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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 5, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> not only do we have the best fans in the world, we now have the best team in the world. >> yes, we do, world champions from under dogs to top dogs, the eagles are in their first super bowl title in team history. >> partying and pandemonium fans in the streets and climbing on top of buildings and scaling poles as part of an old night celebration. >> we have live team coverage of the historic win. >> we have highlights from minnesota, trish hartman is live in center city. jeanette reyes is live add philadelphia international airport, where eagles fans are returning home. >> first up a look at weather and traffic, we'll go over to david and karen. i love the fog last night, you heard the eagles chant and fireworks through the fog it was incredible. >> reporter: it's great to cheer on a team your hole -- whole
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life and finally have it happen. >> reporter: in my neighborhood, after each touchdown, fireworks. we have rain off the coast and we are expecting sunshine. temperatures are down to the freezing mark including millville and reading. allentown and philadelphia and other spots it's really close. in between the reporting stations we're seeing the numbers drop. unfortunately with the roads wet from overnight with the rain that cleared the coast around midnight. with temperatures dropping we have the possibility of black ice. i had to chip ice off my windshield this morning it was slippery in the driveway and parking lot out here. be careful on roads and sidewalks for black ice that will possibly form over the next couple of hours and maybe stay there. we'll get sun up over the horizon nice and bright. we'll work on that once it gets over the horizon. cold today, 31 degrees by 10:00.
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expecting to get up to 34, 35 degrees with the high. it's expected to be windy, bundle up, 18 degrees is the windchill at 10:00. >> reporter: all right, dave we have a few problems that popped up on the schuylkill expressway westbound. the disabled vehicle approaching the curve watch for it off to the side. road. we're seeing the chance for black ice david said here or there, we're seeing accidents especially in the suburbs, be careful not just in the lehigh valley, we have temperatures dipping around freezing and in new jersey in a few spots. skippack pike is closed near plank road in lower salford township, car brought down pole and wires. stick to gravel pike. an accident in east montgomery avenue lower merion we have
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problem with that one. traffic is cleared 0 kings highway. we had lots of closures, when broad street closed everybody was out and about, all the closures lifted and looking good on the vine. ♪ >> philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions be eagles fans everywhere this is for you! >> oh, my goodness, love the tears in the eyes, the that was the radio call the moment the patriots passed into the end zone e it was incomplete. nick foles matched tom brady score for score. the only sack in the game that forced the fumble in the 4th quarter. the eagles won the barn burner 41-33.
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eagles are 2018 super bowl champions, after generations of waiting and prayer maybe next are year coming up short this city gets it's lombardi trophy. >> we'll here from the team in minnesota, plus the city plans to release the details of the parade down broad street this week. jamie apody and ducis rogers are with the team in minneapolis with player reaction. >> reporter: what a night, what a season, it sounds surreal to say the eagles are super bowl champions jamie. >> reporter: it doesn't seem real, does it. we're standing on the field filled with confetti which doesn't seem real. the moment after the game ended and see the reaction of the players after all their hard work paid off. listen to the guys after winning the super bowl.
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>> grateful to be here, grateful to be a part of the a great organization and great organization, i wouldn't be here without my relationship with god, puts everything in prospective, it's great to be here. >> reporter: super bowl champ. >> it feels good, it will take a few days to reflect on what we've done. >> i told the team before the game, we don't have to be anything but be us. that's what got us to be the champions,. >> i've been waiting for this for years. it's a storied organization it's taken along time for us to get this, it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: nick foles will
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have a press conference minnesota, i'll be there live coming up at 9:30. >> for jamie apody, i'm ducis rogers, at the super bowl with the championship eagles. >> the celebrations have slowed down as people head off to work and school. there's a lot of cleanup to be done from the crowds who were out last night. >> trish hartman is live in center city with fan frenzy and the fallout. good morning, trish. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, yeah it is quiet out here, we've seen the street sweepers come through, we're at the intersection of 16th and market. the streets are starting to open up here. the jiewp lent celebration -- jubilant celebration caused chaos. once the game ended, the people poured into the streets after the first super bowl win.
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video shows fans flipping a car on its side around broad and walnut. people were seen climbing the gates and the light polls in front of city hall. traffic lights were in the streets, broken. the windows at the macy's on market street were smashed glass and debris littered the street in front of the department store. people climbed on an anding at ritz carlton on south broad and it collapsed with people on it. the celebration was not just in center city. people celebrating all over the city. we saw a pole climber mayfair on the hydraulic fluid covered poles. no word on how many people were injured, we hope to get an update on that today. >> delaware county, media,
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state street became a party, crowds databased around, stunned excite -- crowds danced around excited. >> crowds lined up to get their swag in addiction, king of prussia overnight. modell's locations in the area will be opening at 5:00 a.m. >> i couldn't wait. i want right after the game. stood in line. >> reporter: it was wonderful. people were breaking out in the chant, they were so elited wonderful to be there. >> reporter: -- elated it was wonderful to be there. >> reporter: i was certify -- we have clouds out there, they will
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break up, as we look slightly out of focus of the commodore barry bridge, that may be because of water on the lens there and the covering we have over the lens. big story the temperatures we're seeing them sink. freezing mark in reading, close to it in allentown and wilmington, 32 in millville. in between these numbers we may have dipped to the freezing mark. we are looking at icy patches beginning to develop. the numbers will go below freezing for a time this morning. you may find you have to chip ice off the windshield before you get going, too. there you see the cloud cover. there are breaks we expect this to be a continuing pattern with more and more sunshine building. in the lehigh valley, sunny, brisk and cold, high of 35 degrees, windchills in the 20s at the best of times. more of the same at the shore, sunny, brisk and chilly, high of 36. feeling colder than that. in philadelphia, mostly sunny,
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overall, brisk and cold, high of 35. with the winds gusting at times 30 miles per hour it will feel like the teens at times this morning and mid 20s at the best of times this afternoon. more clouds and cold less wind overnight, but dipping down to 24 degrees. as we take a look, well, this is, of course, looking back at the weekend we'll have to get through this briefly. it was a little bit better on super bowl sunday, of course with the rain coming through. and the best news of all, that rain is off the coast. now on to tomorrow, we've got cloud cover in place on tuesday morning, probably staying fairly cloudy overall and sunny breaks at times, 11:00 you're still dry, wednesday in the morning, there's a chance of a wintry mix of perhaps some snow, maybe freezing rain and sleet from about i-95 north and northwest, and this is 7:30 a.m. a little bit rain in south jersey. by the time we head into late morning, lunchtime, it looks like it has the potential of
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being wet close to philadelphia and points north and more rain comes in by 6:00 p.m. and probably stays with all the way until 11:30 and beyond. chance of precipitation on wednesday, dry tomorrow and dry thursday. 35 degrees, bright, breezy and cold today. tomorrow, clouds, 42. late in the overnight we have the wintry mix arriving west of philadelphia with the changeover to rain during the day on tuesday. the changeover might be quick in philadelphia or wednesday i should say. wednesday you have a chance of early morning mix giving way to afternoon rain. 39 is the high there. thursday, dry conditions, sunny brisk and chilly, high of 36. sunny and brisk on friday, 34. mild air comes back for the weekend. mostly cloudy on saturday, 47. sunday, mostly cloudy and 45 and possible rain. >> up next, we catch up with eagles fans who are arriving back home from seeing the super bowl win in person.
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>> that history-making win we'll see how generations came together to celebrate karen. >> reporter: that's so nice, i can't wait to see that one. looking outside live on broad street. things are moving fine, no big problems we're looking at a patch of black ice or two, we have a bunch of accidents we'll check on them coming up next. new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios.
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philadelphia happy, relieved, euphoric, still pinching ourselves. i woke up and i am like did it? it's just -- this could have been a movie it would have been awesome. >> down to the last section, when they were broke up the
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inter u could see the players, it was like is this it. >> reporter: this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike in fort washington. watching for black ice. we have a bunch of accidents one in lansdale cleared on main street. one in chester springs 113 at malvern lane a new one coming in blocking a lane. an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound. skippack pike is closed plank road. new jersey turnpike, southbound 541 in the areas between exits 3 and 4, the left lane is blocked there. temperatures horving around -- hovering around the freezing mark in the suburbs. i want to thank all the viewers who sent in pictures and videos,
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i posted them on my facebook page including the fans inside the stadium in minneapolis who were cheering. >> it's going to be a busy morning at philadelphia international airport. >> jeanette reyes is live talking to eagles fans coming back from the super bowl. my guess is everybody is extra elated and did not sleep. >> reporter: that's right, tam it's a weird combination of excitement and exhaustion, they are like zombies they are in a state of shock. we did talk to a few fans, a lot of them coming from that really electric night last night when they realized they had won the game. take a look at the video, the fans rejoicing. it was priceless to see the face tom brady had on when he realized he might lose to the
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eagles. fans tell me it was well worth the trip. they were happy to be back and rejoice with eagles fans back home. >> take a listen what one man had to say flu to minneapolis from florida and now back in philadelphia to celebrate, he is off the entire week, he plans on going to a parade to celebrate. >> i'm still waiting for the alarm to go off in my head, i wake up, i kind of think it was a dream. >> reporter: what was that moment like. >> i actually think i cried, i didn't know what to say, i was surrounded by -- we went out with 160 people on the plane altogether, i was just stunned i crust -- just cried. >> reporter: i couldn't help think about the woman i talked to yesterday who was 100 years old, an eagles fan for decades.
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she a lot of people very emotional once we got the win. we have a flight coming in at 5:00 a.m., just a few minutes away from now, i expect to talk to the fans, it's a big flight we'll have more reaction coming up in the next hour or so. can't wait to talk to those guys. >> 4:49 a.m. we'll be right back.
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glrm it's over! it's over! yes! yea!>> many priceless reactions from the eagles faithful who flocked to the city streets to celebrate the first super bowl title in team history. >> that was husband in the driveway with the fireworks. >> that's what you heard. >> reporter: your husband and about five hundred more people. >> reporter: heard them all the way in south jersey. i lovele the people who say my dad is smiling down, it's been great. turnpike, just a little traffic,
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no big deal. watch for slick spots or two. we have an accident lower providence ridge pike. we had closures on broad street. that created problems with the buses, septa buses resumed. we have a train that's ten minutes late. >> there could black ice that formed out there. we have numbers down this morning, reading, 32. 33 in wilmington, 34 in philadelphia. i do have a concern in through here, in particular and rural south jersey there are spots that are forming black ice out there. 33 degrees by 7:00. noon, 32. sun comes up, probably melts that ice, early on we have the problem with that. 35 is the high today. breezy and cold, winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour at times. tam look for windchills in the 20s this afternoon. >> i'll bundle up, thank you. eagles super fan from delaware county came through her winning prediction. she was confident about the
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birds ability from the start and did everything they were supposed to do. >> fantastic first half, running play got off the grounds, great calls, and trick calls before the half. >> she believes it is the team's faith to guided them through super bowl glory. she thought 27-34, but i'm sure she is glad of the score we got. d
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super bowl ads created as much buzz as the game itself. advertisers won over viewers. mountain dew, epic hip hop. morgan freeman got his freak on to missy elliot. >> martin luther king i illustrated it's model built to serve. the speech served people doing good deeds. civil rights hero across crossee line of a heartfelt message to sell trucks. >> we're celebrating the super bowl championship and fans are stocking up on super bowl gear, we're live at modell's as it
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gets overrun. >> the half-time show, not everyone was loving justin timberlake's performance, find out later in the morning buzz. [ upbeat, energetic music ] let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time.
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morning, it is 5:00 a.m., the dream is not a dream it is real on this monday, february 15. for many people the celebration never stopped. it's going to keep going for quite sometime because our philadelphia eagles are the super bowl


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