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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> good morning! it is 4:00 a.m. two hours of sleep. >> it wasn't a dream? >> it was not a dream. it is a real. we're on a half-hour early, who wants to sleep, he want to bring you the latest on the victory and celebration. >> i didn't sleep. neither did she. the eagles defeat the patriots giving philadelphia its first super bowl win. >> fans poured in the streets to revel in the moment.
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there was celebration, but there was some destruction. we have reports in minneapolis and center city. >> first up, let's take a look at weather and traffic. we want to know when it's a good day for parade. >> david and karen did you sleep at all? >> reporter: i had a lot of fun being serenaded in my neighborhood with all the fireworks they did not shoot off on the 4th of july. >> reporter: my son kept saying why is daddy screaming at the tv? >> reporter: i was doing that at our house. we have a weather issue in case you have to get out of there early. the rain from yesterday is gone it knocked off the coast around midnight. but we have temperatures that are their way down right now. we have concerns in the northern and westerns for black ice.
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34 degrees in allentown. reading has reached the freezing mark. even though it says 36 in trenton. 34 in philadelphia. in the northern suburbs in particular in wilmington and millville, you might have some of that icing showing up on the roadways and sidewalks, be careful of that. 27 is the current windchill in philadelphia. beyond the issue of black ice you want to make sure you're bodgedding -- bundling up. we are going tore temperatures not all that much above freezing. temperatures dropping, black ice is possible. roads and sidewalks are an issue. i had to scrape ice off my car a short while ago. the temperatures on or about the freezing mark about 10:00. 35 degrees, sunshine out there, the wind are blustery and could gust as high as 30 miles per hour. look for windchills in the teens and 20s through the day. who cares we have a super bowl championship to celebrate.
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that will make everybody feel warm inside. >> reporter: i think it is, dave. you know you showed us the temperatures below freezing or at the freezing mark in the lehigh valley and south jersey. this is the schuylkill expressway at spring garden, eastbound traffic heading toward center city we have accidents already in the suburbs, probably a mix of yes it could be icy in spots, people conspired and excited as they drive around. skippack pike is closed by plank road because of an accident that brought down poles and wires. stick to gravel pike. an accident east montgomery avenue. chester county kings highway, kings wood lane an accident police are directing traffic around the scene. you want to watch for slick spots on the bridges and overpasses. the ben franklin bridge they have reduced speeds to 25 miles
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per hour in anticipation of that. handful of accidents that are in the suburbs. >> philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions, nick foles guided the team to a wild thrilling 41-33 victory over the new england patriots. >> down to the last second owner jeffrey lori held up the lombardi trophy to to euphoric delayed to fans everywhere. >> that is super bowl m.v.p. nick foles hugging his dad larry. nick whispered to him enjoy it. >> foles had nerves of steel during his staring role. >> the thing i know i didn't have to be superman. i have amazing teammates and coaches around me and play for the guys and not look at the score board and not look at the
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time and just play. >> in philly, they are going nuts. i'm so happy for the fans and the city. >> the people back in philly are going wild. >> yes that's tightened tray burton who threw a touchdown pass to nick foles on the 4th downplay. foles is the first quarterback in super bowl history receiving touchdown and having thrown a pass for a td and caught one. sarah bloomquist is up early, live in minneapolis. i was out in the street, i was in the line stretched to the back of the store, we were to excited to hear about the parade plans we want to know what it was like for eagles last night in minnesota. >> reporter: it was a nail biter, tamala, wasn't it? we were so nervous, i was at a
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bar watching with eagles fans a couple of blocks away from u.s. bank stadium. i want to go through a few things. 3:00 a.m., central time, 4:00 a.m. in the city of philadelphia, the eagles are up at this hour, we do know they are over at the team hotel celebrating with a party in. they are expected to be on a flight at noon philadelphia time, which would put them back at philadelphia international airport at around 3:00 p.m. later this morning we'll hear from eagles head coach doug pederson along with the super bowl m.v.p. nick foles, like i said i was the with the eagles fans when the clock tick down to zero, they couldn't believe it, but you can believe they were elated. when the clock ticked down to zero. eagles fans who had come to minneapolis without a ticket to the game, realized it had final
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happened. the bird had won. >> all the years that we came so close, 1980, 2004. all the blood sweat and tears, nfc title game we lost by a hair in the last minute, could this be our year? yes. >> reporter: eagles fans gathered at the town hall brewery to watch the game. the atmosphere was electric right down to the wire. watch the reaction to the biggest and best place -- plays. >> nick foles was amazing, the defense was not at their best tonight, you couldn't play better than nick foles tonight. >> it was 30 second, that was a lot of time for tom brady, we were nervous we came through and this was our first one. >> reporter: some fans ran down the street to u.s. bank stadium.
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others did a happy dance with fans they just met. this super bowl win this changes everything for these fans. >> all the teasing about where is your trophy, that's all over. >> fly eagles fly may not feel as deep in my heart, may not be a loyal philadelphia eagles fan since buddy ryan, reggie white and this feels good, i love you philadelphia, see you soon. >> reporter: we have not been to sleep in minneapolis, in fact a lot of fans came back to the same bar, they were like what do we do now, we won, they totally couldn't believe it. you saw the fans that traveled to minneapolis from across the country they are planning a second road trip this weekend to philadelphia to be a part of the parade. live in minneapolis, live in blooming ton, minnesota i should
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say. sarah bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> sarah you would not want to miss the parade, i think it will be the first of many to come. >> we'll see. >> we have won. >> let's switch live to trish hartman in center city where fans filled the it is streets to celebrate the historic win. anyone like sarah out there, who is still up from last night? >> reporter: i don't see anyone at the moment. there were a few stragglers left when we got here. it is very quiet a stark contrast to what it was like a few hours ago. we are at 16th and market streets. five minutes before we came on the air, two trash trucks and police officer sitting at the intersection blocking things off pulled away. the streets are opening up. it was a jubilant celebration in center city. it was chaotic and damage was done. let's look at the video shot overnight after the game ended, of course the people poured into the streets to really relish the
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celebration the first super bowl win. there was chaos and damage, though, fans could be seen flipping a car on to its side at broad and walnut people climbed the gates and the light polls inside city hall we saw traffic lights left laying in the streets. we saw the windows at macy's department store on market street were smashed. people climbed on the awning over the entrance of the ritz carlton on south broad street. the anding later collapsed with people on top of it. you can see what was left of that awning there. police worked to manage the crude and vehicles on food and bikes and on horses. now back out here live, the celebration was not just in center city. we did seen a fan climbing a hydraulic covered fuel in the mayfair section of philadelphia.
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no word from philadelphia police how many arrests were made, we know that there were some injuries, we hope to get an update from philadelphia police later today. live in center city, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> now, that the allegation have won the super bowl -- now that the eagles have won the super bowl, it is time to celebrate. the city plans to make an announcement about the super bowl parade sometime today including the parade rude and the start time. >> the party started as soon as game was over they ran to modell's to get the gear. action cam was there where fans were picking up their super bowl geer. modell's will be open at 5:00 a.m., my favorite quote of the night, you need to come down
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here, we need to party i've got liquor in my trunk. >> reporter: i was being careful around st. joe's, and stuff, i didn't see too many people out there. >> it's a little icy on the roads. >> reporter: it is, too, you have to be careful, allow extra time to chip ice off the windchill. in and around philadelphia there's -- windshield. narnld -- in and arrested philadelphia there's slippery roads. hopefully they will be feeling that way about the eagles in five years. we could use more of this. 34 degrees is the current temperature that's on the way down. we'll be down to the freezing mark over the next couple of hours. winds, not all that windy, 8 miles per hour. the windchill feeling like 27.
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temperatures across the region, freezing in millville and reading and close to it in allentown and philadelphia. i think there are a lot of areas in between the reporting stations that are getting down to the freezing mark. be careful of a freezeup on sidewalks and side roads and anything that has not been treated. we're dealing with cloud cover early and it is and he and he -s breaking up. we'll have mostly sunny skies, 31 by 10:00 a.m. 42 around noon, 35 degrees feeling like the 20s. 35 in allentown. 34 in reading. 36 in trenton. 36 in wilmington. 35 in philadelphia. 34 in millville. 36 in atlantic city and cape may. tomorrow looks like a cloudy day, a little bit of snow north of allentown not a big deal. that goes all the way until 11:00 p.m. tuesday night.
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wednesday we're looking at the possibility of a wintry mix in the morning. this would be 7:30 to philadelphia north, sleet and snow possible and light snow in allentown. should be arena from the delaware river south. through the morning and into the afternoon there's a chance of more rain and additional rain coming in wednesday night. this might not be done until late in the day on wednesday. building in during the day starting out as a wintry mix. doesn't look like the best day for a parade, we'll see what city planners decide. breezy, bright and cold, 45 degrees, tomorrow, 42. there's a chance of a late wintry mix, that is late at night into toward morning. wintery mix on wednesday, 39 the high there. thursday, sunny, brisk and chilly conditions, 36 degrees. toward the end of the week, brisk on friday, 34 degrees.
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saturday, milder, 47. sunday, mild high 43 degrees, but there's a chance of rain. >> we have more live coverage of the eagles super bowl championship. up next, three times is the charm for a new jersey couple traveling to the super bowl once again. >> the quiet suburbs turned into a party with a championship win. karen. >> reporter: we're watching for slick spots in langhorne, bucks county. i-95 at 413 we're seeing people move okay at this point. we're watching exton, chester county we'll take you there next. >> welcome back taking a live
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look there, philadelphia international, sarah bloomquist is giving us the update in minneapolis, they are having a party right now they will head
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back to our area around noon. we can't wait to give the philadelphia eagles a big embrace, super bowl champions. >> another reason why the eagles have the chip on their shoulder, they have the patriots winning the super bowl next year. >> reporter: this is commerce drive, exton, chester county. no problems heading toward the 30 bypass, you can see a shine on the roads in spots. we had a lot of rain yesterday and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark in the suburbs. you have to be careful in south jersey and the lehigh valley. we're not seeing problems on the main roads, but we have a bunch of accidents in the suburbs, this one lower providence ridge pike highland avenue. one in lansdale, one at main
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street chestnut street. we found people talking about icy roads on rolling road here in springfield township. as you travel out and about you need to be careful. 42 northbound traffic coming up from deptford or turnersville. for the most part, the highway is wet, you have to watch for a slick spot or two, as you travel. a lot of people bleary eyed as they travel around. the rain is out of here, but nonetheless you have to look for wet spots that could be slick now that temperatures have dropped, matt and tam. [cheers and applause] >> that is what it sounded like in u.s. bank stadium when an eagles made a play, sounded like the link. fans at the super bowl said it felt like a home game with the fans cheering on their team. >> man flocked to minneapolis to witness the game in person,
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"action news" at 4:00 p.m., brian taff and sharrie williams talked to a new jersey couple who waited decades for this. >> sam and anita, this is your 50th anniversary. what is it like here? >> it is amazing, fantastic. >> can you believe we're here, pinch us, we won! we won! and everybody is congratulating us, like we did it, we did do it. >> anita you've been ameetingsal about this, tell me where does it come from. >> she hassles been that way. >> we saw the championship game. >> reporter: 50 years of marriage and here you are,
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season ticket ticketholders. >> the moment counting down to zero seconds left on the clock, it was amazing! amazing! >> reporter: you can hear the fans, so many fans from the delaware and lehigh valley and across eagles nation. >> it waso
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dreams coming true for a happy couple. this man surprised his girlfriend with a american proposal while watching the super bowl at chickee and pete's in south philadelphia. the action cam recorded the whole thing as she said yes. >> the only ring better than a super bowl ring. >> reporter: that is really sweet. >> i don't know.
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>> reporter: no, it's better for them. >> let's look outside and see what's happening we're in southwest philadelphia, the platt bridge by i-95. light volume this morning, people might be tired and sleeping in, you have to be careful, because we have slick spots around a bunch of accidents, one in conshohocken well elm and corson street. everything has been lifted and all the buses are running on time. >> reporter: we're getting close to the freeing mark, we're seeing icing on sidewalks and parking lots and roads, karen's mentioned accidents around. we're looking at temperatures officially on this model close to freezing through the morning rush hour and staying that way through 10:00, 11:00. we get a high of 5, windy and cold and windchills in the 20s
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at the best of times. on at the airport, no major delays and no sign of precipitation in our major destinations. >> fans across the region headed into the streets to celebrate the big super bowl win. [horns beeping]. >> this was the scene on york road montgomery county. drivers honked their horns and waved eagles flags,. >> you can show us your celebration by using the #6abc action on instagram or post-it on the facebook wall.
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>> now there was a lot of on the lines with eagles fans who had hefty wagers on the final score. jim kenny had the battle of the
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rockies, now the statue in boston will be wearing our eagles green. tom wolf will be getting a host of foods from massachusetts. directors from the zoos will have to keen out the stalls wearing eagles jersey. >> we'll take it all. there's the picture, you'll see it at the museum of art. the eagles win means free coffee at dunkin' donuts. if you're a perks member you can get free coffee when you pay with an enrolled dunkin' donuts car. lane johnson told fans back in july, i'm giving out beer to everybody if eagles win super bowl 52 in minneapolis, last night, bud light tweeted eagles
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of philadelphia emerged victorious join us with lane johnson an your 21 and old are friends at taverns along the parade rout to -- route, to raise one of the kingdom's light lagers. >> stay with "action news" 'we cover the super bowl victory.
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