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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 7, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," a wintry mix of snow and sleet is moving in for your morning commute and changing over to rain for the rest of the day. >> to close or not to close. there are some school delays today but the real debate is about what to do on parade day
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tomorrow. >> in fact we're just one day from the eagles final victory lap. we'll run down everything fans need to know to get in on the celebration. >> good morning. 4:30 on this wednesday, february 7th. david and karen are here to get you ready for that wintry mix. >> one more day, one more day to the parade. first you just got to get to work today. >> kind of messy today all the way but the morning is the special concern. as we take a look at the weather sent we have some precipitation marching in from the south and west and the leading edge of it is producing some snow and also some sleet, maybe a little freezing rain as well. as we take a closer look on storm tracker6 live double scan this has made a pretty good run up into areas just to the south of wilmington in the last half hour and you can see a little bit of gray at the top edge of this so a leading edge of snow but all of that blue is some off and on freezing rain, wet snowflakes and maybe sleet mixed in. farther to the south you can see a little green showing up on radar. that's the approach of warmer
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air and we'll see this change over to rain from south to north as we go through the morning. as we look at the current state of affairs from the national weather service the winter storm watch is still in effect in the poconos and it is an advisory and as expected they have extended this across much of the immediate southeastern pennsylvania region and also new jersey counties that abut the delaware river, new castle county delaware included for obvious reasons, you already have some of that sleet and freezing rain moving in. again the situation will improve during the morning from south to north. up in allentown, you might be dealing with some icing conditions all the way up until about noon or so. right now you're at 31 degrees in philadelphia, 29 in wilmington, certainly setting the table for possible freeze upon the roads. 24 in allentown, 31 in cape may. above freezing by the shore pretty quickly this morning. as you take a look ates through, 29 by 6 o'clock. by 8 o'clock we could be getting over the freezing mark although it won't be like anything that ices up will instantly
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karen we'll show you future tracker6 and how that it all ends later this evening. that's coming up in the seven day. >> all right, dave. so, if you're worried about your morning commute and you head out now, we're dry everywhere except for delaware so no problems there. but even though we're dry we've got an accident here. it's on the boulevard extension here northbound at wissahickon avenue. as i look at this shot we're seeing less emergency workers than we did about a half hour ago. they were blocking the right lane and the off-ramp. we just saw one of the police officers leave the scene. they're still blocking the off-ramp but no longer blocking a lane on the boulevard extension northbound. just be careful for that. as we look at the vine street expressway and ben franklin parkway, looks to be opened this morning but will close again later on for the parade preps. expect restrictions around eakins oval now but for this point we're looking at the vine street expressway and ben franklin parkway, look open but later in the morning they start to shut it down as they continue to build the stage anady for the big parade so you know you'll see
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those restrictions there. outside live on the schuylkill at south street we still have all traffic forced off up ahead schuylkill westbound at south street. you see some of the cones set up and ahead. all traffic forced off but that should reopen at about 5 o'clock in the morning and that's westbound on the schuylkill. eastbound on the schuylkill they just have the left lane blocked, tam. >> thank you, karen. now let's switch over to "action news" reporter trish hartman who is live up in the lehigh valley in whitehall township where we will see the first flakes. good morning. what do you see? >> reporter: good morning. yes, things are dry so far. we're still waiting for those first flakes to fall. we are here in whitehall township like you said along macarthur boulevard. we'll show you again. so far things are dry, things are moving right along. we haven't seen any precip yet this morning but there is salt down on the roads and on the sidewalks here where we are near the gas station. this is a pretty heavily traveled road especially as we get into the morning rush. we've been here before. we were here a couple weeks ago when we had a snowstorm that made the morning commute a little bit messy.
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it is slick here. it is cold. and you can kind of see on the grass here we have a nice coating. now, again, this is stuff that has previously fallen. we haven't seen any precipitation this morning but it's very cold and we've got this nice crunchy layer on the grass. oncthings do start to fall here in whitehall township it's expected to get slick this morning but we are still waiting for that precipitation to begin so for now we're live in lehigh county, trish hartman channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you, trish. let's go on over top to mobile6 which is going up 95 near academy road. you'll see quite the changeover in just a matter of time and in that light there it looks as though we are already seeing some precipitation, some rain out there on the windshield of mobile6. so, if you can, leave a little early today. >> crews are busy putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's championship parade route. it is a race against mother nature with this morning's wintry mix. expected to change over to an
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all-day rain. that's not fun when you're setting things up a. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at the art museum with more on preparations and fans' travel plans. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. good thing the crews here got a head start in terms of just putting the plan in place and we also saw them start setting up really a couple days ago. take a live look behind me. we saw the speakers yesterday and now we're seeing the stage come further along and the production crews as well. so far no closures but there is a lot you'll have to look forward to in terms of traffic and those closures that are sure to come. extradite strengthen cell phone signals are already being installed for the millions of eagles fans who will descend upon the parade route come thursday. as far as security there are not restrictions to what one can bring and there will be no security screenings but police warn that behaviors seen on sunday night will not be tolerated. >> we'll have that people all over, on foot, in vehicles, in the air. they'll be on bikes.
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they'll be on horseback. they'll and throughout the parade route. >> reporter: septa says market front of and broad street lines will be free. trains will run every five to seven minutes. but it's the regional rails riders are talking about. you'll need a special one day pass if you're not already a regular pass holder. only 50,000 are being sold. riders lined up at the station in paoli to get them. at 69th street station, people were finding them hard to come by. >> i got five of these one-day passes for the regional rails. they're $10 each. >> was it hard getting them. >> yeah, because 93 only have a limited amount. >> yes, i'm going to the parade me and my cousin. >> reporter: yeah. how are you going to get there. >> well, she got a car. we going to drive in her car. >> reporter: you going to drive. >> we going to drive as close as we can get. >> reporter: and you can certainly try to drive as close as you can get. it is discouraged, though. they are recommending that you take public transportation. of course when you're talking
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about 3 million people, you could just be stuck in traffic trying to get to the parade. the good news is that they're going to have 14 jumbotrons from here all the way to city all. so you could get a view whether it's close up and in person or through big screen television to put it a different way. reporting live at the art museum, jeanette yes channel6 "action -- reyes channel6 "action news." >> check out the parade route, find a list of closures and parking restrictions and mass transit plans. it's all right there with our eagles super bowl parade playbook. find it at parade. "action news" will have live team coverage of the championship parade starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. we'll be streaming it live on >> students and parents have definite decisions the schools have made ahead of the parade tomorrow. different school districts are handling the parade with different policies. some are giving parade going
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students excused absences while others are just closing outright but an unexpected day off does mean a little bit of added stress for some parents. >> i think a lot of parents are upset. they have to find childcare now. they'd rather their kids be in school. >> school is important but it's not, you know -- there's a lot of school days in your life and there's not -- there's not a lot of parades. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed tomorrow. you can find a complete list of all those closings on and more congratulations are in order for carson wentz. the eagles quarterback popped the question to his girlfriend madison. wentz tweeted photos along with the message that read in part she said yes. now maddie and i both got us a ring. >> i was saying that he should be careful on that knee. [laughter] >> yes, right. >> if anything he was exercising, he was stretching. if there's any reason to get down on that knee that was a good one. >> have to keep earning a
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paycheck for that growing family. we have a little bit of precipitation. it is mixed precip down around wilmington and especially farther south in dover, that is on its way up to philadelphia over the next hour or so. and as we take a look outside, we right now have dry conditions at the airport. if you have to get out early and get going, well, you can do that without any precipitation but i would think by about maybe 6 o'clock, we are looking at the arrival of that precip, maybe a little bit before that and right now we're at 31 degrees in philadelphia. still 29 in wilmington. so, temperatures below freezing. we are setting the table for perhaps a little slippery road conditions before we get warm air coming up from the south and changing everything over to rain. in terms of the precipitation, you can see between now and 7 o'clock, we get that wintry mix of sleet, maybe a little wet snow and some freezing rain mixing in briefly in philadelphia. it's rain farther to the south. snow to the north and then as we go up to the end of the rush hour you start to see that changeover to rain in philadelphia as the warm air comes up. again we'll probably get into a dry lull across much of south jersey. the farther north you go the better chance you have of seeing snow.
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by noon the rain is up close to allentown although there's the chance of lingering icing up in allentown all the way past lunchtime. later in the afternoon that warm air pushes that rain up into the poconos and by 9 o'clock or so, it's all off the coast. so, what are we expecting its a wintry mix to rain and that changeover will as you just saw move from south to north, the biggest impacts are probably northwest of i-95. any time that mixed precip is falling you need to be careful. improvement in the morning in most areas but in the lehigh valley that icing could last longer. in terms of snow, a coating to an inch is possible around the i-95 area. that's going to get washed away quickly by the rain. most of this one to three. three to 6 inches, some of that might be around up in the poconos. in the lehigh valley, icy then wet. the icing could last until midday, 35 is the high. down the shore a lot milder and all rain, 53 degrees there. and in philadelphia, right in between with a high around 46 degrees. a mix to rain during the morning. milder later in the day.
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winds six to 12 miles per hour. overnight tonight the rain ends. clearing and cold, 26 is the overnight low. and it will be on the windy side. tomorrow for the parade the rain is gone. lots of sun. but you'll want to bundle up in layers as we're looking at a high of only 34 at 3 o'clock. during most of the ceremonies and parades it will be colder than that and wind chills making it feline it's in the low 20's. your seven day 46 is the high, morning mix giving way to afternoon rain from south to north. sunny and brisk tomorrow for the parade a high of 34 bundle up lots of layers and maybe some gloves and hats along with your eagles jerseys and then 43 degrees partly sunny and getting milder on friday. then for the weekend milder on saturday, 49 degrees is the high there. got some late day or night time rain and sunday looks a little wet with periods of rain but it will be mild with a high of 54. looks like we're back into the 40's on monday and tuesday. >> not bad. >> no. >> all right. >> thanks, david. 4:42. bill cosby's lawyers want more time to investigate other accusers who may testify in
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his retrial in norristown. >> antics of a suspected drunk driver make it easy for police to make an arrest. body cam video coming up. >> delaware doctors make eagles style casts for a young fan who is recovering from surgery. karen. >> awww. let's take a look outside right now, tacony-palmyra bridge going up. we can see it's up right now for a passing ship. stick to the betsy ross bridge instead. we'll check that accident on the boulevard next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:45. wintry mix has not yet arrived here at the commodore barry bridge spanning across delaware county into south jersey, but it is affecting some areas in delaware right now. >> let's go on over to karen rogers. she's got the latest on that accuweather and on your traffic.
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good morning. >> good morning. i'm just checking out this accident scene because we still have police blocking the off-ramp but no longer the right lane. this accident is in an area where it's still dry. so, that's not the issue. but boulevard extension northbound at wissahickon had a big accident. was blocking the right lane and the off-ramp. police still out here blocking the off ramp. the rest of the crews have left the scene. we do have a problem here in schwenksville and township line road is blocked. that's near sykes road. if you're in this area stick to cemetery road. it's an accident that brought down poles and wires and that one still causing a problem. and in chester county water main break on 252 near sugartown road. with so many people worried about the icing, let's show you what's happening here on storm tracker6 live double scan. seeing nothing more than a flake or two that's northwest of reading but you can see the snow and the ice beginning to pull up from the south. i want to go in a little closer to that right now. if you're in delaware it's icy here n-middletown, in smyrna, in dover, be careful about that, in chestertown township,
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in wilmington right near i-95 you have some light snowfall falling and it's now in new jersey, almost near glassboro elmer millville and fortescue. so we're watching this pulling up from the south and west. we'll all be dealing with some ice later this morning. for now the rest of the area is dry except for the precipitation we see in delaware and now moving into southern new jersey. but you can see it's not that far off of philadelphia. this is light at this point. the rest of the day after we get through this icing it will be an all day rain day, matt. >> thanks karen. bill cosby's lawyers may ask for a delay in his sexual assault retrial if some of his other accusers are allowed to testify. cosby's lawyers said yesterday they would seek to postpone the trial which is scheduled to start in norristown on april 2nd. they would want more time to investigate claims from the 19 women prosecutors are seeking to call as witnesses. the judge is expected to rule next month on whether any of them will be allowed to testify at the retrial. the judge allowed only one other accuser to testify at
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cosby's first trial. >> capitol hill is showing some signs of progress on an agreement over a spending plan making another looming government shutdown a little less likely. the house passed a short term measure last night and there's word of a larger budget packet evolving in the senate. that tempered the rhetoric coming out of the white house where president trump appeared to hold out the possibility of a shutdown if lawmakers couldn't come up with a deal on immigration. >> newly released police body cam video shows a dui suspect's wild antics in a florida parking lot. police confronted 30-year-old christopher bidzinski on tuesday night. he admitted he had been drinking chardonnay and agreed to take a field sobriety test but officers say he could just not focus. >> back flip right now. >> focus or speak. at one point he even did a cartwheel. officers placed him under arrest for dui.
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they say he fell asleep on the way to jail. it's 4:49. taking a live look at penn's landing and the ben franklin bridge on the alert for that wintry mix. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> a five-year-old northeastern pennsylvania girl may be the eagles good luck
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charm. serena thomas had surgery in the midst of the playoff run. thomas suffers from brittle bone disease. doctors placed rods in her legs to help stabilize her bones. she requested black and green casts the colors of her favorite football team and doctors surprised her by not only doing that, but also adding eagles logos on them. >> that makes it a lot better if you got to deal with those casts. >> cool. >> they really care about how they're feeling there and everybody is feeling green. let's take a look outside right now and check the roads for your work. 422 at 29, fine here but reports of an accident on 29 itself. that's collegeville road right by 422. still dry right here on 422. mass transit right now looking ahead until tomorrow, don't forget septa subways are free but expect overcrowding as jeanette has been saying with the regional rails you have to buy this one day pass today and you are going to expect all inbound trains in the morning, outbound will be later in the day but many stations will not be serviced. patco will be on a modified
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schedule, dave. we'll be going on talking about this throughout the day as jeanette will as well trying to help you out with getting ready for it. >> all right, karen, on the big board we have storm tracker6 live double scan with some blue showing up across delaware spreading across delaware to parts of cumberland and delaware counties. snow in wilmington. all of this pushing up to the north. change to rain farther to the south. when you're under this stuff you could see slick conditions because that's a mix of snow and maybe some sleet, even some freezing rain. on the bus station platform, the train platform all ofhat good stuff it looks like it's going to be cold early on, below freezing at 7 o'clock. probably getting up a little above freezing by 8 o'clock but slippery conditions in through here. we really change over though from any mixed precipitation to rain fairly quickly in philadelphia. we get a high around 46 later today. at the airport, we also have looking at all green aircraft and no major delays out in go, snow. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> governor tom wolfnveiled his $33 billion budget plan for pennsylvania's upcoming fiscal year. the proposal boosts spending by about 3 percent for pensions, education and social services. wolf is relying on the state's gambling expansion to pay for it. the democrat also wants to impose a tax on marcellus shale natural gas which is meeting republican resistance again. there is one thing that
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brought them together on both sides of the aisle. >> my fellow pennsylvanians. [cheers and applause] >> there were green rally towels waving and several philadelphia delegates broke out into an eagles chant. there's something we can all agree on. we're continue to track that wintry mix and its impact on your morning commute. >> everything you need to know about the eagles super bowl parade before you head down tomorrow. >> see how sixer joel embiid showed a little love for the eagles during the team's game last night. >> ♪ [ upbeat, energetic music ]
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let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers
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and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, february 7th and we're getting you ready for a messy morning commute. >> we are timing out a wintry mix. some of us are going to get snow while others get the umbrella. it's going to be a soaker. >> penndot crews getting ready for what could be a messy commute to work. they have already been brining the roads. >> and the city of philadelphia is getting ready to host that massive party for the eagles. we're helping you prepare with tips on how to get there. >> david and karen this just in from the state of new jersey. all nonessential employees have a two-hour delay today. nonessential state employees. >> that makes sense. we're watching that precipitation move into delaware and south jersey right now. >> it is in the process of arriving. let's take a look wide now on satellite. you can see how the clouds thickened up overnight and here comes that rain kind of chasing me across the screen. it's changing


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