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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  February 11, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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storm tracker 6 telling the story. we are in for a day-long soaking. some of the rain will be heavy and could cause problems. >> and new information this morning. a local police department is now warning people about a potentially killer batch of heroin. >> first, to the accuweather alert.
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heavy rain could cause flooding. this is new video of cars taking a dangerous curve and ponding on lick condrive in germantown. the nearby creek is swollen. >> it's 7:00 a.m. on a sunday morning. >> chris sowers is here with a soggy look at that accuweather forecast. >> the dense fog is starting to settle in and that image is a good reminder to slow it down. not only are we seeing the dense fog, the heavy rains, there's a lot of ponding on the roads. my trip into work this morning was difficult. the visibility was chopped in half because of the spray being kicked up from the car in front of me, it was a miserable time. flood watch continues through the whole area until this evening. pockets of heavier rain are actually in the process of pushing through now. here's storm tracker. we have a couple of heavier bands across south jersey at the moment with the heaviest just off to the southwest. just getting ready to push into portions of kent and new castle
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county. this is in the berks county, 222 into floodwood and kutztown. the movement here is to the northeast at about 20-25 miles per hour. so it's moving along pretty quickly and this part of our viewing area, the lehigh valley, the far western suburbs, these areas haven't seen too much in the way of heavier rain as of yet. you're going to get yours over the next one to two hours. this is the area that's picked up a lot of heavy rains while we were asleep last night. lots of heavy rain getting ready to push through, this is also pushing off to the northeast at about 20-25 miles per hour. it should be into western portions of salem county in certain new jersey within the next hour. flood advisory has been discontinued for cape may county now. there's not too much going on all of this is going to push to the east what you just saw on the radar.
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areas included in the advisory, at least in effect until 10:00 a.m. these locations have already picked up 2 inches of rain with an addition of 1-2 expected. morning rain lots of dense fog this morning as well. 63 degrees is the late-day high. things will begin to wind down a little bit this afternoon and eventually clear everything out overnight tonight and through the morning tomorrow. i'll be back along in just a few minutes. i'll time everything out with future tracker 6 and i'll show you an improving accuweather 7-day forecast. >> improving and no snow. sounds good. get updates to this week's rainy forecast and check storm tracker 6 live on your tablet. the 6abc app is a free download. >> a south jersey police department is sending out a warning about a potentially lethal batch of heroin. evesham township police say that
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batch is connected to four suspected overdoses since friday. they want people to call 911 if they believe they are overdosing or know anyone who is. the state's good samaritan law protects those people from being arrested. drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the united states. happening today lasalle university will host a funeral for rasul butler one of the school's all-time basketball greats. he and his wife died in a car crash on january 31st. mourners can pay respect on lasalle's campus. a mass will follow. he attended roman catholic high school and is lasalle's fourth all-time leading scorer. he spent 13 seasons in the nba. we are learning more this morning about a shooting outside a prison in northeast philadelphia. a correctional officer shot a man who had just been released. the prison's commissioner is now talking about that
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confrontation. action news reporter bob brooks has more. >> reporter: he's 26-year-old jamal bennett. according to police he was released from the correctional facility. they say he didn't make it off the property before committing another crime. he set his sights on a correction officer trying to get to his car. at a news conference she says the officer under attack was a 27-year veteran. bennett was trying to steal his car. merte may have saved his life. >> correctional staff respond ds, the police responded, medics responded. >> reporter: good news on the officer, he's going to be okay. this has brought to the forefront what seems to be an ongoing issue between the local co's union in the philadelphia department. that's inmates, their family and guests parking in the same lots their employees do.
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local union rep released a statement in part reading: sadly the commissioner of prisons will put an inmate's family and visitors first before employees. no other prison allows them to park with the staff but the philadelphia department of corrections does. this was part of her response. >> the parking arrangement in the shared parking has been in place for over 20 years. >> reporter: she also says parking for visitors is now mostly directed to be out on state road. she says more patrols will most definitely be at it after this. >> i take all staff safety into account. i'm responsible for them. and when we see that there's a situation that presents itself and we're able to correct it, and address it, we do. >> reporter: now again commissioner says safety is the number one priority. she says the total review again of how things are done out here in terms of parking will happen. also as for bennett he was shot in the chest he's in critical
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condition but we are told he will survive and now face new charges. bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> you're time now 7:07. president donald trump took to twitter to appeal for due process, it's all coming as two of his ex-staffers stand accused of domestic abused. the president tweeting that people's lives are being destroyed by, quote, mere allegation. he also says some are true, some are false. the president did not mention david sorenson or rob porter by name. porter was forced out after both of his ex-wives accused him of abuse. sorenson's ex wife said he was abusive during marriage. both men denied the claims. kellyanne conway will answer questions and it coming your way at 10:30. >> to the super bowl champions, our awesome eagles. nick foles of course drushd the
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patriots defense in this year's super bowl and now according to google he owns the new england team. if you do a search for who owns the patriots, it returns the answer nick foles. just so you know, that is not accurate. the patriots' really owner is still robert kraft who has owned the pats since 1994. eagles safety malcolm jenkins will be a guest live on kelly and ryan tomorrow morning at 9:00. >> eagles fans are showing their dedication with ink. action news reporter trish hartman took a trip to the tattoo convention to see the artwork firsthand. >> reporter: if you had to come up with an image that is undeniably philly, it might look like jason kelce in a mummers custom eating scrapple and taylor pork roll. >> i had an idea and the
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breakfast came into play in kelce kelce's speech. >> reporter: adam elliot says the philadelphia tattoo and arts convention could not come at a better time. he's booked solid mostly with clients looking for eagles' ink. >> tons of requests. literally smoking on fire with requests for eagles tattoos. >> reporter: we spoke to him midway through a logo tattoo on his side. >> it's my first tattoo. represent with the birds. >> reporter: from number 9 for nick foles to a sketch of the philly special, these eagles say it's a permanent way to celebrate the victory. >> it don't matter how old i get, i know super bowl lii, nick foles led us to the promised land and we got that "w." >> it's a moment i'll never forgets and now for sure i'll never forget it.
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>> reporter: trish hartman, channel 6 action news. >> that jason kelce tattoo looks really good. >> you should get one. >> local what he's saying about eagles nation. >> i'm serious you should get the tattoo. >> okay. >> and we'll tell you why people may get the flu more than once this year. >> chris, where's your tattoo at? >> i'm right on that. pack your patience this morning. periods of heavy rain in the process of pushing through. we also have fog that is settling on in severely reducing visibilities. i'll be back in just a few minutes with the 7-day forecast.
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>> welcome back it is 7:12. a live look from our city hall camera at a wet parkway. it is soggy, it is foggy. wake up anyway and make it a
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good day. >> wouldn't it look better all covered in white? >> no. he just loves snow. >> you just get three months out of the year when it's going to be cold. and if it's going to be in the 60s it's just miserable. >> i like it. >> i know something is wrong with me. here we go the live shot looking at the philadelphia international airport soggy and foggy as nydia mentioned. visibility down to less than 3 miles now officially at the airport. several other locations we're seeing visibilities less than quarter of a mile. the dense fog advisory has been lifted. you can see the visibility still being an issue in some locations. storm tracker showing pockets of heavy rain pushing through parts of the area. we have a couple of them, we have one here across gloucester and camden counties, both in south jersey. this is pushing through delaware from wilmington down into dover. first stop taking us in to atlantic county.
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there's egg harbor, may's landing. route 50 on into the atlantic city expressway need to slow it down coming down in buckets. as a matter of fact let's stay on route 40 traveling westbound, more heavy rain here heading into salem and gloucester counties. and there's more rains off to the southwest, across western portions of salem county. and this pocket here this is new castle and kent counties in delaware. this is where the heaviest rain as of now is falling. this is also lifting off to the northeast at about 20-25 miles per hour. middle town, townsend and you get down to the smyrna, kent area off to the north and east.
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it will wind down probably after midday, shortly after midday. the question is going to be how much rain falls within that time span. we've already seen a good 2-3 inches of rain fall in this part of our viewing area. flood warning up, national weather service issued this for kent county, dover. because of the rains that have fallen, we're starting to see flooding now in low lying areas. so this heavy batch pulls through during the morning hours. we'll catch somewhat of a break. you can see things clearing out. we'll have one more to go after that and that comes in during the late afternoon and evening hours. the other story is going to be the incredibly warm air. 63 degrees is today's forecasted high. the normal is 43. look at the low. 50 degrees normally we should be around 27. so through the morning hours, pockets of very heavy rain, minor flooding again in those low-lying areas, areas of poor
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drainage. visibility will be severely reduced at times. slow it down on the roadways make sure you're leaving enough space between you and the car in front of you. by 8:00 in the morning, pockets of heavy rain continuing through midday and begin to ease up just a little bit. there's the last round by 2:00, 3:00 after this noon. once that pulls through everything will start clearing out, and monday and tuesday and wednesday all look pretty nice with just a combination of sun and clouds. so your flooding concerns, the high concerns continue to be for ponding on roadways and then low lying areas and areas of poor drainage. forecast for today, extremely mild 60s and 60s. pockets of heavy rain and fog tapering off this afternoon. philadelphia and millville, 63. dover an incredible 66. even northwestern suburbs are getting into the mid to upper 50s today. heavy rain and fog this afternoon, 63. we've issued a alert for possibility of flooding. valentine's day very mild, 55.
7:17 am
and 63 for thursday with a couple more showers. guys? >> all right chris. thank you so much for the update. 7:16. new information overnight a security breach delayed some flights at los angeles international airport. police say a man jumped the fence and got on to the runway. he pulled a fire extinguisher from a wheel well of a plane that was preparing to take off. that sent off a cockpit alarm. a police k9 bit the suspect during this arrest. at this point police say there was no indication that the man is connected to terrorism. police suspected a man of trying to set a fire. he is the person seen in this piece of surveillance video recorded outside of the police department. this happened in early december. the person in the recording tried to light a glass bottle containing an accelerant sthren threw it at the front door. he is charged with aggravated attempted arson and criminal mischief.
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health check this morning. a lot of amazing things happened in minnesota in the super bowl. that includes the first meeting between a retired worker and a man who served his life. he signed up to become a donor in 2015 he got the call that he was a match. he said he had always wondered who received his bone marrow stem cells. >> i'm really glad and blessed that he was able to help you, roy, and that it all worked out. >> i probably wouldn't be here if you hadn't have done it. >> it's a great story. he's free of any signs of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> sorry all you ladies out there, heartthrob is no longer
7:21 am
available. there it is. the crowd cheering loudly as the actor gave a girlfriend an early and unforgettable valentine. he popped the big question to his girlfriend. coming just months after he said i'm never getting married again. it will be the third marriage for elba. you find the right person. >> he is very sexy. >> me? oh, him. >> 7:21 right now. we'll be right back. >> 7:24 sunday morning and we're
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7:24 am
looking at heavy rain pushing through the area. rainfall totals as of 6:00 a.m. millville closing in on 2, atlantic city 1.65. mount holly, philadelphia just under .75 inch so far with the heaviest rain still off to the southwest in the process of pushing through our southern counties now. flood advisory is in effect for most of south jersey. minor flooding occurring in poor drainage areas. we also have a flood warning up for kent county, dover, smyrna where we've picked up 3 inches of rain so far. that's in effect until 1:00 this afternoon.
7:25 am
forecast for today, jerseyry shore, rain. city of philadelphia, 63 degrees with periods of heavy rain this morning tapering off this afternoon and even the poconos expect rain and warm conditions with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. the idea for today is heavy rain this morning, winding down this afternoon. perhaps one more heavier band by about 3:00, 4:00 and after that it should be done for good. lots of rain this morning, tapering off a bit later on. gray? >> take it easy on the roads. chris, thank you. a 17-year-old from colorado is america's first gold medal winner. red gerard went from last place to first place to win the man's snow board slope style finals. here's jeff skversky with the rest of your sports. >> joel embiid says the sixers are next to win a championship, well they are starting to play like the eagles dominating in their own house.
7:26 am
they've won seven street at home. joel embiid looks great here. how about the fade. the sixers bench starts imitating that fade. they love it. jo jo on the go here in the third slams it down em bead with 29 points. he falls again in the fourth, he's okay. sixers back in the win column, 112-98. they have 28 wins. that's as many as they had all of last year. everyone worried about the big guy. >> joe says he's fine. for a quick moment there i was worried. but they cleared him to come back and play. i think we go on a 5-0 run and life is still good.
7:27 am
>> are you in any swelling or pain right now? >> stop talking about it. who's this guy rooting for? he's wearing a flyers hat and a coyotes a lower body injury has to be helped off the ice, does not return. game o it continues with the rookie for the win. flyers win 4-3. their first shoot-out win of the season. eagles offensive coordinator could be the next assistant coach. the eagles continue to parade around town to s.
7:28 am
it's been an incredible week for the kid from glassboro, new jersey. he will never forget the ride down broad street and to the art museum. >> the parade really stood out to me seeing how well we are supported. i saw a lot of people come in from different areas. this eagle nation is worldwide for sure. >> and clement believes they can do it yet again next year. that's sports. i'm jeff skversky. have a good day. >> we believe it too, don't we? now even before the eagles became super bowl champs, they were acting like real heros. a kind gesture by wide receiver torey smith brought a fan to tears. he called carson wentz for help.
7:29 am
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city haul at a rainy start to our sunday. heavy rain on the way. >> the rain washing out most of the weekend. >> meteorologist chris sowers with a look at the very wet accuweather forecast. i keep thinking at least it's not snow. >> i'm not saying that. the lousy part of this is it's all falling during the weekend when we have off from work and school and of course monday when everyone goes back to work and school, the sun will come back out and it will be nice and mild. heavy rains in the process of putting through now. you can see the rains and the oranges and the reds pushing through south jersey and delaware another band across southeastern pennsylvania, in particular lancaster and southern chester county lifting off to the northeast at about 20-25 miles per hour. we'll zoom into the immediate
7:32 am
philadelphia area, lots of heavy rain, pockets pushing through. one just to the southwest of highway 13. here's route 130. that's one of the roads where you really have to watch things carefully, watch your surroundings because we tend to get a lot of flooding during heavy rain events under the overpasses heading into palmyra and cinnaminson. gibbstown, mounlt laurel. the heaviest is still off to the south. getting ready to push into salem and cumberland counties. this whole area is about to pick up heavy rains over the next half hour to 45 minutes. with that said we do have one flood warning in effect for kent county. this is one of the hardest hit areas so far. they've picked up over 3 inches
7:33 am
of rain. we are starting to see flooding in low lying areas and we should continue to see more additional flooding over the next couple of hours as this band continues to pull on through. i'll be back along in just a few minutes. i'll let you know when all this pulls out of here and i'll have that accuweather 7-day forecast. >> new this morning, an accident in chester county has killed two people. the crash happened just before midnight. at least two people have died. police closed the road for a couple of hours while they investigated. so far no word on what caused the crash. the road has reopened. also new this morning, philadelphia police including the bomb squad are investigating an apparent car explosion outside a club in the northern liberty section of philadelphia. officers and firefighters arrived just after 3:00 this morning. they found a car with a badly
7:34 am
damaged hood. they heard an explosion and went outside to find the damaged car. there were no injuries. >> 7:33. more new information to tell you about this morning. one man is dead after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. the action cam at that scene at 66th and guyer avenue. police say they responded to the call just after midnight. when they got to the scene they found the victim in his 20s dead on the street. this morning there's no word about a motive or any arrests. and even more new information to tell you about. right now police are looking for the suspect in another shooting on a north philadelphia street. the action cam also at this scene outside the prime time sports bar on the 3400 block of north water street. here's what we know. police say they found a man right there at that scene with a bullet injury to his body. they say he staggered to the sports bar just before midnight after being shot about a block away. the victim in his 30s, he was taken to temple university hospital where there is no word this morning about his condition. police so far have not been able to make any arrests.
7:35 am
>> happening today, a memorial will be held to honor a corrections officer killed during a riot at a delaware prison. lieutenant steven floyd was held hostage and died last february. he was a 16-year veteran of the department of corrections. the governor will be among those attending the service later this afternoon. and this morning an emotional salute honor fallen police officers both shot during a call. their bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office. the alleged shooter is in custody. here's abc's brian clark with details. >> reporter: police in ohio say two officers were shot and killed responding to a 911 call for assistance at a potential domestic situation. >> right now we have two officers down, critical.
7:36 am
suspect is down, also shot. >> reporter: they were fired upon when they arrived at the residence. one officer died on the scene, the other at the hospital. westerville police chief called the officers true american heroes who gave their lives in the protection of others. >> these were two of the best we have. >> reporter: the two slain policemen were identified as a 30-year veteran of the force and an officer who had been with the department for 17 years. a male suspect was also shot and is in custody at an area hospital. westerville is the hometown of ohio governor john kasich who tweeted his condolences. i'm very sad to learn of the death of my hometown police officers today. i pledge the full assistance of the highway patrol in any way
7:37 am
they need. a go fund me page has been set up by the fraternal order of police of ohio for the victims' families. >> happening tomorrow president donald trump expected to unveil his budget proposal which will call for a $3 billion payment for a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. the trump administration wants to build 60 miles of fencing and another 64 miles of fencing next year. the $3 billion would be on top of this year's $14 billion request for the u.s. customs and border protection agency. the president has been using wall funding as a bargaining chip in negotiations over protections for the dreamers. those were people brought to the country illegally as children. >> and the immigration debate is expected to heat up on capitol hill starting tomorrow. lawmakers have until march 5th. on twitter president trump took aim at what he says is a legal
7:38 am
loophole being exploited by drug gangs. >> this loophole is easily exploited by ms13 which now operates in at least 40 states. in addition to ms13, many other gangs are breaking into our country routinely because our laws are so weak, so sad, so pathetic. >> in the video the president recalled a recent white house round table which he again called for ending entry. >> if you're gist waking up with us, health experts say the flu has reached alarming leflts here in the -- levels here in the u.s., but technically this is not a pandemic. right now there are as many people sick as they were back in 2009 with the swine flu pandemic but the term is reserved for the new viruses. the dominant strain this year, h3n2 has been around for a while but what is new is the b strains
7:39 am
have risen early this season. many people are suffering through a second round of flu infections. a 35-year-old in texas has both at once and battling a case of pneumonia. >> type "a" cases are more as well but when you put "a" and "b" together you have a lot of sick people. >> here's something the cdc has not seen. some states which moved from red to orange two weeks ago showing a drop in flu activity are red again signifying a resurgence in confirmed cases. >> 7:39 right now, ahead on action news sunday morning, the chamber orchestra of philadelphia sends its audience back to the 1700s. >> and nick foles gets emotional discussing his struggles in life and how his dad inspired him. >> and sky 6hd taking a live look right now at the commodore barry bridge. it is soggy and you can see the rain drops on the camera.
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heavy rain and fog this morning. >> the heaviest is occurring now. starting to pick up flooding in areas that typically flood. the fog is really reducing the visibility in some locations. the dense fog advisory has been lifted. we're no longer seeing visibilities less than a quarter of a mile but we are seeing visibilities in that 1-3 mile range. take it very slow on the roads
7:43 am
this morning over the next couple of hours, let these heavy bands of rain pull through and get to your destination safely. keep the beams on low both hands on the steering wheel. we will flip it over to the radar and the heaviest rain is in the process of pushing through now. we have one more band after this that will get through during the mid to late afternoon hours but this by far will be the heaviest. most of south jersey at this point picking up heavy rains. we're not going to make a real tight zoom because the whole area is picking up moderate heavy rains at this point. we're seeing the yellows, the oranges and the reds indicating the heavy rains. this is sweeping off to the northeast at 20-25 miles per hour and this band extends south eastward. this whole area is actually under a flood advisory for the next couple of hours until this heavy band lifts. you can see it is moving along pretty swiftly, 20-25 miles per
7:44 am
hour. so if you're picking up the heavy rain now, it should be lightening up or easing up a little bit within the next hour or so. unless you're up through here and the heaviest is still yet to come. everything from southwest to northeast behind this here, there is one more to the southwest of dc that gets through again during the late afternoon hours. here's the flood advisory. we actually have two of them. this first one for most of south jersey. the second one for the state of delaware. this is in effect until 10:00 a.m. where they've already picked up at least 2 inches of rain. minor flooding is occurring. bridgeton, vineland all in the advisory area, and this darker shade of green, a flood warning in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. this area here has picked up 3 inches of rain and it still continues to rain. these numbers are improving from when i first came in this morning when they were down to less than quarter of a mile but you get the idea.
7:45 am
the visibility is low. .75 in lancaster, 1.3 in philadelphia at the airport, trenton 1.7, atlantic city 1 mile. future tracker 6 along with the heavy rains, note the temperatures. by 8:30 we're already in the 50s. and this warmer air starts to lift to the north in time so by lunchtime philadelphia 53, millville is at 60 and look at dover. 64. this again continue toss lift throughout the day. by 3:00, 59 in philadelphia. this is the last bout of heavy rain and that sweeps through by 7:00 this evening, frk begins to taper off from southwest to northeast and temperatures are still sky rocketing into the low 6 0s. once the front pulls through, winds will shift out of the northwest and that's when temperatures finally begin to cool back down to more seasonable levels. pockets of heavy rain throughout the entire area.
7:46 am
minor flooding expected in areas that typically flood during the heavier rain event. visibility will be severely reduced because of the rain. slow it down and leave distance between you and the car ahead of you. later this afternoon when we tally up the numbers again, some of these locations picking up 1-2 inches. this is additional on top of the 1-2 inches you've already seen. we're loot an inch to inch and a half to the viewing area. patchy fog, 63 degrees. the idea is the worst to be this morning winding down after lunchtime. in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows most of the 7-day is pretty nice and comfortable with temperatures in the 40s and 50s and another 60 degree die arrives on thursday. >> and you're complaining. >> i'll deal with it. >> it is now 7:46 and we turn our attention to nick foles.
7:47 am
as many of you know he almost retired before he joined the eagles. >> his family helped inspire him when he was struggling and propelled him all the way to super bowl glory. and the celebration serves as a storybook back drop to a cinderella tale. >> my daughter won't know anything that's going o she's seven and a half months old, but just looking in her eyes the whole world slowed down, seeing her look at the confetti, to look in my wife's eyes just get to know i get to spend the rest of my life with her. >> we were lucky enough to be on the field when you shared a really emotional moment with your daddy wanted to know what was going through your head at the moment. >> yeah. you know my dad's always been one of my heros. him and my mom are just, embrace him, you know. he didn't have an easy life
7:48 am
growing up. and for him to, him and my mom to give me an opportunity to play this game to provide for us as kids, to watch him just through adversity throughout his entire life overcome it, he didn't even graduate high school. and he's been very successful in his career path and i got to watch it. i got to watch him as a young kid come home at, i don't know, midnight, smelling like a kitchen because he was working in the kitchen, the restaurant business isn't easy, trying to get it up. you know, he lost everything, and just to watch him as a kid justin to give me an opportunity to play and never really realized it until i got older how much him and my mom sacrificed for me and my sisters. to shafr that embrace -- share that embrace, all those emotions. that's something you just cherish forever. >> nick's a very calm person and to see him happy he's doing it for family, friends, he's a
7:49 am
really good dude. i always knew he had it in him. all that adversity stuff it didn't matter to him. just makes him stronger. >> you look at struggle in your life, know that it's opportunity for your character to grow. that's been the message. something is going on in your life and you're struggling, embrace it because you're growing. >> reporter: nick foles, such a great model had a great role model himself and i love how he talks about how he's not afraid to fail. >> he's a great dude. >> he really is. >> we'll be right back. and get the best of both worlds. fios by verizon gives you the fastest internet available for only $79.99 a month online with a two year agreement, and your netflix is on us for one year. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once.
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decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask your doctor about vraylar. 18th century. karen rogers has more in this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the year was 1747
7:52 am
when the sounds of baroque music took europe by storm. the concert is called all baroque. >> in a way you can describe baroque music the same way you can describe rock music. there's a lot of detail that goes on. most gripping is beat. >> reporter: it kicks off with an overture written by a french composure who lived in the shadows of a legend. >> working at the same time as bach. >> reporter: the piece is inspired by the four seasons. >> it's a fantasy piece. it starts off with a drummer giving thunder in the distance. you would never guess that it was from the 1740s. it's really amazing. >> reporter: air by bach opens with a softer sound. >> it's an extremely poignant piece with a beautiful memory.
7:53 am
>> reporter: as a special treat, he will improvise a piece playing the harpsichord. >> harpsichord was the music of the cords. it's been described by some as sort of a trangy sound. >> reporter: he has been working with the orchestra for nearly three deck and promises a show. >> i think a lot of people will be amazed. they're going to love it, they're going to walk out of the room tapping their toes. >> reporter: the 25th and the 26th. for tickets and show times visit >> your time now 7:53. big honor is going out to a handful of musicians. the 2018 class of the song writer's all hall of fame has been announced.
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>> we have pockets of heavy rain pushing through now this will continue on through the remainder of the day with the heaviest falling this morning and winding down a little bit as the day wears on. we're expecting an additional 1-2 inches of rain. some locations have already picked up 2-3 inches of rain. lots of reds and yellows popping up from philadelphia south into south jersey and delaware. flood warning continues for kent county until 1:00 this afternoon. they're seeing flooding now, they've already picked up 3
7:57 am
inches. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. we quiet everything down just in time to go back to work and school. tomorrow clouds and sun, valentine's day nice and mild, 55. thursday is cloudy maybe a shower or two, i think most of the day is dry, 63 and friday is still mild with highs in the 40s. not bad. >> 7:57. good morning america weekend is next. action news continues a bit later this morning. >> here are some of the stories we're working on you for 9:00. new video of part of a tree that burned overnight, peco crews were called. >> a warning about a new scam targeting you as you try to stay warm this winter. >> plus another check of the accuweather forecast. now for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire action news team, i'm nydia han, have a great day. we'll see you right back here at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight a helicopter crash. a sight seeing tour ending in disaster going down near the grand canyon. at least three people killed. the challenge now in treating the injured. >> our rescue is being hampered by high winds. and the darkness and rugged terrain. the company's past incidents as this investigation begins. >> presidential backlash. donald trump taking aim at the me too movements saying the lives of the accused are being destroyed by mere allegations. now he's coming under fire from female democrats. the call for congressional hearings. >> best of enemies. "sex and the city" kim cattrall lashing out at her former co-star, sarah jessica parker accusing parker of exploiting


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