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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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financial field at 11:00 a.m. the players will wind their way up broad street past city hall and up to the ben franklin parkway. they end up at the philadelphia museum of art for an official ceremony that takes place at 1:00. >> our reporters are on top of the preparations, vernon odom spoke to fans about their thursday plans but first walter per outside of the art museum with what the city will do. >> reporter: well monica and rick, the city had a press conference today describing the planned parade and ceremony using words like dramatic and wonderful and fantastic. so we are excited about that but the affect this has on local traffic will leave commuters less than excited. >> construction of the stage for the ceremony honoring the super bowl champion, philadelphia eagles are is well underway and details are not released but we are told it's dramatic and wonderful and fantastic.
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for many of you should know that everyone is preparing for this, for about four decades. >> celebrations like this result in road closures and the first one is in effect. today and tomorrow the inner lanes inbound on outbound of the ben franklin parkway closed from eakins oval from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and again 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. designed to have a minimal impact on the morning and evening rush. then on thursday. the day of the parade, the entire parade route and surrounding roadways will be shut down from broad and paterson all the way to the art museum from 5:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. the police presence is very noticeable. >> it's officers and preventive patrol assignments from in and out to detect anything that seems out of order and people all over. >> the crowd is expected to be massive.
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public and parochial schools in philadelphia along with a handful of other schools across the delaware valley are closed and no shortage of people are taking off of work and fans from outside of our region will come in. mayor kenney says that is great and wants everybody to be there except for one specific type of fan. >> a small number of knuckle heads should stay home. it's regrettable and i wish it would not happen and people would think but our officers can deal with and will deal with it, and lets just have fun. >> we are going have fun. a bunch of businesses in town will also be closed. classes at temple university are canceled for this thursday and the zoo will be closed as well on thursday, for a full list of schedule of road and business and school closures go to walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> walter, thank you. anyone that is it planning
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on coming to the parade on thursday. is urged to use septa, independence blue cross is paying for free rides on the broad street and market frankford l on that day. and there are impacts on local rails, and john recallioawlins have more tonight at 6:00. and vernon odom spoke to eagles fans they are still just basking in the super bowl glow. here is more on the parade plans. vernon -- >> reporter: rick, monica, you got that right. so many told me today they are just now cooling down from all the excitement of sunday night and monday morning. and now they are gearing up for more roaring come thursday. [ applause ] >> the phillies parade from '08. will the eagles parade be able to top that turnout. no doubt say lifelong
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philadelphians. >> i am waiting 53 years for this so -- >> you won't miss this parade under any circumstances? >> no, i hope the fans will show philadelphia we are good people here. >> i would not miss it for the world i am an eagles fan since 12 and still horse from all the celebrating and shouting on sunday and monday. >> you will be here on thursday? >> yes, with all of my green on. >> these people are not sports fans, but they will line up ton thursday. >> how long have you been an eagles fan? >> well, i'm truly not a sports fan but i live in philly and you got to root for the city. >> heck yes. because it's a special day to celebrate the eagles winning beating the patriots, always happy to celebrate that. >> there will be millions of people out here? >> yes, i will be one of a million. >> i don't watch football much and once in a while i do, i'm glad for the city we need that.
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>> are you coming to the parade? >> yes. yay eagles. >> for darren hudson it's it's ultimate downer. >> no, i have to work good little disappointed? >> yes, it's killing me. i have to figure something out. i need coverage. i'm trying hard. >> you have not given up but it doesn't look good for you? >> my stomach i'm getting eagles fever. >> you may not be able to make it. >> let me go to the doc and see what i can do. the last word he was still in the emergency room. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" live in center city. >> ha, ha, ha. understandable i think. meantime police commissioner richard ross says that authorities are still looking for the fans here that vandalized property post eagles super bowl win and the video was released today of what happened
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in a sunoco along the 800 block of broad street. a mob of people grabbed food and drink and threw it around in a big food fight and it escalated into pushing and shoving and extensive damage was done and the store was trashed and fortunately no people were injured. >> we have the guide for the celebration at parade. we have the street by street parade route and list of road closures and parking restrictions in philadelphia and mass transit plans including the septa service changes. again that is parade. >> no one loves a parade more than "action news." we have live coverage starting at 9:00 a.m. on thursday and streaming live at and you will not miss one minute of the celebration. it's going to be amazing. >> before we can have the parade we need to deal with the wintry
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mix of snow and ice conditions. >> cecily knows it's details and people will get icing though? >> a big problem for the morning soaking rain as we get through the icing that is why the parade is not taking place tomorrow. the moisture is beginning to develop in the gulf of mexico. and there will be a change over to rain and it starts frozen in much of our viewing area a winter weather advisory is posted along the i-95 corridor areas northern and west for the combination of snow and sleet before the change over. and winter storm watches posted for a warning for the poconos. and for the potential for accumulating snow and also sleet. future tracker 6 showing the timing is not good. we have got the moisture here in time for the morning commute. by 7:30, snow philadelphia areas to the northern and south jersey and delaware it's mainly an event overriding. warmer air overriding colder air
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and all rain in our viewing area except for the poconos by 4:00. the problem is that that change overtake a while the farther north you live. the accuweather alert is posted for tomorrow and the wintry mix changing over to rain and the biggest impacts is northwest of the i-95 corridor and a threat of significant icing in the lehigh valley. and high temperatures a big range. allentown only 35 degrees and parts of south jersey up to 55. i'll break it down what to expect where you live. coming up in the accuweather forecast. with that wintry mix moving into the region the "action news" morning team will get an early start for you. matt, tam, david and karen have the latest on road conditions and possible school closing orz delays. amtrak and brandon bostian will stan trial after all. the judge reinstated involuntary
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plan slaughter against him. his train was going twice the speed limit when it derailed and killed eight people. bostian will remain free on bail but must surrender his passport. >> and a train moving from penn station when it became separating on the track it happened between baltimore and delaware. this cell phone video shows the gap between the cars, nobody was injured but 52 passengers were shaken up. the wild ride on wall street took two dramatic turns and the dow plunged 500 points at the opening bill and closed up almost the same amount. the dow fell a combined 1800 points yesterday and friday.
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despite the volatility it's up 21% since last february. time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report for you. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center with the latest tonight. >> want to warn everybody about fire department activity by channel 6. it's all the candles we put on rick's birthday cake today. we needed to call in the fire crews as a backup. i'm just kidding, we are getting ready for a celebration along the parkway getting ready for that big parade coming up in just a couple of days. this afternoon with the preparations underway the inbound inner drive of the ben franklin parkway is blocked and opened the outbound for the commute and will close it again after the evening commute wraps up. the vine street expressway is busy in both directions that is typical afternoon volume and we watch a school bus accident in west goshen by saint matthew assembly of god. and no kids were on the bus but emergency crews on pottstown
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pike. and accident at market and walnut but the fire trucks are partially blocking the roadway. by the pheasant run apartments in south ford. look for a wreck at main street taking out one lane and the gateway diner for dinner, watch out for a wreck at broadway at river drive. and 42 southbound off to the side but extra sluggish as you come south of the walt whitman bridge. monica and the birthday boy we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> happy birthday. >> i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next time. >> and up next the flu and how it is impacting our nation. the news is not encouraging. >> "action news" goes one-on-one with eagles running back corey clem ent back from los angeles following the funny appearance on jimmy kimmel with jay ajayi.
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health check tonight the number of cases of flu continue to go up. pennsylvania is reporting higher numbers this week than last week and in delaware the number of
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confirms cases is skyrocketing. ali gorman joins us at the big board with more on that. typically we see the virus hit hayektist and then start to come down. we are going on seven weeks of widespread activity and starting to come down in states out west and in our area it's still going up. and pennsylvania is reporting 6% of emergency room visits due to flu like symptoms up a half percent from last week. the highest flu activity is in our area southeast pennsylvania and delaware has also seen a surge in flu this week. officials there say it's the highest they have seen in the last five seasons and new jersey sees high numbers of influenza a and b strains. yesterday we told you about a school closing in north jersey because too many bus drivers were sick and today in georgia one school district is reporting 50 bus drivers are out with the flu. the cdc says we could see
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several more weeks of high flu activity. even if i flu shot can't 100% prevent the the flu it can prevent life-threatening kbikations. a lots of amazing things happened at the super bowl in minnesota including the first meeting with roy coa reteared rail car winter. and car was a freshman player at northwestern university when he signed up to become a donor in 2015 he got the call he was a match. but carr told be the he always wondered who received his bone marrow stem cells. >> was glad to help you roy and it all worked out and brings us here today. >> greatly appreciate it. i wouldn't be here if you hadn't have done it. >> and coe is still free of any
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signs of non-hodgkins lymphoma and hope their story inspires people to join the registry. in washington the house is expected to vote on another temporary funding bill keeping the government run aring until march 23rd and fund community health centers for two years money the bills have not included. and meantime in camden the osbourne family center of lords center celebrates the designated of a health institution. .
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a trenton run business is offering a ride to the parade. about $20 a person. cathy says she helps to run tours and a lot has changed. >> we did not send buss to the phillies parade it was not something we did and didn't have the access to all the people we have now with social media and email. and the news. >> information on star tours super bowl parade charters, can you find it on
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eagles pride was loud and clear in center city today. ♪ fly eagles fly >> fly eagles fly echoed at the luncheon at the marriott. jim kenney hold people that education is the cornerstone for children to become good workers and general manage bernie prazenica was on hand to lend support. >> and children in need can express themselves with art in wilmington, delaware. 450 art kits were donated to organizations like the police department and the ywca and care center thanks to the jefferson foundation and emma's art kits. it came from emma stump a girl that used art to keep her spirits up for treatment for a brain tumor.
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small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. time now for the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan in the weather center with a look at messy weather tomorrow. >> we have a slippery morning commute for a large part of the community. the skies cleared somewhat from this morning. live at sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline from temple and clouds are building back in overnight as the moisture moves
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up from the southwest and temperatures on the cool side. philadelphia 37 and the high today 38 that is 4 degrees below normal and allentown and trend 35 and atlantic city airport 38. and look at the numbers for the overnight hours, you see that temperatures drop below freezing at midnight and then at 9:00 in philadelphia. they are above freezing, there is a limited time in philadelphia for the frozen precipitation for the snow and sleet and areas farther to the north it take a lot longer before you get the change over. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system i'm tracking gathering gulf moisture and moves up from the tennessee valley from the morning hours tomorrow and here by day break. future tracker 6 showing by 7:30 in the morning and we have the sleet and rain and some freezing rain in parts of south jersey and delaware. it's a pretty quick hit for the viewing area and by lunch time. and most area we are looking at
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rain. and blue allentown and north berks that is the zone where we get an extended period of icing. they could get a .10 to quarter inch of ice and snow and sleet. and by the evening commute we are looking at just rain, and sleet and freezing rain across the poconos, that all moves out by tomorrow night. a half inch to inch of rain and good soaking before the change over to rain. this is what they are expecting with snow and sleet totals. the i 95 corridor a coating to inch, 1 to 3 inches and you get across northern lehigh valley in the poconos. 3 to 6 inches of snow and sleet and could get the glaze of ice on top of that before that change over to rain. the morning commute, the conditions really depend on where you are. the roads are covered in snow
5:27 pm
and the northwest suburbs slow with snow covered roads and the i-95 area slow it down and slushy roads and not all that bad and delaware and south jersey mainly wet and the farther north you are the more problems you have for the morning commute. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow the mix in the morning and rain by the afternoon and the high eventually 44 degrees and thursday for the eagles victory parade dry and partly sunny and 34 degrees and windchills stuck if the low 20s and bundle up down there. friday 43 degree and increasing clouds and saturday 49 degrees and rain moves in late in the day and saturday night and sunday 54 degrees and periods of rain and we'll talk about what is behind the system in the seven-day forecast. >> much more ahead in our next half hour of "action news."
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and hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. if you are one of tens of thousands of people expected to turn out for the big super bowl
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parade look at some of the best places to view the excitement. we'll show you in person. and stocks rebound after the dow had the biggest point drop ever just 24 hours ago. plus the cold case plea. the request for witnesses to speak up about the shooting death of this 16-year-old young man. >> now the details excitement is building as the city of philadelphia prepares to host its first ever super bowl parade. and city officials announce the exact route the parade will take at broad and paterson traveling northbound at broad to south penn square and westbound south penn square to 15th street. and northbound 15th street to jfk boulevard to 16th street. and northbound on 16th street to the ben franklin parkway and westbound on the ben franklin parkway to eakins oval where it ends at the philadelphia museum of art. you got all of that? we'll continue to remind you.
5:31 pm
meantime chad pradelli joins us live along the parkway with a look at some of the best spots to watch thursday's big parade. >> reporter: hey rick, let me write all of that here. that is a lot of maneuvering and we have been up and down it all day. and this really is a sweet spot you see behind me the jumbotrons are going up. and up and down the parade route there is some places you can go. drive up broad and soon these streets will be packed with people. finding open space gets more difficult the closer you get to city hall. 16th and arch is expected huge crowds and you better get there early. >> what time are you opening up? >> 8:00 a.m. no resvagus first come first serve. >> and barricades available in some spots at broad and jackson and the local barbershop across
5:32 pm
the street the classic hub is planning one big party. >> this is a prime time spot for the parade. what is the plan? >> to have food and beverages for the people that come through check it out nice barbershop and nice artwork and good people. >> the owner of this stand says he will not come to work on thursday. too many headaches. >> i can hang out and see it from my home. >> balconies are few and likely not available to the public. >> the balcony at logan is one of the sweetest spot but it's rented out for a private party. come down for a spot early. >> craziness and people and big volume of food and beverages being consumed. >> reporter: for most of the restaurants along the parade route. the general rule is if you pay
5:33 pm
for food and drink it's first come and first serve. and expected to be big time crowded. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. of course we have the complete guide for all of thursday's celebrations at parade. there we have the street by street parade route and a list of road closures and parking restrictions in philadelphia and mass transit plans including all of septa's service changes. that is parade. and "action news" of course is eagles super bowl parade station we have live team coverage of the parade starting at 9:00 a.m. on thursday. and all coverage is streaming live at and you will not miss a min of the celebrating. the philadelphia eagles and fans got a compliment from the governor of new jersey. governor phil murphy who happens to be a patriots fan, he sent out this tweet following the super bowl victory. saying quote, tonight the eagles proved they deserve to be super
5:34 pm
bowl champs congratulations to all of their die hard fans on an incredible game and season. >> the super bowl win means a change to the fire department's dress code. they sent out this tweet. saying that members can continue wearing gray, green or black eagles hats as part of their uniform through march 5th. and in other news we follow the roller coaster ride one day after the dow average plunged nearly 1200 points the worst single day decline in history. >> reporter: hi monica, after a bit of concern yesterday stocks came down in a big way. the dow you mentioned had the biggest drop yesterday and actually two days of huge losses. but today at the close it was way up. this after just as you called it a roller coaster ride on wall
5:35 pm
street today. the market with an atowning rebound closing up 560 points bouncing up an 1100 point range throughout the day. the dow started the day down 10% officially increase territory. strategists are warning for weeks that the seemingly unstoppable rally was due for a pull back but rebecca jarvis assures us it only feels like a decline. >> even after all the selloff in the just the last year stocks are over the full year up about 20%. >> president trump's treasury secretary, steve mnunchin says he doesn't see a need to worry. >> i am not overly concerned about the market voltist. >> these mean a good opportunity, you want to be greedy when others are fearful. the market is on sale now.
5:36 pm
you see an 8% pull back in the past few days, can you buy in now, at 8% better price than you would have gotten a week ago. but for longer term investors wondering how their 401(k) is doing, markets go down quickly they tend to recover quickly as well. >> reporter: and the best advice experts say is to remember that investing in a stock market is a long-term prospect. you don't want to jeopardize the long-term financial stability based on short-term numbers. don't react out of fear and look at the big picture. >> reporting live, linda lopez. channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. former white house chief strategist steve bannon is given one more week before he must appear before the house intelligence committee. he was asked to appear about his work at the white house.
5:37 pm
and bannon's attorney says that the work at the white house is protected by the president's executive privilege. the victim was 16 years old when he was shot at a party in newark. deandre green was killed outside of the brook side community center in 2013 after shotted fired after a fight. and if a new video his mom talks about seeing his body in the hospital and not being able to hold him. >> we had to end up looking through a door. at my son. because we couldn't get -- get to him. >> a $20,000 reward is posted for a tip that leads to arrest and conviction of the shooter. time for an update on the highways tonight. matt pellman is live now. >> hello again, we are geearing
5:38 pm
up for the big parade and getting ready on the ben franklin parkway the inner drive blocked up and outbound will close after the evening rush. and underneath the vine street expressway is busy in both directions and i want to say again if you are planning on bringing septa into the city on thursday for the big parade you really need to investigate now what their service plan is, because everything is out of whack. lines that have maybe 10 stations they will only stop at three or four on thursday, once you get into the city no trains stop at suburban station and no trains in university city or temple. use jefferson or 30th street. you have to buy the passes beforehand and patco on a modified schedule. investigate now the details are
5:39 pm
at and just a few 10 to 15 minute delays today. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" tuesday night. a look at the damage after an earthquake struck taiwan and people may be trapped. and a rocket that elon musk hopes will send a man to mars. and adam joseph tracking the weather good a mess on our hands into the wednesday rush hour. even the evening not much better and we have moisture gathering from the gulf of mexico. bringing us snow and sleet and freezing rain and rain. we'll have the break down on who sees what in the full accuweather forecast. >> and also what is likely for philadelphia eagles to be back for them in the city of brotherly love after the super bowl win. that is next in sports.
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a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near the coast of taiwan killing two hotel employees and injures others. the ground floor of the marshall hotel caved in and people believed trapped. the media reports that another
5:43 pm
hotel is also tilting tonight. people felt shaking 70 miles away in the capital city of taipei. >> and a number of u.s. military boots on the ground in iraq is expected to go down according to the u.s. led coalition against isis the military operations will switch from combat to sustaining military gains that means a gradual reduction of troops. just last month they said there were 5200 american forces in iraq. time for sports and ducis is here the eagles champs not just the toast of the town but they are getting national exposure. >> a perk of being a super bowl champion. non-stop since the eagles won the super bowl sunday night and nick foles was at disney world and a couple teammates were on jimmy kimmelle. jeff skversky is live at philadelphia international
5:44 pm
airport where a player arrived back home. >> corey clement says there is no greater feeling to be back in his home town as a super bowl champion. it's a crazy 24 hours and a dominant performance in super bowl lii. he flew to be on jimmy kimmel and finally back home tonight ready to sell brace with his team mads mates. here he is arriving a short time ago and taking lots of pictures and signing autographs for excited eagles fans that saw him on the plane after being on jimmy kimmel with fellow running back jay ajayi, he says was surreal. clement says he is pinching himself. after leading the eagles 100 yards receiving. >> it's setting in just now, i am back in philly and the whole city was lit up in green and now i get to be a part it. instead of seeing it from afar.
5:45 pm
this is something i live for. >> what are the last 48 hours like are you still on cloud 9? >> i know i'm on sleepless 9. just to get back and feel the philly vibe. been on the west coast for a little bit and being here brings back the memory of why we did it for the city. being back in my home town and home city. there is no greater feeling coming back as super bowl champion. >> what will it feel like at the parade? >> you have seen videos and pictures of what center city was like after you won on sunday night and when the team got off the plane and arrived back yesterday. i apologize for the vandalism ahead. everybody is just excited for what came for the city. and they all deserve it. this is something we always wanted to be a part of. and i am forever embedded in a super bowl program. this is pretty awesome and this moment will never fade away.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: clement says he when to the phillies parade ten years ago and skipped school. well kids don't have to make that choice come thursday. the glassboro school district is closing school in honor of corey clement their hero and the philadelphia eagles for the giant parade in enter city. live at philadelphia international airport. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> hard to believe he went undrafted. see you next half hour. the sixers honor the eagles during the game against the wizards. sixer's joel embiid was at the super bowl and saw the city go bananas over it. >> the passion and fans. and you know, i want to do that to. i was excited about it all. >> several eagles players will be there tonight to ring the bell before the sixers game.
5:47 pm
>> thank you sir. as we take a live look from the sky 6 hd cameras, the pretty pictures of the ben franklin bridge and i-95 penn's landing on a tuesday evening and jeremiah masoli has the details of soggy details nurses at einstein medical center are celebrating with a fight song lullaby. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ eagles!
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three, two, one. there w3 three, two, one. there was a huge cheer in florida as space x launched their falcon heavy rocket. the heavy is now the most powerful rocket in use today. the r heaket lifted a sports ca into orbit and how neat is that and two of the three boosters came back down and landed upright at cape canaveral. >> and now adam joseph is here to tell us about old man winter making a visit. >> we have concerns for both rush hours. lets look at the winter weather advisory. an accuweather alert for the day. the abotisory is basically newcastle county in delaware and head to salem and gloucester and
5:51 pm
northern burlington all points north and west. especially the pennsylvania counties that is where we have the greatest impacts in the morning for snow and sleet and eventually freezing rain near the lehigces3 elley and nothing in southern areas in new jersey and delaware becwas a se it will ben from start to finish there. temperatures in the mid-30s now across the area, allentown and trenton coming in at 35 degrees and 36 in millville and 37 in dover and 26 degrees in the p heaonos. a lot of clouds and they are stubborn to break and glimmers of sun northern and west. and even now you see stars out there. as the clouds break apart and you see m and gsture coming in the gulf of mexico. one of the systems juiced up from the gulf as it heaun to te northern and east. it's here first thing tomorrow morning you see the snow and
5:52 pm
sleet and rain b nowin attack i the morning for 7:30 you near the height of the rush hour rain for most of south jersey and southemak delaware and along 95 sleet mixing in maybe a coating and slushy spolv in and around 95. and north and west there is snowy rides and snow falling during the morning rush hour and then the warm air lifts to the northern and 39 in philadelphia and 40 in wilmington and hanging on to sleet and freezing rain in the lehigh valley as late as noon and then takes over for allentown the entire region and notice how warm the temperatures get. philadelphia to the south in the afternoon during the evening rush hour, it will be ponding on roadways and heavy rain and nll and it starts to sink to the south and east as we get into the evening hours with temperatures in the 40s. so the transition from that snow, sleet g and gng to rain w be between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. for wilmington and philadelphia and trenton.
5:53 pm
north westemak suburbs,from ps0 a.m. until noon lehigh valley to the north of there not until noon. re cn dting or so for wilmingto philadelphia and trenton and the 1 inch line lanun dale and exto and princeton and doylestown 1 to 3 inches and more 3 inches in allentown before they see an accumulation of ice on top of that especially in the northern lehigh valley a .10 to .25 inch of freg fing rain at lunch and just after. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the slow transition from south to north from the wintry mix to rain tomorrow andss6 and chilly breeze for the parade on wednesday and 34 and feeling like the low 20s. wear the winter gear in center city. and sunny and dry friday and mild over the weekend and heading towarun 50 and better and rain on saturday and periods of rain on sunday. rend then sun retumakon andss4 as we get into tuesday as it stays quiet and a mess on our
5:54 pm
hans from start to finish. >> thank you. with that wintry mix moving into the region the "action news" momaking team has an early star for you. tune in tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. and to see if there is possible school delays or closings in the area. >> a couple from philadelphia's fishtown section has more to celebrate more than the super bowl win. jeff ross were celebrating and justin went bit wn on one knee d a marine proposal drew a large crowd as fans cheered the happy couple on. >> it seems like a good idea and blacked out the moment i'm not sure what i said and i got down on one knee and she said yes apparently and it was wonderful. justin proba eay wouana not hav prs andosed but had backup plann case that happened.
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some special eagles fans
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from delaware got to go to the super bowl but to the after party. how cool is that. ce went with his wife and 73-year-old dad and 9-year-old son and they got to go to the party and take pictures with the trophy. >> i thought i was dreaming and this is the lombardi trophy and i was holding it. i couldn't believe it it was crazy. >> the family brought home streamers and other keep sakes from the celebration. >> right now jim gar mier and te "action newthat team is standin by with these stories next at 6ion f0. >> the eprsles super bowl plans are now in place and we'll rundown the details from the thursday celebration including the best way to get there. and mr. gary is back from the big game. we check in witcesthe south jersey bus driver that was gifted a trip to the super bowl big his ltering community. for adam joseph and jaime apody and cecily tynan and rick williams ha mmar birthday.
5:58 pm
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that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! "action newthat delaware valley's leading nepwi program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gar mier. tuesday night and chare ces are reinstated for the engineer in philadelphia's amtrak crash and a false tsuthat wmi warning issued for the east coast. but the big story tonight massive
6:00 pm
transportation operation. and "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live. >> reporter: jim, that is right this is not a ticketed event and open to the public and expected to be bigger than the phillies world series parade in 2008. with the vince lombardi proffy in city hall the mayor and parade organizers revealed the details. >> i want to thank them for all the joy they brought to us. >> it's really an opportunity for us, our organization and players and staff to really sort of take in the enthusiasm and say thank you. >> 11:00 a.m. at broad and


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