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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i want to thank mayor dean, commissioner sharif and mr. runsy for being here to support the broward sheriff's office and to be with me at this last thing i want to say is this is a terrible day for parkland, broward county, state of florida and the united states. my very own triplets went to that school and graduated from stoneman douglas. they played football and lacrosse at that school, so it's just catastrophic. there really are no words, and we will keep you updated. have spoken to governor scott. he's out of state. he's on his way over here. i have spoken to president trump and he's offered the full power of the united states of america to help us get through this. any questions? i can't hear you. >> e lab rolaborate on the shoo? >> he was found off campus. i don't know exactly where. i believe he was found in the
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city of hall springs by a coconut beach, coconut creek police officer. it that's unconfirmed right now. >> age range of those -- >> i can't. >> was he an outsider? >> from what i understand, there was a time where he did attend this school. i don't know why he left. i don't know when he left. [ inaudible question ] that is correct, he's not a current student. >>as there any confrontation between him and police? >> i wasn't there but i was told there was no confrontation. he was -- can you hear me? he was taken into arrest without incident. yes. >> do you have anyone else in custody? >> no. one. >> okay. do you have an age on him? >> i believe he's approximately 18 years old. >> okay. then at least one i'm monica malpass along with rick williams. "action news" continues with that big story. another mass shooting this one near miami florida, with multiple casualties. this is going on at stoneman
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douglas high school in parkland a suburb of miami. and the s.w.a.t. team has taken the suspected shooter in custody. christie aleto is monitoring the latest developments and satellite feeds coming into the newsroom. she is live in the satellite center with more. >> rick and monica, a sigh of relief for parents knowing the shooter was taken into custody. and the hard part is assessing the carnage of magnitude of what happened. they are confirm there had are multiple casualties and that the shooter appears to be a former student but the motive is unclear but all of this apparently unfolded as the high school was about to does purse students. >> the gunman opened fire at about 2:30 this afternoon. they confirm there had were fatalities but we don't know how many. now, at one point some of the 3,000 student body had been
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evacuated from stoneman douglas high and others were inside being told to stay quiet. those under lockdown were able to text their loved ones. it's unclear if the gunman was a student or his relationship to the school. a student spoke to abc news by motorcycleal katz was inside of the school and said the shooting lasted for at least four minutes, too many shots to count. >> shots from a class next door and a couple more down and after that. i heard footsteps above us on the second floor and from there i can't tell you what happened. >> trying to get information because we can't get to her. we can't get ahold of her. >> i want her out i want to give her a hug. >> panicked parents there and one man taken into custody apparently without incident.
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we are monitoring the feed as they come into the newsroom. channel 6 "action news." >> we continue to bring you the latest developments on the mass shooting in parkland florida on air and online at now to our other top story for countless pennsylvanians that suffer from chronic diseases and ailments this is a long time coming. nearly two years after medical marijuana became legal in the keystone state the first dispensaries are being ready to hope this week. it's just week as way from being able for users across pennsylvania. a medical marijuana distribution center welcomed the public inside and showing us how it all worked. >> reporter ali gorman toured the fas it's in devon and she has the latest. >> reporter: for patients and family this is a milestone they are waiting for. here behind me is one of two
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dispensaries in our area that are set to officially open this weekend. >> welcome to keystone shop. >> inside of this new medical marijuana dispensary. they are celebrating a dream come true for many pushing for this to make this an option in pennsylvania. >> look to the earth and thank nature for providing us that which we know can lead to a better life for so in people. >> keystone shops one of two state approved dispensaries set to open this weekend. the owner terra votea holistic center. it's set to cover 17 conditions second quarter neurological conditions cancer and autism. >> basically everything stems from a recommendation from a doctor that is registered with the state good so far 400 doctors are approved. once the patient receives a certification they can come to a
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dispensary and meet another health care provider to decide dosing and can composition and for meat. pills, a local and vapor and drop lets. erica daniels started hope grows for autism. put her son leo on the drops with a special program. he has autism and was having a melt down every day. >> within the first 30 days he went to have one melt down in 30 days. >> she says it's not a cure but sees positive affects. opponents argue that long-term use could lead to addiction and other problems. and some in the midcal community would like to see more scientific evidence proving the benefits. >> and there are some other concerns about security and then also about patients sharing their supply. here at keystone they tell me
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that the most they can get is a 30 day supply and all the patients will be closely monitored. we know there is a lot of questions about this so we have more information at for now live in devon, ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. delaware county congresswoman, margo davidson finds herself in trouble with the law. facing criminal charges for allegedly driving with a suspended license but that is just the start. she was involved in a car accident back on the 2nd and learn ared that davidson was driving a common wealth vehicle at the time. her license was suspended in pennsylvania because of an unpaid speeding ticket in virginia in july and plans to plead not guilty to the charges she is facing tonight. a purse snatcher targeted an older won that fin ired her groceryshopping. it happened in the parking lot of a shop-rite in winfield at 6:00. when a 78-year-old shopper was
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unloading groceries into her car and the victim threw herself on to the hood of the car and trying to stop the man and was not seriously hurt but the suspect made off with her credit cards and identification and cash. >> on the weather front temperatures outside were a treat today and enjoy it while it lasts. >> we are tracking potential snow for the weekend at least in part. meteorologist, cecily tynan live in the weather center with more. >> reporter: a tale of two seasons on the way the next couple of days, warm air is moving in tonight and double scan live radar showing with this warm front it does have showers developing. if you head out tonight, there rain and drizzle around and unlike last night where we have freezing rain in the lehigh valley. temperatures are going nowhere. 7:00, 49. and by 11:00 still in the mid-40s. and all in all quiet weather for your evening for valentine's day. and then tomorrow.
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break out the shorts, future tracker 6 showing we have a strong flow out of the southwest average high for this time of year is 44. we'll be well up in the mid-60s, 70s down to the south, and then a cold front moves in right in time for the weekend and a wave of low pressure develop as long that and brings us the opportunities for snow. look ago head four of the next seven days, temperatures will be in the 60s. another big warm-up next week. temperatures crash friday afternoon into saturday morning. with that cold air. that wave of low pressure we have the potential for accumulating snow for parts of our region saturday night. and we talk more about that possible in the full accuweather forecast. >> of course get updates in the forecast for the possible snow this weekend and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time yourself on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a download for your mobile device. >> ash wednesday marks the season of lent and archbishop
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charles chaput celebrated the mass. and lent is a 40 daytime of reflection and pentnance for christians leading up to easter sunday. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> not a lot to warm your heart on this front on this valentine's day. 95 northbound stacked up from near penn's landing from this point at allegheny avenue and the betsy ross bridge and the crash is completely cleared out of the way. and the delay coming out of center city is not gone and will not be gone for a couple of hours. however, crash on the roosevelt boulevard southbound side by the pep boys is gone. and now a disabled vehicle along lincoln drive near rittenhouse. and if you drive near lincoln drive there at gypsy lane there are a bunch of big potholes that is why i think we have the disabled vehicle.
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and blue route has a crash approaching villanova on the southbound side. but it's off to the side. however the northbound side of the blew route approaching the turnpike it's all stacked up because of an earlier crash on the turnpike itself eastbound approaching fort washington now gone but the slow speeds persist. just 12 miles per hour coming east of valley form. 422 out of pottstown a crash near 724. and christiana watch for a crash on the northbound side of 1 and the southbound side is slower. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" tonight. a hospital in the pacific northwest taking incredible new steps to stop the spread of flu for patients already at risk. what they demand visitors do. >> and a heart warming story in time for valentine's day we'll take you to a young cancer patient that beat the eyes got quite a surprise today. yo of the
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hospitals is very close to this school but the other hospital you mentioned is far away. this sort former massachusetts governor and one time republican candidate mitt romney is planning to announce tomorrow he will run for the u.s. senate in
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utah. he has been a harsh cf ident tr2 and if he wins will be the oldest freshman senator elected to a full-term. he will replace senator oran hatch retiring. step up to keep your blood pressure down. women with high blood pressure that climbed 192 steps or two three times a week. lowered their blood pressure while building lower leg strength and balance and cheaper and easier than going to the gym and decreased body fat and reduc reduced cholesterol. and a hospital is not just asking sick visitors to stay away. they are screening them for signs of the flu. evergreen medical center in kirkland is screening visitors and asking them a series of
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questions. it's necessary to stop the spread of flu with staff and patients. >> we have a lot of staff sick with the flu and we need our workforce here to help take care of the ill people but also a lot of patients with the flu. we want to cut that off and make sure others are not getting sick. >> visitors with symptoms seeking medical care are asked to wear a mask and ones without symptoms seeking care are asked to postpone their visit until feeling better. most of us assume raw vegetables are better than cooked. but that is not always the case. >> here is ali gorman with her report at 11:00. when it comes to vegetables you want to get the best bang for the buck and that means raw is not always the best option. cookie veggies asked your body to -- we'll show which are better cooked and how to boost
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your intake of anti-oxidants that can help ward off disease. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. my shoulders carry more than my country's pride
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they carry my community's pride my family's pride and pride in myself because shoulders were made for greatness not dandruff use pantene shamwith 3 minute. hair even stronger? nger see the difference when you add 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. today it's valentine's day and americans are planning to spend big to show their love. according to the national retail
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federation more than half will celebrate. nearly $20 billion will be spent on valentines related cards and gifts and apparel and 4.7 is spent on jewelry. and americans are expected to spend $144 on average. i have $100 more to spend. a block party was held in philadelphia revealing a remodeled home for a young child battling cancer. the o'malleys, their home was completely remodeled thanks to the building hope for kids project a partnership with the flyers and michael's way and sean o'malley was nearly speechless. >> my jaw hit the floor. and i kind of was like -- wow. it was like a whole new house. so it was just amazing. >> 5-year-old maddie o'malley
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has b cell leukemia. >> we wish her well of course. a team of electricians are heading to puerto rico to help the island struggling after hurricane maria. they gathered in newark delaware to be briefed for the trip and they leave sunday and will be gone a month. puerto rico was slammed by hurricane maria two weeks after being hit by hurricane irma.
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time now for the accuweather forecast. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here to tell us what is up for valentines celebrations. >> temperatures are up. 54 degrees and warmer tomorrow and tracking is the chance of snow over the weekend. lets head to the "action news" weather center live on sky 6, clouds are rolling in and started with bright sunshine and could have light scattered showers later tonight and temperatures are mild and tonight and tomorrow in the 60s and take a look at your weekend. we do have a return to winter. saturday the high is 40 degrees and start off with temperatures in the morning and saturday night watching a storm system that brings parts of our region accumulating snow.
5:25 pm
behind that on sunday. the sunshine is back and it's going to be milder and whatever falls will melt quickly. stepping outside tonight you don't need to bundle up at all. 39 in philadelphia and allentown 48 and trenton 51 and cape may 47 and wilmington 48 degrees with the winds out of the southwest. satellite and radar. the clouds are building we do have showers that are trying to move in from the west. doesn't look like a lot of rain generally a .10 inch to .25 inch. if you head out tonight you may want to take an umbrella. future tracker 6 showing the timing at 9:30 and the showers developing in the far north and west suburbs and the wee hours of the morning they move through and out of here by the morning commute for thursday. lots of left over clouds at 7:30 and the clouds will be in place through the day tomorrow. but we are in the warm sector of the system and it feels like april. temperatures already 53 degrees by 9:00 and we rise up into the mid-60s by the afternoon and
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temperatures running more than 20 degrees above normal. early on friday a cold front moves through with showers and brings us colder air and that front stalls to the south and a wave of low pressure along it and arctic high pressure with a lot of moving parts with the system and this brings us snow by saturday night. like a lot of systems it doesn't look like all snow and mixing and rain along the coast and the big question where does this snow, rain line setup that depends on the track of the storm and intensity of the storm pretty much up in the air and the best chance for philadelphia a moderate snow event especially since it is falling overnight. 3 to 6 inches a 40% chance and if we get mixing cutting down numbers 1 to 3 and a low chance a nuisance event looking at a foot of snow. the five-day at 5:00 tomorrow.
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67 degrees lots of clouds and on friday we hit a high of 62 in the morning with showers and temperatures crash into the 40s by the evening commute. saturday during the day it's dry after 4:00 is when the snow and mixing will develop. overnight out of here by day break. 48 degrees and monday for presidents day we begin to warm up again. 52 degrees and late rain on monday and we'll talk about the saturday system in full detail in the seven-day forecast coming sfup the conk of the mass shooting in florida continues we'll get the latest when we come right back. stay with us.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak.
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so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. "action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. authorities say they broke up a major weapons ring in the area before the gun used in the shoot that left a little girl dead. and fallout continues with one of president trump's top aide abusing several women and the president himself addressed the scandal.
5:30 pm
and we'll tell you what he had to say. >> and pitchers and catchers reported to florida for spring training, we are live from the action. live now with breaking news from florida where there is another school shooting. there are several fatalities and at least 14 injuries. the exact details are unfolding and the lone suspect has been taken into custody ending the threat at the school. but for parents and students a terrible nightmare is just beginning. >> the school says there is to warnings this could happen and they are still puzzled by it. serena joins us live. >> reporter: both the fbi and atf has offered the assistance at the scene and the broward county sheriff's office says there are multiple fate ills and at least 14 are transported to local hospitals with injuries. >> we are following reports of a shooting at a high school in southern florida. the incidents happening at
5:31 pm
marjorieneman douglas high school in miami, florida. >> there are faties involve and we can't confirm the number at this point. >> students seen run ago way from the school and later others evacuated their arms out stretched. >> student michael katz was in the school when the shooting began. >> it was lik banging and i thought it was the janitors or whatever. and then all of a sudden i hear boom boom boom and screaming everywhere. and we jumped underneath my teacher's death. >> and they were trained what to do for the event. >> i said that is not a drill -- >> broward county sheriff's office confirmed that the shooter is in custody and t but a one. not a current president trump and the governor of florida spoke by phone and offered the full support of the
5:32 pm
federal government and offered condolences that no student, teacher or anyone else should be in fear at an american school. back to you. >> thank you. back in our area tonight officials have announced the breakup of a major gun smuggling ring. many weapons ended up on the excretes of camden and one used in the killing of a little 8-year-old girl. vernon odom joins us with the details tonight. >> reporter: good evening. law enforcement sources at every level here are hailing a recent series of gun running arrests. saying it's making camden safer by the day. >> this was the first major bust in south jersey for the new attorney general, graywall taking down a gun running operation by an of pair that allegedly did straw purchases and drove weapons including assault rifles some 500 miles and sold them to criminals on the streets of camden. weapons illegal to possession in
5:33 pm
new jersey. they linked the powerful guns to major crime here's including the killing of innocents like little gabby carter. >> 8-year-old gabby hill carter caught in the crossfire of a dispute between rival gangs and fatally shot. >> the investigation started when state investigators focused on eduardo caban an alleged king pin here. >> when they learned that caban was selling heroin and illegal firearms we expanded the investigation. >> the murder rate not long ago considered the danger per capita in the nation is down 10% but still dangerous. >> it can spray bullets across a park and hitting a bus carrying
5:34 pm
preschoolers, the fear of guns and gun fire never really goes away. and states like ohio where lenient gun laws they get guns like ak-47's and smuggle them into new jersey where gun laws are some of the toughest in the nation. >> there it is easy to buy guns and those guns end up in knowledge. >> six of the suspects are locked up here in the city of camdene is on the way here from ohio. some are looking up to 40 years in prison if convicted.i'm vern "action news". >> thank you vernon. in washington president trump broke his silence on a domestic abuse today. this after days of controversy involving former white house aide, rob porter, he left his job after two exwives and an ex-girlfriend went public with
5:35 pm
claims after abuse. and in the earlier response to the scandal praised his character and says accused totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knowst almost wouldn't even have to be said. now you hear it. but >> porter has denied the accusations against hi israel's prime minister is vowing to fight after police recommended charging him in two corruption cases and benjamin netanyahu says he is innocent. and police officials say there is enough evidence to prove bribery, fraud breach of trust. and thatted $300,000 in gifts in exchange for political favors. a united airlines flight landed safely in honolulu after
5:36 pm
losing an and pngers said it sounded like an explosion and for the remainder of the flight debris and bolts continued to fly out of the engine and the pilot requested an emergency landing and passengers braced for it. and the faa is investigating how it happened. the new hampshire woman that won last month's $559 million power ball jackpot will be allo and remain anonymous at least for now. she is suing over the states rules that required her to originally to reveal her identity and she says it's a dangerous invasion of privacy and the numbers were drawn a month ago and every day she does not cash the ticket she loses the interest she lost so far is quickly approaching a half doll three people were t a large ow high school. police say that the fight broke out before 11:00 a.m. and involved at least 50 students
5:37 pm
and the school on south college avenue was placed on lock down and officers were able to get control of the situation in 10 minutes and no injuries reported and no weapons involved. >> two students on board of the school bus had to be checked for injuries after the bus collided with a minivan in the city's logan section. the crash happened at 6:30 on oldork road and wagner avue. the two studentsthe only ones on board the bus at the time. to word on the cause of the collision. tom wolf ordered flags to fly at half staff to hor cong john fox. represented pennsylvania's 13th congressional district encompassing part of montgomery county from 1995 to 1999. some local students are showing love of a different kind for our nation's veterans. students at the twin hills elementary school paid trip out to their family members that
5:38 pm
served or are currently doing so. they wore yellow to honor the veterans. >> very nice. time for a check of conditions on the roads out there midweek. lets go to pat pellman with the lightest. >> reporter: a bunch of things you will not love. 42 southbound at 130 gone now but extra heavy delays off the walt whitman bridge that actuay into pennsylvgetting int try the ben franklinot the walthian this afternoo state an overturned truck m aft noon i bordentown blocking 276 on to the turnpike get on via 7
5:39 pm
ah of big pothole as long lincoln drive if you drive the southbound side by gymsy lane and a disabled near rittenhouse street. >> a crash on the blue route near villanova, and that is gone but accident both ways 422 in pottstown, eastbound is especially slow with speeds like 4 miles per hour. but the bottom line is, stick with 724 and high street not 422 in pottstown. this is 422 by trooper road in the ongoing construction zone and westbound plenty busy, they didn't do that traffic shift overnight and postponed that so are you still on the pavement you are used to this afternoon. and wilmington watch for a crash on 95 southbound speeds there just in the teens. nk you.d monica back to you. > much more ahead on "action news" wednesday night. one of philadelphia's most popular orchestras announced their lineup for the season. >> and one of america's favorite love stories, michelle obama
5:40 pm
announced the play list dedicated to her husband and their 25 year marriage. and adam joseph is tracking the latest in our weather center. >> good changes and not some good changes as we head toward the weekend lots of sunshine and we warm the temperatures from 43 yesterday to a high of 52 today. two days in a row in the 60s. and then snow. we'll chat about it in the seven-day forecast. >> all right plus it's not just baseball weather around here but it is in clearwater, florida. jeff skversky is there live with phillies pitchers and catchers were on the field today. >> reporter: hey guys the phillies have love in the air today. for day one of pitchers and catchers they love their new manager and we'll talk about this coming up in sports. >> we'll have the stories and more when "action news" continue in a moment. ♪
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this valentine's day artwork was crafted by the creative hands of a first grader. the piece of work salutes the philadelphia eagles and their recent super bowl win. unveiled at russel byers charter school where deshay attended first grade. he says it depicts how hard it
5:44 pm
was for the eagles to win and what the students do every day. >> nice job. ducis rogers is here with sports and pitchers and catchers getting busy phillies in clearwater. >> the phillies are open for business. and the business is to take a giant leap forward. jeff skversky was there for the first workout and joins us live from clearwater with more. >> reporter: ducis there is lots of love in the air down here in clearwater for new phillies manager gabe kapler yes they love their manager already. his positive attitude and brings lot of energy and not afraid to put his arm around his players they believe that alone will s more like as wins. ootball coach than a baseball manager. he has an unconventional
5:45 pm
approach to this using his iphone to take video and pictures of the players workouts and reps. and kapler's presence was rubbing off on his players and it's day one. >> an intense guy. he is a motivator. a positive guy and i really like that and all the guys like that too. >> man, i am already sweating here. and still i'm really excited. again, i don't have the exact words to put into play but i'm longing forward to kind of having a bounce back year. >> i think they are a group that can come together and do really. so more than anything else i'm happy for them they are back together again and not far away from the position players reporting and when this report this group will be together pulling the rope in the same direction and i have no doubt we'll accomplish great things. >> kapler told his players
5:46 pm
today. look for the end result. look for the almost end zone which is the playoffs, and a lot of guys we spoke with believe they could be a playoff team. they want to pick up where they ball out of the park and winning games. >> thank you jeff. >> to basketball now the simers will be in action tonight at home against the miami heat the final game before the all-star break. and the sixers are on a bit a role aiming for the fifth day straight victory andek they got together and vowed to win the final five games before the break. four down unone to go. >> the playoffs are the goal. and that is where we are right now. and we are playing great now and i don't know how many wins but we have one game to win now tonight.
5:47 pm
>> the flyers saw their four game win streak come to an end in the at the hands of the devils. tyler hall tied the game with under two mines to play. and eventually went to a shootout. and voracek was off the mark and the flyers lost 5-4. and baseball is back and another live report from jeff at 6:00. >> thank you. d medal swimmer michael phelps is the dadf two sons, he and his wife welcomed their second son and announced on instagram. and his new son's name is beckett and that is a dorable boomer. just in time for valentine's day, the obamas are redefinaling the term couple's gold. michelle obama released a play list honoring her husband, barack. it has 44 tracks with a mix of
5:48 pm
classic love songs like barry white's can't get enough of you and forever mine and "i found you" and they arebout their love owner and married for 25 years. still to come the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> looking live from sky 6 hd a pretty picture of penn's landing and valentines night. adam joseph has the changes in the forecast. the good, the bad and the snowy. when "action news" comes right back. sorry. i can't make it.
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go to to learn more.
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adam joseph here to talk about a weather whiplash. >> really highs and lows. and right in the middle snow. go figure we have it all. to the weather center we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it's been a really beautiful valentine's day sunshine and warm temperatures and clouds moved in and rain coming in from the west if you head out this evening. bring the rain gear and bring the umbrella because the showers will be arriving at 8:00 to 10:00. we have a round of rain tonight and more rain tomorrow night going into the first half of our friday. and temperatures crash with arctic air coming in and that sets us up for another more sizable storm. that will bring accumulating snow for some of us here on saturday night. as we look at temperatures, 49
5:52 pm
philadelphia coming down from the high of 52 degrees. 48 right now allen tonight and same for wilmington and dover 50 degrees and even 51 on the board for trenton. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar the clouds filter in the batch of rain comes through through the overnight hours, 9:00 starting to come in from the western suburbs and drizzle ahead of it. and deeper into the night early morning hours pockets of rainfall and quick hit and out of time for the morning rush tomorrow with faint sunshine returning in spots and temperatures spike in fact, 67 degrees for tomorrow. and friday morning the temperature when you wake up. 62 degrees and friday afternoon degrees a we'll see a 14 degree drop in just a matter of hours here. during the daylight hours of friday and then the setup comes in with fresh arctic high pressure settling in for
5:53 pm
saturday. saturday is much colder. the storm phases to the south and could be in perfect alignment. from 4:00 p.m. saturday to sunday. a quick hit. occurring at night. it keeps the cold in a heavy wet snow for some of us and now for the chance of seeing 4 or more inches of snow saturday night. the best chance is 75% along i-95 and the pennsylvania counties and 50% chance of interior south jersey and nortrns of delaware. you watch the track of this very closely. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 60s leading into that storm for the next two days and showers thursday night into early friday. and the evening snow and rain developing saturday into saturday night. the high does is 40 and look at sunday post storm is sunny and near 50 degrees and clouds and sun on presidents day and 52 and tuesday into wednesday. a lot of clouds and showers and
5:54 pm
we are back into the mid-60s for high temperatures. so book end 60s on either days of the seven day with snow sandwiched in between. >> some sandwich. thank you. >> well, the philly pops made a big announcements for the upcoming 40th season. >> the pops jammed a little to their own rendition of deep purple smoke on the water part of the special announcement for the season and take concert goers on a walk down memory lane. >> we are going to take you back to the 80s. and pops rocks the 80s. the pops rocks the 80s program features songs from artists like michael jackson and cindy lauper among others.
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on this valentine's day shelter animals are getting love by being welcomed into forevers air-lifted here from across the country and flights arrived at wilmington airport today and 63 dogs and cs oow campuses. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these storit6:00. fatalities and a dozen injured after a gunman opens fire at a high school in florida. and we'll have the breaking details. those stories and more coming your way next at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it has happened again. a gunman has opened fire at an american high school causing death, injury and lifelong trauma. students were evacuated from marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. north of miami. and abc news has just now reporting that there were at least 15 fatalities. we are left asking this excruciating question how does
6:00 pm
this happen at american schools. the latest on the schoolrd county florida. law enforcement officials say that the gunman has been taken into custody. "action news" reporter christie aleto is in the is the light center with the up to the minute details.authorities are clearin school classroom by classroom. and he i identified as nicholas cruz and was able to enter the school just as students were about to be dismissed. >> i saw his head and h r wa oti, i dll the tim see shooter letsn the hallways of stoneman douglas high. >> we saw his body -- >> her teacher -- good we were
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praying. and crying. and then the police came and we just got out. >> the gman opened fire a
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