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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 7, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 4 o'clock on this wednesday february 7th. we're on half hour early to get you ready for a wintry mix that that be arriving soon. >> storm tracker shows you that system that will bring snow and freezing rain to parts of the area and just lane in other parts. >> the action cam caught penndot crews preparing the roads for what could be a slippery commute. >> the city of philadelphia is also getting ready to host millions of people for a super bowl victory parade. >> so, first up, we have meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning to you both. >> good morning. this is the quiet before the
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storm, so, hey, if you want to commute early it's a good time to go. >> a lot of green in philadelphia tomorrow. unfortunately what we have today is a little green but unfortunately white and blue on the radar. it's a lot of rain down to the south moving in. at the end of this we see in more northern areas some of that of blue starting to work its way in. the radar trying to show you that changeover to mixed precipitation. as we take a look at radar right now the only thing we've got is a little mixed precipitation. this is probably snow mixing with sleet maybe freezing rain and right now it's down south of baltimore to the west of dover and inching its way up toward the northeast. probably by about 6 o'clock in philadelphia, we expect this. it might even be a little bit before then. bottom line is as soon as you see some of this coming in you do have to slow it down and be careful because anything in particular that hasn't been pretreated could be icy. as expected the winter storm watch still up in the poconos but the advisory has now been extended through much of southeastern pennsylvania,
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also new castle county county delaware. counties in south jersey abutting the delaware river in all of these areas for at least a time this morning you could see some icing before a changeover to rain. the farther north you are through the region the better chance you have of holding onto that advisory a little later into the day. 31 degrees in philadelphia so we are setting the table for problem problems, 29 wilmington, 27 trenton all these numbers below freezing. as we go through the day you can seat change on the way. yes, we'll be below freezing for awhile this morning but as soon as 8 o'clock above freezing. icing may take a little bit longer to totally disappear but obviously the numbers are rising and notice how we have precipitation all the way today karen but most of it will be rain once we get done early on with this icing. up in allentown it will hang on a little bit longer. more on how th coming up. >> we'll be watching for the roads as that precipitation moves in. while it's still dry on the roosevelt boulevard extension you can see we have a big problem with this accident
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scene blocking the right lane and the off-ramp at wissahickon avenue. you'll be dealing with this as you head northbound on the boulevard towards broad street. police and fire crews all on the scene with major accident and we can see them blocking the off ramp and the right lane so look for this to be a problem. we have light volume so not causing a jam just yet but we'll see how long that one stays out there. let's look outside live on the vine street expressway and the ben franklin parkway. they appear to be open now but will close again later this morning for parade preparations as we all prep for this. they'll be beginning to do those shut downs as well. this is the schuylkill at south street. ahead here all traffic is forced off westbound so westbound traffic r blocked on the schuylkill for that overnight construction. they didn't cancel it and eastbound as well construction blocks the left lane. all should be wrapped up in an area. we're dry on the schuylkill just that construction causing issues matt. >> thank you, karen. it could get icy especially in
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the northwestern suburbs. let's go to trish hartman live in whitehall township lehigh county. good morning, trish. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, matt. nothing happening right here in whitehall township but folks are getting ready for it. take a look. we are here in whitehall township along macarthur boulevard not far from route 22. we're actually here a couple weeks ago during the last snowstorm that caused a little bit of a mess during the morning commute and this is a pretty heavily traveled roadway during the morning rush. we see salt on the sidewalks is that the roads. it's cold here. we have a nice crunchy layer on the grass and this is stuff that has previously fallen. while the lehigh valley and northern suburbs are supposed to see the worst of it, we did find some penndot crews working in the city to prep the words ahead of the storm. here they are brining the schuylkill expressway. this is near vine street earlier this morning. again, snow could affect visibility here in the lehigh
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valley and a changeover to ice is expected to make things slip. so far we have not seen any precipitation. we're still waiting here in whitehall township. for now i'm trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> thank you trish. stay with "action news" and for the latest on this wintry mix. you can follow the path of the snow, sleet and rain with storm tracker6 live. >> ♪♪ >> and now it is time to gear up for a parade. tomorrow much of center city will be a sea of green and black as we celebrate our super bowl champion eagles. now, let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway where crews are getting those barriers up and the stage set. you can see it behind me. the birds and the lombardi trophy will make their way up broad street and around city hall before ending up at the art museum. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is there live. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we're starting to see more and more changes take place with the speakers barricades and look at that stage and that banner there, super bowl
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champions looks pretty good. we see production trucks as well. the good news is eakins oval has not yet closed off to traffic but the closures will be coming soon. with less than 36 hours to go, the million dollar question isn't if some are going to the parade but how to get there. septa says rides on the market frankford line and the broad street lines will be free all day. trains will run every five to seven minutes. it's the regional rails that many are talking about. riders will need a special one day pass if you're not already a regular pass holder. only 50,000 are being sold. riders lined up at the station in paoli to get them. at 69th street station people were finding them hard to come by. >> i got five of these one day passes for the regional rails, they're $10 each. >> wewas it hard getting them. >> yes. they openly value limited amount. >> reporter: how are you getting there. >> she got a car. we're go together drive in her car. >> reporter: you going drive. >> we're going to drive as
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close as we can get. >> reporter: all regional rails will be only inbound to center city before the parade. outbound trains won't run until the event wraps up. still for fans who have waited a lifetime for this championship, they'll prove that where there's a will, there's a way. >> i can't make it there right on time but i'll be there right after work. >> reporter: how you going to get there. >> somehow, somehow. [laughter] >> reporter: and the city officials yesterday were really discouraging people from driving up to the parade. it's going to be nearly impossible and 93 said -- they said you might get stuck in traffic during the parade. if you can take public transportation that is highly encouraged. wherever you end up it is sure to be an unforgettable day. tam. >> we should remember as we stand out there it is us and millions of our friends that will set us up to have the right attitude. [laughter] "action news" will have live team coverage of the
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championship parade starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can also watch us as you head down to the parade because we'll be streaming live on >> the eagles whirlwind super bowl celebration continued at the wells fargo center. [cheers and applause] several eagles were honored during last night's sixers game including offensive lineman brandon brooks and halapoulivaati vaitai. they were invited to ring the ceremonial belle pre game. jeff skversky caught up with vaitai to talk about the love the team has been getting. >> reporter: i'm sure you got the feeling landing back in philly with the lombardi trophy going to the novacare complex a taste of what this is going to be like. >> oh, man, it's great. you know, just to have the trophy here with us, to be the first team in franchise history to win a sewer and i'm super grateful. >> this all happened during the 32nd annual pal night at the game. "action news" president and
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general manager bernie prazenica is on the pal board and he smiled as he held onto one of the three large checks made out to the organization. halapoulivaati vaitai two brothers do you know what their names are. >> can you say them. >> yes. kevin and will. [laughter] >> how did he get that name? >> you'll have to ask him. >> next time i see him i will ask him. a lot of people may not be smiling this morning because they'll be trying to slip and slide and make their way around a wintry mix. >> messy this morning changing over to rain. there was talk in the city of having the parade today and they changed it because of the weather. i'm glad they did because it gives us one more day to have moments like that where the players are being celebrated and everybody can get excited. we're dry, you can see a little bit of precipitation inching up to the west of dover delaware and there's rain behind it but it is starting out as a little bit of a wintry mix, perhaps sleet, maybe wet snow.
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as that starts to push in later this morning you want to be careful. as we take a look outside we are looking at dry conditions for now on penn's landing so if your commute starts early you can get it done ahead of all of these temporary problems that we're going to see later this morning. your temperature currently is 31 degrees in philadelphia, winds out of the east-northeast at 8 miles per hour. hoping we can get that number above freezing before the bulk of this precipitation and in philadelphia, there's a shot that we change over to rain fairly quickly. the farther north and west you go this morning, better chance you have of at least some slippery periods of the day and certainly during the morning. 24 right now in allentown 25 in reading. you can see how up north we're a long way away from freezing and probably only getting up into the mid 30's later today. 29 in wilmington 27 degrees in trenton, 26 in millville. here comes the precip between now up to 7:00 we expect it gradually move in. it should be a wintry mix for a time aington and philadelphia. probably starting out asarther north you go and then rain the farther south. as we get up to 9 o'clock the end of the rush still snowing
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maybe a little bit of sleet mixing in here definitely some sleet and freezing rain potentially from about philadelphia north although in the city we're probably starting to get that number quite a bit above the freezing mark by 9:00 and then later the warm air pushes all the way up to allentown by about noon. now, all the way up in allentown, perhaps there or a little north of there, by lunchtime there may still be some icing and it's not going to be like it instantly shuts off the minute you get above freezing so be careful up in those northern areas around the lehigh valley all the way past lunch time with possible icing. by 5 o'clock warm air everywhere, rain everywhere and then the rain gets off the coast by about 9 o'clock or so. so a wintry mix changing to rain from south to north today. that's what to expect. the biggest impacts will probably be northwest of i-95 but if you see that mixed precip around the city or points to the south, be careful. icing could linger in the lehigh valley past midday. high temperatures up in the lehigh valley only about 35. we could get up as high as 55 or so in some spots down the
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shore. what do we expect out of this? a coating to an inch of snow before a changeover around 95. that will get washed away. maybe one to three up in here. snow with a little ice and three to six up in the poconos. more significant event up there. today's forecast overall below freezing or close to it by 8 o'clock but by 10 o'clock in philadelphia up to 36 and we get up to a high of 46 in the afternoon. raining all the way after that early wintry mix. future tracker6 shows you that change with the temperatures. by 9 o'clock getting up above freezing a little bit in the i-95 corridor. above the freezing mark in allentown and reading maybe icing there. at the height of the afternoon warming. 40's in philadelphia 50's down the shore still in the mid 30's up north. for tomorrow we got that parade. still looks like it's going to be sunny brisk and cold, wind chills in the low 20's. bundle up for the parade tomorrow. your seven-day, today we got the accuweather alert for the wintry mix early. change to rain from south to north during the morning. 46 the high.
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tomorrow brisk 34 and partly sunny an bit milder on friday with a high of 43. for the weekend 49 on saturday late day or night time rain and sunday looks kind of wet with periods of rain but it will also be on the mild side on sunday with a high of 54. and then we're back into the 40's starting monday. >> okay. thank you, david. it is now 4:13 and an eagles player's kind gesture during a school visit brings a young fan to tears. we'll show you that touching moment. >> two mothers are furious after they say their day car waxed their toddler's eyebrows. >> a red electric sports car is flying through space right now. if you were out in space, that is what you would see after historic rocket launch sent it out of this world. karen. >> how cool is that? remember when the "action news" van sign went to outer space. >> yeah. >> that was also cool. let's take a look out here in bucks county. this is i-95 near the welcome center welcoming you in. no extra construction this morning. still dry here in bucks county but it's going to be icy later. we'll check that morning commute for you coming up next.
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>> ♪♪ >> mobile6 on broad street out by spring garden. looks pretty clear. the early bird does get the better commute today but within a couple hours just when the commute is building around 6:30, 7 o'clock you will see very different conditions. it is 4:16 and 31 degrees. >> that system moving up from the south karen. >> that's right. in delaware you're starting to have a little bit of a icy mix as you travel. this is the boulevard right now. even though we're dry you can see we've got a big accident. this is at wissahickon avenue northbound on the boulevard as you head towards broad street. we've got an accident and it's blocking the off ramp as well as the right lane. looking at a number of police and emergency workers here with this accident. it's not causing a delay on the boulevard extension yet and that's 'cause we just have such light volume at this early hour. we'll have to see how long that stays out there.
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east town township a water main break. traffic is taking turns getting by. bit of an issue on 252 near sugartown road. downed wires from an earlier accident on township line road. it's blocked in schwenksville montgomery county near sykes road so look for that as well. let's go to storm tracker6 live double scan so throughout the i-95 corridor, even north and west you're currently dry. but we see the beginning of that icing starting right now so watch for a little snow and ice and you can see that changeover here to pure snow near i-95. this is traveling up towards wilmington. it's in middletown, delaware, in smyrna in dover and will be heading up towards salem, elmer and glassboro shortly. we'll be watching the roads carefully. right now the only problem we're seeing with icing is in delaware but we're all going see issues later on and it's going to be a rainy day today after all the icing and snow gets through here during your morning commute. we'll be tracking it around the clock for you, tam. >> thank you, karen. right now there's an actual full size tesla car
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with a mannequin in the driver's seat floating through space. you're taking a live look from space-x. it overshot the path tomorrow so as of now it's heading out into the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. [cheers and applause] there it goes. that was the moment that space-x propelled itself into the history books. the private company successfully tested its new rocket which is called falcon heavy. it is more powerful than anything we've seen since nasa's saturn five. two of the three boosters returned to the earth and simultaneously. there was a third booster that tried to land on a barge at sea but that one crashed into the ocean. >> ♪♪ >> aftershocks continue to rattle taiwan after a strong earthquake that killed at least four people and injured more than 200 others. multiple buildings were damaged including this one which is tilting on its side.
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the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. rescuers have been combing through the rubble of collapsed buildings some using their hands searching for nearly 150 people who are reported missing. about 40,000 homes are without water and many of the people in taiwan are now staying in shelters. >> new here on "action news," two mothers in washington are furious. they say their toddlers came home missing patches of hair between their eyebrows. alyssa sell gadot and miranda cruz say someone waxed their faces. >> i got a closer look and i saw she was missing her patch of hair because she has a uni brow and she was born like to. >> delgado got documentation from her daughter's doctor that she is missing a patch of hair. both mothers have taken their children out of the day care. the washington state department of early learning is now looking into the matter. a town in indiana
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installed new way to encourage drivers to slow down. the sign displays a smilely emoji. if they're going above the speed limit the sign will flash and display a sad emoji. >> a new study shows a big benefit from simply taking a dale walk. >> ryan seacrest describes his feelings after he says he was wrongly accused of harassment. >> ♪♪
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>> the eagles players are already heroes in many of their fan's eyes. this kind gesture by torrey smith called a young fan to tears. he called up quarterback carson wentz for help. >> you got to stand up. >> you all right? >> what's up? >> hi. >> smith was at a local school when he met the young eagles fan. smith learned that wentz is the child's favorite player so he called him up using face
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time and you can see the young fan was overcome with emotion. [laughter] >> wow. >> that's incredibly sweet. he has made that child's day week, month. >> congratulations. >> when you see like how close and friendly they are as a team. >> call him up. >> hey, i'm going to call him up, he would love to talk to you and he would. >> like the bat signal. >> let's take a look outside right now and check the mid span of the plat sitting pretty because through most of the area the precipitation hasn't arrived just yet. but later this morning it's going to be an icy start here on the platt bridge. no problems right now watching that truck with the flashers going on pretty slowly but other than that looking pretty good, dave. >> things are approaching though. we have a little snow just to the southwest of wilmington and a changeover to some of that freezing rain and sleet mix and maybe some wet snowflakes to the south. rain farther south. all of this is pushing up in our direction. not here just yet. as we take a look at, let's see if we can get this going
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well, as we take well never mind. temperatures today, we are going to see freezing rain and sleet in philadelphia up until maybe toward the end of the rush hour. then rain is going to overtake the region all the way up north. i do have a concern that up in allentown you maintain the snow and the ice. tam, probably up until about midday or so. >> okay good to know. thank you david. the dow bounced back in a big way from monday's biggest point drop ever. the blue chip index ended mean that all was calm. it was a rollercoaster day on wall street. the dow lost more than 500 points yesterday a thousand points to end the day on a positive. and a brisk daily walk or any kind of aerobic exercise may be the best way to prevent alzheimer's disease that is the word from a study by university of connecticut. they found adults who did aerobic exercise compared to those who did activities such
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as strength exercise such as push-ups and squats. those who didn't exercise showed significant declines in brain function. >> ♪♪
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>> radio and tv host ryan seacrest is describing how he felt following harassment claims. the "live with kelly and ryan" co-host received a letter from a lawyer in november claiming he mistreated a former stylist more than a decade ago. seacrest says to have my workplace conduct questioned was gut wrenching. the 43-year-old also went on to say he prid on being gracious and respectful to his colleagues. investigators have released surveillance video hoping to identify a man wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a drexel university student. it happened inside of her apartment on the 3400 block of race street on saturday january 27th at 6:00 a.m. the attacker escaped in a dark anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> philadelphia police commissioner richard ross says
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his forces will not stop until they get ahold of the eagles fans who took things a little too far and vandalized property after the super bowl win. this surveillance video released yesterday shows what happened inside the sunoco at broad and katherine. a mob of people started a food fight which then escalated into pushing and shoving and the store being trashed. the damage was extensive but amazingly no injuries were reported. that's a low light but here is a super bowl highlight. our champion eagles are the cover story for this week's edition of sports illustrated. m.v.p. nick and torrey smith graced the cover and the images of a play, foles running into the end zone after catching the football to score a touchdown a trick play named the philly special. philly special is also the headline there on the cover. sports illustrated called it a play call for the ages and they describe foles as "a qb that amazes." we agree with all of that. we'll continue to have your super bowl championship parade coverage when we come right
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back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> now on "action news," a wintry mix of snow and sleet is moving in for your morning commute and changing over to rain for the rest of the day. >> to close or not to close. there are some school delays today but the real debate is about what to do on


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