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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 5, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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morning, it is 5:00 a.m., the dream is not a dream it is real on this monday, february 15. for many people the celebration never stopped. it's going to keep going for quite sometime because our philadelphia eagles are the super bowl champions.
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>> we're kind of tired, but we're bringing it to you this morning. the under dogs showed they are the best in the nfl defeating the patriots and giving philadelphia the first super bowl victory. fans cannot stop they have taken to the streets to celebrate the team victory, some of the partying got out of hand where fans flipped a car. >> we have reporter live in minnesota and center city. >> first up let's make sure you know what's happening with weather and traffic. let's go over to our folks in green, david murphy and karen rogers, go to work. >> reporter: although it's hard to work, we are having fun. >> reporter: it was a close game and exciting, the eagles earned it against new england. we're looking at rain off the coast, and there are breaks in the clouds, we'll see sunshine today, but be careful
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temperatures are dipping. reading popped up to 35, numbers up in the northern and western suburbs, philadelphia, 34. millville, 32. and there have been, as karen will tell you, slipping and sliding accidents in the north and west in particular. we have a concern about black ice this morning. a word to the wise for the morning commute. roads are in some cases still wet. temperatures are dropping, in some cases we could have patchy black ice both on roads and sidewalks. temperatures today stay cold, 31 degrees by 9:00. same thing by 11. we bounce up to 34 or 35 for the high. notice the sunshine. unfortunately there will be a strong wind blowing gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. look for windchills dipping into the teens this morning and mid 20s at the best of times. no precipitation event on the way. could be ice in in spots, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: looking good on the boulevard, this is a live look
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past ridge avenue. traffic is moving fine. we had a bunch of accidents one cleared east manage avenue lower merion, traffic moving better there. i-95 southbound traffic it's damp, but in spots it could be slick. not seeing accidents on i-95. but 495 here in delaware, in both directions, speeds reduced to 55 miles per hour because of the concern with slippery weather here or there, with the slick spots that have frozen over. new jersey turnpike, southbound we have an accident watch for this one near exit 5. it's been moved to the shoulder, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. from minneapolis to mayfair and down broad street fans took to the streets to celebrate the eagles super bowl championship. the game went down to the last second. >> i lost years off my life in that last two minutes, but it was worth. the eagles were victorious defeating the patriots by a score of 31-33 giving philadelphia their first nfl championship in 58 years.
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one by one, the players took turns kissing the bottom beard trophy. coach doug pederson held up the hard something people did not think would happen when they hired him two years ago. follies follies won the m.v.p. and the first quarterback to lead the eagles to a super bowl. the first player to throw and catch a touchdown in the same game in super bowl history. minutes after the eagles won it was an elbow to elbow party, fans descend on cottman and franker ford packing into the city's mayfair section. police were ready setting up garbage trucks setting up the intersection so fans could celebrate safely. >> broad street was a sea of green all the way to city hall. there were thousands of them out there. the hydraulic fluid police
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placed on poles was not enough to keep them off the poles. at one point, the fans flipped a car. >> it was an emotional night for fans and players, it's hard to tell who was more excited. >> super bowl m.v.p. hugging his dog larry. nick foles whispered to him, enjoy it. foles had nerves of steel during his playoff staring role. >> the big thing that happened me i didn't have to be superman. all i had to was play as hard as i could play for one another and not look at the score board or look at the time and go out there and play. >> back in philly they are going nuts. i'm so happy for the fans and so happy for our city. >> reporter: people back in philly are going wild. >> that was tightened stray
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burton who threw the touchdown pass to nick foles on a 4th downplay this happened not too long after the patriots tried to throw a pass to brady who ended up dropping it. >> tom did your hand hurt? sorry about that. trish hartman is live for us with more on the cleanup and the celebrations on broad street, she is live in center city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, and matt, yeah we're at 16th and market, it's very quiet stark difference from how things were a couple of hours ago, take a look, the street sweeper had come through an hour ago, the dump truck and police that were blocking the intersection cleared out. the streets are open again. most people out are bleary eyed and making their way to work this morning. there were fans who took the celebration too far causing damage in parts of the city.
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>> reporter: the game ended and the wild celebration began. people poured boo the streets and reveled in the first super bowl win. this video shows fans flipping a car on to its side at broad and walnut. people climbed the gates and light poles in front of city hall. traffic lights were laying in the streets broken and the windows at macy's were smashed. people climbed on the awning at the entrance of the ritz carlton on south broad. the awning collapsed full of people. police were commanding the crowds on foot and bikes and horses. >> reporter: of course the celebration was not just in center city, but all over philadelphia and into the early morning hours. no word on how many arrests were made. we do know there were some injuries. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that.
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>> "action news" reporter, sarah bloomquist still you mean live in bloomington, minnesota. we're expecting to hear from the eagles later this morning. [laughter], we're on 18 hours now, we've been up through the night which is great. i think everybody in philadelphia and and appear police, the eagles fans have been celebrating. we're going to hear from the world champion eagles later today. here's what we know at this hour, the eagles spent the night at a team party at the team hotel. they will be boarding a flight at about noon, philadelphia time, which would get them into philadelphia international airport at 3:00 p.m. later this morning and just a few hours now, quite early in fact we'll hear from eagles head coach doug pederson along with the super bowl msm -- m.v.p.
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victor -- nick foles. the fans were stunned and so elated. when the clock ticked down to ear vo, eagles fans who had come to minneapolis without a ticket to the game realized it had happened. the birds had one. >> all the years that we came so close, 1980, 2004, all the blood sweat and tears, nfc title games we lost by a hair in the last minute, could this be our year? yes. >> reporter: eagles fans gathered at the town hall brewy to watch the game. the atmosphere was electric down to the wire. watch the reaction to some of the eagles biggest and best plays. [cheers and applause].
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>> nick foles was amazing, the defense was not at their best tonight, you couldn't play better than nick foles played tonight. it was unbelievable. >> it was 30 second, that's a lot of time for tom brady, we were nervous, we came through, we got our first one. that's all matters right now. >> reporter: some fans ran down to the street to the stadium. this super bowl win changes everything for the fans. >> all the teasing about where is the trophy that's all over. >> fly eagles fly may not feel as deep in my heart, may not be a loyal, loyal philadelphia eagles fan since buddy ryan, ran doll -- randle cunningham, this feels good, i love you philadelphia, i'll see you soon.
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>> reporter: the reaction was more subdued, eagles fans couldn't wrap their heads around it, they were saying what do with he do now? they have a few days to take it in. eagles fans came from san francisco and chicago to minneapolis, to support the birds they are planning another road trip to the city of philadelphia to take part in our super bop parade. think about it, live in bloomington, minnesota i'm sarah bloomquist. back to you guys. >> i'll tell you what we should do, win another one. >> let's build this team into what the patriots did. >> reporter: kind of that is the feeling that dynasty is over and everyone is waiting for another one. with carson wentz coming back, we'll see what happens with nick. >> there was a guy in front of us, he turned and looked down at
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my son, he said your father and i have have waited a lifetime for this, but you'll get five or six. >> reporter: we see green on the radar. sky6 live hd there's the green in center city. cloudy in spots, but i expect a fair amount of sunshine over the horizon early. be careful out there, because the temperature is dipping close to the freezing mark in some neighborhoods. we have reports of black ice. you might find that even if it's not on the road on the sidewalk or in the driveway. i had ice to chip off the windshield before dawn this morning. winds out of the west this morning giving you a windchill of 28. we were down to the freezing mark. millville, 32. in between the numbers there could pockets of colder air and some of that icing is possible. careful of that. satellite and radar shows you the rain long gone, now we see break up in the clouds, there is some out there, but we are
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expecting mostly sunny skies overall as the existing cloud cover should largely break up. 32 degrees by 8:00. 31 degrees by 10:00. with the sun coming up over the horizon, assuming it bangs through the cloud it will work on ice in areas where the sun is hitting the surface. in the shadows you may have to wait longer for the melting. noon, 32. 3:00 p.m., 35 degrees. it will be breezy and cold and most areas get in the mid 30s, but the windchills will make it feel like the mid 20s, make sure you dress for that. tomorrow it's dry for the most part, maybe a brief snow shower in the poconos. clouds to start out and cloudy skies with sunny breaks in the afternoon. you get to 11:00 there's cloud cover out there. by wednesday morning it's looking like we'll see rain and wintry mix early. by 7:30 that could be happening in the northern suburbs and in
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and around philadelphia. in the afternoon, everybody gets rain, more rain on and off up until 6:00. south jersey gets wet. late in the night, it looks like it starts to die down. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today, brisk and cold, a lot of sunshine out there, 35 feeling like the 20s him tomorrow up to 42. lots of clouds, overnight into wednesday morning, we dip cold enough, especially north and west of philadelphia, and close to the city, to get the wintry mix early before a changeover to rain. and your high on wednesday is 39. 36 pretty cold and brisk on thursday. partly sunny and brisk on friday, 4. back to the 40 os for the weekend another round ever rain possible sunday. >> 5:14 a.m., our super bowl coverage continues. fans rush to stores to get the championship gear overnight they are restocking and anticipating larger crowds today.
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we'll take you live to a store in south philadelphia. >> about the half-time performance, we have the moments people will be talking about today. >> reporter: looking at the schuylkill expressway at belmont. we'll take you to the northeast and check woodhaven road and few other accidents coming up next.
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>> this is what many people crowning and old man and woman looked like when the super bowl ended. this fan broke down in tears after the eagles won.
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carolyn good called it historic and i0 connick. >> you know what made me cry, the rocky music, it grabs you somewhere within, i wanted it for the city so bad. it was wonderful to see it happen. >> reporter: it is, isn't it? everybody is so excited. i tweeted out this picture david and i our morning after face, bleary eyed. cooper tweeted us this one i'm tired, i have go to work. tweet us your face, happy and exhausted. >> reporter: no problems coming in from bensalem or feasterville looking good this morning, we're watching for a slick spot or two, if you're up early or coming home from your super bowl
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party we've seen a bunch of accidents one on ridge pike just cleared. one at elm street and corson street. skippack pike is closed because of an accident, stick to gravel pike instead. we're around the freezing mark in warminster, quakertown and bethlehem. 32 in vineland, hammonton, 33. it could be slick in a few spots, matt and tam. >> "action news" reporter, bob brooks is live at the modell's in south philadelphia which just opened its doors a couple of minutes ago. bob last night when we went to the one in our neighborhood it was packed to the gills. what is it like this morning? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, we got an initial rush of people. it just opened at 5:00 a.m. there was a small line of people out waiting to get in. they showed up at 4:30 a.m.
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nonetheless and her excited as they were last night as they are this morning. the demand will be huge for the super bowl victory win gear. what you will see is dick's out in king of prussia you walked into the storement line was huge. there had to be hundreds ever people in there, they were doing eagles cheers, people were dancing to music total elation, the super bowl celebration was going on inside of dicks. the people wanted to make sure they had their victory gear before anything sells out. >> we're philly we care about our sports team. >> i got a pennant, i got a hat. i got my slippers on.
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>> reporter: they were having fun, they are still having fun this morning, don't worry, nothing is sold you tell. modell's has plenty of gear they opened at 5:00 a.m., we'll mosey on in and see what kind of gear they have we're going to buy memorable stuff. tam, matt, back to you. >> good time to do shopping. thank you bob. many were wondering when the bottom beard trophy will make it down broad street for a super bowl parade. official plans will be released later today as soon as information is made public "action news" will send out an alert on your cell phones.
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>> reporter: happy morning after, i have someone on twitter telling me you have to have gone to bed to call it the morning after. continuing the party here, the 30 bypass, which is a dark
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scene, but everything moving okay here. we have an accident bear, delaware, route 1. >> reporter: we have numbers dipping close to the freezing mark, be careful of the black ice, some of you might be chipping off the ice on the windshield. we're down to the frootionz mark and hold -- freezing mark, hold close to freezing through 10:00. it will be windy with windchills in the mid 20s this afternoon. a quick look at the airport. some folks are coming back from minneapolis, dry out there for the flights landing out there. we have no major delays in any of our big travel destinations, we'll be right back. oa...
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tune into the super bowl many to watch the half-time show. reaction to justin timberlake's performance was mixed. ♪ fans took to twitter to complain that his vocals were muted and hard to hear over the backward vocals. timberlake did a quick break to sit at the performance to perform a duet with the late star prince who was from minneapolis. his image was projected on the screen beside tim bear lake and
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cameras showed the city lit up in purple. one fan loved the half-time performance, 13-year-old from massachusetts stole the show when he nabbed a quick selfie with the superstar in mid performance. ryan said his phone was blowing up with text and calls you can hear from the teen who stole the show coming up later on "good morning america." >> native pint sang the national an item before the game. she posted on saturday she was battling the flu, but determined to go out there and sing and she did. right before she took the mic she was caught spitting out a throatger.
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>> we have reports from eagles fans and reports from center city and the stores right here on 6abc. lossen ger.
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