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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 6, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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the conk of the eagles first ever super bowl victory. they morning we learn details about the parade and the celebration ceremony for the champs. city officials along with septa laid out the game plan for the massive crowd expected to line the route to see it happen on thursday. we are live with a report coming up. and we are watching a wintry mix in philadelphia coming into town the day before the eagles parade. no, it will not rain on our parade but there will be tears of joy come thursday. the lombardi trophy came to city hall this morning. and come thursday a crowd possibly in the millions will flood downtown philadelphia to see the eagles heist it in a parade and ceremony. just a short time ago we learned the plans to make it a wonderful experience for the fans, the finish line is here at the art museum. the same place the nfl draft was held. and annie mccormick is live at
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city hall where they announced the details. >> reporter: rick, they are expecting even more people that came out for the world series parade in 2008 for the phillies they estimate the crowds could be a little over 1 million possibly up to 2 million. >> waiting a long time for that! >> the vince lombardi trovein side of city hall as the mayor and officials announce the details today. the eagles will leave lincoln financial field at 9:00 a.m. and the parade begins at broad and paterson at 11:00 them and past city hall and the ben franklin parkway and organizers expected to be on the stage at 1:00 p.m. >> it's not merely a parade. the parade is part one and the ceremony is part two. expect surprises along the route and music but as of now no
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musical artist. this is not a ticketed event and open to the public. the people will arrive early to get the best vantage point. they don't necessarily have to worry. with we have 14 jumbotrons that will stretch from eakins oval down to city hall. >> we are not checking people's bags much like any other parade. we don't do that for other parades. >> police do not expect crowds like ones on city streets post super bowl. they expect a more family environment. we'll have people all over on foot and vehicles, in the air, they will be on bikes and horse back. they will be throughout the general parade route. >> public transportation will be parade goers best option. septa chairman announced this today. the broad street and market frankford lines are the best options. and independence blue cross is
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sponsoring free rides all day on the market frankford and broad street lines. >> and even for those people coming from outside of the city. officials urge them to maybe park at a public transportation site and take the public transportation into the city. city garages some will be open around the ben franklin parkway. also, they are warning people if they are going to drive in you may actually get stuck in traffic and miss the parade. there will be more details coming up during the day today. reporting live outside of city hall. channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. "action news" has the parade covered for you should you not make the trip into the city. we'll have live team coverage honoring the super bowl champion eagles on thursday starting at 11:00 a.m. head over to to see the detail parade route and a list
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of road closures and parking restrictions in place. and a few million people possibly attending the parade there are plenty of them and we have a list to help you out. sky 6 hd looking live from city hall right now, it will be cold out there for the parade on thursday, but we are also tracking a wintry mix to affect tomorrow morning's commute. for now enjoy the milder air at lunch time. meteorologist, david murphy, outside on the terrace with more on that wintry kind of a messy morning tomorrow. >> it looks like it will start out slick in parts of the region especially north and west. for now satellite shows you cloud cover and we are starting to see thinning out of the clouds and i glance down to the clouds through the terrace a sliver of blue to south jersey. and we expect to see that through the day and maybe night bursts of sun. 32 in philadelphia but with light winds it's not uncomfortable. 34 in wilmington and trenton and
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you want a decent coat. and i'm holding to a metal microphone and i'm not missing my gloves. the winds are fairly light and we go through the afternoon a high around 40 today and wind reese main on the light side. 40 close to the average high for this date. and 28 the overnight low and that is above average and indication that milder air is going to start working it's way into the morning. unfortunately it does not get here in time. the winter storm watch is through the morning and evening through the poconos and an advisory in lancaster county and so far no advisories for philadelphia or immediate suburbs and nonetheless as you look at future tracker 6 there is a chance of wintry precipitation and as it comes in temperatures close to the freezing mark we may have slick roads through the morning and the warm air is pushing the snow to the the northern and see the rain in philadelphia and by lunch time we should wind out
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with drying or at least a change over from the froze precipitation to wet stuff in allentown. for now clouds and fairly mild and messy in the morning and wet after that. >> all right thank you. see you back inside. with the wintry mix moving in tomorrow the "action news" morning team. matt, tam, david and karen will get an early start. tune in for the latest weather and road conditions and see if there are school closings and delays. chopper 6 hd flew over the school bus accident this morning in the feltonville section. it happens at 10:00 a.m. at loud yen street and front street. no serious injuries or damage is reported. we are working to learn if children were on the bus at the time. investigators are asking for help identifying a man in connection of a sexual assault of a 22-year-old drexel university student in her apartment. it happened on the 3400 block of ray street 6:00 a.m. on
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saturday. january 27th. the suspect escaped in a dark gray ford escape suv. anyone with information is asked to can't authorities. a lot of folks are watching the numbers on wall street this noon. the dow plunged 500 points this morning another shock after two terrible days. but the dow rebounded quickly up 129 points right now it which is easing fear of a global selloff in the market. the dow lost 1800 points combined yesterday and on friday. the dow lost 10% after reaching a record high on january 26th, putting into correction territory. we are now hearing from the man at the center of the controversy between house republicans and the fbi and the justice department. it all has to do with alleged warrant abuses and that man
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faced questions on "good morning america." >> carter paige a former trump campaign geyser says his constitutional rights were violated when the fbi got a fisa warrant to spy on him. he claims that the warrant was based on a dossier funded by the clinton campaign. if you think about the constitution due process and rights and freedom, and first amendment rights it was just shredded, the constitution. based on the dodgy dossier a political stunt. which is unfortunate that is false evidence. you talk about obstruction of justice. the fbi suspect that paige was a foreign agent but they say it met its burden and approved and reapproved. >> i never spoke with him since or any time in my life. >> never in your life?
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>> no email or text or anything like that. >> and he would be happy to speak with special counsel robert mueller. >> i'm looking forward to it actually. his legal team advised against them. they fear he will purger himself and should answer in writing. >> the president has five-days to decide if he will make the democrat memo public. abc news washington. we are returning to the eagles coverage next on "action news" at 12:30. two birds hit the road having fun on jimmy kimmel life and he pulls off a funny prank on nick foles and the big win led to a sportsmanship lesson to brady's wife.
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the owner of a restaurant in
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newark, delaware got a once in a lifetime super bowl experience. to the super bowl and then to the eagles after pa are they with his 73-year-old father and 9-year-old son and the lucky fans were able to take holding and kissing the lombardi trophy. patriots quarterback, tom brady, is known for basking in the glory of the super bowl victory. but it's what his wife giselle told their kids after the loss that led to a lesson in sportsmanship. adrian baker has more. problems with that report and try to get it back to you. still ahead another check of the forecast. as we look live outside. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge and penn's landing at lunch time. david murphy has the update and the parade forecast when "action news" continues in a moment. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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two eagles players made quite an entrance on jimmy kimmel. jay ajayi and corey clemet dumped gatorade on kimmel's side kick. >> i am from philly and i know how amped up they are. >> and when you think back they greased the light poles because they knew what was coming after the game. we brought something special back home. >> jimmy had some fun with the two pranking them about a last minute trade. >> yes, you did get it done. did you hear foles was traded about an hour ago? i made that up -- ha, ha, ha. >> that is funny. for them this is start of the
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celebration tour that continues on thursday for the big championship parade. nice to see them on jimmy kimmel. >> it's nice to see our players on jimmy kimmel celebrating a super bowl. waiting for it for so long and here it is. cloudy and sun is breaking through. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you it's dry and light flurries and snow showers here and there. and didn't have impact and that is all gone. as we take a look outside cape may on sky 6. sunshine getting through the clouds and we expect that the rest of the way. temperatures improving over yesterday and it's kind of cold 34 degrees and winds from the south at 7 and you know how strong and blustery the winds were and you don't have the problem today and windchill of 28 and temperatures across the region everybody away from the shore is in the 30s at this point. 34 in wilmington and freezing mark in allentown and reading and 34 in trenton and 41 at the
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airport in ac and 31 in cape may. and satellite got thicker and we are starting to see a thinning of the cloud cover to the west and even in philadelphia. and again it's that clouds with some sun kind of call for the rest of the way today. winds are lighter and temperatures are better, 35 in allentown and 36 in reading and similar to the highs in the northern and western areas, and 39 in trenton and 40 in philadelphia and wilmington and millville 43 and a couple of 42's along the promenades and coastal regions, today's highs are 43 degrees and sit on that at 4:00. and if we break out extra sun maybe we hit 41. 37 by 6:00 and 34 by 8:00 and back down below freezing at 10:00. but it's dry today. things change tomorrow morning. upper 20s for overnight lows than sets the table for a little bit of snow for the first part
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of the morning commute. and the northern and western suburbs see accumulation and closer to philadelphia not so much. and sleet and freezing rain mixed in before warmer air comes up and changes that to rain and a break in south jersey and delaware and snowing up north by 9:00 and noon the rain is starting to push in to the northern areas and steadier in points north and be holding on to a bit of freezing rain and sleet at allentown at lunch time and i expect that to change and the rest of the afternoon most of the area just in the rain drops and that tapers off tomorrow night. starting out with a bit of snow coating to an inch in philadelphia. 1 to 3 inches in the narrow band northern of the city that gets washed away and the farther north you go poconos 3 month to 6 inches. and the snow changing to the mix and then eventually to rain.
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and thursday the rain is gone and clouds are gone and lots of sunshine but cold air rushes in as we gather along the parkway and broad street around city hall and for the final destination at the art museum. 28 at 9:00 and 30 at 11:00. and 34 with windchills making it feel like the teens and eventually the low 20s on thursday. bundle up and go down and have a lot of fun should be a great day. 40 is the high and milder and less wind and milder accuweather alert is in effect for the red bar on wednesday for a morning wintry mix that changes over to rain. and 44 is the high and sunny and brisk and a great looking day for the art museum as the eagles parade the lombardi trophy behalf you. back up to 43 on friday with increasing clouds and for the weekend cloudy and milder on saturday and 47 getting up to 51 on sunday and late saturday night into sunday periods of rain are possible. and back to reality weather on
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monday 44 but even that is probably a degree or two above average. >> it could be worse. >> well, the kimmel center is presenting the philadelphia premier of a family favorite featuring life size penguins, karen rogers has more in this week's 6 abc loves the arts. >> mr. poppers' penguins coming to the staining with an adaptation of a novel with the same name and join in on the story of a modest english man and his feathery friends. it was written by richard atwater. about mr. popper who dreams of visiting the antarctic is closer than he thinks. >> one day a ping win shows up at his house and his name is captain cook and another penguin shows up and they as penguin dozen have other penguins show
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up. it follows his journey with the new found friends. they are brought to life with large scale puppets. you see the person operating them but forget the person quickly and just focusing on the puppet and they glide across the stage. >> their feet are little wheels and they are wheeling around the stage. >> mr. popper's penguins are one of several shows. >> it's one of these that this will he see come to life in front of them. i think children and their families will enjoy it. >> it's at the mirren theater for two performances. and visit the arts in
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we'll try this again, patriots quarterback tom brady is known for basking in the glory of a super bowl win but its what his wife told his children that is serving as a lesson in sportsmanship. >> and time runs out -- >> 41-33 a painful loss to the eagles becomed a lesson in being a good sport for none other than tom brady's family. >> losing sucks but that is part of it you show up and you try to win and you lose and that is the way it goes. >> it wane just tom, two of his three children seen crying after the game. >> the wife gisele posted video of daughter vivian dancing and after the final score she was
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inconsolable. gisele wiping away her tears and said you know what the eagles haven't won in a million years and mom comforts her children with stats, her husband multiple championships and the eagles first super bowl. >> this is first first super bowl and daddy won five super bowls. >> gisele a role model for good sportsmanships posting her congrats for the team on instagram. by age 13 if kids feel their performance don't meet their parents expectations if they are taught it's all about winning they could give up. >> losing teaches lessons it building character and makes them work hard and gives them a goal to shoot for. in brady's latest project.
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the mvp shared his pressure to compete. >> i know that they all support me and i want to go out and do the best i can for them. >> this just posted online. take a look at this carson wentz proposed to his girlfriend, maddie and she said yes. a tweet apparently. she said yes and maddie and i both got us a ring. can't wait to marry my best friend god is doing amazing things and i can't thank him enough. congratulations to carson and his fiance maddie. we have the late of on the super bowl parade including the best spot as long the route. and brian taff and sharrie williams spent a week in minnesota covering the game and they look at their memorable journey with the best moments of their trip coming up on "action news" at 4:00. in the meantime david murphy back now with a final check of
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the chilly but -- forecast. >> that is great that came across. 36 is your high in reading and looks like the upper 30s in spots. up in north and west of philadelphia and philadelphia gets up to 40 and a lot of us sharing the 40s and milder degree or two down the shore and sun mixing with clouds and a wintry mix for the morning and karen rogers and matt and tam and i will be on to get you through that. that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. we'll see you here later today.
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