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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. you are looking live at the ben franklin bridge.
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the conditions are starting to improve in some places and owner parts of the region is dealing with snow and ice. we'll check the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. first we countdown to the super bowl parade at this time tomorrow philadelphia is celebrating with one of the biggest parties this city has ever seen. and crews are working overtime to get the parade route ready even though today's rain. the procession ends at the museum of art. and it's starting to take shape. >> but it's a rough morning for fans trying to plan their ride to the rally. many got up early to get their pass for the regional rail only to find out that some places already ran out. jeanette reyes is joining us live from suburban station. >> reporter: hey sara, and rick, it was quite frankly a hectic morning, with people scrambling to get their hands on these
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tickets only to find out after waiting for hours. well before sunrise. that the tickets had been sold out. 50,000 tickets put out wednesday afternoon, for people to get into the city to be able to attend the parade and they found out they were sold out. suburban station was one of the few stations that had the tickets at 7:30 this morning. we saw long lines here as people stopped by. for people it was their second, third stop before they headed to work to try to get the tickets and we saw them buy several at a time a dozen at a time. and many did not, in fact, get the ticket. we got word that by noon, minutes ago they would be sold out or very close to it. and there are no plans as of right now to replenish the tickets of the 50,000 tickets
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again. one thing we have been stressing all morning long and we cannot encourage it enough. on our website we have all the information that you need as far as what to do once you get these tickets. because here is the thing, even as you get the ticket. it's not really a golden ticket. it does not guarantee you a ride tomorrow. once they are at capacity you cannot board the train. on our website we have the information you need, as far as what time is best for you to head out. the earlier, the better, it will get crowded soon we are talking maybe 3 million people headed to the city to attend the parade. is where you fine the information, if there are tickets left over a hanful. we'll have the information for what stations have the tickets. again, septa saying they are probably running out but we'll keep you posted. a lot of customers and riders
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saying once they got the tickets they are looking forward to tomorrow and it was well worth it. channel 6 "action news." >> all right jeanette, thank you. the "action news" morning show starts early tomorrow morning as philadelphia gets ready for the parade. tune in at 4:00 a.m. for live coverage of the last minute preparations and stay with "action news" for live coverage of the championship parade beginning at 9:00 and we'll be streaming the celebration live at we have a special page on our website with a complete guide for tomorrow's main event. there the street by street parade route and list of road closures and parts of philadelphia and plans for mass transit. that includes all the septa changes, you can find that information at parade. >> back to the forecast more rain moving into the
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philadelphia region now and other areas are dealing with the messy mix. >> it looks icy out there in spots and let get the latest from david murphy in the weather center. >> we'll talk about an update to some winter weather advisories, some areas it's getting better and into the evening showers, you see the precipitation arrived and came in with a little bit of rain down south the north and looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan you see areas of south jersey have changed over to rain. it looks like the northern and western edges of chester county are mixing in with sleet and freezing rain and the southeastern portion of eastern county changed over to the green. can which is good. that is the rain. just in rain from here on out. same in delaware county. the farther more blue you see and we are stuck with the sleet and freezing rain mix and the snow is pretty much over and icy precipitation up north for the
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afternoon. as we take a look now at the future tracker 6 imagery. you see from here up until 2:00, the model wants to push the rain line past allentown, and there are indications that temperatures may not be able to recover quickly. and we may still be close to the freezing mark and below the surface below freezing that means freezing past 2:00 and by 5:00 things getting better across the region. we'll see if it's still icy in allentown and most of this ends as rain for us and scoots off the shore at 9:00, 10:00. and philadelphia delaware county now out but areas of north bucks and northern montgomery and north and western chester county and on up to the lehigh valley has been extended to this evening. the icing take a while to get done up there. and more on future tracker 6, and more on how we expect this to resolve as we finally say good-bye to the icy stuff. but it mahan on longer up north.
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>> thank you david. meantime lets switch live to the lehigh valley where residents are facing a combination of ice and snow. and trish hartman is checking the weather conditions in west whitehall. >> hi rick, it's actually switching over to rain now within the past hour or sox we see that switch over. take a look at conditions behind me, we are here along whitehall township and it's slushy and wet on the road and be careful on the sidewalks we see a lot of icy sidewalks walking around. and penndot has speed restrictions for area highways in the lehigh valley. and snowing and sleeting for hours now and drivers say the roads are slick. it started as a coating at 6:00 a.m. the sun rose and the d into a m of ice and snow making driving. driving and no traction and
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slick. be respectful slow it down. >> neighborhood streets and sidewalks were covered as people brushed off cars in whitehall township. township public works dumped salt and crews were busy plowing and shoveling roads and parking lots and one driver made a coffee stop befor work. >> all day and night and salt issing. >> to for some no avoiding the roads. >> picking up vehicles. certain blocks that are messy and certain good to drive on. but got to cope with the weather. >> others saying they avoid it at all costs. >> i am terrified to drive in the snow. i am sick of t i don't like snow. >> now, to avoid having people on the roads, some school districts opted to close or delay schools in whitehall township and allentown and bethlehem were all closed today
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because of the weather. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> philadelphia police are making good on promises to catch the eagles fans who damaged property following sunday's super bowl victory. this is john rigsby of malvern facing charges for this incident. flipping a car in front of the bellevue hotel. the entire incident was captured on cell phone video. and authorities are searching for six other people involved. >> lawyers for bill cosby will ask for them to delay the trial if others are allowed to testify. the comedians lawyer says they need more time to investigate allegations from the 19 female they are looking to call as witnesses. and the judge will decide if any are allowed to testify. the retrial is expected april 2nd in norristown.
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>> lawmakers are working to avoid another government shut down. the latest as the deadline approaches tomorrow night. >> and a sports car is floating through space, the latest from the space x rocket carrying the tesla roadster. when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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breaking news now. eagles head coach doug peterson stepped up the microphone a big smile on his face. >> kind of crazy and things are settling down now. it's exciting and a great honor and today is a great day.
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you know visiting with players and wrapping up the season with them. yes, it's exciting times right now. >> sometimes all over the city. >> even on ya'll's faces. >> you know again, it's a little surreal i don't think it's fully sunk in. tomorrow will be -- it will hit everybody tomorrow. seeing the excitement. my wife and i were at dinner lala night and the people keep coming up and congratulations. just listening to the stories of people and their families, and how they have wanted and waited for this for so many years, you know, for us to be responsible for that joy in their lives, that's part of what we do this for. that is exciting.
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>> -- >> whoa. >> where do you eat? >> barone's. >> -- [ inaudible ] can you tell us where that play came from? >> chicago bears 2016 alshon and the bears ran it inside of the five yard line. and what is where we got it from. we kind of just collaborated on that one if not it would get real wordy. lets call it apples no philly special. that is what we tagged it. >> it showed off the decision to go for it -- >> i just this it shows the trust that we have as
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quarterbacks. and the trust they have in me to call that play. obviously. and the guys to execute it -- and you know -- it was the right time obviously at the right moment. obviously it will be a pretty famous play i think now talked about for a long time. >> as far as the offseason what sense do you have for carson's timetable? >> talking about specific injury i don't want to get into a ton of that. these guys are rehabbing now. it's still a long way off. and we have to get through a lot of things this spring. but you know, they are all doing well. and we'll continue to just monitor their progress. >> -- [ inaudible ]. >> i think it's obviously probably a little more special for me as a coach.
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i just think because you are responsible for a lot of different -- the people, the players, the coaches. the organization. a lot of responsibility there. and just honored to represent not only the philadelphia eagles, the organization and mr. lury but the city of philadelphia. it's special to do it as a coach. >> were you thinking about that play before you came over -- [ inaudible ]. >> that was a play in our plus five red zone area. and it was a play that you know we had discussed the night before. and you just never know when that play will be called. and there was a lot of conversation, i called the time-out on the play before. so we had time to think about it and talk about and suggest different things and there was a lot of suggestions and nick had suggestions as well when he came
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over to the sideline area and we ultimately degreed on philly special. >> -- and then -- [ inaudible ] appreciation for how far that is in the nfl -- to put a team like this together. >> i do appreciate that. i told the football team that this morning. a lot of selfish players. guys could complain about not having enough targets as receivers. i have two starting running backs sharing time. and neither one of them have complained. you know on offense. it just shows the character of the guys. the unselfishness and willingness to get the job done. to win. and now they sit here today sort
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of reaping those rewards and that is what it's all about. >> is that a formula you can recreate going forward or will it make this team more unique. >> it will be unique to this football team. you know, i can't tell you what 2018, the team is going to look like because as you know free agency is a part of that and the draft. people come and go. 2018 will be a lot different, but you know, i think the messaging can be very consistent and stay along the same lines. >> what is your message to these guys, you see the teams win super bowls and that kind of goes into march. you know mini camps, what is is the message as far as to celebrate and start to think about it. good you know these guys are well deserving of everything now
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that they are going to be exposed to in the coming weeks, the coming months. and there is a side of success that is not the glamour side. and it's the side that, you know, who will hold out in ota's and who is going to want the next big contract. and who is going to, you foe, miss this or that for an endorse many deal. an an autograph signing the not so glamorous side of success. and that was the message to the guys. i told them if you want, get usioned to this, this is the new norm in philadelphia. hopefully playing into february every year. it's the new norm. so get used to it short offseasons and lets do that. and the guys that want to be a part of that, you know, we'll do that.
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they'll want to be here. and i think everybody does want to be here. but as you know the nature of the business you can't keep everybody. that is just the way it goes. but the ones that are here you know, my mind set is to be back and do it again, and keep doing it and keep doing it. and i hold myself accountable. i'm just like the flair players, i can't accept every deal out there. i can't agree to every speaking engagement out there. because my goal is to win another one. and if my time is spent doing other things that is not the focus, and that is where we are at right now as a team. >> [ inaudible ] >> yes, it did. because he now became the starter obviously.
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you know having that familiarity with him helps. understand how he thinks and what he likes and things of that nature. yes, gosh, i mean, you know our relationship is -- it's strong obviously. we probably didn't have that same communication carson and i had. carson was constantly talking about the game plan and nick is more just, call the play and let me execute the play type of guy. as we got more comfortable, and as he got more comfortable with the guys, you could see his confidence just coming out each and every week and those are the things that i knew he had in him and we saw as a staff. these last couple of months. >> doug -- when did you think
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that -- [ inaudible ]. >> oh i don't know. i wasn't thinking much back then of being a nfl head coach. but given the opportunity to get back into the nfl and start where i did. you never know what will happen. you know, i always felt like i could be a good coordinator. in this league and whether i was calling plays or not. and listen, my whole mentality, the reason i get into this business is to just win. just to win. i don't care who gets the credit. and i want to help the team and be successful on and off the field. that is what i did if high school. and that is what i hope i'm doing here. stay humble and grounded and be
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me and change and work hard. and good things will happen. >> they have like -- [ inaudible ] belichick at that game -- going forward demoralizing -- where does that come from? that aggressiveness -- >> i think that is who i am. that is my alter ego. that is my evil twin, i guess, i don't know. whatever it is. i learned that probably from my dad a bit. his aggressiveness with us as kids growing up. i have always been sort of under the mind set that i want every play to score a touch down and
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every defense to lose five yards that is how i approach the game. i may come across as soft spoken to you guys, whatever, but inside i want to win the game. not at all costs type of expense. but pretty close. pretty close. listen when you are playing. the patriots and bill belichick, a tom brady, if you are not being aggressive in those games, you are going to lose those games. it's been proven time and time again you'll lose those games and i had my mind made up after the minnesota game, and i knew we were playing the patriots that i would have to maintain that aggressiveness in this football game. the pressure of the game was not going to change who i am. and that is how i communicated that to our team.
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and that is how they responded sunday. >> we see you -- 50/50 and hesitate for a couple of seconds and say go ahead and do it. what were going through your mind when you were thinking it over? >> i had to process the whole situation, fourth and goal and on the one yard line in the super bowl before halftime. yes lets go. i think i had previously called a certain personnel group for the play i was calling initially and had to change all of that once the information was gathered. and we swapped gears and really, you know nobody knew the play at the time until i gave out the wrist band number. for instance the offensive staff can hear me call the plays. i just called out the wrist band
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number. and then you hear it's philly special. and everybody got fired up about that. >> what numbers? >> i would have to look. 50 something maybe. we knew we were talking about philly dilly. dilly special philly special it's all the same to us. >> you know when that happened. it was before our play. and it just kind of went wow the same thought process any way. just glad we were able to execute ours. >> [ inaudible ] are you going to the offseason -- >> you know listen this guy, this guy is a pro bowl left tackle. and guys like that, in my
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opinion my humble opinion they can go out when they want to go out. i respect him and what he has done and working through injury. and if he had to hold a gun to my head i would say yes my starting left tackle. >> -- >> i think just again, the stories that i hear in the community that i have heard the last couple of days and just to see the team again today. this is the first time we have been together since the game. and the joy and excitement, and just knowing that kind of what we have been through. you know, this year. it's a pretty special thing and like i told them. this team is inked in nfl history. the philadelphia eagles history forever. that will never be the same again. it will change as of you know after the parade tomorrow.
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dynamics change. and just having that moment today with the guys and just kind of revisiting is a special thing. okay -- all right guys thank you. >> you have been listening to eagles head coach doug peterson talking about what a crazy exciting time this is. and it hasn't sunk in yet and likely to change tomorrow. he says surreal but the parade will bring it home. we are looking forward to it. as are all the eagles fans. more "action news" at noon. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price?
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. we are tracking the remnants of the wintry weather that caused problems for the morning compute. meteorologist, david murphy think has all the details from accuweather. >> and a sight that makes your heart swell with joy. super bowl helmets that hold the signature of the philadelphia eagles. and did you get your passes for the parade? details on the problems getting them. >> now the latest on the morning commute. a messy one as the tri-state area dealt with a mixture of snow and freezing rain a picturesque seen in valley form park as light snow accumulated on a tree and if you had to


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