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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reception. he talked about how the birds have man m.v.p.'s, not just him. >> he also shared what it was like watching his teammates celebrate last night's victory. >> you know, all around us my teammates, my coaches, their loved ones, you know, that's what it's about. it's about that moment where you can just enjoy it, the love, the joy, everything you do with one another, the support. i mean, i can't say enough and i know that, you know, doug is the same way. that's what it's about. >> foles went on to thank his parents for their support and helping make his football dreams come true. >> meantime the philadelphia streets department made quick work of the cleanup along broad street as you can see from chopper6 right here and what a difference a few hours makes because this is how it looked along broad street in the minutes and hours after last night's super bowl victory. >> absolutely packed. well, for all those eagles fans who couldn't stay up for the festivities because they had school today, we have some good news for you. the philadelphia school
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district has just announced there will be no school for public or archdiocesan students this thursday because of the parade. all teachers, students and staff will have a chance to witness history. >> speaking of parades, we have live team coverage of thursday's festivities. nydia han has more on places and spaces people can stay. reporter vernon odom is at the airport with all those eagles fans returning from minneapolis just in time. >> but first let's head to annie mccormick live at the art museum right now where the parade will end on thursday. hi, annie. >> hey, annie. >> reporter: hi. they're already making preps right now. we're told that quietly the city began putting out feelers actually ahead of the super bowl. now, though, they're going full speed ahead. we've got some of the details today, all of them are expected to be released tomorrow. chopper6 hd over the art museum steps where crews began assembling the station for the eagles' parade -- where the eagles parade will end on thursday.
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across the city you can see preparations in the works. >> about three-quarters full on the gas tank. >> reporter: by city hall private contractors set up generators and equipment to strengthen wifi and cell phone signals for parade goers to call text and post on social media. all of the route details are not released yet but the city announced today the parade will begin in south philadelphia at broad and pattison and will head north presumably along broad street and then to the ben franklin parkway. the city confirms it will end at the art museum. fans are excited. >> i live actually a couple steps from here, so i'll be in the center of it all. >> the whole city, i'm going to be there with my friends and family. we going to celebrate all wear green. >> early in the morning and leaving late at night. >> reporter: your friends, you guys are already talking about, already making plans. >> yeah we've been talking about it. we didn't want to jinx it and make anything official. now that it's going to happen i'll be here. >> reporter: good thing he
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didn't jinx it. well, like we said we're still waiting for more details from the city like what you can expect along the parade route. we are told today by a food truck vendor that they actually put in an application last week to have their food truck along the way. also during the season eagles lane johnson made a promise to fan about free beer if they won the super bowl. bud light jumped on that and said they would provide free beer if the eagles won the super bowl. they're making good on that promise. reporting live on the art museum steps annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> now let's go live to nydia han along the ben franklin parkway with more on how hotels something along the parade route are getting ready for this huge event. hi, nydia. >> reporter: hey, guys. this is so exciting. hotels along broad street and the parkway are getting ready for the parade party of a lifetime. "action news" called just about every single hotel along the parade route and i have some good news and some bad news. the bad news first.
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>> good afternoon thank you for calling double tree. >> reporter: phones at hotels along the parade route are ringing off the hook ever since the eagles super bowl win. >> we thought the parade was going to be tomorrow initially. usually every other year they do it on tuesday after the super bowl but obviously this isn't every other year. >> reporter: the smith family tried to change their reservation to wednesday and thursday nights but no luck. >> we're being absolutely flexible. moving with the flow of things so that they're able to get in. >> reporter: but you had to call last night. the double tree was only 70 percent occupied then. but today like every other hotel right along the parade route it is fully booked wednesday through friday. >> we're not going to let it bring us down. we're still going to have a good time. >> reporter: many hotels including the double tree and embassy suites will restrict lob bees and other spaces to guests only on thursday but some private event spaces are available although not at the logan. >> actually we had three of our specialty suites that were available and we put them online and they were gone
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within an hour. >> reporter: but i told you i do have good news so here it is. last we checked there are rooms available at hotels elsewhere in center city starting at about $179 and there are restaurants and other places with terrific parade views right here along the parkway that are available to the public. still available to the public. i'll reveal that list coming up on "action news" at 6:00 live on the parkway i'm nydia han channel6 "action news." >> thank you nydia. philadelphia's party is just getting started but for the folks in minneapolis minnesota it's time to clean up a mess after quite a wonderful trip. the once packed streets in that downtown area were deserted if you will shortly after the game giving crews a bit of a head start. >> and the lucky fans who got to watch the eagles take down the patriots in person are making their way home tonight. >> they watched their beloved birds make history and now they get to celebrate again with the rest of us in philadelphia. vernon odom live at the airport with their stories of returning. hi, vernon.
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>> reporter: hello, rick and to you, monica. we saw hundreds of them and talked to them today. they're arriving back here after the long flight today and overnight some of them. they were emotionally drained physically exhausted but they were very, very exhileratd and they were greeted with cheers for what each one said to a person was one of the greatest experiences of their lives. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: as eagles fans arrived home from minnesota today, they were greeted like heroes themselves. american airlines says they sent 2200 out and back since last monday on 15 different flights. >> i actually think i cried. i didn't know what to say. i mean i was surrounded by -- we went out with 160 people on the plane. we were altogether and i just -- i was just stunned. i just cried. >> i've been a season ticket holder for almost 40 years, so i've gone through the good and
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the bad and this is just super. >> reporter: each devotee talked about the rollercoaster ride they were on last night as they went toe to toe for three and a half hours. >> that was a rollercoaster. i mean we always hoped and knew but those last couple minutes were, you know,. >> it was like a heavy weight fight. >> reporter: for so many making this pilgrimage to minnesota was like no other. >> it was an experience of a lifetime. we waited a lot of years for this and we really had a lot of fun. >> reporter: rollercoaster ride. >> oh, yeah. when brady gets the ball with two minutes to go you never know what's going to happen but our guys rose to the occasion. >> reporter: rick, monica, as you can hear those people are emotionally drained and exhausted as i said but they will remember that as one of the all time great nail-biters and fortunately we win. i'm vernon odom channel6
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"action news" live at philadelphia international airport. >> all right, vernon thank you. this reminder you can fly over to for complete coverage of your super bowl champs. you can read today's headlines from newspapers all across the country and take a look at how eagles fans are celebrating the big victory all across our area. >> and don't miss a minute of the citywide celebration. you can watch the championship parade right here live on 6abc. we will be live on air and streaming on and our 6abc app starting at 11:00 thursday morning. we'll have a team of reporters of course spread all along the parade route for you. stay with "action news" as the m.v.p., the other players and the coaches take the stage of the art museum rally to thank eagles nation. >> ♪ >> we have some breaking news tonight concerning the stock market. the dow jones industrial average plummeted nearly 1600 points at one point today, the second day of steep loses for u.s. stocks brought an tend to to aered pooh of record setting calm in the mark. when the markets closed
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thedown ended down more than 1100 points. the slump began on friday actually as investors worried that creeping signs of higher inflation and interest rates could derail the u.s. economy. >> time right now for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center monday night. how is the weekend matt. >> it was a pretty good weekend i got to say. noing is going to get us down on this marvelous monday rick and monica, except some of our speeds are down a little bit. here at the platt bridge headed towards south philadelphia, away from the airport, we had a broken down vehicle right here in the left lane. so it is still heavy coming away from the airport and away from i-95. might want to stay on 95, the girard point double decker northbound head towards broad street instead. southbound side 95 approaching broad there's a disabled vehicle as well but that is off to the side. this is not all off to the side. crash on the blue route, 476, southbound side approaching macdade boulevard. it's taking out the right lane. so coming down from broomall you're looking at least single
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digit speeds like 4 miles per hour. i would steer clear, head for 320 or 252, not the southbound side of 476 this afternoon. coming away from 476 in the lehigh valley, speeds like 15 miles per hour on 22 eastbound. that's because of a crash approaching cedarcrest boulevard. use tillman street or stay down on 78 eastbound instead of 22 eastbound and getting into new jersey still a problem at the walt whitman bridge because of emergency construction on 42 southbound approaching 295 and now in the backlog there's also a crash here on 676 southbound. it is stacked solid. if you're coming off the ben franklin bridge do not get on 676. keep going on the admiral wilson boulevard. we'll check it again, rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> will do. >> thank you. >> thanks matt. >> still to come on "action news," the flu season isn't letting up. it is now impacting schools across the country including right near our area. ali gorman with details. >> championship eagles
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merchandise already out and folks waited in the cold just to get their hands on it and we'll show you. cecily. >> it certainly was cold today. temperatures generally hovering around freezing. however you factor in the winds we've got wind chills in the 20's and now i'm tracking a wintry mix on the way. could complicate the wednesday morning commute. i'll have all the details on that in the accuweather forecast when action news returns. >> ♪ this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke...
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>> health check tonight. influenza epidemic isn't letting up yet on eastern states. it's continuing to cause high absentee rates in schools. >> it's not always students who are sick. ali gorman tells us more from the big board. >> the flu was even a big story at the super bowl. some players had symptoms earlier in the week and pink was diagnosed days before. it is still going around and for schools in hard hit areas, many have had to cut activities or even close because many of the kids are sick. but it's not always the kids. a school in north jersey called off classes because too many of their bus drivers have the flu. classes were canceled for 1400 students in the branch burg district that's in somerset county after more drivers called out sick than could be replaced. the district is taking opportunities to disinfect all of the buses and schools.
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the cleaning seems to be working for the schools. there's been no flu outbreak among students. >> we have been keeping on top of disinfecting the buildings for weeks. it's not about the students it's only about transportation. >> what do you do when you cough and sneeze. >> cover our mouth. >> they're sneezing into their elbow or arm. keep washing your hands often disinfect common surfaces and do still want to get a flu shot if you haven't already. the number of flu cases in our area is that still climbing and the season could last until the spring so it's still one of the best ways to protect yourself. also today there's new evidence that shows for some people lyme's disease could have long lasting effects sump as fatigue and depression. those symptoms could last even when blood tests no longer detect the bacteria that
5:16 pm
causes this disease. this has been a controversial issue in the medical community whether the effects of the tick born illness can persist. researchers are from johns hopkins, they say based on their study they believe there is such a thing as post treatment lyme disease syndrome. it can be diagnosed with a thorough examination of symptoms. rick and that's something that we'll continue to watch. >> all right ali thank you. officials say eight people remain hospitalized after they were hurt on that amtrak train that crashed into a parked train in south carolina. the conductor and engineer on the amtrak train were killed in the wreck early yesterday. happened when one of the amtrak passenger trains was diverted onto a sidetrack and them slammed into a parked freight train. officials say that positive train control a braking system could have prevented the crash if it had been in place.
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>> philadelphia eagles as you know are super bowl champs and minutes after nick foles was named the m.v.p. of the game he told the world he's going to disney world. >> philly fans are everywhere. [cheers and applause] >> yes, they are. foles flew directly to minneapolis to orlando florida this morning. he took part in a parade through the park while tons of
5:20 pm
eagles fans and park guests and mickey mouse cheered him on. his visit to the walt disney world resort continues a tradition that began 31 years ago. >> well, back here when you're super bowl champions looking the part is essential. that's why eagles fans lined up bright and early to get their hands on all the new gear available after the birds beat the patriots. bob brooks was out with the masses this morning. >> i waited my whole life for this, you understand, i waited my whole life for this. >> reporter: today is yet another first for eagles nation. after watching the birds win the super bowl for the first time, now they can go out and buy super bowl victory gear for the first time. >> ♪ >> reporter: and they didn't waste any time. this was the scene at dick's last night at king of prussia mall. the line was huge. hundreds of people, it was as much buying victory gear as it was the celebration. >> ♪ >> this is philly. we care a lot about our sports
5:21 pm
teams. knowing us we probably would be out by the morning so we got to get it before it's all gone. >> i got a pennant about five shirts for people. that's it. my purse. got a hat. >> my gosh check out the shirt. >> yes. yeah, i got my slippers on. >> reporter: take a look at this in south philadelphia at modell's this morning. people were lining up before it opened at 5:00. then once inside fans wasted no time in gobbling up hats shirts hoodies and footballs. >> man it's 5:00 a.m. i've been up. the eagles won the super bowl. i can't sleep. figured i'd get some kind of memorabilia. >> reporter: how does it feel to own that shirt now?, super bowl champs. >> 58 years, length. >> reporter: for some no expense is being spared today. >> i gotten for my whole crew. i bought my guys they're at work and they showed up today so i'm treating them with championship hoodies. >> reporter: modell's says
5:22 pm
they plan on restocking as long as they keep buying the gear. fans say they plan to keep this forever or until the next super bowl win. >> i bought a shirt for my husband, my mother, my daughter and i -- i can't think who else. for me. i forgot me. [laughter] >> reporter: wow. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: just to give you an idea how important this moment is for so many people i spoke with several people inside modell's including many grown men who say buying eagles super bowl victory gear has nearly or it has brought them to tears. reporting in south philadelphia, bob brooks channel6 "action news". hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis,
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>> time right now for a check of that accuweather forecast for the all important week ahead with our parade. meteorologist cecily tynan here. >> definitely on the chilly side. sunshine came back after the rain last night. i want to show you this picture that was posted on my facebook page from gene from fairless hills pennsylvania. window frost on her windshield. crystals formed those elaborate designs thanks to pieces of dust and imperfections in the glass but if you look closely they almost look like feathers, like eagles feathers and everyone has been asking me about the weather on thursday
5:26 pm
for the parade. the weather is going to cooperate. it will be dry, partly sunny but it is going to be cool. so if you're heading down there to broad street you really do want to bundle up. 9 o'clock when you head down there 28 degrees. 11 o'clock when the parade steps off, 30 degrees and then temperatures hovering in the low 30's but it will be on the breezy side. winds up to about 25 miles an hour so the wind chill, the way it feels in the low 20 so definitely want to bundle. it's going to be cold but dry. right now feels pretty cold out there as well. 23 degrees in philadelphia, allentown 21, cape may 26 lancaster 19 and reading 21-degree wind chills. satellite and radar showing not a cloud in the sky right now. clear skies but if you look out to the west, this system that's bringing us some snow near chicago, this will be brushing us mainly with clouds overnight into the first half of the day tomorrow. could get a few snow showers in the poconos so tonight it's clear early, then it clouds up. it's going to be a cold night. 24 in philadelphia.
5:27 pm
allentown 15. the boardwalk in atlantic city 23. and wilmington 21. through the day tomorrow, we'll see the sunshine early, then the clouds. the clouds early, then the sunshine is back in the afternoon. and temperatures about where they should be for this time of year for tuesday, 41 degrees at 3 o'clock. by 5 o'clock, 39 degrees. and the winds not nearly as strong as today. the problem is going to be wednesday morning. we're issuing an accuweather alert because we've got a messy morning commute. future tracker showing snow north and west, some ice in philadelphia, rain to the south. there will be an eventual changeover all rain through the day but there is going to be a problem with that icing in the morn. if you're heading up to the poconos there's a winter storm watch posted wednesday morning into the evening for the combination of consume lighting snow and ice. we'll talk about the actual snowfall amounts in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow clouds in the morning, sunshine by the afternoon, seasonable, 42 degrees. wednesday that messy wintry mix in the morning changing
5:28 pm
over to rain 44. we dry out for the parade on thursday. friday it clouds up, 48. saturday 47 degrees with clouds returning and sunday will be mild but wet. we'll talk about that and more details on wednesday coming up in the next half hour, guys. >> sounds good. >> thanks cecily. >> much more ahead in our next half hour of "action news." stick around. we'll be right back. >> okay. i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk
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>> ♪ >> action news continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. a super bowl parade means some super concerns for businesses along the parade route. as the city prepares for a packed celebration. and before those fans hit broad street for the parade what they're saying about the long awaited super bowl victory. also, homicide detectives are looking into what killed two people inside of a home in wilmington. >> now the details. the philadelphia eagles have won their first super bowl of course and the celebration didn't stop on the field. right now the city as you know is preparing for a super bowl parade that hundreds of thousands of people or more are expected to attend. the team will step off from
5:31 pm
broad street and pattison avenue at 11:00 a.m. thursday morning. before there the birds will travel through the city going around philadelphia city hall. we're not sure yet if the procession will go around billy penn on the left or the right but likely on the left so more people can pack into dillworth park. the team will then head north towards the philadelphia museum of art for a huge culminating celebration. but with the parade of this magnitude of course comes some concerns. "action news" reporter john rawlins spoke to some of the businesses along the route and he joins us live from center city now with the very latest on that. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, monica. well, given the vandalism and given the bad behavior by some last night it seemed reasonable to ask those businesses who are along the likely parade route if they have any concerns about security. >> why they got to destroy? why they got -- i mean, we won. there's no reason to tear up. >> reporter: passionate eagles fan dee moses reacting to last night's damage to traffic signals outside city
5:32 pm
hall while most revelers behaved some did destroy. the police commissioner said a review of security video should produce images of suspects. >> some of these idiots will wake up to their faces being on the news in the next couple days when we get a chance to, you know, go through this video. >> reporter: damage not widespread but one car was overturned. a convenience store in south philadelphia looted multiple broken windows. with those images of the damage still fresh we asked merchants at broad and snyder if they have any concerns with security with large numbers of fans expected to jam the parade route. they say given the friendly crowds at the phillies world series parade in 08 they had few worries. this woman who operates a hairstyling shop says she will close for the day but only because schools are closing. >> you see my kids don't have school then i decide to close. >> reporter: others we talked to plan to stay opened not concerned about the expected crowds. >> no, not really.
5:33 pm
i don't feel like they're going to get too rowdy. i was near city hall last night actually and it wasn't as bad as i expected like in the middle of the night and i'm sure a parade in the middle of the day would be much more taper. >> reporter: and that was the consensus from everybody we talked to. they had seen the video they knew about the trouble from last night but they're confident a daytime crowd no matter how big is going to be more user friendly. live in center city, john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, john, thank you. meantime the school district of philadelphia and archdiocesan schools administrative offices will all be closed this thursday for the eagles super bowl parade. school officials say classes will resume on friday. and you can count on "action news" to bring you every moment of that parade, the celebration will be live on air and streaming on and the 6abc app starting at 11 o'clock thursday morning with a team of reporters spread out along the parade route and stay with "action news" as the m.v.p.,
5:34 pm
nick foles, other players, coaches, all take the stage at the art museum rally to address the best fan base in the nation. well, many of those fans expected to attend the parade on thursday have been waiting for this moment, some of them for their entire lives actually. and now that the eagles can finally call themselves super bowl champs, those fans can hardly contain their excitement. "action news" reporter walter perez spoke to some of those fans tonight and he joins us live now from south philadelphia. hey, walter. >> reporter: well, rick, here we are outside the home of the phillies, of course,withy unfurled reading congratulations super bowl lii champions. just one more example of how every organization, every group, everyone in the delaware valley is embracing the brand new reality that the eagles are the best team in football. a few days ago we posted this viral video of eagles fan victor roman struggling to keep a lid on his emotions so as not to wake up his newborn
5:35 pm
baby girl when the birds crushed the vikings to win the nfc. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: well as you can see it was a repeat performance last night when the birds won super bowl lii. victor spoke with us by way of face time saying he knew the birth of his little girl marked the start of a really goodyear. >> have an amazing give, her beautiful daughter elena, amazing big sister and the eagles winning the super bowl. >> reporter: then you have p uh-uh mba case of north philadelphia. she says she got this tattoo with a promise she would add a tattoo of the vince lombardi trophy next to it if the eagles ever won the super bowl. >> that was six, seven years ago. i'm glad i got it. >> reporter: this is a degree come true. >> reporter: she returns to to the tattoo parlor later on this week. that's a small sampling of how the delaware valley has been
5:36 pm
celebrating with pride and compassion. >> we're standing on a bus bus stop right over there. >> reporter: i won't say anything. >> it was crazy. >> more than half the room was crying. never seen some of these people cry in my life but like my uncle crying, he's like i hope this doesn't end up on snapchat that i'm crying. >> reporter: gail even got her service dog in on the act. >> mcnabb jersey. he's not going to be allowed to take it off until next year. it's a part of his helping regalia now. >> reporter: and the best part of the conversations we we had today was the way those conversations ended every single time, everyone saying we'll see you at the parade. reporting live from south philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you walter. fly over to for complete coverage of your super bowl champs. and there you can read today's headlines from newspapers across the country and take a look at how eagles fans celebrated that big victory a around the area. >> turning to other news now from our delaware news room a man and woman were found dead
5:37 pm
inside of a home in wilmington this afternoon. police say they found the bodies during a welfare check here on the 2200 block of lamont street in wilmington. police have not said how the money and -- man and woman might have died. it's under investigation. homicide detectives were at the scene. the victims' identities haven't been released. a 16-year-old boy told police two men broke into his home on the 200 block of seventh avenue at about 8:45 this morning in wilmington much police say the teenager suffered a cut to the hand during afight with the men. he was transported to saint francis hospital. the incident remains under investigation. >> icy conditions may be to blame for a crash involving a school bus in delaware county. chopper6 hd over the scene in the 600 block of mount alverno road in aston. the crash happened at 7:30 this morning. no injuries reported but there was damage to both vehicles. >> all right. time now for an update on the commute home on a monday night. >> over to matt pelman live in the ax "action "action news" trc
5:38 pm
center. >> it's a good monday just not so good in a couple spots on the roads like here 95 southbound side in the great northeast between woodhaven and academy. there was a crash in the left lane. now they have it pushed off to the right side but it's still extra heavy coming southbound on 95ly from street road in bucks county through this point approaching academy in northeast philadelphia. if you're heading toward 95 in delaware county things are getting better. the crash on the blue route, 476, southbound approaching macdade is gone. the bad news is you're still looking at some speeds like 10 miles per hour coming down from villanova. that 44 minute travel time should be about 17 or 18 minutes. so still more than double what it ideally should be. in the first state, in delaware, there's a crash on 495 southbound this afternoon but 95 southbound is just as busy and 13 is also busy. bottom line is whichever way you're going to go allow a few extra minutes on those southerly routes in delaware. little better news in new jersey. our emergency crews --
5:39 pm
construction on 42 southbound has cleared. still heavy coming off the walt whitman bridge. still heavy on 676 approaching 42 but at least the situation is improving. rick and monica, back over to you. >> thank you. >> thanks matt. >> still to come on "action news" tonight while philadelphia was celebrating a different story in massachusetts last night. details on some riots that took place. >> also she died more than 30 years ago but today detectives make an announcement about the death of actress natalie woods. >> and meteorologist adam joseph tracking the latest in our "action news" center weather center including something interesting for wednesday. >> a messy mix. despite the sunshine wind chills right now only in the 20's and then around philadelphia teens to the north and west. we're tracking a storm that's going to bring snow, sleet freezing rain and rain. we'll have a timing on that plus that super bowl parade forecast coming up in the seven day guys. >> adam thank you. fresh off the plane from minnesota sports director ducis rodgers with how the eagles are spending their first full day as super bowl
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
>> documents detailing antiterrorism preparations for the super bowl were actually found in the back pocket of an airplane seat. the department of homeland
5:43 pm
security which were marked for official use only had details of preparations in the event of a biological attack during the game. at this time it's unclear who left those documents on board a plane. six people were arrested and several others injured following this riot on the university of massachusetts amherst campus at the super bowl in a statement the school said 2,000 people gathered after the patriots lost. the school said there were a number of fights and some people threw objects and set off smoke bombs and firecrackers. 12 people were hospitalized forehead injuries cuts and alcohol intoxication. >> all right. time for sports as if there's anything else to talk about. ducis rodgers just got here back from minneapolis and i'm sure the eagles didn't sleep at all. how much sleep have you gotten. >> around 90 minutes of sleep. >> okay. >> but it's good. >> we got some toothpicks for your eyes. >> it's all for a very good reason. >> absolutely. >> the eagles are super bowl champions. let's say it again. the eagles are super bowl champions. if you don't believe me take a look at this. >> that's the lombardi trophy
5:44 pm
planted firmly in coach doug pederson's hand. the team arrived back in philadelphia shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. hundreds of fans were there to greet them at the airport. one player who was noticeably absent this afternoon was the m.v.p., nick foles. he has had a whirlwind day. first he picked up the hardware in minneapolis from commissioner roger goodell that m.v.p. trophy. he made the award all about the team. >> i'm fortunate to be the m.v.p. of this game but as you've seen this year we've had so many m.v.p.'s throughout the course of this team, different guys stepping up and you know it's just a great honor to be up here to accept this but on behalf of the philadelphia eagles, i'm fortunate to be a part of a great team. it wasn't necessarily me it was everyone around me that didn't amazing job. out come was we're world champions. >> last night he cut a promo saying he was going to disney world. he's a man of his word. foles took part in a parade at disney this afternoon.
5:45 pm
mickey mouse was there. he knows who the ma and is -- mn is now. >> the game was one of the better super bowls you will ever see s the eagles trailed the patriots by one -- excuse me by one with just over two minutes to play. foles hit zach ertz one of 3td passes for foles. eagles led by five. eagles up eight this was the play of the game. brandon graham with the strip sac derek barnett recovers then moments later the birds crowned super bowl champions for the first time in their lengthy storied history. as you can imagine, the players were over the moon . >> [laughter] >> we always going to come back. >> forever, forever. coming back. welcome back 2018 super bowl champions. >> let's go. >> (barking). >> it's everything you can dream of. it's -- i'm so excited i'm just -- i'm almost drained now because, you know, it's so
5:46 pm
exciting and cremation head off. >> it's kind of surreal right now. these next few days are going to be a little crazy. we got lots to do still but just excited for the guys and we'll remember this the rest of our lives. >> every member of that team has become an instant legend in philadelphia. >> absolutely. >> were you on the field as the confetti was raining down. what was that like. >> surreal. players doing snow angels in the confetti. >> right. >> i saw that players literally grabbing streamers to keep as souvenirs. it was awesome. >> great guys. >> thanks ducis. welcome back. >> much more ahead. the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> taking a live look through our sky6 camera for you at the bridge and it looks beautiful. mears adam joseph will have details of the week ahead from accuweather when we come back but first check out a one and a half week old funny reaction to last night's super bowl win. >> we won the super bowl. and i made it out to see it.
5:47 pm
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>> detectives hope the latest round of renewed interest in the mysterious 1981 can death of actress natalie wood may bring forward new witnesses. woods was found floating in the ocean during a weekend boating trip with her husband actor robert wagner christopher wall ken and the boat captain. her death was initially classified as a drowning. the case was reopened in 2011.
5:50 pm
officials say woods death remains a suspicious death investigation not a murder case but they say wagner is a person of interest. another music legend is retiring from touring. paul simon announced his upcoming tour will be his last. the hall of fame singer song writer posted a message on line. he says touring takes time away from his life and family and the death of his close friend factored into his decision. simon's farewell tour kicks off in may and includes 29 concerts. >> all right. meteorologist adam joseph is here now. a first full week of february a lot going on this weekend. got a parade to talk about. >> the weather is going to be perfect. it will be cold chilly and windy but at least it will be dry. it's wednesday of concern that we have an accuweather alert day. take a look live on sky6 as the sunset at 5:25, so about 30 minutes ago or so but we still have a little bit of glow on the horizon here from our temple university camera. and a crystal clear sky start
5:51 pm
to finish today, really a nice day outside of that very chilly wind. in fact as we look at temperatures right now 27 lehigh valley, 30 in trenton, 31 philadelphia. right at freezing for millville and a little better than that at the atlantic city airport but that wind has been with us all day clocking in at speeds between 30, 40 miles an hour and that throws those numbers way down. in fact it only feels like 21 for reading as well as allentown, 23 in philadelphia, 24 in millville presidential nominee mid-20's at the shore, even -- lancaster county feeling only 19 degrees. satellite and radar we look at the eastern half of the country and fairly quiet overall. there's one weak little system here between chicago, saint louis and the central part of the country. that lifts to our north overnight tonight early tomorrow morning. could bring a couple of snow showers or a couple of flurries lehigh valley up into the poconos but for the rest of us it will throw clouds in tonight early tomorrow morning. then it clears and then a second system, a more potent system comes in first thing on wednesday morning. so, for tonight very clear
5:52 pm
early and then clouds build with that system to the west late at night. bitter temperatures, 15 in the suburbs, 24 for center city but those gusty winds do ease some between about three and 6 miles per hour. future tracker6 at 9 o'clock in the morning there you can see that little bit of moisture up towards the poconos around the lehigh tunnel or so around mid morning tomorrow but for the rest of us it's a cloudy start to our tuesday and a dry rush with temperatures at freezing or just below. then that system whizs along and that sunshine returns tomorrow afternoon. we do bump it into the 40's philadelphia points south. staying in the mid 30's to the north and west. then we're tracking that system on wednesday. wednesday morning it will be a mess especially in our northwestern suburbs from northern new castle county and right over the border of the delaware river in interior south jersey where it will begin with sleet or freezing rain. philadelphia starts at snow. west. it will be a slow transition to rain in those northwestern
5:53 pm
suburbs throughout wednesday morning but by wednesday afternoon, it's raining even up into the poconos as warmer weather comes in so the evening rush hour is not going to be slick or icy like the morning rush. it will just be very wet so that will be slow in its own regards. as we look at snow and sleet totals on wednesday morning at the onset, about a coating to an inchn this gray area along i-95 and just to the south. north and west of philadelphia up to the lehigh valley, one to 3 inches of snow and sleet. again, during that morning rush wednesday. three to 6 inches just to the north of allentown up into the poconos before that transition to rain. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 42 tomorrow, clouds to sun. that wintry mess in the morning giving way to a good half an inch of rain in the afternoon wednesday of 44 degrees. and then on thursday, for the parade, as it goes down broad street and then heads towards eakins oval northwest winds very gusty so it's going to be windy and cold temperatures around freezing but feeling like the low 20's so a lot of
5:54 pm
winter gear needed. and then as we head into friday clouds build again 38. it's a warm weekend, 40 saturday with a lot of clouds. 50 on sunday but the trade-off will be periods of rain with another storm and then drying out monday of 44 degrees. so, just watch that wednesday it's going to be pretty nasty from start to finish. >> all right adam thank you. >> thank you. >> as you continues your super bowl celebrations and parade preparations keep an eye on the skies at you can follow storm tracker6 for any rain coming our way and see the seven-day forecast any time. >> and we have a programming note for fans of general hospital. today's episode of general hospital was preempted for our breaking news of the eagles arrival back in philadelphia but it will reair tonight at 1:00 a.m. right here on 6abc so you can see it. be sure to set your dvr and keep up with all the drama. >> ♪
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5:56 pm
>> bud light making good on a promise it made to eagles offensive tackle lane johnson.
5:57 pm
back in july, johnson offered to give beer to everyone if the eagles won the super bowl. bud light offered to pick up that tab. now the eagles won of course the company is sticking to their word tweeting out today the eagles of philadelphia have emerged victorious. join us with lane johnson and your 21 and over friends at taverns along the parade route to raise one of the kingdom's favorite light laggers. today they announced that 25 taverns are on board. >> nice of them. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 our eagles have landed at home. super bowl champs bring back the lombardi trophy to philadelphia much to the delight of ecstatic fans. >> what we're learning about celebrations for the eagles on thursday. that and much more coming up next at 6:00. now for meteorologist adam joseph, cecily tynan, jaime apody, ducis rodgers, monica malpass the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. >> good night. >> good night.
5:58 pm
>> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> the lombardi trophy has found a home in philadelphia. [cheers and applause] head coach doug pederson holding it aloft as the eagles arrive at philadelphia international airport. the players filed out of the plane a jubilant but tired group but their energies returned as they came face to face with hundreds of fans who turned out to greet them. it is monday night and the big
6:00 pm
story on "action news" tonight is the philadelphia eagles. they have come home as super bowl champions but the party is far from over. we've got "action news" reporter chad pradelli at philadelphia international airport tonight annie mccormick is live at the art museum with details about parade plans. spoiler alert it's on thursday. vernon odom is live at the airport greeting eagles fans on their return from minneapolis and nydia han is on the parkway with late word on hotel bookings. chad, let's begin with you on the return of the conquering heroes. >> reporter: yeah, jim good to be on top. about 200 to 300 fans arrived here atlantic aviation about 1 o'clock this afternoon waiting ford birds to arrive back here in philadelphia and when they touched down just after 2:45 it went wild. owner jeffrey lurie emerged from the chartered american ght and hoisted the lombardi trophy. he then


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