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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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ut shell was all that remained of the victim's 2006 pontiac grand prix parked along the 5400 block of west ford road in the olney section of the city. it was around 5:30 in the morning when neighbors first heard screams. >> then i heard my neighbors running out saying fire fire, fire heard a woman scream fire, fire fire. >> reporter: they soon realized a man was inside the burning car. police say prior to the car fire, the victim, a 33-year-old man was abducted at gunpoint from harrison and benner in the wissinoming section by three men. they bound him drove him to olney poured gasoline on him put him back in the car and set fire to the vehicle. >> i was very devastated just knowing that someone was on fire and it's nothing that anybody could do about it 'cause i didn't know whether he was locked in the car so it was upsetting to me. >> me and the lady came they kidnapped him. they was trying to kill him
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and i was kind of scared. >> reporter: firefighters and paramedics rescued the man his burnt clothing lay strewn across the sidewalk. investigators spent much of the morning on the scene looking for clues including surveillance video from homes along the block. >> i believe they have cameras down here so i -- hopefully they caught everything. >> reporter: the victim was taken to temple university hospital with second and third degree burns over about 50 percent of his body. police are expected to provide some new information and just about a half an hour we will be there and we will have a live report coming up on "action news" at 6 o'clock. live at the special victims units in hunting park i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." back to you. >> sarah thank you. a camden firefighter injured on the job was released from the hospital today. the action cam was there at his home as captain robert eckert was greeted by the mayor and fellow firefighters.
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he spent much of the last two weeks at cooper university hospital undergoing treatment forehead trauma. captain eckert still has a long journey ahead to achieve full recovery. we'll hear from him in a live report at 4:30 today. >> police investigating a shooting in wilmington are ic's help. a suspect is being questioned in connection to the shooting which left a 26-year-old man in critical condition. officers say he was shot in the face around 2:15 this morning along the 2200 block of north pine street. they believe this stems from some domestic incident. investigators w who may know something to give a call. a motorcyclist was killed in that shut chesilhurst camden county. the road was closed during the morning rush while investigators were on the scene. police say the motorcycle lost control and smashed into a utility pole. the victim was pronounced dead there at the scene. >> well after a dreary wet weekend we finally got some sunshine back today as we get a first check now on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph
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joining us now with more on outer our forecast and the sun peaking out today. >> that feels so good not openly to see the sun but to feel the sun as well and temperatures not bad. 48 degrees right now if philadelphia, 49 in washington. there is some cooler air to the north and west. buffalo is 25 syracuse 27 and pittsburgh right now 35 degrees. although it feels nice in the sun it's a big step down from yesterday. yesterday even with the rain it was exceptionally warm. we're about 14 degrees cooler at this point today compared to just 24 hours ago. a 14-degree drop in washington, 21-degree drop in pittsburgh and close to 30 degrees cooler in charleston, west virginia after this front passed through. and in fact we're starting to clear those clouds even at the coast now. they were the last to see the raindrops and even in philadelphia to the west we saw rain earlier this morning but clearing that sky out right now and it remain the case overnight tonight. with all the recent rain, we had some flooding issues over the weekend. rancocas creek at pemberton over in new jersey still some
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minor flooding going on. 7:00 expected to crest at about .2 feet above its flood stage of 2.5 feet. not flood stage until this creek they know it is notorious for staying up and taking time to recede so this is not unusual for this particular creek to be up for that long. we'll chat more about the seven-day forecast that shows even more rain this week, guys, brian coming up in a little bit. >> adam see you shortly. thank you. police and the secret service called to donald trump jr.'s home in new york city for a suspicious piece of mail. his wife vanessa opened a letter that contained white powder. she felt sick and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. two other people who were in the manhattan apartment are also being checked out. the nypd says the suspect turned out not to be hazardous. it has been sent to lab for further testing. >> the white house rolled out a $1.5 trillion plan to fix america's infrastructure. this proposal would only call for the federal government to
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pay $200 billion toward that $1.5 trillion bill. premp says the reof itor state and lonmcaent.s wille partn of imion' infrastructure and b t>> ple inis a rre betther than aybody the problem the states ndingture offiaow and whll rastructure does ne a boost. this is part of the new 4 trillion-udget proposal o the house and senate will hold hearings this week to examine it. in that budget request up to $25 billion for a border wall and immigration enforcement. sharrie. >> yeah, more now alicia. the u.s. senate is ready to begin an open ended debate on immigration. coming up in thetes senators are expected to cast ate potentially opening the door for dialogue on legislation that could impact 11 million undocumented immigrants. in a rare move a armat will be used. that means an unlimited number ofef rns and democrats solution on i would also include plans for the so-called dreamers. >>ing in theory of the super bowl win making the
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rounds on national television.fetyolm jenkinsasre now . >> malcolm often is the one up in front of the team to rile them up before the gain. kelly and what hut sps took th minneapolis. >> i basically told them look if you want to be super bowl champions we're 6 away from having world championshiphe first ones in get t stadium everything. all you got to do isrself. beingeed.we and we it through. >> did they have? afterwardsll wentde to toss the pig skin. very impressed with kellso essan with defense there. more kelly and sports. you'll hear what his four-year-old girl has to say about all this. it's >> jamie, thank. >> from celebrities to players, the super bowl win is still the talk of the town. has everything
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covered. >> let's go thrive matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center today. hey, matt. >> thinking this might be a little bit of a quieter week around here than last week but still some excitement on the roads to kick off our monday afternoon commute, brian and sharrie. here on the vine street expressway we had a broken down vehicle in the westbound street. now cle so the westbound delay is thinning but that eastbound delay is just getting going on a monday afternoon. already plenty heavy from the schuylkill across town out to 95 where it joins up with the normal northbound 95 delay. once you hop on 95 then farther north you're going the hit another jam its here from cottman up to academy where there was some debris on the roadway that's now been cleaned up but still an extra slow go here in the great northeast on the northbound side of 95. andt's a week of changes here of the this is 422. today they closed the off ramp from the eastbound side of route 23, valley forge national park, closed for construction likely through summer and then coming up midweek they're gound traffic onto this new pavement
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so we'll talk more about the situation on 422 as the days progress but what you want to know right now is the eastbound off ramp to 23 is now closed for a number of months. emergency construction in cherry hill this afternoon it's 70 westbound past 295. single digit speeds there. i would use 38 or kresson road as some alternates. let's grab the ipad check the ways home with the waze app on afternoon watching a crash along newport gap pike north of falkland road. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt, thanks. next on "action news" at 4:00 as the investigation continues, we have new details about the tourist who died when their helicopter crashed into the grand canyon. >> plus a high tech solution to a major bird problem. we'll explain the new steps trenton is taking to scare thousands of crows out of the city. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> nearly $300,000 has been raised for the families of the two westerville ohio police officers who were killed in the line of duty. a full escort from fellow officers was provided for 39-year-old eric joering and 54-year-old anthony morelli as they arrived at the funeral homes today. they were shot at a home
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responding to a 911 call. the accused shooter 30-year-old quentin smith is now in custody was not allowed to have the gun because of a burglary conviction. police say a friend who was also arrested bought the gun for smith. >> a deadly barricade situation in detroit has come to an end but not before leaving three women dead. the police chief says the 49-year-old gunman also shot and injured three of his office. the suspect had hold himself up in a house for more than 14 hours before taking his life. police say he had seven guns legally registered to his name and was heard saying he would n without a fight. investigators are still trying to piece together the connections between the shooter and the women killed. >> we have just learned the names of the site zeros -- sight seers a vet receptionist her boyfriend and his brother all visiting from the united kingdom celebrating one of the victim's birthdays when the
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tour helicopter crashed onto jagged rocks deep in the canyon. 32-year-old jason hill was among the three victims who never made it out alive. three other british tourists and the pilot survived. they were airlifted to a hospital in las vegas. now, this chopper crashed in a spot so deep and so remote it took hours for rescuers to pull survivors from the site. first responders had to helicopter in then hike more than 20 minutes in rough terrain just to get to the crash. >> and some of the most rugged terrain in the world which is why people go to see it but until you fly there you can't really appreciate just how tough the flying is. >> now, this flight was operated by papillon airways which says it flies about 600,000 passengers a year over the canyon. the national transportation safety board and federa administration are investigating what caused it to go down. sharrie. >> all right alicia. team searching snowy fields in russia found the two flight data recorders from the plane that crashed this weekend.
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all 71 people on board were killed when the jet smashed to the ground a few minutes after takeoff. emergency crews are still looking for the remains of the victims. russian investigators have not yet discussed the cause of the crash but they say they have ruled out the possibility of a terror attack. >> all right now to wall street. the focus of so much attention in recent weeks. you can breathe today the dow soaring four ten minutes. the s & p 500 just about 36 and a half on the day. t.s.a. is making it easier for local travelers to sign up for the precheck program. today the agency reopened a temporary enrollment center at philadelphia international airport. it's in the terminal b baggage claim. you can apply to the program every day this week between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. once approved you'll be able to use the t.s.a. precheck security line which as you might have seen is typically faster than the regular line. t.s.a. says now is the time to
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sign up before the busy summer travel season. >> if you frequently fly delta airlines you may notice a change in the next few months. the company is debuting new uniforms come may. fashion designers zach pose sen is design the new look. he spent three years designing the clothing performing all of the airlines jobs to make sure the uniforms were functional. posen used spandex for stretch and added pockets large enough to hold passports. he also combined the iconic red and blue to make a purple accent color. this is delta's first uniform revamp in 10 years. >> all right. it is time for a check on the accuweather forecast. so good to see the sun today. >> we need to revamp that forked after the weekend i'll tell you. >> true. >> we have the sun now, we'll have it tomorrow and kind of a dismal seven day. take a look right now it is out. sky6 live maybe take a walk outside if you can before that sun sets. it is splashing the ben franklin bridge the delaware
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river and again just some high clouds in the sky really nice way to end our monday. but as we take a look at the next seven days there are three more chances of rain in that seven day so at least you have four days without rain out of that seven. no threats of any mid february snow, kind of rare as we get into what is typically the heart of the winter season and no signs of extended cold. in fact we're going to stay pretty much above average for the majority of the next couple of weeks. as we look at numbers right now, 48 philadelphia, 45 in allentown, same for reading. 46 in dover. and fairly similar to the south and east, numbers really only vary by a degree or two from neighborhood to neighborhood. but if you are thinking in your head we've had some pretty lousy wet weekends you are right. we look at january 27, 28 that was a wet sunday with almost a half an inch of rain. the following weekend february 3/four almost an inch of rain on that sunday.
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then this past weekend february 10/11, over 2-inches of rain saturday afternoon into sunday but we're going to break this trend going into this coming weekend where it is not going to rain on sunday. as we look at satellite and radar there were still some showers left over, maybe a couple ice pellets to the north and west this morning, everything now swinging off the coast. we've got that sunshine coming back and that clear sky will be with us tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. but with that clear sky temperatures are going to drop back. it will be 19 in allentown by tomorrow morning, 20 in reading, 26 philadelphia, 25 in dover, upper 20's at the shore under that mostly clear sky and then as we get into our tuesday, sunshine in the morning through much of the afternoon, maybe some high clouds very late in the day. it's cool cooler than average but we'll take this with sunshine, it's going to feel pretty good. 30 at 9 o'clock in the morning, near 40 degrees just after lunch and staying right around 40 or so as we get into the middle of the afternoon. then for valentine's day, most
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of the day is dry clouds will be increasing, but if you're heading out in the evening, with your loved one, maybe for some dinner, pack the umbrella because we'll see rain coming in during the evening hours. this is a snapshot at 10 o'clock so although the evening may start dry it could end and will end on the wet side. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast that sunshine in control tomorrow, a little bit chilly at 40 degrees. it is mild on valentine's day, sun in the morning, clouds increase in the afternoon rain coming in in the evening and overnight at 52 degrees and then take a look at thursday. 65 degrees, 21 degrees above average. a lot of clouds limited sunshine but it's warm and then more rain comes in thursday night into friday with some showers, warm, 58 but temperatures will be dropping on friday afternoon. we'll take a look at that weekend if we can keep it dry for you guys in that seven-day forecast the next half hour. >> sounds good, adam. thanks. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 bargains that may be bogus. if you love a good sale, this is a story you have to see.
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we've got revealing information and advice on how to really save money. our nydia han has a preview. >> bargain hunters beware. this will probably change the way you shop. a nearly year long undercover investigation has found too often so-called sale prices aren't a special savings at all. the undercover test shows more than a dozen national retailers engaging in potentially disturbing pricing policies. >> buy one get one half off. that makes me want to buy it right now. >> right now 'cause you're worried if i come back next week the price will be higher. >> this isn't going away. >> no, not going away at all. could be that you have a lower price next week. >> which national retailers are the worst offenders and which two chains tested to offer special savings. find out in a special report, bogus bargains tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> helping us shop smarter. >> got my attention. >> up next on "action news" love returns. >> philadelphia's iconic statue is ready to make its
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comeback after a year of renovations. we have details about its big debut just in time for valentine's day. >> and in what's the deal, from dry chapter winter lips to plumping your lips, we have exclusive deals just for you our "action news" viewers, coming up. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> trenton is hoping a high tech solution will solve the city's crow problem. an estimated 30,000 crows have inundated the area just like they did last year. starting tomorrow the u.s. agriculture department will be using lacers pyrotechnics and loud noises to try to scare these birds away. area residents will likely notice the activity from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 at night. experts say the methods have worked to get these birds out of other urban areas. there you go. philadelphia mayor jim kenney made a plea to millennials today. during a speech at the networking event at the union league, the mayor called them a "pool of ambitious talent." he urged them to get involved
4:24 pm
in schools and libraries. mayor kenney said doing so will make philadelphia a home they can invest time and money in. >> 30 young people in camden were honored for their determination. superintendent rouhanifard saluted each of them for earning their high school diploma. an early warning system in camden's public schools identified them as they struggled in class. these boys and girls also have mentors to help them get back on track. the iconic love statue will be back on display just in time for valentine's day. after a year of renovations robert indiana's peace will be paraded through town tomorrow morning. it will start at the joan of arc statue at 25th and pennsylvania. and there will be seven other stops as it makes its journey to love park. the statue has been repainted to match its original colors and will sit on top of a new pedestal. you may notice a slight change in the paint job. the statue as we knew it it
4:25 pm
was red, green and blue but documents show the original colors were red, green and purple. >> all right. back in its rightful place. >> making its debut soon. good stuff. >> all right. and much more ahead in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including the look at a celebration to welcome home a firefighter. >> plumping from moisturizing we're helping you get ready to pucker up for valentine's day with treatments designed to pamper your lips plus we have two special deals just for our viewers. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with details on a georgia man charged with battery for spanking a stranger's toddler at a grocery store. >> and fireball, flames shoot across a highway in china igniting everything in its path. what sparked this expressway inferno. >> plus bunny bully. sony pictures apologized after some and parents called for a boycott of the new peter rabbit film. why they say the movie mocks those with serious food allergies. >> but we're going begin here at 4:30 with a happy homecoming in south jersey. last month captain robert eckert was seriously hurt while fighting a fire. though his road to recovery has not ended, he is now well in you have to return to his family. "action news" reporter bob brooks was there to welcome him home today. he joins you live in bellmawr
4:28 pm
with the story. good to see him back home, bob. >> reporter: yeah brian, absolutely. i was just going to say love to do stories like this. it is my pleasure to report captain eckert is doing much, much better after we learned about he almost suffered fatal injury while out on the job. you can call this moment a huge sigh of relief. the man in the sunglasses being hugged is camden fire captain bobby eckert. he's home but for about the last two weeks he wasn't. rather, he was in the hospital recovering from a traumatic head injury responding to a call. we spoke with him about what happened. >> i had a concussion, you know, traumatic head injury and, you know, it knocked me out and i lost some vision there for awhile. i was -- could and see for for what seemed a few hours. >> reporter: he has has to wear sunglasses pretty much at all times while he recovers. the recovery process he says was made possible by the great care he's received. >> cooper hospital staff is unbelievable. i was transferred to magee
4:29 pm
rehabtation. i never went a day without seeing a brother or sister from the firehouse. it was unbelievable. it's been overwhelming with support. >> reporter: the welcome party was a huge surprise. it included camden mayor frank moran. >> many occasions we're at a funeral home and that's not what we wanted and we were fortunate that that wasn't the case. we're going to make sure he gets well and back to work because we really need him. >> reporter: several of his close firefighters who didn't hesitate to give out one of those welcome home hugs. of course his wife bryn lee and stepdaughter kennedy. >> scary. boys miss him, ken and i miss him and we're just glad to have him back. >> reporter: certainly glad to see that he is back. now i asked the captain when is he going to return to work. he said if he had it his way he would be back at work today but doctors orders he has to get a little bit more rest before he does that. for now reporting live in bellmawr, bob brooks channel6 "action news." sharrie, back to you. >> yeah, making progress, no doubt, though. all right bob, thanks. well we now know when the former president of the radnor
4:30 pm
township board of commissioners will head to trial on child pornography charges. a judge set philip argh's trial date for february 23rd. he resigned from the board in november but he remains free on bail. >> four special needs students were escorted from their delaware county school to the hospital following a minor accident involving their fan this morning. the students from main street elementary in brookhaven were on their way to school when the crash happened on i-95. the vehicle continued onto the the crash. four students were then taken to the hospital for evaluation >> attorney general jeff sessions delivered a speech in center city philadelphia today. sessions was the keynote speaker at the annual lincoln day celebration at the union league of philadelphia. he spoke about lincoln's devotion to the rule of law and the importance of enforcing the laws as they stand. now, of course that speech comes as sessions is in a legal standoff with philadelphia over its status
4:31 pm
as a sanctuary city. under session's leadership the department of justice is trying to withhold federal funding from philadelphia and other cities that refuse toenforce federal immigration laws. >> time for a check on outer loop forecast as we come out of the rain filled weekend with some sunshine. >> so rainy. sunny today. we love to see it. meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. you're going to rain on our parade though, aren't you? >> on our parade later this week.'s some rain, yes, but this coming weekend looks really good. >> okay. >> don't throw me. >> under the bus. [laughter] >> got to see that seven-day before you do that. let's take a look right now. temps with that sunshine feeling pretty good. 48 in philadelphia and wilmington, 45 up in the lehigh valley. and pretty similar there for trenton as atlantic city airport. let's take a look right now live at the pagoda cam. you can see that glow in the distance. yes, that is the sun. it has returned in full force this afternoon the first time since last thursday that we've had a mostly sunny sky. as we take a look at temps
4:32 pm
though, they are going to fall with that clear sky overnight tonight. it will be a cold start to our tuesday, 22 allentown reading lancaster as well, 27 in philadelphia. wilmington 25 degrees millville 24. mid-20's at the shore and then tomorrow afternoon that sunshine once again will be in control but it's a cool day. most of us will stop in the upper 30's for high temperatures. the city of philadelphia wilmington trying to crack that 40-degree mark here afternoon but temperatures will be very warm with this seven-day forecast. three chances of rain over the next seven days but i promise you i'll try to keep it away for the upcoming weekend. i'll show it to you brian coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. new jersey will become the first state to ban the sale of
4:33 pm
menthol cigarettes. his measure would extend to add menthol flavored cigarettes to the list of flavored cigarettes. >> i don't believe these small and large businesses ought to be selling product that we know is harmful to life, that causes cancer, not only for the user but the people who live with the user and other people in the environment. >> now, about the economic impact. the new jersey food council says its members report menthol cigarettes account for 35 to 40 percent of their total sales. lawmakers opposed to the bill fear that if passed smokers will go out of state to buy their menthol cigarettes. >> it has manufactured sold and recalled tens of millions of air bags found in cars all over the world. and tonight takata is forcing the recall of even more vehicles because of that very same problem. "action news" anchor rick williams live for us now in our news room with more on this story tonight. hi rick. >> hi sharrie thank you. that's right. takata has already issued several recalls because of dangerous and potentially
4:34 pm
deadly problems with air bags. well today they issued another one and this time the recall i popular american made truck. officials with the air bag maker say the vehicles need to come off the road immediately. we'll explain what the problem is coming up tonight on "action news" at 5 o'clock. also coming up tonight it's been more than a week since the eagles won the super bowl but you can still feel the positive vibes and the excitement around the city and that means philadelphia is still cashing in on the post super bowl bonanza. we'll have much more on that coming up to are you tonight as well. just some of the stories we're working on for you when we see you on "action news" at 5:00. >> see you in a bit rick. thanks. super bowl win delayed observance of another milestone until today. a flag raising marked 108 years since the boy scouts of america was created. the real anniversary was last thursday but of course you know something else happened that day, the super bowl parade. today though these scouts got
4:35 pm
their moment of glory. the scouts will be recognized by city council on thursday. >> well, one of falls township's finest now has new body armor to help patrol the streets. leo the k-9 received a bulletproof vest. it will also protect the police dog from possible stabbings. the protective vest is a donation from a nonprofit organization vested interested in canines. the vest is also decorated with a sentiment in memory of a k-9 officer named ty that died in the line of duty in california. >> still ahead here on "action news" today, what would it take for you to propose at panera? we'll tell you what they're offering and see how it stacks up in big talkers. >> and can a bunny be a bully? some parents say yes and they want others to boycott the new peter rabbit movie over a scene involving food allergies. >> and meteorologist adam joseph standing by with that full accuweather forecast . >> [laughter] >> in he is. maybe he'll dance.
4:36 pm
>> will you. >> we'll put the forecast up when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back. >> ♪♪ new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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>> ♪♪ >> a truck sparked an incredible fire when it started leaking liquified natural gas in china this weekend. take a look. dashcam video shows the fluid igniting after a car drove over it sending that fireball shooting down the highway. now the towering flames engulfed several nearby cars as well as trees lining the roadway. now incredibly the people inside the cars were able to escape all of this unharmed. two people in the tanker truck, though were hurt. they're expected to be okay. >> a georgia man says he had to restrain himself when a stranger spanked his toddler for asking for candy in grocery store last week. well, this is 62-year-old juan martinez. he's accused of grabbing logan morris' two-year-old son by the hand last tuesday and smacking it. morris says the stranger then spun his son around and s.w.a.t.ed him on the backside three times. all because the child kept asking for candy. even more bizarre morris says after the impromptu packing
4:39 pm
martinez tried to buy the boy a treat. >> he actually insisted on grabbing him a piece of candy and said that oh, i'll pay for it don't worry about it. i said no, i said you're not going to pay for it. >> morris says his son was more confused than hurt. martinez seen here on police body camera is now facing a number of charges including battery. investigators say the man was drunk at the time. >> ♪♪ >> big talkers now. it's not that often that you hear calls to boycott a children's movie but some parents say they are furious over a scene that shows what they call food allergy bullying in the new film peter rabbit the classic case of man versus critter. peter rabbit as you know is a beloved literary character make for mischief but in this new film there's a scene where peter and his bunny friends attack the nephew of his arch nemesis with black berries after finding out that he's highly allergic to them leading him to use an epipen. >> the movie unfortunately
4:40 pm
sent the wrong message to children that it's something to joke about and it's not. you could say to your children in the movie they joked. but in our family it's not a laughing matter. >> parents are calling this severe form of bullying. they started the #boycott peter rabbit the backlash strong enough that the movie studio there sony flat out apologized telling abc news we sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue and we truly apologize. father-daughter dances have long been a tradition but one school on staten island in new york city is changing that. one elementary school says it's doing so because of new gender neutral policies instituted by the department of education. the new policy requires schools to eliminate gender based practices that might exclude some students. so for now this school is postpone, the dance until march to make it a more inclusive one that all students and all family members can attend. some are celebrating this
4:41 pm
others though feel their traditions are being compromised. to that end a local assemblywoman there in staten island fighting back saying the school is taking the the wrong approach writing to the doe "rather than robbing every student of the opportunity to create a life long memory the school should instead on establishing accommodations should a transgender student wish to attend the function." you haven't heard the end of this one. we'll keep you updated. finally with love in the air valentine's day tends to inspire some happy couples to get engaged. here's the deal. if you pop the question at panera, breadvalentine's day they just might cater your wedding for free. they've tweeted the offer saying all you have to do to qualify is get engaged at a panera store and share your photo using the #panera proposal sweeps. a lot of questions including is this really thatan tweeted nice marketing employ but i'd rather get married in a ditch to which on twitter replies but are there bread bowls in the ditch.
4:42 pm
someone also tweeting why would anyone do this? panera replying to them, too, for the bread bowls, of course. very funny exchange if you go on twitter. if you're interested, valentine's day is wednesday, that's when and here's where you have to pop the question. >> all right. >> something tells me it will happen. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> free chicken sandwiches. >> bread bowls, picture it. >> thank you my friend.ry much. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> matt is standing by with the update for us. >> fontega is my go to, no onion with cream of chicken soup. might find me there on wednesday night. keep your ey. watching 422 this evening and some changes here that you need to keep your eyes opened for. they went into effect earlier today. penndot closed the ramp from the eastbound side of 422 to route 23, valley forge national park. that's the ramp. it's usually pretty busy but
4:43 pm
now it's closed for construction through the end of the summer. you have to keep going to the first avenue ramp. these changes just took effect today. coming up for valentine's day we'll shift the westbound traffic onto new pavement so that's the middle of this week. right now the westbound traffic is just a little bit heavy with some normal afternoon volume. here on our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge we had construction bogging us down on the eastbound side heading towards camden. it's not out here any so traffic is moving fine at the ben franklin bridge but big problems in monroe township gloucester county. it's a very serious accident involving a school bus. chopper6 is on the way to the scene. we're trying to confirm whether or not there were kids on the bus but it's a serious wreck along 322 glassboro road at tuckahoe road there by the gulf station. bottom line is give the emergency crews some room to do their work. stay away from 322 right now. you can stay up on main street, 654 even the black horse pike, 42, but 322 not the place to be right now. we'll have more details on that accident coming up. emergency construction this
4:44 pm
afternoon in cherry hill left lane out of commission and single digit speeds on 70 westbound past 295. i think i'd use 38 or kresson road instead and on the eastbound side of 70 in burlington county we had a truck fire that was blocking it near the split with 72,4-mile circle. luckily extinguished so no need to worry about that anymore. but we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, a bit busy matt. thank you. stepping outside shall we with a live look from sky6 as the sun, we see it today on this monday. >> it's a glorious sight. blue skies out there. adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next. >> ♪♪
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now with a word on a couple of opportunities to savor the sunshine here. >> yeah right now. >> yeah. >> again tomorrow. >> yeah. >> a little bit this week. it's kind of on and off but we do have more rain heading our way as well but as we look down the parkway on the action cam that sunshine did return a little bit on the breezy side but if you were in the direct
4:47 pm
sun it felt pretty good here this afternoon. as we look at sky6 live, that sun is still out here in the weather center. live on the commodore barry bridge, that sun setting now after 5:30 in the evening, so we're stretching deeper into the evening hours. temps right now are pretty uniform across the area, right in the mid 40 range. 40 philadelphia, 45 reading, allentown, 47 in millville, 45 degrees in beach haven and as we push forward here as we get into the evening, overnight and early morning hours tomorrow, you can see we dip back down. we start to fall into the 30's here this evenin we in factbetween about 6:00 8 o'clock in the morning so it is a very cold start to our tuesday but again tomorrow ine is in control. satellite and radar, some of us did still see some rain early on in just high clouds to the north and west but they too, will fall apart as the sky will be clear overnight tonight. it does turn cold, 19 in fact up towards the lehigh valley, berks county, northern montgomery and bucks county.
4:48 pm
26 for the city of philadelphia with that north-northwest wind very light around five to 10 miles an hour. high pressure is anchored over new england for our tuesday. tomorrow mostly sunny and a february chill. a tad bit below average at 40 degrees for a high tomorrow with that wind draining in out of the northeast with just some high clouds. then as that high breaks apart, works to the south, winds will start to switch out of the southwest for valentine's day on wednesday so it's a milder southwest wind, 52 degrees. we'll start with sun on wednesday morning, then the clouds will start to increase and there will be a little impulse in the atmosphere that will ride through here during the evening and overnight hours of wednesday, so, again turning a little wet on valentine's day evening. in fact as we take a look at future tracker as you're heading out for dinner early in the evening it looks to start dry but bring the rain gear, the umbrellas. by 8:30 rain pushes in from the south and west and it's not going the last long, not too heavy but some showers passing through even through 11 o'clock on wednesday night.
4:49 pm
the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 40 degrees, sunny and chilly for tomorrow. milder, rain coming in, again wednesday night of then thursday 21 degrees aboveaverage 65, that is a day to bethere will be peaks heavy on the clouds system comes in thursday nightwith round of showers and falling temperatures in the and then saturday brisk t-chilly but dry, 40 and finally sunday without rain sunny and a quick warmup to 50 degrees and then for the holiday president's day on monday it is still mild 57 with more rain possible so those temps are a little more typical of march as opposed to the middle of february. >> yeah. >> no complaints. >> no, i don't have any either. >> all right. adam thanks. we've got some breaking news we're covering h in much there's been an accident involving a school bus here. this is at tuckahoe road and glassboro road. it happened just about 20 or so minutes ago. we are being told no students were on thisincident but chopper6 flying live over the scene here, the bus still there off the road and into the trees.
4:50 pm
we're still also hearing though that there were some reports of injuries but wethose but no children on the bus, no students on the bus. again, th township, new jersey. this bus involved in crash at the intersection of tuckahoe road and glassboro. as we get more information, of course, we will pass it along. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems du and tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements.
4:51 pm
taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist
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>> just a few da're helping you pucker up from fixing dry and chapter lips to plumping them up in a nonsurgical way. we have some of the hottest new techniques and some special deals just for you, our 6abc viewers. >> in the winter my lips get so dry that they just crack. can't put lipstick on because it starts toawful. >> i'm constantly talking to people are always looking at your lips when you'returehuntingdon valley. esthetician gg walk's 20 minute treatment starts with a gentle filing to remove dead skin then applies natural scrubs to smooth and nourish the skin or she'll use avocado as an intense moisturizer. then some gentle cupping.
4:53 pm
>> and that brings all the circulation to your lips. >> and a light application ofpanese rad dish. >> the was on that will plump >> she reeatment onc when it comes to needles consider the latest trend micro cannulas. >> i'm excited for the new technique. the other one was a lot of pricking. >> dr. steven davis in cherry hill says they're so hot right now he's using the flexible tiny tubes for 95 percent of his facial injections. >> lips happen to be one of the most popular places to get injected to make them look more voluptuous. >> he says this leads to less swelling and redness. >> and bruising all those other things that you would worry about with needles, this eliminates that. >> dr. davis says you end up with a more natural look that lasts up to nine months. >> so, what do you think? >> they're great. definitely fuller. >> dr. davis is offering $200 off that treatment if you call this week to book an appointment and we have an exclusive deal at salon 360 a
4:54 pm
10 percent discount for anyone who mentions 6abc. we'll break it all down for you on our web site >> all right thank you oing to do it for "action news" at 4:00 now for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> all right. we'll see you tonight. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪♪
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4:56 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> it has gotten worse and worse as the weeks have gone by and it is poised to break records now in one part of our region. we are nearly three months into one of the worst flu seasons ever and unfortunately it is gaining ground. >> monday night and the big story on "a news"tonight the flu season that continues to batter the entire country and our area. >> experts say there's more evidence tonight that the peak of flu season is still weeks away or could be and this news comes as delaware officials already released new totals of how many cases they are dealing with. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board to fill us in. ali. >> hi guys.
4:57 pm
delaware's public health director says from the start of the season up until february 3rd it had nearly 3,000 lab confirmed cases of the flu. now, 995 of them were just in that last week. that's the highest they've seen in state records. and sadly, six delaware residents also died due to complications from the flu virus that same week. the six who died were between 60 and 93 years of age. and all had underlying medical conditions. five lived in new castle county. so far this season there have been 10 flu related deaths in delaware and the state health chief says that number could go up because others are in intensive care. to slow down the spread she urged everyone to use common sense. >> if you are sick, please do not go to work or go out into the public until you are fever free for 24 hours
4:58 pm
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