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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 7, 2018 1:35am-2:10am EST

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action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ it is tuesday night the big story on action news is a full
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blown accuweather alert a winter weather advisory is going in effect at 4:00 a.m. metrologist cecily tynan has the full story from accuweather cecily. >> jim double scan live showing plenty of moisture coming our way and running into colder air and we have occur occur alert for i-95 corridor areas north and west for tomorrow really focused on the first half of the day and a winter storm warning in effect for the poconos as the system pulls in it's what is called over running and it's precipitation and warmer air over colder air at the surface and future tracker showing 7:30 in the morning and snow and philadelphia areas to the north we have ice and then we just have rain so really the impact on your morning commute depends on your location. lehigh valley and northwest suburbs tricky roads covered with snow and wilmington and trenton will be somewhat of a
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slushy mix and delaware south jersey this is mainly a rain event so the focus is really further to the north the change over is from the south to the north the accuweather alert for wintry mix changing all over to rain by the afternoon but biggest is northwest of i-95 corridor icing and it could be significant is a threat for the lehigh valley and afternoon highs depend on your location allentown only about 35, parts of south jersey millville up to about 55 so a run down what to expect region by region coming up, in the full accuweather seven-day forecast jim. >> all right cecily and of course the morning team will be on early tomorrow and beginning at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest on this overnight system and its impact on the morning commute plus any changes in normal school operations. this is a live picture and there it is of the ben franklin parkway leading up to the philadelphia museum of art. right now it is largely an empty
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boulevard but come thursday morning and especially early afternoon there could be millions of people here still delirous eagles fans and working into the night getting the museum ready for a very big show the scene will be adorned with eagles banners and burnting and not to mention huge video screens so everybody can see and hear what is going on. in terms of getting to and from the parade septa says rides on the frankford and subway will be free all day trains will run every 5-7 minutes beginning at 5:00 a.m. on thursday. when it comes to the regional rail lines you will need a special one-day pass if you're not already a regular pass holder and only 50,000 of the one day passes being sold aside from the airport line all the regional rails will be only in bound to center city before the
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parade. out bound trains won't run until the event is over. action news reporter dann cuellar is live at the septa rail station in ardmore and then ducis rodgers is with members of the eagles at the sixers and we will start with dann and it's an enormous people moving operation and we have christie ileto. >> and a lot of people trying to figure out how they are going to get to the parade with travel options becoming more complex but we are finding tonight people are determined to get there one way or the other. how you going to get there? >> this is what we are trying to think of. i don't know. >> it's like the million dollar question how to get into center city for an eagles super bowl parade people have been waiting a lifetime to see. >> not going to work going to the parade. >> how are you going to get there. >> sleep in north philadelphia
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so i can get there. >> how are you going to get there. >> drive to my friends and drive the sub which or the l. >> i heard it's free. >> mom is driving me the train will be crazy. septa with 50,000 passes to get to and from the parade people were lined up the train station to get them at the 69th street station in upper dar by people were finding them hard to come by. >> i got five of the one-day passes for the regional rail they are 10 each. was it hard getting them? >> yes they only have a limited amount. >> by hook or by crook eagles fans determined to get there. >> going to the parade me and my cousin. >> how are you going to get there. >> she has a car we are going to drive. >> drive. >> as close as we can get. >> if i can't make it right on time i will be there after work. how you going to get there? >> somehow. >> i'm going to walk there. >> how far do you have to walk. >> i live in south philly. >> you are not far you are right there. >> i'm going to walk. >> makes sense go birds. >> go birds.
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>> reporter: for some the bottom line is this. >> there is no way in the world i'm going to miss this. >> reporter: and with up to three million people expected to matter how you get there it promises to be an unforgettable celebration that philadelphia and eagles fans every where will remember live at the ardmore train station action news. >> a look at the pay parade on broad and pattison and goes on the west side past dilley worth and up to ben franklin parkway, let's go up to parkway the parade finishes at the philadelphia museum of art for a sizable celebration there. city officials today announced a suite of security measures to keep the crowd safe on thursday but there will not be any metal detectors or restrictions on what you can bring in like there was for the pope, the police say the perimeter of the parade will
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be secured with barriers and increased with uniform plain closed and horse back and bike officers and philadelphia commissioner richard ross says authorities are searching for fan whose vandalized property post eagles super bowl win and this released today showed sonoco on broad and katerine and a mob started a food fight and pushing and shoving and the store being trashed. the damage was extensive fortunately nobody was hurt. different school districts are handling the parade with different policies. some are giving parade going students excused absences others are simply closing on thursday. needless to say the students and their parents have very definitive opinions about what their schools are or are not doing. action news reporter christie ileto is live at the museum tonight and christie what is the story on this?
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>> well it's a classic catch 22 some parents say the unexpected day off is added stress to find child care on the other hand having the schools open means die hard bird fans run the risk of possibly missing out on a historic moment. >> begging and crying a little bit. >> reporter: anything to get out of first period thursday morning. >> at some point there were two people monday in my class. >> what. >> literally all my classes were empty because the eagles won that is it. >> on monday. >> on monday now the parade is coming and more people are not coming. >> the school district is one of several suburban keeping their doors open when they make their victory lap through the heart of the city. >> i don't know it's a tough call i've never been a school administrator. >> in havertown you can bring a note from your parents and get excused absence. >> a lot of my friends are going too. >> there will be some kids there but not as many as they think will be.
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>> philadelphia city schools along with a number of private schools and universities in the city have cancelled classes thursday to partake in the historic event. >> this is great to have off and just get to enjoy the day. >> reporter: but an unexpected day off means an added stress for some parents. >> a lot of parents are upset and have to find child care and rather their kids be in school. >> still come thursday center city is the place to be. >> school is important but it's not you know a lot of school days in your life and there is not a lot of parades. >> but you know we will see, we will be there skipping school. >> reporter: now one student told me had his school nothing cancelled classes on thursday he would have called out with a serious case of the bird flu so by any means necessary right live on the parkway christie ileto channel six action news jim. >> thank you christie the city superstars on the field showed up tonight to mix with superstars on the court eagles
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at the sixers and ducis rodgers has the story. >> they are the toast of the town and it will be that way for a long time and wants a piece of the champs and the whirlwind celebration continued at the wells fargo center. several eagles were honored during tonight's sixers game including offensive lineman brandon brooks and ty and got to ring the ceremonial bell pregame and got some of the best seats in the house court side seats and jeff skversky caught up with the love the team has been getting. >> i'm sure you got the feeling landing back in philly with the lombardi trophy going to the complex what does it take of what it's going to be like. >> oh, man it's great. you know just to have the trophy and the team in history to win
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the super bowl and super grateful and glad. >> i have a funny feeling this team will not have to buy another meal. >> not for a while. >> or a beverage for a long long time. >> thank you ducis and carson wentz is getting the super bowl ring of course and giving out an engagement ring eagles quarterback announced he popped the question to his girlfriend maddie in a tweet today, he didn't pop the question in the tweet he told us in a tweet. and anyway wentz trumpeted the fact she said yes. he says he cannot wait to marry his best friends we have your complete guide for thursday's celebration at parade. there we have street by street parade route the list of road closers and parking restrictions in philadelphia and of course those mass transit plans and that includes all of septa service changes again that is at parade. and still to come on action news
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tonight why president trump says he is now willing to take on another government shut down. also new details revealed tonight about the historic launch of the most powerful rocket in a generation and attempt to land the oil free engine and higher prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome in american children than first thought cecily. >> temperatures are dropping below freezing and setting up for a tricky morning commute details on what to expect where you live in the seven-day forecast. >> ducis rodgers has more from the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles when action news continues.
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and with that space x propelled itself in the history books the private company successfully tested its new rocket it's called the falcons heavy it is more powerful than anything since nasa's saturn five the last flight of that was 1973, 27 engines this thing had and a spectacular display of engineering marvel and two of the three boosters came to earth and landed simultaneously to be reused and the third booster tried to land on a barge at sea but ceo-elan-musk said it failed
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and right now here is a look at the test pay load floating out in space, it's a tesla roadster with an astronaut dummy in the driver's seat and the path to take it to mars, it appears that congress is on the way to agreeing to a long-term budget plan to avoid a thursday night shut down and in the senate leaders are moving closer to a long-term pack that would award big spending increases to the military and to domestic programs in addition to over due disaster relief funds and passed a measure tonight as a back up to keep the government open until march 23 but president trump wants agreements on immigration to be part of the deal and opposing parties are no where close on that trump is still talking about shutting down the government. >> if we don't change it let's have a shut down we will do a shut down and it's worth it for our country. i would love to see a shut down
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if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> reporter: trump wants tougher immigration restrictions and of course funding for his roll but even republican congresswoman barbara comstock said in front of trump we don't need a government shut down over this. in our market watch tonight the dow bounced back in a big way from yesterday's biggest point drop ever and even though the blue chip index ended up 567 points today that didn't mean everything was calm today. in fact, it was a roller coaster day on wall street and saw the dow lose more than 500 points in the morning before swinging up more than a thousand points to end up in positive territory both trump's treasury secretary and white house spokesperson said today they are not concerned by recent volatility because under lying economic issues remain strong. and amtrak 188 engineer brandon bostian will stand trial15 dead
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philadelphia a judge reinstated involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges today and going twice the speed limit when it derailed and killed eight people and last year a judge tossed the case out because of lack of evidence showing intent and he will be free on bail but must surrender his passport. hampered by stalemates for three years running and a new fight is in harrisburg and hours after governor tom wolf unveiled the 33 million spending plan the governor is proposing to boost spending but about 3% for public schools job skills training, rising prison costs pension obligations and social services, he is relying on improving state finances and a growing economy to pay for it all including revenue from the state's gambling expansion. wolf also wants to impose a tax on marsala-shale natural gas
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meeting with republican resistance once again but one thing brought both sides of the aisle tonight when governor wolf donned eagles cap. now you know there are a lot of legislatures in that room who are steelers fans but you know tonight they said okay we are eagles fans. >> they are jumping on the bandwagon huh the good news of the forecast the parade looks nice it's going to be cold and take it through tomorrow. right now the action cam is taking a look along logan square the swan fountain which is kind of desolate tonight and it won't be on thursday but let's talk tablet good and the parade forecast because we will be drying things out nicely and sunshine and if you are heading to the parade i cannot stress you do need to bundle up at 9:00 when the crowds gathering only
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28 degrees then we only reach a high of the mid low to mid 30s but then you factor in the winds especially through the center city buildings we are looking at winds up to about 20 miles per hour so wind chills will be stuck in the low 20s and dry and see some sunshine but it is going to be very cold for the parade. now tonight we have a different situation we have dropping temperatures and moisture on the way, philadelphia 31 atlanta city airport 28, allentown 27 and wilmington 29 and the clouds are beginning to stream in all the moisture is coming from the southwest and as it does it's going to complicate the morning commute future tracker showing at 6:00 in the morning the clouds in place we do have some spotty light snow showers, some sleet and rain but it really fills in around 8:00 and you can see the snow near philadelphia it's brief snow then we do get a change in philadelphia. however look at this by lunchtime lehigh valley northern
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burks county you are dealing with ice before you get a change over there that system is off the coast by wednesday night, wednesday evening commute is just going to be rain but the problem for the morning commute will be areas especially north of philadelphia the i-95 metro area wilmington, philadelphia, trenton we are getting a change over to rain between about 8-10, it's going to be between 10 and noon for the northwest suburbs and lehigh valley and the north the change over will hold off until the afternoon noon to 2:00 and likely cause a lot of problems so the snow and sleet totals before we have the change over the i-95 corridor a coating to an inch we are not talking about a lot. the immediate northwest suburbs 1-3" the far northwest suburbs lehigh and poconos 3-6" also where there is a good chance of pretty significant icing about a 10th to a quarter inch of freezing rain before you get a complete change over to rain so you really want to be careful
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where there is a good shot of black ice and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast wintry mix in the morning rain by the afternoon and heavy at times and could get an inch and 46 for the high and thursday for the parade is nice partly sunny and chilly wind chills in the 20s on friday bump it to 43 saturday 49 degrees increasing clouds some rain by saturday night, sunday it's mild but it's wet periods of rain 54 the sunshine is back on monday 44 on tuesday including clouds with a high of 42 and of course the action news morning team will be early tomorrow at 4:00 to track the wintry mix as it approaches. >> health check at 11 turns out that fetal alcohol syndrome may be ten times more common in the united states than previously thought. the spectrum of disorders is caused by a mother drinking during pregnancy particularly binge drinking and they thought
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it affected 1% but a thousand of six graders found the number with symptoms of 3-10% and many of them had not been previously diagnosed. four police officers in burlington county hailed as heros three of them were on hand this evening as the township of edge water park presented them with accommodation awards on january 14, the car went in olympea lakes and the officers jumped in without regard for their safety and pulled two people out of the vehicle and later this month they will receive the berlington 200 club award for valor. ,$8drw
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tonight they held a 30 second annual pal night at the sixers game and action news president and general manager channel six president and general manager bern bern bernie prazenica was there and they took on the kids in a friendly game of basketball and he is competitive and not necessarily all that friendly. >> wow. >> kidding. this wasn't the only thing going on tonight at the sixers. >> a lot of new celebrities, bigger celebrities at the game and everyone is showing their
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love for the eagles includes the south philadelphia neighbors and the sixers held a celebration for the eagles before their game at the wells fargo center tonight. the champs were honored during tonight's sixers game and brandon brooks and ty the players got to ring the ceremonial bell pregame afterwards jeff skversky caught up with big b. >> how amazing is that, it has to be something special and starting to click in that you guys won. >> very, very cool to see all the fans here. it's a crazy experience and glad i was part of that. >> what is that parade going to be like? >> it's going to be super crazy. [ chanting eagles fly ] joel embiid singing with the
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crowd as the sixers hosted the wizards and sixers lead the way and they are up 17 after one and forth quarter and embiid 27 and 12 and sixers win 115-102 the eagles are champs when will the sixers follow suit? >> i feel like since they won i feel like it kind of puts pressure on us. we are going to come and we have to keep on working together but it's been great. >> eagles running back corey clement had a nice game and getting a nice honor to match the school district there declared thursday corey clement day no school that day go ahead and head to the parade. it was all smiles when the action cam spotted him at the area port this afternoon the running back returning from hollywood where he was on jimmy kimmel live with ajay and he is living the dream as a super bowl champ in your town, has it set
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in you are a world champ? >> now and since i'm back in philly i see the whole city is lit up in green and can be a part of it and instead of seeing it afar this is something i have always lived for. >> ahead in sports we will
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