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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 7, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the commuter nightmare. the storm, heavy snow ice and blinding rain from texas, all the way up to the northeast tonight. the major bridge shut down outside new york city. the passenger plane skidding on a taxi way. hundreds of flights canceled or delayed. the ripple effect coast to coast. and the new storm watches are already up tonight. the white house shakeup. the senior white house official to resign following allegations made by two of his ex-wives detailing alleged abuse. also tonight, after the president said, let's have a shutdown, several different ways tonight, senate leaders come up with their own plan to avert it. the deadly police shooting playing out on a major highway. the suspect opening fire then speeding down the wrong way of the highway, leading to multiple collisions. the manhunt at this hour. a suspected serial shooter already killing several people. and we have the chilling
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surveillance video. and the patriots star the break-in and tonight here, the 911 call. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. and a very messy one, too, on roads and highways across this country. a driving nightmare today. ice, snow heavy rain. even tornado warnings. and take a look at the radar tonight. that storm stretching from texas, all the way up to maine. icy conditions causing multiple accidents in springdale arkansas. look at the whiteout conditions blinding drivers on the roads in nebraska. and this fedex truck losing control in connecticut. hundreds of delays and cancellations coast to coast tonight, and already a new storm to tell you about, too. watches already up. abc's gio benitez leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, treacherous driving and a messy commute for millions. >> they closed it down. really big accident. >> reporter: outside new york city, the mario cuomo tappan zee bridge shut down after multiple
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crashes. >> as you can see, it goes all the way back. >> reporter: new connecticut, a fedex truck sliding out of control. and outside washington, d.c. watch as this pickup truck crashes into a bakery. >> i started applying my brakes. ice took hold and the truck had a mind of its own and went into the building. >> reporter: at baltimore's airport, investigators looking into why a plane skidded on the taxiway as it prepared to take off. 149 people onboard all evacuating safely. this, as the storm wreaked hef vok with air travel. >> our flight's been delayed by more than two hours now and we're still stuck on the tarmac. it's a waiting game. west of atlanta, a severe storm toppling trees and damaging structures. >> you can see the high winds knocked this garage off its foundation, it is now leaning into this tree. >> reporter: outside jackson, mississippi, a school bus and a mini van colliding on wet roads. the bus striking a traffic light. overnight, several people injured in multiple accidents on icy roads in arkansas.
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this pickup truck on interstate 49 completely on its head. the driver of that red car making a split-second decision. >> i either had to hit the cars that were turned over, hit the car that was spinning out in front of me or come down the ravine. and i chose this ravine. >> reporter: tragically, in texas, a deadly mix of speed and weather costing one driver his life. >> and gio benitez live from a very windy jtk airport. so many flights canceled today. and airlines already issuing waver for the next storm? >> reporter: that's right, david. more than 5,000 flights delayed. and those airlines you're right, are issuing the waivers before the next storm even hits. you can just see, this wind is really picking up here david. >> a messy night ahead. gio, thank you. a new storm brewing for later in the week but first things first, rob marciano live on the current system. where is it now, rob? >> reporter: well it's an uncomfortable mess that's for sure, but a huge system stretching from the gulf of
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mexico to maine. the most dangerous area right now is the pink north of i-84 throughout much of upstate new york and massachusetts and new england. it does get out of here by the morning rush but it will be below freezing so certainly some slick spots. here is our next system. advisories up from montana to michigan. the snow reaching in to the planes. friday afternoon, detroit, cleveland. a swath of three to five inches of snow. we're certainly in an active pattern. david? >> rob marciano with us tonight, as well. thank you, rob. we're going to turn next to the political storm of sorts in washington, in the west wing. a senior white house official now plank to resign after published allegations of abuse. staff secretary rob porter a close aide to the president, announcing his resignation. porter is currently in a relationship with white house communications director hope hicks, but it's what happens allegedly before that's now making headlines tonight, after two of his ex-wives came forward with those allegations. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega
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tonight. >> reporter: he is one of president trump's top aides. a trusted adviser from day one. right by his side in the oval office. but today, rob porter resigned amid allegations that he physically and verbally abused his two ex-wives. the women coming forward to tell their stories in "the daily mail" and the online publication, the intercept. porter's first wife, colbie holderness, a photo of her black and blue eye, saying porter punched her in the face more than a decade ago. press secretary sarah sanders today reading a statement from porter. >> i will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign. >> reporter: porter writing, "these outrageous allegations are simply false. i took the photos and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described. i have been transparent and truthful about these vile claims." porter is romantically involved with white house communications director hope hicks. the pair spotted out on the town recently in this
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photo. and today the white house messaging, crystal clear. porter was a valued part of the team, and he was not forced out. >> i think that was a personal decision that rob made and one that he was not pressured to do >> reporter: porter's first wife tells the intercept, "he would lay on top of me shaking me or rubbing an elbow or knee into me. he graduated to choking me not ever hard enough to make me pass out or frankly, to leave marks. but it was frightening and dehumanizing." porter's second wife says "he came to the shower and grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me out of the shower to continue arguing." after an incident in 2010 willow by told authorities "he punch in the glass on the door." the allegations seeming to catch many in the west wing by surprise. does the president have any concerns about these domestic violence allegations raised against rob porter? >> i haven't spoken to him about specific concerns. >> reporter: you haven't talked to if about -- >> about whether or not he has specific concerns, i haven't
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asked him that question. >> reporter: has he seen the photos? >> i don't know. >> ceci ya vega live with us tonight. with know rob porter is one of the president's top aides. porter calling this a smear campaign today. as you reported there, the white house making it very clear that he was not pushed out. >> reporter: yeah david, and when this story first broke, sarah sanders and the chief of staff here went on the record, not only to defend porter they had every fusive praise for him. today, sarah sanders said porter's departure will not be immediate, he will stay on to ensure a smooth transition here. >> see so ya thank you. as this plays out, across town on capitol hill an apparent breakthrough tonight, just hours before another possible government shutdown. just yesterday, president trump said he'd quote, love to see a shutdown, if congress doesn't agree to his immigration plan. but tonight here have senate leaders come up with a budget plan would addressing the border wall or the dreamers and will the president sign off on it?
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abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: defying president trump's threat of a government shutdown, democrats and republicans today achieved something washington hasn't seen in ages, a bipartisan agreement to fund the government for two years. >> this budget deal is the first real sprout of bipartisanship. >> i hope we can build on this bipartisan momentum. >> reporter: the deal includes billions for opioid treatment, disaster relief and infrastructure. and a big boost to defense spending. what it doesn't include, funding for the president's border wall. just yesterday, the president emphatically called for a government shutdown if he didn't get that money. >> let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. i'd love to see a shutdown. without borders, we don't have a country. so would i shut it down over this issue? yes. >> reporter: but from the white house today, an apparent about-face. the president now endorsing the senate deal that makes no promise whatsoever about the wall. can you clarify the president
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yesterday said that he would like to shut the government down if he doesn't get funding for the wall, border security. is what he said yesterday now no longer operative? >> ah look as i said yesterday, the focus for us has always been to get a two--year-old budget deal. we've made no secret the president wants funding for the wall and he wants border security. and we expect to see that reflected in the budget. >> reporter: but he said he wanted to shut the government down if he didn't get it. now that's no longer operative, is that no longer the position? >> no, the position hasn't changed. we've laid out exactly what we want to happen. >> reporter: while the white house position is less than crystal clear, defense secretary mattis today was definitive. if there was a decision to shut the government down because, for example, the wall wasn't funded in this deal how bad would that be to the military? >> shutting down the government would be very damaging to the military. it just paralyzes everything that we do, if we go into that.
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>> all right, jon karl also with us live tonight from the white house. and jon, president trump just tweeting that he supports this budget deal but it still faces some opposition in the house tonight, doesn't it? >> reporter: sure does. house conservatives hate this agreement, because it includes massive spending increases, and nancy pelosi today broke the record for the longest speech on the house floor in history, more than eight hours, taking issue with the agreement, because it does not include protection for the dreamers. those undocumented immigrants brought into this country as young children. ultimately, the odds are this will pass but negotiations on that broader immigration deal david, seem to be going nowhere, at least for now. >> all right, jon karl, thank you. meantime the president facing questions from both sides of the aisle tonight for something that will cost taxpayers millions. the president once saying it could go down pennsylvania avenue, a military parade. president trump calling for the parade after witnessing france's bastille day parade saying we have to top them. here's abc's chief global
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affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: enthralled by what he called "one of the greatest parades" he'd ever seen, with soldiers and tanks rolling down the champs elysee on bastille day, donald trump has made no secret of his desire for his own massive military parade. >> we're actually thinking about fourth of july pennsylvania avenue having a really great parade to show our military strength. >> reporter: the date is not set, but the white house has now made the ask official. >> i think we're all aware in this country of the president's affection and respect for the military. we've been putting together some options. >> reporter: but if it is like the one in france or say, russia, or north korea, it will involve lots of military hardware and money. >> i don't mind a military parade to honor those who have served and their families. i have no desire to go to the soviet hardware display.
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to me that's cheesy and weak. >> reporter: while the president has paid several visits to troops, he's yet to visit the 21,000 service members deployed in afghanistan, iraq and syria. sarah sanders was asked about that today. >> look, i think there are a lot of different ways. nothing has been decided or locked in stone. >> martha raddatz live with us tonight. what's the reaction this evening from veterans groups about the idea of the president's parade? >> reporter: well, david, while some veterans organizations support any recognition of the military, numerous combat veterans say at a time they are already stretched thin this is just not what they need nor the image they want to project, david. [. >> martha, thank you. meantime rex tillerson tonight warning that russia is already trying to influence the midterm elections, and that the u.s. is ill equipped to stop them. in an interview, tillerson saying the u.s. must continue to make it clear that if they do not stop they will quote, invite consequences. back here at home tonight, and to the deadly shooting on an american highway. a gunman opening fire then
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taking off the wrong way down the highway, colliding with several cars. part of i-95 shut down for much of the day in florida. the interstate littered with accidents. and abc's victor oquendo from florida tonight. >> reporter: motorists on one of florida's busiest stretch of highway watching in horror as deputies surround a man near west palm beach. guns drawn, car smoking. police say the confrontation began shortly after the suspect shot a female companion at a shopping center at 9:30 thatis morning. >> a white male suspect shot a white female, put her in the vehicle and fled the scene. >> reporter: 15 minutes later, authorities start to receive calls of an eratratic black nissan rogue suv driving the wrong way on the highway. florida highway patrol raced to the scene to find three separate accidents involving the suspect scattered along the interstate causing several injuries. the suspect hitting one driver head-on. moments later, police say they approached the passenger side of
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the suv and attempt to subdue the driver with a taser gun, but it doesn't work. >> the deputy said that he was in fear of his life and the life of the trooper. and opened fire and killed the suspect inside. >> reporter: that woman inside the suspect's vehicle, pronounced dead at the scene. the incident shutting down parts of the busy highway for more th hours, creating a traffic nightmare. that suspect yet to be identified as police continue a motive. david, tonight, police are investigating a separate rday that may have also involved this same suspect. david? >> victor thank you. and one more picture from overseas at this hour. the toll from that devastating earthquake in taiwan still rising tonight. the 6.4 quake trapping people in this apartment build, can you see it teetering right there. at least seven people killed 240 injured and, of course dozens still missing tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the warning about netflix tonight. the scam threatening many users. also the manhunt at this hour. the serial shooter, and we have chilling new surveillance coming in. also ahead tonight the missing mother of four
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gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic. next tonight, we do have new surveillance as authorities hunt for a serial shooter in las vegas. the gunman targeting several victims. abc's marcus moore with the surveillance tonight. >> reporter: this chilling video shows the moment a homeless man, is executed under a las vegas bridge. the killer opening fire on 68-year-old james lewis. >> i have so many questions. and the biggest question is why.police desperately searching for that shooter they say is behind four separate attacks in the span of four days. killing two people and injuring two others, three of the victims homeless. >> to target the very vulnerable segment of our society, is cowardly. >> reporter: police say the spree began at on
6:48 pm
january 29th 45 miles north of las vegas. then, at 7:13 a.m. a third man targeted eded on the famous las vegas strip. he's found shot in the head, he manages to survive and then this horrifying surveillance video capturing critical clues, images of the suspect vehicle can. police say he used the same gun in each shooting. >> reporter: david? >> marcus thank you. when we come back here tonight, more on that new warning for netflix users. zwri the the missing mother of four missing. the patriots star and you will hear his 911 call. this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific
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her disappearance is being called suspicious tonight. patriots star rob gronkowski's 911 call made public now, after returning home from the super bowl and discovering a break-in. >> hello. this isn't an emergency. this is rob gronkowski calling. and while i was gone my whole house got robbed while on the super bowl trip. i just got back. >> reports say several safes and guns were possibly taken from his home. police belief the thief got in through a broken window. the consumer alert tonight. netflix subcribers being warned about an e-mail skwam. it threatens to suspend accounts unless customers update financial information. netflix says it never asks for any personal details over e-mail. and the new gerber baby making history tonight. 1-year-old lucas is the new spokesbaby. he's the first child with downs syndrome to win the contest. and we congratulate him. when we come back here tonight, the image just in coming in from space, the newest picture of that tesla headed
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ask your doctor about the pill that starts with f and visit for savings. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. finally tonight, that tesla, and that dummy floating somewhere in space tonight. but is david bowie still playing? they are the images that left us in awe. a mannequin in a spacesuit, riding in a cherry red tesla roadster. blasting david bowie. ♪ is there life on mars ♪ while >> reporter: while the car blasts through space.
6:57 pm
is the song really going to play forever? turns out it played for about six hours before the battery died. after the picture-perfect takeoff, those three boosters too, we watched two of them land back home perfectly. >> and the falcon has landed. >> reporter: the third, we know missing its target about 300 feet crashing into the ocean. >> it hit the water at 300 miles an hour and took out two of the engines on the drone ship. >> reporter: elon musk revealing that the rocket carrying that tesla, originally on a mission to mars now on a trajectory toward the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter, where it could stay in orbit for millions not billions of years. >> maybe discovered by a future alien race thinking what were they doing? did they worship this car? >> reporter: 6,000 employees cheering on that launch back at mission control outside los angeles. we've taken you there before for made in america. sending supplies up to the international space station in a capsule made here. and this right here? >> this is the dragon capsule.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: american made american engines sent into orbit. >> that's the first time a private company had ever done that. >> reporter: and the windows are very selling, aren't they? a hint of what you plan on doing. >> it is. >> reporter: they want americans looking through those windows one day, but for now, just a man kin in a car, barrelling towards jupiter and mars and this image, posted just as we came on the air tonight. no comment from the dummy. thanks for watching here on a wednesday night. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. night.
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