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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 13, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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and fentanyl. and her mom reported her missing and then turned up on television on the bachelor. find out the story after not finding love with ari. and people are gathered around the love statute after it is reinstalled after a much needed makeover. two men are arrested for allegedly running a major drug trafficking operation in philadelphia. police seized more than $2 million worth of heroin and fentanyl from a home in fentonville. josh shapiro announced the drug bust and vernon odom was there. you have the details. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, the arrest and raid took place on sunday night in the feltonville section of the city right near hunting park. it was a big seizure and philadelphia police and state agents all involved. >> a huge drug bust probably displayed by the attorney general this morning.
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more than 2.5 million there's in street value. heroin and fentanyl seized from a north street rowhouse potentially a quarter million doses. >> the amount of drugs we seized would have created 250,000 doses. of heroin and fentanyl. 250,000 doses sold on the streets of philadelphia. >> under arrest are these two dominican nationals. guzman age 24 and rosario. they are held on $1.5 million each in a city prison. >> these drug treaters were trafficking an extraordinary amount of heroin which they were mixing with fentanyl to make it even deadlieier fentanyl is 100 times more potent than only yum. >> it represents one of the most busy markets for the dealers.
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107 died in this section of the city here alone. philly has the highest number of overdose death of hi big city in the united states. that is why this big syracuse, this operation was significant. we saved lives in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: rick, attorney general, shapiro says he knows the opioid market in pennsylvania is enormous but vows to keep on fighting and he opposes mayor jim kenney's plan to create safe injection sites for addicts across the city. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there are more video showing crime during the super bowl victory parade. police are looking for several people that jumped on a woman's vehicle last thursday at judson street. the victim parked her car while she attended the parade and
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discovered the extensive damage when she came back. >> the federal corruption trial continues for the mayor of allentown. and the prosecution could rest as early as today after nearly three weeks of testimony. ed pawlowski is accused of taking cash. and he says he is innocent and as the prosecution finishes the defendants will present their case tomorrow. turning now to the accuweather forecast. we are feeling much chillier today. the winter chill is back and won't last long, sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing at the noon hour. we have much warmer air coming our way think about the 60s in the days ahead. at least one of them. paid gift, david murphy, is outside on the terrace with details from accuweather. bright out here and you want a winter coat and extra gear. looking at satellite. every now and then a wisp of
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cloud cover moves through the area and sunshine is getting through that just fine. and here on the terrace a milky white sky cover east of the philadelphia where the cloud cover is shooting off to the coast. temperatures now on the cool side. i want to remind you that there are lingering flood issues along the rancocas creek and pemberton through lumberton and that has tributaries and the rancocas itself are running high and still looking at the run off and more spots to the south in the morris river and west of vineland along the cumberland and salem county border and over to the east. you see the great egg harbor river experiencing some flooding and be careful driving around and the flood warnings up through the afternoon in some cases. and wind shifting a bit from the northeast 34 in allentown and 33 just above the freezing mark in reading and lancaster and 36 in wilmington and 36 in millville
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and 35 degrees down the shore in cape may. and those windchills are still a factor. only feeling like 32 the freezing mark and feeling like the 20s. even though the wins are not that strong it feels like the freezing mark for the rest of afternoon. and you will want to bundle up a bit. and the forward forecast shows better news coming. 39 at 1:00 and getting up to 41 and 42 for the high. the overnight lows don't look as bad. we woke up in the mid-20s and only getting down to the low to mid-30s tonight. and look at what happens tomorrow as soon as noon you are up to 47 and expecting to go overthat into the 50s tomorrow and 60s on thursday. rick, i'll have the latest numbers from accuweather on the warming trend and then another chill down into the beginning of the weekend. for now you need a coat but it's a good looking day. >> we'll take it thank you. >> this reminder get updates to
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the forecast and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. federal wildlife officials are in trenton trying to scare away as many as 30,000 crows and making a mess of the capital city and presents a danger to planes and use methods ranging from pyrotechnics to flashing lights and playing audio of birds in distress. residents can expect to get an earful and eyeful from 9:00 p.m. today through friday through the next two weeks. just in time for valentine's day the city's love sculpture returned to its home ain mini parade was held before it was reinstalled on the southeast side of love park. people stopped to take pictures of the love while it was on the move. it stopped at seven gathering
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site as long the move. and the creation famous around the world went in for repairs a year ago and everyone says now that love is back the city is complete. >> they missed it, they want to meet at the location of the love. and people make marriage proposals at the love. >> people hang out over here. it brings people back together. >> the sculpture was stripped and repaired and repainted with the original colors and a new rectangular pedestal was designed for it to rest on. >> a contestant was believed to be missing and confirmed found while competing on the show. she grabbed headlines for her young age was eliminated last night. and now telling the story of her reported disappearance. >> reporter: from the moment she drove on to the bachelor.
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>> i'm becca. >> she stole ari's heart becoming a fan favorite. >> i am young but i can appreciate something classic. but people became worried when her name popped up on a missing persons list. and her mom said they could not locate her for about a week. that is until a tip came from from an unlikely source. a bachelor nation super fan turned super sleuth. >> i googled contestants and i got to her picture and it was the same name i was 100% sure. becca tweeting mom i'll telling you i don't get cell service on the bachelor. >> i could not give it away at the time because i was in fact eliminated and i was a week off
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the show and needed time to get away and decompress and i went up north into the mountains with some friends. >> and becca was off the show when her mom called police looking for her. but not snuggling with her new fiance. but recovering from a broken heart. >> it may be too late. but all of you die hard fans, don't worry there is always the bachelorette. >> does that give away the ending last night? >> bummer. >> more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a couple put it on the line to go on a dream sailboat trip. but they didn't get far. and harry and meghan markle continue their tour of the uk before they exchange vows in may. their visit to scotland next.
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the white house continues to deal with the fallout of domestic abuse allegations against rob porter. his ex-wife says she was living in constant fear of porter and president trump has not acknowledged the two exwives and former girlfriend that accused porter. >> sara huckabee told reports that the president and the entire administration takes it seriously. vice president mike pence celebrated african-american history month with a stop in washington, d.c. he spoke at the museum of african-american history and culture say issing it's a great national monuments to the successes, triumphs and struggles for african-americans. a couple's dream of a once in a lifetime adventure on a
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sailboat sunk on day two off the coast of florida. it hit something and sunk off the gulf of mexico. tanner and nicky and their pet pug escaped injury but they said just about everything on the boat floated away. british royals prince harry and meghan markle continue their public engagements ahead of their wedding in may. they were in edinburgh scott atlantic today. >> know on the hills just outside of edinboro. but freezing temperatures and typically cloud sunday morning did not stop well wishers from gathering outside of the historic castle for a very special visit. prince harry and meghan markle's first official joint visit to scotland. they were received by the royal marines and witnessing the 1:00 cannon a tradition dating back 150 years for mariners to set
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their watches. the fired every day. and they are halfway through their tour across the uk ahead of the wedding in may. they have visited nottingham and cardham and now edinboro. >> this is the couple's third visit but the crowd was excited address ever. people were climbing on shoulders to get a better view. and vacation from schools here and tourists were pleasantly surprised to have booked the holiday to coincide with the visit. it's close to his heart. home to his great grandmother and summer retreat bal morale. there is plenty of visits here for megan in the years to come. a classic comedy of kathrine hepburn portraying a socialite.
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>> the nice judge gave me a full pardon. >> the classic, philadelphia story is set to screen in 600 theaters across the u.s. including in our area. along with help burn and carry grant and jimmy stewart they starred in the film that won two oscars. check your local theater for show time. >> talk like that do? >> on weekends i do. still ahead on "action news" another check of the forecast for you. sky 6 hd showing you the sun is shining in cape may but a cold day on the beach. meteorologist, david murphy has the update from accuweather.
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check out the chilling viral video you see the slow-mo of 14-year-old dillon jumping on the ice filled trampoline.
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he confessed he lied to his mom and said he was going out with a friend and the friend shot the video. it's seen almost an after million times online. >> you think they froze it first? >> they may have just had the opportunity. but probably risky there though. we are looking at sunshine fading behind clouds today but still not bad in the ways things appear. stormtracker 6 live double scan is also showing us that we are dry. but that view of the heavens over philadelphia indicates some of that high cloud cover coming in on sky 6 hd and can you clearly see it there. it stays fairly bright. turning sky a milky white and some of are you still seeing. i want to remind you we have flooding issues left behind, one on rancocas creek. and this may not go below flood stage until early wednesday.
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and maurice river. and greg egg harbor river into this evening at least. the water is still rising and we hope it goes down in the evening hours. if you drive around these waterways turn around and do not get into trouble. okay. temperature right now is cold. 37 degrees, you don't want to get stuck in water when its this cold do you? >> 7 miles per hour wind. and making it feel like 32. it will knock 5 or 6 degrees off the temperatures. 33 in lancaster and 36 in wilmington and 37 in philadelphia. and 36 in millville. but those windchills in the upper 20s up to the freezing mark. the clouds are high and thin and sunshine bursting through them for now and thicker late in the day and tonight we see even thicker cloud cover develop. high temperatures across the region not much of a range today
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getting up to 38 in allentown and 39 in reading and even 40 in trenton, toms river and millville. and 41 in philadelphia and cape may. and 42 on the boardwalk in a.c. and dover. as we take a look at where numbers are going today. 40 by 2:00, expect that high of 41 at 3:00. and then here is a change for tonight. last night we were down into the 20s in a hurry and wound up in the mid up toer 20s for morning lows, tonight only 35 at 10:00 and holding close to that as we go through the overnight hours and getting down to the freezing mark in philadelphia and wraps around an area of high pressure and that bounces us for 52 for a high on valentine's day and clouds mixing with sun and the rain here not worrying about that until nighttime. and most of the area is being dry and later in the evening you bring an umbrella from you out on valentines eve for the
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possibility of rain. that is gone for thursday, thursday is looking dry. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and chilly today and tomorrow high of 52 and rain at night and mild on thursday, we'll see clouds and sun and high of 65 degrees, can't argue with that. for those of you that are tired of the colder shots. and morning showers friday morning and afternoon drying. i have the downward area looks like we hit the the 60 in the morning and fall through the afternoon after the rain and get down into the 40s by dinner time and high of 40s by saturday. and a high of oo 50 on sunday and president days a bit wet by the way things look. congratulations for one of the cheerleading teams from saint hubert high school in may fair. they can add national champs to their list of accomplishments.
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this weekend the girls won the 2018 national high school cheerleading championship in orlando. a proud mom says they nailed their routes even getting no deductions from the judges. again, congratulations. come for the food leave as family, that is the idea behind the experience you'll get in the authentic soul food in winfield. karen rogers shows us the delicious southern staples on the menu. >> parked next to the overbrook train station is a place called heaven on earth. >> crab cakes and best in the city. soul food with the southern staples done right. chicken and pork ribs and macaroni and cheese and fresh collard greens every day. they told me my corn bread is very delicious. >> home cooking made to order. >> i come in every day and make it fresh. >> she traces her roots to the south. >> i group in a small town in
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south carolina. i have 13 sisters and brothers. g of soul food. >> we got everything from the garden and got with the neighbors and everybody and said this makes your soul feel good and that translates to her customers. >> today is my birthday and i said honey lets go to devereuxs. sometimes we have to blink the light at 2:00 in the morning and say it's time to go home. >> between the love in the food and the good conversation young and ole can come in and enjoy themselves and have a great meal and eat quite a bit. >> to matter who they are, what race they are we become totally family.
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lincoln nebraska is celebrating the birth of the city's namesake in an unusual way. check out the five foot tall bobble head of lincoln. it was unveiled to mark the 209th birthday. folks were encouraged to take picture with the bobble head and perhaps win prizes when you post it. and the city hopes it will impact tourism in a tall way. >> it kind of looks like matt o'donnell. >> rick has that. >> i wish i was as wise as that. >> a chilly one out there. as we take a look at temperatures we wind up the 39 in reading and pottstown and lots of 38's and 39's in the western suburbs and mostly sunny skies with the addition of cloud collar late in the day and the closer you get to the coast of
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the better chance of the low 40s. >> thank you. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:4:00. when we talk about hackers we think about computers and they are targeting televisions. and an investigation by consumer reports when we talk about smart tvs. >> don't gore get to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> now for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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