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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 15, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> reporter: and then we've seen a few accidents this morning, so stake it easy. >> reporter: it is very mild, you see the center, the rain cage in overnight. there's precipitation in extreme south jersey, pushing out of delaware, areas east of trenton, a little bit blip and reading. we're in the process of improving, just a little bit damp, and some of the roads are on the wet side. temperatures are different than a couple of days ago even better than yesterday when we were in the mid 30s, had 45 in philadelphia. 46 in trenton. 42 in allentown and 41 in reading. even the typical suburbs up north are feeling good. 46 in millville. we have a little issue with visibility it's mostly in the northern suburbs, some of the numbers coming down a little bit. over in wilmington, we're down to one mile visibility.
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some of the fog developing is extending into new castle county, delaware. you see the numbers, in the lehigh valley, northern bucks and montco and mercer county. it's not a morning where it's that bad, but if you encounter . cloudy skies for the most part and brightening possible in the day. 51 at 9:00 a.m. 56 by 11:00 a.m. even though this model wants to stop us at 60. i think we'll get up to 65. tomorrow afternoon temperatures will cooler. it may be enough to support snow in parts of the region on saturday night. i'll vice president details in accuweather. >> here's an accident that's new, i-95 southbound at girard, the accident scene blocks the two right lanes. setting up the flares, good thing to keep them in your car. everybody crawling trying to get around this.
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watch for ponding on the road, we're jammed southbound from i-95 from allegheny to girard. we have a northbound accident in the same location that cleared. two accidents in the same spot, i-95 at girard. we're seeing speeds 17 miles per hour with the southbound accident right now. a fire location in darby and delaware county, you want to watch for crews on third street at damon's lane. i-95. the schuylkill expressway, a disabled vehicle at south street that is clear, crews return tonight to restrict traffic. rock well road at hamilton avenue. an accident. slow it down. when the fire alarm sounded at the marjory stoneman douglas high school, it was no drill,
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nicholas cruz pulled the alarm on pup -- on purpose, and killed 17 people. >> overnight police searched the last known residence of the suspect young shooter. police found disturbing material on his social media account. >> i got kicked out of two private schools, he was held back twice, he wanted to join the military, he enjoyed hunting and was quiet and strange. >> he was a former student at the high school who was expelled for unspecified reasons. >> let's go to maggie ruhle with more. >> reporter: good morning, it's been emotional here to say the least. this is one of the deadliest
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mass shootings in modern u.s. historical. here in parkland i've been speaking to students about the shooter. overnight police searched the home of suspected shooter nicholas cruz as to why the 19-year-old opened fire inside the former high school. this video showing the terror inside the school. the sounds of gunshots too disturbing to broadcast. >> when i took my headphones off, the alarm was going off. i heard the shots, i saw the shooter run after mr. peck and he got picked off. >> students were hiding under desks fearing for their lives. >> we were praying and crying i don't know how we're alive. >> somebody down the hall was screaming, hope help me, come save me. >> s.w.a.t teams swarmed the
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school. >> he went from the third to the second floor. he may have a gas mask on. >> reporter: parents desperate to contact their children. in the chaos the shooter walks out with the others escaping. cruz was armed with an ar-15 rifle and wearing a gas mask. he was expelled for disciplinary reason and fault -- was warned not to let him on it is campus. >> back to you. >> president trump tweeted in the aftermath of the shooting,
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writing -- this was the 18th school shooting of 2018 according to gun control advocacy group every town for gun safety. the group adds at this time last year, there were 7 school shootings so far. you can find continuing coverage of the florida school shootings on the 6abc app. we have posted a timeline on the treanl along with the video and photos from the scene. >> new this morning, fire damaged twin homes in delaware county. the action cam was on the 100 block of fern street in darby borough at 2:30 a.m. the flames threatened to bring down the roof. that forced firefighters to evacuate. >> i saw the flames and i knew
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it was bad, next thing i shut my alarm off to come back and open up the door and it got worse since then. >> the red cross is on the scene assisting a displaced family. there were no reports of injuries. "action news" learned that firefighter was injured on the scene of a blaze in atlantic county new jersey. the fire broke out on union road in hammonton. the red cross is helping a family of five displaced by the flames. we're working to learn the firefighters' condition and how the injury occurred. 17 people were arrested in a drug trafficking ring in camden, new jersey. 30 guns including assault rifles were purchase over a period of 13 months. the criminals distributed them to criminals in new jersey.
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an abington aluminummist, stephen schwartzman is black stone group. the 1950s area high school will be renovated and scientist and technology will be built and 6th graders will attend abington junior high. holiday inn in south philadelphia on pack are avenue is being torn down an redeveloped. everything is up for grabs including flat screen tvs and fufort and mike -- microwaves and commercial kitchen i with ar
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and take over the great hotel/motel art. [laughter]. we have rain down in south jersey, but generally speaking the rain from overnights is in the process of moving over to the east. we have wet roads out there, that could include areas like chester. most of fog is up in the northern suburbs, down near wilmington we have one mile visibility. maybe near the river we have an issue there for a while. as you step outside, you can feel the change. winds out of the west at 5 they are light. 42 in allentown. up in allentown and reading in your cooler suburbs typically we're looking at mild conditions. 41 in reading, feels better today than over the last couple of mornings.
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45 in philadelphia. 43 in wilmington, 46 in both trenton and down the pike in millville. satellite and radar shows you the rain that came through last night arrivessed in the evening on schedule. there's extra precip out to the west, but generally what we have is it. later today we could see the clouds brighten up a little bit. we could see sunny breaks. no matter what the clouds do it is the temperature. 54 by 10:00 a.m. noon, close to 60. 3:00 p.m., i'm looking for a high of 65 degrees. not a lot of winds out there, nice day to walk the dog, rake out the garden bed for some of the leaves that came in early in the winter, one of those days you can get outside and take a deep breathe. 62 in reading, 674 in wilmington, in trenton, 63. down the shore, 58 may. that is way above average.
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this afternoon and evening there's a chance of rain, you can see it's popping through mainly up north in the suburbs tonight. more of that starts to come in tomorrow morning. so when we're on the air at 4:30 we'll have something to show you on radar. there's a slight chance of additional spritz coming in the afternoon. most of the rain in the morning. it's cooler, saturday night we're looking at the possibility of a sto t the south. it looks more potent than a couple of days ago. looking for rain in the southern portion of the region and snow up north. we have a small chance for this being a nuisance snow around i-95 one to three inches. if the shift should change we could go higher. there's the gfs pushes rain up close to philadelphia and suppresses the snow farther
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north. the worst of this will be saturday night until 2:00 a.m. on sunday. that would be the time period where you see the best accumulation of snow if you get it. sprinkles and showers move in tonight. tomorrow morning rain and afternoon spotty shower, 62 is the high, temperatures will be dropping by dinnertime we'll be getting into the 50s and down to 27 for the low. an accuweather alert on saturday. in the late afternoon and evening hours, some precipitation will arrive, we'll accumulate later in the night high of 40. sunday, flurries, most of those could be done before dawn. looks like the system kicks out pretty quickly. sunday afternoon we're up to 46 degrees with sun returning. president's day, 51 with late rain. after that. tuesday, of 6 on wednesday. some people like the cold air and miss it when you see it in the seven day.
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i think a lot of time people are happy during the break. >> between now and april fools day, anything can happen. the porn star rumored to president is ready to dish. >> an 8-year-old child comes to the rescue of a fellow >> reporter: i-95 southbound traffic, i'll take you to the accident scene on i-95 causing the problem when we come right [ upbeat, energetic music ]
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little foggy out hear in upper darby, delaware county, west chester pike, some puddling on the roadways even though we had rain move through overnight. >> let's go over to karen rogers looks like there's trouble in the morning. >> reporter: i-95 southbound at girard, we showed you this accident scene before police arrived. we saw him on the scene right now. they are blocking the two right lanes, i-95 southbound jammed from approaching gale again -- allegheny to girard. the roads are wet, we had an accident i-95 northbound at
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girard. we have an accident rock well road hamilton avenue in abington. an accident at hoffmanville road at lay field road. an accident drove off into the woods, causing problems. on the waze app an accident on 295 southbound tom jar head telling us about that near carney's point. storm tracker 6 live by the way showing most of the area is dry. the rain confined to cape may and atlantic city, a couple of sprinkles. the roads are wet in the area. fog is an issue becoming more so now we can see the visibility down to 1.3 miles in wilmington and allentown and lancaster. not a big deal at philadelphia international, tam. >> president trump has explicitly key announced domestic violence for the first time since the departure of a
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former top aid. he had not responded to reporter's questions until yesterday. rob porter resign after accusations by his both wives. he praised woman and cast doubt on the women's accusations. a porn star claimed she had and sexual encounter and yearlong affair is ready to talk. her nondisclosure agreement is not valid any more since she was paid personal funds that were used to pay off a settlement. >> an 8-year-old boy came to the rescue of a classmate atmosphere she started to choke. andrew's father is an emergency
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room doctor and taught him the heimlich manuver. >> if they are choking you get them about here, you push back like you're giving them a really hard hug. >> since he is so good at helping people andrew said he wants to be a doctor some day.
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>> dump trucks made their way across denver colorado asking people to move on from former relationships. junk king offered to pick up the
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items for free yesterday. >> items were tossed in the truck and they were donated where possible. >> reporter: i-95 what a mess, look at this travel time, 37 minute jam. you don't expect this jam if you're heading out before 6:00 a.m. 37 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine because of an accident at girard that's blocking two lanes. we have a problem here, as well. million dollars town, township delaware county. they just reopened 1 green road, they worked on repairs since mid december. it's fixed up, dave. >> reporter: all right dry across the region, karen. we had showers that scooted off the coast from cape may and atlantic city. nothing else, maybe drizzle out there. 42 in allentown. 41 in reading, 43 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. 46 in millville. look out for possible fog in the
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northern areas down to new castle county. most of the readings at the airport are over a mile. 59 degrees by noon. 65 degrees for the high at 3:00 p.m. still holding 62 by 5:00 p.m. cloudy to start out, breaks in the clouds later in the day. >> plans are underway to build a sports museum in south philadelphia at darian streets and pattison avenue. the museum will focus on philadelphia sports. it will include moments in our nation's sports history, as well. the museum is set to open next year. >> rachael: plus the ultimate mac and cheese! next "rachael!"
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shooting sends two men to the hospital in southwest philadelphia. both men were shot in the face. they were wounded on hopson street around 8:30 p.m. police located a weapon, but no arrests were made. the motive is unclear. >> two dispensaries for medical marijuana are going to open in delaware valley. the site in chester county is called keystone shop.
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a second site taravita in cellarsville will be opening to treat autism, cancer and depression. >> our coverage of the a florida rampage continues. former philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey weighs in on the violence in our nation's school. >> good morning, it is
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6:00 a.m., thursday,
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february 15. it is a sad and scom about -- sr morning give our top story. >> gunfire and death at another american school. 17 people are dead in south florida. >> philadelphia's former top cop weighs in on gun violence in schools and way to keep our children safe. we're in the 60s today and timing out when the rain moves out and there's a chance of snow over the weekend. >> reporter: karen rogers has the morning commute. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: it's warmer today and weeping tracking snow later on. >> reporter: let's get to the weather center we have clouds out there, overnight rain sweeping off the coast. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you the last of the sprinkles and showers are in atlantic county and most


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