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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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neighborhood quarrel. >> the second individual 25-year-old male was assaulted around 2200 and the parkway. all we can get thus far is that it was from a fight. >> reporter: four police cars also damaged from people standing to better see the parade. so, how many people attended yes there were claims of one, even 2 million plus. but a published report today citing experts examining aerial images put the number at 700,000. city officials seem skeptical. >> based on that our experience with other large events on the park way we feel that it was well above 700. >> reporter: septa released some early numbers it provided 395,000 trips coming and going on its biggest people movers, the broad street and market frankford line. and 65,000 people rode the regional rails yesterday. some questioned why the big stadium parking lots were not opened yesterday as in parades past. in part, the mayor said, it was an issue of police
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manpower. >> it would have taken about 300 or so officers out of center city and out of south philly to police the tailgating that would probably be going on in the lots so i know it was inconvenient for some people and i apologize for that. >> reporter: so, how much did yesterday's parade cost? how much will be paid by the eagles? how much by taxpayers? >> i wasn't mayor when the phillies won. i got to figure out what the arrangement was with them but we will have -- we will be transparent and open with the numbers as soon as we have it. >> reporter: the city says they did not have a prior agreement with the eagles on cost sharing on this, that's to be worked out now. as for the numbers and data that the mayor is talking about, he hopes to have that made public sometime in the next week or two. live above the parkway, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank, you john. at one points today officials said the city had collected 60 tons of trash and by any measure that is a huge job especially when it has to be done quickly. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at eakins oval
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tonight. bob, what is the latest on the cleanup patrol? >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. a big parade means a big cleanup and that's exact what the city is doing like you just said, 60 tons of garbage, that's a lot of trash and right in front of me some of that slop but at this point the city doing an amazing job. they have a pretty good handle on things. this is how you clean up after quite possibly the biggest party in philadelphia history. you get out leaf blowers, street sweepers, the city even had to bring out the heavy machinery and it was all needed for the estimated 60 tons of garbage cleaned up after the super bowl parade. but the city says they were ready and willing for the task. >> like the eagles we just go to work. we get in there real quick and, you know, that's our job and that's our business and so our guys are happy to do it as you could see they're working hard right now getting this area clean and we hope to have it done by today. >> reporter: according to the city, the 60 tons of
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garbage is a record for any event they've hosted. you can bet when it was all done they found all kinds of things, mostly covered in mud. from your standard can to lawn chairs to much more. >> oh, it was a lot of unique items that we saw here. so, we saw grills, we saw crates, maybe people were standing on them. i don't know. >> reporter: some neighborhoods like spring garden fairmount had cleaning up to do. we saw quite a few piles of trash bags on corners but neighbors we spoke with said they're not surprised. >> trash is kind of gross. i wish they had more trash cans during the celebration but it was a once in a lifetime event and it was really, really great to be here. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: with the celebration of this magnitude, we're just happy it's only garbage they're dealing with today. >> i think this is just so -- what happens when a big city celebrates something like this. >> reporter: now, for the most part the trash is starting to go away. the city, again, quick to remove it. now for things to get back to
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normal, it's a waiting game, jim. we want the mud to go away, we want the grass to come back to the parkway. reporting live along the park way, bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim, back to you. >> thank you, bob. let's talk about jason kelce. he has always been an outspoken eagle but yesterday took him to an entirely different level. his legendary performance yesterday gives him a special place in philadelphia lore. "action news" reporter vernon odom is in havertown where kelce is expected to make an appearance tonight. good evening, vernon. >> reporter: good evening, jim. his appearance just began. jason kelce, accompanied by teammate beau allen just entered this small card and collection shop here in havertown. there was a thunderous applause as he waved to the crowd and he'll be here signing autographs and doing selfies until after 8 o'clock. kelce of course is a transplant from northern ohio,
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the greater cleveland area but local folks here say he understands the essence and culture of philly pa. >> everybody wonder why we're so mean. >> reporter: jason kelce's victory speech electrified philadelphia and the entire region yesterday afternoon. >> hungry dogs run faster. we wanted it more. all of the players, all of the coaches. >> reporter: kelce's over the top performance on the parade route in a mummers leprechaun costume will live forever in the annals of philadelphia history. where did a 300 pounder get a mummers outfit. libby has been kelce's hair dress are for five years. her husband is avalon string band member bobby coil. >> there's a couple big boys in the band so it just worked out. bob brought it home for me from practice and i took it up to the facility the next day and helped him try it on. fit like a glove. >> jason is a talented young man. he's a musician.
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he plays baritone sax. unfortunate mummers seasons lines up with football season. >> reporter: fans lined up to get kelce's autograph ton hail the super bowl champs. >> this football team is amazing. i love them. and i have people rooting for them in jamaica in netherlands in germany. >> reporter: you heard kelce's speech yesterday. >> i did. it was incredible. >> he captured the essence of our city perfectly. that is how we feel, we've had a chip on our shoulder from the time they moved the capitol from philly to washington and that was wrong, too. >> reporter: jason kelce's persona has gone viral. here's a digital joke placing him on top of city hall for example even a spoof inside city hall calling for kelce to become mayor of philadelphia. jim, jason kelce's hairdresser told me that he wanted to pay a special tribute to philadelphia and that's why he
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asked her to line him up with some kind of mummers costume for the parade yesterday and she told me he is now engaged to a philadelphia area gal and there's some speculation he may decide to make this town his home. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in havertown, delaware county, jim. >> vernon, thank you. you can relive the history making day in philadelphia's sports history on 6abc app. right now you can see videos from the biggest moments of the celebration, video from the action cam and chopper6 plus dozens of photographs of eagles players and fans enjoying the championship parade. there is other news tonight. the penn state football team trainer who was in the fraternity house when pledge tim piazza suffered fatal hazing injuries is quitting. tim bream was the beta theta pi fraternity live in adviser. bream testified in august that he went to his room after watching a pledge acceptance
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ceremony and left for work the next morning without noticing piazza. the criminal case against the fraternity members is on hold while state prosecutors review the situation. wilmington police are looking for the gunman who left a 16-year-old boy in critical condition. officers responded to the shooting on the 200 block of west 23rd at noon today. the victim underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the torso. new jersey injury phil murphy wants to help ease the burden of new jersey taxpayers under the new federal tax plan. today murphy called on lawmakers to send him legislation ensuring state residents can pay property taxes as charitable contributions. the new law caps local tax deductions on federal returns at $10,000 and that's an issue for new jersey new jerseyans who pay the highest property taxes in the country.
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>> republicans in the legislature;, we'll skip that story and go to here. this the time when potholes, we can always talk about potholes, anyway, this is when they start ravaging our cars and it's only going get worse before it gets better. here is "action news" reporter gray hall. >> reporter: if you are a driver then you hate seeing these, an of course we're talking about potholes. megan frame knows firsthand what kind of damage they can cause. she hit one wednesday night. >> when i saw the estimate, i felt like tom brady at super bowl. it hit me hard. >> reporter: frame says the pothole damage cost her hundreds of dollars and left her and her husband sharing a car for several days. it's an inconvenience she wishes on no one. >> when you're driving home from work in the dark and the rain you can't avoid, you can't anticipate something like that so i do wish they would do a slightly better job. >> reporter: if you're wondering why potholes are a constant problem, penndot says you can blame the weather. the constant freezing and thawing causes havoc on the
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pavement. >> probably have more precipitation that will sleep into the cracks it will freeze expand create some crevices underneath the pavement and all of a sudden when it warms up it starts crashing down. >> reporter: crews are working daily to repair the crumbled pavement. when the reports come in penndot says they respond. workers are patching about 60 to 70 highways a week to try and keep up with demand. >> january alone, we received over 1800 customer calls and nearly 1300 of those were pothole related. >> reporter: aaa says this is the season for those potholes and when you hit one it can take a chunk out of you were wallet. >> tie rods ball joints stuff like that can break. >> reporter: if you see a pothole coming your way use the advice of the experts. >> i don't want to do any drastic movements to get out of the way. sometimes you have to grin and bare it. and just hit it. >> reporter: this reminder if you see a pothole and you want to report it in the city you can dial 311. if it's a state road dial one-800-fix road. you can also file a claim if your vehicle is damaged.
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in south philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news". >> and coming up on "action news" tonight, the search is on for the thieves who swiped super bowl tickets and much more from a car of parked at a philadelphia garage. jaime apody takes a look back at the incredible week that was for the world champion philadelphia eagles. cecily. >> well, the clouds are building and double scan live showing it doesn't look like much now but there's moisture gathering in the gulf of mexico that will bring us a soaking rain over the weekend. i'll have details on the timing and how much in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continue tonight. >> ♪
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>> philadelphia police are
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looking for these two men they say ransacked a car and got away with super bowl tickets. the car was parked in a garage on north -- on the 1000 block of north delaware avenue in northern liberties in philadelphia. surveillance video shows the men roaming the garage on january 26th. the thieves swiped nearly $4,800 worth of items including those tickets. michael kors boots an louis vitton purse and cash. the 45th annual atlantic city auction and car slow show was that under way happening at the atlantic city convention center. the three day event features more than 400 vehicles. there are custom and classic cars. there are even a couple of cars that let your ride -- you ride in style and show your eagles pride at the same time. >> ♪
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>> raining sunday? very little to do and no football to watch. >> yeah, hard to believe, right? >> yeah. >> it's going to be awhile
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before there's some football. we can enjoy this for awhile, right? have some time to have some fun with this team. jason kelce and the world champs on top of the word. in fact, there is a photoshoped picture of kelce on top of city hall going viral. his name is even hanging outside the mayor's office, too. as doug pederson says it's the new norm in philadelphia. jaime apody has more. >> ♪ >> everybody wanted it more. and that's why we're up here today and that's why we're the first team in eagles history to hold that freaking trophy. >> reporter: it was an epic speech that capped the most epic week in philadelphia history, from the moment tom brady's last ditch hail mary fell to the ground. >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> reporter: to the moment the green and white confetti and fireworks shot up into the art museum sky. there are image and memories that will are forever be edged into the minds of long suffering eagles fans who have
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waited for the chance to celebrate on broad street. >> riding on the buses seeing the fans with joy on their faces, it was old, it was young, it was everybody in between. [cheers and applause] >> to be able to finally bring a world championship to philadelphia, it's just, it's indiana crediblely fulfilling, perfect. >> reporter: perfect because of the way they did it underdogs through and through the true embodiment of the city they play for blue collar gritty tough, persevere. >> this city deserves it. they've been asking for it for so long. >> reporter: we witnessed the passion and heart from the stars of the present to the legends of the past who paved the way. [cheers and applause] >> we did it. >> reporter: there were -- their emotions their pure joy of this week will resonate with us the underdogs forever. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> ♪ we are the champions
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♪ of the world >> reporter: jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> did you see him crowd surfing. the sixers shot at a championship a few years away. joel embiid questionable tonight against new orleans with a michael issue, markelle fultz could miss the rest of the season. brian colangelo says he doesn't know if and when fultz will be back from that shoulder injury. fultz air ball a shot in practice today. he says the number one pick is limited to shooting in the paint. the rookie has played only four games. >> it was a break down in muscle function and coordination. once you get that back and once he -- which is not fully back as you're going through this recovery and rehabilitation, you're also simultaneously trying retrain what those movement patterns were to shoot a basketball and there were some limitations there for him for some time and continue to be as he is getting through it.
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>> bobby jones one of the greatest sixers to ever live will live on with his statue unveiled outside sixers headquarters in camden new jersey. jones a four time all-star helped the sixers win that last nba title in 1983. the phanatic and his stuffed animals packed up for clearwater florida. phillies spring training starts wednesday. among the items heading south 10,000 cups, 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats, and the phanatic's hot dog launcher, he cannot leave home without that thing. >> it's baseball. >> spring training already upon us. >> go if the super bowl right into baseball. these are good days. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> republicans in the pennsylvania legislature say they have agreed to a newly proposed congressional district map. today was the deadline for drawing up new districts. the state supreme court threw out the current map last month ruling it was gerrymandered in favor of republicans. lawmakers say they'll send the proposal to governor tom wolf tonight. wolf has until thursday to tell the court if he supports it. if not, the court plans to develop its own map but there will be changes. let's get that accuweather forecast. cecily tynan. >> jim, it's a warm weekend but it's going to be a wet weekend as well. the action cam taking a look up searching for sunshine and we had some dim sun kind of trying to filter through the clouds. but clouds generally ruled the day. and we're live on sky6 taking a look at the center city
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skyline. you probably won't be able to see the tops of the buildings tomorrow night into sunday morning because we have a really good setup for some dense fog. what's going on as we head into the weekend, we get a flow out of the southwest. that brings warm moist air but the ground is still pretty cold. it's wet. and what happens, the temperature and the dewpoint will meet. this causes condensation and this is when the clouds will form very close to the ground. that's fog. it could be dense. saturday night into sunday morning and also it's going to be wet. so, traveling during that time could be pretty difficult especially if you're trying to fly into philadelphia or fly out. so, temperatures right now, this is about where we'll be as far as the lows. philadelphia 38 degrees. that's our high today. temperatures little bit on the cool side. allentown 36. wilmington 36. cape may 38. the poconos 24. got some snow showers today. notice the streamline generally out of the southeast. they'll start to shift out of
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the south-southwest pulling up some very mild air so temps actually rising overnight. and satellite and radar showing the clouds are in place ahead of a system that will bring us a soaking rain. if you look at it right now, looks kind of piddlely, not a lot happening but moisture is beginning to gather across the gulf of mexico. that will be moving in tomorrow afternoon. so, future tracker showing the morning will be fine. 8 o'clock in the morning we've got lots of clouds, touch of drizzle possible across parts of new jersey, really nothing organized. showers build into the midafternoon around 3 o'clock starting to see showers philadelphia generally areas south and west and then it really fills in saturday night into sunday morning. by midnight, we've got a pretty soaking rain right over i-95, perhaps even a rumble of thunder. continues into saturday morning. and then we begin to taper off the rain from the northwest to the southeast as we head through the day. by 11 o'clock, it's not raining any in the poconos, still around philadelphia and areas to the south and it all tapers off by 3:30 in the
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afternoon. so, as far as rainfall, this is a good soaking. looking at one to 2 inches of rain, the heaviest right along the i-95 corridor. and this could cause some flooding problems. a high risk that we'll see some roads and streets flooded. low lying areas and there is a moderate risk of some creeks and streams and even rivers could have some flooding. the ground is frozen. it's really not able to absorb the moisture. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, saturday plenty of clouds, dry until late afternoon, 53 degrees the high. sunday morning fog, rain, heavy at times, tapering off late in the day. the high though 61 degrees, very warm. on monday, clouds with some late breaks of sunshine, 48 degrees. we drop down to 42 degrees on tuesday. some showers in the evening and valentine's day on wednesday looking mild, not bright and sunny, though, mostly cloudy, perhaps a touch of rain, 52. thursday bump it up to 58 degrees and friday we drop
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down to 42 degrees and i will have an update on the timing of the rain on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, cecily. folks across the area having fun celebrating the eagles super bowl win. the eagles cheerleaders visiting with fans at the avista nursing moment. everybody had a good time. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the white house firestorm. president trump now weighing in on his former aide now out of a job. amid allegations of domestic abuse. the president saying his former aide says he is innocent. it's been a tough time for him, and abc news learning chief of staff john kelly has expressed to president trump, his willingness to resign. the white house tonight responding. the massive winter storm hitting tonight and turning deadly, slamming chicago, detroit. major travel hubs and moving east. and another major storm right behind it. breaking late today, the new and alarming news on the deadly flu in this country, and the new concern tonight about a second wave of flu that could be coming. the deadly police shootout in a suburban


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