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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. 6:-- 6 o'clock on this wednesday morning. >> we're timing out that wintry mix. some of us are going to get snow while others will be getting quite a soaking. >> penndot crews getting ready for a messy commute. they already been out brining the roads. >> the city of philadelphia is getting ready to host a massive party for the eagles. so we're trying to help you get ready for the parade with tips on the best way to get yourself down there. >> david and karen, list of school delays and closings as exploded. pennsylvania new jersey and delaware are on the list. >> my kids just got the call.
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my phone was buzzing because it's sleeting in parts of our area. >> also a lot of tweets coming in from various people saying two-hour delay here and there so make sure you go to for the complete list. right now cloud cover getting thicker and here comes that precipitation. i'm just going to walk right along with it. you can see how it's rain to the south but we do have that mixed precipitation in and around about half of the region right now as this continues to push toward the north. we have some snowflakes in philadelphia and then just below that a big band of blue and that's where we've got the snow mixing with freezing rain and sleet. and there could be a little iciness developing on some roads down in and around there so you really want to be careful and that blue is very close to overtaking philadelphia. farther to the north there is some increasing snowfall now parts of berks county beginning to pick up that stuff that was out in harrisburg earlier and those brighter shades of white indicate the accumulating snow. that is beginning to push into berks county. as we take a look at the various advisories and the warning, the warning still in effect for the poconos all the
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way into this afternoon and probably into the early evening and as expected an advisory has been extended from lancaster now all the way across the bulk of the lehigh and delaware valley's and even down into the parts of south jersey from mercer county all the way down to salem county, new castle county delaware as well. these counties are probably going to be removed from the advisory from south to north as we go through the morning gradually so the farther north you are, the longer you're probably going to have to deal with this frozen precipitation before a changeover to rain later. 32 degrees right now in philadelphia. 31 in wilmington. these obviously are just cold enough numbers to be able to support some freeze-up on the roads. a little cooper up in allentown and as we go through the day, the freezing conditions at the surface in philadelphia probably end around 8 o'clock and i would think roads improve shortly after that but as long as you got the frozen precip, do be careful. the rest of the day though is all rain with temperatures getting well into the 40's. karen i'll track the precipitation and that change from rain -- or over to rain i should say from south to north with future tracker6 coming up.
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>> all right, dave. we have no problems with the weather here on the boulevard extension northbound but we had two big accidents here earlier, one northbound near ridge avenue, one here near wissahickon. they have both since cleared. as the ice continues to push its way closer towards center city we'll be watching for this. at this point the vine street expressway looking good. ben franklin parkway open at this point but we expect the inner drives to be shut down by 10 o'clock again this morning getting ready for the big parade. right now we see people moving okay. see some trucks kind of pulling up and we've seen salt trucks move through. in fact we've got an accident east brandywine township here involving a penndot salt truck right on creek road at seven springs lane. this is new coming in to us to chester county. looks like this penndot vehicle struck an abandoned vehicle out here that caused problems so be careful there and certainly give these crews a lot of space to work. we had an accident here and that is clear now on allandale drive at ogletown stanton road. this one in new castle county where that precipitation had first started to come down and another one here on the commodore barry bridge
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eastbound that just cleared as well. as we look live in new jersey, not seeing anyone slip or slide. we've been watching a lot of crews kind of off to the side getting ready to salt as needed and we see that's just beginning for parts of the area now matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. let's head up to the lehigh valley, "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in whitehall township lehigh county where we could see the most snow from this system. trish. >> reporter: good morning, matt and we are finally starting to see some precipitation here this morning just started within the past half hour or so we're here in whitehall township just along macarthur boulevard and again, we've just started to see this precipitation falling, so things are still moving along right now. but again, it's very cold up here, so the fear is that things could freeze over very quickly as this system moves in and because of that, schools are starting to close in our area. we heard david talking about that earlier. here in the lehigh valley whitehall copley schools allentown public schools bethlehem area schools closed today. there's also several school districts in bucks county and
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we're hearing about several two hour delays as well so check there is salt on the roads, sidewalks, parking lots up here. while the lehigh valley is expected to see the worst of this, we did find penndot crews working in the city to prep roads ahead of this storm, brining trucks on the schuylkill expressway near vine street very early this morning so, again, sleet and snow starting to move in here could affect visibility and travel this morning and could make things very slick on the roads as it changes over to ice. so, if you are headed to work this morning, make sure you want to leave a little bit of extra time. we're live in lehigh county, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much trish. let's head out to mobile6, see what we're seeing on the roads out there. a little windshield action. we're in wilmington, delaware, along i-95 and that is really where the system started to bring some of this wintry mix into the area from the south to the north. kind of hard to see with those windshield wipers going on
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mobile6. >> and now we're going on to talk about the super bowl parade and we want to tell you about something that is causing a little frustration and concern for a lot of people out there. if you get on the market frankford or the broad street line, those rides are free tomorrow to get down to the parade but if you are going to take regional rail, you needed to get a special pass. let's take you to our action cam which is out at the paoli station where people were in line as you can see very early this morning trying to get ahold of one of these 50,000 passes that were printed being told that that station is out of them. i just tweeted out a story that said at lansdale they sold out at 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday many people are telling us they're going from station to station trying to find these passes and having no luck. so, this is going to be one of the big questions for the city and the region to answer for a lot of people who are not center city, somewhere where it's walkable and they can get themselves to the parade you don't have a hotel room along the route, what are you to do if regional rail is not an option? so, we'll continue to
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focus on that question for you but we also want to go on over to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes. she's live at the art museum with even more on what you need to know if you're planning to be in the thick of it because, jeanette, it's really something you better plan ahead. >> reporter: yeah, you really should if you at least want it to be a relatively good experience in terms of getting down here. it's difficult to answer what's going to happen in terms of transportation. you mentioned there are a lot of those stations selling out of those one day passes but planning ahead and getting out as early as you can is probably the best advice i can give you. a few minutes ago we started seeing sleet coming down and crews that will be coming out this morning really in the next couple of hours to continue setting up will have to deal with those conditions but they did get a head start a couple days ago. there's still much more work to do for the big party tomorrow. with less than 36 hours to go, the mill dollar question isn't if some are going to the parade but how to get there. septa says rides on the market
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frankford lines and the broad street lines will be free all day. trains will run every five to seven minutes but it's the regional rails that many are talking about. riders will need a special one day pass if you're not already a regular pass holder. only 50,000 are being sold. riders lined up at the station in paoli to get them. at 69th street station, people were finding them hard to come by. >> i got five of these one day passes for the regional rails. they're $10 each. >> reporter: was it hard getting them. >> yeah, because they only have a limited amount. >> yes, i'm going to the parade, me and my cousin. >> reporter: yeah. how are you going to get there. >> we -- well, she got a car. we going to drive in her car. >> reporter: you're going to drive. >> we're going to drive as close as we can get. >> reporter: all regional rails will be only inbound to center city before the parade. outbound trains won't run until the event wraps up. still, for fans who have waited a lifetime for this championship, they'll prove that where there's a will, there's a way. >> i can't make it there right
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on time but i'll be there right after work. >> reporter: how are you going to get there? >> somehow, somehow. [laughter] >> reporter: and we're still working to get some answers as far as what other alternatives people have. taking public transportation still is highly encouraged, strongly encouraged if you find that you have to drive, again, give yourself some extra time because you don't want to be stuck in traffic for this event that people have been waiting on for decades. that would not be a good story to tell. reporting live at the museum of art, jen net -- jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeanette. there's no option of septa for fans coming from berks county so many folks are hoping to take a charter but kline transportation says due to overwhelming demand, it has already sold out its seven round trip buses and cannot accept any more passengers on the wait list. another option may be kutztown based fever which is adding to its regularly scheduled route 303 and 306 buses. "action news" will have live team coverage of the
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championship parade starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. you can also watch us as we head down to the parade. we will be streaming live on >> it's a lot of schools on a delay this morning worried about things being very icy out there. >> tweet coming from oxford pennsylvania way down there on route one, talking about wintry mix there. tweet from south philadelphia saying freezing rain now and as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan that's exactly what we're seeing on the radar. we do have that frozen precipitation moving in. i'm going to start you out a little bit farther north where it's so cold that we still have snow. trish hartman "action news" reporter on the scene up in whitehall township reporting some of those first light snowflakes but it's not going to be long before trish sees some of this heavier stuff coming in. when you start getting that white banding on storm tracker that is the accumulating snow and we do expect probably a few inches close to allentown later on. down in norristown we also are picking up snowflakes. you can see that movement out of the southeast and then of course in philadelphia we've got some snow but maybe some
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changeover to freezing rain occurring right now and if it isn't right where you are, it will be shortly. that's south philadelphia starting to pick up some of that change. wilmington also picking up some of this and the farther you go through south jersey the better chance you have of seeing all of that mixed precipitation and again this blue is a mix of wet snow, freezing rain, maybe some sleet mixed in and those darker shades of blue really starting to fill in across the region now and that's an indication of the more pronounced precipitation. our double scan technology is also indicating some sleet beginning to mix in. notice the change to rain farther south. that rain change is working its way gradually up to the north and will eventually be in philadelphia but between now and maybe 8, 9 o'clock you could forget about it. it's still going to be rather slippery and icy out there potentially. as we take a look outside we have cloud cover over the ben franklin bridge. cold enough right now with temperatures near freezing to support a little bit of icing on untreated surfaces, 32 degrees the treatment currently. winds are light. wind chill 27.
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temperatures across the region pretty much below freezing everywhere outside of cape may where we have the rain so we do have a concern for at least the next hour or two in through here before that warm air can march all the way up to philadelphia of some possible icy spots and of course farther north where it's snowing, you are going have the typical problems related to that. between now and 7 o'clock more of this icy precipitation continues. we may start to see a lull in the precip down south where it's been mainly rain and still snowing up north. we go to the end of the rush hour and that warm air does start to change over to rain all the way in philadelphia. just outside perhaps some mixed sleet and freezing rain still possible and then snow to the north. and then through the afternoon, especially after lunchtime, most of us do change over to rain. the exception would be up in the lehigh valley where you could still see some icing there. later in the afternoon it's all rain everywhere and then the rain gets off the coast around 9:00 tonight so this is an issue that's mainly in the morning with that wintry mix changing over to rain from south to north. the biggest impacts are probably going to be northwest of i-95 but even in and around philadelphia some temporary
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problems are possible. gradual improvement through the morning, up in the lehigh valley it may stay icy longer and on ground, that coating to a one is going to wash away with the rain. most of this will too to the north, one to three. your exclusive seven-day forecast, today's high in philadelphia is 46 degrees. only about 35 up in the lehigh valley, though and expect that snow and that icing situation to last longer into the day. down the shore in the 50's. and again the rain ending tonight. then tomorrow sunny and brisk for the eagles parade, 34 degrees but dress warmly cause your wind chills are going to make it feel like it's in the low 20's at the best of time. partly sunny and milder on friday, 43. for the weekend clouds for the most part on saturday, 49. and some late day or night time rain spills into and through most of sunday. sunday's high 54. periods of rape. and back to the 40's on... periods of rain. back to the 40's on monday and. take it slow until we get in changeover. >> happening now, rescue and recovery. dozens are feared trapped
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under the debris from a deadly quake in taiwan. >> later the eagles show off the lombardi trophy on late night tv and have a little fun with philadelphia's own the roots. karen. >> you can see a little shine on the roads here in norristown. this is markley street at main street where we have some light ice falling and there goes a penndot truck right now. but we're not seeing anyone slip or slide on the roadways here just yet. we'll take you to chester county, see what it looks like there coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here the view out across the
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commodore barry bridge. but look at the bottom of your screen. a number of schools across the region, some of them are closing outright some on a delay all because of this wintry mix and weather we've got coming in. state employees, nonessential in new jersey being told come in two hours later in hopes of avoiding some accidents due to this wintry mix. >> karen, that road on the cam there looks pretty slick to me. >> this is one of the places where we have watched some light snowfall come down. at this point it looks like route 100 is mostly just wet. i'm not seeing anyone slip or slide but those temperatures are below freezing. it's well treated in this area but you need to be careful especially on some of the roadways that aren't as well traveled that it's slick as it's coming down but route 100 at commerce drive we're not seeing anyone slip or slide but the precipitation is coming down. it's a little light so it's hard to see but we can see that the roadway there is wet. east brandywine township chester county on creek road at seven springs lane we had an accident here involving a penndot salt truck that struck an abandoned vehicle. the accident itself cleared
6:18 am
but just an idea of what can happen even with a penndot truck. you can slip or slide here. montgomery county a new accident coming in to us on 232, that's huntington pike at cathedral road so watch for that. starting to get a little busy on i-95 here at the betsy ross bridge in some spots we're seeing i-95 looks damp and affected by this but just southbound building volume at this point some snow had been blowing around on the road here or there but it doesn't seem to be causing too many issues here for those traveling on i-95 but you take it too fast and you hit a slick spots and that's where you'll be in trouble. here's storm tracker6 live double scan seeing the precipitation arriving now through much of the area. we'll go a little closer right into the city. it's snowing light in downingtown. media you can see right there on route one it's a little bit of light snow as well as on the blue route through the city itself you're getting some of those snowflakes and woodbury as well. but in new jersey in glassboro south of woodbury berlin the areas of blue that's when it's
6:19 am
that sleet coming down so you need to be extra careful matt in thanks karen. aftershocks continue to rattle taiwan where a strong earthquake killed at least four people and injured more than 200 others. multiple buildings were damaged including this one which is tilting on its side. the session .4 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. rescuers have been combing through the rubble of collapsed buildings some using their hands searching for the nearly 150 reported missing. about 40,000 homes are without water and many of the people in taiwan are now staying in shelters. >> it is now 6:19 and up next, rocket man indeed. we'll check in with that electric car that launched into space with a mannequin behind the wheel. david. >> and again we do have precipitation falling on storm tracker6 live double scan. that rain farther to the south slow to push to the north so for now, we've got a mix pedestrian precipitation bag across the region. we'll have a closer look on storm tracker6 live double scan and give you your 12-hour forecast coming up next.
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>> there is an actual tesla vehicle with a mannequin in the driver's seat floating in space right now. this is a live look at it from the space-x rocket. it overshot the path to the martian orbit where it was headed so right now instead it's headed out to the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter instead. that doesn't bode well for tesla going out into asteroids. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> that was the moment space-x propelled itself into the history books with the car on board. the private company successfully tested its new rocket called the falcon heavy which is more powerful than anything since nasa's saturn five which went to the moon. two of the three boosters returned to earth and landed simultaneously so they can be reused. a third booster tried to land on a barge at sea but crashed into the ocean. >> i know i should be impressed with this stuff out in space but the boosters
6:23 am
landing like that so gracefully wow. >> they've done it a couple times but together is quite a feat. >> i know, right. how about the tesla in space, that's just too funny. let's take a look outside right now and show you the roads. starting to see light snowfall in conshohocken on the blue route at the schuylkill. we've seen the light snow kind of blowing around so take it easy as you're traveling. we're not watching these folks slick or slide. we do have a bunch of accidents, this one in montgomery county is new dave upper frederick on faust road at buck road. >> all right, guys, storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we have precipitation across the region and it is starting to change over to sleet and freezing rain in philadelphia. so, that changeover kind of significant because of the icing that may accompany that on the roads. farther to the north it's all snow and then we see that rain coming up from the south. that will eventually change over in philadelphia but for the next couple of hours we may have some icy conditions developing on untreated surfaces in particular. tam. >> all right, thank you, david. going on to health check a
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>> eagles players still on their super bowl celebration tour appearing on late night tv. zach ertz nelson agholor chris long alshon jeffrey and jalen mills brought the lombardi trophy on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. the philadelphia based group the roots played the eagles fight song. eagles safety malcolm jenkins appeared on late night with seth myers. jenkins won a ring with the new orleans saints as a rookie but he said this title means so much more for himself as the team captain and of course for the city of philadelphia. >> ♪ >> it is now 6:27 and meteorologist, david murphy is up updating the timing and totals of the wintry mix coming in. >> people hoping to use mass transit to get to the parade are encountering some trouble this morning. we'll explain what to do next. >> ♪
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>> a wintry mix of snow and sleet making -- sleet making its way in for the morning commute and changing over to rain for the rest of the day. >> we are just one day away from the eagles' giant victory lap but there are major issues with how fans will get town to see the championship parade. several regional rail stations including this one in bucks county where we're looking at live have run out of parade passes. >> and to close or not to close. there are some school delays today and then the ongoing real debate on what to do on parade day tomorrow. >> that wintry mix is arriving for just about everyone. let's go to david and karen. >> starting to cause problems. we've been on twitter and facebook talking to people who are having issues with that sleet and snow coming down. >> yeah, the changeover to that mixed precipitation is of particular concern. as we take a look at the wide view in the weather center that is beginning to come into
6:31 am
philadelphia. there it comes overnight. there is rain to the south and eventually we'll all see that changeover to rain but for now storm tracker6 live double scan picking up an awful lot of blue and some snow in the northern areas. that blue is now pushing into philadelphia where we have reports of some sleet and freezing rain. perhaps mixing with some snowflakes. the farther north you go it's all snow. and those brighter shades of white around reading back in through pottsville and getting closer to allentown that's the accumulating snow and we expect some snow to accumulate before this changes over to a little bit of an icy mix later and then eventually rain. you see the rain down south by dover and atlantic city, that is pushing up from the south and eventually late in the commute we'll probably see a changeover to rain in philadelphia. up north in the lehigh valley you're going to have to wait probably until the early to midafternoon before we see that changeover. winter weather advisories in effect from the lehigh valley all the way down through philadelphia over to mercer county and trenton. and in all the new jersey counties butting up against the delaware river, new castle county delaware as well. these counties will probably be expired from this advisory from south to north as we go
6:32 am
through the morning but again up in allentown and easton it could be later in the day maybe midafternoon before you're finally changing over to rain. 31 degrees currently in philadelphia. there unin wilmington. we've actually seen this number drop a little bit in philadelphia as that frozen precipitation moves in. getting up closer to the freezing mark and above it farther south where you see the rain and still in the 20's in allentown. we are going to see improvement today, though. in philadelphia, by 8 o'clock, we'll be nudging above the freezing mark. by 9 o'clock i think probably a changeover to all rain. and then we get mild in the afternoon, temps in the 40's. rain continuing until about, ooh, 7, 8 o'clock tonight in philadelphia. i'll track that changeover from the frozen precipitation to rain on future tracker6 coming up, karen. >> all right, dave, let's take a look outside right now and show you what it looks like on the roads. kind of hard to tell 'cause it's dark out here but we have light snowfall in lionville chester county. this is route 100 at 113. as we look at this it certainly could be slick but you see the roads are at least damp right here as it's melting on some of the surface but even though you're below
6:33 am
freezing you need to be careful because you're going to get slick spots with these temperatures. we're not watching everyone slick and slide on your main roads. different story upper frederick township faust road at buck road, we have another accident here in montgomery county on 232, that's huntington pike at cathedral road. let's show you what it looks like on the schuylkill beginning to slow down, people are moving okay. the schuylkill looks mostly damp at this point but we see that that eastbound traffic heavy from the boulevard to girard. westbound not a big delay yet, a 17 minute ride between the vine and the blue route. looking at the vine street expressway, starting to get heavy westbound. ben franklin parkway appears to still be opened. we expect at 10 o'clock those inner drives to be blocked for the big parade but for now people worried about traveling in the slick conditions and we're starting to see some of those accidents in the suburbs, matt. >> thank you, karen. fans hoping to get a pass on septa regional rail trains to center city tomorrow for the parade are running into some major problems. several of the suburban
6:34 am
stations have fresh run out of passes. people have been out early this morning to try and buy some of the 50,000 septa passes in center city for the parade. that's the warminster station for septa live on the action cam. people here and at many other stations are telling us these stations have already sold out of the passes, maybe these people drew a number and they're still in line because they're guaranteed to get one. we just don't know for sure. "action news" contacted septa officials just minutes ago and they tell us passes are still available at stations in the city like jefferson station, suburban station in center city and over at 30th street station. people we spoke to at the paoli station earlier this morning were upset that they are leaving empty handed. >> we got here this morning, got here a little after 4:00 waiting in line, great time in line with people, got up to go inside to get the tickets and they told us they were sold out. so, now we're stuck without tickets, no way to get into the city, no way to celebrate with our great philadelphia
6:35 am
eagles. very frustrating. >> we get here like 4:30 and we're about like right around that corner over there and then everybody is saying they're sold out. then i got super mad. i was just annoyed. >> jeanette reyes is live at the art museum with more on how crews had a head start on parade preparations. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. i know there's a mad rush on getting those one day passes for people trying get into the city. there's also a mad rush to get this stage and everything else set and done. to quote one organizer he said this ceremony portion of the day is going to be dramatic. they've been preparing for this for decade. they've literally been setting this up for a couple of days now. we're starting to get that freezing rain or rather the sleet and the rain right now. that will complicate things just a bit in terms of it being a nuisance but things are moving full steam ahead for the big day tomorrow. extra equipment to strengthen cell phone signals are already being installed for the
6:36 am
millions of eagles fans who will descend upon the parade route come thursday. as far as security, there are not restrictions to what one can bring and there will be no security screenings but police warn that behavior seen on sunday night will not be tolerated. >> we'll have people all over, on foot, in vehicles, in the air. they'll be on bikes. they'll be on horseback. they'll just be all throughout the general parade route. >> reporter: septa says rides on the market frankford line and the broad street lines will be free all day. trains will run every five to seven minutes but it's the regional rails that many are talking about. riders will need a special one day pass if you're not already a regular pass holder. only 50,000 are being sold. riders lined up at the station in paoli to get them. at 69th street station, people were finding them hard to come by. >> i got five of these one day passes for the regional rails. they're $10 each. >> reporter: was it hard getting them. >> yeah, because they only have a limited amount.
6:37 am
>> yes, i'm going to the parade me and my cousin. >> reporter: yeah. how are you going to get there. >> we -- well she got a carly we going to drive in her car. >> reporter: you going to drive. >> we going to drive as close as we can get. >> reporter: and despite the problems that we're seeing this morning with those one day passes, they are -- visitors rather, the people who are coming to the parade are encouraged to take public transportation and not drive. we're expecting 3 million people so you can expect it to be pretty crowded here to say the least. as far as the way to see the ceremony there will be 14 jumbotrons set up from here the art museum through city hall so there will be a way to see it in one form or another. reporting live from the art museum, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." back inside to you guys. >> thank you jeanette. it is 6:37 and we have your complete guide to the celebration online. check out the parade route, find a list of closures and parking restrictions and mass transit plans, all right that the with our eagles super bowl parade playbook.
6:38 am
find it at parade. "action news" will have live team coverage of the championship parade starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. we'll also stream it live on >> students and parents have very definite opinions about how their schools are reacting to the big parade tomorrow. different school districts are handling the parade with different policies. some are giving parade going students excused absences while others are closing. but an unexpected day off means some added stress for some parents. >> i think a lot of parents are upset. they have to find childcare now. they'd rather their kids be in school. >> school is important but it's not, you know -- there's a lot of school days in your life and there's not -- there's not a lot of parades. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed tomorrow. you can find a complete list of all the closings on and speak of school closings we have dozens of delays and closings due to the weather. you see them at the bottom of your screen and on our web site this morning because of the wintry mix. "action news" reporter trish
6:39 am
hartman is live for us now up in the lehigh valley and whitehall township. what does it look like now, trish? >> reporter: hi there, tam. we have this frozen precipitation that is falling pretty steadily now. little pellets of ice that are bouncing off of everything. we'll show you here macarthur boulevard, traffic is still moving along but again, we have that frozen precipitation and now the roads are starting to get a little wet so you might want to leave a little bit of extra time if you are heading to work. now, because of these anticipated icy conditions, that are supposed to last throughout the morning commute, schools are closing as you mentioned in this area. whitehall copley schools, allentown schools, bethlehem area schools are closed today. a few school districts in bucks county are closed as well. so you'll want to check for a full list of closures and delays. i just checked in with lehigh county communications center and so far they say they are not seeing any issues on the roads just yet but again this storm has just started to move in. we're just starting to see precipitation within the past hour or so. we have salt on the roads, on
6:40 am
the sidewalks and on the parking lots here so folks are getting ready for what could be a messy commute, again, things are looking okay here right now. traffic is moving right along on macarthur boulevard. we're just down the road from route 22. now sleet and snow could affect visibility here in the lehigh valley as it changes over to freezing rain. things could get icy on the roads. definitely again you'll want to leave a little bit of extra time this morning and take caution as you're driving. trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> thank you trish. good thing we're not having a parade today, david. >> this is why they postponed it or moved it to thursday. it's a good thing they did. right now we've got storm tracker6 live double scan showing you a mixed bag of precipitation. rain farther to the south but up north snow and as trish hartman just mentioned some sleet pellets mixing in. radar picking up mainly snow but it could be fine snowflakes and also some sleet mixing in in allentown and then accumulating snow possible in areas like green lane, fleetwood reading
6:41 am
doylestown. those brighter shades of white beginning to move in and the farther south you go the better chance you have of seeing some mixing. that blue pushing up close to norristown jenkintown malvern and of course in philadelphia and media is a mix of snow, also some sleet, maybe some freezing rain and now we're seeing darker shades of blue mixing in too and that's an indication that the precipitation might be getting a little bit steadier in spots. looks like there's a little break in the action around wilmington right now and again the farther south you go you get the change to rain but as long as we are waiting for that change, we're going to be dealing with potential for some slick road conditions and places like allentown actually may not really get out from under winter weather advisories until mid to late afternoon. depends on how fast that rain line can get up north and how quickly we can melt anything that has accumulated on road surfaces. as we step outside right now we have sky6. lots of clouds of course and the camera lens getting a little bit moist now as we try and look at the commodore barry bridge. obviously the precipitation has arrived here. notice how temperatures are below freezing just about everywhere.
6:42 am
allentown 28. still 31 in philadelphia and wilmington. 30 in millville. you got to go down closer to cape may where we have that rain changeover to get above freezing temperatures. futurefuture tracker6 shows us between now and 7:00 pretty much the same story. a lot of mixed precipitation with a changeover to a bit more snow in the north. a lull pushing into the south. by 9 o'clock, you may be drying out temporarily down south. we'll still have that rain-snow line pretty close to philadelphia so some iciness still possible not only in the city by 9:00 but in areas just outside. and of course we still have the snow and the sleet mixing in farther north. by noon it looks like that rain line gets up close to allentown but it's not going to be an instant changeover to rain and then all the ice is gone. you still may have some lingering problems on roadways even past the noon hour in northern areas. and then of course later in the afternoon, it will be all rain warm enough to melt anything by 5 o'clock you can see that change and the whole thing is off the coast by about 9:00, 9:30. so a wintry mix changing to rain gradually from south to north but you'll want to be really careful on the roads while that change is
6:43 am
occurring. the biggest impacts are probably north and west of 95 but for the time being i'd still take it slow down the 95 corridor and parts of south jersey and delaware where you saw that blue on radar. morning improvement into the afternoon up in the lehigh valley and northern suburbs, north bucks, northern montgomery county it may stay icy longer. little bit of accumulation is possible about a coating to an inch washed away by that rain pretty quickly. a lot of this one to three probably gets washed away, too. three to six up in the poconos we'll probably keep some of in on the ground even after the changeover. in the lehigh valley colder today, high of 35 degrees. coder than the rest of the area and again icy for a good portion of the day eventually turning wet. down the shore it looks milder up into the 50's all rain. and in philadelphia, as you'll see in your exclusive accuweather 7-day we'll go for a high in went to those two numbers at 46 degrees. the morning mix giving way to afternoon rain from south to north. sunny and brisk then tomorrow for the parade wind chills making it feel like it's in the low 20's. bundle up.
6:44 am
friday partly sunny and milder 43 degrees. and then on saturday, we've got milder conditions still, 49 degrees with some late day or night time rain. sunday also looks wet with a high of 54. back to the 40's early next week. >> back to the 40's sounds good. thank you david. >> yeah. >> it is 6:44. and still ahead on "action news," bill cosby's lawyers consider asking the judge to delay the comedian's upcoming trial. and also -- >> well, we can see a little bit of sleet coming down in parts of the area. we're live in north philadelphia here on north broad street at spring garden. north broad is mostly just wet but you're going to watch for some slick spots with that sleet coming down. we're going to take you on a camera tour and show you what's happening coming up next. >> ♪
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how we can help you reach your potential. >> ♪ >> 6:47. mobile6 is in the first state wilmington delaware waiting for the traffic light on delaware avenue headed to rodney square, delaware one of the first areas in our region to really experience the not only the system itself but the wintry mix that many of us will be seeing today. >> and if you want to get another example of what we're talking about when we say icy wintry mix let's go over to karen rogers. >> yeah, we've been talking to people on twitter, on facebook, so thanks to my friend this is dennis who sent in this picture in conshohocken showing us ice all over his car, the ice on the secondary roads in the neighborhoods so you need to be careful and keep tweeting me and facebooking me your pictures. i have someone from phoenixville tony telling me his wife got to work there and roads were getting slippery. that's a great update as to what you're seeing on the roads. here's what i'm seeing as we
6:48 am
scan our hundreds of cameras. this is i-95. can you see the emergency workers right over here. we're looking live right now in delaware county, i-95 here at the blue route where we've got an accident and someone talking about it on the waze app here an accident involving an overturned truck on the ramp from the blue route southbound, the blue route southbound to i-95 and we're watching that right now in our cameras. so, while it looks like you saw people moving around without any problems in that shot, in the distance you can kind of see there was an accident on the ramp. you got to be careful. here's a live look at fishtown at i-95 at girard avenue starting to get heavy at this point from the betsy ross bridge to girard. we've been watching some light snowfall there. route one at pennsylvania avenue and again the roadway itself not looking like too many problems. it looks damp on a lot of highways but i think you're getting a slick spot or two and the secondary roads certainly worse. this is a live look here in fort washington and we're checking out here where the roads are wet here. looking in fort washington, we've had issues on 422 as well and really starting to
6:49 am
jam up because of that so we're watching for the slowdown as you're seeing right here as some of those roads really getting slick and that precipitation in the area now matt. >> thank you, karen. bill cosby's lawyers may ask for a delay in his sexual assault retrial as some of his other accusers are allowed to testify. cosby's lawyers said yesterday they would seek to postpone the trial which is scheduled to start in norristown on april 2nd. they would want more time to investigate claims from the 19 women prosecutors are seeking to call as additional witnesses. the judge is expected to rule next month on whether any of them will be allowed to testify at the retrial. the judge allowed only one other additional accuser to testify at cosby's first trial. >> capitol hill is showing some signs of progress on the spending plan and that is making another looming government shutdown a bit less likely. the house passed a short term measure last night and word of a larger budget pact. president trump appeared to welcome a shutdown if
6:50 am
lawmakers didn't come up with a deal on immigration. >> ♪ sorry. i can't make it.
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>> a lot of your highways people are traveling look like they're mostly wet and you'll see slick spots especially the bridges and overpasses. secondary roads are a little bit worse here. let's take a live look and show you chester county. this is the 30 bypass. eastbound heavy from 322 to 113 and you can tell that it looks like it's mostly just wet on the roads, not seeing too many people sliding around but in kennett square we have a new accident, a pickup truck just ran into a guardrail,
6:53 am
dave. it's right on route one northbound, the oxford bypass northbound approaching 82. >> karen, we've still got mainly snow up to the north with some sleet mixing in but that more mixed precipitation line is now pushing past philadelphia into many of our media suburbs. it's rain down to the south that eventually will overtake us. for now anyway icy conditions as you just mentioned possible in through here and getting slipperier up in the northern suburbs as well. when we come back in a little bit, we'll give you your afternoon call. for now, though, be careful. it's going to be awhile before that rain changeover pushes through philadelphia and onto the north. we'll be right back. >> ♪ enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface.
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>> ♪ >> 6:56. several septa regional rail stations are running out of passes for tomorrow's championship parade. septa says passes are still available at stations in center city. the transit agency is offering free service on the broad street and market frankford lines tomorrow. >> in delaware county on the blue route southbound to i-95 southbound a tractor-trailer stuck in the mud partially blocking that ramp. a new accident here in new jersey maurice river township a car overturned on delsea delsa drive. we're hering someone is trapped inside. be careful as you're heading out dave. >> all right karen let's get you storm tracker6 live double scan and we are actually showing future tracker which is what i wanted. we are looking at some
6:57 am
precipitation moving through the region and trying to get this lined up for you. there it goes. as we go later into the day we are going to see that changeover to rain. >> all right, that's it for us. we'll be back every 30 minutes with updates on this wintry mix. now to "gma." >> ♪ g americ
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7:00 am
good morning, america. bracing for another shutdown, president trump now calling for one if congress can't reach a deal on immigration. >> let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. >> even members of his own party pushing back and the president also requesting a grand military parade ordering the pentagon to plan a spectacle that tops the one he saw in france. winter storm alert. 60 million people from texas to maine in the path of dangerous winter weather. cars flipping over on icy roads and new concerns about your morning commute as freezes rain and snow move in. false hope. natalee holloway's mother now filing a $35 million lawsuit over that docu-series about her missing daughter accusing producers of misleading her into thinking they may have made a major discov


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