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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 6, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a little boy in a wheelchair is told by doctors -- >> that he would never be able to walk. >> now, get the remarkable story of a determined family and one little fighter. >> five, six, seven. >> yeah, he really does need that cape. he's the true captain underpants there. >> he wasn't giving up. as wing suit flyers move into formation, there's so much space around, why it's hard to imagine what sent them into a dangerous downward spiral. a nice guy tries to help a seagull. why no good deed goes unpecked. >> oh! >> i knew that was gonna happen! >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking
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down the best on the web. including door-to-door pranksters. >> we have the pizzas you ordered. >> it ain't mine, but see where this big stack of boxes is about to backfire. >> oh! yes! go on in. >> can you catch me? >> the steps little james is about to take are years and years in the making. what he has is determination, and the desire, the wish to walk. that's because he was born prematurely, and was diagnosed with spastic dysplasia, which is a form of cerebral palsy. doctors told james' family he would never be able just kids as
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well. this is an example of just dedication that will inspire anybody that's going through rehab. he wasn't giving up. >> he's not even 6 years old yet and making huge strides in his recovery. when you consider he was born prematurely he had to be
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resuscitated and incubated so this little guy is a big old champ. >> five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. ♪ this is back in august and the reason it's so smoky out there is because of the wildfires that are happening. you can see the effect even up in the air. the guy popped into the shot in the bottom corner. the trick unfortunately when you're on your back is you can't see below or where you were going. you can't see the direction. that's why you kind of have to trust other people to stay out of your way. >> oh, no. >> you can understand what i'm talking about, any second now. suddenly this guy just drifts in, boink! making contact. you want him to go spinning off towards the bottom, backing up to that point, remember i said there was a guy in the bottom corner, that's the same guy.
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>> what was he doing? >> he's on his back, too, it looked like. >> that's the thing, they're saying with this video don't try pulling off moves or moves you're not certain of when you're above other people, because once he was on his back, he kind of drifted accidentally and came straight through the middle. >> oh, no, you can imagine how scary it must have been for all the other buddies to see their guy get hit and go down, because you can see his body just fell. >> seems to be happening so slowly but we know how fast these guys are traveling. they're like 120 miles an hour, zipping across the sky, even a small impact is the kind of thing that could kill you. fortunately in this case, this is just one of those videos people get to learn from. i'm about to show you two things that could have been avoided. this woman had to call emergency services because something got into the ventilation shaft, and got stuck. >> how long was the cat there? >> it's not a cat.
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that's why this could have been avoided because these people decided to take a raccoon that they found in the wild and bring it home. the raccoon was allowed to wander around the house, get into stuff, open the refrigerator door, open all the latches on the windows and doors, but then finally got trapped in the ventilation. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, it's mad. that's i couldn't don't bring a raccoon home. >> duh. >> like i said, this could have been avoided. >> it's not a pet. i don't know why people are so dumb. >> this raccoon belongs in the woods. >> this raccoon is like, what you looking at? i didn't do nothing. >> i was just trying to get back to my home. i want to get out of this apartment. >> what you saw from viral video uk is something i've been saying all the time. next one, no good deed goes unpunished. this guy robert was trying to accept o help out this seagull.
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>> i found this on the side of the -- oh! >> i knew that! >> the flying sea rat is going to take a bite out of his face. >> it was like, shut up, bro. >> if you aren't giving me french fries, i'm not interested. >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> robert is the father of seven. that's why he has such patience as he's going through this ordeal. >> i'll give it to the spca. ow! >> so he got the hook out of its neck, wrapped it up in one of his t-shirts and going to take it to authorities so they can take a look at it, it also has an injured wing. >> yeah, you saved me, so? here we are on a highway in taiwan. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, you're going way off -- okay, usually you want to stop the car before you get out. >> wait, that was a person on the car, the side of the car? >> it was a woman? >> yes, her and her man got into an argument and she was like, i want out! and well, he starts to pull over
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but before he can pull over, she just bee lines it and hops out. >> that's not a good relationship. you got something wrong, to bail out of a moving vehicle, that guy must be a real jerky mcjerker. how badly was she hurt? >> she was perfectly fine, she was just over the argument and wanted out. if you this i that behavior is absurd, let's head over to china. this couple is set to get married soon and they've also been in an argument and neither of them wanted to apologize or admit wrong. in an effort to get her man apologize she decided to crawl around the streets and he was like i'm not apologizing and decided if you want to try to embarrass me i'm along for the walk or the ride, or the crawl, or however you want to put it but basically that's him on the side of her. they called the police because people weren't sure as to whether or not he was public shaming her, making her do something she didn't want to do. when police arrived she made it very clear this was her doing and he needed to say sorry and
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the police advised them to take their argument back home. a funny brother decides to troll his sister's baby bump. >> doesn't matter if she's in the middle of a conversation, if it's the time, it's happening. >> why do you have to do it at the worst times? >> why his cheeky attempts to feel the baby has the sweetest grand finale. >> oh! and a brave man heads to slacklining heaven, because -- >> it is absolutely stunning. >> see the heartstopping moments as he makes his way across the straight and narrow. brought to you by cats pride freshen life. you buy a green jug, we donate a pound to shelters.
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nature gives me... strength. clarity. energy. nature gives me... wisdom. courage. peace. nature gives me... humility. persistence. space. nature gives. give back. nature valley, proud supporter of the national parks.
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closed captioning provided by -- think of your idea of heaven, and that's where we're going, at least lucas irmler's version of heaven. >> doesn't look like a pub to me. >> lucas is a slack liner and he first stepped on a slack line back in 2006, and since then, he was hooked, figuratively and literally on to that line. >> you mentioned heaven, i know my bible says something about
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the straight and narrow path, but not this kind of straight and narrow, right? >> too narrow. >> i'll go to heaven the other way, quietly in my sleep when i'm old. >> it's funny you guys say that, because they are doing this near this cross. he's always wanted to slack line in this location and you can understand why. it is absolutely stunning. they're covered by these clouds. look at these shots. i mean, come on. once they pan out, it looks like he's just floating there in the air, because the line essentially disappears. >> whoa. >> he's just like chilling, woo hoo. >> he falls on the line, leans on it, jumps right back up, doesn't lose a beat. he is so talented that the 29-year-old holds multiple world records, including the highest altitude world record at about 18,769 feet. in peru, #mbd and the longest
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line in africa, crossing the famous victoria falls in zimbabwe. that's pretty rad. what did you do today? >> we went to the pub. i tell you this much, you do have to appreciate dedication. the video starts, the fella walks up, his hand on the tummy, eight a pretty flat tummy. >> does he know this woman? >> this is her brother, this is sort of next level trolling. ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da >> why do you have to do that at the worst times? >> doesn't matter what she's doing, if it's in the middle of the conversation if it's the time it's happening. now her belly is growing. sometimes she's trying to escape he's like not today. the hand will find but >> please stop. that's like the third time today. >> that's super cute. i really like that he's to be
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this. >> this is the best one, my favorite one because there is an audience as well and she's trying to share her frustrations. >> i hate you so much and i say that every single one of these stupid videos. >> you can't divorce your brother. >> no, he's there forever, but payback is going to be when you need him to baby sit. >> and that moment rapidly approaching because the next one, this plan, nine months of just getting these videos, put them together all for this moment. >> oh! there's the cute little boy. >> one day, simba. ♪ >> oh this is really, really precious. i like that. >> he gets to claim i'm the funny uncle. just roll with it, own it, mate. suburban rescue tv to the rescue. >> they open the closet door and -- >> roar! >> i want to see some bear jump out. next "right this minute." and still to come, mom
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checks on the girls. >> this is what she finds. >> oh, this is your makeup? >> see at forable makeup when their marker makeovers are complete. >> so beautiful. >> so beautiful? >> they painted their toes, too. plus a video that's -- >> oh, so satisfying. >> why this one's for all the papa holics. lways easy. it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight their psoriasis. and they're not backing down. for most patients clearer skin is the proof. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems.
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81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. turn it off, ifwith icy hot® smart only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. there are some videos that i can watch over and over because they are oh so satisfying. this is a blackhead removal at a spa. >> that is an ear? >> that is right inside the ear. you can see all th pores look like they need help but that one pore in particular is about to get extracted. >> that pore is a crater. >> it is crater like, very large. notice how the person gets this out. it doesn't come out in pieces. >> it's like scraping like a sticky pot, like you cook something on the stove and it
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cooked down too much and now you got to like scrape the edges to get it out. >> nick, this is like dough, because you got that dough hook in there, it lumps up together and the way this aesthetician seems to be working it out, the person keeps doing those -- moves. >> oh! like a magic trick. >> it is. the final pop, watch. >> that's so gross. >> wow! >> oh, no. come on. >> exactly, but if that isn't enough they roll it back for to you appreciate that one final moment when they make that final pop. >> that's disgusting. >> that one looks like it's been there for quite some time. that didn't happen overnight. >> that's historic that thing. >> if you'd like to see the whole thing uninterrupted go to want and click on tv show or check it out on our mob ♪
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you've got a lot of packing to do, but you've got two rambunctious girls that won't let you. you hand them some markers, except after a little while you don't hear them. mom goes to check, this is what she finds. >> what did you guys do while mommy was packing? >> i painted makeup. >> they went at their faces with these markers. they say it's their makeup. >> this is a total makeover, okay, head to toe. the fingernails, too. >> this is little abriella and lincoln, obviously partners in crime. >> how beautiful is it? >> so beautiful. >> that was one day. on another day mom is trying to get some work done on the computer and that day -- >> things got quiet again. >> things got quiet again and they went not after themselves but this time after their kitchen. >> i have a showing today at 4:00 on my house -- >> they're showing this house? >> yes. >> that was a total body makeover.
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this is a total home makeover. >> so this is what my daughters -- >> no! no, that's just a complete remodel. that's not a pop of color. >> and to add a little more flair, mom says in the video that that is permanent because it is their stamp ink. it's going to dry on pretty solid. >> why did you do this? >> but it doesn't end there. just a little bit ago they posted this next video, now in the car, and these girls are just out to make a statement. >> well that's the thing with stickers, i'm trying to figure out what the end game is. they have to go on something. >> excuse me, they're being considerate. the stickers aren't on the cupboard, not on the seats. they're on her face. just let her be. it's a tall pizza delivery, but -- something automatically seems funny about a stack of 75 pizzas. >> are you having a party or something? why did you order --
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>> how this prank serving up slices with a side of smiles.
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takeuchi ishikawa, 26 minutes, 21.34 seconds. this has taken the fun out of it. how to wake your puppy up from a nightmare. wake up. wake up. did you have a nightmare? the most exciting part of any day is when you order pizza. >> yes. >> and the doorbell rings and the pizza's here and you're like yeah! if you are the one who ordered the pizza. >> we have the pizzas you have, the 50 pizzas. we have the order to 120. >> i didn't order pizza. >> sorry, it ain't mine.
2:56 pm
>> jenga over here. how about door number two. >> we have the 75 pizzas you ordered. >> what? >> the pizza, are you having like a party. >> something automatically seems funny about a stack of 75 pizzas. what about door number three? >> hey, we have the pizza for john, the 100 pizzas. >> no. >> no? >> well, we got an order for 112b. >> the kid must have gotten a hold of the phone, the kid is going bang, bang, bang. >> they paid for it in advance so you can just take them. >> that's okay. >> yeah, all right, woo! >> you can't give away free pizza in america. >> is everybody like a vegan, like the vegan neighborhood? >> i guess people are thinking something is fishy about this. >> if i told you i didn't buy these and you insist -- i mean, i might be a little, just
2:57 pm
sayin'. you get a pizza, you get a pizza. >> we had this address. >> did you pay for it? >> no, we have like 50 pizzas, it's like $500. >> they're going to just try and give it away. >> i don't know if he earned it. >> yes you did. >> that is the biggest. empty, bro, where is the pizza! >> it's a prank. z>> y'all tricked me. >> you're going to get jumped by those little kids. >> goes back to the doors they knocked on previously, and said, by the way, if you didn't figure it out already, it's a prank. ha, ha. here's a pizza for your trouble. >> where are you going to put it? cool. >> it's mr. beast, if you're ever bored. no more show but go to for plenty more fun stuff, check it out
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just admit it, mike, you took the money! and i'll take care of the situation. i know this is the tip of the iceberg. you're in so deep. last thing i want to hear is somebody calling me saying, my dad's dead in the street! how much do you owe? never changes, does it? i wish it would, mike. that's all i am to you, huh? just an obligation. i'm a mess you got to sweep up. what happened to the money, mike? i...don't...know! listen to me. i can cover the 10 grand. over the years, i've covered a lot more than that. but you've got to be straight with me. who do you owe the money to, and how much is the grand total, mike? dante? what are you doing here? i thought you were taking a few days off.


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