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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 7, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. we are tracking the remnants of the wintry weather that caused problems for the morning compute. meteorologist, david murphy think has all the details from accuweather. >> and a sight that makes your heart swell with joy. super bowl helmets that hold the signature of the philadelphia eagles. and did you get your passes for the parade? details on the problems getting them. >> now the latest on the morning commute. a messy one as the tri-state area dealt with a mixture of snow and freezing rain a picturesque seen in valley form park as light snow accumulated on a tree and if you had to drive in the wintry weather it's
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no picnic, they caught this penndot truck brining the roads before daylight. live from sky 6, the messy weather out there. coating our cameras as with well. temperatures are above freezing and wintry freezing and turned to rain as you can see. david murphy has the details for how long we deal with the precipitation. >> the rain is picking up on the terrace and look at stormtracker 6 live double scan not all rain, up to the north blue on radar and the snow is gone and everybody where you see blue areas just to the northern and philadelphia and out in western chester county and that sleet mixing with freezing rain and those areas we have winter weather advisories in effect and we may still be seeing icy conditions for the rest of the afternoon. philadelphia beginning to change over. as we look at future tracker 6 between now up until 2:00 you
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can see how the model does want to push that rain line, a question however how quickly the temperatures react. and we may actually be stuck in frozen precipitation. out toward reading, winter weather advisory in the foreign areas. 5:00 though it looks like more rain maybe some of it steady and most of it gets off the coast at 9:30 or 10:00 tonight. there are the winter weather advisories they expired in delaware county and we hold them in place in northern bucks and montco, the southern portions of those counties may expire sooner. may stay up until this evening. in the purple highlights counties take it slow on foot and behind the wheel for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. here is what to expect. rain is coming and arriving now in philadelphia. some of it could be heavy, the
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situation where it's slow to melt especially north of philadelphia and in the northern and western suburbs, the icy precip may linger into the evening in some cases. we'll come back inside in a moment and talk about the seven-day forecast, a call for the big parade tomorrow and all of this will be out of here but you'll want to have coats. >> thank you david. conditions were worse the farther north and west. in lehigh valley county where speed restrictions were in place because of the dangerous driving conditions. it snows for hours. it made for a slick commute. >> i'm terrified of driving in the snow. i'm sick it of. no traction. slick. be respectful, slow it down. >> after sunrise a mixture of snow and ice, that made the conditions on some roads. crews were busy treating surfaces. they offered to close or delayed
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opening for the day. if you head to the eagles parade tomorrow check on you'll find storm tracker 6 radar and the forecast for what the weather is like on broad street and the ben franklin parkway. all right the eagles are wrapping up their season after that sensational super bowl victory against the patriots on sunday and you just heard from coach peterson about the team and tomorrow's parade. and he and the players are excited to celebrate the victory as are the fans. jaime apody joins us from the nova care center with more. >> reporter: hey rick are, it's really a special day here. i have been covering the post season locker room cleanup for 12 years in philadelphia. and never before has it ended this late into february and never before ended with smiles on people's faces because it always ened with a loss and disappointment and dreams
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dashed. not this year. the guys in the locker room just giddy and why not there is a parade to celebrate tomorrow. take a look inside of the locker room interesting stepping inside seeing autographed footballs and helmets, what is not normal is they all have the super bowl logo on it. their season enthe it the way we wanted to to. and will end with a parade down broad street and the players say it means so much to them to put the smiles on people's faces forever be known as the team that broke the bad luck and bring the super bowl championship to philadelphia. brandon graham told me he expects the eagles chant to be so loud to hear them from philadelphia to delaware to washington, d.c. and new york city and beyond. it's going be a special day. the players are looking forward
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to it as much as we are. and i talked to a couple of guys. and brandon says going to the grovy store is tougher and nick foles life has changed as well. doug peterson says that one of his messages to the guys as they departed today was there say downside to success. you talk about endorsement deals and guys that don't want to report to training camp and holding out because of contracts and autograph signings for money, his message is to enjoy it and get used to playing if february and short offseasons that is what will happen around here, this is a town of football success and doesn't think this is the last super bowl and wanted to warn them about the possible downsides of this kind of success. more coming up for the eagles on 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a good time in philadelphia. live at the nova care complex. rick and sara back to you.
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>> thank you. well, fans hoping to get a pass on septa rail trains into the city for tomorrow's big celebratoory parade are running into problems. >> fans are trying to get their hands on the passes and many found themselves out in the cold. john rawlins live now with the details. >> reporter: hi guys, well you are right. the focus for the last 24 hours is on these passes. excuse me, let me switch my sound here. believe it or not they are just before sold out but not entirely sold out. this sales office at market street septa's headquarters has some for sale. we don't know how much but selling them as of 12 seconds ago. now it's focus is on to getting on the train. this pass is not a guarantee to get on the trains.
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a schedule on the regional rail sign. and the guys we get from the gm, early birds will be at an advantage. >> what i'm saying is you have to be careful if you bet on hitting the last train and you show up and a lot of people bet on catching the last train and you won't make it in. get there early. >> if you have one of the 50,000 one day passes now you have to figure out when, special inbound trains are leaving tomorrow morning and from what station. best bet go online and as septa's gm said bet toward be at your station rather than later. septa expecting 70,000 fans on it's regional rail and that is the capacity. septa can move far more people 65,000 fans an hour using the broad street and market
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frankford lines. they are built to carry people. we can carry 35,000 people an hour on the market frankford. 30 thousand on the subway. short trips end to end. and those are the places we really can carry numbers. and what is great, it's free. >> it's free and we should emphasize it is free thanks to independent blue cross they paid a $300,000 check for the broad street line and market frankford line they are free all day tomorrow for anybody that goes on board there. back to regional rail and passes and the best time to get informations on when the trains depart tomorrow. and where they are departing from. to go online, the good place to start is parade. they will have the links or that site has links to all the personality information you'll need to know if you take the regional rail, where to go and when you should leave.
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john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> all right john thank you. we remind you to stay with "action news" for live coverage of the championship parade starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning, we'll also be streaming the celebration live on and we have a special page on the website with a complete guide before tomorrow's main event and then the street by street route and list of road closures and parking restrictions and mass transit plans, that includes all of septa's service changes and fine the information at 6abc.c parade. and join the "action news" morning team early at 4:00 a.m. as philadelphia gets ready for the parade. we'll have live team coverage of the last minute preparations. the philadelphia eagles as you know put on quite a show in minneapolis this weekend but the american bald eagle put on a show in mercer county yesterday and attracted on looks to conal
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lake in lawrence. the wildlife officials say it can be spotted across the state but the majority nest in cumberland and bay side in cape may county. philadelphia police are asking for your help to identify two men accused of vandalizing a store in center city during the eagles celebration. surveillance cameras captured the to that took a metal pole to break the door of the a.c. moore store. and they are white males in their 20s but one has a distinctive tattoo on his upper right arm. the damage is estimated at $4,000. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a united fund. female olympian sign up to help study damage to the brain after a concussion. and the destruction after a powerful earthquake in taiwan blamed for killing a half dozen people.
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a strong earthquake near taiwan's east coast. dozens are unaccounted for. the 6.4 magnitude quake. caused several buildings to cave in and shift crushing the lower floors and rescue crews are working to locate survivors that may have been trapped. lawmakers on capitol hill are negotiating to avoid the second government shut down in less than a month. and president trump is advocating for a shut down if his immigration demands are not met. the deadline to keep the government running is one day away. but if congress can't fund the wall he wanted to see a shut down. >> i would love to see a shut down, because the democrats
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don't want safety then shut it down. >> john kelly defended trump's hard line on immigration. >> and on fire to say some immigrants may have been too afraid for too lazy to sign up for the daca program. as the olympics begin in south korea, some are pledging their brains to research. >> reporter: ahead of this year's olympic games, three athlete asnouncing an olympic size contribution to science. u.s. hockey gold medalist angela and bob elaina myers taylor adding their names to the growing list of female athletes doe facing their brain for cte research. >> could be a good role model for other athleted saying i care about future generations and the study of the brain and the study and impact of concussions.
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>> hockey legend haley, also signing up tweeting i don't need it may as well give to someone that does. all three are donating their brains to the concussion legacy foundation where just 3% of the brains donated come from women. >> saw women that lost their careers or had to retire early prematurely because they had major concussions. >> the brain banks are primarily funned by organizations by brain injury through sports or military service. >> according to a study last year. female high school soccer players have the highest rate of concussion of any sport even more than male football players. soccer great amyom-- and more
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severe systems the recovery rates are longer and they feel isolated and left out of the entire convocation. than was abc's paula ferris reporting. an indiana town has installed a new way to encourage drivers to slow down. take a look at this speed sign. if drivers in the town of danville are adhering to the speed limit it's a smiling emoji, but if they are speeding it displays a frowning emoji. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a check of the wintry forecast. >> taking a look sky 6 hd, cape may new jersey. how long until we can be there. meteorologist, david murphy has the update from accuweather when "action news" comed right back.
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david murphy is here now. the northern suburbs i have a concern it will stay on the icy side this afternoon and early evening. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there you go. we have rain from philadelphia south, and we are filling in nicely out to the west now with rain across most of chester county at this point. there is an advisory up there. and you see north out of philadelphia. the blue and that is where we have the mix of freezing rain and sleet. it is going to be a slow progression from the north to allentown and an advisory in place for a while longer, because the temperatures won't be that far above freezing at the surface and we have icing, that is the situation on storm tracker, cloudy skies and rain drops on the camera lens, as we take a look or try to of the commodore next to the union stadium. hopefully that stadium gets
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rocking later this season but lincoln financial field is the place to be. winds out of the east at 8 miles per hour. and windchill 29 and 35 is above freezing and there could be icy patches here and there close to i-95. in general areas covered in blue, 33 degrees closer to the freezing mark and 35 in wilmington and zooming down south. cape may 35 and 39 in millville. sleet in this part of the region in south jersey and parts of delaware earlier. that is probably not a problem anymore and the sleet is gone and the ice at the surface is probably pretty good. reading 35 and snow in allentown. south allentown 1.8 inches and greaterford 1.87 and the sleet is not accumulating as much. and this is mostly sleet in four long bucks county. and the franklin institute
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reporting .02 inch of sleet on the ground. future tracker 6 taking the idea of warmer air up into allentown and the poconos with a change over to rain. and we may still have cooler temperatures where the ice is not really melting and drying out up north and heavy rain at times and be careful of isolated street flooding and what to expect i-95 new jersey, delaware that is all rain the rest of the way. and small change over. lingering change is possible and later today any standing water could refreeze because temperatures are going to drop again. something to keep if mind as you go out later tonight and early tomorrow morning. icy, then eventually wet in the lehigh valley and then not until the evening. and down the shore 52 and in philadelphia. it's all rain at this point. the mixing pretty much over, 42
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degrees for a high. and not really super warm. but warm enough to keep you in the rain and free freeze and the standing water freezes up this evening and clearing and cold 26, tomorrow we look at the cold but sunny day for the parade. and by 3:00, 34 degrees on the art museum steps when everybody is starting to head home. windchills in the low 20s perhaps getting up into the mid to upper 20s when the winds lax. today 42 and rain and isolated rain up north, and 43 on friday and 54 on on sunday with rain saturday night into sunday. back to the 40s on monday. >> all right david thank you. >> see you tomorrow. topping the people scene, db weis goes from white walkers to
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. the change over in the area season lack of change over in
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the northern suburbs and freezing rain and sleet and northern bucks and montco, especially up in the lehigh valley. and there are your advisories and some don't expire until this evening guys. >> thank you again. coming up later today on "action news" at 4:00, we continue our live reports along the eagles championship parade route. if you go to the big event we have tips to stay safe in the crowd of millions of eagles fans expected to gather on the parkway later today at 4:00. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. stay dry.
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