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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 7, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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the fliers ended the night on a four game skid and just so happens brian elliot missed the last four games with a lower body injury and back against carolina and there were fans and second down one zip and the game is tied at one and stays that way in over time. hurricanes putting the pressure on elliot in front and makes 26 saves less than five seconds to go and jordan keeps to himself and a game winner and flyers take it 2-1 in ot and princeton and big for foreman 21 points 80 wins and st. joe is the loser tonight and that is sports. >> jimmy kimmel live on channel six followed by night line and music from awol nation action news continues at 4:00 with tamala edwards and karen rogers
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and dave murphy and from brian taff sharrie williams and percocious ducis rodgers and for the entire action news team i'm jim gardner good night. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." youtube favorite curious pete
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goes all primitive jim at 14,gy0 feet. the workout takes more than guts. >> big old stones. >> that's a big old man. he's drilling toward those sounds. >> coming from the new stairc e staircase. >> what it's going to take to finally get kitty out. ♪ a warning about social media comments. ♪ the catchy tune to make you -- >> just stop reading them. and dropping baby hints on grandparents who still have -- >> no clue at all. >> see how long until the clues finally add up. >> what is this? >> at this rate, the baby is going to be born. dedicated for life, that's why he's got guns, that's why
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he's beaten cancer and why he's one of our favorite creators, glorious pete! he's back! he's working o ining on a show "the ultimate expedition" on youtube red. they take nine strangers and send them up a mountain, this reality show kind of stuff, but pete, even though he's at 14,000 feet right now at a base camp in the peruvian andes, elshe's not getting gain. >> we know our legs are stronger but we have to make sure our arms stay proportional. >> pete has gone out there with his buddy, paul, one of the crew members and going to build a prim tim gym. start with rocks, rope and stick and working on dumbbells here. >> you get rock solid. >> that's either how you get rock solid or break a toe. this appears to be working though. >> it is. it's like the flintstones. >> yes. >> to they instagram themselves at the gym? that's an important part of it. >> because if you don't do that,
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it never happened. >> right. >> something tells me this service in the peruvian andes at 14,000 feet might be spotted. >> oh [ bleep ] are you okay? >> yeah. >> good thing you got your heavy boots on. >> we need more weight. >> you want to turn the shoulders into boulders you need to use actual boulders. >> this is awesome. >> those are big old stones. >> that's a big old man. >> what we want to do, put one hand on each. >> he wants to work on like a pulley system. he's got a huge rock and the idea of friction at first appears to be lost on these guys. so takes them a minute to work out the kinks of this. well, ladies, here's your treat for the day. furious pete going full grrr. >> so he doing it shirtless? >> ooh, yeah! >> there's a reason pete's arms
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look like my legs. okay? >> next time curious wants to go on adventure and needs a workout, i will be -- >> the workout? >> a lot of weight to push. >> this is the first time she's volunteered herself for a long hike. >> i'm here for the people. >> woo! there is a shocking lack of simon cowell in this wildlife "a" video but there is a ton of compassion. >> they found him in this state so basically all the feathers are over in mass. >> that is a buzzard and that buzzard is covered in mud. this was brought in to the wildlife aid center and there the vet, maru is going to start bathing this buzzard. >> like a muzzard.
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>> mudzard is a good name. i don't know if i'm down for this, but they were able to give this thing a bath. as you can see, they have to go feather by feter er by feather all the mud is gone. this took over an hour for them to do. oh, by the way, they had to do it multiple times because after they rinsed it off and washed it, they put it in an incubateor and wash and repeat. but look after the multiple bathings they had to recondition its feathers so it could do this, fly away beautifully. so one family comes home, the stairs newly built so happy. after a while they notice, where is the cat? where is the cat? [ meowing ] >> the carpenter had been in and out, going outside to cut the wood. think about it, workmen come in the house, don't let the dog out, don't let the cat out. the cat didn't try to get out, it got in and apparently the
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carpenter didn't see it's snuggly. i'll stay in here and take a cat. the cat had been stuck in there for five hours. let's just say the kids acted like nick would, when they'd see this. [ laughter ] finally, the woman, she had to go next door to get the neighbor to come drill this thing out and finally the cat was freed. the nerve of some criminals never ceases to amaze me. here we are at a car lot in australia. they come through the gate head straight to the office first with they take a laptop and a cell phone. >> i assumed they were going for keys to take the cars. >> just wait, my friend, because they did go after keys. first they stole 80 keys. >> 80? >> 8-0. >> how many cars did they knick? >> four cars on one day and came back with their faces uncovered next day for another car. that would make five actual vehicles. the problem is the owners of the carlot have a stand still in
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their business. it will cost thousands of dollars to attempt to place the keys. customers won't be secure in buying those cars because somebody out there has the keys to the car. >> it wouldn't be that hard to track the cars they sell and steal those. >> just sit outside and wait for people to drive out and follow them. >> you get on a radio with your accomplices, there goes the kia. >> for now the criminals are on the loose. business stopped at the car lot and all of it is under investigation and they're trying to figure hout how to secure the fence. >> they thank might end their business, might be it for them. now we go to brazil, this took 40 seconds to go down. this driver pulls up to the luxury condominium complex but he's got some company. >> wow, out of nowhere. where did that go come from? >> blocked them in, tries to pull the dude out of the car. >> probably got a gun. >> weapon and bow boys in tow. the guy is like have it, take it all. another angle you can see how effective they were in pulling this off. >> you never know how you would react in these situations.
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this is really intimidating and terrifying but part of me wonders if you could ram the other car and disable it somehow. >> you could but then they'd start shooting. >> i think this person is smart in the way he handled it. nothing is worth your life. these carjackers have been known to shoot the individual if they don't hand over their car and valuables. >> poor guy. at least he wasn't injured. this slow jam should get you in the mood. ♪ in the mood to just leave the comments alone on social media. just stop reading them. >> my kids they want to have youtube accounts, no, youtube comments are the worst of society. >> yes. ♪ don't feed the trolls ♪ instead go eat a casserole
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>> see, i really want to read the comments to this video. >> i'm actually hoping he takes his own advice on this one. oops, sorry, comments disabled. the internet is so weird. >> but this is perfect, because this is exactly how it goes. you want to see them and light 'em up real good. i'll just go ahead and keep my job and delete when you send me these messages i don't need to see. >> i'll do it, because it's fun. >> i really just don't read the comments. ♪ they're just going to torment you ♪ >> all right, sorry, i'm about to comment. >> just let it go. >> yeah, maybe just don't do it. these guys created multimedia content that is instantly memorable and entertaining. i think in this case they definitely nailed it. >> uh, uh -- >> you're going to be singing this all day now.
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♪ don't read the comments >> you can actually download this hit on itunes, google play, apple phone and spotify, so go get it, and leave a comment below. roads are so unpredictable. and now for today's big dumb idiot award -- goes to this driver. plus, she's an amazing artist. >> look at this. she does it freehand. >> see her final transformation. >> every single time is just mind blowing.
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closed captioning provided by -- and now, for today's big dumb idiot award -- did hold it
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but wound up taking someone else out in the process. >> that poor trucker. >> right, let's watch this one again. this dummy in a bmw, tries to squeeze through that narrow gap by using a ton of horsepower on a slippery road. of course the back end starts fishtailing around. and manages to hold it together by using the truck to bounce off of. that truck goes off into the snow, winds up toppling over, hits a tree. thankfully whoever was driving that bmw looks like they stopped further down the road, a number of other people also slowed down, pull off to the side of the road to help that guy out. information is slim on this one but it sounds like the driver was not seriously injured. i know this next clip also from a dash cam. this is one of those things where there really isn't much you can do, other than just keep your eyes peeled. the roads don't appear that bad. there's not a ton of traffic. we're good. we're good. we're good.
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no, we're not. >> oh! >> holy cow. >> it looks like a shelf to convert a van to make it tall enough to stand in. >> looks like they stacked six or seven. >> i don't know if they even attempted to try and you know, secure those things down. as it gets further down the road, it catches just enough air, peels the top right off and sends it flying back toward the trucker behind him. those of us who are trekkers, that is the bore queen, amazing digital artistry in the star trek movies, also appeared in a tv series. if i asked you what artist could possibly paint themselves to look like the bore queen, i know you'd guess -- >> miriana kika amilosevic. she has talent and resistance to
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her talent is futile. >> she paints her body, gets her hair back, makes herself bald and does everything, that's actress alex kreig probably had to sit through in hair and makeup. >> we've seen her do it before but every single time is mind blowing. >> because she's so enterprising. >> by the end of this, all this work, she makes a pretty good facsimile again. well done, kika, again. cat and nat are going to give us -- >> a little walk down memory lane. >> moms throughout the decades. >> you know the older kids you have in your house? they were free baby sitters. >> the big secure the little, hands down. >> oh, yeah, we did. and you're about to witness an awesome chain reaction. >> it got so inventive, my jaw started hanging open.
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cat and nat are always keeping it real with their mom truths. in this episode they give us a little walk down memory lane. moms throughout the decades. >> now, there's nothing a mom can do right, and there's a million ways to do it but we don't know which one to pick. >> at first the '50s mom. >> there was no kid proofing. they got their kids to use their common sense. >> oh, what's that? >> and if they didn't, they learned the hard way and never did it again. all right, let's head on over to the '60s. >> they were allowed to not only to discipline their children they were allowed to discipline the child running amuck on the street. >> not only getting in trouble with your mama but the mama across the street who caught you doing it first. >> the '70s mom. girl, you coming over for a cocktail at 3:00? >> who is judging? >> playgrounds, they were made with that death trap, hot metal!
2:34 am
>> i bet it was concrete on the bottom. >> hot metal and concrete. when you fell you didn't remember because it's called a concussion. >> the game called life. >> oh yeah, bring on the '80s. >> now it's prepared food. food that expired in like 20 years. >> starting to sound familiar now, definitely packaged food kid. >> yes, and with those packages -- >> hold up, my mom is going to kick my butt. your cooking was great, mom. loved your cooking. >> okay, '90s, let a's do 's do. >> everyone in the cafeteria looked at your lunch because you had all the goodies. >> yes and we traded. >> the 2000 moms now, why do we make it hard on ourselves? >> sit back judging each other making it hard. >> open the doors, back up, talk to each other like people and not look at each other and judge each other like there's some big deal going on. i'm not sure why moms need to
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get all kocookadoodle-do. we're going to back it up. >> sounds like a plan to me. >> we're going to back it, back it, back it up. ♪ the video that i'm showing seems simple, but it is anything but. it's called the blue marble and you're following the journey of this blue marble and it's incredible. fidget spinner here, that magnet kicks it back and the fidget spinner is going the other way. this took three months of work, 500 fails and you're starting to understand why. as this person has used marbles, plastic forks, we've got scissors in this case and in each case it's incredible how you use this to push that blue marble further and further. the blue marble marches on. >> it's a sheet of wood kind of raised up a little bit. >> yes, that's what made this so hard. the challenge was getting the ball back up again. you saw how inventive he got trying to do that as well.
2:36 am
>> that's insane and so intricate. >> the problem was the intricacies. they often they would be triggered by the smallest movement and something 100 moves down would fail and you have to start it again. >> i don't understand how the human brain concedes of something like this. >> off to the bottom and there you go. if you have three months and dedication, you, too, can create one of the biggest trending videos on youtube right now. >> can you imagine your mom walks in, sees a mess, here he goes again, and starts cleaning it up. >> no! he's getting a just because gift from his lady. >> what did you do? >> that is the first thought. >> it's not what did she do. it's more like what did they do. >> what? are on
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strike now. four minutes, 22 seconds and a little change. >> how do you keep that down? for you. >> what? >> it's awesome getting surprise gifts for mo reason. this guy in phoenix, arizona, is getting a gift from his lady. >> for what? >> just open it. >> for nothing? >> what did you do? >> that is the first thought. >> well, in this case she did do something, and so did he. >> what am i forgetting? >> it's a shirt. when he opens it up the shirt reads, "dad bod." ha, ha, ha, real funny, i work at the gym. >> the bust is about to hit him. >> the bust is going to hit him hard. >> what do you think that means? >> what? >> sir, focus. >> finally, just like that, he realizes,


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