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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 4, 2018 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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in may far john with action news six. >> christie ileto standing by again in center city philadelphia with a good view of broad and wallnut christie what can you tell us from there? >> well, jim, we are actually looking down walnut street and cannot see where the massive crowd extends and focus on the car that has been flipped on its side and it's surrounded by the police the bike police patrol and this happened about a half hour ago and you can see that something their celebrations must have gone clearly a step further than it should have been a heavy police presence at the intersection of broad and wall nut all evening trying to encourage fans to celebrate peacefully responsibly this is a clear indicator that has not happened but aside from the car that has been flipped over on its side in front of the
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bellevue people trying to take in the moment take in the scene and have the shared experience with one another with the exception of this incident jim back to you. >> all right that will teach someone not to valet their car, no that is a terrible joke. it's obviously not funny. but other than that we are doing pretty good. action news reporter annie mccormick is with the crab fries crowd in south philadelphia annie what is it like there? >> jim all the people that were here are out on the streets with christie and dann and everybody that is the crowd that was here and right now it's pretty much clearing out but i have to tell you those moments that we spent with fans as they watched, the final seconds as they watched the review of the final touchdown to see the anxiety and the jubilation in their faces is just absolutely phenomenal. at the point when they are
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reviewing that touchdown literally there were people that were praying out here and i don't know if we have that video that we can go to right now and i don't know if they have that ready for us or not but i have to tell you it was absolutely amazing and people here the day after they found out that the eagles were going to the super bowl they started setting out tables here so people within the one day actually all sold out, you can see behind me the group that is still left here they still are there and they are the ones right now that are responsibly enjoying what their celebration is at this point but the moments leading up to finding out that the eagles won the super bowl and to be with all these people is phenomenal people were hugging, people kissing, in fact, one couple gotten engaged and we have that video we can show it to you. it's a phenomenal night here at kickys and pete's so that is the
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latest and hopefully the people who left jim are being responsible and enjoying themselves responsibly in the streets but that is the scene at chickys and pete's back to you. >> did you enjoy yourself there watching the game with all those fans? >> i did. i have to tell you my stomach was sinking towards the end, i mean everybody it was light we were all in it together and i'm not even kidding you people were literally on the ground with their hands together praying that touchdown was going to be a legitimate touchdown for the eagles. there were tears in people's eyes there were families that came together here because they wanted to have experience in philadelphia so absolutely phenomenal night i have to tell you i wouldn't want to spend it any where else but here at chickys and pete's in philadelphia because it was very much an amazing experience. >> annie mccormick thank you
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very much action news with alicia vitarelli is our sideline reporter gathering reaction from athletes and celebrities and you the fans and alicia what do you have. >> this is the kind of picture that about tells the picture right now yo phillies championship it's the story of heart of grit the so called under dog that you were really rooting for and to that end here is sylvester stallone right there in minneapolis cheering on the win. you know he has been right there with the eagles from the beginning. this is going to be a very late night for a lot of kids as they take to the streets with their families because, yes, this is a family story at the heart of all of it and you know a lot of kids just kind of watching the fireworks from their bedroom windows tonight, a snip pet of some of your celebrations one taken from a center city high raise where it pans the entire city as it erupts and cheers.
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♪ fly eagles fly we have our videos in reverse but that is one of many fans and changing the words on the way to victory and championship and we have the othink video of the championship and we will bring it back to you in just a little bit but you know how we had the 6abc under dog masks you could print from the website 6abc they are scratching out the under and changing it to top and no longer the under dogs the top dogs. >> can i get my mic we have the top dogs of the national football league that is for sure philadelphia top dog nfl it all sounds pretty good jeff skversky once again we are looking from
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chopper six and seeing some stuff that we don't necessarily like to see, there is some smoke don't know exactly what that is from but it is a massive crowd in the area of broad and wall nut and we say that because it's a convenient intersection but it is far south from broad and wall nut and far north all the way to philadelphia city hall. it's a generally responsible crowd, what bothers police, what concerns police is that there is no way in and out of the crowd and that makes police nervous it did in other events in philadelphia where there were massive crowds and most recently the pope francis visit to philadelphia and police made a very clear and specific
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strategic move of putting vehicles in places that created paths in and out of these very dense and massive crowd spaces. they are having problems with that tonight or so it would seem and that makes bless nervous and you are looking at philadelphia city challenge the crowd going right up against the building on south broad street and you know it is an extraordinary night and it looks like the crowd is by and large behaving very responsibly with that exception in front of the bellevue. a lot of dancing going on and with good reason, should we go to vernon? we are going to dann cuellar who is frankfort and cottman in may fair and the party goes on there, dann. >> that's right jim and i tell you what this crowd is showing no signs of letting up. there is 10 to 20,000 gathered
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at frankfort and cottman and i'm sure social media is being saturated with all sorts of videos and pictures and you see all the cameras people rolling among the highlights i saw a woman with a large sign that said who is the under dog now and i just had to laugh because i know that's what is on a lot of people's minds tonight and a lot of people are saying after they saw the incredible team with the incredible victory and pan down to the guy with the lombardi state trophy he made his own lombardi trophy and the eagles won and bringing home philadelphia to the ecstatic eagles fans and listen to them jim here we go! [ crowd roaring ] you see what i mean and they will not get sleep and no one will get sleep and i think they will be up all night.
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>> and we can make the point that while this is primarily a local party for the tri state area and we have sight of that for years the dallas cowboys and we will see ducis rodgers for a minute and i will talk to ducis can you hear me. >> i can hear you. >> i was about to make the point that for years the dallas cowboys were america's team and other team and other fan bases and the football league got second of that and i get that but right now the eagles are in a sense america's team because if you didn't live in boston, if you didn't live somewhere in new england you were rooting for the eagles tonight to be the eagles nations, the new england patriots and tom brady and everyone respects tom brady but everybody wanted to see them lose and so in a real sense the eagles tonight are america's team and that is the life.
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>> i would add in the texas area they are probably rooting against both teams to be honest but tom brady has five of the rings and some people are sick of the patriot dynasty the i guess the aragence of patriot nation and they were under dog and 4.5 and led by 8 and the entire way and a few short moments in the fourth quarter they did not lead but led 41-33 if you are from philadelphia or not you have to respect what the team has done and mentioned it in pretty much every broadcast they lost so many players to injury they had a head coach who was hridiculed last year when h was hired and the front office with the chip kelly experiment that did not workout and super bowl and mentioned doug pederson and they are as happy as anybody
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once this game is over. champions back in philly they are going nuts. >> so happy for the fans and our city and see you guys tomorrow, look forward to a good party in philly. >> ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi.
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welcome to the sports sunday i'm ducis rodgers live in minneapolis at u.s. bank stadium where if you have not heard by now you will find out the eagles win their first super bowl 41-33 over the new england patriots it was in my opinion one of the more exciting super bowls you will ever see the eagles led most of the way and fourth quarter tom brady does what tom brady does he led the patriots back and took the lead 33-32 with 9:22 to go then the eagles came back and ertz had a touchdown 38-33 and ertz had a couple of costly false start penalties in the first half certainly making up for it and the big stop and eagles could not get to tom brady and knocked him down a few times but no sack and their very first sack comes with three minutes to go in the game it was a strip sack by brandon graham what a year he has had and rookie barnett out of tennessee comes with the
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football and jake elliot a 46 and they win 41-33 what an exciting game and you can see people on the field and confetti and streamers all over the feel and the eagles your super bowl champs and it's kind of serreal to think about, guys, jim? >> all right ducis rodgers thank you so much we are going to go back to action news reporter dann cuellar at frankfort and cottman in may fair, dann if you can hear me tell me what the situation is. >> what i was going to next. jim welcome to eagles nation. this city is bleeding green tonight and they are not going or showing any sign of going to bed or wanting to leave, they look like they want to be here all night. i mean think about it, this is the first time the eagles have won the superbowl, they wanted this, they wanted this, they dreamed of this moment, they could taste it, they felt it the
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team could do it and you could see it in their exuberance tonight and listen to the crowd here at frankfort and cottman. [ crowd roars ] yes friends this is eagles nation tonight, a very happy celebratory crowd and looks like we will be here for a while, jim. >> and so it goes at frankfort and cottman in the may fair section of philadelphia the party continues both here and in center city philadelphia and it's a lot bigger than that in south philadelphia before, a smaller assembly there near broad and wall nut and substantial and it does mean
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that broad street i'm not sure how far down it goes it could go to south street i don't know. i wish we could find that out. how far that sea of people extends, that river of people that extends from city hall how far south it goes because that would give us a real good picture of what is going on in center city and interesting to know maybe someone can help us with that. here at broad at cottman and frankfort this is really the i guess the number one and i'm sitting here with jeff skversky, the number one staging area as someone can turn on jeff's mic the staging area where we saw huge celebrations after the phillies win in 2008 and the last time the eagles went to the superbowl in 2005 after the nfc championship game there was a big, big party right here and at times it got a little bit out of control which is why police have gone to some extraordinary
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security measures here asking all the merchants to bring their equipment, to lay down their store fronts and this is where we got the national attention with police putting crisco on the power poles and everybody in the national media got a big kick out of the idea that the philly cops were calling in the crisco bowl that kind of thing but as you can see i don't see anybody climbing the poles here tonight which is a good sign. >> some kind of oil but it is great to see this party and you got to feel good for a lot of people, got to feel good. how do we put this? he saved this franchise from what at the time was very unpopular ownership but you have to give him a lot of credit because he saved the franchise
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from moving to phoenix which is where leonard wanted to move the franchise when leonard had his financial problems and stay in philadelphia thanks to norman but wasn't a good football team when he is an owner and jeff comes by and i can do better and boy has he with seven national conference championship games is that right? >> that is correct. >> seven or six. >> no, they want the fourth straight so that would be six. >> okay. >> and now super bowl championships and feel good for jeff and doug pederson whose hiring was mocked across the national football league and questioned on sports radio here in philadelphia and truly mocked across the national sports media and across the national football league what experience, what ability does doug pederson to be
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anything more than kind of a yes man for howie roseman and the franchise leadership get what doug pederson turns out to be one imaginative coach and obviously a coach that has the adoration of his players but it's a situation where he also runs a tight ship so he turns out to get the last laugh there. you got to feel good for him, you got to feel good for howie roseman who was sent to nfl siberia when chip kelly came in here and ran his managerie and howie roseman decided to stay even though he was being humiliated and see if he could survive the chip kelly era and maybe howie had some notion it wouldn't last very long then it did end he was back in a leadership situation and put
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together a roster and manages to survive the kind of adversity that it did losing five, six starters and they win the super bowl number 52 here tonight, a lot of fans sometimes tonight have a lot of affection for management, they love the players, not so much management, but 2018 this particular addition of the philadelphia eagles you have to give management an enormous amount of time. >> ended the curse and jeffrey was so close so many times with and ish andi reed and cuts his losses with chip and regaining power and think of the moves put out by howie to make it happen hiring doug pederson and schwartz and trading in and
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bringing in carson wentz and trading away sam bradford signing nick foles who is now your super bowl m skrchlt p if i were to tell you five months ago nick foles would be your mvp you would tell me i'm crazy and the mid season move for jay ajayi grabs him and now they are superbowl champions and doug pederson kept them together when carson wentz went down they kept them in check and allows the fans the street the ability to celebrate their first championship. >> action news reporter vernon odom has been in the town quite a while 41 years and vernon knows how the city has been for super bowl championship and he is at the phillies sports bar in new jersey and vernon i'm
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interested in your thoughts tonight. >> well, jim, very excited and, you know, confident through the ups and downs and never lost their belief. chip kelly. excuse me buddy.
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i'm losing my mind and can't believe it and this is great man. >> i'm blown away, we knew this would come down to the wire and at the end knew who we were playing against and we won that is all that matters and guess what we can finally rest and got is a freaking ring that is all i can tell you. >> eagles fans first this is what being a philadelphia fan is all about, and a nail biter and go eagles. >> exuberant and never broke it down as the eagles fell behind in the fourth quarter and still have a feeling that somehow the birds were going to survive this and finally take down tom brady and the new england patriots, jim those are my thoughts.
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and being with the team through thick and thin and tonight they are educated and very happy and delighted the crowd getting a little bit out of control here, jim, and some for getting it's a family program so i'll throw it back to you. i really enjoyed it, incredible season. and big numbers. >> it's obvious the eagles fans enjoyed spending the night with vernon odom as well this is on snyder avenue in south philadelphia and they are already selling eagles super bowl swag and you know, running a football franchise is a business obviously and it's a lucrative business and when you win it becomes even more lucrative because now every eagles fan who has a little spare change in their pocket and
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even some who don't will want to own all the new eagles super bowl championship gear which will be on the store shelves which will be on the store shelves for months to come. here i am where are we going next? we want to show you what is going on hat borough montgomery county. let's look at that. this is center city and show you hat borough montgomery county when we can and talking about that eagles will be able to sell and can i show you can we come back in the studio for a second
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here? first eagles super bowl champion hat, pretty nice don't you think. >> starting to sink in the eagles won. >> and here is a my son. >> hot off the press. >> my sons would love this. >> and sons in this community in the entire delaware valley are going to be buying a lot of these and as you are talking about a business finally a championship, a super bowl championship for this team and what they did is so rare remember they were a losing franchise last year 7-9 and here we are super bowl champions ton and swag in the studio. >> indeed we are live to action news reporter wendy and paul and wendy what is going on there. >>


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