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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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big the parade really was. next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> today, we celebrate the fact that philly has a world
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championship! >> and celebrate we did, in spectacular fashion. from the sports complex into south philadelphia in center city and on to the ben franklin parkway. it was an extraordinary demonstration of gratitude from the fans to the superbowl championship eagles. some people show two people like the owner and quarterback and some show a lot more like this image of aiken's oval taken from space. it is thursday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is something we have seen before and may never see again. even if we have other superbowl parades, none may match the intensity we had today. it was the first one. fans got to interact with giddy
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players. what they saw was pure adoration. if they didn't understand what they mean to the community, they do now. the players probably couldn't believe their eyes when they gazed upon an endless sea of green, hundreds of thousands of fans waiting to show the eagles how many they are adored. we think they understand. certainly malcolm jenkins understands. it was one of the greatest things i have ever done in my
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life. >> you never stopped rooting for us. we believe in each other. that's why we are the superbowl champs. >> we want the loudest eagle chant of all time. kick it off, baby. >> one, two, three -- eagles! eagle center jason kelsey stole the show not only with his mummer costume but with his underdog speech. >> nick foles got it!
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hungry dogs want it more. w >> kelsey was a man of the people today from the early moments singing along with fans to the ben franklin parkway where he trusted strangers to go crowd surfing, all 295-pounds of jason kelsey. the end of the rally presented anonymous challenges. dann cuellar and christie ileto tell us about the cleanup and for many a difficult drive home. dan, we'll start with you. >> it looks like they'll have this open long before rush hour tomorrow morning. from looking at the parkway after the superbowl parade, it
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looks like one heck of a party. >> it was bufl. we enjoyed it. among the trash there was much stuff left behind including outdoor folding chairs, cooler, backpacks, you name it. there was clearly a lot of alcohol consumed. >> looked like a good time had by all. hope for another one next year. congratulations to the team. they did a great job and unified the city. the cleanup began after the crowds began to clear. they worked through the night to handle the massive job. what you see here is the aftermath of upwards of a million people here all day to cheer on their eagle football heros. >> everybody was nice to each other. it was great. >> it's better than my marriage.
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i love my kids. this is better than my kids being born. >> go birds. >> our dad came from jamaica and the minute he came to philadelphia became an eagle fan. >> i waited 40 years for this. i wouldn't miss it for anything. >> one great party. we are live here on the parkway, dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, dan. let's go to christie ileto at 30th street station. part of the consumer and commuter rail testimony over burdened by fans tonight. >> that's right, jim. slowly but surely lines started forming around 1:00 or 1:30. some so long they spanned several blocks.
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>> we left and came back. >> that was the game plan. they found themselves waiting in line by night fall. >> hours earlier, the lines to board septa's regional rail they waited in line. >> it's cold. people are cutting in line. >> it didn't account for the travelers going home. >> we got out of line. we are going to see how much uber is. >> traveling by car wasn't easier. >> i didn't expect it to be so crazy in the street. septa management managed crowds by keeping them above the station. >> we left half hour early and
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it was still packed. >> septa warned it would be crowded and to pack patience. >> it's part of the bargain. we knew what we were coming in to. >> it's part of the experience. it's humbling, so it's worth it. that's the overall sentiment we got from people we spoke with today. if it meant a two or three or four hour trip home, it's worth it. jim? >> you have to do what you got to do. many used their own two legs to get out of the city. chopper 6 found a crowd of legs exiting the visit over that of
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pope francis. >> it all turned to mud. many of them needed a toe. patco will resume service 7:00 in the morning. of the hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, maybe a mill your or more, we'll find out tomorrow. there was one serious emergency reported. a man in his 20s stabbed in the chest. the medical tents mostly treated minor injuries or alcohol exox intoxication. >> we are joined by sports direct or ducis rodgers. tough to say who enjoyed this more, the fans or players. >> everyone. everyone was having a grand old time today. owner jeffrey lurie and coach doug pederson were all smiles
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getting the lo lombardi trophy s they got off the bus. we made our way to the art museum steps with an up close and personal view of the rally. after that i caught up one-on-one with eagle head coach doug pederson. >> it's surreal. it brings it home with all of the fans here today. the team to go through what we went through, to be here on the parkway, on the steps. it's where the nfl draft was a year ago. we are finishing it off with a superbowl party. it's a great day. i think he will be a statue next to rocky down there.
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>> what h >> what's your favorite memory? >> they all have a story. the team has a story. the championship means a lot to them. >> you did it. >> we did. making it special. that's the ultimate underdog there. so many sports writers called coach pederson the worse coaching hire two years ago. a lot of them took to twitter today to apologize. >> in the offseason coach pederson said the team had superbowl talent. it was not wishful thinking. >> did enough people take him seriously? >> no, i will admit. >> for an eagle rooky, there was a moment of panic. sydney jones lost his phone during the parade. fans got a hold of it, snapping
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a selfie posting it to the twitter account. he tweeted it was no joke but thanked the fans for returning the phone. >> corey clement was hanging out at molten park in cherry hill. the undrafted rooky sensation wracked up a hundred yards an touchdown in the big game. eagle fans got to celebrate with one of the heros, tight end tre burton threw the touchdown pass to nick foles. birds fanned flocked to get burton's autograph and picked up championship gear as well. other fans were getting a kick out of meeting punter donny jones. he ad adopted the nickname giveo
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him, bag of bones jones. you can relive this record setting day in sports history on the 6abc app. see moments of the celebration and raw video from the action cam and chopper 6 and photos of fans enjoying the championship parade. it's thursday night. the weekend preview from accuweather. adam joseph, it eat it's not pr? >> no. it's cold but the wind we had during the day today has relaxed quite a bit. thee cold air locked into the mid-atlantic dealing with a foot of snow. this system misses us to the
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north during the day tomorrow. it's the same system that will link with another one with a lot of clouds and rain. three days straight no sunshine. it's a weekend super soaker with mild temperatures. the timing for the rain on future tracker, let you know how warm it gets in the full forecast. >> all right, adam. in other news, a bright blaze burning through the roof. no one was hurt in the bustleton section of philadelphia tonight. it broke out just after 7:00. firefighters got it under control in about an hour. >> less than an hour to go before the second government shutdown. some say it's looking certain. plus another market meltdown on wall street. >> tens of thousands of dollars
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raised for the dad who tried to attack larry nassar in court and where the money will be going and ducis rodgers has more on the eagles when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> this is a live picture of the u.s. capitol where they are less than an hour away for the deadline of a second government shutdown. they need to pass a spending plan but the senate has yet to vote on a bi-partisan deal to increase military and domestic spending by hundreds of millions of dollars. senator rand paul is holding up the vote by a move to increase the deficit a trillion dollars. democrats in the house are calling for a 24 hour stopgap spending measure to prevent the government from shutting down if at all or certainly more than an hour or two. >> another 1,000 point drop in the dow plunging the blue chip
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into what is known as a correction. that means it has fallen 10% from their high. s&p is half way to a bear market. today's selloff was the fifth stock slump in six days. all of the gains for 2018 has been wiped out. what spooked the market today? many suspect the grid will top the spike. randy mar graves is the father of three daughter sexual assaulted by larry nassar. >> senoco will be allowed to resume construction of mariner
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pipeline that terminates in marcus hook delaware county, and the company is agreeing to pay a fine of $12 million and change practices to meet demands of environmental regulators. the project was shut down january 3rd amidst spills, leaks and improper construction methods. let eatlet's get the late word e next seven days from adam joseph. >> we have indoor plans made tomorrow. looking at sky 6 live, before that warmth comes in, and the cold is still here. they are doing all they can for spring mountain to crank out man made snow. tomorrow looking good. the first half of saturday as well before the rain sets in and turns heavy and steady. temperatures now, philadelphia, 27-degrees. allentown, 24, 22 in reading, 24 in dover.
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everyone is way below freezing, but the winds that stung you on the face during the day today, have relaxed and remain calm the rest of the overnight hours. high clouds from the north and west. this will swing to the north. this is a warm front. the boundary will usher in the warmth starting saturday. for tomorrow, the front is not here. we start cold in the morning, 17 allentown, reading, philadelphia, with sunshine to start tomorrow morning. clouds thicken up and lower mid to late morning tomorrow. could be a few snow showers northern lehigh valley to the poconos, near the warm front. in the afternoon, it's dry, cloudy, mid to upper 30s, far southern areas, 42 in dover. the front stalls, waves of low pressure develop. saturday afternoon, 4:30.
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we see showers developing. as low pressure ramps up, a train of rain early sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. that continues into sunday afternoon and between saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon we could see two inches local wide given how rock solid the ground is right now. the water will run off. the exclusive accuweather forecast, cloudy with a few northern areas tomorrow, 50s if are the weekend. rain sets in saturday afternoon. soaking rain saturday night, sunday, sunday afternoon with fog around as well. then we dry it out the first of next week, cool it down with a peak of sun or two. showers both tuesday and
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wednesday. weekend number three with zaun sunday being a rainy day. >> you know what the problem is? no football to watch. >> you have to think about it. >> and coming up on "action news," ducis rodgers hears from more eagle players when we continue in just a minute.
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>> there was this prid today. >> don't you get tired of talking about the parade?
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>> no. 1,000,000, 2 million, who knows, but players and fans alike had a great timeout there. it was all said with passion. >> i love you guys! we are world champions. i promise this won't be the last time we party on broad street! >> philly, when i was drafted here in 2007, there was one thing the fans said they wanted. that was a world championship. today, we celebrate the fact that philly has a world championship! today, the bottom line is we are the center of the football universe. they have to live with the
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underdogs, baby. we are the center of the football universe. go eagles! thank you. >> all right. eagles may be losing a key assistant. qb coach has been hired for vikings coordinator. >still ahead a rough night on te college basketball scene. plus flyers get more goals out of travis.
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>> flyers have the longest drought in town. tonight they gave one up against the vikings. vor check with a goal. 3-2 flyers. travis notches his second of the night. no one sees the puck but him. he gets it. flyers take it 5-3. delaware loses to northeastern, 7-67. the dragons with an 18 point lead allowing the tigers to snag 20 offensive rebounds. drexel falls 94-92 in o.t. >> let's have a repeat next year. >> got it. done. >> a changing of the guard
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tonight with the central bucks police department. fellow officers gathered in doildoyles town to bid farewello the chief. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6. guests ellen pompe for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night tonight. ♪ ♪ ght ellen pompeo,
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jay pharoah this week in unnecessary censorship and music from elise trouw and now - with all seriousness - here's jimmy


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