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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, blocking the memo. president trump refusing to declassify the democratic rebuttal to republican claims that the fbi abused its surveillance authority. this as a presidential speech writer resigns amidst abuse allegations while the president expresses sympathy for former presidential aide rob porter. >> he says he's innocent, and i think you have to remember that. >> and what will happen now to chief of staff john kelly? winter blast. the midwest pounded by heavy snow. havoc on the roads, drivers sliding down the highway. major airport delays and the flood threat on the way. killer flu season. deaths on the rise. more than 60 children passing away from flu-related illness
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and the cdc now warning if you get it once, you can get it again. and olympic opener. the global gathering gets underway. the pomp and pageantry at the opening ceremony. american athletes ready to do their country proud. drones front and center this year. also a critical moment behind the scenes and that flag bearer is back and heating up the games. good morning. let's take a live look at the olympic village in pyeongchang. it is cold out there. check out the u.s. women's bobsled team dancing to stay warm. i think that's the dougie or the stanky leg. what are they doing? >> a little bit of a dab in the beginning, dan. that might be the stanky leg. >> i apparently don't know what's going on. >> this is really cool. i can't figure out how to do it. >> backpack kid. >> what is it called? >> backpack kid. >> well, they can bobsled and they can dance. amy robach will have the latest olympic news coming up but
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before we get to the rest of the day's news, an announcement, our ginger zee gave birth to a healthy baby boy overnight. a huge congratulations to ginger. >> huge. >> absolutely. >> while ginger is on maternity leave rob will fill in on the weekday "gma" and took a chance on an obscure weatherman by the name of sam champion. >> sam, that laugh. >> i know. >> irreplaceable. >> filling the halls once again. >> are you laughing because we actually duped you back into coming back? >> he's laughing at us. >> no. >> we know that you have been enjoying your time and have seen your photos on instagram. dan is particularly jealous of these photos. someplace warmer but it's so great to have you. >> it's great to be here, by the way. >> what is this? >> he's getting a massage. >> that's the ohio river in paducah. >> that shot is photoshopped. >> that's not. >> come on. >> i didn't know we would see a shirtless sam champion. >> i had no idea we were going to do all of this. all right. that's lovely.
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let's go live. >> sam, we love you. thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> no more of those pictures. you made be very jealous. much more from sam coming up. not the pictures, the actual weather. we do want to start with two big headlines out of the white house this morning including another staffer stepping down amidst allegations of domestic abuse and a provocative move by the president overnight. he announced he will not be releasing the democratic response to the republican memo alleging the fbi abused its power. >> we do have team coverage this saturday morning and we start with abc's stephanie ramos who is in washington. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. yeah, a stunner here in washington. the trump administration is not immediately releasing the ten-page memo crafted by democrats on the house intel committee. the memo is a response to the republican memo claiming the fbi and doj were biased and improperly requested surveillance of former trump campaign adviser carter page. now, in the democrats' memo they describe why law enforcement officials wanted to surveil page. democrats also say the republican memo led by house
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intelligence chairman devin nunes of california is misleading and omits key facts. the fbi and doj did raise security concerns to the white house over both the republican and democratic memo s. the president releasing the republican memo despite those concerns but citing them as the reason why he refuses to declassify the democratic rebuttal. paula. >> stephanie, what are the democrats saying about all this? >> reporter: well, there have been quite a few tweets over this. democratic senator dianne feinstein said one week after he released the misleading and incomplete nunes memo, president trump tonight blocked the release of the schiff memo that sought to fill in the holes. this is hypocrisy at its worst. now, the white house counsel don mcgahn told those on the house intelligence committee they could revise it to address national security concerns. congress could vote to overrule the president's decision. but the chances of that happening are very low. back over to you guys.
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>> all right, stephanie, reporting from washington. the other big headline, word of a new resignation in the white house, a speech writer stepping down after domestic abuse allegations were made by his former wife. >> and this comes on the heels of an extraordinary moment in the oval office on friday. the president sending well wishes to another top staffer accused of domestic violence, sources now tell abc news that the chief of staff john kelly has expressed to the president his willingless to resign over his handling of this whole matter so let's go straight to abc's david wright at the white house this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the departure of one high-profile aide amid allegations of domestic abuse was already big news here at the white house. now comes this other resignation overnight for similar reasons, this time speech writer david sorensen. suffice to say, this morning the west wing is in turmoil. 45-year-old david sorensen resigned as a presidential speech writer after his ex-wife accused him of being violent and emotionally abusive during their 2 1/2-year marriage.
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sorensen denies the allegations but according to "the washington post," which broke the story, he says he stepped down because he didn't want the white house to have to deal with this distraction. the president was already struggling to absorb the resignation of former staff secretary rob porter amid allegations he abused both his former wives. >> we certainly wish him well. it's an obviously tough time for him. he did a very good job when he was in the white house. and we hope he has a wonderful career and hopefully he will have a great career ahead of him but it was very sad when we heard about it and certainly he's also very sad. now he also, as you probably know, he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that. he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. >> reporter: the president expressed his sympathies for porter, who vehemently denies
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the allegations but made no mention of the two women. both of porter's ex-wives went public. one, colbie holderness, released this photo of a black eye she says porter caused. the other, jennie willoughby, told cnn -- >> yeah, i was scared. >> and you called the police. >> and i did call the police. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the president is furious about how his senior staff handled the situation. chief of staff john kelly reportedly knew about the allegations for months, but continued to defend porter. sources tell abc news kelly has told the president he's willing to resign. this isn't the first time president trump has come to the defense of a man accused of sexual misconduct, whether it's broadcaster bill o'reilly or alabama senate candidate roy moore. >> what do you say to women? >> let me just tell you roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it and, by the way, he totally denies it.
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>> reporter: even himself when more than a dozen women accused him of misconduct after what he said on that "access hollywood" bus -- now, sources tell abc news the president has -- that chief of staff john kelly was already on thin ice with the president and now on even thinner ice. the president has even reached out to several confidants about possibly replacing kelly, but no announcements expected just yet. dan and paula. >> david wright at the white house, thank you. for more let's bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd. matt, good morning. let's talk about the political consequences to this story about the allegations of domestic abuse. do you think that the president is going to be forced to part ways with his chief of staff? do you also think maybe this could inflame female voters as we head into the midterms at a time when female voters are expected to play a big role? >> reporter: well, dan, i think the question becomes is this is
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becoming a cultural problem at the white house, which seems to have infected everybody starting from the top down. when you have a president that uses he and him and never says she and her in a statement on this, it's obviously widespread in the middle of this. i think it's going to have harm and it's going to harm the republicans in the general election. but it's not only women voters, it's men voters look at this and say, this is not how we ought to conduct ourselves as a society. >> let's switch gears a little bit. we might need a flowchart for all of this. so i trust you have this handy white board behind you, erase board. what is your take on how the president is handling this? >> well, as reported coming into this segment, how he's treated the one memo is so different than how he treated the other memo. when the fbi and justice department objected to one, he went ahead and did it and they object to this one and he decides not to.
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it's as if, if you print it on red paper it's fine, blue paper, it's not and shows this white house's goal was not transparency, it was not transparency, it was how do i get a document out there which will help me politically. >> yeah, even though they've said publicly that transparency was the goal of releasing that republican memo. matt dowd from texas this morning. matt, hope it's a lot warmer than it is in new york. >> it's nice here. thanks. >> all right, thank you, matt. we do want to move on to a dangerous new development overnight in the syrian war. >> yeah, israel is now getting involved and abc's jennifer eccleston is live in london with news of a fighter jet crash. jennifer, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. this is, indeed, a dangerous escalation in syria's seven-year-old war. what could be israel's direct engagement, israeli jet taken down by anti-aircraft fire from government sources in syria. that f-16 jet then crashing back into northern israel.
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the pilots ejected and are in the hospital. one is seriously injured. now, israeli officials are confirming that jet along with others carried out raids in syria after a drone was shot down over israel earlier this morning. they say it was iranian and launched from iranian linked bases supporting the syrian regime. just hours ago, more israeli strikes hitting syrian air defenses and iranian targets, 12 in total, and an israeli military spokesman said iran is playing with fire. the syrians deny that and called today's air strikes a terrorist attack. dan and paula. >> all right, jennifer, thank you. a lot to worry about in that region. back at home a lot to worry about when it comes to the flu. new numbers from the cdc saying at least 63 children have died from the flu so far this season and now there's word of another threat. >> yeah, there are reports of people this morning who have recovered from the flu getting sick with a different strain of the virus, and abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: flu season is raging and it's getting worse.
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one in ten deaths in the u.s. last week due to flu or pneumonia. so far this season 63 children have also died from flu-related illnesses. 14-year-old gabriella chabo of california dying this week. ers across the country including this one in new york packed. the number of flu patients surging almost doubling in recent weeks. the number of severe cases also up. >> we've had a lot more patients admitted in the hospital who we've diagnosed with influenza. >> reporter: already more than 17,000 hospitalizations nationwide on track to break records. one group hit hard this year, 55 to 64-year-olds. angie barwise from texas got the flu around christmas. she got better, but a month later she was in the er with a different strain of the virus. >> i left for just a few minutes, thought everything was going to be okay and got a phone
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call that she had just passed. >> reporter: her family says she never got the flu shot. the cdc urging even those who have had the flu and recovered to get a flu shot as soon as they are better. the cdc saying multiple strains are active, and they are seeing an uptick in the "b" strain of the flu. >> it's possible to get more than one flu infection in a season, and we've been hearing reports of that recently. >> reporter: and here in new york, a third child's death now connected to the flu. officials are telling us even if you have a mild case of the flu, stay home so that you don't infect anyone else. guys. >> yeah, that's really important. eva, thank you. we're going to turn now to the winter games, and there is news both off and on the field. >> of course, that's after a rousing opening ceremony. amy robach has been covering all the action for us from pyeongchang. amy, good morning or should i say good evening where you are in south korea? >> yes, it is, indeed, evening here, dan and paula, but great to be with you nonetheless. the opening ceremony
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in pyeongchang kicking off what will be the biggest winter olympics game ever. nearly 3,000 athletes competing from 92 different countries, both the spotlight at the opening ceremony on the unexpected show of unity between north and south korea. as the games begin in pyeongchang, this groundbreaking moment, kim jong-un extending an invitation presented by his sister to south korean president moon jae-in to visit the north korea capital pyongyang potentially setting up the first major meeting between korean leaders in over ten years. >> it's a powerful moment. >> reporter: revolutionary signs of unity bringing together the divided peninsula. athletes from north and south korea marching out under one unified flag to a korean folk song about longing and reunification running side by side for the much anticipated lighting of the torch. leaders even shaking hands in the stands. but no such interaction from vice president mike pence who was sitting just a few feet away directly in front of north korean leader kim jong-un's
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sister. back on the slopes, the athletes breaking the ice, so far team usa empty-handed, not winning any medals. american snowboarder kyle mack fully executing his runs during the slopestyle qualifier but then crashing on his final jump. on friday, the open ceremony highlighting the heart and soul of south korea setting the stage for the stars to shine. team usa, the biggest in winter olympics history with 242 athletes. russian athletes entering under the olympic flag carried by a volunteer. the russian team, its flag and colors banned from these games as punishment for the government's doping scandal, but the spotlight was on tonga's flag bearer, the guy known for going shirtless in the summer games doing it again even in the frigid cold. the show ran 2 hours and 18 minutes. that is relatively short by olympic standards. rio went nearly four hours.
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events today include men's alpine skiing and snowboarding, ski jumping and the figure skating team event. but, guys, i got to say, looking at that tongan flag bearer, i thought i was looking at sam champion. >> just going to say that. amy, you read my mind. >> sam doesn't use as much oil. >> he should, though. you can really get sunburn out there wherever sam lives his life these days. hey, aim great job out there we will take over, sam, here. >> okay, great. >> and we will return to the weather as a matter of fact perfect segway midwest digging out from a snowstorm roads a mass chain reaction crashes, and turns deadly. >> brace yourself for possibility of some cancellations even delays as we have sam here filling in for rob this morning, hi there , sam. >> why are you wearing a shirt i want to give everybody a leather another big push of arctic air for 23rd of the country and comes with winter storm gusty winds and very
8:17 am
heavy flooding rain as well but concentrate on the blue areas you can see wind chills will be from 35 below so be prepared for that and then look at the pink zone, purple zones there, from kansas into missouri, oklahoma, this is freezing drizzle, freezing rain, it looks wet, it is not incredibly difficult to drive. blank
8:18 am
airports in chicago and detroit are hit the hardest. we have been through this a couple times this winter but this is going to be a really, rough next couple days. so here's the plan, one thing to let you guys know there will be a lot of heavy flooding rain throughout south e areas that got snow will get a little bit more snow today and that snow continues to move and fall apart. for those areas like chicago, already 7 inches this is a big deal because we have not had snow except for this week and detroit 8 inches of snow and then somewhere in the middle there about 4 inches a little bit west of it. this heavy rain will be flooding, flooding rain we have to be prepared for that street flooding that is weather around nation here's what you can expect this morning. >> thanks, sam. good morning i'm meteorologist chris sowers this accu weather update radar clear for now, lets get you outside rain knocking on the door though don't go too far to the southwest just beyond d.c. to pick up first rain drops here and you can see low level cloud beginning to cover up the sky scrapers here so cloud continue to lower and thicken rain developing shortly after
8:19 am
lunchtime, 53 degrees and we have issued an accu weather alert tomorrow for possibility of flooding and more heavy rain highs around 60. we concentrate on the west coast, san francisco, a run of record highs, does that end today? >> so that means you're coming back the next half hour? dan didn't scare you off. >> i'm right here. >> ron, let's check in with you. what's going on? >> good morning to all the crew. good morning, everyone. we'll begin with las vegas, nevada, with the autopsy report on stephen paddock, the gunman who opened fire on a crowded concert killing 58 people last october. the report says paddock had anti-anxiety drugs in his system but says he was not under their influence at the time of that shooting. the autopsy also finding that paddock was healthy and sober when he carried out the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. in georgia one officer was killed and two deputies wounded while serving an arrest warrant in locust grove south of atlanta. the suspect shot dead after he opened fire on those officers.
8:20 am
the splain officer identified as chase maddox. he was 26 years of age. his wife expecting their second child any day now. the two wounded deputies are expected to survive. in virginia, former virginia tech college student david eisenhauer entered a no contest plea on friday ending his trial for allegedly stabbing to death a 13-year-old girl that he met online. the 20-year-old faces charges of first degree murder and concealing a body in the death of seventh grader nicole lovell in 2016. prosecutors say eisenhower committed the murder to conceal his relationship with the underage girl. and another wild ride on the u.s. stock market. the dow jones industrial average gaining more than 330 points on friday but still posting its worst week in two years. the dow rallied from more than 400 points down late friday closing at 24,190. the dow overall losing 5% for the week after experiencing two drops more than a thousand
8:21 am
points plus two 300-point plus gains. finally a public school in tokyo is coming under fire for its choice of uniforms. seems to be nothing wrong with the simple but sleek uniform until you look at the price tag. more than $700. >> what? >> in u.s. dollars for a set minus the extras like a hat or bag and there is a good reason for it. they're designed by giorgio armani. a stool -- school official says stylish duds fit the school's posh neighborhood, a school official says. 700 bucks. >> 700 bucks and at that price i'm only getting one. oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> almost as much -- no, your suit is a little bit more. right? a couple grand. >> wait, wait, but they have to be style oich for the neighborhood? so your school uniforms have -- no. >> time to move. time to move. >> if they don't want to pay the price for the uniforms, they probably don't have to enroll their kids in that school. >> you don't understand tokyo. coming up on "gma," a lawmaker known for her support of the me too movement finds herself accused of sexual misconduct by a former staffer
8:22 am
who is now speaking out. and drones soaring over south korea creating a stunning opening ceremony moment. the world record they set and why you'll be seeing a lot more of them during the winter games. taylor swift's behind-the-scenes look at her video and what ed sheeran reveals about how he wrote his verses when "gma" comes back and, by the way, more sam champion. "good morning america" is brought to you by flonase sensimist allergy relief. powerful relief in a gentle mist. relief. for all the people who sneeze around dust. there's flonase sensimist allergy relief. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. flonase sensimist.
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one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. well, good morning 8:27 on this saturday february 10th i'm gray hall, it is an overcast day accu weather is tracking a weekend wash outlets get over to chris sowers for an autopsy date, chris. >> it begins later this afternoon probably shortly after lunchtime rain begins and then pick up in intensity in the late afternoon hours 53 and it will come overnight mid
8:28 am
60 degrees. monday, tuesday, wednesday look okay. then more rain for thursday, but it is mild with a high of 60. gray. >> thanks, very much. "action news" will be back in about 30 minutes, stay tuned new for more good morning america, i'm gray hall, make it a great day. blank
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, president trump refusing to declassify the democratic rebuttal to republican claims the fbi abused its surveillance authority. outraged democrats calling this hypocrisy after the president released a rival memo drafted by republicans and later claimed it vindicated him in the russia investigation. also right now, ads pulled. more problems for youtube sensation logan paul as the channel temporarily suspends advertising on his popular channel, cutting off his paycheck citing dangerous behavior. youtube taking issue with two video that is were posted this week. one showing paul tasering a rat. the other, they say, had paul encouraging his followers to take the dangerous tide pod challenge. >> the watched the video. it was a dead rat he tasered. just making a note. >> just a little
8:31 am
contextualizati contextualization. >> i'm letting you know the rat was already dead. >> thank you, adrienne. also, mardi gras beads are flying in new orleans. the biggest party weekend kicking off with the 48th annual greasing of the poles in the french quarter to stop revelers from climbing up to the balcony of the historic royal sinesta hotel. the parades and parties all -- >> i think they may have several meanings for that. >> didn't they do that for the super bowl or something? >> we'll take the g-rated version. >> leave it alone, man. leave it alone. >> let it go. >> this is g-rated television. >> keep it clean. >> stop greasing the poles, guys. >> keep it clean. >> let's move on. >> okay. >> yes, coming up on the show this morning, how drones are being used at the olympics setting records and creating a spectacle up there in the sky. we're going to talk about that coming up. but first the female lawmaker in california now facing allegations of sexual misconduct. assemblywoman cristina garcia is an outspoken advocate of the #metoo movement
8:32 am
but now a former legislative staff member is accusing her of groping him which she denies and abc's marci gonzalez joins us from our l.a. bureau with more on these claims. marci, good morning. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. he said he decided to come forward because he felt her advocacy contradicted her alleged actions, garcia announcing she is taking an unpaid leave of absence encouraging a thorough investigation. this morning, this california legislator known for her fierce advocacy on women's issues. >> it's time. the time is up. it's time that we have a difference. >> reporter: outspoken support for the me too movement. >> we should not have to be on your shoulders to make this change. >> reporter: now herself facing sexual misconduct allegations. >> i remember thinking, okay, you know, what she's describing as inappropriate is exactly what happened to me, and that really bothered me. >> reporter: daniel fierro seen here with his wife says after a softball game in sacramento in 2014, state assemblywoman
8:33 am
cristina garcia was seemingly inebriated when she made unwanted advances. >> she moved her hand up to my upper back, and then she dropped her hand to my butt and squeezed and then at that point i knew that this had gone in a direction i didn't want it to go at all. and as i walked past her, she grabbed for my crotch. >> reporter: the former staffer says several weeks ago he told the assemblyman who he used to work under who reported the incident and politico writes a second accuser has made similar claims. >> sexual harassment can happen to men and women and it is something that we need to deal with and something that we need to address. >> reporter: garcia now taking an unpaid leave of absence writing in a statement, i am certain i did not engage in the behavior i am accused of, however, as i've said before, any claims about sexual harassment must be taken seriously. >> we need to be able to hold each other to a high standard and hold each other accountable. >> reporter: and in another case unfolding in wyoming, the secretary of state there, ed
8:34 am
murray, announcing his resignation following accusations by two women of misconduct decades ago. murray denies one of the incidents and says he doesn't recall the other. dan, paula. >> all right, marci, thank you very much for that report. marci gonzalez reporting from los angeles this morning. let's get back to sam champion who is in for rob this weekend and many weekends to come. good morning, everybody, let's talk about the west because we have talk about that big cold air that is affecting 23rd of the country over next few days but in the west it has been so warm, so dry we have had about nine, high temperature record set in san francisco but today is day we drop it, and, it was eight, 83 degrees the cool air will dip in. look at the fire danger and look right around l.a. area, reason we're concern is you will never forget those pictures of everything around interstate on fire, in that area, we still have that high fire danger in that zone. watch jet stream riding high in the northwest, and it drops into southern california, this goodies news and we will get
8:35 am
rain in southern california. very good news there. please be careful in the middle of the country with this cold air and all that rain and slick stuff that starts to move east over next couple days. that is weather around the nation here's what you can expect this morning. >> good morning, everybody i'm meteorologist chris soars with this accu weather update that jet stream will be climbing in the east and lot at result in the seven day forecast mild air, floods the area, 53 degrees today with rain in the afternoon and then heavy rain for tomorrow. right now. >> i know. i could use a little bit. >> i woke up this morning feeling so tired and then i got here and i realized i was going to have sam champion to pick on all morning. >> all day. >> yeah, i'm like -- >> don't scare him off because he's going to be here a couple of months. >> if you missed the top of the show sam is going to be here because rob is filling in for ginger who just had her baby.
8:36 am
the chart is confusing but the net result is very positive. we're really happy to have you. >> the dominos fell in our favor. >> yes, they did. >> we all pitch in. can you imagine having a toddler and a baby in the house at the same time? >> yes, i've done it. >> yeah. ginger is not relaxing right now. she's in full on got a lot to do. >> she absolutely is. coming up on "gma," the high-flying pageantry at the winter games. drones stealing the show at the opening ceremony. and why your morning bowl of lucky charms is going to look a whole lot different. that's straight ahead in "pop news." what are they doing to our lucky charm, adrienne? >> i just hope they taste the same. >> i do too. >> yeah. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party. because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended.
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tens of millions of people all over the planet tuning in for the opening ceremony of the winter games. >> and stealing the show this year, a drone performance that is shattering world records. abc's matt gutman joins us from pyeongchang with more. hi there, matt. >> reporter: hey, paula. i was actually in that stadium last night watching it and what we saw, those swarms of drones, almost seemed too incredible to be real, but they were real and some of those figures that you saw were over 300 feet high. now, incredibly these drones and i got a loner here from intel weigh less than a pound but put a thousand of them or more in the air at the same time and
8:41 am
they create something that's now being called digital fireworks. the drone show broadcast during the opening ceremony didn't just dazzle, it smashed a world record. 1,218 drones set aloft by intel creating the largest ever swarm of synchronized drones, the largest number of drones previous to that, just over 500. the drones creating animated three-dimensional figures. that snowboarder coasting through the sky over imaginary bumps. a dove fluttering in the stars and, of course, the olympic rings. so what's that in your hand? >> so, this is the intel shooting star drone. and this is the drone that flew at the opening ceremony. 1200 of these flew to create the snowboarder and olympic ring. this weighs 330 grams. it's about the weight of a volleyball, right, and the reason why we wanted to do that was for safety in mind and wanted to make it plastic and foam. we wanted to make it
8:42 am
lightweight. >> reporter: a smaller number of drones will fly here every night during the medal ceremonies. >> this is something that's completely different from what you've ever seen before. >> yeah. >> it's a new form of storytelling, right? it's something where it's sort of like digital fireworks. >> reporter: the drones rely on sophisticated software that controls the swarms. it's beautiful, but it's not easy. >> there have been a lot of challenges. you can never predict weather. >> reporter: the drones can only fly in certain areas under certain conditions. what the olympic committee has described as logistical issues caused the cancellation of the live drone show during last night's opening ceremonies. intel's drones have made a number of cameos lately including last year's super bowl halftime show painting that giant american flag behind lady gaga and for the premiere of the movie "wonder woman." >> the possibilities are endless. you literally have a point of light, multiple points of light that you can control in the sky and it's something that can create such a beautiful experience,
8:43 am
that's what we want to create across the world. ♪ >> now, what's incredible is that less than two pilots can operate those thousand plus drones at one time. you know, we mentioned some of the conditions that could ground the drones, the cold is one of them because they run on battery and the cold absolutely zaps the battery. of these things. the other issue is the wind. you may be seeing it flapping behind me, maybe in my face, it is really cold out here with a windchill right now, guys of zero degrees. zero. >> zero. well, hey, if tonga man can enter the opening ceremony wearing nothing, we think that it's not that cold, right? >> you know what, i'll be impressed by those drones when they start delivering dinner. thank you, matt gutman. >> thanks, matt. >> return the drone. coming up, teaching your kids to use social media responsibly coming up in our "weekend download." ad."
8:44 am
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time for the download and talking about parenting in this age of social media. even young children want to post pictures of themselves these days and here with some advice on the topic is parenting expert ericka souter from the website thanks for joining us. appreciate it. there's no getting around the fact we are raising children in the age of social media. >> oh, yeah, it's a part of our everyday life and younger and younger children are using it and parents are finding a hard time telling their kids, no, they can't use social media because everyone in the family is doing it, so we even see that there are some applications like facebook that has messenger for kid, which targets kids as young as 6 years old. >> so, what's the best way to help kids navigate this environment?
8:48 am
>> well, if you are going to allow your kids to use it, there are certain guidelines you need to set up. number one, have rules. there are certain times of the day they can use it and only certain people they can contact through social media and there may be rules, it has to be after the homework is done or only on the weekend or when another parent is in the room. >> if you want your children to have good habits in any area you have to be a good role model and this is another case of that. >> this is a prime example of that. if you're constantly on your social media all the time and not paying a lot of attention to anything else, they'll model that. if you're trolling or being snarky or being mean on social media, they're going to do the same thing. you have to be the person you want your kids to be even on social media. >> i'm going to stop sending you mean tweets. so, we just have a few seconds here, but is this something maybe a child and a parent can do together? >> absolutely. that's a great idea. in our family we create a shared album with the grandparents and we add -- we upload pictures with our son.
8:49 am
you can also send group texts together with the grandparents sharing information about little league games or a great test score so it could become a family event and that goes a long way in teaching your kids how to have a good relationship and good behavior on social media. >> social media can be a great tool. just how you use it. >> it's how you use it. >> ericka souter from thank you very much. really appreciate it. we'll be right back with "pop news." we'll be back with "pop news." ♪ volunteer at state farm. take a momwith lindor.d... smooth, melting, crafted by the lindt master chocolatiers. whenever, wherever. lindor, from lindt. life's too short for ordinary chocolate.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. time for "pop news" and the multitalented adrienne bankert. >> thank you for that introduction, dan harris. let's get right to it. taylor swift sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her latest video "end game" featuring future and ed sheeran and in the clip, sheeran reveals he wrote his verses in a new york hotel room after waking up from a dream. obviously the two have a big friendship the way taylor teases him about how he's sitting or standing. >> he tries to elevate himself just like geographically so that he can seem better than me.
8:54 am
you're really peacocking right now. >> it's only because you wear [ bleep ] heels all the time. >> look what i did for you today. >> bottom line, he's shorter than her. >> i know how that feels. >> peacocking? >> peacocking right now. let's move on to the next story. fans of the netflix series "the crown" which i know a lot of you are are being offered the chance of a lifetime. a walk-on role sharing a scene with none other than the queen olivia colman taking over the role of elizabeth from claire foy. >> she's great, by the way. she is -- >> pick me, pick me. >> she is really, really talented. >> well, i think a lot of fans -- >> it's a great show. >> you know, this is a very, very cool thing. it will benefit the british heart foundation and you get prizes including a photo shoot with a world renowned "vogue" photographer. >> well, of course. >> yes, you can get more information. >> is that the same photographer that took those pictures of sam. >> all right. here we go. >> we just want to talk about shirtless sam today, don't we, dan harris. >> let's turn to the one of the
8:55 am
world's most popular cereals. i'm here to tell you about changes coming. breaking news, those little hour shaped yellow marshmallows are retired. going away. >> i didn't even know they existed. >> i didn't know they were hourglasses. >> i just know they were rainbows. >> it's exhausting to be an hourglass marshmallow. you need some time off. >> you know about retirement. it can be exciting. it can be a lot of fun. okay, now moving on to a much spicier story, "gma's" rob marciano the latest celebrity to take part in the als hot pepper challenge. take a look. >> hey, guys, i'm going to take part in the als pepper challenge in honor of my create beautiful cousin angela who along with thousands of others are stricken with this horrible disease. >> go, go, go. >> oh. >> i got this. i got this. now i challenge the "gma" weekend team, dan,
8:56 am
horror paula, adrienne, ron and yes, you too, sam champion. >> it's a great challenge. you can write a check. >> will ron claiborne do it? >> we'll hear the answer tomorrow. see you guys. i'm gray hall with christie ileto. coming up next on "action news" saturday at 9:00 just how big was thursday eagles super bowl celebration. a break down of the preliminary numbers. sky 6hd taking a live look at center city sky line, cloudy, dry for now but wet weather could put a damper on your plans tonight and tomorrow. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accu weather forecast. those stories and more next on "action news"/saturday
8:57 am
morning. z2p9hz z5yz
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y2p9hy y5yy
8:59 am
"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with gray hall, and meteorologist chris sowers. good morning to you, it is saturday february 10th aim gray hall alongside christie ileto. >> here are some of the stories we are following for
9:00 am
you right now on "action news" prison inmate was shot a short time after being released from what police say he tried to do was it outfit? fan interaction? or speech that made jason kelce a star during the super bowl parade? hear what fans say about the stand out player. pennsylvania's governor calls for big changes in the voting booth is a head of the midterm elections. those stories and more but first outside we will go to meteorologist chris sowers who has more on the accu weather alert, a rainy day in store, chris. >> we have seen better weekend s for sure, it is all right right now, mainly cloudy some what mild but not raining as of yet. that will change shortly after lunchtime today. look at how mild temperatures are already we are showing 50 's across south jersey, millville sitting at 50, atlantic city 51. cape may, wildwood, 48. dover at 43. we're warming up here near philadelphia then we were jed, 39, degrees, trenton at 38. so with the winds coming in off the ocean that milder ocean air will start to


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