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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  February 10, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning 7:00 o'clock on this saturday christie ileto joins us this morning. here's look at the stories we are following for you developing from overnight a philadelphia prison guard is hurt through a struggle with a newly released inmate. that guard is forced to open fire send ago this inmate to the hospital. and eagles center jason kelce continues to be man of the hour as fans flocked to celebrate the win. plus we are tracking stormy weather that has triggered a flood watch for the region. accu weather alert has been activated due to the approaching rain, lets get details from meteorologist chris sowers, soggy day in store, chris. >> yes, we could see heavy
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rain moving in as early as let's say, i don't know two or 3:00 this afternoon and then it picks up in intensity overnight tonight and then come tomorrow morning. we will talk about that, more in detail, in a few minutes. but lets focus on the temperatures, it is turning milder but this cold air thaw see here thursday and friday that is going to contribute to the flooding problem on sunday and part of the reason is that 33 and that 39 are temperatures in philadelphia weak get north and west of philadelphia and numbers have been below freezing so, the ground is frozen. when that rain arrives it is not going to be able to see in the frozen ground and we will see excess run off to create some flooding problem. today we are up to 53 and then by tomorrow, 60 degrees for philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. we are showing 35 in allentown thirty-nine in millville. forty-seven in atlantic city. thirty-five in dover. here's a look at storm tracker six we have waves of moisture starting to line autopsy cross ohio, tennessee valley, each one has to swing through here,
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before this system clears the coast, good morning to you, and each one, is going to be on the heavier side. we will see yellow, orange in there. forecast for today is cloudy, it is some what chillier this morning but temperatures really moderate this afternoon that rain arrives shortly after lunchtime and will pick up in intensity at times, catching a lull in the action this evening and then that is followed by, additional rounds of rain, as we head into the overnight, and tomorrow morning. is there another quick look at the bar graph there if you didn't already see it the first time. that is a quick check of the forecast for now. when i come back we will focus more on the flooding threat, time it out with future track er six and show you which areas are most vulnerable and we will have that accu weather seven day forecast coming up in 10 minutes, gray. >> chris, thanks very much. plus keep track of the approaching rain throughout the weekend by going to six we will update the forecast there, for you, on air and on the webb and down load the app to get those updates, while you are on the go.
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it is now 7:02, an attempt ed carjacking lead to gunfire in a prison parking lot this all happened outside house of the corrections, on state road, bustleton, just after 11:00 p.m. police say 26 year-old jamal bennet tried to carjack officer right after his release, the pair struggled in the 66 year-old officer was thrown to the ground and reportedly pulled out his private weapon and fired one shot hitting bennet in the chest. >> it seems like he was starting his life of crime all over again within minutes of being released, attempting to carjack this off-duty, correctional officer. it is somewhat bizarre but the correctional officer is in stable condition and at this time it appears that the 26 year-old who was shot, although he is critical it appears he will survive. >> police say bennet has been in and out of prison system, he has been serving time for a
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probation violation. and some new information to tell but this morning police in montgomery county are blocking off roads to investigate a car crash and fire, they say a vehicle slam in the pole in upper moreland township and then it burst into flames. the incident is on davisville road between byberry road and turnpike drive. top republican lawmakers in pennsylvania have handed over a newly drawn congressional map to governor tom wolf to meet a supreme court ordered deadline. yesterday was the deadline to draw up new congressional district maps. the state supreme court threw out the current map last month saying that it was gerrymandering in favor of republicans. lawmakers, sent the new proposal to governor wolf last night. he has until thursday to let the courts know if he approves it, if not the court plans to develop its own. new this morning a second white house staffer has resign as a result of the abuse allegations. speech writer david soren sonnies accused of
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violent, emotional abuse toward his former wife, soren son, denied the claim, saying she was the one that hit him. meanwhile president trump set off a fire storm after coming to the defense of his former aid, rob port are. now porter resigned on wednesday after his, two former wife's accused him of domestic violence. yesterday president trump said he was surprised by the allegations and wished porter well, in his career, and that comment set off fire storm of controversy because it comes at a time when the nation is in the middle of a conversation about the mistreatment of woman. happening today six flags kicks off its 2018 hiring season way job fair in new jersey. event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at employment center just off route 537 in jackson. all candidates must first complete on line applications, and six flags will be hiring 4,000 people over the next few weeks. the park opens up march 24th. your time right now is
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7:05 on a saturday morning eagles players and their fans are still celebrating their big super bowl victory this weekend. >> several players will be out at plymouth meeting mall later this morning for our meet and greet at just one of the many scheduled, after thursday's spectacular parade and ceremony. >> "action news" reporter jeff chirico was in havertown with the man of the hour, jason kelce. >> reporter: jason kelce and beau allen are talking for the first time since the massive super bowl celebration on the streets of philadelphia. >> to see i mean right away when we saw how many fans were there the passion and energy that everybody had, it was easy i think to get swept up in that. >> yeah. >> reporter: fans waited for hours outside karl's cards and collectibles of havertown for an autograph from the world champs. kelce a bit calmer on thursday where he was body surfing in the mum are costume and profanity laden under dog speech earned him a spot in many philadelphians hearts. >> you know what under dogs is , it is a hungry dog. >> it is wonderful. >> it felt like he was part of
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us. >> everything he said was exactly right and what everybody has been saying with us. >> philly through and through. i mean he rolled. he had that bottled up for five years. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> reporter: was the speech prepare. >> i didn't write anything down but for some reason the night before the parade i could in the sleep. >> i thought it was within of the greatest speeches i have ever heard. >> reporter: brian north came to tell kelce just that it put tears in my eyes first five times i watched it and then next five i was laughing the whole time. i got to go meet this guy who did this to me. >> reporter: kelce has taken the city and internet by storm one image placed kelce atop city hall his response. >> it is pretty hilarious. >> jason kelce too small. >> seventh season, and you know, for whatever reason, you know, i have always felt like i connected in philadelphia. >> reporter: beau allen says that speech resonated with the players, some on line are speculating that kelce is so beloved that if he ran for
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mayor he could get elected but he dispels any thought of that last night saying he has no interest in politics. in havertown jeff chirico for channel have "action news". and folks cab relive history making day on our free six abc app. you will fine videos from the biggest moments of the celebration, video from the action campaign chopper six, plus dozens of pictures, of eagles players, fans, enjoying that championship parade. still ahead on "action news" this saturday morning just in time for valentines day we will introduce you to a local couple, who are proving that love lasts a long time. plus a snowstorm is blamed for a big pile up on a mid western road, chris. gray, coming up in weather it is quiet right now but look at the mess that is heading this way, rain, rain, lots of it, we will be back in a few minutes to time it out with future tracker six. we will talk about the flood watch and that accu weather
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seven day forecast.
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all right. welcome back. heavy snow led to a 38 car pile up, in michigan. first responders were trying to remove a jackknifed semi on interstate 94 when the chain reaction crash occurred, others drove to veer off road to avoid mess instead getting stuck in snow banks. and it took tow trucks all day to remove vehicles involved in the wreck. that is pretty serious. >> yes, another reason not to like the snow. >> that is right. >> i agree with you on that one. but that is one thing we will not see this weekend. >> good. >> of all of the weather, we're predicting, snow is not among them. >> thanks, chris. >> very upset. we will go live on sky six looking at philadelphia international airport, nice and quiet this morning. cloud continue to lower, thicken, increase out of the southwest and eventually giving way to some wet weather later this afternoon. so for today accu weather weekend call 53 degrees is your forecast ted high, cloudy
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skies, rain developing shortly after lunchtime and tomorrow is straight up wash out especially during morning hours that rain will be heavier at times. if we will see flooding american likely it will occur tomorrow morning. but by afternoon it will ease up a little bit and there could be pockets cross south jersey, delaware, look at that high we're up to 60 degrees in city of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. some locations especially across south jersey, delaware getting into lets say this part of the viewing area, maybe up to 61 or 62 lovely when we look at temperatures across the region. it is just wet out there, 33 in reading, same number for wilmington. millville pushing 40, coast there 44 in cape may, atlantic city look at that 47. forty-three in beach haven. poconos 35. allentown 35. you can see direction in which all this moisture is coming from, is there gulf of mexico right there what we are looking at is water vapor shot these bright greens are higher cloud tops, the higher cloud tops usually represent where the heavier rains are falling. that is pretty much where
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heavier rains are at this point here. you can see we have a couple waves lining autopsy licensing a front pushing through this portion of the country and so from cincinnati all the way through nashville, little rock and eventually down to houston period of rain, and, some very heavy at times. we have flood watches lining up appalachians through mid-atlantic states. here's future tracker six. we will stop clock at 1:30. you can see rains over spreading the area starting out light at first but pick up as day wears on. then through the afternoon we will see pockets of heavier rain. across south jersey, delaware we will catch a break in the action later this evening. it will be damp, cloudy, maybe a couple spritz, sprinkles but steady rains do shut off for time being and then we will get into sunday morning. thinks when round number two arrives, heavier round, we will see yellow, orange, red, continuing through lunchtime hour on sunday and then eventually forming this little squall line right here late in the day that is the actual front pushing through and a period of heavy rain with that
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front and that that will hit the coast and clears out by sunday no. what you need to know rain arrives later this afternoon. heaviest rain should occur tomorrow morning. we're expecting one to 2 inches of rain localized heavier amounts to 3 inches and flooding will be a big problem in the smaller, creeks , streams, low lying areas, very typically flood and lots of uponning on roadways is possible. look at this model projecting here 3 inches have rain for i-95 corridor this red strip here, thinks all 3 inches or higher at least according to this model, 1.9 in lancaster. one and three-quarters in millville. close to 2 inches for atlantic city. good soaking is on the way in case were you wondering fit is cold any of for snow. that is 30 inches of snow across i-95 corridor. so thankfully temperatures are in the 50's and not 20's. so for today rain developing after lunchtime. forty-eight in reading. fifty-three in philadelphia. fifty-five in millville. overnight tonight cloudy, damp , but soaking rain developing after midnight. overnight lows are warmer then normal high for this time of
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the year and in the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast we have issued accu weather alert for tomorrow, flood watch is also in effect for tonight and tomorrow. 53 degrees today with light rain developing after lunch. rain, heavier at times tomorrow 60. next round of rain arrives on thursday, warm again, with another high of 60. guys in. chris, thank you. it is 7:15. valentines day is coming up on wednesday, and if you are in need of romantic inspiration we have quite the couple we are about to introduce to you. >> they celebrated their seventh fifth wedding anniversary this past november , "action news" anchor tamala edward has their love story in this art of aging. >> reporter: janet and jesse r udnick are life long philadelphians but growing up they were two shifts. >> we went to the same elementary, junior high and high school. we lived four or five blocks apart. never met each other. >> reporter: they both went to temple university too and freshman math class, cupid's arrow finally struck.
7:16 am
>> sat down next to me and said you are from overbrook. two weeks later he said you are having trouble if you want me to help you, i will meet you in the library. >> reporter: they married a year later in 1942 just before jesse set off on basic training. >> we were under age, we had to have our parents come to get our marriage license. >> i said my mother i will do it. >> she liked it. >> reporter: couple settled in parkside for 58 years, before moving to the watermark retirement community in logan square in 2015. >> this is the room where we spend mess of our time. >> reporter: they have three children and six grandchildren >> philadelphia orchestra chamber music and theater. >> reporter: they share love of culture and each other's company. >> every summer we travel. >> we have visited all 50 states. >> we have been to asia, africa, jesse taught in nigeria. >> reporter: jesse was a math professor in temple where he met and tutored his bride in
7:17 am
the subject. >> she said to me you can teach anyone you want as long as it is in philadelphia. >> reporter: they base their marriage on a simple word. >> she told me if i accept her , she will accept mine. >> it is translated, peculiar ities. >> i'm not an easy person to get along with and she tolerated me. >> reporter: for 75 years and happily counting. >> if i had to live my life over i don't think i would have change anything. >> reporter: tamala edward for channel six "action news"
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good morning to you, 7:19 on a saturday morning, and 34 degrees out there sky 6hd via city hall cameras meteorologist chris sowers say prepare for some rain, today.
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here's a look what is happening in and around delaware and lehigh val thinks weekend. >> the pennsylvania horticultural society is holding a valentines workshop for families this morning. make a floral head piece or bouquet, held at 10:00 a.m. in the rothman could be inn at dilworth park outside city hall. program's free but registration is required. chris sowers, this is for you 20th annual philadelphia tattoo articulate fair, underway this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center , right there in center city. it features tattoo demonstrations, tattoo experts , local crafts and live performances. tickets will cost you $22 a day. today is your last day to adopt a four legged friend for free at camden county animal shelter which is celebrating the philadelphia eagles by embracing its own under dogs. the organization is waving the adoption fee for older animals in need of a forever home, puppies and kittens though are not included in the offer. we will be right back.
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the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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the future is for the unafraid. welcome back, 7:23, saturday morning, forecast for today cloudy skies, rain moving in shortly after lunchtime but once it arrives it will be steady, probably very quickly. so 52 degrees for the new jersey shore with some rain developing by afternoon, fill rain developing after lunch, 53. poconos temperatures door warm this time around 42 degrees is the high with light rain developing, late in the day. as we look at the water vapor shotty showed earlier in the broadcast. you can see everything coming out of the gulf of mexico all these bright shade of green, higher cloud tops, heavier rain, all this moisture lifting to the north east just like that and that means periods of heavier rain over the next couple days. temperature wise now part of the reason why this is rain
7:24 am
and not snow is arctic high is here, so we are seeing that cold's kind of drive-in across high plains. we need that high to be right here, supplying the cold air to kind of draining along eastern slopes of the appalachians. if the high were here it would be snow but high is he across the west and high plains and as it ride north along appalachian is it brings mild air with it. we are 34 right now. we will be in the 50's later this afternoon and in the 60's as we head into tomorrow afternoon. your jet stream looks like this we are lifting in the north today, overall, mild weekend and then most of next week same thing we will keep that cold locked in the pack north west, most of the eastern half of the u.s., will be mild. guys. >> thanks, chris. loving this warm up. eagles players continue to energy their big win at the super bowl. >> so are their fans. >> indeed they are. plus sixers take care of business in front of the home crowd. here's jeff skversky with your saturday morning sports.
7:25 am
believe it or not eagles center jason kelce still has a void after that epic rant during the super bowl parade and kelce's talking a big game too. the birds, her hungry. >> you guys were awesome. >> thank you, thank you. >> yep, though were kelce hanging out with eagles fans again last night signing autographs at karl's cards in havertown, kelce says the eagles are not done, parading down broad street, they are hungry dogs, hungry for more super bowl, and listen. >> certainly helps, because i speak for everybody when we say we want another one of them, but you know, i think, you know, bottom line is we have a lot of guys that have been hungry, and i don't think anybody is done yet. everybody is extremely hungry. our franchise quarterback we get back next year unfortunately didn't even get to play in the game so do you think he will be hungry? i imagine so. i don't think there is any lack of metvation at all, if anything, we have been here,
7:26 am
we're even more motivate todd keep going. >> wow. >> the eagles victory lap continues after running the streets of philadelphia in the parade, the eagles rerunning the philly special, up in the espn but all of the talk is, still, about kelce's speech. >> first of all, i saw his eyes, he was feeling pretty good, he was having a good day >> and, let your personality open or closed so everything else was history. >> did you have anye dewhat he was going to say, when he walk up there. >> you never know what kelce will say he will speak his heart, he left it all out there, i just tell him to keep going. >> listen to that for hours. so who is next to win champion ship in philadelphia. sixers star jell embiid says, the sixers, are next. eagles receiver torey smith anal shawn jeffery in the house, at the game, last night , jeffery looking sharp in that green suit, embiid looking sharp too against new
7:27 am
orleans, out scoring them all by himself in the first. twenty of his 24 points coming before the half, embiid with the double/double. sixteen boards as well, sixers up bias many as 35. dario saric getting in to the swing of things. sixers won 100-82, their sixth straight at home, champion ship, hopefully her contagious , sixers next, right first embiid needs some rest. they will face clippers later today. no markelle fultz, again last night, and that may be the case for the rest of the season. sixers general manager brian colangelo says he does not know if, and when, the number one pick will be back from his shoulder injury shooting a major issue. air bald an easy shot, in practice yesterday. his range, is only in the paint right now. >> we're talking about a situation where someone is re learning how to shoot a basketball and that was one of his elite skill sets and it is frustrating, but overall i think he is making great
7:28 am
stride in every capacity and we will see a better markelle fultz because of it. >> let's hope so. coming up at noon villanova and temple boat in action in college hoops. that is sports. have a good day. all right. well, we will have much more on "action news" this saturday morning. >> we will see you after the break. [ upbeat, energetic music ] let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time.
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there is an accu weather alert we will tracking a soaker for one half of your weekend. >> sky 6hd, it is showing you center city right now. clouds so low we can barely see tops of these sky scrapers downtown. if you have any errands that need to be done today is day to do it because tomorrow could be a wash out. all right. meteorologist chris sowers has been keeping track of the stormy weather and details with accu weather good morning , chris. >> good morning, guys. that image you showed is as nice as it will look all weekend long. once this rain starts it will continue, through sunday evening, and some of it will be heavier at times. there could be a thunderstorm thrown in there and there could be flooding as well. we will talk about that in a minute. in the meantime we will start off with temperatures. keep in mind normal low for this time of the year in philadelphia is 26, 27 degrees
7:31 am
, northwestern suburbs are closer to 22 or 23 lot at numbers right now. we are in the mid 30's in the region. go into south jersey, delaware upper 30's to mid 40's. atlantic city at 47. cape may, wildwood area, 44. millville 39. philadelphia 34. allentown 35. low level cloud in place right now, and those cloud will continue to thicken up over next few hours looking toward lower left hand part of the screen just completely cloudy day expected across most of the mid-atlantic states. it is in advance of the next system we're watching which will bring rain to the area shortly after lunchtime today. call from accu weather this afternoon rain developing, mild work a high of 53 degrees national weather service issued a flood watch up for the entire viewing area, it initial to effect later this evening, right through sunday evening and at lee one to 2 inches on have rain is expect, in those areas, that you see shaded there, and then , some locations, it could be three or three and a half inches of rain. it just depends where these
7:32 am
isolated thunderstorm develop. a good soaking is on the way. good news if you are not a snow lover or big fan of winter weather, it is all rain we're not expecting wintry precipitation with this round of moisture that is heading this way. when i come back in just a few minutes we will look closer at the accu weather seven day forecast but in the one but two, 60-degree days but two rain storms as well. we will have details coming up in a little bit, guys? >> thanks, chris. get updates to this weekend's rainy forecast and check storm tracker six live anytime right on your phone or tablet. six abc app is a free down load for your mobile device. your time right now 7:32. it is awe tall task but so worth it, work continues around the clock to bring the art museum back to normal following thursday's huge eagles parade and rally. >> that is right, 60 tons of trash have been removed so far but there is still some work that needs to be done. as "action news" reporter dann cuellar explains that could take sometime.
7:33 am
>> reporter: first lets give credit where credit is due city workers from the streets department have done a tremendous job in clearing upward of 60 tons of trash from philadelphia's cherished ben franklin parkway. they went at it with gusto. >> this was probably largest we have ever had to deal with in terms of the clean up effort. >> reporter: what a difference a day has made. >> amazing, they have done a good job at cleaning up. >> reporter: now is there something missing. >> i seem to remember grass at some point. >> reporter: not one blade of grass remains around or near eakins oval where hundreds of thousands of fans camped out all day for the super bowl parade celebration. >> oh, man it looks like a desolate waste land out here. >> bound to happen with that many people. >> this area is usually very beautiful but now it just looks like a war zone. i was walking down. it looks so desolate and different. >> reporter: spokesperson for parks and recreation say they are assessing damage from the parade. she said they typically seed and air rate parkway in the spring once weather breaks. they expect to follow same time line this year but we
7:34 am
will probably in the see any grass until about may. >> it is usually so beautiful. such an important monument, landmark of the city, it will look great once they finish it backup. >> i think they will get it back together fast. they have been doing work. >> the cost of victory so, you know fly eagles fly. >> reporter: through have it, folks at park and rec usually do a good job keeping up with the landscaping on the parkway and there is in reason to believe they will hand this will any differently. in center city, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". eagles players are heading the roth to hit the loyal fans nigel bradham continues his super bowl celebration with a visit to dick's sporting goods store in king of prussia last night. ten children each received a $125 gift card, and they each got to spend it on anything that they wanted in the store and even helped them pick out their presents. and, relive the history making day in philadelphia sports history on the six abc app, right now you can see videos from the biggest
7:35 am
moments and the celebration, including video from the action campaign chopper six and dozens of photos of eagles players and fans, enjoying the championship parade. your time right now 7:35. if you are just waking up with us, new information to tell but, two people escaped their home after a fire overnight. action cam at that scene, right there on the 1600 block of hazel avenue, in the cities cobbs creek section. fire fighters were called out just after 3:00 this morning when they got to this scene they say smoke was pouring from the first and second floors of that home. it took less than 20 minutes to bring this fire under control and it all started in a back bedroom on the second floor, in injuries were reported. a burn victim is being treated at temple university hospital after an incident on the cities juniata section, according to medics, the man suffered second degree burns over half of his body, and when fire fighters got to the scene on the 4200 block of palmetto street they say that there was in sign of a working fire and they are trying to figure out what happened. the israeli military case
7:36 am
it is carrying out a large scale attack against iranian targets in syria. forces first interest superintendented a drone that infiltrated israeli air space and military went on to destroy the sight in central syria that launch the aircraft syria has reportedly shot down an israeli war plane during the mission this marks israel 's most significant involvement in syria to date. and the winter olympics are underway in south korea where global event seems to be leading to some progress on the political front. north korea leader kim jong u.n. has reportedly invited south korean president moon jay in for a summit meeting. kim's sister, shown here verbally deliver the offer, during a lunchmeat nothing sewell, today. she's part of the north korean olympic delegation. south korea had been hoping to use it to ease tensions, and talk about north korea's nuclear program. president trump, republican leaders and top
7:37 am
democrats are all claiming big wins after massive budget agreement was signed into law just yet, biggest winner was the pentagon with the largest increase in military has ever seen. the 400 billion-dollar package goes to military and domestic programs. the new spending agreement keeps the government running until march 23rd but it leaves out money to protect so-called , dreamers, which could cost a democratic revolt and another shut down next month. the deadline for the daca program march 5th. from our new jersey news room governor phil murphy wants to ease burden of the taxpayers under a new federal tax plan. yesterday he called on law make tours send him legislation insuring state residents can bill property taxes as charitable contributions. the new law caps local tax deductions on federal returns at $10,000, and that is an issue for new jersians who pay the highest property tax in the country. 7:37. we are in for a warm up this weekend, that is good news but
7:38 am
down side to the thaw is it is , bringing more potholes, and that is a problem for drivers. penndot says that the cycle of freezing and melting creates cracks in the pavement and then, collapse under weight of the traffic. they are already patching, 60 to 70 highways a week to keep up with the demand. >> jana loan we received over 1800 customer calls and nearly 1300 of those were pot-hole related. >> in the city you can report a pothole by calling 311. if it is on a state road call one-800-fix-road and file a claim if your vehicle is damaged. still ahead on "action news" this saturday morning, the world empathized with a father as he lunged during a sentencing for a man sexually abused of gymnast and new that daddies giving back to help other victims. if you are looking to drop a few pounds, give soup a try how this winter dish could help you out.
7:39 am
plus meteorologist chris sowers will return with the update on the exclusive accu weather forecast as we leave with you this live picture of sky 6h hd of cape may, new jersey. >> beautiful. >> in for a rainy day. war back after this.
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some rare side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today... for your chance to win a free treatment. glad you are with us, your time 7:41. father personally affected by crimes of doctor larry nassar is hoping to help others impacted by sexual assault. he gain attention when he tried to attack gymnastics physician, in a michigan
7:42 am
courtroom. in less than a week he has raised $31,000 to help with any legal expense that is might occur. the man says he doesn't want the money and plans to donate to it charity for victims of abuse, margraves has three daughters who all spoke out against nassar's misconduct. bucks county authorities are searching for two men wanted for allegedly attacking their stepfather. bensalem police say alberto rodriguez and christopher stabbed their stepfather at berkley trace apartments thursday night. when police arrived they found victim louise calledderon suffering from multiple stab wounds. police advised residents to see them not approach them but to dial 911 immediately. police are searching for a 24 year-old man wanted for aggravated cruelty to an ago mal, garcia is, accused of killing a dog. officers responded to the 1400 block of route 113, on february 3rd, after someone
7:43 am
reported a man threatening, people in a home, and he may have killed a family's pet dog police found the dog with severe head trauma, wounds dead in the ditch near the house. officials believe garcia may attempt to flee back to his home country of honduras. philadelphia police searching for crooks who ransack a car and got away with super bowl tickets. police believe these men, caught there on surveillance are the suspects. they say car was parked at a garage on the 1,000 block of north delaware avenue in northern liberties january 26th, men were seen roaming the garage before allegedly swiping nearly $4,800 worth of items, including the tickets, to the game, and michael kors boots, louie vuitton purse and some money. atlantic city auction and car show is underway this weekend at the atlantic city convention center. three day event features american 400 vehicles, custom, classic cars, there are even a
7:44 am
couple cars that let you ride, in style, to show your eagles pride, at the same time. all right. 7:44 is your time. so glad you are there. >> there it is that cool car. >> yes. >> lets look the at forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, and says it is snowing >> yes, it is. >> it will be raining here later this afternoon. lets get you outside and show you view here as we await the rain, arriving shortly after lunchtime today. cloud will continue to lower, thicken. we could see patchy dense fog tomorrow morning. the next 24 to 36 hours just a really messy around here but it could always be worse. chi town just pick up a foot of snow. at least cold air isn't in place. even though this 34-degree temperature right now looks chilly aloft temperatures air above freezing. even if it started precipitating right now it wouldn't snow it would be in the form of a wintry mess like freezing rain, sleet or maybe just plane rain. all of the numbers will continue to climb over the
7:45 am
next couple of days. no wind chill out there the winds are calm. temperature wise lot at 40's showing up to the southe. you can see the direction of the arrows we are picking up milder ocean air now and that will continue to drive northwest war right through southeastern, pennsylvania, upstate new york, the rain/ snow line with this system is all the way up here in the green mountains of vermont, new hampshire, you have to go up across north new england to pick up wintry precipitation with this go around. there is storm tracker six you can see i have three areas i have circled here. this rain arrives today, this is tomorrow morning, this is tomorrow afternoon, and each one of these brings a period of heavier rain, to the area. round number two and three is where heaviest rain will fall, especially tomorrow morning right around six or 7:00 a.m. that rain will come down in buckets. all this moisture here will lift to the north over the next 24 to 36 hours, again, waves of low pressure kind of ride ago long a frontal boundary. you can see the kinks in these lines where they sit.
7:46 am
by sunday afternoon the front is right overtop of us. more heavier rain is expect at that point. here's round number 11:30 this afternoon light rain at first, picking up in intensity as day wears on. then we will catch a break later this evening nine or 10:00 o'clock this evening it is cloudy, perhaps a few spritz or sprinkles, something like that but in driving rain until we get into tomorrow morning at round number two and then you can see yellow, orange and red, starting to show up, downpours with rumble s of thunder, there will be flooding issues, developing early sunday morning because of the frozen ground and heavier rain developing in a shore period of time. then sunday afternoon round number three, same thing, heavy, driving rains for a short period of time and then this front hits coast sunday night and then everything clears from west to east. to summit up rain develops between one and 3:00 this afternoon, heaviest rain should occur tomorrow morning. there will be another heavy round as we get into tomorrow afternoon. generally speaking we are looking at one to 2 inches of rain with isolated heavier
7:47 am
amounts to 3 inches and there will be flooding issues out there especially on roads, back roadways, major highways, low lying areas and areas of poor drainage. both of these are on the high side. smaller creeks and streams i would put on the high side as well, major rivers we are only looks at a moderate risk. cloudy and mild today. rain developing this afternoon 53 degrees is the afternoon forecast high. morning is fine. after lunch we will see rain drops here. temperatures quickly climbing to the 40's. by 2:00, 52. same number by 4:00 this afternoon. then soaking rain after midnight evening is okay, after midnight when this heavier rain arrives, dense fog by tomorrow morning and 41 , 47 for center city. in the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast we have issued an accu weather alert you can see red stripe there for sunday because of the heavier rain and potential for flooding is there a flood watch that is in effect for the national weather service for the whole area 53 today would have a noon inn ra. heavy rain for tomorrow 60
7:48 am
degrees, next round of rain arrives on thursday and another 60-degree high. >> we will take 60's with all that rain. >> i mean what do they say april showers bring may flowers so we will get flowers early this year. >> sounds good to me. >> yes. brand new fyi philly will help you treat your valentines really special. >> plus we are celebrating black history month with a brand new visions, here are rick williams and melissa magee. are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients... ...and infused with air.
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for 100% conditioning, with 0% weight. strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner.
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thanks for staying with us this saturday morning 7:50. we are taking a live look via sky 6hd temple university camera looking at center city philadelphia. health check this morning are you struggling with your new years resolution to loose a few pounds. is there a new trend that may help you. souping has become more popular with those who are trying to drop the weight.
7:51 am
it is ranked on pinterest top 10 food trends for 2018 but soup isn't often thought of as a weight loss tool. >> the soups are a great option still when you are sick because it is giving you fluid s to help you stay hydrated, it is very easy to get dehydrated when you are sick. >> according to profession or of nutritional sciencees at penn state soup and water in food when keep your stomach fuller able helps stabilize blood sugar. the water in the soup soup add s weight and volume to help you feel satisfied without the extra calories. and the f.d.a. issued a warning for popular herb april supplements used to treat pain , they say, craycome effect is it same way as opioids. researchers, linked to it 44 deaths but critics say that research is flawed because they say some of the victims were mixing witt other drugs,
7:52 am
only a handfull of scientists believe the herb is beneficial time is 7:52. researchers say sleepy drivers are a bigger risk factor in car crashes then they previously thought. new study find drowsy driving is a factor in nearly 10 percent of crashes, and it comes more than three times, more dangerous during the night time hours. study says u.s. government statistics indicate that only one to 2 percent of all accidents involving driving while drowsy. well, next meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the accu weather forecast. >> stay with us, we will be right back as we look live at philadelphia international airport, in the raining just yet but hold on the rain is coming we will be right back after this. [ upbeat, energetic music ]
7:53 am
let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
7:55 am
the future is for the unafraid. milwaukee wisconsin police officer and his father made an unbelievable find in the snow works man called police for some help after she lost her wedding ring, in the snow, so one officer called his dad, who happens to have a metal detector and more than an hour later, the device pick up the lost jewelry buried there in the snow, the officer's dad personally placed that bling on the woman's hand and received a big old hug when he return. >> that is cute. >> lets check that weather. >> okay, that is within thing we will not see around here. >> bling. >> in bling either. snow, we will not see anything like that. it is interesting looking at the latest forecast information, and if it were cold enough, we would see about 34 inches of snow with this system that we will pick up overnight tonight and into tomorrow. be thankful temperatures look like that, 53 today and 60 for tomorrow, light rain developing after lunchtime we
7:56 am
will catch a break this evening and then another round after midnight tonight. that heavier round will move through the area tomorrow morning followed by a third round, as we get into tomorrow afternoon. so basically weekend looks like a real mess around the philadelphia area. >> but silver lining is warm up. >> yes, it is rain, not snow. thanks very much. we are a few minutes from saying good morning to good morning america. >> here's dan harris with a preview. >> good morning, gray, christie. coming up, president trump blocks release of the democratic parties russia memo yes is keeping that document classified after pushing so hard for republicans to have their memo released. furious reaction to that as well as trump's positive comments about his staff era accused of domestic violence. plus new warning about the flu , as hospitals, say that these seasons threatening to break record. cdc is warning it is possible to be effect with both strains of the virus highlights from the winter games and major development off the field peace offering from the north koreans, how significant is
7:57 am
this? it is all coming up on gm a. we will see view soon. "action news" continues at 9:00 here's some of the stories we are working for you on a budget can score a bouquet a deal in new jersey how you can get the perfect, without spending too much green. >> monthly fundraiser could help you, break a smile, and we will tell you where you can find yoga, with puppies. how about that within. now for meteorologist chris sowers, and christie ileto and the entire "action news" team i'm gray hall, make it a great day. >> ♪
7:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, blocking the memo. president trump refusing to declassify the democratic rebuttal to republican claims that the fbi abused its surveillance authority. this as a presidential speech writer resigns amidst abuse allegations while the president expresses sympathy for former presidential aide rob porter. >> he says he's innocent, and i think you have to remember that. >> and what will happen now to chief of staff john kelly? winter blast. the midwest pounded by heavy snow. havoc on the roads, drivers sliding down the highway. major airport delays and the flood threat on the way. killer flu season. deaths on the rise. more than 60 children passing away from flu-related illness


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