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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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historic super bowl victory. for the first time in team history, the eagles are bringing
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the vince lombardi trophy home to philadelphia. now the city is gearing up for a hometown celebration and cleaning up after fanshis morning. it is monday afternoon i'm rick williams, sarah bloomquist is on assignment returning from minneapolis. alicia vitarelli joins us this afternoon. the big story is the eagles on top of the world. >> super bowl champs are heading back to philadelphia but not before sharing their post-game emotion in minnesota. jamie apody was with the team and the trophy this morning. >> reporter: there it is, the long coveted lombardi trophy that long as to the city of and the philadelphia eagles. nick foles and head coach doug pederson held a press conference. they are super bowl champions, the question is, has it sung in
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yet? >> i can remember back as a player winni the game what it felt like at it meant, i think it's a little more special waking up today knowing you've accomplished something ed twoay back in april an mr. lori hired me in philadelphia that is in the game we eventually wanted to be in and play in and win. i know it's going on to take sometime, but its kind of surreal right now. these next few days will be a little crazy, we hava do, still, i'm excited the guys, and this the rest of our lives. >> reporter: we were lucky enough to be on the field when you shared an emotional moment with your dad i wanted to know what was going throw your head during that moment. >> yeah, my dad -- has
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always been one of my heros. my dad, didn't have an easy life growing for and my mom to give me the opportunity to play the game and provide for us as kids and watch him over his entire life oveome adversity that embrace, to share those emotions, that's something you cherish know his crazy, he lives or dies for every play i play. it was a special moment.>> repot leaving minneapolis at noon and he party down broad street should be epic.dy channel 6 "on news." >> back here fans have o work school. >> like us. >> but they were outside
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celebrating and partying for hours. >> trish hartman live in center city with more on well call it the mayhem that took over the streets immediately following the big win emotions running high last night and through this afternoon. hey, trish. >> reporter: hi, rick and alic, we're on market we'll take a look behind me, show you the macy's windows t sm they are boarded up glass around. the city streets division are working to restore the traffic lights that were damaged. we saw officers directing traffic. fans are jubilant many wondered why the celebrations had to turn destructive. we spoke to philadelphia police this morning and he is wondering the same thing. prng afternue to show their
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birdson it all. >> it was so exciting, the tire roo exploded. >> reporter: as people made their work on cloud nine, the cleanup continues after the celebration turns to chaos. >> the lie on share ofeople sell -- lion share of people celebrating peacefully, but you will get the idiots that feel like they have to destroy property. the sheer number of people made it difficulties for officers to respond to specific areas. fans were climbing poles and gates in front of city hall. traffic lights were brought to the ground in several places, including here at market and juniper. this video shows a car flipped on the drivers side at broad and walnut. outs the ritz carlton the entrance awning collapsed under the weight of a group of people
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who climbed on top of it. ross said some police officers suffered minor injuries including himself. >> they were getting bottles thrown at them some of them were hurt, including myself, i was hit in the head with a bottle. beyond why they did that. >> we won, there's no reason to tear it up, be happy we won and keep it moving. >> reporter: so far no official numbers have been released in terms ofm philadelphia police. arrests were made, but more arrestses can be made once the officers go through the surveillance videos from the incidean chann >> now, fans who got to see the super bowl in person are making the long journey from minnesota at that back tophia jeanette reyes is atelphia intel
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airport catching up with the tired fans as they arrive back home. hi,en>> reporter: minutes ago we received the second american airlines flight that saved from minneapolis, they practically got star treatment they were met with cheering fans. take a look at the video from this morning. there was a crowd of passengers who were waiting to board the same plane and fly after an election trick night here of pure elation and excitement. because of the cheering some passengers thought the eagles team was on the arriving flight. i heard one passenger saying no, all the jubilation is just for the fans arriving from minneapolis. this is one of nearly two dozen flights arriving from minnesota. american airlines said over the past week they flew out 2200 passengers on direct flight to minneapolis, that's not including hundreds of passengers who had connecting flights in chicago, many airlines had to up
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their daily flights to minneapolis, from 2 to 67 and brought in large aircraft. take a look at what arriving fans had to say after witnessing an unforgettable and heart-stopping game in minneapolis. >> beautiful, wonderful outstanding. >> finally we're not the the winners which we a knew all along. it feels so good, makes me feel like crying. >> and there w aot of crying, a lot of emotion, some exhaustion but the excitement seemed to beat all that, some fans arriving from minneapolis did tell me they wer excited to witness history firsthand, they are looking forward to celebrating with their loved ones. that, of course, will happen this week during the parade. we'll see more screaming and more yelling and celebrating each other andof course, our belovedhannel 6 "action
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news." back inside to you guys. >> it is somewhat emotional. >> i love how they were cheering for the fans, they are the heart of the story, too. >> thank you jennette. >> as the fans and the team are making their way home. we're waiting for the city of philadelphia to announce details for a victory parade. annie mccormick liveear city hall with more on the possible plans for the hometown celebration. >> >> reporter: hi, a r we're heare parade will be on thursday, the official word will come this afternoon when the mayor's office makes the announcement. this morning eagles fans are basking in the glow of a super bowl win. hundreds ran into the streets last night in celebration. now it's time for fans to line the streets for a parade. we can expect something similar from what we saw in 2008 during the city's celebration for the phillies world series.
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that parade began in center city past city hall and traveled down broad street to citizens bank park. estimates vary how many people came into the city to attend, but some say 1 million. the most recent parade for a sports team hosted by the city was for the villanova minutes basketball team that route began at 20th and market and headed east ending at dilworth park. without knowing specifics, fans can't plan. >> we're making plans now. who is bringing the cooler, where we are ordering the food and beverages. >> unfortunately i will be moving to new york today for my new job, but it was grateful to be a part of the experience last night. >> do you think they will let yo back for the parade. >> my boss is a cowboys fan and the other is a giants fan. we'll see. >> waiting to see what the parade is and what the costs are i'll be here early in the
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morning and leaving late at night. >> reporter: are you making plans? >> we didn't want to jinx it and make anything official now it's going to happen, i'll be here. >> reporter: the city didn't want to jinx it either, we heard last week officials starting to put plans in place, this is is a huge undertaking with police septa and transit agencies, as well. there will be a number of streets that shut down. in the past parades happened midday, all the details we'll get by afternoon. porting live from city hall. back to you. >> when we get them we'll pass them on. >> this reminder we'll fly over to for complete coverage of the super bowl champs. there you can reach the headlines from newspaper across the country and take a look at how eagles fans celebrated the
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victory across the area. still to come on "action news" at noon.eagles fans get their super bowl champion merchandise. >> plus, one philadelphia eagles said he will not be joining the team's victory visit to the white house. >> reporter: lots of sunshine across the region. when we come back with the seven day. we'll see a chance of rain and if the parade is going to be thursday, we'll let you know what the weather looks like from that, we'll be right back with more "action news." >> for the first time ever
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philadelphia eagles fans can buy eagles super bowl championship gear. hundreds of folks went to the dick's sporting goods in king of prussia to getheir official super bowl merchandise. this morning people lined up at the modell's in south philadelphia before it opened. bob brooks spoke to some fans about what this mea to them, and hear what they have to say coming up in the next half-hour of "action news" at 1:30. >> philadelphia eagles made history with their first super bowl win and historically the winning team visitors the white house. some players said they are sitting the ceremony out. malcom jenkins has been outspoken as a critic of president donald trump particularly on his criticism of players who took a knee to
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protest racism. when asked if he would be at the white house celebration, he said he does not anticipate attending it. >> what message would you like to send to the president. >> i don't have a message for the president. my message is being clear all year, i'm about, creating positive change in the communities that i come from. president trump did congregate late the eagles on their historic victory. >> super bowl add is at the center of controversy ram truck used with martin luther king. it's drawing a backlash. critics say using the civil ds to sell trucks crossed the line calling it from crass to inappropriate. ram said it was to highlight their volunteer program,
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dr. intellectual property approved the speech because it embodied his values. justin timberlake went up the field and up a flight ofsted by his first name was ryan. sele with him. but the viral picture almost not happened due to technical difficults. >> difficults -- difficulties, i had a technical issue my phone shut off. he is myavelfie with>> he gainw followers on social media and his phone is blowing up with texts and calls.
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icy condition likely contributed to a crash involving a school bus in delaware county this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the 600 block of mount el vernon road in astin. nobody was injured. we kent from philadelphia was one of the 147 passengers aboard an amtrak train that crashed in south carolina. we don't k if they were among are tryingple who were injured. to figure out why a switchin th.
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the impact killed the conductor and the engineer. authorities say that positive train control could have prevented the crash. >> it knows where the train is it, it knows what the signals are showing and the rail spisms are -- switch are doing, if they are not where they shall be it will stop the train. amtrak train was going miles per hour when it struck the freight strain we'll have more in the half-hour. survey finds 14 million people were expected to call out 65 day they dub super sick monday or the green flew. one in three marriages call -- americans call in sick in years past. >> i've been calling it the
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bird flu. >> or the green flu. >> reporter: i love that. "action news" is working on stories beginning at 4:00 p.m. we'll have ways to cash in on the eagles big win. >> >> david murphy has a look is at the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, especially thursday, if there's a parade we'll come right back. >> meteorologist david murphy
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with the accuweather forecast with eyes on a possible parade thursday. >> reporter: all i can tell you i'm happy it's not going to do it wednesday because it will be messy. storm tracker 6 live double scan it's dry after the rain pushed out overnight. as we look outside there's center city. it will be a happening place at some point this week. we don't have definitive word there are hints coming out of city hall it may be on thursday, that big victory parade. it seems like it's forever we've
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been waiting for that with the eagles. today brisk and cold, tuesday, less harsh, wednesday we've got a wintery mix in the morning that will chang if trs is parade day, it looks like a day that you have to bundle up, but you'll have sunshine. 33 degrees is the current temperature. winds northwest at 26 miles per hour that's knocking the windchill all the way down to 20. it's been a blustery day we expect it to stay that way through the afternoon him coats required along with extra gear if you're out today. 29 in allentown. temperature in philadelphia slid to 33 at the noon hour. 31 in wilmington, 32 in trenton. 35 in millville. 33 in cape may. we have cloud cover overnight but it has broken apart as accuweather projected. we're looking at sunshine most of the day. sunny and cold in the lehigh valley, 35. feeling like the 20s even at the mildest parts of the day.
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at the shore, brisk and chilly, 36 not much different there. in philadelphia, 35 with the winds gusting up as high as 30 or so we'll have windchills in the mid 20s at the best of times. what to expect the rest of the afternoon in that case, bright sunshine, cold temperatures and winds gusing up -- gusting up to 30 and windchills in the mid 20s and upper teens in the northern and western suburbs. overnight tonight, winds die down, but it will be colder tomorrow when you step outside than they can't say when you stepped outside in the mid 30s in most neighborhoods. looks like they are trying to rush the parade in on tuesday, there's clouding in the morning, and clearing in the morning and at night. it will be dry. wednesday by 6:00 a.m., precip arrives it will be rain probably close to philadelphia and points south, from about philadehieciaa
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sleet, f raind precipitation, and c snow farthernorth. noon, warm air arrives and everybody changes over to rain. it could be steady rain at times and philadelphia is caught at noon with some of the rain drops. 6:00 p.m. another shower coming through. looks like this gets off the coast quickly in the evening on wednesday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 35 today, blustery and cold, 42 tomorrow, clouds and sun, overnight into wednesday we've got that wintery mix north and west, changing over to rain. high of 42. if thursday is the parade day, plan on wearing a lot of layers beneath that eagles gear, it will be mostly sunny, but probably on the brisk side, chilly, high of 36 degrees. for the weekend we get backintor elation and show of eagles pride
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across the city cruise the #6abcaction you can see we use them right here on on the air. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back the philadelphia eagles are super
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bowl champions. the incredible win over the patriots led to a celebration that was decades in the making. >> philadelphia fans are loud and proud, this time this moment was one every will remember for a lifetime. the birds have done it and against all odds. >> that is for sure. it is 12:30 p.m. we continue "action news" with the late he is on the eagles super bowl celebration. quarterback nick foles led the team to 41igh 41-33 wick to -- victory. doug pederson and nick foles addressed the team before heading to the airport. doug pederson talked about how proud he is of the players. >> i think this team is full of great character men. you know it wasn't about one individual, as i kept saying to the team. this is entire season
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particularly these last couple of


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