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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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post-mortem today from the folks in charge. the mayor said he thought it went off without a hitch other than a few hiccups. how did the crowd behave. five disorderly conduct arrests one assault of an officer and two stabbings one of them likely a transplanted neighborhood quarrel. >> the second individual 25-year-old male was assaulted around 2200 and the parkway. all we can get thus far is that it was from a fight. >> reporter: four police cars damaged from people standing on them. so, how many people attended. expectations prior to the parade up to two, maybe 3 million but in a published report today, experts examining images put the number at 700,000. city officials did not provide a counter number but were skeptical. >> based on our experience many experience with other large events on the parkway we feel that it was well above 700. certainly below some of the higher numbers we've seen circulated through social media.
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>> reporter: as far as tonnage of trash, it was a record. 60 tons collector more than after the phillies parade or the papal visit. one hiccup. this bus that apparently blocked the view of parade watchers at broad and chestnut. just as the team passed by. it was apparently a police matter. >> that was a vehicle that was used to transport officers that needed to be mobilized so i assure you it was not the intent of philly pd to obstruct the view of anybody. >> reporter: the officers were mobile lied to deal with people who had climbed and broken this jumbotron at city hall. so, what is the parade's price tag and how much will be paid by the eagles, how much by the taxpayers? that's still to be determined. >> i was the mayor when the phillies won. i got to figure out what the arrangement was with them. but we will have -- we will be transparent and opened with the number as soon as we have it. >> reporter: so, understand the actual parade that would be the buses the confetti truck the jumbotrons the sort
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of hoopla factor estimated cost about two to $3 million to be paid by the eagles for sure. the unknown is the city cost. think overtime costs, that's still to be calculated and so it will take awhile for everybody to kind of figure out who pays what when. live above the parkway, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> all right, party first, figure out the payments later. john, thank you. >> sounds like dinner every weekend. all day long crews have been busy cleaning up the trash left behind after the crowd cleared out from south philadelphia to the art museum, sidewalks and streets are covered in litter. making matters worse much of it is encased in mud and frozen to the ground. crews are using rakes leaf blowers and heavy duty machinery to clean up as best they can and they're hoping to have this done later today. >> reporter:. jason kelce's outfit speech from yesterday will go down in philadelphia history. next at 4:30 we get a look at the costume he borrowed from
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the mummers to see how the fans are still celebrating the player who stole the show. >> a lot of fun and celebrations come with the super bowl but it gets the attention of other teams who are looking to acquire top players or coaches. >> sports reporter jeff skversky joins us now. we learned today that one of the key coaches is leaving the eagles. >> and there possibly could be more going forward. this is what happens when you win the super bowl. when you're a champion everyone wants a piece of you. carson wentz and nick foles' quarterback coach john defilippo is that officially hired as the -- is officially hired as the vikings offensive coordinator. eagles remain the talk of the town and the world. the world champs continue their victory happen at espn today where they're recreating that philly special and talking about their first super bowl parade and the unlikely way that they beat the new england patriots in super bowl lii. the eagles believe this victory tour will continue for years to come with more super
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bowls. >> realistically we walked and ran the parade route rather than have been on the bus the whole time. we were just -- and it didn't matter like how far it was or how long it was 'cause we just got that energy from everyone just understanding like we did it. this is the first time in history the music, the kids like they'll remember that growing up as old people being there and like for us to have been a part of it, it's extremely special. >> people are so excited about this team and about jason kelce's speech yesterday i saw a thing on twitter where one eagles fan got a tattoo of jason kelce in that mummers outfit. this team has left a lasting impression. >> somebody got a tattoo of the philly special the play. >> i saw. pretty incredible. >> incredible is right. jeff thank you. >> a lot of tattoos to be had apparently. relive the day in sports history on the 6abc app. you can see videos from the biggest moments of the celebration including raw
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video from the action cam and also chopper6. we also have dozens of photos of eagles players and fans enjoying the championship parade. >> ♪ >> well, we may want to relish in the glow of yesterday sometime because we got an accuweather alert in that effect for the weekend. rain is moving in and that could cause problems. >> let's get the latest from meteorologist adam joseph with a first check from accuweather today. hi, adam. >> that rain will turn heavy and steady saturday night into the morning hours of sunday. along with it will come some very warm air. you can see it down to the south. cincinnati raleigh saint louis all in the 50's. 60's from memphis as well as atlanta. we're still chilly at 39 degrees but we're going to kick that cold air out of here first thing tomorrow. storm tracker6 live double scan it does not look impressive right now in the gulf coast states. there's a little bit of moisture coming from the gulf of mexico but this will be the genesis of a pipeline of moisture that will come in from the south work to the north and east. in fact, you can see here it
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starts to move in late tomorrow afternoon, 3, 4, 5 o'clock. we'll see the rain coming in from the south. light at first but then we'll continue to pull in that very heavy rainfall hour after hour saturday night and especially early on sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. that's around when we should see the heaviest amount of rain falling at one particular time period. rain arrives again saturday afternoon. these are the take aways for that accuweather alert. the heaviest will be on sunday morning. we'll see one to 2-inches of rain. locally some areas could get up to two and a half inches and the problem here is the ground is solid. it's frozen so the water can't seep in. it has to run off and that means there are flooding concerns on roads and possibly even some streams, creeks and rivers. we'll chat more about this show you a closer look at future tracker guys in that seven-day forecast in a little while. >> adam thank you. now to an issue that's plaguing drivers all over the area. potholes seem to be never ending and repair crews they feel the same way. the damage to roadways gets
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even worse when will temperatures keep changing dramatically like this. "action news"'s gray hall now live outside one repair center in south philadelphia. gray, they're seeing a lot of damaged cars come into their garage today. >> reporter: absolutely right, brian. mechanics tell me this is the season for those potholes. they tell me they cause a whole lot of problems and hundreds of dollars in repair bills. there is a war right now between the weather and the pavement. mother nature is winning. megan says if your car has been the recent victim of a pothole she feels your pain. wednesday night it happened to her car. >> my car started shaking and i pulled off and i had a flat tire and a broken cd joint in my axle so when penndot arrived they were very kind. i was the tenth person since the gentleman's shift started. >> reporter: she says the damage happened while driving on the schuylkill near city avenue. the repairs will cost her hundreds of dollars. she says the experience was frustrating and she's hoping that pothole is filled soon. >> when i saw the estimate i
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felt like tom brady on super bowl. it hit me hard. >> reporter: brad rudolph with penndot says drivers can blame the weather for the majority of those potholes. >> this has been, you know, a severe outbreak, it's been a season like 2015 where we saw a lot of freeze-thaw cycles so it gets cold, gets warm, precipitation mixed in which is causing a lot of deterioration to the pavement. >> reporter: penndot says crews are patching about of 60 to 70 highways a week to keep up demand. rudolph says the best thing to do is watch your speed and try to avoid those potholes safely. >> we expect it to get worse before it gets better but we're going to be out there every day when year not providing winter services patching these roads. >> reporter: mechanics always see an uptick in business this time of year to repair cars damaged by potholes. >> tire damage is number one. i believe our tire calls have gone up significantly in the last two months. >> reporter: here's some advice from an expert. >> you're going to hit potholes, it's just the nature of living in philadelphia and driving on the roads and in this cold weather climate.
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so just try not to swerve too far out of the way and just take the damage and have your car serviced regularly and checked up. >> reporter: all right, good information. back out live like to remind you if you would like to report a pothole and you're in the city dial 31. if it's a state road, you can dial one-800-fix-road and you can also file a claim if your vehicle is damaged. reporting live in south philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, gray, thank you. frontier airlines is adding four new nonstop routes out of the trenton mercer county airport. starting in april and may you will be able to fly direct to jacksonville, florida and nashville, tennessee along with charleston and myrtle beach in south carolina. officials made that announcement this afternoon. while the flights do not take off for a few more months you can still book the tickets now. frontier is offering fares as low as $39 each way by.
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by the end of the year the airline is hoping to hire around 100 flight attendants who will be based in trenton. >> time for a first check on the "action news" traffic report today. >> all right. it's friday. let's check in with matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> i'll tell you guys in comparison to yesterday it feels like the open frontier out here this afternoon. i almost want to take my horse drawn carriage down the middle of the benjamin franklin parkway. compared to the sea of people we had yesterday this afternoon it's relatively quiet. just a few cars trying to use the ben franklin parkway here by 20th street and the free library. everything is reopened after all of the events yesterday. you might still find a few port a potties around eakins oval. overall the cleanup is finished and roads back in business. underneath on the vine street expressway it's getting busy as it usually does on a friday afternoon westbound backing up heading towards the schuylkill. eastbound busy from the parkway out towards 95. on the big picture speeds are starting to drop on 95 itself and the schuylkill expressway. westbound by south street just
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6 miles per hour. had a crash that's in the process of clearing by the drexel line shopping center there in drexel hill. township line near state. there was also one in gloucester city at market and sixth but that, too, has been pushed out of the way. had some debris here, it's 422 westbound side past 202. also cleared out of the way. but we're starting to back up with normal friday afternoon volume passing 23 and heading out toward oaks. and in pemberton burlington county watch out for a bad crash this afternoon along 70 at lakehurst road. let's grab the ipad check your ways home with the waze app on this friday afternoon chester pike route 13 in ridley park red because of a major accident just off stuart avenue and i-95. if you're bailing there for ridley park watch out for that crash in the way along 13. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> matt. thanks for your help getting everybody home yesterday. a look at how the stock market ended this rollercoaster week. plus, keeping the government opened. we look at what the new budget deal does and not do for
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america. >> as the flu continues to sicken people across the country we have a new update on the outbreak. >> ♪ do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or...
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-so, do you have anything to declare or not? -isn't that what i'm doing?
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-so, do you have anything to declare or not? >> ♪ >> all right a-investors will be thrilled this week was over the dow staged a late recovery here today gaining 330 points. still though down 5 percent of the week to close at 24,190. the nasdaq also on the rise today, 97 points, the s & p 500 up just about 38 and a half. >> president trump is defending a former senior aide accused of domestic violence by his two ex-wives. rob porter denies the women's' claims but still he resigned yesterday from his white house staff secretary position. now the president is weighing in urging the public to remember that porter says he's innocent. mr. trump said porter has done a wonderful job and wished him a wonderful career ahead. the allegations have rocked
4:16 pm
the white house. speaking of which president donald trump signed a $400 billion budget deal ending a brief federal government shutdown overnight. both the house and senate approved the bill to keep the government funded at least through march 23rd. for nearly nine hours the government was closed because of resistance from one senator. rand paul objected because he says this bill increases the deficit and sharply boosts spending. house speaker paul ryan called it a true measure. in the house many democrats were upset that this plan does nothing to protect the undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children known as dreamers. >> if another country said that they were going to deport 800,000 people or place in jeopardy their protections under the law, we would be appalled. >> this agreement will also allow us to step off this carousel of short term funding
4:17 pm
bills that do nothing but hurt our military and stymie our ability to focus on other important agenda items. >> after he signed the bill president trump tweeted the bill is a big victory for our military and also for jobs. now there's one thing, of course, that is still to be addressed. that is daca. the dreamers, the president also by the way tweeting, that that conversation will be forthcoming and he said it will be happening soon. back to you guys. >> all right, alicia. thank you. a police officer is dead and two deputies are wounded following a shooting in georgia. law enforcement members were serving a warrant this morning at a home in locust grove which is southeast of atlanta. police say the suspect in all of this is also dead. one of the deputies is in serious condition. the other is said to be in fair condition. both were wearing bulletproof vests at the time. details about the deceased local police officer have not been released.
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>> there is more bad news today surround, the season's flu outbreak. the centers for disease control says cases are still on the rise and this season is now as bad as the swine flu epidemic back in 2009. the newest report says one of every 13 doctor visits last week was for flu symptoms. experts are still trying to sort out why this year's strain has been so intense and lasted so long. >> uber and google fight over self-driving car technology came to a halt today. in a rare move, the two companies settled a lawsuit that accused uber of ripping off ideas from a branch of google called way mow. google agreed to pay $245 million and change the way its research is conducted. the stays stems from an engineering who allegedly took google's trade secrets with him when he went to work for uber. >> all right. meteorologist adam joseph joining us once again as we talk about an accuweather alert for the weekend.
4:19 pm
>> yeah, not what you want when you head into the weekend. just find indoor activities where you can. as we take a look at the weather center here live on sky6 the clouds have moved in as expected here during the mid to late morning hours. and clouds still very heavy this afternoon but as that warmth comes in along with the rain, not only are you going to deal with the rain but we're going to deal with a lot of fog as well especially saturday night into sunday morning. what's going to happen here is that the ground very cold and also rock solid at this point. it's frozen in spots and then as you get that warm moist air to kind of filter in over that very cold ground the two don't mix very well so it actually creates a cloud at the surface where that air temperature meets the dewpoint and fog basically forms as you condense the air with that warmth and the cold mixing with one another so watch that saturday night going into sunday morning on top of that heavy rain falling. as we look at temperatures right now 35 allentown, 36 in
4:20 pm
reading, 38 in millville as well as dover. winds right now coming in out of the southeast but will switch more out of the south during the overnight hours tonight and that's going to move those temperatures up rather than going down. satellite and radar, you can see the stream of clouds that have pulling in from the midwest. that's not the system that is going to bring us the rain. that is to the south. you can start to see some of the showers coming together in the gulf coast states. for tonight it does stay dry. a lot of clouds dominating and then temperatures will fall back to 29 allentown early tonight, 36 philadelphia, 35 millville and then start to rise to near 40 in the predawn hours. in fact at 7:30 a.m., 40 philadelphia, 29 in allentown being replaced by 361st thing in the morning. maybe a few spitting showers in south jersey along the coast but the steadier rain does not come in until mid to late afternoon hours tomorrow and notice temperatures into the 50's and then there's that soaking rain midnight on saturday, 54 in dover, temperatures don't fall saturday night and that train of rain will continue right
4:21 pm
into sunday morning lasting through sunday lunchtime but by sunday afternoon, we'll start to shut off that heavy rain as it lifts to the north and east but temperatures in the wake of that rain even sunday afternoon in the mid and upper 50's to near 60 after one to 2-inches of rainfall. if you're heading to the poconos, it's going to be a little sloppy this weekend. saturday 42 degrees, cloudy with some late rain developing and a soaker on sunday especially the first two-thirds of the day on sunday of 46 degrees. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast here tomorrow 53 degrees with that rain arriving late in the afternoon. the accuweather alert especially on sunday morning for the possibility of road flooding, stream flooding and maybe some river flooding, 61 degrees and then monday clouds, maybe some late breaks of sun 48 and then clouds dominating again here on tuesday with evening showers of 42 degrees so not the brightest of four days. we'll see if we can brighten it up in the seven day guys in the next half hour.
4:22 pm
>> adam thank you. two philadelphia schools were honored by the state today for their use of funding. state education secretary pedro rivera dropped by elwyn's seedlings program. he also paid a visit to roxborough high school to see its technical education program. visits come as rivera is touting the governor's proposed investments in education. high school dropouts got a second chance and it paid off. today they got their diplomas in camden. the former mayor dana redd was there to congratulate them on all their hard work. they took advantage of the camelot education program within camden high and woodrow wilson high. >> this weekend 6abc is presenting a very special black history month edition of visions. it will include a look into a south philadelphia museum dedicated to a music and civil rights legend. we'll also get a preview of a big parade getting ready to march through the streets of philadelphia. also see how the sixers are
4:23 pm
making a positive difference in the lives of kids in camden. that visions 2018 tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on channel6. z2p9hz z5yz
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>> ♪ >> well, as you know it's deservedly been all eagles all the time for the past few weeks. get ready for this. it's almost time for phillies spring training. the phanatic helped crews pack the truck this morning in south philadelphia. it's now making the 1,058-mile drive down to clearwater, florida. the truck is filled to the brim with thousands of baseballs and bats. all the uniforms and training gear is also on board. and don't forget the phanatic's hot dog launcher. you got to have that. the pitchers and catchers have their first official workout this wednesday. >> phillies get into academics but we're not quite finished with the eagles fever just yet. fans lined up for hours to see defensive end vinnie curry. he continued his super bowl celebration this afternoon with a visit to the center city macy's store and for the
4:27 pm
lucky customers they got the chance to congratulate him in person. the first 150 people to purchase eagles gear from lids today were invited to meet curry and to score that autograph today. eagles safety malcolm jenkins scheduled to be on "live with kelly and ryan" come monday. he will talk about the birds' thrilling super bowl win over the patriots and also yesterday's big parade. jenkins was a hit along the parade route here taking plenty of selfies with fans. watch live monday morning at 9:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. next at 4:30 some are calling for him to be the next mayor of philadelphia. >> yeah, i am sure he might win after jason kelce's viral speech and celebration we get a look at his costume and hear from fans who just can't get enough. >> ♪
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
>> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with day that will not soon be forgotten. at this time yesterday hundreds of thousands of eagles fans were heading home from their first super bowl parade in the city's history. with hearts full of pride and memories to last a lifetime. within minutes of the crowd moving out the cleanup crews were starting to move in. the streets department says employees have been working almost around the clock to remove tons of trash and debris left behind south philadelphia up through the art museum itself. >> well, without a doubt the highlight of many fans days was seeing and hearing an
4:30 pm
excited rather large man in a sparkly and colorful outfit. >> we're talking about jason kelce the eagles center who landed a permanent place in philadelphia history with his memorable passionate emotional super bowl parade speech. "action news" reporter vernon odom talked to those behind kelce's now infamous mummers outfit today. >> he's live in haverford where the man himself will be in just a few hours. vern, you've got the story from there. >> reporter: good evening, brian and sharrie. behind me you can see you at graph and selfie seekers lining up outside this cards and collection store. jails son kelce has gone viral. his mummers outfit and exuberant victory speech yesterday has endeared him to philly and an entire region forever. jason kelce's over the top revel at the eagles parade yesterday has taken the town and the internet by storm.
4:31 pm
here he's depicted as a new center of attention overlooking philadelphia replacing billy penn, pennsylvania's founder in the lineup over city hall. somebody wants him to run for mayor putting him in charge of police and fire protection and other key city services. well, he won't play football forever. where did he get that leprechaun costume that fit a 300-pound man? he got it from hairdresser libby hit and her husband bob coil. he wanted some unique way to pay tribute to philadelphia. he wanted a classic mummers costume. >> there's a couple big boys in the band and so it just worked out. then bob brought it home for for me from practice and i took it up to the facilities the next day and helped him try it on. fit like a glove. it's one they wore on new year's day back in 08. >> we're getting so much attention and this is great. anything good news for the momuses is always good news for the entire association. >> yeah, it was fantastic and he wore the suit well.
4:32 pm
what he's done is professional football career he can come and volunteer with the avalon string band and march with us. >> reporter: jason kelce an ohio transplant now an official philadelphia legend. here's his philosophy direct from his address to legions of fans yesterday. >> for 52 years y'all have been waiting for this. you want to talk about that underdogs? you want to talk about underdogs? for 52 years you've been starving for this championship. >> reporter: brian and sharrie turns out we find out today that jason kelce is something of a musician. he plays the baritone sax. he will be out here at this delaware county cards and collections store to sign autographs until about 8 o'clock. also, expected to be with him teammate beau allen. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in havertown. >> just a man of many talents. all right, vern, thank you. well, how about we get to some more of those parade
4:33 pm
videos that were shared with us on social media. >> i was hoping vern would wear that outfit. alas another day. alicia vitarelli has been looking through some of the contributions you have been sending to us. she's live at the big board with some of the best. >> if we could get vern in that mummers costume now we're talking viral, #6abcaction for sure. you know the city of philadelphia is still on a high after perhaps the biggest party ever and boy, do you know how to get down, philly? here's a mashup of some of your best moves including some from philadelphia's finest. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we can't get enough of this. dancing ben franklin there
4:34 pm
dilly dilly for sure. man, do our police officers know how to dance. we love this city. so, you know, the eagles fight song has been on a loop. these two-year-old twins were heading home from the parade, one still flying high, the other ready to move on. at least musically. >> ♪ >> no. >> down came the rain. >> no. eagles fly. >> ♪ and dried up all the rain. >> these trying so hard. delaney does get through the entire itsy bitsy spider while devastated mason fights so hard for his fight song although it seemed he'll get his shot next. thanks for your videos and pictures showing us your eagles pride these past few weeks #6abcaction is where it's at and you guys i've had a permanent smile on my face looking through all of your submissions. >> yeah, me, too, no doubt.
4:35 pm
by the way we want to give a huge shout-out to the philadelphia police who were just rock stars yesterday. >> absolutely. >> deejay was great, too. we had a good time. >> it was a good day in the city of philadelphia. all right, alicia. >> all right, how about the accuweather forecast as we bring in meteorologist adam joseph to talk about the weekend which is finally here. >> it is finally here. but it's not the best of weather weekends here so again i've been saying it since yesterday find indoor plans especially if you have kids because by sunday you're going to be like my kids need to go somewhere and do something. as we take a look right here we're looking to the south on storm tracker6 live double scan. there's not a lot of rain at this point coming in from the gulf of mexico but this is going to be a moisture conveyor belt out of the gulf of mexico heading our way this weekend. right now the clouds are here. sky6 live showing a very dreary picture over the commodore barry bridge. get the commodore barry bridge. we want to see the commodore barry bridge. there it is. all right. thank you. again, a lot of clouds.
4:36 pm
temperatures still on the cool side as we get into our friday night, but as we head towards the weekend, late saturday into sunday, we are looking at anywhere between one and 2-inches of rainfall and you can see a pretty good consensus here on the four different main models that we look at. we'll talk about the possibility of some localized flooding over the weekend and also with that seven-day forecast, i will go into valentine's day, that day of love and let you know what it's going to be like wednesday next week guys coming up in just a little bit. brian. >> all right, very good. thanks my friend. and a reminder now that you can always get updates on the weekend's rainy forecast. check storm tracker6 live any time right on your phone or tablet. the 6abc is a free download. though most fans who camped out early got a chance to see their favorite players up close and personal that wasn't the case for hundreds of people who spent hours waiting for the birds to fly by in center city. dozens of "action news" viewers sent us videos from broad and chestnut showing
4:37 pm
septa buses blocking the view at the exact wrong moment. police commissioner richard ross says this was an accident explaining explaining that his office needed to be bussed in to investigate a report of a jumbotron being vandalized on the north side of city hall. but he did apologize for that blocked view. >> the blame for that one lies on us and i assure you it was unintentional. there was no deliberate intent to block anyone's view. that should best by where everyone was along this parade route and so with that you got to own what you got to own and so that's on philly pd. >> well, several viewers don't say that's exactly correct saying the buses appeared empty and there were already at least 50 officers on the ground. we are waiting for an update on this one. >> well, philadelphia police need your help finding two thieves who stole more than just property from a woman. this is surveillance video of two men be wanted for breaking into a 38-year-old woman's car while it was parked in a garage on the 1000 block of
4:38 pm
north delaware avenue back on january 26th. police say the thieves ransacked the suv stealing a designer purse and shoes but that's not all. they also took two super bowl tickets. overall the break in cost the woman nearly $5,000 and perhaps a trip to the big game. if you have any information about this break in, east detectives want to hear from you. >> well, a local basketball player who came up way clever idea to keep himself awake to study and practice is hitting the big time. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in our news room now with the details on this one. hey, monica. >> hi, brian that's right. we introduce you to this philadelphia university basketball player jordan dicicco last year and showed you his clever idea. check it out. it is a super bowl charged coffee he created and got his friends and fellow teammates hooked on it. it has gotten the attention of some heavy hitters. we'll tell you who coming up. and our eagles super bowl parade cleanup coverage continues ahead. we will take a closer look at
4:39 pm
the efforts to get eakins oval and the parkway cleared of all that debris and back to normal. they're doing a great job. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 in just a little bit. brian we'll see that you. >> see you then. thanks monica. now that the eagles season is officially done, you might be looking for something else to do. look no further than the atlantic city car show just getting under way at the convention center. you can check out all kinds of rides from rare roadsters to a decked out eagles limo. there it is. more than 400 cars will be auctioned off throughout this three day event. >> there was a world premiere of a french musical and the stars were all philadelphia students under the age of 14. >> ♪ the french international school of philadelphia held its opening performance of jong yu an original show featuring seven songs written specifically for these students. it was performed with the help of a visiting musical troupe
4:40 pm
from france. >> and still ahead here on "action news" at 4:00 we've got a delicious edition of freebie friday where you can get everything from chocolate and ice cream pizza, is that a thing, to wine and cheese for free. >> i want to see the pictures of that. plus, pennsylvania's attorney general was in philadelphia today fighting a proposal that would allow employers to keep the tips earned by their staff. what's behind the controversial idea.
4:41 pm
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>> popular retailer ll bean making a major policy change. the gear you buy will no longer be guaranteed for life. in a letter this morning the company says it will now give customers one year to return purchases with a receipt. now its prior policy allowing a return at any point was a major selling point for the company. ll bean says a small percentage of people abused the program and they can no longer offer a blanket guarantee. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and if you work in the service industry you may have heard that right
4:43 pm
now there's a proposal in washington that would allow employers to keep the tips earned by waiters waitresses bartenders and other service based employees. as you can imagine this is a talker today. so here's how it works. if you make the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, this proposal would allow your boss to keep your tips. as a way to kind of pool the money among the entire staff. attorney general josh shapiro challenged it today at the morning glory diner in south philadelphia. >> i believe this will harm waiters and waitresses bartenders other service industry workers who count on their tips to feed their families, pay their rent and earn a living. this isn't some theoretical legal argument that we're advancing. this is affecting real people here in philadelphia, across the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> shapiro says monday is the cutoff for public comments regarding the department of labor's proposed changes. we reached out to the trump
4:44 pm
administration for comment on this but have yet to hear back. so there's a valentine's day school dance in utah where all of the sixth graders must do just that, dance. if someone asks you, you have to say yes. and while the idea here is to be inclusive, one mom at least one is furious. she sees it from the other side. she wants to know why her daughter doesn't have the right to say no. natalie richards said when her daughter told her she couldn't say no to a boy if he asked her to dance, she did not believe it. but -- >> teacher said, oh, well, she can't. she has to say yes. she has to accept and i said excuse me? >> please be respectful be polite we want to promote kindness so we want you to say yes when somebody asks you to dance. >> so that's the school policy. they say if there's an issue they'll address it but still mom says at the end of the day she feels this policy sends the wrong message. all right. fashion quiz for you.
4:45 pm
what is this? the pink thing right here. it's a pouch you wear it on the waist, it clips in the back. i mean, come on, shout it out its a fanny pack. you knew that. well, guess what? they're back. and nordstrom's tweeted we're crazy about belt bags. belt bags really? come on, that's a fanny pack its a fancy one. that pink one there is from valentino, it's $1,375. at nordstrom's. so, they sell them in all shapes and sizes and colors and price points and while most people laughed at the idea of our beloved 1980's-1990's and still worn by some people hands free waist buckle bag making a comeback some are celebrating, they say function and finally fashion and for the record, somewayed in saying maybe, just maybe swapping the word fanny isn't such a bad thing and by the way folks in countries like new zealand we
4:46 pm
have always called it this a belt bag and for the record i don't hate this. >> it's all about the marketing. >> what you call it. >> sounds more palatable if you call it a belt bag. doesn't look any better but sounds the same. >> thank you my friend. let's get a check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman here with the update for us. hey, matt. >> guys we had many a fanny packed in here yesterday along the ben franklin parkway. the eagles fans, they were all over the parkway. this afternoon we're not seeing a lot of people out and about, it's just some vehicles, they have returned to the ben franklin parkway because the cleanup is mostly finished so everything's reopened along the parkway. little bit of traffic there on the local vine backing up passing the free library. no big deal out here this afternoon. but on the big picture and on the highways there are some slow speeds around the region. have a crash now on 95 southbound side just past bartram avenue. kind of sticking out into the right lane there. and we're getting word of a downed pole in bella vista along washington avenue, the westbound side near ninth street. the police are out there directing traffic because of
4:47 pm
that that downed pole and wires. since last we spoke there was a crash 422 westbound side approaching oaks was blocking a lane for a little bit. now it's pushed off to the side but still attracting a little attention so as you come westbound out of king of prussia through this point at oaks it is a slow go on 422. morrisville bucks county has a crash as well, it's route 13 at trenton avenue. we're watching a downed tree in garnet valley blocking concorde road near falk road. may want to brave the construction along 322. that's going to be busy but a better bet. in claimant a crash along darley road. were 91 new castle along route nine, the other route 13 dupont parkway. we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour. >> we got to get a rim shot in here. >> we need that. >> adam joseph standing by with your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪
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4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> the weekend is finally here although a lot of people had yesterday off. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> they did. >> probably off today, too. >> right. [laughter] >> they may have just had an extended long weekend. >> ever since the super bowl. >> why not. >> but if you do have this weekend off, again not going to be the prettiest weather-wise. let's chat about it. head to the weather center here. live on sky6 right now philadelphia international airport, all things quiet right now on the weather front, just a lot of clouds but as we head towards the weekend, if you're expecting someone to come in -- look at that, a plane over my head, there we go, anyway, sorry had to do it. you didn't see just what happened. a plane was right on my head the whole time. [laughter] >> anyway, if you're expected to go out or come into philadelphia international airport, check with your carriers this weekend. a lot of low clouds, fog and heavy rain. as we take a look at the rain chances this weekend, very high saturday and especially
4:51 pm
going into saturday night and sunday at 90 percent but it does drop as we get into the early part of next week but there is still a chance for rain especially as we get into late tuesday and early on wednesday so kind of an unsettled period moving forward. as we take a look at temperatures right now, 35 allentown, 36 in reading, 39 philadelphia, so temperatures are chilly right now with the clouds but we're going to move those temperatures up well above average for the weekend. look at the clouds. they have basically littered all of the midatlantic the northeast because of a system that pushed through chicago with a good amount of snowfall. that snow now heading into new england but that's not the system that will bring us the heavy rain. that is still down to the south in the gulf of mexico. we're starting to see the moisture come together and this is going to blossom very quickly tonight, going into the day tomorrow. so, the clouds dominate for our friday night, temperatures rise from the 20's and 30's to near 40 degrees by tomorrow morning. in fact, when you wake up tomorrow morning, already in the 40's south of the city, so
4:52 pm
upper 30's to the north and west. it is dry. maybe a few sprinkles along the shore communities tomorrow morning. it's mid to late afternoon tomorrow we start to see the rain coming in from the south and west. warm in the 50's and then as you can see it is a solid area of rain midnight on saturday night if you're expected to go out tomorrow night, watch for ponding on the roadways and staying in the near 50-degree range for the overnight hours of saturday. sunday morning still hits of very heavy rainfall but then it starts to move out mid to late afternoon on saturday as we try to dry it out a little bit but still very mild. as we take a look at rainfall totals, no matter where you are, it is more than an inch of rain, some areas could see over 2-inches of rainfall, so as we head into saturday night and sunday morning, there could be a high concern for road and street flooding, low lying areas could see some flooding and for the creeks, the streams and major rivers it's a moderate threat but something we'll watch. the exclusive accuweather
4:53 pm
7-day forecast warm over the week, rain arrives late tomorrow lasts through a good chunk of our sunday with morning fog as well on sunday morning. clouds start to break up late on your monday with temperatures cooler at 48 degrees. clouds dominate tuesday evening, showers develop, 42. a lot of clouds for your valentine's day, maybe a shower or two around as well of 52 degrees and then we'll start to bring the sunshine back thursday and friday. take a look at thursday. near 60 degrees with sunshine and a little bit cooler come friday. not a bad seven day when you look at the temperatures this time of year. >> yeah. >> okay. [laughter] >> if you say so. >> looking at the optimistic side. >> i like it. adam thanks. freebie friday is coming up after the break. >> ♪ ...and infused with air. for 100% conditioning,
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with 0% weight. strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner.
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>> all right. we made it to friday and this
4:56 pm
is a very delicious and might i say well deserved edition of freebie friday for all of you. until 7 o'clock tonight baskin robbins offering a free slice of sweetheart polar pizza. it looks like a pizza but it's not a pizza. it's an ice cream treat. you'll love it. head to blue cross river rink. there are free activities for kids of all ages including a make your own perfume station. love that. we love chocolate. we love it this month. we love it every day. on sunday godiva giving everyone who visits its store a free chocolate truffle. tomorrow something really fun is happening in bala cynwyd. it's the no butt district. cross properties hosting its second saturday bash featuring free whine cheese and jazz music six to 9 p.m. at 210 bala avenue. finally if you need plans for
4:57 pm
valentine's day all four sweat fitness locations free couples yoga classes. have a great weekend you guys. >> all right, you too, alicia. that's going to do it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> all right. we'll see you tonight. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the gig-speed network that powers the dreams
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of america's businesses is now doing the same for america's olympic and paralympic athletes. dream gig. comcast business. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the fun and fanfare is over. after the eagles super bowl ride, city officials don't know how exactly many eagles fans squeezed onto sidewalks streets and eakins oval during yesterday's parade but they do know they have a lot of cleaning up do. >> friday night, philadelphia getting back to business following that giant celebration throughout the city for the eagles super bowl lii win. >> chopper6 over the ben franklin parkway and eakins oval earlier today. as you can see the grass will need to be replaced, the trash
5:00 pm
still needs to be picked up completely but officials and fans agree it was all quite worth it. >> absolutely. city officials couldn't give an exact number about how many people were along the parade route but they say it was more than 700,000 screaming fans. police say only two people were injured, they were stabbed during the parade. >> however, one of those incidents likely stem from an ongoing problem between two people and happened inside of a residence according to authorities. there was also an assault on a police officer and five arrests for disorderly conduct. police commissioner richard ross says -- he summed it up this way. >> to be able to have that type of event with those numbers and to have as the mayor said, some small hiccups, you know, is remarkable in my estimation and that's just because of the collaboration of everyone, not just philly pd, everybody and so i'm thankful to them, i'm thankful to all the people who attended, you know, who helped to make this a great celebration. >> absolutely. as far as the cost of the event, theit


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