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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 15, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, february 15. it is a sad and somber morning give our top story. gunfire heartbreak all again at an american school. 17 people are dead in south florida. federal investigators search the suspect's home overnight. a clinical psychologist offers advice how parents should talk about their children with the latest tragedy. we're reaching the 60s today, timing out when the rainw this weekend. >> reporter: first up let's start with karen rogers and david murphy, good morning. >> reporter: roads are wet and we're looking at fog. >> reporter: especially up north, we'll cover that in a moment. the wide view shows you how the
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rain swept through last evening and pushed off the coast. storm tracker 6 live precipitatt in south jersey and delaware, at earlier blip ofs past trenton and pushing toward the east. the roads are wet from the rain that came in last night evening as expected. 45 in philadelphia. 46 in trenton. 41 in trenton in reading and 51 in dover, had a in cape may. as we look at the visibilities you can see how they are dropping in allentown and reading. down 1.3-mile visibility. 1.7 in reading, 1.3 in lancaster. some of the numbers lower than they were a half-hour or so. trenton also dipping. in the northern areas you'll run into patchy fog, so slow it down. otherwise we'll have clouds and late day sunshine, very mild conditions, this model has us up
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to 51 at 9:00. 56 at 1:12 a.m. i think we'll get up to 65 for the high. cooler air is coming and we're tracking possible rain and snow saturday evening across the region. i'll have details on that coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave, we've seen early morning accidents, watch for the wet roads. i-95 at girard we have a northbound accident that cleared out here. we have see ponding on the roadway, be careful about that. in darby, delaware county we have a problem with a fire location at fern street at damon lane. you can see we're slowing down westbound because of construction blocking the right lane, when they stopped to clear it out, it slows down traffic. we're seeing that right now. it will be moving better as they clear the construction westbound on the schuylkill expressway. an accident valley road where a
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vehicle ran into a tree. you have to be careful on the wet roads, matt and tam. >> now to the latest on the most recent deadly school shooting in america. a gunman armed with style automatic rifle. 17 people are dead, 14 remain in the hospital. the suspect, nicholas cruz started shooting outside the marjory stoneman douglas high school shortly before students were dismissed for the day. he set off the fire alarm causing many to think a drill was walked into the closet, it was tight and hot. a lot of kids were scared, we were on the phones. >> i'm still in shock, i don't know whether it will hit me tonight or tomorrow.
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to me it feels like a drill. it's surreal to see my mom and aunt j me. >> police say cruz was able to conceal himself in the fleeing crowd but later arrested in coral springs. broward county school superintendent said cruz was excelled from the same high school for disciplinary reasons. police and fbi searched his home in parkland where he last lived. no details on whether anything was discovered. >> an event like this is heart stopping who can't help imagine what if this was to happen in my school. upper darby police along with administrators and students go through the training once a relk the classrooms quickly to keep
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the students safe. >> will we do when it happens, i hope and pray it never happens, at least the training is there, nobody can say they were not trained. >> reporter: "action news" talked to a clinical psychologist about the tragic event, he said parents must maintain control of their emotions when they talk to their children, because they will pay attention to their emotional state than their words. >> you can get the latest on the suspect and the victim on the 6abc app. two men are in critical condition after being shot several sitting in the car in the west oak lane section. they were shot along ogontz avenue, one would say shot four times, one in the arm. both were taken to the hospital and police have not made any arrests. a two-alarm fire broke out
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in delaware county on beach street in pottstown. flames were shooting from the second floor of the buildings. fire officials say the building was up for rent. >> we're working to learn about a man who was killed in a tragic accident in fair amount park. the 72-year-old man fell into hole and died in an effort to rescue his dog. this happened not far from parkside and belmont. the dog fell in the 2 1/2 foot wide 6-foot deep hole. the man tumbled in trying to go in after his neither the man or his dog survived the fall. pennsylvania state republic margot davidson is facing criminal charges while getting into two crashes while on suspended license. police filed charges over an
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accident that happened last month which they say she failed to report. her license is suspended reportedly due to an unpaid speeding ticket in july. she plans to plead not guilty. >> seeing much fog out there, david. >> reporter: up in the northern suburbs there's some developing. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a little bit of lingering precipitation from the rain that came through last night. we were thinking it would be off the coast by dawn and it looks that way, if you're in delaware and new jersey, you're trying to get that to the east. lots of roads out there, wet airfields, too, not a lot fog in the delaware valley. 45 degrees in philadelphia. 42 in allentown. 41 in reading, 46 in trenton. 46 in millville. 45 in cape may. in these northern defacer as you
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drive around and you encounter denser fog you want to slow it down him there goes the rain overnight additional showers to the north will miss us. the big story the milder temperatures in the lehigh valley, milder high of 61 degrees this afternoon. for those of you who like these winter warmups, get out there and enjoy it. 63 degrees did he -- at the shore. in philadelphia, getting up to 65 with the light southwest breed. overnight tonight it stays mild with a southwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight low, 57 degrees. rain will arrive later tonight just like last night, even late this afternoon there could be a sprinkle or so. by 10:00. looks like the rain is by the northern half of the region. overnight it digs to the south.
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as we look at the beginning of the rush hour tomorrow we'll have something to show you. in the afternoon we're down to spotty sprinkles and showers. temperatures start to drop later in the day on friday. we have a system scooting by to the south on saturday, this model, the euro which is the colder solution of the seven da. does show, overnight sunday there's a possibility of rain to the south, philadelphia getting caught with a bit of snow and more than that the farther north you go. given that we're calling for a chance of snow on saturday night. a coordinating to an inch in philadelphia. i'm thinking the highest chance is 1 to 3 inches. there's a slight chance of 3 to 6 depending ohe southern storm. we don't think this is a major hit. having said that, here's the gfs it has the raithe north. in fact there's another model
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that takes out the snow and has uertainty exactly how lehigh that will go. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and mild this afternoon, 65 degrees, maybe brightening later on. tonight, more rain that's into friday morning. the high of 62 is mild. that would be early in the day. by dinnertime we're in the low 50s and going down to 27 for the overnight low. saturday, cloudy we have the accuweather alert up for saturday, because late in the day and especially at night there's the chance of accumulating snow at least in part of the region. things could change, but that's the way we're looking at it now. 40 the afternoon high. sunday morning we're down to a few predawn flurries. i think overall we'll have improvement with sun you coming back. president's day, 51 and late
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day. 68 on tuesday and 660 on -- 66 on tuesday and -- on wednesday. >> was it meant to be, find out if the shoe guy ever showed up to meet a woman who started a media campaign after a missed connection on it is new york subway later in the media buzz. >> reporter: my guess is, some creep show up and said it's me, but i am a pessimist. 202 no construction, we'll take you to bucks county next.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here, the action is there west chester pike in up darby. the roads are damp with overnight rain. 5:14 a.m., 45 degrees. >> a lot of roads are wet, karen. >> reporter: important to note, even in bucks county. we're talking mild conditions. it's just wet out the here. route 1, pennsylvania avenue, live in morrisville bucks county. no problems. new hanover township a broken down car on hoffmanville road.
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70 westbound we have a gas main break that's blocking the right lane. we found a member of the 6abc team, albert p.gentleman, traffic lights are not working at south street. be careful as you travel through that area. the rain confined to cape may, atlantic city, sprinkles in belmawr, near the garden state parkway. everywhere else, we're dry through the region, the roads are wet because the rain moved through. we're watching fog, not ale big deal in philadelphia. 8 miles visuals is fine. we're seeing 1.7 in reading. 2.5 in allentown. 3 in trenton. fog is an issue in spots. >> it could be a subpoena showdown today, president
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trump's former chief strategist steve bannon is going to testify in front of the house intelligence committee. he declined to address subjects in the probe of the 2016 election. the second appearance has been delayed three times with discussions over which questions he would answer. a 4-year-old girl is safe after investigators say she was kidnapped in south carolina. the girl was reported missing tuesday after a man assaulted her mother in inside the home. police in alabama caught up with the suspect yesterday and rescued the girl from the vehicle. authorities described him as quote an unwanted guest. a bus driver in wisconsin is being praised for doing the right thing when he caught a woman in distress. he saw a woman with crashes fall
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while attempting to cross snow-covered street. the passer by walked the woman to her destination two blocks away before comingbus. new manager, david capler is keeping eye on the team. the full squad begins practices on sixers faced heat saturday night. they came back a 24 half deficit to defeat the heat 104-102. >> there will be a new way to diagnosis concussions it's quicker and you don't need an x-ray. >> that's in this morning's
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"healthcheck." >> reporter: we're in the 40s, instead of the 30s, and 45 degrees in philadelphia. we're going up from there. the 12-hour forecast coming up.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody, people waking up heading out to work. we've been mentioning the fog, it's north and west of the city. here in radnor township, delaware county. at times we've seen a touch of fog on the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. it's not a big deal in the city itself. the roads are wet you have to be careful as you head out. we have a handful of accidents construction on the northeast extension northbound near lansdale. mass transit is looking good. >> reporter: the areas are allentown, reading, and trenton. visibili mile. that can drop those would be the areas to be careful. wet roads because of overnight rain. most of the current rain is down south in cape may county and
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southern delaware. a little bit east of trenton, i'm seeing a blip out to the west. numbers are improving, we'll start out in the 40s and later this afternoon get up to a high of 5 degrees at 3:00 p.m. tonight we maintain -- 65 degrees, we maintain mild conditions. showers later tonight. no major delays in our big travel destinations, there's fog in orlando, but that's it. >> a new blood test may help you detect when a person had a concussion by predicting specific proteins that are released after the injury. it should save money and limit exposure to radiation from
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x-rays. late mail and no mail at all. >> we were receiving mail once a week. >> reporter: an "action news" investigation finds postal problems raging in various zip codes in the area. one woman called police when she said her carrier refused to delivery the mail. >> he goes on the truck and puzzle off two weeks worth of mail and gives me my mail. >> what you needed to when you're having delivery delays. that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> marvel panther is rising to the top. a neighbor describes the scene of a quick-moving fire coming up @ 530578.
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5:25 a.m., thursday, looking live at the commodore barry bridge. we had rain move in. the fog to the north. thethe big story we're getting p to a high temperature. 63 degrees today, tam. >> thank you matt. well it's finally here, marvel's black panther hits theaters today. it's a long wait for children to
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get themselves represented into big budget comic book movie. images of themselves, possibilities of imagination. they felt that art and heart, it affected them. >> black panther is set to break records. the break-out star will be on "g.m.a." the movie is distributed by disney which is the parent company of 6abc. and a not so happy ending to the miss connection, appears devon was stood up for the man in his yellow shoes, her story got national attention after it was found on craig's list. she said the experience changed
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her life and she hopes she encouraged others to go for it when it comes to love. >> maybe she is better off. people who need a little help to move from an ex-gets help from dump trucks. we have an update on a fire in south jersey, a firefighters was injured trying to put out the flames. our coverage of the deadly school shooting continues we'll have a live report from florida. "action news" continues.
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how we can help you reach your potential. sad and so tragic aftermath of a senseless event. survivors are speaking out about a former student's deadly ambush. a fire tears through two homes in delaware county. >> we're in for a spring fling that could start out with fog. >> accuweather is talking about spring and it's going to turn to winter. >> it's going to be wet today.
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>> reporter: and then we've seen a few accidents this morning, so stake it easy. >> reporter: it is very mild, you see the center, the rain cage in overnight. there's precipitation in extreme south jersey, pushing out of delaware, areas east of trenton, a little bit blip and reading. we're in the process of improving, just a little bit damp, and some of the roads are on the wet side. temperatures are different than a couple of days ago even better than yesterday when we were in the mid 30s, had 45 in philadelphia. 46 in trenton. 42 in allentown and 41 in reading. even the typical suburbs up north are feeling good. 46 in millville. we have a little issue with visibility it's mostly in the northern suburbs, some of the numbers coming down a little bit. over in wilmington, we're down to one


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