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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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county florida. law enforcement officials say that the gunman has been taken into custody. "action news" reporter christie aleto is in the is the light center with the up to the minute details.authorities are clearin school classroom by classroom. and he i identified as nicholas cruz and was able to enter the school just as students were about to be dismissed. >> i saw his head and h r wa oti, i dll the tim see shooter letsn the hallways of stoneman douglas high. >> we saw his body -- >> her teacher -- good we were praying. and crying. and then the police came and we just got out. >> the gman opened fire at
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2:30 this afternoon. witnesses say that the shooting lasted for at least four minutes. >> this is catastrophic there are no words. >> there are numerous fatalities and a horrific situation. it's just a horrible day. at one point some of the 3,000 member student body your evacuated from the school and others remained on lockdown told to stay quiet but allowed to textheir loved ones and the gunman was taken into cust two hours after opening fire. and was a former student. >> at the moment please believe that the gunman acted alone and not immediately clear how he entered the high school undetected and what prompted him to murder so many innocent people. >> in a group chat i heard people saying that a guy and girl that were in the period i
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was at before this happened. they got shot and now in the hospital and maybe dead. >> i tried to hold it together. i mean i did pretty good. i started to focus on the other parents that were around trying to comfort them. >> it is in front of them, nd i your support -- >> a nightmare for so many families tonight we know that at least 14 people were taken to area hospitals and their conditions are not known and the gunman is in custody. his motive for murder now a mystery are. christie aleto. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir will have complete and continuing coverage. philadelphia police are investigating a suspicious death in the east oak lane section of the city. investigators say that a 21-year-old man was found dead in his car today at 68th avenue and 13th street. the victim from frank ford was
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reported missing on february 3rd. byron white is under arrest accused of rape and abuse of a child. delaware state police say that a 14-year-old pregnant girl reported being in a sexual relationship with a 34-year-old and he is the father of the unborn child. police arrested white at the dover air force base yesterday. he is being held on $200,000 bond. and also from our delaware fuse room. police are investigating the armed robbery of a student at the university of delaware campus. the incident happened at 2:40 this morning near the thomasmck. and police say that one suspect had a semi automatic handgun and the owner tackled the 21-year-old victim to the ground and the suspects got away with a wallet and cell phone. the 60-year-old man from warrington bucks county is arrestedor allegedly stealing and then dumping almost 220
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grams of potassium cyanide. and walter perez is live with that story. >> reporter: well jim, the good news at this point water officials say there is no reason to believe that the water supply in this part of bucks county is contaminated. but the charges against the person responsible for this crime are serious, including risking a catastrophe. the story begins this past december when a co-worker says he witnessed 60-year-old richard o'rourke remove a bottle of potassium cyanide without authorization. he reportedly told the co-worker he was taking the powerful toxin to his home to exterminate rodents. and when he found out he was being veinvestigated including
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the fbi he dumped the chemical in the water. it's disturbing but not surprising. >> he panicked he did not have a right to have the material and deadly and poisonous. water officials tested the water repeatedly. >> we went throughout the streams in the area looking for signs of potential dead fish as well as collecting samples in the streams where this could have potentially been dumped to detect it anywhere. >> we are happy to report that no traces of potassium cyanide is detected in local streams and rivers and water supply and people in the area say it's still a concern. >> this just adds one more reason on top to stick with drinking spring water and having the expense on top of the alreadyd water bill. >> n o'rourke was arrested and sin posted $35,000 bail and
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released. we went to his home a short tim there was tragedy in fairmount park in philadelphia. a 72-year-old man isft dtr t the animal fell in a 2 by 6 foot hole and the man went in to help but could not get out. and police say it was an accidental death. and pennsylvania state lawmakers are having trouble agreeing on a revised map and the task it to make jerry mander district less bias in favor of republicans. perhaps they should turn to eighth graders in chester county. lets go live to "action news"
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reporter john rawlins, what is the story here? >> reporter: well, the students jim, the map making students you need the right equipment and data along with common sense and goodwill. something that is lacking at times in harrisburg among grownups there. the state supreme court is poised to take action inhe governor and gop leadership can't agree on a map. >> it a fair and compactness and minimizing slits those are all parts fair map. >> take a look at the current 7th district congressional map that it slices across our region where they favor the gop and exclude those that don't. >> the supreme court said it can't be drawn that way and districts need to be fact and on aps a hot
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in chester county challenged to use census data to make congressional districts and they say they did. >> a bunch of eightt would be e for anyone to. >> an eye opener, the kids concluded that whoever drew the map were looking for political advantage. >> they draw out the maps trying to be and is a turf war. >> theeacher says the kids came to see it not just as an issue. >> they saw it happening from both states. some with democratic and in some with republic. >> why care about lines on the map. >> when it comes to congress where the lines are drawn depends on who represents in congress. that is what it's all about.
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>> you'll hear about maps if the coming days and lines have to be drawn quickly and pennsylvania has a primary come may and the supreme court could act as early as monday and impose a map if there is no consensus map with the governor and gop. >> thank you. coming up on "action news" love is in the air as dozens of couples across the delaware valley say i do, this valentine's day. jeff skversky is live in florida for the start of spring training. >> hey jim there is not many managers in baseball that can out lift their own players. we'll hear from gabe kapler and the phillies on that and much more coming up in sports. we have showers moving in ahead of the surge of very warm air if you are heading out for the valentines night, you may wants to take an umbrella but winter returns this weekend along with a chance of snow.
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i'll have an update. >> and a plan for philadelphia sports museum when "action news" continues tonight.
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today marks the beginning of final with the observation of ash wednesday. for people too busy to go church clergy went to them. there is ashes to go outreach as representatives of st. peters church distributed ashes to commuters at jefferson station. and meant to symbolize human feelings and the ability to seek god's forgiveness.
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>> it should come as know surprise people thought it was the best day to get married. >> what better day to tie the knot than on valentine's day. weddings are the order of the day. >> i am excited and overwhelmed. >> not that i don't love him much. i didn't think it would be emotionally overwhelming, in wilmington two dozen weddings were happening at justice of the peace office. and valentine's day was what day do you want and we picked valentine's day. >> 18 couples said, i do, at the montgomery county courthouse and camden county, new jersey, six couples were set to walk down the aisle. and we found happy people edge bragsing and in love. and kiss after kiss it's that today was valentine's day and the ultimate way to seal the deal was at the alter.
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>> we had a baby over a ago and he wanted to t official. and valentine's day seemed a perfect fit. flower shops say that business is booming. generally off the hook busy and they tend to assume they will be here waiting for them and we try to be. >> in blackwood, new jersey, make the arrangement that hook screams i love you. >> and if you expect to get married soon. here is advice. >> be friends first. because when are you friends first it develops into a very good healthy loving relationship. >> remember that are you going have good times and bad times but that you have to remember this day, and that you love each other. and you can get through anything. >> reporting in center city, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." good
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so on this valentine's day if you are to pick three words it would probably be i love you right? >> some people would say pitchers and catchers. >> or phillies spring training, i like that. the phillies hit the field for the first official workout of spring training and this year a new manager in charge. and jeff skversky joins us live from clearwater with more on gabe kapler's first day. >> hey ducis phillies starter aaron nola is one of the most low key guys you'll ever meet. and gabe kapler gets him fired up and he loves the energy on day one of phillies spring training. >> gabe kapler is in a good mood this morning. and it's almost afternoon by the time pitchers and catchers take the field. phillies manager pushing practices back and players get
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more sleep and have more energy. >> i love it. the energy that gabe brings is unmatched. i have never been around someone like him. and just to have that in your manager's office. i don't know if you can tell but there is a different energy around the clubhouse. >> kapler is views spring training different, he is keeping an eye on health and nutrition and using his own phone to document pitches. >> he is excited to be out there and a lot of smiles out there today. >> phillies players notice kapler's presence in the weight room. he is not only watching but lifting with them too. >> we stand in the weight room having a normal conversation and then puts four plates on it. >> can he out lift you? >> yes, the manager is strong. >> can your manager out lift you? >> yes. four plates is pretty beast.
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>> yes, kapler may be the only manager in baseball that is in better shape than the players, vince kalas cosays he is in the weight room and you don't see that. it's rare and kapler wants to spend as much time as possible with his players to support him. live in clearwater, jeff skversky. >> just one of the guys, thank you. >> moving on now sixers currently sit in the seventh playoff spot in the conference and miami heat just a half game back and two teams meet at the wells fargo center and the last game before the all start break and the sixers can hit it on the high note and players put a lofty goal out there. and now close to achieving it. >> five games before all-star break. and we want to win all five of them. and this is sort of the finishing game we have done exactly what we talked about doing and won the way we want to win. and we have an opportunity here to be the team that is right
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there in the mix for us. and in playoff positioning. >> flyers blew a two goal lead to the devils with an extra attacker. tyler falls tied the game off with under two minutes to play and we went to a shootout and voracek went to extend it and was denied. >> plans underway for a sports museum in south philadelphia. former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell helped to make the announcement today at the planned site at the museum at darrian street steps from lincoln financial field. and focused on the rich history of philadelphia sports and other important moments in our nation's sports history as well. the projected cost to build the museum million.
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latest information from ac warren and cecily tynan. >> tale of two seasons and winter returns with a chance of snow. that is live on sky 6 hd on the valentines day evening looking at penn's landing. on this quiet and mild valentines evening and jim you called it two nights ago. jim said i bet the crocuses will start blooming and my friend cheryl in wayne, pennsylvania posted the photos that say yes is the spring flowers started to bloom and a taste of spring on the way tomorrow and however the holiday weekend winter does make a come back. on saturday the high only 40 degrees increasing clouds and i'm tracking the chance of that evening and overnight snow and
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rain. depending on your location. i'll have more on that in a moment. sunday though whatever happens will start the melting. 48 degrees and return to sunshine and presidents day mild and 52 degrees and definitely more clouds than sun on monday. right now temperatures not that cold for this time of year. the high is 52 degrees and the current temperature 49 and 8 degrees above north carolinaal. and reading 47 and cape may 44 and trenton 49 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing warm air invection fancy term for a warm front moving up from the southwest and that throws us a few showers later on tonight. future tracker 6 showing us later on at 9:00 showers breaking out in the far western suburbs and 1:30 the bulk of it and plenty of clouds and out in the morning. but temperatures surge feeling like april. 67 degrees. and on friday we hit 62 with showers ahead of a very potent
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cold front and temperatures crash. by the evening commute, 48 degrees that is a 14 degree drop in a few s. all arc pressure building thi ingredien. so the setup shows the high pressure modified arctic air and through on friday stalls and s wave of low pressure developing along it to the south. that spreads moisture our way. and the timing 4:00 saturday until 5:00 a.m. sunday. occurring overnight and keeps in the cold air but not bitter cold. temperatures slightly below freezing it's the wet heavy snow not the light fluffy snow but the chance of 4 inches or more of snow along the i 95 corridor and areas northwest. however, there will be mixing across south jersey and delaware an long the coast it looks like
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a rain event. a lot of moving parts coming together and i'll keep you posts. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast warm but lots of clouds and 67 degrees and friday 62 early with showers and temperatures crash on saturday building clouds and evening snow and rain, it's out of here before day break on sunday 48 degrees and presidents day 52 and lots of clouds and tuesday and wednesday look at this, it's going be warm and temperatures in the 60s. but plenty of clouds with the possibility of some showers. still getting new information about the saturday system and i have an update on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you. we want to return to the big story tonight the mass shooting at a florida high school. it happened at stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. we know that at least 15 people were killed and more than a dozen wounded and the gunman is identified as a former student. nicholas cruz taken into custody
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after opening fire in the school a student body of 3,000. world news with david muir has the latest in just a moment. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, and adam joseph and ducis rogers. then please join us for a special health check report on channel 6 at 11:00. you probably think that raw vegetables pack the most nutrition but that may be a myth some pack more punch and taste better cooked. health reporter ali gorman has the story. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the breaking news. the deadly school rampage in south florida. >> oh, my god. >> gunfire erupting inside this high school. students terrified. tonight, the images now emerging. the screams heard from inside the classrooms. the armed officers going room to room, into an auditorium to get the students out. >> everybody down. >> the super inden dent confirming that are numerous fatalitie fatalities. and just a short time ago, abc learning more than a dozen dead. emergency teams treating victims on the sidewalk. students running to safety. their backpacks piled up in the street. parents rushing to the scene, desperate to find their children. the alleged suspect taken into custody, and what we're now learning about him at this hour.
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team coverage, right here tonight. a special edition of


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