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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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is you have lurie and players make their way over here off the tarmac to the fence where all the fans are lined up and they began displaying that lop bar dee trove -- lombardi trophy. >> 48 years baby, birthday wish came through. >> yeah. >> what was that like when they brought the trophy. >> oh my god. did you guys get to see it.
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>> yeah. >> incredible. >> incredible. >> it was a dream come true. generations upon generations have waited for that lombardi drove fee and now we have it. we're winning philadelphia. we're winners. >> the first thing they did when they got off the plane was hold up that trophy 'cause they love. there's the best. >> yes, the fans were loving that. lurie and the players boarded four buses and made their way down to the novacare complex where they're beat buying more fans. certainly a celebratory mood here in the city of philadelphia. fans are taking part in all of it. you had last night, you had this afternoon and then you'll have the parade come thursday. fans are loving the celebration. ch news."
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>> thank you chad. the excitement turns to the championship parade this week. >> the city announced the celebration will start thursday morning and go from south philadelphia to the art museum philadelphia public schools will be closed that day. that's where we find "action news" reporter annie mccormick. annie construction there already under way but there's still a lot more work to be done at the art museum area as well, hm? >> reporter: yes, still a lot of work to be done. you can imagine the amount of people that are going to be coming. now you're talking about kids coming off from school. we're told quietly they were putting some things in place ahead of the super bowl win and tod everybody is working hard to get this together. on the art museum steps this afternoon crews began assembling a stage that the eagles will area drive at the end of a parade in their honor. tentatively the city announced the celebration will begin at 11:00 a.m. on thursday. the route details are not released yet but the city
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announced today the parade will begin in south philadelphia at broad and pattison and will head north presumably along broad street and then j.f.k. parkway. the city couldn't first responder it will end at the art museum. today by city hall private contractors from south jersey based covert cal...ertified solutions. >> they can get text messages and pictures. bud light confirmed they'll fulfill their promise to give out free beer. that will happen along trade ro. across the city today still basking in a winning glow fans are already making plans. >> so has your office already talked about it. >> yes. we're making plans now. >> who is bringing the cooler, where we're ordering food and beverages. >> i think it's important to the city, you know. it brings a lot to the city, you know.
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i think it's important for sports fans. >> reporter: workers have been out here all day. now we're seeing them putting up some sound system equipment. we don't know all the details yet but it looks like the stage they're putting together might be the place for the eagles when they get off their parade floats and address the crowds. more details will be released by the city tomorrow morning. for now reporting live on the art museum steps annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> all right, annie, thank you. of course don't miss a minute of the city wide celebration. you can watch the championship parade right here on 6abc. we will be live on air and streaming it on and our 6abc app starting at 11 o'clock thursday morning with a team of reporters spread out all along the parade route. stay with "action news" as the m.v.p., other players coaches take the stage at the art museum rally as annie mentioned to address the best fan base in the nation. >> absolutely. "action news" sports director ducis rodgers joins us now.
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ducis you just literally got back from minneapolis. >> yeah, last night was a night this team and the town will never forget. >> it was phenomenal to be on the field with the confetti falling and this team hoisting that trophy. never again can haters say the eagles have never won. the eagles trailed the patriots by one. one of 3td passes for foles. later with the eagles up eight the play of the game the birds that not sacked tom brady until that brandon graham with the strip sac. derek barnett recovered. moments later the birds were crowned super bowl lii champions. their first title in their lengthy history. 41-33 was the final. the players coaches and the city celebrate this victory together. >> philly, we love you. we did this for you. and we're coming to celebrate it with you. let's go. >> going to mean a lot to the city of philadelphia who has
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been waiting since 1960. i know i've been the bad boy of the group but i wanted to make one thing right for this city and i hope this isn't my last one. >> like i told them we going to be world champions. i believed it all all the way through. everybody believed it and you know like i say we just kept on working just kept on worrying about the people in that room and i'm so thankful because our team was so are you resilient. this was the best team i ever been on as far as when things go bad we don't point fingers we just get it done. >> total team effort. as brandon mentioned this team went through a lot this year, injuries they overcame and now feels good to say it eagles are super bowl champs. >> we love hearing it. >> more good news for the students who want to go to the parade. archdiocesan and public schools will be closed. >> let's go to alicia at the big board. >> eagles, super bowl champions, just has of course
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made for some intensing excited and emotional fans all across the area. from cheers to tears, birds faithful have had all the feels. walter perez live at the sports complex in south philadelphia where walter you can feel it, you can taste it in the air today. >> alicia its nuts, it's absolutely nuts. right now i'm outside citizens bank park which of course at the home of the phillies where you can see they already unfurled a massive sign that says congratulations super bowl lii champions. just another confirmation of the new reality that the eagles have earned their spot as the best team in football. you may remember the video "action news" posted of eagles fan victor roman trying desperately toain his emotions so as not to wake up his newborn baby girl when the birds won the nfc. well, he was at it again last night when the birds won it all. we spoke with victor via face
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time today. he says he knew the birth of his baby girl marked the beginning of a really goodyear. >> having an amazing girlfriend, our beautiful daughter elena, amazing big sister and the eagles winning the super bowl that's priceless. >> reporter: sentiment shared by the gentleman at the falafel cart at 17th and arch. they promised fans if the birds won the super bowl they would give out free food through lunchtime the following day. this long line reveals they kept their promise. >> we are very happy, very excited about eagles and that's why we promise to the people. that's why we celebrating. >> reporter: and the celebration has only begun as eagles nation can finally say the birds are world champions. >> waited for this so long and you wonder is it going to be worth all the disappointments and all the losses and all the -- wondering in those down times what will the good times
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feel like. it feels so good. >> i've been in philly 33 years and so pleasure to see this happening. >> reporter: you've seen the good and the bad. >> good and the bad, yes, yes, and it's amazing. >> reporter: and the best part of every single conversation we had today with folks out here in south philadelphia and across the city was the way those conversations ended. everybody saying we'll see you at the parade. reporting live from south philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." monica. >> they are thrilled, thank you. many of the fans lucky enough to be at the game have now returned to philadelphia from minnesota. they arrived by the hundreds this morning running on pure adrenaline. [cheers and applause] as soon as they stepped off their planes these traveling fans were met by another crowd of cheering passengers in the airport. some of them paused to tell us about the unforgettable heart stopping game. >> it was just unbelievable. they're so scary, you know we
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had them the whole time. >> made a big defensive play. i thought that was the turning point. it was destiny over dynasty. >> absolutely. this was one of about two dozen flights arriving back today from minneapolis. >> meantime there's also a run on local newspapers commemorating the birds' historic win last night. fans have been stocking on super bowl souvenirs at newsstands throughout the city. the philadelphia inquirer chose the headline at last while the philadelphia daily news went with one for the ages flashed across the front page. complete coverage of your super bowl champs. there you can read today's headlines from newspapers across the country and take a look at how fans celebrated across our area. >> time for the accuweather forecast to see how the week ahead is looking. >> let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph. how you doing. >> pretty good here. sunshine out here. a little on the chilly side to start our week but you know what, that blue sky says it
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all as we take a look at the winds. they were whipping around town today, 35 miles an hour in philadelphia, allentown 31. clocking in 37 miles an hour for wilmington and close to 40 even for atlantic city. creating some wind chills. 23 right now is what it feels like in philadelphia, 21 allentown, 22 in trenton and basically low to mid-20's all the way down to the south for dover, cape may including the poconos off to the north. satellite and radar we've got thacl the eas coast. there's a little weather maker in the midwest now and near chicago with clouds and some snow showers, not going to get any precipitation out of that. but it will throw clouds our way late tonight and early tomorrow morning but there will be a bigger storm to come in midweek on wednesday with a wintry mess in the morning for the rush hour changing over to rain and then behind that some chilly winds for our victory parade after the eagles on thursday andhen turning milder as we head into the weekend so we'll track that storm that's going to create a lot of trouble for that morning rush hour wednesday and also have that super bowl
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parade forecast coming up, guys, in just a little bit. >> all right, adam we'll check back in later. thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 4:00 we're following breaking news from wall street as the dow drops more than a thousand points. >> the latest on the deadly train crash as investigators learn how the trains ended up on the same track. >> also coming up the supreme court weighs in on pennsylvania's redistricting fight. details about their ruling next. >> ♪ aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi,... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage... ...both abdominal pain and diarrhea at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have no gallbladder,
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>> as we mentioned the markets are tumbling on wall street. let's take a look at the numbers there and the dow dropping more than 1100 points. this is the largest single day point decline ever on wall street. the dow closing at 24200345. nasdaq dropping 266. the s & p 500 dropping more than 113 points. rocking and rolling day on wall street. the dow mbling almost 6 percent today. in other news eight people injured in a deadly amtrak crash over the weekend.
4:17 pm
they are still hospitalized and the passenger train crashed into parked freight train in south carolina. killed.ctor and engineer were the ntsb in the wrong position setting the amtrak train onto the same track as the freight train. sleeping passengers were jolted awake by the impact. it's believed that positive train control could have prevented such a crash. the in the were is still working to sort out how this could have happened. >> appear's pennsylvania's congressional district will be redrawn. today the u.s. supreme court denied an emergency appeal from republicans trying to stop thatess. last month the state supreme court ruled that the 18 districts do unfairly benefit republicans which violates pennsylvangovernor tom wolf and lawmakers have until next week to submit new boundaries. otherwise the state justices will come up with their own plan in hopes of keeping this may's primary election on track. "action news" traffic report
4:18 pm
monday afternoon. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> i think every day is a good day to be a philadelphian but today is an especially good day to be a philadelphian. good afternoon rick and monica. we've been watching the activity by the novacare complex along pattison avenue. we had a bunch of people running around in the street a couple minutes ago. they cleared out. still a couple people in the median. traffic can get by on the westbound side of pattison coming away from broad street. crash along city avenue at bala avenue that just cleared as did a broken down vehicle now gone from 95 southbound just south of allegheny but as you can see, it's still extra heavy coming down from the betsy ross bridge. if you're heading into new jersey this afternoon, you don't want to do so via the walt whitman jam packed the length heading into the garden state. it's because of emergency construction on 42 southbound approaching 295. left lane is out. theys spilling back onto 676. ben franklin and get on the
4:19 pm
admiral wilson boulevard and in marlton watching a crash this afternoon at 72 northbound approaching brick road where the left lane is blocked. we'll check it again, rick and monica, coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. >> time right now, sorry about that for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph is here now back inside and feeling wintry out there but if you're an eagles fan there's still a lot of sunshine. >> doesn't matter. they were jumping all over the place. as we head towards this week, a prett system is coming in on wednesday but thankfully just before the parade on thursday. >> okay. >> let's chat about it as we head to the center and talk about that lombardi trophy where it should be in philadelphia as we have our eagles, the super bowl champions and everyone gearing towards that parade on thursday. and here is that forecast. if you're heading out early to stake out your spot somewhere on broad street 9 o'clock in the morning it's going to be cold at 28 degrees but we're going to have a decent amount of sunshine throughout theto thh just so clouds. the because
4:20 pm
they funnel through the buildings of downtown, they will be gusting over 25 miles an hour creating wind chills the entire parade in the low 20's despite air temperatures going just above freezing. so, bring many layers and sunter gear but thankfully the n will be out. as we look at wind chills presently right now in the low 20's across-the-board from the northwest down to the south, dover 25 degrees, mount pocono at 21. clear sky right now as high pressure is in control just to our south and west. there's a little weather maker here with some snow working through iowa and parts of chicago in northern illinois and indiana. most of this is misses us to the north. we just get some clouds coming through late tonight, early tomorrow morning and temperaturesto will drop back into the teens for millville, allentown, reading. 24 for philadelphia. again as those clouds build late at night. as we start our tuesday morning, lots of clouds in the morning. there could be a couple of snow showers up towards the poconos. but we go back into the low 40's tomorrow afternoon as that sun returns so a nicer
4:21 pm
warmer day tomorrow and then wednesday morning it is going to be a mess in the morning rush hour especially philadelphia off to the north and west with snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain down to the south but as warmer air takes over it will all flip to rain for everybody even the poconos as we get into the afternoon so the afternoon fairing much better for that commute on wednesday. there are already winter storm watches up for the poconos carbon and mon pro county. nothing to the south. more than likely something will be issued for the rest of our region especially in our pennsylvania counties for that wednesday morning. so your four day at 4:00 forecast clouds to sun tomorrow 42. accuweather alert day on wednesday with that wintry mix in the morning. there will be some accumulation as well before it changes to rain. a warmer 44 in the afternoon. brisk, windy and cold on thursday for the parade of 34 degrees and then turning cloudy again on friday, 38 degrees. we'll let you know how much
4:22 pm
snow sleet and freezing rain before it changes to rain for our area coming up guys in the seven-day in the next half hour. >> thank you adam. >> yeah. >> up next on "action news" at 4:00 last night's win means bud light is under big pressure to make good on a bet. >> seems like they'll deliver. new details on how they'll get ready to ramp up the parade party when we come back. >> when the eagles win you win. i'll break down the freebies and other promotions celebrating the eagles super bowl victory in what's the deal. >> ♪ or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause lo tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. what do you think? i think it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> ♪ >> back now as the city celebrates their super bowl champions chopper6 found new billboards popping up across town like this one from the super feeling to praising saint nick and celebrating the champion. this town cannot get enough of the birds and why should we? >> always delivers. we love it. former backup quarterback turned super bowl m.v.p. foles is living out this true
4:26 pm
cinderella story in fashion. he flew directly last night from minnesota to florida for a celebratory at disney's magic kingdom in orlando. throngs of fans and park guest were gathered along main street u.s.a. in front of the princess castle. his visit continues as walt disney world tradition that started 31 years ago back in 1987. he's about to give mickey a hug by the way. after disney world, a fist bump, too he'll join his teammates on thursday for that hometown parade down broad street. >> that is so amazing and speaking of our hometown parade, it was a bet and bud light is making good on it. when the eagles super bowl parade makes its way from south philadelphia to the philadelphia museum of art bud light will buy you a beer if you're over 21. the beer company is making good on a promise to eagles defensive tackle lane johnson who told fans back in july i'm giving out a beer to everybody if the eagles win super bowl lii in minneapolis.
4:27 pm
and when they won, bud light tweeted, the eagles of philadelphia have emerged victorious. join us as lane johnson and your 21 and over friends at taverns along the parade route to raise one of the kingdom's favorite light laggers. today they announced 25 taverns are on board for this promotion. free beer it is, you guys. >> i like it. they're helping them out. good bet and we won it. >> tell you what else is on tap when our eagles coverage continues here on "action news" at 4:00. >> as the city cleans up from last night's celebration in the streets they're also busy getting ready for thursday's parade. latest in a live report from center city next. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> it is 4:30. i'm monica malpass along with rick williams in for brian and sharrie and "action news" continues with the celebration preparation that is under way for our eagles, the underdog eagles now transformed into the top dog. >> that's for for sure. came down to the wire ending the eagles 58 year championship drought with a 41 to 33 victory over the patriots. >> now it is time to party and within the last few hours the city of philadelphia released new details about the victory parade this week. the team will be stepping off from broad street and pattison avenue at 11:00 a.m. thursday morning. from there the birds will travel up through the city going around city hall of course. we're not sure if they will
4:30 pm
proceed around billy penn on the left or right but it will likely go on the left so that more people can pack into dillworth park. the team will then head north towards the philadelphia museum of art for a huge celebration. and with hundreds of thousands expected to pack the streets thursday, the city of course working hard to make sure that scenes like these are not repeated. >> last night's post super bowl activities were mostly controlled. some fans well they truly pushed the limits destroying property with reckless abandon. in center city dozens of people scaled grease light poles and traffic lights ripping some of them down. meanwhile some daredevil fans decided to use the ritz-carlton as a launch pad flipping off the canopy there. one guy even did a fall crashing backwards on his fellow revelers. that canopy eventually collapsed sending more than a dozen people tumbling to the concrete below. >> "action news" reporter john rawlins live in front of what is left of the wrecked canopy
4:31 pm
with more on how the police are going to hope to keep the next round of celebrations civil on thursday. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, guys. well, behind me on my left shoulder here is the entrance, entrance for the ritz-carlton. that canopy is gone hauled away. amazing somebody did not break their neck. police say city wide they're sticking with that estimate of three arrests not saying much beyond that saying there is ongoing investigation into folks who did damage last night. it took repair crews hours to replace traffic signals destroyed by revelers outside city hall. authorities say while most celebrants last night behaved well,. >> you going to get some idiots out there that for whatever reason they feel like they have to destroy property. >> reporter: the damage not widespread though at least one car overturned, a convenience store in south philadelphia looted, multiple broken windows in center city. with a victory parade thursday and images of damage fresh we asked merchants at broad and
4:32 pm
snyder if they were concerned about security with large numbers of fans expected to jam the parade route. staffers at this phone store and a nearby pizza shop said given the friendly crowd at the phillies world series parade in 08, they have few worries. >> if it gets too crazy we could always lock the door and make sure people come in we'll make sure -- we'll allow them to come in if it gets too crazy. >> we have some general concerns but for the most part we're ready for it and it's been a long time coming and we're more than happy to celebrate the eagles. >> reporter: so, an upbeat mood there by those merchants. they have seen the video they certainly knew the stories of the damage that was done but they figured that a daytime parade crowd in history would -- and history would seem to bear this out daytime parade crowd is going to be much more user friendly. live in center city, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> thank you john. you can count on "action news" to bring you every moment of the championship parade. the celebration will be live
4:33 pm
on air and streaming on and the 6abc app starting at 11:00 thursday morning. we'll have a team of reporters spread out all along the parade route for you and stay with "action news" as the m.v.p., the other players and the coaches take the stage at the art museum rally. all to address the best fan base in the nation. >> right here. and when the eagles soar to victory our viewers grabbed their cameras sharing some incredible post win moments with us on social media. >> alicia vitarelli has been going through your submissions all day long. she's over at the big board with a look at some of our favorites. hi, alicia some so hard to choose the favorites. there clearly has been a lot of celebrating for the birds and that's meant a lot of champagne. this championship was years in the making and so was popping this particular bottle of bubbly. >> yeah, pop. >> drink it, drink it. >> so, pop there frank bought that bottle of andre brut
4:34 pm
champagne for the 1981 super bowl where the eagles lost to the raiders. he promised to wait for a win to crack it open. pop popped it. he says as predicted this is from 1981 it tasted like vinegar. and this -- i mean, champagne doesn't age well. this win has been a long journey for a lot of fans. >> this has got to be one of the greatest super super bowls a long time . >> [laughter] >> reporter: bill shared this video with us of her 70-year-old dad from yardley. she says he's been waiting 58 years for this moment. his tears, his raw emotion shared by so many. >> this is going to be embarrassing on facebook. >> reporter: you do cry a lot anyway when you're
4:35 pm
pregnant, right? that's cat griffith from millville, new jersey. she loves in burbank california. she has all the feels watching the eagles win their first super bowl she's too far in her pregnancy to fly here for the parade. an update tooken original eagles anthem. >> brady tried his best, they forgot about the eagles nest. thanks you eagles, you did your thing, now you got a super bowl ring. fly all the way. >> yup. >> fly all the way up. >> yup. >> reporter: yup. you may remember edith and chris ball and their original tune fly all the way up. they updated it new lyrics for a new dawn and the eagles become super bowl champs. love them. married couple. she does the lead vocals. he's just like the dance back ground. >> yeah. >> reporter: fly all the way up. >> yeah, don't forget the yup. [laughter] >> all right. thank you alicia. well, two proud new parents
4:36 pm
from south jersey experienced the most exciting halftime show of their lives last night. jacqueline and her husband chris welcomed a healthy baby boy smack in the middle of the game. they had to leave their own super bowl party and are you sure to virtua hospital last evening and within the hour they had little carson noble named after carson wentz. >> back in october that if the eagles went to the super bowl and won, that his name could be carson. >> but they had to win. >> and they had to win and that's exactly what they did and not only was, you know, that part of it but he was born basically during halftime. >> mom jacqueline a two time cancer survivor says this was completely unexpected. she wasn't due until march 2nd. but the doctors say both she and carson are doing just fine. >> aww. how sweet. time to get a check on things and see how the forecast is shaping up. adam what's going on. >> quiet here to start the week here sunshine a little on the chilly side but we're tracking a storm for the middle of the week. in fact with those winds today
4:37 pm
behind this system this weekend wind chills right now just in the 20's for allentown, trenton, 23 in philadelphia, 22 in wilmington. the atlantic city airport just 27 degrees but with the cold comes the sunshine, far better than yesterday's soaking rain. as we look at sky6 live over center city not even a cloud in the sky. that sun up over the horizon a little longer this time of year so that's nice to see as well and you can see in the left part of the screen there, a few high clouds coming in from the west. in fact, those clouds will continue to march in overnight tonight, overtake the sky. any of that precipitation in the form of snow between saint louis and chicago will miss us to the north maybe the poconos getting a couple flurries or snow showers late tonight with that. another system will be ramping up for the morning rush on wednesday and basically stays with us the entire day on wednesday. we'll chat about the messy mix that changes to rain. we'll let you know how much snow and ice to expect where you live coming up in that full accuweather forecast including also the parade forecast on thursday in the seven-day in just a little
4:38 pm
bit. >> all right, adam thank you. our coverage of the eagles big win continues after the break with a look at some of the reasons their victory is also your victory. what you can get for free post super bowl. >> and doritos may have come up with a solution to a problem women did not know they had. what they reportedly want to do about the chip crunching noise. >> but before we go to break we have an update for general hospital viewers. we're going to air the soap opera in full right here on channel6 at 1:00 a.m. "action news" at 4:00 will be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> from our delaware news room two people have been found dead in wilmington. investigators sond here to the 2200 block of lamont street for a welfare check this afternoon. that's when they found a man and a woman dead inside of a home. homicide detectives were called to the scene. police have not yet said how the pair may have died. >> an elderly man was killed when his car crashed into a lake in west windsor new jersey. the suv was located in the
4:41 pm
water off south post road in front of the princeton national rowing association building. first responders found an 85-year-old driver dead in the partially submerged vehicle. police have not released the man's name yet. it's still not clear what caused him to lose control. a school bus was involved in this accident this morning in pennsauken. police say the bus hit a car at 36th street and river road. we're still working to find out if anyone was hurt. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> well, thousands of brave souls took a chilly dip in the atlantic for a good cause. the water temperature was a frigid 37 degrees during the annual llewes polar bear plunge to benefit the special olympics delaware. more than 3200 people took part in raising more than $800,000 yesterday in rehoboth beach. the event sponsored by wawa has raised nearly $11 million in its 27 year history. >> big talkers now and a super bowl ad is at the center of controversy today. ram truck used a speech by
4:42 pm
dr. martin luther king jr. and it's drawing some backlash. >> you want to be important. wonderful. if you want to be recognized. wonderful. >> so critics say the idea of using the civil rights leaders word to "sell trucks crossed the line" calling it everything from crass to inappropriate. ram says the cole was to highlight its volunteer program. dr. king's intellectual property firm says it did approve the use of the speech in this ad because they felt it embodied his philosophy. so you know sometimes up find a magazine or maybe one of those thick bags in the back pocket of an airplane seat s1 passenger found sensitive documents from the department of homeland security laying out antiterrorism preps for the super bowl. 78 pages of top-secret planning were somehow left by someone on the inside on a commercial flight. they included travel plans for senior staff members and explicit instructions on how
4:43 pm
to handle a potential bio terror attack. >> look i'm not going to pretend that this is america's crown jewels. on the other hand it is obviously significant that these were left behind. one is it shows a sort of casualness about the very safety and security that we're promising our state and local partners when we do these exercises and trainings. secondly who knows who else could have picked this up. >> as for the homeland security official who left those super bowl documents on that commercial plane, dhs isn't commenting calling it a personnel matter. finally you probably don't think of snack chips as his and hers but doritos is trying to roll out a new line of chips meant just for ladies. lady doritos. in an interview about the new products the woman behind it says women "don't like to crunch too loudly in public and they don't like to lick their fingers generously and they don't like to pour the
4:44 pm
little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouths." so, doritos is working on a low crunch version with, ladies, purse friendly packaging. you can share with guys if you like but men do not expect dainty sound not a big loud crunch on this chip #lady doritos the top trending topics today. >> wow. >> i like to crunch loudly. don't judge. >> she eats a salad crunchy. >> i eat the crumbly pieces at the bottom. >> and put them right in my purse. >> time for another check of the roads right now. >> matt pelman with an update. things kind of loud out there on the highways and byways right now. >> yeah, we've had some vehicles going crunch unfortunately but that's not what's causing this delay. it's not an accident. it's emergency construction rick and monica. this is 676 in camden. southbound side all stacked up. take a snack if you're going to head for the southbound
4:45 pm
side of 676 on down to 42. the emergency road work is on 42 itself. southbound side approaching 295. left lane out of commission. this is also causing a massive jam on the walt whitman bridge new jersey bound. speeds just in the teens at best. so if you're heading into the garden state this afternoon, do so via the ben franklin bridge but then don't get on 676 much. keep going on the admiral wilson boulevard. accident northbound side of 73 approaching brick road taking out the left lane. just 11 miles an hour there. not your best route home as you travel northbound towards 70 along 73. and crossing the river, had a broke down vehicle. 95 a approaching cottman its gone now. this is a look at 95 near the airport. nearby on the platt bridge we've got a broken down vehicle that's affecting traffic trying to head toward south philadelphia away from the airport. one of the two lanes is blocked. so if you're heading in that
4:46 pm
direction towards south philadelphia, i would do so via 95 and the girard point double decker not the platt this afternoon. word of a crash on the blue route, 476, southbound near macdade causing big delays coming down from broomall upper darby heading towards 95. up in the lehigh valley watch out for a wreck along 22. it's the eastbound side coming away from the northeast extension passing through 09. you're jammed there. i think 78 would be a better bet. we'll check it again though, rick and monica, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> matt thank you. ♪ >> stepping outside right now sky6 taking a live look at the center city skyline this afternoon. meteorologist adam joseph has another check of your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or...
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4:48 pm that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. my shoulders carry more they carry my community's pride my family's pride and pride in myself because shoulders were made for greatness not dandruff >> chopper6 live over the philadelphia museum of art where if you look closely down below you can see several of
4:49 pm
the city's trucks already preparing for the big parade. they have built a prestage in the middle of the steps there and to the right it's a cherry picker type vehicle. they'll be hanging the banners and getting everything ready as they prepare for a big celebration thursday and this is where it will all culminate in front of the iconic art museum steps with rocky able to watch the whole thing, his statue of course to the right-hand side right beyond that cherry picker so the city already getting things ready. exciting. >> they picked a good day because wednesday is going to be a little rainy, right. >> yeah, hopefully they get everything prepared through the day tomorrow because wednesday it is going to be a messy mix in the morning and then a soaking rain the rest of the day. so wednesday kind of a washout from start to finish. good on thursday. as we head to the weather sent we take a look live on sky6 a beautiful shot of that blue sky and you're starting to see a little glow there on the commodore barry bridge. that sun now setting at 5:25, so it's getting a little bit later but as beautiful as it looks from the inside out, when you step out, there is a
4:50 pm
chill in the air. we're at 33 in philadelphia right now, 34 in millville. 29 for reading and allentown but that doesn't tell the whole story. you factor in the winds that have been gusting between 30, 40 miles an hour and it feels more like 21 in the lehigh valley, pretty close to that for berks county. 23 in the city of phidelphia and not much better than that for millville, down to the shore where it's between about 25 and 27 degrees. satellite and radar, the country right now is very quiet. there's a little system right there near chicago. that lifts to our north just bringing us clouds late tonight, early tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine, clear skies down the east coast. but there will be another system developing and that ramps up and brings a lot of precipitation our way starting first thing on wednesday morning. so, for tonight, it is clear early. clouds come in late but it stays dry. pretty bitter, 15 in the suburbs, 24 degrees for center city. future tracker showing early in the morning there could be a couple of quick snow flurries or snow showers northern lehigh valley, up into the poconos.
4:51 pm
the rest of us it's a cloudy start to tuesday morning and a dry rush hour. then sun returns tomorrow afternoon, 30's in the northwest, 41 philadelphia, 40 in millville and then on wednesday, 6:30 in the morning that rush hour will be a nightmare especially wilmington all points to the north and west so it's snow sleet freezing rain. rain in southern areas from the start to finish but warm air takes over to the poconos wednesday afternoon with heavy rain. we could see more than a half an inch of rain after that messy mix in the morning and we're looking at a quick coating to an inch of snow and sleet wednesday morning, dover, millville, philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, interior south jersey. lehigh valley to the poconos three to 6 inches there before the changeover and that changeover will be slow for our pennsylvania counties all wednesday morning. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 42, clouds to sun tomorrow. that wintry mix going over to rain wednesday of 44 degrees
4:52 pm
and it's brisk, windy, cold for the parade on thursday, 30's feeling more like the low 20's and then turning cloudy again friday, 38 and a big upwarm for the weekend. saturday, sunday, 40's to the 50's. sunday looking like another very wet day before we dry out 44 degrees. so, pack the patience wednesday morning and expecting some delays and maybe even cancellations for schools especially in our pennsylvania counties wednesday. >> okay. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you adam. we're celebrating the eagles victory with discounts and freebies next in what's the around.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> with the eagles big super bowl win local businesses are celebrating with super big promotions to keep the party going. did you have a couple cups of coffee like i did.
4:55 pm
dunkin donuts bringing back its eagles win you win. get a free medium coffee when you sign up to be a dd perks member. that is through the end of today. and also today friendly's in the philadelphia area offering a free launch super celebration sundae. bruegger's bagels free bagel and cream cheese with any purchase. we have the form you need to fill out on that one on our web site. at the museum of the american refer pollution two dollars off the admission price if you show up in your eagles gear. that's going to run through sunday the 11th. also extending the renaming of their patriots gallery the eagles gallery, love that. reading running physically has a list of discounts on parade day thursday we're hearing shake shack is serving up free swoops scoop custard green vanilla custard with chocolate
4:56 pm
cake from term knee brothers mixed in. free for everyone. on parade day you will get a free beer courtesy of lane johnson and bud light making good on that promise and this just in tomorrow you know boston market renamed philly market giving away 52 free chickens. we've got details on our web site. >> nice. >> breaking news. >> fun stuff. >> thank you alicia. that's going to do it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff sharrie williams monica malpass meteorologist adam joseph i'm rick williams. join brian, adam, ducis and sharrie tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> our eagles super bowl championship coverage continues for you on "action news" at 5:00 coming up we'll take you along the parade route where you can still find a place to stay and where it will start and finish, all the details you need to cheer on your winning birds. >> also the flu epidemic continues to spread and intensify across the country and in our region and it may impact your school schedules
4:57 pm
as well and not because of the students. we'll explain. >> those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00. >> ♪
4:58 pm
>> ♪ delaware valley's leading news program with jaime apody,
4:59 pm
meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the champions are home. fresh off their first franchise super bowl win. the eagles are back in philadelphia to share their excitement with the fans who are still flying high tonight. >> monday night and the big story on "action news," your world champion ship eagles back in the city of brotherly love now and ready to celebrate with you. the team arrived about two and a half hours ago and of course throngs of loving fans were right that the. >> what a surprise they got when the entire team walked over to the fence with the vince lombardi trophy in hand to greet them take pictures and say thank you for their support. however there was one person who was not on today's flight to philadelphia, nick nick foles had his own parade at walt disney world today. >> earlier today eagles quarterback foles spoke to the foles as you know had 373 passing yards, three touchdown
5:00 pm
passes and one touchdown reception. he talked about how the birds have man m.v.p.'s, not just him. >> he also shared what it was like watching his teammates celebrate last night's victory. >> you know, all around us my teammates, my coaches, their loved ones, you know, that's what it's about. it's about that moment where you can just enjoy it, the love, the joy, everything you do with one another, the support. i mean, i can't say enough and i know that, you know, doug is the same way. that's what it's about. >> foles went on to thank his parents for their support and helping make his football dreams come true. >> meantime the philadelphia streets department made quick work of the cleanup along broad street as you can see from chopper6 right here and what a difference a few hours makes because this is how it looked along broad street in the minutes and hours after last night's super bowl victory. >> absolutely packed. well, for all those eagles fans who couldn't stay up for
5:01 pm
the festivities because they had school today, we have some good news for y


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