gloucester counties right now but that light rain reaching ground across new castle county, delaware, salem, cumberland and this rain/snow line will advance like this over next couple of hours and maybe pick up a quick coating or so or more across far western counties but even there it will be rain by mid afternoon. here's two, that rain snow line lifting north, heavy rains pushing through by 4:00. almost the whole area seeing heavy rain at some point. rain snow line pushes farther north in the poconos near that pennsylvania, new york state line by 8:00 in the evening, and some of this rain coming down in sheets and then rain shuts off from northwest to south east between 9:00 and 10:00 o'clock hour maybe later , let's say 10:30 or so. snow the initial hit like this a coating to an inch in this area most of this is a coating but allow for more and then this will quickly wash away, two to four in the poconos.
12:18 pm
far western suburbs lancaster county, berks, lehigh, northampton, perhaps coating or more and then that quickly wash's way. i-95 corridor and immediate philadelphia area it is rain this afternoon, heavier at times. low visibility. drive slowly on the roads. we will see ponding on the roads, fog and low level cloud settling in reducing visibility and end time between 9:30 and 11:00 o'clock for today wintry mix changing over to rain. thirty-nine in reading. forty-four in philadelphia. thirty-eight in the lehigh valley. millville 49. cape may 48. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast shows a much colder day for tomorrow so periods of heavy rain late this afternoon in the evening hours 44. blustery and cold tomorrow, 34 morning wind chill in the single digits and teens, still chilly for tuesday, 42 and then next system moves in wednesday more rain and 45. more "action news" coming up after the break.
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philadelphia eagles could become super bowl champions and many fans have been waiting for this moment their entire lives. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in philadelphia's mayfair section where she has been taken it all in the may mayor diner where they are optimistic and pumped, is that right, jeanette. >> reporter: that is right since 5:00 this morning. i will tell you what, nydia, you don't know what a party is until you come to the mayfair diner. they will she what you eagles pride, eagles spirit, take a listen to that. since 5:00 o'clock this morning, yes. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: here's what they have to say. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. >> reporter: it was an all day party here at the mayfair diner beginning at 5:00 this morning. waitress dianne leery was just wrapping up her shift before the mad rush of customers came in but she was going home, to more eagles fans.
12:22 pm
>> my husband's going to kill me. he is very superstitious. >> oh, okay. >> he has in plans on doing much for the super bowl, as much as he would love to. we are not allowed to argue. if they are doing not very good. >> reporter: fans are confident that the bird are going for a win and they are planning accordingly. what is your prediction for the game tonight. >> twenty-four-14 philadelphia >> reporter: you got eagles going on, how are you feeling about today. >> twenty-four-17 eagles: matter of fact, i got that on two different block pools and i plan to collect the money. >> i just can't believe they won. i'm shock. if they can do that, they can do this too. they can definitely take new england. >> reporter: jessica owens is a traveling nurse originally from philadelphia, she hopped on a plane just to be home for this celebration tonight. >> i'm coming back for the super bowl because the eagles
12:23 pm
are in it. i would never miss it. >> reporter: there is no fan more loyal then miss ruth buck man, she was here with her children, grandchildren and great grandchild, at 100 years old today it would be a century in the making for her. >> when you are years, how long have you been a eagles fan. >> oh, since 1934, when they first started. >> reporter: she says that she will be leading the celebrations, if the birds deliver. so what is the what do we expect to see from you. >> oh, my. >> reporter: jumping up and down. >> you bet. >> reporter: this is at frankford and cottman so you can expect celebrations tonight, to be insane. they want, the crowd wanted to share something with our viewers, so you can see it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: sending it back to you guys. >> they are on fire.
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go to to switch today. eagles have had pep rallies, practices, super bowl events all week long. now only thing that is lefties the big game. it was a picture perfect day for the bird yesterday as they took one last walk through u.s. bank stadium and next time they are in that stadium they will be vying for the coveted lombardi trophy. coach doug pederson says he is just trying to stay focused and calm ahead of today's game >> hopefully it is like i was going in to the minute so the game. i'm at peace. i can sleep well. i know, i know the team's prepared. you know, we have exhausted everything in practice.
12:27 pm
study. the film, the whole thing. at that point you just, you know, you try to get as much rest as you can the night before and free your mind a little bit. the players are the same way. >> this is the day long time eagles safety brian dawkins and former receiver terrell owens were elected to the pro football hall of fame. >> from past to present. >> another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> here are stories we will have for you with super bowl parties happening all over the delaware valley today. we will take a look at what shoppers can expect as they look for those last minute items. >> those stories, the exclusive accu weather forecast and more when "action news" on this super bowl sunday continues.
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it is super bowl sunday and our live coverage continues with live reports from minnesota as we wait, for super bowl lii to kick off. eagles player with the special connection to the city of philadelphia explains what a super bowl win would mean to him. if you are heading to center city to watch the game tonight, there are some restrictions going in to effect. >> those stories and more in a moment but first meteorologist chris sowers starts us off with a look at our forecast with a rainy day in store. >> the radar is all decked out in the eagles green here. rain over spreading the area rain/snow line lift willing to the north approaching pennsylvania turnpike. we have reports of a good coating in places like parkesburg and downingtown, chester county, as well as our
12:30 pm
far western counties lancaster , berks, lehigh county and putting a coating right now this rain snow line will lift to the north over next couple of hours, very light snow is flying, in this part of our viewing area problem is, temperatures are below freezing here, why we are seeing slick spots developing. twenty-nine in kutztown. thirty in new who will an. thirty-one in pottstown. thirty in kirkwood. magic number 32. we have to get above freezing mark of 32 degrees and then we won't worry about slick roadways but these numbers are still well below freezing. so the call for accu weather still what we had this morning two to 4 inches of snow in the poconos eventually changing over to a mix. then all rain late this evening. lehigh valley, suburbs, you'll start as a period of snow and then cold rain. for i-95 metro area. southern new jersey and delaware it is mainly rain. steady toy heavy rain at that. you can see our impact scale turning downhill quickly over next couple of hours. four right through 10:00 o'clock we have our impact scale on high.
12:31 pm
i will be back in a few minutes and talk much more about heavier rain on the way later this afternoon and cold air that moves in for tomorrow guys? >> chris, thank you. today, today, could be a historical day for the eagles. birds may get revenge on the 2005 super bowl loss and once again they face the new england patriots. >> a win today would give franchise its first super bowl win, ever. >> "action news" has live game day coverage, trish hartman is in new jersey where fans are shopping for last minute items , and to stack their super bowl parties. bob brooks is in center city with game day safety measure being taken and sports director ducis rodgers and jamie apody are live in minneapolis at u.s. bank stadium. >> but our coverage begins with brian taff and sharrie williams live at mall of america where fans are spending sometime ahead of today's big game, brian and sharrie. >> yeah, guys, it is game day, welcome back inside mall of america here in bloomington, minnesota. this is a stone's throw away from the main event tonight
12:32 pm
which is just hours away. fans are now blocking to the inside of this mall. but in 22 degrees below zero outside, with wind chill but more importantly this is where they will come to get pre screened ahead of the super bowl tonight. it is already getting busy. >> yes. >> lines are forming, into the city. lets take a look inside the mall of america where fans are gathering. we will look at is what going on. this is where it is for the fans. it is happening right here in the middle of the mall. this is to you from the rotunda we are up a couple levels here but you can see the green, white jersey is here as fans gather before the game. the you can see eagles gear all over the place. we have talked to a lot of
12:33 pm
fans and... >> no audio. >> last game at the event and now last eagles game i am going to is the super bowl here. >> wow. >> so, it is wonderful time. >> wow. >> first game i saw was in 1942. >> 1942 your first game. >> yes, green bay packers playing the eagles. don hutton was the famous player. >> i love hearing these stories. looking up in the history books we will add to the history books later today, right here in this city. >> yes, with the eagles. >> yeah. >> making history tonight in super bowl lii. >> for brian taff i'm sharrie williams live at blooming ton at the mall of america. we will send it back to nydia
12:34 pm
and gray. turning to sports director ducis rodgers and jamie apody live outside u.s. bank stadium where super bowl lii will take place in under six hours. redemption from super bowl 39 would be ever so sweet. >> yeah, get a little pay back with those patriots n a couple hours team buses will leave the team hotel and head over here and bringing players to the super bowl. >> yesterday they took a picture inside u.s. bank stadium. they took a team photo except for carson wentz who they put dead center. they want to win this for the quarterback. inside, we were there earlier today and it is nice, warm, toasty, because it has got a roof, but the place looks beautiful. preparations are underway. super bowl lii, we are getting ever so close. >> few hours confetti will be falling, we don't necessity which team will win that confetti. one thing we do know everybody is pulling for eagles and everybody is pulling for one
12:35 pm
brent celek longest tenured eagle on the roster. earlier in the week we went one on one with the tight- event. >> what are you're motions a few days from playing in the super bowl. >> i'm excited, you know, i'm just exited to get this workweek gone, it starts today and get ready for this game. all this other stuff is just noise in the background and i'm ready to go. >> do you start thinking about your football mortality, you may not get too many shots at this. >> i'm really not thinking about it. i'm thinking about this opportunity. this is greatest opportunity we could ever ask for. we put ourselves in this position but we have to finish this thing. >> you have a special connection with the city and fans. it goes deeper then i think anybody currently on the team. why do you think that is. >> it has been lucky enough to stay here for 11 years. philly's my home now. so, this city deserves a championship. we have an opportunity to
12:36 pm
bring it back to them. we just got to do our job, man >> he said he really feels he will win, every time you talk to him, you cannot wipe the smile off his face. he says we have to do it. >> like a kid. >> let's hope they do it. >> for jamie apody i'm ducis rodgers live at the super bowl in minneapolis back to you in the studio. >> ducis, jamie, love the hat. back here at home new security measures underway in center city as police prepare for the super bowl celebrations tonight. that is where we will find bob brooks live for us. bob, what can those fans expect. >> reporter: well, gray, i think we can expect a big celebration one way or another , i shouldn't say celebration, if the birds don't win but there will be people out here in several hot spots throughout the city, and police say they are well prepared for. that let's bring up the video and take a look this has been this morning around city hall. you can see super bowl buzz is every where. we've got joggers, you can
12:37 pm
hear them, they are cheering, we saw people in eagles gear on their way to up seer bowl watch parties. now city hall and frankford commons in south philadelphia they are considered to be hot spots. people will congregate there regardless and earlier this week police commissioner richard ross told us that the police department plans to make sure there is no damage for any people thinking of trying to make some and for the most mart we spoke with fans hoff a plan on being out here for after victory but also, they are going to avoid trouble, let's listen. >> we need to behave well. don't do what i did. >> i will be at mcgillian's watching the game in center city right here and hopefully peacefully celebrating the win in a crazy way if that makes sense. >> the police are out. we have seen them in force. >> already saw them. >> yes. >> they are hard at work. >> policeman are your friends. >> reporter: definitely our friends. they do a great job in big events like this. now there are going to be parking restrictions. they will take effect at 2:00
12:38 pm
p.m. in just two hours or hour and a half at this point and they will be in effect until tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. that is no parking from arch to pine around city hall, also on broad street from dickinson down to oregon avenue there is no parking on either side of broad street and that also includes median parking as well. back out here live to me nydia and gray for the most part this might be my last report of the day, i got my green turtle neck on i wore it two weeks ago. we talk about this earlier when eagles smash the vikings. i wore it again today. hopefully bring some more good luck. reporting live, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". >> nydia. >> keep the turtle neck out in case is there a parade, bob. with the game hours away many fans are flocking to stores to grab last minute items for those super bowl watch parties. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in new jersey where shoppers are get something much needed items. trish, it looks like there were a lot of procrastinators for tonight. >> reporter: a few, nydia but
12:39 pm
everyone knows if you are go to throw a good super bowl party, you have to have good snacks. everyone is here. take a look behind me pretty busy. managers say thinks the height of rush at valley shop rite. lots of folks getting those last minute groceries lots of people in line, including wearing their eagles clothes. there air lot of people pack in here. they are fueling up for the big game and they are hoping for that victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. >> reporter: deli counter was packed and spirited as valley shop right in west berlin, new jersey. >> it has been crazy, craze year then crazy. we're always busy on the weekend but in the like this. >> reporter: customers waited in line to pick up meats and party trays just hours ahead of the big game. >> one of the busiest grocery shopping days of the year. >> i knew it would be crazy. i could not get out earlier. i'm hoping i'm getting out of here before the rush comes in. >> reporter: sandwiches, snacks, deserts they bought it all and we found shoppers with
12:40 pm
a serious strategies. >> wings, shrimp. we did add wings. >> reporter: tracie says her party menu will be the same from when the birds beat vikings two weeks ago. >> my son wouldn't let me wash his jersey, you know, they are all hanging, my daughter's boyfriend his jersey is on the dining room chair and he will put it back on. using same cups and everything >> reporter: has it been wash. >> it has not. so sorry. >> reporter: customer streamed in early, some in full eagles garb. >> i have my leg warmers, on. green socks, green t utu, my face paint. >> reporter: managers say hundreds of employees will be on hand today to keep up with demand, while people say super bowl sunday is always big an eagles super bowl is even bigger. >> would dough a lot of business but our business has been up 10 or 12 percent. >> everything i put out they are picking it up. it is holiday time. >> reporter: christmas here today. now all hands on deck here
12:41 pm
managers say just about every employee is working at some point today this stories opened until 11:00 p.m. but we all hope to be celebrating by then. reporting live from west berlin, new jersey, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> we will take some chips. our coverage of the eagles trip to the super bowl continues on six abc app. there we will bring you stories of passionate bird fans, those here and around the country showing their pride as we head into super bowl lii. >> "action news" is your resource for all things, super bowl, game day coverage on six abc continues with today, with live pregame reports, quick on "action news" at 5:00. live coverage continues immediately after the game from philadelphia, and minneapolis, and wrap it all up with "action news" at 11:00 . we've got you cover throughout super bowl sunday right here on "action news". >> is there still much more to come on "action news" on this super bowl sunday. a young boy with the dream to go to the super bowl has his wish come true all thanks to an "action news" viewer. we will explain.
12:42 pm
plus penguins take to the stage, for a musical experience that is fun for the whole family. let's take you live outside sky 6hd over ben franklin bridge, meteorologist chris sowers will have your full forecast. >> but first meet elliott may hanson born on thursday and discharged from abington hospital today. just in time to watch the eagles in the super bowl and her bensalem home.
12:43 pm
hiiiiiii! hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. i'm rolling! are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. looks good, doesn't it? (phone buzzes) you can't see me can you? nope. it's because of these new blackout curtains! hi kids!! where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
12:44 pm
at ikea, we help you live it. fly eagles fly ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. can you turn the volume up spirit airlines flight from los angeles to philadelphia, sure had eagles spirit. the flight was packed with fans in eagles gear singing
12:45 pm
teams fight song as you heard loud and clear. "action news" viewer who was on the flight said they even played, the rocky theme song over the pennsylvania system before they took off. in the air and on the ground, everyone is all ready celebrating. >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you that was loud. >> it is super bowl sunday. >> we're fired up, man. storm tracker is fired up, unfortunately as well. we will show you that in a minute. in the meantime temperatures you can see milder air sneaking in off the ocean. lots of mid 40's in the south east, close to freezing, north and west, atlantic city 47. reading is at 31. 1 degree below freezing mark there. that makes a huge difference in the type of precipitation we are seeing where it is milder, it is all rain. rain/snow line lifting farther north now through philadelphia and it will continue to lift to the north over next couple of hours. still snowing moderately in portions of chester, lancaster and berks counties. we will zoom in there. honey brook heading north in reading, this is a light to
12:46 pm
moderate snow and temperatures below freezing, this is all sticking. i'm getting a couple pictures sent by the viewers out there. i will show you here in a minute. everything starting to get covered up out there so just be careful on the roadways and those counties as there will be slick spots developing, by 2:00 this afternoon you can see how far north that rain/ snow line is and it will continue to advance to the north as the day wears on. by 8:00 o'clock, right around half time it is raining just about every where and it is coming down at a good clip. lots of yellow, orange showing up, heavy, driving, soaking rain continuing until 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock and then everything shuts off from west to east. by 11:00 maybe still raining at new jersey shore but everybody else starting to dry , wins shifting out of the northwest. here comes colder air moving in especially first thing tomorrow morning. now this will be the initial hit, just light snow, in this lighter shade of white, lancaster county extreme northwestern chester county, berks, lehigh, northampton counties. perhaps a collating or more,
12:47 pm
and then two to 4 inches. when i say coating this is what i mean here this was sent by williams in western portions of chester county just a light dusting maybe a little bit more than this. some of the road are wet, solve an accumulation but it all flips over to rain and it all wash's way. to summit up, rain beginning now, especially in the city points south ande with the rain snow line in the north as the day wears on. briefly starting as that snow north and west. heavy rain late this afternoon through the evening hours and then anytime, looking like this, 9:30, far western suburbs, 11:00 o'clock or 11:15 for the jersey shore. for today afternoon and evening rain, some heavier at times, yesterday we struggled. only 31. today we are forecasting a late day high of 44. that number probably occurs around seven or 8:00 this evening. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast though, we will see that. 44 degrees. high of 34. wind chills in the morning are
12:48 pm
in the single digits and teens very blustery. tuesday sun to cloud, 42, wednesday rain at times with a high of 45 and then thursday, friday, saturday, turns colder again high temperatures only in the 30's look for a combination of sun and cloud, so that snow will shut off and should go to rain within an hour or so. >> all right, chris, thank you the kimmel center is presenting the philadelphia premiere of the family favorite featuring life sized penguins. karen rodgers has more in this weeks six abc loves the arts. >> reporter: mr. poppers penguins goes from stage to the stage in the musical adaption of the popular children's novel of the same name and audiences can join in on the fun adventure of a modest englishman and his feathery friend. mr. popper penguins the book was written by richard and florence atwater. >> classic in the 30's. big hit ever since then. >> reporter: tail of british painter and decorate or mr. popper whose dreams of visiting an arctic are closer
12:49 pm
then he thinks. >> one day a penguin shows up at at his house, his name is captain cook and through his friends at soot another penguin shows up and then they as penguins do have other penguins show up. >> reporter: story follows mr. l which his new found friend. >> fun family romp. >> reporter: penguins are brought to life using large scale puppets. >> it is like a lion king. you see them operating but forget the person quickly. just focusing on the puppet. >> reporter: they will glide across the stage. >> their feet are wheels, little wheels around stage and fun to watch. >> reporter: mr. poppers penguins is one of the six upcoming shows in the kimmel center's family discovery series. >> it is a live music on stage , and, it is wonderful puppets that they will see, and come to life in front of them. >> ♪ >> i think children and their families will enjoy it. >> reporter: mr. poppers penguins is at miracle theater for two performances on february 10th. for tickets and show times visit the arts in
12:50 pm
for six abc loves the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
very special eagles fan will join thousands of others at this big game in minnesota thanks to the help of one of our "action news" viewers. >> ♪ kayden fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> we first told but 10 year-old kay-den wear when his fourth grade class turned their pride in the story of inspiration by singing their own version of the eagles fight song for him. you see, he is a huge eagles fan recently relapsed after four years of being cancer free. now one of our "action news" viewers saw his story and decided he wanted to help so he sent a hurricane center warning todayden known as hurricane kayden. >> the national hurricane center is, where 100 percent chance of hurricane kayden
12:53 pm
hitting minneapolis, u.s.a., february 4th, 2018. philadelphia eagles beat tom brady abe new england patriots go birds. >> package included three plane tickets, three super bowl tickets, and a hotel room that is awesome. >> enjoy. congratulations. very special group of fans filed in the jet this morning and flew to minnesota, of course, for the super bowl. action cam right there at philadelphia international airport this morning as the green legion got ready to board the plane. the 160 member group typically flies to eagles away games. they said there was no way they were going to miss one of the big's way games in the teams history. >> i do, 1960, last time eagles won championship. i was a franklin field with my dad and my awning will. fifty-eight years later i'm taking my best friend, his two kid, my daughter, and my nephew and we will all be
12:54 pm
there to watch the eagles win in minneapolis. >> all right. one green legion fan predicting that the eagles will shut out the patriots, 28 to nothing.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
recapping our top stories, the philadelphia eagles are getting held toy face new england patriots in soup her bowl 52. yesterday the team check out u.s. stadium in minneapolis where they will play the big game. patriots are four and a half point favorites but many eagles fans believe the odd makers are in for a big surprise. philadelphia police warned security for the super bowl
12:57 pm
includes parking restrictions on broad street starting at 2:00 this afternoon and ending tomorrow morning at 3:00, a parking ban around city hall from arch to pine and dickinson to oregon avenue. ban includes both side of the broad street and the median. final check of the forecast. >> all right, it will be easier to get plows through, when the snow stops. just messing with gray a little bit here. pint which mix. we will switch dover to rain rapidly in the next her or so. 44 degrees. that rain will be heavier at times, later this afternoon but through evening hours, settling down, probably between 9:30 and 11:00 this evening. >> thanks very much. all right, it is 12:57. and forget about punxsutawney phil our very own jamie apody 's son, brayden tyler has his own predictions. owe put up two signs. one with the eagles logo, other with the patriots. they said who will win the super bowl. he crawls over to the eagles sign. so there you have it, he calls
12:58 pm
the game, the eagles will win tonight. >> he is absolutely right. >> yes. >> love that video. >> fyi philly is next on channel six. >> "action news" continues at 5:00 with more pregame coverage. >> for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a super sunday, have fun, stay safe. go eagles. >> ♪
12:59 pm
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm jeannette reyes. saturday/tonight/today on fyi philly. >> are the guys still opening the doors and stuff? >> we are feeling the valentine's day love. >> can i just hashtag that? >> from the fresh cut flowers to the food. >> nothing says philly like that love sign. >> from the traditional box of chocolates. >> this is like 50 shades of gingerbread. >> to ideas that are definitely outside the box. >> how do you guys spice it up? >> hello and welcome to fyi philly. we are at the love in center city. >> in their private second floor dining room. >> the restaurant is the latest offering from james beard-winner stephen starr and his business partner, aimee olexy. >> and the name says it all. the love is the ideal spot for you and that special someone. >> the bustling corner of 18th and sansom is where you'll find "the love." >> we are kind of a new comfort, new neighborhood restaurant that showcases seasonal local ingredients. >> it's the 3rd collaboration


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