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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but the enormous task of moving people out of the area is going on for several hours now. christie aleto is live now at 30th street station. how is it going there? >> reporter: slowly but surely septa is getting on to a train. fans were spanning several blocks, now the lines for the airport in wilmington are empty but the paoli line has shortened a bit and people are still outside waiting to get on and some of them still excited about the evening and others just frustrated about how slowly it takes to get on the train. >> we got online and we'll see how much an uber is. got on this line at 3:00 and 5:00 and we are still not on a train good they didn't account for the number of travelers going home. >> going to we had tickets it was good. but going home they didn't do so
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much. >> it's a little hectic. but hey it's philly. >> we came in later, but getting out is pretty rough. it's a mess. zbri never seen a line this big in my life. >> we came out here and we were like oh my god. >> the mass of people we expected to wait. you just have to be patient and unfortuna unfortunately not everybody has but the majority has. >> that was the general sentiment people knew what they signed up for going to see their team and coming back. >> the regional paoli line, but the other lines have cleared out and able to get on to a train and all the market and frankford line stations resume service at
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7:00 and those rides will be free. live at 30th street station, channel 6 "action news." >> part of the bargain. thank you christie. matt pellman is monitoring the rails and roads. >> i would echo what christy said it's improving but good that the septa is running the outbound regional rails until 9:30 tonight. some of the market frankford subways heading westbound are by passing the 8th street station that is really crowded all day long but as christie said they are resuming all stops starting at 7:00 although the trains free than ishe good news. >> patco is jersey bound only. on the roads the cleanup crews are in full force on the ben franklin parkway and we expect to get outer drives open soon
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now. and the local streets should be opening soon and the schuylkill is busy. and if you hop on the eastbound side all traffic is stopped getting on to 26 and southbound as they try to clear a cra you head toward the platt bridge. >> thank you. cecily tynan, rick williams, jeff skversky are live at eakins oval where the eagles talked to that massive crowd. guys how did it go? >> reporter: well jim, i will say this. this super bowl bash was a super smash here at the art museum area and there are compare southerns to a rock concert. hundreds of thousands of people were here waiting for their rock stars to take the stage and it was quite eye performance. >> we dubbed it lombardigras. we watched highlights on the
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jumbotron and it was exciting to be in front of the art museum and you see the lights of the police cars ahead of it and the crowds got more and more exciting and they started chanting and then swoop came out and the cheerleaders were here and they had an easy job rallying the crowd because we were already excited. >> among the best ovations came from when they showed on the jumbotron nick foles calling the philly special and delivering the trick play at the end of the half and a huge ovation and where would the team be without their two quarterbacks. nick foles and carson wentz and led them this way and got them this far and nick foles finished it. >> see how crazy eagles nation is. i stand here today and look out. you are the truly the best
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football fans in the world and make it a joy and pleasure to play for you. >> i don't think words can describe what is going on here today. i never seen so many people in one spot celebrating in unity one thing. >> and how about zach ertz what he said later during the rally saying i promise you eagles fans this is not the final time we party down broad street. this team believes they can sustain this success for a long time. >> and they thanked the fans for not only waiting for hours but waiting a lifetime. >> and to borrow a term from sunday night. this party here today was the philly special. back to you. >> thank you guys. let switch live to chad pradelli along the ben franklin parkway. the buses turned on to the parkway when the players realized just how huge this turnout was. >> really an amazing scene out here jim and if the trash behind
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me is any indication. you know how big this crowd is, was. i never seen so much debris here in philadelphia. heavy equipment is now cleaning up and this is one best spots to be in for this parade. some fans got here at 5:00, 6:00 a.m. and this was the end of the road for the convoy of buses when they finally made it here to the art museum and leading the way were the quarterbacks on top of the bus and they hoisted the lombardi trophy. mvp foles and carson wentz and the fans went absolutely nuts. i caught up with nelson agholor. and jason kelce gave the speech that will go down in parade lore. >> i talked to him before the speech. >> i figured out doing a parade in philadelphia do it philadelphia style and go
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mummers. >> you were on the floats what was that feeling like? >> it was incredible. seeing everybody and seeing the sea of people and the support has been phenomenal. how late are you going to party tonight. i don't know i'm trying to make it through the parade. [ applause ] >> yes, can you see the fans were going wild and it was a great atmosphere out here. and fans were loving it and you couldn't ask for a better day. and it was chilly and the sun was out and this parade was something i have never seen. the papal visit was big and this was huge. and today many families and these players will never forget. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. also on the parkway is jaime apody, jaime you were with the players when they boarded the buses. and you were with the head coach
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when the extraordinary event came to an end? >> reporter: i am one lucky girl. i was there when they got on the buses and some got off and were mingling with the crowd and the best was when jason kelce borrowed a police bicycle and went up and down the streets. and then on the steps i had an up close view of the rally and speeches. and the team realized they brought joy to philadelphia and the surrounding areas we are more helpful just as people that anything can happen. after the rally i had a chance to catch up one-on-one with doug pederson. >> how was that compared to the way you dreamed it up? >> it is surreal and kind of bring its home a bit seeing all the people here today and the support we had. it's amazing for these guys. and the team to go through what we went through this season and to be here on the parkway, and
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on these steps, you know it's where the nfl draft was a year ago and we get to finish it off with a super bowl party. >> your players enjoyed it. and jason kelce is a hero forever? >> i think he'll have a statue next to rocky. >> what is your favorite thing? >> riding the buses and seeing it's joy on the fans faces. it was old, it was young and everybody in between and they all have a story and our players have a story and the team has a story and this championship means a lot for them. >> and you guys did it? >> we did it. it make its that much more special. >> indeed it does. this was about the underdog today and that is the ultimate underdog there doug pederson was named as the worst coaching hire of two years ago and a lot of those guys wednesday to twitter today to apologize. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> a little con -- there was no
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greater enthusiasm for the team than when the buses came up south street in philadelphia. trish it was quite an experience? >> what a place to be for the eagles victory here on broad street and packed to the gills and i have never seen such happy joyous eagles fans and they dispersed after they went by. and look at this video we shot early, they were here hours and hours before the parade began and they packed broad street. and some said it helped them stay warm because there was so many people packed in here and when the buses came through the crowd went crazy. and we met folks that came from all over including eerie, pennsylvania, and parents brought their children and will never forget seeing the lombardi trophy coming down broad street.
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others can't wait to pass the pride on to future generations. >> i remember watching with my father and grandfather all wanting a super bowl. it brings tears to my eyes. they won it for all of us, people that made us sports fans. >> i am 8 months pregnant and his first super bowl parade. >> was he kicking in there? >> he was jumping. doing somersaults good we are die hard eagles fans. it's maybe a once in a lifetime thing. i mean we have never seen this. it's awesome to be here. >> reporter: it was awesome to be here and fans say they are hopeful it will not be their last victory parade and they are looking forward to next season. >> thank you. and coming up on "action news" tonight.
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more passionate words from the eagles players to their fans during the championship celebrati celebrations. >> and it was a cold breezy day and now more clouds coming in and some snow in the northern plains and we miss this but the same system links with another to bring us a soaking rain this weekend. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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the eagles super bowl play built to a finale.
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waller perez and sara bloomquist had a front row seat and you guys looked like you were having as much fun as all the fans were. >> well jim, that is true. i say i'm happy to do a report where i can hear myself speaking early on that was not the case and the crowd was loud and having a fantastic time. speaking of the crowd you have knuckle heads doing things that you don't want them to do but by in large a crowd that large and packed that tightly together they were tame. >> this is the party and lets good to the video as the eagles parade came passing by where walter and i were standing. it was quite a sight. everyone from all over the region all over the country in fact. were pressed shoulder to shoulder. young people and some were even
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tossing doug pederson a beer. they were having a good time it was a wonderful celebration. a quick note at this hour. back here live on the park we they started to open roads for vehicular traffic. and underway a tremendous cleanup efforts. we are talking garbage cans and confetti. and trash. we'll have this memory for a lifetime. i'm sara bloomquist, he is walter perez, back to you. >> thank you. the fans are heading home but they really didn't want this day to end at least a lot of them didn't. it's a day they will never forget. >> i had a great time. it was definitely something a lifetime chance to go. >> the best time of my life
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besides my kids being born. >> historical monumental and the
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so the eagles threw a party today? that is what all the noise was? it was tremendous. philadelphia knows how to throw a party thank you eagles for giving the city a reason to do so the parade and celebration was off the charts. 1 million, 2 million? 3 million people who knows. it ended with a celebration at the art museum steps. that is where the players spoke includon and chris long. >> let me hear you? a bunch of underdogs, you know
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what underdogs is, a hungry dog. the biggest under dog is you philadelphia. for 52 years ya'll have been waiting for this. you want to talk a hungy dog, you have been starved of this championship. >> aladin with a magical speech. >> how did this compare to what you dreamed of? >> nothing better. i mean the city you can feel it like we are all kind of living as one today. we love each other and nobody deserves it more than philly. >> what is your favorite moment. just looking out at the millions of people. you know, philly has a reputation of having amazing fans, but today when you have millions all in one place, all adoring and so deserving at the
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same time, it was just overwhelming. >> incredible to see and congratulations to the eagles, the city and everyone. >> and you. congratulations. >> cecily tynan congratulations, no adam. it's adam! you too adam.
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a little chilly today and the sun was out and a floorous sky and things did not turn so good. >> it's the the weekend and you
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want it to be great and perfect. it goes downhill. it's warmer but wet saturday and sunday. sky 6 hd from the city hall camera looking down the parkway. still closed there, you see some folks on -- what are things called? bicycles. i thought it was the segways. and folks on bicycles looks like the philadelphia police department and also the flags that are still blowing around just a it was the wind t really stung you on the face if you were out there for an extended period of time. as we head towards the weekend saturday and sun again the clouds lock in and the driest part of the weekend is saturday morning. by the afternoon rain arrives and 52 degrees and heavy rain. especially the first half of sunday and temperatures jump a little more to 58 degrees and dealing with fog given how cold the ground is and add the warmth of 58 and that developed the fog
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at ground base. we look at winds and windchills and just 22 in philadelphia and 20 in reading and 19 in wilmington and 23 in millville. all is quiet on the home front you see the stripe of of snow heading towards chicago they could pick up close to a foot of snow with this system which we missed this clipper just to the north setting up a warm front to the northern and that sends the warmth for the weekend. it is clear and calm and cold. 15 allentown and 16 in reading and 22 in philadelphia and 22 in dover and low 20s at the shore. as you wake up early tomorrow morning. we see sunshine out there. teens to the north and west. clouds thicken up midmorning and a couple of flurry in the northern and lehigh valley valley in the poconos and the system rides to the northern and
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by tomorrow afternoon. cloudy and chilly and temperatures in the 30s and a dry start to the weekend and friday evening and friday night. then as the front stalls the waves of low pressure develop as long it. afternoon develops on saturday and sunday the system an area of low pressure rides over us and brings 1 to 2 inches of rain sun morning and sunday afternoon and the heaviest looks sunday morning through the lunch time hour and could bring localized flooding and the water can't seen in and runs off into the streets and streams and creeks and the temperatures soaring into the 50s it's a warm rain if you want to look at it to some optimist. the accuweather forecast flurry to the northern and 39 and milder with afternoon rain saturday and 52 and fog and soak can rain on sun and 58 degrees and a lot of clouds on monday
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and drier with a few peeks of sun and 47 and clouds take over tuesday and wednesday with a few showers around and temperatures 45 to 50 degrees and a bit brighter on thursday. 48 degrees and take away from the seven day it's warm considering it is february. and there is a lot of clouds and rain on and off. >> abc world news is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the white house aide who is out of a job tonight. and new questions about what the white house knew and when. rob porter, one of the president's closest aides, two ex-wives coming forward with allegations of domestic abuse. both were interviewed by the fbi for his security clearance. and now, our correspondent asking, what did chief of staff john kelly know. how the white house is answering that tonight. the stock market plunge, dropping more than 1,000 points today. we're live on wall street. breaking now. the voting at this hour on capitol hill. will there be a government shutdown? the major winter storm. there could be a foot of snow in chicago and detroit, among other places. alerts across several states tonight. it then moves east. competition begins at the olympics. the u.s. victory


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