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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 6, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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i do feel like squirrels up in the trees and around the power lines--i feel like b is going to be my answer, and i'm--i feel like i'm gonna lock that in. >> final? >> final answer. >> that's it! squirrels. [applause] that's $1,000. third question, worth $2,000. which of these is the name of thor's hammer in norse mythology, and not a brand of hammers sold at the home depot? >> okay. >> hmm. i'm going to say c, right? am i reading the question right? c, not a brand-- i'm gonna say c, final answer. >> the mjolnir. yep, that's right. not at home depot. >> yes. >> all right. little trepidation, but he's getting there. >> yeah. i get--i get--you know,
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as it goes up, i just get tighter and tighter. and i--you can talk yourself out. when i watch at home, and i watch people talk through it... >> right. >> i always watch 'em talk, and i'm like, quit talking! answer it! >> you know what the answer is. just say it. >> you know what the answer is. and then they talk themselves out, so i got to be--i got to be cool, man. i got to be cool. >> be cool. $3,000. that's what this is worth. >> all right. >> give yourself a little orange plastic wedge if you know that scott abbott bought a minor league hockey team with the fortune he made co-inventing what board game? >> i believe it's c, because you get a wedge when you-- and especially orange, because that's sports trivia. yeah, i feel pretty good about this one. i'm gonna go ahead and say c, trivial pursuit, final answer. >> $3,000. $3,000 for rob riggle! >> come on! >> come on! when we come back, we're gonna try and get to that
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[dramatic music] ♪
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>> welcome back to "millionaire." comedian, actor rob riggle in the house with $3,000. [cheers and applause] nothing funny about this next step, because we need to take it. $5,000, the first threshold you can get to that would guarantee your charities 5 grand. >> yes. >> so let's do it. >> let's do this. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." >> all right. >> here we go, $5,000 question. "cask strength" and "mash bill" are important factors to consider when buying a bottle of what? >> okay. i was born in louisville, so i know about cask strength and mash bill. they do not apply--and i'm getting ahead of myself, maybe. i think it's--my gut shot right now is c,
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kentucky bourbon. >> confident enough to lock it in? >> yeah. this is for 5k, right? >> $5,000. >> yeah, i like it. c, uh... >> final? >> final. >> it's part of your birth, man, come on. >> okay. all right. whoo! >> you were born to know that one. >> [laughs] >> you wouldn't have been allowed back home. >> i know, that--that would have been a long trip home. >> $5,000 guaranteed now. >> okay. >> that's definitely going to your charities, so congratulations. now all we can do is add to it. >> okay. >> so let's try and add $2,000 with this $7,000 question. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ according to the u.s. soldiers who guarded him from 2003 to 2004, who was a clean freak who loved doritos, often downing a family-sized bag in one sitting?
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>> all right. we never had idi, we never had muammar, and we definitely never had kim jong-il, but we did have saddam, and it would have been around that time frame. i'm going to go ahead and say c, saddam hussein, final answer. >> the thought of him just plowing through a bag of doritos. that's right. >> just knocking 'em out. knocking 'em out. >> oh, man. $7,000. chance to get to five figures here, $10,000 question. ♪ adopting its design of a white cross on a red background in 1625, what country holds the guinness world record for the oldest continuously used national flag? >> i mean, it's--to me, it's a, but, uh, brazil... greece has a very distinct flag.
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it's not ireland. i feel good about that. i'm gonna say--i'm gonna say a, final answer. >> that's $10,000. >> all right! >> $10,000. >> nice. all right. >> you're at $10,000. you have all your lifelines. you're in great shape, and a chance to double your money. $20,000 is what this is worth. ♪ in 2016, amanda nunes made news by doing what in 48 seconds? >> oh, no. okay, this might be the first lifeline. >> okay, you have all three available.
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>> um...i think i'm gonna "ask the audience." >> final? >> final. >> all right, guys, for $20,000, rob needs some help. if you would, pick up those keypads. enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, hopefully the audience can make this nice and easy for you. 82% say it's d, defeating ronda rousey. >> that's--that's pretty certain. [laughter] >> i should say, 1% said "texting the declaration of independence." just putting it out there. just...i like to give all the information. >> and i have a feeling that was my one jerk friend that i brought with me. just so you know. >> there's always one. >> there's always one. this is a respectable-looking audience, i will give you that. [laughter] except for that guy.
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82%'s pretty definitive, and to be honest, i kind of thought that was the one that jumped out at me the most, so i'm--i'm gonna say d, final answer. >> that's $20,000! >> yay! >> come on! [cheers and applause] $20,000, man! >> awesome. >> this is good. >> this is really good. >> we're gonna see if we can get to that $50,000 threshold next. [cheers and applause] ♪
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> welcome back. special day here at "millionaire." rob riggle is in the house, comedian and actor. so shockingly enough, $20,000 now in the bank. >> i'm so happy about that, yeah.
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>> come on. remind everybody what two charities--we're gonna split this up. what two charities? >> i'm splitting between the semper fi fund, which supports veterans, and children's mercy hospital in kansas city, a great hospital. they don't turn anybody away. >> $20,000. you're playing great right here. >> thanks. well, the audience helped me big time on that last one, so... >> they did. you still have two lifelines. you're two away from that $50,000 threshold. >> that would be amazing. yeah. >> so let's get there. let's get back to it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ all right, $30,000 question. meaning "speed play," what swedish workout combines jogging and sprinting intervals, with the added cardio benefit of a name you can't help giggling at? >> i think i know the answer before i even look. [laughter] >> i believe it is fartlek,
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because we used to do this in the marines. >> really? >> believe it or not, we used to run fartlek courses, which were brutal, 'cause you would sprint, you would run, you'd do calisthenics, you'd do--and it was-- it was difficult. >> nothing to giggle at. >> nothing to giggle at, except for the name, which, come on. it's fartlek. [laughter] i feel really good about it. i'm gonna--i'm gonna just say d, fartlek, final answer. >> $30,000! >> ah! >> all right. >> yeah! i like it. >> 30 grand. all right, this is it, $50,000. >> that's the next one? >> yeah. >> ah, come on. >> $50,000 threshold. you still have two lifelines. >> okay. >> here it is, $50,000 threshold question. ♪ formula 409 cleaner gets its name from which of the following facts about the number 409?
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>> i am--i am feeling very strongly about d right now. but i do--i believe it's between a and d. i did bring a friend, and he is--he's generally pretty wise, but i think this is-- i don't know if this is in his bailiwick, so to speak. but we're gonna roll the dice, 'cause this is the $50,000 question. >> this is $50,000. yeah, you're risking $25,000. >> yeah, so i'm gonna--i'm gonna bring down my friend. >> okay. >> i think, and--yeah, i'm gonna bring down my friend. >> final? >> final answer. >> okay, chris, come on down. >> how are you, sir? good to meet you. >> doing pretty good out here. >> friend, wonderful job. i'm actually surprised.
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>> [laughs] >> quite surprised. this is good. >> scoot over by rob there. >> come--come closer. >> this one worries me a little bit, 'cause i was thinking d as well, because formula 409, you would imagine they started with 1. >> yes, i--the logic's there. it's--i don't--definitely don't see the c, right? >> no. >> i remember hearing somewhere in the lexicon of my youth-- i thought it was d. >> that's what--i remember hearing that too, but i'm worried that it's too simple. like, it seems like the obvious answer, and i'm just--you know, i'm playing devil's advocate. >> i don't think--i don't think they try to trick you here. >> okay. he seems tricky. that's all i-- >> i seem shifty. i get that a lot. >> a little shifty. >> i hear what you're saying. i hear what you're saying. >> i didn't want to say it on tv, but... >> you just did. >> okay. well, i would go with d. >> there is still one more lifeline, "50/50." and now you're risking 25 grand. >> for my sake, you should take the other thing, just to be safer, but you may want to-- if you feel--i feel pretty confident. >> i want to make a deep run, and i'm gonna need that "50/50" later on, so it's you and me right now.
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>> then i say let's go d and, you know, if we trust in it, it's right. >> if we go d, it's all on you. >> yeah, it's my fault. i know i won't--i will never live this down. >> i feel d too, but if-- if it's wrong, i didn't feel d. >> we won't be friends. >> yeah. >> i get it. >> so we stay friends forever, or it ends right now. >> that's fine. i'm cool with that. >> okay. all right. >> yeah. >> we're gonna say-- >> very thelma and louise. >> yeah. we're gonna-- we are gonna say d, final answer. [cheers and applause] >> that's not right yet, is it? it's got to go green. >> come on, what are you doing? his hands are sweaty. >> you guys just got $50,000. >> both: yeah! >> way to go, buddy. >> nice job, buddy. nice job. >> way to go. >> 50 grand, boys! >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> come on! >> very good, very good. >> dude! that was awesome. >> 50 grand. >> these boys just got to $50,000. when we come back... >> that was him!
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>> with one lifeline on the board, we're going for $100,000. that's next. >> dude, good call. >> we found it. we found it. >> yeah. >> it was good. it was good. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ a. t 'e o cciaoter lu.ins,ou w ki t tcaeuac 'e o cciaoter lu.ins,ou w . es ve
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>> here's your question of the day. though it might seem silly,
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navy seals have been known to reduce friction and repel leeches in swamps by wearing what with their uniforms? feather boas, corsets, pantyhose, or stilettos?
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>> the answer to that question was pantyhose. [dramatic music] ♪ welcome back to "millionaire." rob riggle! $50,000. [cheers and applause] playing for a marine corps charity, playing for a children's hospital in kansas city. $25,000 to each of these charities guaranteed now. >> i love that. >> and you get a free guess and a free look at this $100,000 question you're about to get, because you can't lose anything. >> right. >> so it's a win-win here. >> this is one of the safe--this is one of the happy moments. >> yeah, you can just relax and enjoy the rest of the-- >> let's just shoot-- let's shoot the works. >> plus, by the way, you have that "50/50." you can narrow it down to a coin flip, so you're in a good spot right here, so let's get back to it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish]
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♪ all right. i love this. >> i love it. >> $100,000 question on the board. before the first tomato can be tossed at spain's famous tomatina festival, someone must climb a tall greased pole to retrieve what? >> i've seen this festival. i never saw the beginning of it, though. [groans] i'm thinking it's a. i'm trying desperately to hold on to my "50/50" as long as possible. i feel like it's a loaf of bread. that just makes the most sense. it seems the most logical, a loaf of bread. i--soup, no. ham? unless it's something i don't know about with tomatoes and ham. i don't know... cake maybe, 'cause of festivals, so a and c seem like the strongest choices, so i'm gonna say... i'm gonna say a loaf of bread.
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i'm gonna say a, loaf of bread, final answer. >> it was ham. it was d, ham. >> it was ham! oh! >> yeah, i know you were going back and forth. >> i was wrestling with that one. >> rob, you're taking $50,000. >> yes! thank you! >> well done. very well done. >> thank you, thank you. >> huge thanks to rob riggle for being here today. $50,000 going to his charities. thank you so much for joining us. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we'll see you next time. [cheers and applause] closed captioning sponsored by:
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news." ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. note ♪ >> this was the scene this morning at the philadelphia international airport as doug pederson gets off the plane holding the lombardi trophy symbol of nfl supremacy. afterafter eagle players disembd
2:35 am
the airplane they came to fans, hundreds of them, to share a magic minute. earlier this was the air traffic controller taxiing in the eagle plane. >> welcome the world champion eagles back to philadelphia. thank you, sir. >> monday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is a hero's welcome to the superbowl champions. >> this is what it looked like as busses carrying the eagle players, their families and staff rolled into the nova care facilities. the players better get use today the reception. they'll get it for a long time to come. we have stories to tell tonight. dann cuellar is live at the art museum for the latest on parade plans. christie ileto is at the link
2:36 am
for swag patrol. jeff skversky has nick foles day at disney world and cecily tynan has the parade forecast. thursday's victory parade will start at broad and patterson at 11:00 a.m. then north through the city on broad. we are not sure if it will go around city hall to the left or right, but it will likely go left to pack into dilworth park, ending at the philadelphia museum of art for a huge celebration there. let's go live to the museum. "action news" reporter dann cuellar, dan, the word is that a couple of million people are making their own parade plans. >> that's pretty much what everyone is saying. the die has been cast. the order of business set for center city and making the eagle parade set for thursday. without telling anyone for fear
2:37 am
of jinxing the game or giving bill belichick a heads up, looks like the city had a head start. >> we did it, baby. >> with passionate eagle fans running on high octane after the superbowl win the city is moving full speed ahead with the championship parade. >> i'm happy they won. everything is coming together for thursday. >> construction crews at the art museum were honored to be building the stage where the parade will culminate. the city began putting miles of barricades along the parkway over the weekend, along with hundreds of puerto potties for the pope's visit. officials are expecting 1 to 2,000,000 people. >> our school is closed that day. we have nothing else to do and the birds won, so we'll celebrate. >> i'll be here. this is fantastic. i'm excited about the eagles.
2:38 am
>> the owner of city diner at broad and south expects new business because of the parade. >> you have to bring extra help in? >> i have a great team. we are ready, prepared, bring ig it. let's go. >> fans are excited about the superbowl win. >> we have negative press and this is bringing the city together. >> enough of this hate. football brings the world together. >> with this beautiful shot of the parkway tonight we note that with the massive five mile parade going on in traffic gridlock expected with 1 to 2,000,000 people in town, we doubt there will be much of anything happening in the city except for the parade. we'll see you there. >> dann cuellar, channel6
2:39 am
"action news." >> thank you, dan. the school district will give everyone a day off to experience the moment of city pride. archdiocese schools will also be closed. we have word from other school districts as well as including upper darby, collingswood and more. they are being posted as they come in to we join jeff skversky with superbowl mvp nick foles who came back to philadelphia this afternoon. foles wasn't with him. he was you know where. >> at the magical place on earth. the eagle superbowl winning quarterback wanted his seven month old daughter to be proud of him. she will be proud of her daddy in more ways than one as the eagles win the big one.
2:40 am
>> foles daughter lily may be more impressed with this today, foles hanging out with mickey mouse at the disney world parade. they are doing eagle chants at the magic kingdom. it's a magical time for foles and the eagles. >> philadelphia eagles waited so long. when they fought the whole 60 minutes, that moment, all of the emotions start flooding in. that's the moment i think of. >> before his parade at disney today foles picked up his trophy in minneapolis. lesson learned, don't be afraid to fail or he wouldn't be here. what makes the moment so special is spending it with his family and his extended family, eagle's nation thursday in the parade


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