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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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news conference at city hall to discuss the latest preparations for the festivities and they are anticipating this to be one of the largest events if >> with such an outpouring of excitement w eill be long lines, everywhere. and just as we waited for decades for this expect it to taking longer than usual to get around and please be patient. >> and mayor kenney advises everyone to dress warmly and everyone try to use public transit to ease getting to the parade. >> there will be 14 jumbotrons and everyone will be able to see the festives at the art museum and sign up for important parade updates by texting ready eagles to 888-777. all right our team of "action news" reporter are covering f this parade tonight. reporter gray hall is in front of the kimmel center with more on how to get into the city for
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the festivities. first let start with vernon odom live at broad. they are issue a warning if you cause damage to property out there. folks will not get away with it right? >> reporter: a stern warning. police have in fact today released the names and photographs, mugshots in fact of eight alleged knuckle heads from sunday night into monday morning and they say more bus coming from those incidents the other night and want this to serve as a sober warning to that's that may consider acting out at the parade tomorrow. >> we have you on video, it's just a matter of time. make it easier on yourself and just turn yourself in. >> today they revealed the identify of the most prominent suspects. this is 20-year-old john rigsby whose alleged crime of tipping over an suv went viral worldwide. he was locked up when they went
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to his home on monument road in malvern. we went and got him and the voluntary cooperated and came in. >> he is one of eight misdemeanor and felony suspects locked up since monday when they started to review video of the hooliganism broke out after the game. and the eight that were locked up by made day. >> a mark tomson charged with aggravated assault and simple assault and recklessly endangeri a person. >> and the fop was appalled by the metal poll that break into an arts and crafts with a pole. they have reward. and here is the endless looting of this food market in philadelphia sunday night into monday morning. these were not desperate
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hurricane victims grabbing supplies to survive, this was sure thuggery. >> you know if was you, and sleeping off a hang over and you realize you went a bit too far and want to make it easier on yourself come on in. >> that is the stern warning from the philadelphia police department. police are saying people should realize that the loudish ugly behavior goes viral worldwide quickly and there are a lot of people out there that love to point to philadelphia. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, vernon lets head to gray hall outside of the kimmel center with more on how folks can get into the city if public transportation is not available because it's overcrowded. hi gray. >> hi monica and rick, let me tell you an estimated 3 million
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people flocking into center city. folks tell me hey, we have a plan to get here and they are telling me how to figure out the plan. we stayed downtown, just so we don't have to deal with the madness. we'll walk from the hotel. >> we don't know yet. putting the plan today probably not septa, we may uber it in or leave early. >> we'll get here on septa on the l and we are leaving early to get a spot by the art museum. >> if you don't want to take public transportation there is alternatives like a taxi and will drop off as close as they can and opt for a uber, drivers say that business is booming since the nfc championship game. >> getting around the city safer and won't be the massive people trying to get on the free l and things like that. i think it will be better than public transportation. >> and another option is ride the bike, indigo has services.
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and you get a discount by using code fly eagles fly. >> trotter services is another hot option. if you have not booked yours by now. places like star tours all rides are soldout. and scott petry with the parking authority does not recommend if you drive but if you do the cities parking garages are open and 7,000 spaces and rates are not increasing and first come first serve and lots will fill up quickly. >> i would take therainnd i don't want someone to come down and drive for hours and not be able to find a spot. >> all right back out live. we should mention if you use uber you'll get a discount with the promo code philly parade. everything you need to know is at gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.
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by the way if you haven't bought the special independence pass you are out of luck. all 50,000 soldout by 1:00 this afternoon. septa says even if you have a pass you are not guaranteed the ride if they are full but the market frankford and broad street lines are free tomorrow. >> within the past 10 minutes patco announced they sold out of their special tickets for the parade. they planned to sell tickets from jersey to center city but you heard it happened already. freedom card holders and tic elholders should arrive early to make sure they can still board those trains. lets take a live picture of the art museum this is where nil sell isbrate the victory with hundreds of fans lining the parkway. steryr. t
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the sky 6 hd camera showing you a birds eye view and soggy and foggy right now. hopefully that will change tomorrow morning. >> cecily tynan tracking that parade for us, live in the weather center. >> hi monica and rick. ther will defin be moving out well if time for the parade. double scan live radar showing that all the frozen precipitation well up to the northern and parts of new england more than a foot of snow and we have rain here and not talking about freezing rain and not talking about icing and there is a front moving through and look at interior south jersey that line of showers is a cold front pushing to the east ahead of that front. we have temperatures in the 50s and we hit $50 degrees in philadelphia at 4:00 and notice the drop west of that front. 44 degrees in philadelphia. and reading and lancaster down to 34 degrees and temperatures continue to drop and they will really crash after the sunsets and that sets the stage for t
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potential for black ice night a morning. this is what to expect. the rain out of here by evening and philadelphia between 6 and 7:00 and off the coast between . and there is a lot of standing water, the winds pick up i don't think it will be enough to blow try the roads, watch out late tonight and tomorrow morning as you drive to the parade, and driving wherever you are going tomorrow there will be areas of black ice. you do want to bundle up the parade planner showing sun and a mixture of and sunshine. factor in the temperatures in the 20s and 30s and winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour. these are the windchills, this is the way it will feel. 8:00, 17 degrees even by the afternoon wrapping up the windchill 24 and dress like the michelin man. and more rain is on the way we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. and "action news" will be on at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning as
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eagles fans from all over start to head to the city for the championship parade. you can join matt, tam david and karen for the latest on traffic and weather conditions and public transit situation a stay with "action news" for live coverage of the championship parade starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. we are streaming the entire sell brings live at >> well, some of those parade closures will be going into effect soon enough. matt pellman is in the traffic sether with more on that. >> tomorrow a sunnier day in a lot of ways, but this evening dreary out there and getting ready for the big parade tomorrow. just like last night inbound inner drive of the ben franklin parkway right there it's blocked off and outer drive is open in the outbound side. they will close again after the even commute but for now you are getting by just the inbound indrive is blocked. and we'll talk about the parade in the next half hour and for
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now we'll talk about what is going on, 8 miles per hour on the westbound schuylkill at south street. and busy at girard double decker bridge for the villanova basketball game. and downed wires because of a crash in eddie stone. 291. and high water at lincoln drive near rittenhouse. drivers are slowing down as they roll through the water. school house lane may be a better bet. chestnut hill a crash at mcpherson at chestnut ser as. and a crash at the 30 bypass heading towards exton and downingtown. and speeds are starting to recover. it takes some time for the speeds to pick up once again. and crash along marshallton road. and noun one in pottstown at 724 one lane is blocked. and? salisbury blocking 32 river
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road. we'll check it again and talk about the parade in the next half you.s a deal to ernment op tomorrow but at what cost. still to come on "action news" tonight. we'll break down what lawmakers agreed to and what they need to debate. >> and also, sweet news to report. ben and jerrys coming out with a lower calorie ice-cream. we have the skinny on the flavors when "action news" continues tonight. nnsylvania is getting the law requires many to get their child abuse clearances. are you one of them?
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the u.s. senate reach aid two year budget deal seen as a victory for both sides of the aisle but faced a huge hurdle in the house. it prevents a government shut down looming large in washington. they vow to block if i deal that does not includection for the recipients of the daca tram and mr. trump has doubled down on the impasse for immigration and rather see the government shut down rather than the argument for immigration continue. they argue that keeping the government running should be the first argument. >> we don't need a government shut down on this. it was not good for them. >> the daca program that
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protects those that were brought to america illegally as children. and congress has until midnight tomorrow to pass a spending bill. >> health check tonight the flu continues to spread and is some cases the virus is causing severe illness. meanwhile televangelist has guys. here is ali gorman with the story. >> this is an especially bad flu season the number of cases keep going up and the number of people hospitalized with complications and health officials are urging everyone to do what you can to protect yourself including getting a flu shot. the flu is still hitting hard and continues widespread activity if most states. a school district in alabama has been battling the virus for weeks. now with more than 13% of students out sick the district decided to shut down for several days. >> we are now seeing students
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and staff with additional strands of flu and developing secondary health concerns due to those such as pneumonia, and we are taking it seriously. a school in michigan has also closed for a few days. after 40 students were home with flu like symptoms, nationwide 50 children have died from complications of the flu and more than 14,000 people have been hospitalized. >> just keep saying that i will never have the flu. >> messages like that like this one from gloria copeland an adviser on the evangelical board. she encourages people to think or pray the virus away. >> that is not enough to say over and over, flu go away. flu go away, i rebuke you in the name of god. >> health officials say one of the best way to protect yourself
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is a flu shot even if it can't prevent the flu it can help prevent life-threatening complications and meanwhile as philadelphia prepares for an epic parade large crowds raise the risk of being exposed to germs, bring hand sanitizer and try to avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes and if you are sick stay home. >> stay home if you are not feeling well. watch the entire parade here on 6 abc. >> and also tips for tomorrow. if you are healthy and headed to the parade be sure to bundle up and it's cold and hypothermia and frostbite are a concern and make sure kids are bundled up. and don't drink too much you if you do you may not recognize the the early signs of frostbite. and there was a department of health and human services report. they called for the hearings
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after a score card showed several government agencies were underperforming and some are failing and the council lost confidence in them. agencies like wordsworth forced to shut down amid an innocecidef of sexual assault and death.
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if you like ben and jerrys but not all the calories take heart. they are introducing three new options called euphoria. they are chocolate milk and cookies and cookie fix and pb dough. they have between 140 and 160 calories a serving and that is not too bad with organic milk and cream with less fat. fly eagles fly quite eye scene in mercer county. the real eagle was spotted by excited residents. look at this. the majestic bald eagle was flying near colonial lake. they have been spotted across the lake. once classified as an endangered species they made a come back of sorts. like the philadelphia eagles frying high tonight.
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time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is back now with the details on the parade forecast. >> and we are clearing things out. windy and cold but not going be wet. that will be a nice change. lets head to the "action news" weather center live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin parkway. it's glistening with the rain
5:25 pm
and rainy and raw. but we are improving and drying out for tomorrow. double scan live radar showing we have a good steady rain over e.nd of between i-95 new jersey moving to the east. you see it's pretty much out of here. in berks county and a couple more hours before it moves out t rain between i-95 and the knowledge turnpike and in souths an icing problem when the rain moves out ill be dropping and we could see significant black ice overnight. as far as the snow and sleet totals, expect a coating to inch in philadelphia. basically what we mount holly, .2, and allentown close to 2 inches and tobyhanna
5:26 pm
they got 5 inches of the white stuff. 44 in philadelphia and touched 50 at 4:00. and 52 at the atlanta take airport. and allentown and reading temperatures drop down into the mid-30s and drop into the teens overnight. most of that moisture and areas to the southeast are clearing out overnight. and future tracker 6 showing at 10:00 the rain is moving off the coast. the clouds begin to clear out in the northwest suburbs and temperatures will be crashing overnight. and philadelphia 24. and allentown 18 and lancaster, 21. and a bit a breeze and i don't think it's enough to dry out the roads completely and anything untreated will be icing up overnight. black ice a big conceernight to the first half of the day tomorrow. the windchill tracker showing windchills not climbing out of the mid-20s with the winds up to
5:27 pm
20 miles per hour but at least we see sunshine. the five-day at 5:00, 34 and windchills in the 20s and dry for the eagles victory parade. and on friday a warm front passing to the north and could have showers in the lehigh valley and the poconos and mostly cloudy and 39 and behind the warm front. warm air for the weekend saturday 51 and rain developing late in the day. 52 on sunday periods of rain, monday morning clouded giving way to sunshine and you know what wednesday is, valentine's day, adam will let you know what to expect weather wise for all the lovers out will. >> always sunny on valentine's day. my wife told me that. more ahead in the next half hour. stick around.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. city officials finalize plans for the eagles super bowl paradhey are doing to make sure everyone celebrates safely and what is expected of everyone
5:30 pm
that does attend. and if you hope to get a special septa pass to get to the parade. you have to come up with another plan. 50,000 of them alreadynd sold out a live report coming up. doug peterson talks to the media about what went so right during the super bowl victory. now the details, the parkway is decked out in eagles green to welcome the tens of thousands of people expected to cheer on the champion eagles, kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at broad and paterson and ends with a massive rally at the museum of art. and everything you need to know about getting to the parade and what the city is doing to keep the people safe. just a short time ago city officials held a news conference to let everyone know what to expect down to the parade route. the key thing says mayor kenney is patience. you will need a lot of it tomorrow.
5:31 pm
you can expect long lines and lots of people and it's important to stay with the people you came with because in a crowd this size it's easy to get lost and more important to be aware of your surroundings. >> if you should see something us a call.spicious please give it doesn't have to be a package. if you think something is going on that doesn't feel right to you, trust your instincts, give us a call and give us an idea where you are and we'll make every effort to respond to that. >> there are 14 jumbotrons so everyone can see the celebration and sign language translators there for those that need them. and space is reserved for wheelchairs and special para drop-off locations are available as well. and with thousands of expected to descend on center city the big yes is how are you going to get there. septa is your best bet those hoping to get et passes ran into a bit of a snag. and john rawlins live with that
5:32 pm
part of the coverage. >> hi there. all the regional transit agencies here are gearing up but there are limits, both patco and new jersey transit a.c. line suspended sales today for tomorrow because of heavy volume. as for the little passes we were talking about that everyone was looking for they sold out about 1:00 this afternoon and we'll show you some folks went to great lengths to get one. >> i arrived at levitt town train station and they only had 60 tickets and i heard bensalem was selling them and by the time i had their phone number they were sold out. and i came down here and thank goodness i was able to get the tickets. >> but be aware getting the pass is half the battle, it does not guarantee you a train tomorrow. it's about being at the right place at the right time. the rail schedules changed and
5:33 pm
to find out where and when they depart. go online parade, has links to septa's critical one day information. take for instance the paoli thorndale line. >> there are three of them leaving at 4:50 and 6:25 and 7:36. ardmore departures are 7:59. and they are first come first serve. and using special passes to avoid this. during the 2008 phillies parade thousands could not get aboard jammed trains and tomorrow septa expects to ideally move 70,000 riders on the rail system. the capacity. >> it's just math. we have 320 railroad cars running around with 155 people we can fit in them seated and standing and we know probably about 80 train trips are running
5:34 pm
tomorrow. and so it's just math here. just math and human nature to when and where people go to board a plane tomorrow. people expected to take regional rail to be patient and expect long lines and better off going early rather than late. u the best option as far as mass transit as far as the broad street line and septa lining, they can move an astounding 65,000 people an hour. live at 30th street station, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. if you think about driving down tomorrow. that could be tricky as well. matt pellman is live now with what roads are closed already and when others will shut down. >> rick and monica this is where it steps off tomorrow morning, 11:00 broad street at paterson avenue, it's a different scene tomorrow morning, hopefully drier and a lot more crowded. of course broad street will be
5:35 pm
closed. as the route progresses up to city hall. and up the ben franklin parkway this afternoon the inbound indrive of the parkway is already blocked for preparations and outbound both drives are open and will close again after this evening's rush. and this is not likeal visit a few years ago in that highways and interstates like the vine street expressway will remain open tomorrow. but i expect a lot ramps off of those interstates to be blocked like the ramp to the vine to the parkway and 23rd street. and ramps connecting 95 with broad will all be closed throughout the day tomorrow. it's going to be a mess on the traffic and transit front because the bottom line is, our infrastructure in the city the roads and rails are not built to handle these size crowds if you are on the fence do i go or do i not go, i would t staying home and enjoying the parade fomfort of your 's a challenge to head i rea some of you it's
5:36 pm
worth it and waited your whole lives for this situation. and subways are free but we expey crowded and they say they will clo stat overcrowding becomes too severe and trolleys run at rush levels. and university city or temple. and it's all inbound trains in the morning and all outbound in the afternoon. patco a similar setup and that only stops at five of their normal stations. it will be anything but ordinary on the traffic and transit front tomorrow and we'll be here all day long to help you through it: >> thank you. good as we mentioned getting to and from the parade take a master plan for folks that live in the suburbs and "action news" spoke with city wide limousine is and the phone is ringing off the hook since the birds clinked their win sunday night and people want to enjoy the parade without driving themselves and
5:37 pm
having to worry about parking. >> i want to be dropped off at the art museum and i'll say we'll go up there but not promise you anything, we'll get as close as possible. i'm sure they will have to do some walking. >> they do just have one car left in the fleet and it's this one that seats six. >> the red cross is among the o.s that are hovering tips for the parade. first and most importantly bundle up. windchills could make it feel like the 20s, so layers are extra important. and bring enough snacks and water for the entire day. and stay away from caffeine and alcohol. and also don't rely on your cell phone to keep in contact with family and friends, and with such a large number of people service is sure to be spotty and set up a meeting spot in case anyone gets separated. >> so many people are coming to center city for the parade that hotels have quickly booked up and rooms are spoken for and
5:38 pm
hotel manager says that more will be full this evening. that is good news for the hotel industry that is usually slow this time of year. the "action news" show starts early tomorrow morning. as we get ready for the big parade. tune in at 4:00 a.m. for the coverage of the last minute preparations and stay tuned for live coverage starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning and we are streaming the celebration live on and turning to other news tonight. the investigation is underway into what caused two cars of an amtrak train to separate as it was speeding from washington to boston. it happened near havre de grace maryland. it was a mechanical event. and 52 passengers were on board and nobody was hurt. a plane nearly went off the rupp runway at the airport.
5:39 pm
149 passengers were on board and nobody was hurt. they were taken off the plane safely and the airline is trying to figure out why the aircraft skidded. still to come it could be a new era of transportation, a drone is unveil that could revolution getting around big cities like philadelphia. and the coverage continues tonight and coach peterson and the team met with the media and shared the thoughts about finally being super bowl champions. >> and adam joseph is tracking the weather for the parade. >> kick out the mess we have today with the snow and sleet and freezing rain and rain. the rain beginning to end in the western suburbs almost to philadelphia and let you know the timing and talk about black ice tonight and the great forecast for the next seven days. >> all right add many those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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my eagles win! >> what is the matter? eagles. >> what about your eagles win. >> --
5:43 pm
>> well, kelly, lots of eagles family want to relive the super bowl victory and we have a chance to celebrate the team come tomorrow. it promises to be an amazing victoryparade. >> i talked to god with three minutes left and asked for the eagles to win and he listened to me. i don't know where that came from but maybe that works. okay i was struck by how different this was. i have been covering locker cleanouts for 12 years, always in january after the season ends and always after a loss and down trodden faces and dreams dashed and hit me the minute i walked in lined with helmets and balls for the players to sign.
5:44 pm
but super bowl helmets that is new. this is what the season looks like when are you a champion. the only talk is about tomorrow. and that parade. >> it's going to be crazy. i'm going to be there to witness it. >> i think it will have a lot of great energy. the city of philadelphia is rocking and i'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people just happy and the joy because you know we earned it as a city. >> i am excited to get to this parade just to really put my eyes on the city. and get to celebrate obviously everybody involved is having a really good time right now. >> tomorrow will be a party generations in the making, never again will children grow up hearing their team has never won the super bowl. the team starting to realize the magnitude of what they accomplished. >> seeing the excitement running into people. i have seen a lot of people crying. it's been a long time coming and
5:45 pm
great to have seen explayers after the game and see how excited they were with the victory. o bring home the first to play super bowl championship. it's really special to be a part of it. >> my wife and i were at dinner and people were coming up and just congratulations and listening to stories of people and their families and how they wanted and waited for this for so many years. you know, for us to be responsible for that joy in a is exciting. at is par this f. >> rock stars in town forever. not just rock stars in philadelphia. >> has it sunk in yet or afraid that tom brady may some how rush the field and come back. >> it feels rl we are the
5:46 pm
champs.>> caught up with corey and jay ajayi that went straight from the super bowl to los angeles to appear on "jimmy kimmel live." >> does it feel like to be a hollywood super star. >> it was tv show and tried to be ourselves and show our star and do the talk show e to a circuit. >> trying to take it all in at once and think of the people that got here. i have to thank deuce elliot and he has helped me grow and i could not have done it without him. >> and speaking of hollywood they should write a clip about that guy. not drafted and scored a touch down in the super bowl. and part of the philly special. >> we look for him tomorrow. >> his family is there too. an actual sports car floating up in space right now. the tesla roadster is riding on
5:47 pm
the space x rocket with star man at the wheel. and the rocket travelled to the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter after blasting off yesterday. it has it going no foreign than mars and now working on a bigger rocket to send astronauts into deep space one day. >> and coming up the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> looking live from the sky 6 hd cameras atn's landing and it's ben franklin bridge. i-95 and it's starting to clear out there. a pretty picture from our sky 6. and meteorologist, adam joseph, has the details on the parade forecast.
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westchester university is creating a new lecture series to honor frederick douglas. former mayor cliffor e. baptist and it's lectures begin in august. and adam joseph is here now and messy weather to contend with and the evening though? >> perfect timing. thank you. >> we have concerns tonight and tomorrow the winds will be with us throughout the parade and we'll chat about that as well. a windchill woe plan out the
5:51 pm
the parade this is how yout to dress for. 8:00 in the morning through 5:00 p.m. and sunshine is out and high clouds and winds from the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. and create windchills only in the teens throughout the entire morning through lunch time in the afternoon they go into the low 20s and i actually created a longer version of this on my facebook page inteling you where you should or should not stand in center city due to the wind tunnel effect. and head to my facebook page and learn where the best place is weather wide. stormtracker 6 live double scan there the rain is sinking to the south and east. and north and west we are drying out. and a few more hours for seasonal and central southern delaware to clear out. there was this line here at the very beginning and the yellow just east of the garden state
5:52 pm
parkway a line of gusty downpours, and winds between 45 and 50 miles per hour. and with that line that is now off the coast. and still dealing with drops in philadelphia about to end there. and it will be about 9:00 or 10:00 before it clearshe coast. and here are the wins wh the squall line and 32 miles per hour in beach an enand 32 in cape may. and where we are shutting off the water. temperatures are falling into the 30s north and west and mid-50s to the south and east. so temperatures falling below freezing overnight tonight. anything that is not treated will freeze up. have you to watch the sidewalks and driveways especially tonight and early tomorrow morning. if you venture out early. storm into new england close to a foot of snow. watch the black ice forming late tonight and 18 in the suburbs and 24 for center city and high pressure comes in and 34 is the
5:53 pm
official high tomorrow but with all the sunshine that 34 not going to feel like it, dress for the upper teens and 20s and clipper system to the north on friday. and snow showers in the northern areas during the day on friday. brisk cold and breezy tomorrow. 34 degrees but dress for teens and 20s and cloudy with the snow shower especially toward the lehigh valley. and no sun this weekend and rain developed late and rain saturday night into sunday a deary weekend on tap. and sun returning monday afternoon of 46 and mostly cloudy on tuesday and 47 and a chance of some showers on wednesday for that day of love, 52 degrees. >> sounds great. thank you. all right if you head to the eagles parade tomorrow make sure to check on and you'll find storm tracker 6
5:54 pm
radar and the forecast for what the weather is like on broad street. the world's first passenger drone made the maiden voyage in china. the computer does all the driving and the drone can only carry one person. and the city of dubai plans to partner with the same company to develop self flying taxis and it could be on the market within the year. >> still ahead a new gerber baby is chose and and he is breaking down barriers and how he is changing the face of beauty. more when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. the cobra company revealed the new spokes baby for the company. lucas warren chosen from among 140,000 enfriends for the twi n
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twinkle in his high. he is the first gerber baby with down syndrome. we are just hours away from honoring the world champion eagles and final details and what to expect if you head to the ceremony tomorrow. plus, fans flocking to the city from all over the delaware valley and other parts of the country and we'll have those stories and more. for adam joseph, jaime apody, cecily tynan and rick williams. i'm monica malpass have a good night tonight.
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5:59 pm
eagles fans are waiting a lon time for this. and millions are be celebrating tomorrow. >> it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight. is the mother of all super bowl parties. and of course you'll be able to see the whole thing here on channel 6. lets set the stage. "action news" reporter christie aleto was live at city hall. walter perez standsing by at the art museum the scene of tomorrow's rally. and sara bloomquist is in university city. cecily tynan has the parade forecast from accuweather. and christie you have been getting the latest information from city officials. >> reporter: that is right jim,
6:00 pm
the mayor and police commissioner wanted to remind everyone to be on their best behavior on thursday. if anyone was thinking about acting out like sunday they better think twice police are on every block ready to quell bad behavior. >> we'll have people in plain clothes and people in the sky and all over. >> philadelphia police will be out in full force on a 12 mile stretch of the parade for a record breaking crowd size come thursday. and making sure that the -- sunday is not repeated. >> and for those that think they got away with it the next two or three weeks, the scary thing that knock will come any day and you better believe it's coming. >> eight arrests so far and more is coming. mayor kenney tells people to think twice. what i don't understand how dumb people with be. these days everything is video


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