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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. it is one more game for the fail eagles and stage could not be bigger or more dramatic. we are an hour and about 40 minutes away from super bowl lii and birds are readied and so are the fans. beginning i'm rick williams. >> i'm monica malpass. for last two weeks we have been anxiously awaiting this moment. we might be under dogs but today eagles are ready to show everybody that they are the top dog. >> that is right tonight we have team coverage and we have crews all around the
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philadelphia area, tonight. but first we want to take to you minneapolis, where sarah bloomquist is at a brewery where a big viewing party is taking place. brian taff and sharrie williams are hanging out with eagles fans. >> but first we will begin to ducis rodgers and jamie apody at u is. bank stadium where the big game is going down tonight. hi, guys, the day has come. >> yes, it has, we are about 90 minutes away from kick off, practices are done, game planning is done, all that is left to do now for eagles: win the super bowl. >> no big deal, it never happened before. who says it can't happen tonight. i can tell you we just came from inside the stadium and the fans are being let in, and it is, felt like it will be a eagles home game in there. it was definitely green, way out numbering red and blue. we heard eagles chants over and over again. i like it. take a look inside, nick foles warming up, getting set for the biggest game of his life. the eagles backup quarterback trying to be the first back up
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to win super bowl since tom brady did it in 2001. the guys told us earlier in the week, man, they will be excited. here's what they thought it would feel like when they take the field before the super bowl tonight. >> it is going to be in the dome, it will be loud, it will be, you know, electric and i just, you know, it is great to be part of it and we are playing in the super bowl. >> really excited for all of the flashes. you watch that on tv, growing up, within of the first things you realize and recognize and really exciting for the flashes and to see the crowd, the turnout, in this stadium i have never been in this stadium. i heard great things bit. >> it is going to be crazy, man. i know it will be crazy inside that stadium. i haven't had a chance to go inside that stadium but, it is a beautiful piece of work. i'm ready to go in will and play and let it all hang out. >> it will be a big roar, and, you know, obviously everybody cheering. the whole stadium will be rocking. get to the side line and it is
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focus time. >> that is right i tweeted out video of fletcher cox taking the field for the first time. you can read his lips and he said wow. >> spending time with the players all week. this is focused but loose team they will not be intimidated. i'm ducis rodgers with jamie apody b town guys in the studio. meantime carson wentz, of course will be on the sidelines tonight but earlier today he tweeted this picture of him and nick foles. he wrote my bro is gonna shine bright tonight. so excited to see him and this team go out and compete tonight. been through it all this year as a team and yet here we are. we all we got, we all we need. god's writing an unbelievable story and he is getting all of the glory. >> amen to that. a lot of us will be watching that game from here in philadelphia. but some lucky fans are in minneapolis, right now, getting ready to cheer on the team. that is where we will find "action news" reporter brian taff and sharrie williams hoff been there all week.
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we cannot wait to hear the update, hi there, guys. >> hi monica and rick. it has been a really long week but worth the wait for this one because it all culminate is here tonight, as eagles try to, position themselves in history. >> yeah, i'm like a kid in the candy store. all these fans are too. as they stream inside that stadium behind us. >> lets take a look, the scene here is incredible. tons of people, of course, pouring into this stadium today, coming to the grounds of the site of super bowl lii. the atmosphere is one of excitement, the mood here is just uplifting a lot of green and white can be seen, of course, outside. we saw people with green hair. we saw people wearing jackets with eagles on them as well. smiles all the way around, even though the temperature outside feels like negative 22 . inside for kick off it will be in the 70's. >> but before they went inside the stadium these fans went about their business of a little pregame partying. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the
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road to victory. ♪ >> how bit, that is scene inside the restaurant downtown minneapolis taking over today by eagles fans. we had so much fun with them inside. smaller version of this group tailgate every eagles home game but for this game, they went big. >> this is a lot of fun. for a generation we all suffered but today we change it. today we change it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> well, from inside the scene , tailgate party to outside in the freezing cold and a eagles fan rip his shirt off. he is dedicated this group they call themselves the green legion. they are dubbed the number within fan club for the philadelphia eagles. listen they chartered their own flights, to minneapolis, they arrived this morning. 160 strong, and there is just so excited to be here.
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the temperatures they say, ahh , this is nothing. >> it was warm in the mall. >> reporter: now. >> it is warm out here. >> this is not phasing you at all. >> this is how we win are you kidding me. there is no wind here. they thought this was cold? this ain't coal. we're from philly. >> that is right, they are from philly, we're from philly we're hearing that all over the city to day as these fans are all in. they have been there for this time, brian all season. >> definitely disagree with that gentlemen, it is bitterly cold here. >> keep that shirt on. >> so much fun. so hot in minneapolis today. lots more to come throughout the evening but for now sharrie williams i'm brian taff outside u.s. bank stadium in downtown minneapolis, guys. >> terrific job you guys, thank you. we want to go to fans getting ready for the game, hi there, sarah. >> hi there, monday contact
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we're inside town hall brewery here in downtown minneapolis, where eagles fans have gathered, the pregame, some of those who had tickets knew to go early and many of them, are all ready left here, and headed over to the stadium. these people behind me are from the philadelphia area and delaware valley and they are so excited for this game. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: game day, eagles fans who flew to minneapolis flocked together this afternoon to get ready for the big game. >> now i'm here, i'm excited, we will just win, have a good time. >> how does this happen. >> i paid a lot of money. >> reporter: yes. >> it will be worth every penny of it. >> reporter: this place is called town hall brewery but might as well be chickie and pete's in south philadelphia. they traveled far to support under dogs and even those who don't have tickets are so happy to be close to the action. >> we know tickets to the game
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, we have some friend that is live out here in minute so the a we have a place to stay. we book our flight and came out. >> it is absolutely surreal. i cannot express the emotions, but eagles will win, they are. team of destiny. >> reporter: back here live once again everybody noticed way more eagles fans here than patriots fans in town. look at all these local people behind me, they have something they want to show people in the delaware valley. are you ready, one, two, three >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. >> all right. >> reporter: we are live in minneapolis i'm sarah bloomquist channel six "action news". back to you. >> all right, sarah, thank you excitement is building for sure. >> back here in philadelphia. >> the rain is coming down tonight but that is not stopping any spirits. police do not expect it to stop anyone from partying tonight if the eagles win. lets go to "action news" reporter christie ileto who is standing by from broad and
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walnut where a huge crowd gathered after nfc championship but we will check in with dan cuellar now, who is at an eagles party in the northeast, hi there, dann. >> reporter: hey, brian we are in a standing room only crowd here at real sports bar in the mayfair section. they have been at capacity since 3:30 this afternoon. no more people allowed in because they are settling into the bar stools as they took about a team that has defied logic, defied the odd and surprised many despite losing key players. i our fans feel like carson wentz said today we have been through a lot this year as a team but we are all we got, we all we need. and it is that under dog mentality that is captured the imagination of fans here, and many believe, they made believers out of many of them, as you can see.
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so, tonight we're looking for a super bowl victory, let's fly, eagles, let's fly. back to you guys. >> all right, fans, thank you. but we we can tell you we know what you mean. >> quite the party. as we told but the rain, it is coming down and helped ded to the super bowl party chances are you may get soak if you have to be outside >> it will be worth it. >> we see if the rain should end before the game but hopefully real party will then begin outside, right, a winning party. meteorologist melissa magee has a check of the accu weather forecast. >> hi there monica and rick. we are being optimistic because we have rain for revellers outside. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see the rain along i-95 metro area portions in the southe and delaware but moving north and west we have milk precipitation even some snow. we will go in tighter on street level with storm track er six you can see heavy pockets of moisture on 95 metro from trenton, philadelphia, wilmington,
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press nothing to south jersey for medford lakes, berlin and also glassboro but we do have some mixed precipitation off to the north and west. northern lehigh county up through northern berks as well slatington finding a glaze of ice right now. same thing for fleetwood, reading, pottsville. further north and west. we do have all snow. where we are, finding some mixed precipitation and winter weather advisory has been issued for lancaster berks, lehigh northampton county and this stays up until 10:00 p.m. for some because it is not just snow, icy mix and eventually we will get a change over for northwestern suburbs to some rain. right now in philadelphia 37 in the city, chilly rain coming down right now, 33 in allentown. forty-two at the coast in cape may we have wind coming off the atlantic, atlantic city coming in at 49 degrees and milder there. so if you are going to do pre gaming tonight we have a temperature of 37 degrees right now with a rain overhead during the game at six credit 30 when it is underway the temperature in philadelphia 39
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as it is time to celebrate, later on tonight that moisture will depart from the west/east direction mostly cloud which a temperature coming in at 37. we have more details coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. new lets go back to minneapolis. we want to show you a live picture of u.s. bank stadium right there, blue skies, but it is cold, and as we count down to kick off, an hour and 17 minutes and change until eagles are involved in what could be a historic moment for the team and city. >> absolutely, love this view, can't wait to get in in there. "action news" at 5:00 will be back with more live coverage of the super bowl lii, eagles and patriots, we're ready.
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welcome back everyone it is super bowl sunday. there are parties going on all across the delaware valley. >> "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is live in manayunk at a super bowl party >> hi there, wendy. >> reporter: hi, well, we are here with a real fans. >> yeah. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: now they are going to be here, all night. this is the mood in manayunk right now.
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you can see how pack the bar is, right here. you can see every seat is taken. you know, some people want to do the super bowl at home but a lot of people here they just want to be among their friends and this is a comradery that the super bowl has really brought to the people here in philadelphia. all of these people together, and they are excited to see each other, excited about the game, we're hoping at the end of the day what we will see is a lot more cheering instead of sad faces but really did start to pack the bar here early to get ready to see their favorite team play. we'd love to see the energy. people said we could be staying at home but we wanted to be among the people and that is what this is all about , it is bringing people here together. so live in manayunk i'm wendy saltzman back to you guys. >> thanks, wendy. >> it is exciting. >> all right. football's biggest day also a big one for clear view regional high school in south jersey. more than 300 volunteers
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assembled 12,000 hoagies, in a fourth annual hoagies for hope project. they looked delicious. fundraiser benefits those facing major medical problems this year. proceed will help two children with life threatening conditions along with two staffers with cancer. >> that is great. don't go anywhere we have much more coverage of super bowl lii, still ahead. >> as we head to break another live picture of u.s. wang stadium in minneapolis, performing national anthem tonight before the game is doyletown native and eagles fan, pink and she tweeted yesterday that she's not letting the flu stop her. we love you, girl.
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all right. back now as we mentioned it is a soggy super bowl sunday. rain coming down outside but that is not stopping any spirits, as police don't expect to it stop anyone from partying tonight if the eagles win, which they will, "action news" reporter christie ileto joins us from broad and walnut where a huge crowd gathered after the nfc championship two weeks ago from tonight. as we expect it would be a good place for a party tonight as well, um. >> reporter: that is right, and there is lots of excitement and energy down here already. every now and then we have cars coming down broad street they start honking, fans on the sidewalk will just abrupt ly break out in the eagles fight song, eagles chant which has become, the way this weekend. police want people to be able to celebrate, before, during, and after the game so they have put safety precautionness place. that being said they include these barriers in the median
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of broad street. also, they have barriers that will be going up, sometime right before the game end on the sidewalks. of course, there is no parking on broad street, from arch to pine, that is from now until 3:00 tomorrow morning, and of course, the light poles. we know last time two weeks ago, nfc championship game they put crisco and this time they put water resistant flute and these are photos from earlier in the day, we saw, philadelphia police, who are now calling them self the pole patrol, the crisco cops, greasing up the light poles to really deter from trying to scale them, after the game, of course, when eagles hopefully win. they want people to celebrate safely but you can see this is water resistant. very slick, slippery. so they are trying to do this as a deterrent but i'm sure people that are determined fans will do what they want. lets hope that they are smart and they celebrate safely. but of course, lots and lots
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of fan excitement down here at walnut and broad. back to you guys. >> thanks, christie. >> thanks, christie. all right. lets get a check of the accu weather forecast, some precipitation to deal with tonight but eagles fans don't seem to mine. >> yeah. >> no. >> we've got the soaking rain that will continue. then by 9:30 or 10 this will start to exit from the west/ east direction just in time for the celebration later we will show you outside, walk over to the weather center. sky six live in hd looking at philadelphia international on this sunday evening. we've got period of rain on and off. catching a flight or know someone coming into town might be good idea to check with your car year for weather related travel delays. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar, you can see off to the n we are tracking mixed precipitation. we will get a better look as to what we are watching, penn argyl, same thing in slating ton, allen found, lehigh county, fleet wood and reading we are finding a change over
5:23 pm
fo precipitation, to some rain. now we will move closer to this town along i-95 metro area, down into south jersey, and delaware. we've got rain, steady, some of which heavier at times for trenton, philadelphia and heavier pocket just to the south and west of salem, and to the north of smyrna. we will be tracking it throughout the rest of the evening, as far as the rest of the storm, is concerned we have got a chill in the air. thirty-seven right now in philadelphia 35 in trenton. thirty-three in allentown at freezing mark for reading where we are finding milk precipitation, milder with that wind off the atlantic for atlantic city, a temperature of 49 and cape may in the lower 40's. satellite six with action radar showing you we have got an area of low pressure well off to the north where what is happening to a flow of moisture coming in off the atlantic. some milder air is moving from to system and we have a mixed bag of precipitation, rain further to the coast and then as we press inland north and west we have mixing than on and snow in the poconos.
5:24 pm
so for the rest of tonight rain will be around, early and then clearing from the west/ east direction and turning clear and breezy. we will dip down to 32 in philadelphia for overnight low , 27 for allentown, and 33 in dover. future tracker six showing you 6:30 or 7:00 the wall of water continues, but notice by 9:00 p.m. moisture will taper from the west/east direction clearing the 95 corridor between 10 and 11:00 tonight. it is rainy here in philadelphia but if you know someone in minneapolis right now, well, this could be potentially a super bowl record, coldest tip off temperature so far ever recorded. we are calling for a temperature in minneapolis of 3 degrees. old record was 16 when they were playing in detroit. inside the dome, milder temperature ranging from 68 to 72 degrees. we have got more details on the weather there in minneapolis and here at home and let you know how long that precipitation will stick around as we get in the 5:30 hour, guys. >> thanks. >> thanks, melissa.
5:25 pm
>> we will take a break and be right back with more.
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as you know the eagles are under dogs in tonight's game but don't tell that to chloe, she knows the truth they are top dog like she is. she's all deck out for tonight 's game. we love her velvet shirt there with the under dog on it and her green bead. remember we want to see how you and your family are deck out celebrating the eagles. send your photos and videos to #six abc action.
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we might put them right here on "action news". >> in the meantime we want to take you back live to u.s. bank stadium downtown minneapolis, kick off at 6:40. we are counting down about an hour and, less than two minutes to go, and as we mentioned pink will be performing the national anthem , justin timberlake is the half time event, but back here in fill at big show for us is eagles and patriots facing off once again, getting a little revenge hopefully tonight. "action news" at 5:00 will be right back.
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hello again it is 5:30 we will continue to count down to kick off of super bowl lii, big game is new just an hour away. >> excitement reaching a fever pitch, of course as eagles get ready to take on patriots. take a live look outside u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, minnesota. of course, fans have been pouring in here last few hours to get ready more than 70,000 people are there to watch the big game in person. >> mess of the eagles fans we have been told, also eagles fans who did not make to it minneapolis have been making their way to local bars of course. >> there and here. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live from southia. what is the scene there, annie ? >> reporter: fans have been here since 2:00 today. let's get this game going.
5:31 pm
are you ready. >> yes. >> all right. they are obviously frozen with excitement down there, so far, we will get back there, to ann i. mccormack in a little bit. lets get to "action news" reporter chad practice dell any south philadelphia along broad street tonight. >> you caught up with crews greasing up the poles in the city tonight, is that right. >> reporter: that is right, monday contact they are getting these poles ready. they are expecting big crowds on broad street if the birds do get a victory in this super bowl. a couple weeks ago they were called crisco cops they were using crisco. now they are using hydraulic fuel, the pole patrol and i guess that fuel is a little bit more resistant to the elements. that is what they have been greasing up these poles to make sure people don't climb them later tonight when bird or if the birds do get a victory and the celebration gibbs. now we're here on broad street there is no parking allowed in both north and southbound
5:32 pm
lanes as well as center median those cars will be removed as the night progresses, as, big crowds are expected if the eagles do win. basically where you cannot park than broad fridays arch to vine and from dickinson to oregon. so if you have your car parked there, you may want to, you may want to get those cars removed. >> so fans having some fun, but we will be out here, following developments and later additions of "action news". live from south philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". back to you guys. >> thanks, chad. >> our team coverage continues , now with "action news" reporter john rawlins. >> johnnies live at a house party in the philadelphia's mayfair section tonight. hi there, john. >> reporter: we are here at home of lisa weber. she was nice to have have us here. two weeks ago "action news" was here and she still invited us back. that is a good thing. people will in the go hungry. look at the food here, loving
5:33 pm
it locally stored from bakeries around this area a lot homemade we're toll. as we swing over tour right, my left, you can see some of the folks here. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: there is a count down to a kick off. packed inside lisa weber's row home family and old friends, no fair weather fans here, the love of the eagles runs deep and for decade. being just blocks from the cross roads of mayfair frankford and cottman the plan to go there tonight just as this crew did after the nfc win two weeks ago. >> we did before we will get to the same thing, everybody same seat, same shirt so we're doing this. we're doing this. >> reporter: so that is the plan. they are going to head up to the intersection here after the game but first they have to play the game, of course and we need a prediction so we are talking to drew, drew trap , give us your prediction. >> i predict the eagles will
5:34 pm
score 24 points and patriots will score 21. >> reporter: twenty-four-21 eagles. >> yep. >> reporter: that is it. >> okay. >> reporter: you heard it here first, 24-21 eagles. live from mayfair, john rawlins for channel six "action news". back to you. >> i think that is the score the last last time. >> we like a better outcome. >> lets go live to "action news" report ali gorman at king of prussia town center tonight. >> it is starting to get crowded and craze there i too. >> reporter: hi, guys excitement is definitely starting to build. we are here live inside city works in king of prussia and if you take a look at the crowd everybody is starting to get in their places. and great crowd here. we have a lot of families together. as you can see it is a sea of green. lots of eagles fans. manager tells us that people booked their tables two weeks ago, right after the eagles beat the vikings. so again we have got some rally towels, lots of excited
5:35 pm
fans. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles: >> reporter: and the chants, mostly eagles fans. however, the rumor is that tabll patriots fans, so, we will see if they are brave enough to show up. that is latest here guys, we are live at city works in king of prussia ali gorman for channel six "action news". >> all right, thanks, ali. our coverage of the eagles trip to the super bowl continues, on six abc app. there we are bringing you stories of passion birds fans here and around the country showing their pride as we head into super bowl lii. now for latest from accu weather. it has been a rainy super bowl sunday. more heavy rain could be on the way. lets get details from melissa magee live at the "action news" big board tonight. >> hi there, monica we are tracking moisture on and off throughout the rest of the evening hours clearing later tonight. so storm tracker six live double scan radar show that wall of water along i-95 corridor, areas south and east
5:36 pm
but mixed precipitation north and west. street level with storm track er six showing you heavier pockets in trenton. same thing in philadelphia heavier moisture to the south of wilmington. moving further north, lehigh county, berks county, and also lancaster county we have some mixed precipitation up in the poconos though it is all, snow , so, a winter weather advisory has been issued for the poconos, northampton counties, lehigh county, berks , lancaster county until 10:00 p.m. tonight because far northwestern suburbs we have mixed precipitation but it is milder to the south and that is why we have all rain in the city. so what to expect snow. snow, one to 3 inches there in the poconos, a mix far north and west and rain in philadelphia and areas south and east. good news this will be exiting between nine and 11:00 tonight we have more details coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, guys. >> melissa, thank you. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight more live super bowl pregame coverage for you. we will check in at local
5:37 pm
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count down to super bowl lii continues we are less than a hour way. >> fifty minutes, 15 and counting and bars and restaurants are filling up as the game draws closer. "action news" reporter, walter
5:40 pm
perez is live in north philadelphia, with a lot of, temple students expect to be there tonight. it looks like they are already there, um. >> reporter: hi, guys, it is very loud here inside, in north philadelphia, i don't even know if you can hear me. but, interesting superstition about will win the game. >> this is my lucky, i wore it on the championship. >> like i said, very enthusiastic but, someone has a pair of lucky straps. >> go bird. >> what is interesting here is most people are wearing green, and except for one person but we will give her an exemption because she's wearing an eagles outfit. so where did you find an
5:41 pm
eagles outfit. >> mom and pop store called wal-mart, wow. >> i want to apologize for fans because i could in the hear anything. reporting live for north philadelphia, walter perez, channel six "action news". >> we heard you just fine, i know you cannot hear. >> in the meantime runners from our area unite today to show their team spirit decked out in eagles fear they ran for rocky statue down broad street all the way to the linc , and then they capped it off with the birds fight song. eagles fans shopping for super bowl parties got the tailgate started earl any north wales, the giant supermarket held a all day tailgate party complete with a games, food, and eagles, and a referee. getting it started. time for a check of sports with jeff skversky. nothing else to talk about. >> doug pederson has one last message for his players today, which is right before kick off , play loose, play smart
5:42 pm
and remember, the pressure is not on you, it is on the patriots because nobody expect us to be here. he wants his team to be loose like they have all season. well, tonight will be the night. eagles and the city of been dying for, for more than 50 years, eagles first super bowl title is within reach, and we have been waiting this licensing so is what another 45 minute wait. lets go live to ducis rodgers and jamie apody in minneapolis where nerves, excitement are building, leading up to kick off, guys. >> yes, jeff, you can feel it in the air. this began a year ago talking about with free agency, draft in april, otas and training cam in july and now it is culminating tonight with the biggest game of the season super bowl. >> back in training camp doug pederson thought this team had super bowl type talent and here we are. lets look inside u.s. bank stadium behind us where nick foles and the guys have been warming up, when they took the field, you can see some
5:43 pm
players, just saying wow, taking in the moment. now, the crazy thing here we had to wait two weeks for this game, of course and one week in minneapolis has felt very long. we have a lot of media obligations. i asked doug pederson how will he spend the time leading up to this game, what is inside his head right before the biggest game of his life. >> i know they will be anxious and ready to go, sunday's a long day, and, you know, we just have to, you just got to control, it is hard but you control you're motions. you just tell them, say listen , you are ready to go. just go cut it loose, play loose, play like you have been all season long and we will see what happens sunday after noon. >> they have been loose all week. that is one of the keys. i can tell you tom brady took the field for warm ups to very loud boos. he also does not have a glove on that injured hand. >> that is a very pro eagles
5:44 pm
crowd inside u.s. bank stadium , several eagles chants have broken out. i'm ducis rodgers that is jamie apody now jeff, back to you. >> we will see you in a few more minutes. >> to be the best you have to beat the best starting in, standing in their way the goat , the greatest of all time , tom brady, the oldest quarterback to ever start a super bowl at 40 years old. he can win a record sixth super bowl tonight, and he has four-one all time against the eagles. >> they are not going to give us anything. this is a team that makes you earn everything. they are extremely well coach. they are good in all three phases of the game. we're going to have to be at our best if we can, you know, go out there and try to win the super bowl. >> they are chanting we want brady at villanova game today, here miguel bridges said he wants seton hall to go down. bridges dropped 17. number one ranked nova wins 92 -76. they are 22-one.
5:45 pm
game turned into a eagles pep rally eagles chants all game long and jay wright says he will watch the game in center city. he wants to be among the fans, watching this game. that was last parade was villanova parade, and that championship parade. eagles could be next. >> it will be bigger i'm sure. >> thanks, jeff. much more still ahead on "action news", more live team coverage of the big game as we count down, to 44 minutes and change to go. >> plus super bowl party happening every where in the delaware valley. we can look at what shoppers expect as they go get those last minute items, we will be right back. cancer is smart.
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visit to learn more. the count down to super bowl lii continues. >> we continue to follow, fans as they get ready to cheer on the bird. "action news" reporter vernon odom live at a sports bar in runnemede, new jersey with the very latest from there, hi there, vernon. >> reporter: hello rick and monica make no mistake the fans here in south jersey are just as fired up as they are, at broad and oregon, or broad and girard, tonight. take a listen to some who we have talk to just moments ago. >> saint nicky's going to bring us touchdown, and presents, and the eagles will win along with everyone else, fletcher cox, jefferies, long, everybody, it is a team effort >> it is time for this patriots to go down.
5:49 pm
their dynasties over. it is time for somebody new to come in. it will be the philadelphia eagles. >> no mercy, no mercy, we're due to get this game. we have waited, waited, long enough and we got it, guys. >> yes, we do. >> go eagles. >> reporter: you heard it, rick and monica the story here tonight in south jersey, here for 3b's, i'm vernon odom for channel six "action news" live from runnemede, new jersey. >> good combination. >> all right, vernon, thank you. when eagles playing local super markets have been especially bus think super bowl sunday. george's market, intgomery county, has decided to turn game day shopping into one big party. customers pick up party trays and wings listening to live music, getting eagles face pants and lots of eagles cheers as well. >> very nice.
5:50 pm
>> some fans take their super bowl spread very seriously at valley shop rite, shoppers were out in their eagles gear picking up, and getting just the right food, could mean, the difference between win and a loss. >> well, we wanted to do everything this sunday like we did last sunday because we didn't want to face everything everything wearing same clothes, bringing the same food. >> has this been washed. >> it has not. so sorry. >> added to the menu today if the eagles lose we can blame it on her husband ordering the wings. >> we are having a super bowl party in the news room tonight look at what did you bring. >> what did you bring? >> what did you bring. >> melissa. >> i brought a lot of rain. >> yes. >> maybe it is good luck, yes. >> we will talk bit. we will show you picture outside sky six live in hd we are looking at a live shot there of u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, minnesota where current air temperature is 3 degrees.
5:51 pm
12 degrees below zero but inside the dome where the players will be, playing, it has got a temperature ranging from 68 to 72 degrees. far cry from what we're dealing with right now, looking at the forecast, perhaps pregame here, we have got a temperature of 37 degrees, lots of rain overhead during the game, temperature of 39. time to celebrate hopefully later tonight we have a mostly cloudy sky as that rain will be departing from a west/east direction and temperature coming in at 36 degrees. chilly rain though in the city right now, just 37, 35 for trenton, and 40 at the coast in cape may, little milder with that moisture coming in off the atlantic here in atlantic city temperature of 49 but at freezing mark in reading and slightly above there in lancaster where they are dealing with mixed precipitation north and west. so visibility is down to 3 miles in philadelphia, two and a half in allentown, 1.5 miles there in reading, so a lot some extra time if maybe you are traveling to a part your outside. here's satellite six with action radar you can see the area of low pressure well up
5:52 pm
to the north tapping into milder air. that is why we have rain at the coast as we travel inland, however, we've got snow in the poconos and mixed precipitation further to the south and east from that location which writes that winter weather advisory has been issued for our far north and west tern suburbs. for tonight we have rain around early and then turning clear from a west/east direction, overnight low falls down to 27, and in the suburbs , and 32 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low so 6:30, just in time for kick off we have got that rain across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, mixed precipitation starting to take place at that point for the poconos. at 9:00 o'clock we have noticed back edge of that precipitation starting to move into our western suburbs, and then still raining here in philadelphia, but then this will start to depart as we get into 10:30, 11:00 o'clock tonight and well off shore. pregaming once again we've got temperatures in the upper 30's , during the game, still a lot of rain overhead, a high temperature and a temperature of 39, then we're in the upper 30's later tonight.
5:53 pm
the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing in the wake of that it is breezy, cold tomorrow, high temperature in at 34, tuesday it is in the as cold but still cloudy, a high temperature coming in at 42, and then on wednesday we are tracking periods of rain with another system moving on in and a high temperature of 45. and in the wake of that by thursday afternoon cloud and then turning sunny, it will be chilly with a high temperature coming in at 36 degrees. now a bit of the pattern change takes place into next week even. on friday mostly cloudy sky a high temperature coming in at 34 degrees and then on saturday, it is milder with some sunshine and in at 45 degrees. late saturday there could be flurries around if you are tracking another area have low pressure that will move on through so sunday, mostly cloudy and it will get warm as that system winds up to our north and milder, so high temperature of 45 and then rain is likely by then. but tonight we are track ago this moisture with winter weather advisory to the north and west so we have got rain
5:54 pm
for revellers, i heard someone on social media say maybe it goodies luck to have rain like it is on a wedding day. >> true. >> so who knows. >> i'll to that. >> we will see. >> thanks, melissa. turning to other news tonight two amtrak workers are dead and more than 100 passengers injured, from a crash this morning in south carolina am tar silver star headed from new york to miami was going nearly 60 miles an hour when it plowed in the parked csx freight train, and national trappings safety board investigators say that a switch in the wrong position sent the amtrak train on to the side track, and a switchyard. this is third deadliest amtrak wreck, in two months. if you're anything like me,
5:55 pm
your to-do list just keeps growing. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids!
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betsy ross, the patriots but she said she's an eagles
5:57 pm
loyal list. action newt as shore number olde city as she played a eagles flag instead of her 13 star flag. paul reveer showed up and they made a friendly wager on today 's big game. if the eagles lose, betsy has to raise lanterns over her house. if the eagles win, paul reveer will to have raise ross's flag over old north church in boston. >> looking forward to seeing that in boston. well, if you are an eagles fan, cheer on our birds tonight, and, she was born thursday and left abington hospital today, dressed in her team gear. and ele's family is having a double party for her and the eagles tonight. remember we want to see how you and your family are celebrate to go day send your photos and videos to #have abc action. we will put them on tv. we are just about a half an hour away from kick off, of course, our coverage will continue. thanks for joining us. "action news" at 6:00 is coming up next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and, walter perez.
6:00 pm
sunday night and big story on "action news" is t minus 30 minutes until the moment we have all been waiting for, for a very long time to day is one of the biggest sundays this city has ever seen. >> the eagles where to hit the field at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis to take on new england patriots in super bowl lii. from the party to the preparations there, we have a live local team coverage for you. >> we are live with team coverage in minneapolis where bird and their fans are hoping to bring lombardi home to the city of philadelphia. and that is where we will begin tonight with sports director ducis rodgers and, jamie apody live outside the stadium, hi there, guys. >> hi there, two weeks of game planning, practicing, team meetings, game film break downs it is all done. only thing left to does to win the super bowl. >> of course, they have been there before but who toys say it can't be tonight. can you imagine the party, it will be, should they get things done, inside that
6:01 pm
stadium behind us.


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