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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 13, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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home. but the big story is the on going search for the young vandals that did their damage on super bowl night and during the parade. the huge crowds were largely behaved but that doesn't mean there wasn't isolate the incidents of hooliganism. and we see the video that the police are using to track the people down. sara bloomquist is live at police headquarters. >> police are telling us they have already made close to a dozen arrests in connection with vandalism and theft during super bowl celebrations.ey are lookin another warrant this afternoon. and this they released additional photos and videos as they worked to identify young people as they were encouraged to turn themselves in. >> philadelphia police say in fact she did steal part trafficn
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camera doing it at juniper and pe win and at the same snapped that belongs to the city. >> it looks like a walk don't walk sign. he said i'm taking this and keeping this. you can't even though it's public property. >> the sell is -- are over and the video of people doing damage don't go away. and police released more videos and still phos of people they want to this group appears to be taking down a sign and these two men look to be walk ago way with a light pole. the images are clear, you will recognize yourself and if you know the person you recognize them. >> someone hit record as this group jumped up and down on a white corvette. the owner parked at jenson
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avenue and when she returned she found her car with extensive damage to the hood and roof and it gave police a clear picture of who did it. we'll continue to follow-up. trust us.this will not go awayi get everybody in. >> police find the videos posted on social media and other people are sending them right into the department. they are emphasizing it's simpler to turn yourself in. better than having a police officer knock on your door with a warrant. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news" thank you sara this is new at 6:00. police are investigating a double shooting in olney. police were called to if you recally street at 2:30 this afternoon and found two wounded men and it happened at american
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street and the victims were taken to einstein hospital in critical condition. the man who set off small bombs in new york city and at a charity race in ocean county, new jersey, has been sentenced to multiple terms of life in prison. ahmed rahami injured 30 people when a pressure cooking bomb exploded in new york city and hours before a pipe bomb that exploded in seaside park at a charity race. it ended with a shootout in lyndon new jersey. and authorities seize the $2.6 million worth of heroin and fentanyl in the drug bust of the fentanyl section of philadelphia. word tonight 24-year-old caesar guzman and 30-year-old sanchez rosario were arrested in the raid sunday night.
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pennsylvania attorney general, josh shapiro says they were trafficking the drug from north 4th street and police from the torresdale section are looking to track down burglars that not only ransacked a home but stole a hand someone quilt with a lifetime of memories. johnns is live on the a heart wrenching story there. >> it is the family says the items taken credit cards and jewelry but items like the unique quilt cannot be and hope that those that may have the quilt and other items may consider returning it via a local church. >> it means nothing to them. >> but it means everything to you? >> oh my god yes. of course. >> talking about items of sentimental value taking in a burglary of her home. she showed us the the laundry
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room door with a thief broke in. stolen was a jewelry box with her late husband's i.d. tags should he get lost. and taken off her bed this remarkable quilt made out of t-shirts representing important places in his life. >> from north catholic and all of his grandchildren's high schools. you know father judge was a northern man but was okay with father judge and arch bishop ryan. >> why take a large quilt. they went to the bureau and scooped it because that is where the quilt always was and got spooked and got out as quick as they could. >> the worry is that the quilt and other items will be thrown away. dot and her family hope that whoever has them will drop them off at their church at 97 hundred frankford avenue. >> if he dropped them off there
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at the church i will clear it with my parrish monsignor. >> so an appeal maybe a long shot or a third party will or has come across the items and now knows how important they are for one family. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, has rejected the newly drawn congressional map submitted by republicans, he says that the latest plan is jerry mandered to favor the gop. and this comes from the supreme court to draw up new and constitutional boundaries. the governor may still his own proposal to the court or work with the legislature to submit asensus map by monday's deadline. > you about this problem yesterday and operations began today to rid the city of
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trenton of 30,000 crows. "action news" reporter christie aleto is live at the knowledge state capital. they say the solution is -- the solution isn't high tech -- >> reporter: that was one of the pyrotechnics, lasers anything non-lethal to square away the birds, like clockwork they descend on the parking lot and you can definitely hear them. >> we are going to attempt to push them out of the area -- pyrotechnics and lasers and spotlights part of the measures crows from downtown trenton. >> making it as uncomfortable mr as pos area. >> the crows have become a big
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problem. >> it's frustrating and friday night and the crow trenton and their disdain for the birds run deep. >> the cars are covered. >> people don't want to come down here then? >> yes. >> for some reason trenton is a plem. >> it got bigger the flock i'm like where are they coming from? they have caused property damage and hit the city hard with cleanup and their droppings are a health hazard. >> i think it may take more than two weeks but happy they are doing something. >> all right now the usda is out here all week until 9:00 trying to get the birds to disperse again, there you saw a pyrotechnic to get the birds to
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move off and go away. and if this doesn't work they will be here until march. christie aleto. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. tonig.ts return to love s" park in philadelphia. and jeff skversky takes a trip to florida for the start of phillies spring training. >> reporter: hey jim, phillies manager, gabe kapler is inspired by the eagles and they can shock people too. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. cecily it's miserable down here. >> poor jeff in the short-sleeves there. it won't be quite as warm here in florida but i'm tracking a dramatic midweek warm-up and this weekend there is a threat a storm now. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more.
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the city of philadelphia has rlaheir piece of sculpture. workers returned the refurbished love statue to the soon to be reopen love park but made stops along the way to the permanent home. jeanette reyes has the story. >> reporter: love was on the move, the word itself always seems to draw a crowd wherever it goes today was no different. >> all the peopleng out over here. you can see how it people back >> they miss itt at the location of the love and make marriage proposals at the love.
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>> and it returned in triumphant fashion after a new paint job and color correction. >> stripping off the old paint and repairing the issues we found with the metal made out o. so there is rusting and pin holes and cracks. we learned that the collars w intended to be red green and purple not red green and blue. >> the big welcome back started with a love tour that started at the joan of arc statue and ended at love park that is also renovated. all of it just in time for valentine's day. even though it's off kilter it shows an underbelly of phillies beauty and ugliness at the same time. >> this red, green and purple color combination is the onl one of its kind for this statue and right here in philadelphia and you can expect the crowds come valentine's day and a ton of pictures and plan for
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sometime in spring and it is open for all to see and enjoy in the meantime. jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> word today that the philadelphia orchestra is launching a world tour this spring. music director announced today plans to play in six europeanes israel this may and june. the visit to israel is in partnership with thehiladelphiad chef, and it will will he the first visit to israel for any american orchestra since 1996.
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we have breaking news from the law dale section of philadelphia where police have a murder history on their hands tonight. 7100 block of oxford avenue where a woman was found stabbed to death inside of an apartment.
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homicide detectives are on the scene investigating the murder. better news here. baseball begins tomorrow. >>eve it. tomorrow morning pitchers and catchers are be on the field for the first day of phillies spring training and the manager spoke with the hopes and optimist for the future and letsoin jeff skversky in clearwater florida ag, gabe kapler was not llies delusional he believes that the phillies that finish the dead last year september will be fighting for the nl east. how is that for a bold statement. here is kapler on the field with his players and a buzz down here but the first official workout is not until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. his message to the team is
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simple we can win and he says he is inspired in fact by the eagles super bowl season and he believes they went from worst to first and the eagles did it why not the phillies too? >> we would beoolish to not take cues from what the eagles accomplishes. not just over the last couple of weeks but since the summer when coach pederson addressed the team and said this is what the world thinks and this is what you are. if everyone on our roster takes a step forward we are an opportunity to shock people and that is the message we'll convey in camp. >> doug pederson had a similar message to his eagles players in training camp and he will have ks to his pitants the superrow bowl down here and was inspired by this team and locked in thata
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long time wching the eagles win and hopefully kapler and the phillies can follow in the eagles footsteps. >> lets see what he can do. thank you. to hockey good news bad news, first bad. goalie brian elliot will miss the next five to six weeks after undergoing core muscle surgery and this team cannot catch a break. and the flyers are 4-0 since the eagles won the super bowl. claude giroux told jaime apody he is inspired by the city'srea >> the night they were they we in the streets and seeing everybody celebrating and a good experience and i think the sixers have not lost eastern, it's pretty fun right now. >> doe something like that, expy won, does that make you hungry for your own? >> it definitely doesn't hurt but just seeing the passion of the fans we knew was always there and to actually live it
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and be in the mix was a pretty good experience. >> today the colts formerly introduced frank wright as their head coach. the former coordinator for the eagles began there some ten years ago. he is saying all the r things. >> i believe we'll work together to do something special for this city and for our organization. something that will be remembered for a long time. this is a great football city and i'm happy to be home to my coaching roots this is where i got my start. >> he did not have play calling duty there's but will have them there in indianapolis. the historical figure pay aid visit in delaware county. frederick douglas spoke with the youngsters of the christian st and discussed the life and times the slave turned american states man the eventfor black history month.
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some potential problems on the horizon here. rest of february and amazing how things change overnight. wake up and look at the computer models you see the storms on saturday depending you things come together. the potential for some snow. in the meantime, serious when you get that. the action cam in fairmont park today hanging out with the seagulls the high of 43 the average high for this time of year. and now live from sky 6 hd
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taking a look at spring mountain ski resort and the snowboarders and skiers are out. and this pretty comfortable evening and seasonably cool things are changing through the week. first of all the next few days. temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above average a taste o possible of a few showers.nd co on saturday and theoten for snow or rain late on saturday and saturday night. all depending on how pieces of energy are coming together. seasonably school. philadelphia 38 degrees and allentown 37 and beach her 35 d. and clouds are rolling in tonight and that means temperatures not dropping as low as last night. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a touch of drizzle. could have a little bit of this sneaking in and warm air invection with a warm front that brings us as above normal for the next two
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days. tonight mostly cloudy and i few areas of drizzle and 33 in philadelphia. 29 degrees in toms river. and cape may 32 and allentown and reading 30. with temperatures close to freezing a little bit of that drizzle could be freezing especially in the far northern and west suburbs. this is what future tracker shows at 2:00 in e morning could have freezing rain in the lehigh valley and the poconos. elsewhere just a lot of clouds. for your valentine's day. kind of sweet good amounts of sunshine during the day and 5-degrees in philadelphia. and normal high for tomorrow, is bumped up to 44 so well above normal. should be dry duringding out tog to be o1:00 mayight scattered srs developing and thursday lots of clouds and temperatures climbing upnto the0 6s.e on thursday. heading toward the weekend. we are looking at the 500
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this is where the the magic happens. there are two low pressures and a couple of computer models, euro and canadian coming together and phasing into a sizable storm bringing us heavy rain or snow depend on where it tracks and however the american model the gfs keeps them separate and that brings us a brush of light showers and no big storms but four days in advance i'll keep you posted close to the weekend. warm and 52 degrees and showers late tomorrow night and thursday bring out the shorts, 67 degrees and on friday morning showers with a cold front and that high we hit in the morning, by the evening commute we are in the 40s and saturday 38 degrees with a chance of late day snow or rain, and sunday we dry out temperatures in the upper 40s on monday the potential for afternoon rain and 57 and tuesday up to 66 degrees and an update on saturday on "action
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news" at 11:00. >ld news tonight with david muir, next on channel acontinu on l 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for a special "action news" investigationsome brokering. that is tonight at 11:00. here is a preview. >> reporter: i'm "action news" reporter chad pradelli. they are called junky hunters or patient pimps, accused of paying addicts to go to detox rehab. >> they call it where they have someone that gets you high. >> and inside of patient brokering. that is tonight live at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking stories. the fbi this evening now disputing the story from the white house. the head of the fbi now saying they told the white house four times about rob porter's past. porter resigning after allegations of domestic violence. also breaking tonight, the dramatic rescues unfolding right now. more than a dozen climbers stranded. one climber falling hundreds of feet. cpr now being performed on the mountain. the horror. an 8-year-old kidnapped at walmart, later killed. tonight, the moment the child's mother facing down the suspect in court. this evening, the women at applebee's told to pay the bill and leave immediately. what they were accused of doing the day before, but they weren't there. tonight, applebee's firing three workers. was it a runaway suv?
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the driver who called 911, saying he


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