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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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massacre. >> sir, you are held no bond. >> cruz is back behind bars facing 17 counts of premeditated murder and was expelled over disciplinary problems and yesterday armed for war an ar 15 style rifle. and he pulled the fire alarm that pulled students out of class and into the line of fire.
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>> the violence has to stop we cannot lose another child to violence in a school. >> this as more information about cruz comes to life. the anti-defamation league tell you us that they have information that links him to a white supremacist group. >> it's a daunting task and they worked tirelessly. >> the fbi addressed a report they received last year about an alarming comment on youtube. the comment simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter. >> and we get a look at the 17 victims like vicky and her brother survived. 14-year-old martin was killed and his brother miguel made it out alive. chris hickson the schoolage let ecdirector is among the dead and stories of heroism.
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scott beagle was in front of a door a classroom and died shielding his students. >> he blocked the door and it was open you will the time and i don't know how it was alive. football coach aaron feis he made sure he protected everyone else. >> what do you hear? >> i heard he used his body to shield three females to shield them. >> a lot of heroism and the florida attorney general is picking up the cost of the funeral and hospital tabs for those that continue to recover. >> thank you. well, more than 3,000 students at douglas high had to evacuate their hands held up and some running for their lives. they stopped to talk about their frustration with the lack of law today in the midst of all that terror. >> what we need is action, we can say we'll do all of these things, thoughts and prayers, what we need more than that is
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action. this is the 18th one this year. please. that is unacceptable. we are children. you guys are like the adults. >> student david hoag went to to say that politicians need to quote, get something done. >> the shooting at marjorie douglas high hitting home for the flyers squad. sara bloomquist joins us live. >> flyers defense man sean was born in broward county and atte. and he gave us his thoughts about the deadly shooting. shane may have been on the practice for ice but his thoughts was on the community where he once lived and the high school he attended his freshman and sophomore years. >> i say it's close to home but when it's actually home it's tough to see. i have not really processed it yet, i can't believe it. >> he learned about the shooting as the events were unfolding
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yesterday afternoon. >> one buddy texted me there was a shooting and my girlfriend and i turned on whatever news station at the time. and obviously it sucks to see and those were the hallways you walked before. and now it's just a tragic event. tragic day. >> he told reporters he was familiar with aaron feis, the assist football coach and security guard that pushed people out of the line of fire. >> he is the true hero and the person we need to focus on rather than the actual suspect. >> he has family in the area and knew of some of the areas. it was not long ago when he visited the high school were some many lost their lives. >> my grand parents live a mile away and i live 10 minutes away. and it was voted the safest city in florida last year. it's a shock. >> he says that every single day he felt safe at school and can't
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believe this tragedy happened there. >> thank you. our coverage of the florida school shooting continues online at there can you read more about law enforcement's investigation and hear what loved ones are saying about the victims that lost their lives in the shooting. >> now to an accuweather alert. we are tracking a storm this weekend, it's packing a mixture of snow and rain for our region. meteorologist, cecily tynan in the weather center with the latest on that. >> hard to believe we are talking about snow when you step outside. we are in the 60s and a cold front on the way. first that delivers us a soaking rain overnight after that brings us the colder air, and you see the rain moving into western pennsylvania right now than will deliver probably up to a half inch of rain overnight into tomorrow. and then future tracker 6 showing we have low pressure that is developing across el paso and what this will do is hitch a ride and the same cold
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moves in on saturday night. and saturday evening we are looking at snow across a good portion of our viewing area however this will be pulling in warm irair. and there will be a change over to rain. and all rain in parts of our viewing area. if you are a snow lover you want to be in the northwest suburbs, north and west of i-95, this is where it looks like it will be staying snow. along the i-95 corridor this is where it starts to snow and we get mixing and a change over to rain. south jersey and central and southern delaware this is not your storm if you like the snow, we are looking at mainly a rain event and snow flurry active at the onset. an ac weather alert for saturday night and the quick thump of snow in the northwest suburbs. temperatures are marginal wren not talk about that fluff y powdery snow. roads will be covered saturday fight. if you plan ongoing out to dinner think about that. but it melts quickly on sunday
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and then the next week near record warmth is on the way and i'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast of. >> get updates on the possible snow expected saturday night into sunday and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time right there on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc happen is a free download for your mobile device. turning to another news crime scene tape is surrounding a parking lot in mays landing as police investigate a homicide there. police were called to winnerbury drive hardings run 2 development. police are looking at evidence and they are not saying how the person died or if anyone is in custody. a two alarm fire damage aid small montgomery county apartment building. the action cam was on the scene of beach street in pottstown. firefighters were called at 1:00 this morning, flames were coming from the upper level of the two story building and everyone was able to escape safely, no word
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yet on how the fire started. congratulations tonight to outstanding police officers that went above and beyond the call of duty. the camden county pd and board of freeholders honored officers for helping the commune and one disarmed a person after being shot by him. and others gave money to buy a child with cancer an electric car. very nice. >> and time for the traffic report thursday night. lets go live matt pellman in the traffic center for the update. >> weather is not too bad out there. but traffic is not too good. 422 we have a couple of complications on the westbound side. one a broken down truck mostly on the shoulder and sticking out into the right lane and the right lane drive has to swerve to get around the truck and extra heavy on 422 westbound coming out of king of prussia with speeds of 10 miles per hour. and the crash farther west at
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phoenixville, collegeville is cleared out of the way and this has not cleared yet. a bad crash along 320 south gulph road close to upper gulf road off the schuylkill expressway. and getting word a crash on the new jersey turnpike in mt. laurel. southbound side past exit 4 appears to have cleared but not before causing a delay approaching exit 4, speeds like 13 miles per hour and brave the crowd on 295 southbound or stay local on kings highway. or use 130 a crash in delran by the diner but that is the process of clearing. some of these problems are clearing out we like. but this one is with us all day long, and still there, a gas main break in brick, ocean county blocking two lanes on 70 westbound and our dart bus accident at super 8, that is gone good to go there this
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afternoon. we'll check it again in the next how hour. >> the coverage of the half imagine of the florida shooting continues next. the images and stories emerging is all too common than say problem as a nation are we becoming numb to this type of violence. ali gorman talked and tackled this issue with local doctors and well tell you what they found. and anyone that depends on peek ore for the power. you may want to think twice if someone calls demanding money.
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one victim in 1234 on the second floor. the suspect then took the east stairwell to the third floor. he dropped his rifle and backpack and ran down the stairs. he exited building 12 and ran towards the tennis courts and then took a southbound turn on foot. the suspect crossed fields and ran west along with others who were fleeing. and tried to mix in with the group that were running away. fearing for their lives. >> the suspect arrived at the
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wal-mart store, he bought a drink at the subway. and then left the wal-mart on foot. the suspect went to mcdonald's, sat down for a short period of time and this was at 3:01 p.m. he left on foot. at 3:41 p.m. 40 minutes after he departed from the mcdonald's, the suspect was detained at 4700 windham lakes drive in coral springs by an officer from the coconut creek police department and taken into custody without incide incident. today, we have interviewed between the fbi, the broward sheriff's office and a significant amount of investigators from other agencies, fdle and local law enforcement. so over 2,000 people were interviewed and we continue, this is a fluid investigation. we have so many facts coming in
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some true, some up substantiated and some rumors, it will take time to sift clue what is accurate and what is not. i want to honor the deceased victims. of this horrific killing. i'm going to do my best to pronounce the names accurately. please forgive me if i don't pronounce the names exactly how the families do.. but i thought it's important i want to pay homage to these families and victims. carmen sentrup. meadow pollack. peter wang. nichol nichol nicholas swarlet. >> aaron feis luke hour. >> elana petty.
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jaime gut enburg. and martin. alyssa. helena ramsey, scott beagle. >> joaquin oliver. >> gina and alexander shatner. >> may they rest in peace and god comfort their families. at this time special agent in charge will speak about the firearms. >> all right you are listen to a news conference from broward county sheriff, scott israel regarding the mass killing of that high school and detailed the timeline that the suspect before he went on his murderous rampage and catching a uber to the school and mixed with students fleeing and identified the victims for the first time and the investigation continues and we'll bring you the latest
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as it becomes available from broward county in florida. meantime the the shooting is the 18th school shooting this year and becoming all too common. the images and stories are horrifying but are people becoming desensitized to this kind of violence. ali gorman spoke to the experts and has more on that. >> reporter: yes, very sad day even the trauma doctor in florida, unfortunately this is becoming routine. but is our reaction as a society also becoming routine? i spoke to some local mental health experts to get their take. >> the images from yesterday's mass school shooting in florida are scary and disturbing, but unfortunately they are not new and for some not surprising. >> do we have the same reaction when the first incident happened? probably not. we are becoming used to seeing the images and hearing about
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them. >> but camilla jackson with the behavioral health department says that society is not likely losing sensitivity but growing frustrated. >> i think in these situations not being in control takes over. >> even so most people are responding feeling a sense of loss and worrying it could happen in any community. that shows a desire to fight for change. for people feeling numb or hopeless, it could be due to feeling overwhelmed by the tragedy. and in this case, she says it's important to connect with friends and family and talk about what happened. license social worker vick says that among mental health experts he feels the frustration and loss and determination. >> i am thinking what can we do or what will be we do to enthe
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pattern. >> not to withdraw and do nothing. there is opportunities to try to shift the way things have been going. >> and dr. jackson says if you or your child start to withdraw from community or school or activities or it starts to affect your sleeping or eating or if you or your child has overwhelming feelings of fear these are signs to seek professional help. the city of philadelphia has resources for both kids and adults. we'll post those on >> thank you. >> and this note world news anchor, david muir is in parkland florida tonight. he'll have more on the investigation into the mass shooting and closer look at the suspect and more about the victims. watch it tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00.
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peco is warning customers to protect theyselves from exams, they are recently contacting residents by phone and the imposters are telling the victims their service will be disconnected unless service is made and peco would never demand money on the spot. if you have doubts call your
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local police department. and students got a lesson from the most famous conductor along the underground railroad. she told her story at harriet christian school in hunting ton valley. and last year sparks played the role of tubman at the historical park in maryland. it is almost time for thon at penn state and "action news" will be there. we along with chad pradelli will bring you live courage from happy valley and the 46 hour dance marathon kicks off tomorrow. you can keep up at facebook and twitter. sorry. i can't make it.
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time for the accuweather forecast cecily tynan is here with the mild details. >> mild for now and then rainy, windy and snowy and then back to mild. >> don't blink. >> back to the weather center. we are live on sky 6 hd looking at the the center city skyline and we have building clouds and temperatures definitely feeling more like april than february. currently philadelphia 60 degrees and even warmer in allentown, reading and lancaster. 65 at the atlantic city airport and trenton 62. and tomorrow is an up site down kind of day.
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the warmest in the morning with temperatures near 60 and then a cold front rushes through and what that will do it dry us out and bring much colder air into friday night and that will set the stage for the potential for snow on saturday night. satellite 6 along with action radar showing right now we see a mixture of clouds and sun and out to the west a good soaking rain that is moving in ahead of the potent cold front and future tracker 6 showing you want to take an umbrella. philadelphia areas northern and west. it fills in during the overfight hours and could get steady, heavy rain north of philadelphia around midnight. it's showery and temperatures in the 50s and the front moves through by mid-afternoon. behind it we dry out. it gets windy and temperatures start to drop. by 6:00 dropping down to the 40s and saturday morning down into the 20s and saturday night the the same front that rolls
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through tomorrow during the day and wave of low pressure along that. 7:00 saturday night snow for a good portion of the viewing area and what the low pressure will do it pull in warmer air from the ocean in the year night hours bringing the change ore to rain near i-95 by midnight and poof, it's out of here before day break on sunday. this is really a fast moving system limited opportunity for snowfall accumulation. and expected snowfall showing delaware and south jersey this really is not your storm at all. none along the coast and interior south jersey and central delaware a coating to inch before the change over to rain wash its all away along the i-95 corridor 1 to 3 inches of slushy accumulation and grassy surfaces and the northern and west suburbs this is where it stays as snow and looking at a moderate amount of snow 3 to 6 inches saturday night and the five-day at 5:00.
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62 and we hit the high early with morning showers and temperatures drop on saturday. 40 degrees dry during the day. snow and rain moving in during the evening and sunshine 48. 53, record warmth, 68 degrees and adam will let you know how long the warm air sticks around. quick break much more "action news" when we come right back. stay with us.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> i want to speak now to america's children. especially those that feel lost, alone, confused, or even scared -- i want you to know that are you never alone, and you never will be. >> president trump addresses it's nation and the nation's children as the florida community grieves the deaths of 17 people in yesterday's school massacre. tonight we learn more about the young victims and heroes of this tragedy as well as more about the alleged gunman and what may
5:31 pm
have motivated him to kill. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the latest on yesterday's horrific shooting. >> it's just over 24 hours since the teenager opened fire at the school in parkland, florida. in that community this day is marked by prayers and tears and questions. >> the suspect nikolas cruz appeared in court where he was held without bond and 17 counts of premeditated murder. and questions about the youtube post where he threatened to shoot up the school. >> the fbi was tipped off but never identified the person that posted the comment. and that legally purchased the ar 15 that he used to commit the murder and linked to a white supremacist organization. >> and president trump spoke out saying that the administration is taking steps on what may have been the underlying cause of the
5:32 pm
crime. >> we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. >> after the shooting cruz managed to escape the scene running with the group of the very students trying to get away. field for the first time we heard from the officer that tracked him down. >> he looked like a typical high school student. and for a quick moment i thought could this be the person, is this who i need to stop? >> 15 people are still hospitalized tonight two of them in critical condition. >> meantime authorities here in philadelphia responded to yesterday's shooting with a mixture of frustration and resignation. jeanette reyes has that part of the coverage tonight. >> less than 24 hours after first sponsors rushed into the devastating aftermath of one of the definite shooting in u.s. modern history.
5:33 pm
care givers were honored at city hall and the tragedy loomed in the minds of many including fire commissioner adam teal. >> it was a trigger for me. it's a challenge to watch. and it's sad. i am not afraid to say i was crying watching the coverage. >> richard ross expressed frustration as how often these events seem to happen. >> the the greatest country on earth to me defies logic that we can't come up with something that makes sense. utter frustration is how i feel. >> charles ramsey echoed similar sentiments and expressed doubt that effective change would come from law makes and he urged americans to push for sensible gun laws. >> citizens have to get involved. congress will not get involved. i lost all hope that congress would do anything especially after sandy hook if that didn't
5:34 pm
move the needle certainly this most recent school shooting is not going to move the needle either. >> and this brinks up the question of preparedness of local law enforcement. both reensuring me that they train ford something like this specifically if it were to happen here in philadelphia. channel 6 "action news." for the survivors the families of the victims and even first responders the road to healing will obviously be a long one and so often after this type of violence the issue of mental health takes center stage and experts took a closer look at warning signs to predict a mass shooting and a person's fits of rage or threatening words or actions could be a red flag and a person's bag ground could provide clues. >> it's likely that when people do things like this. they themselves have had great injury or trauma in their lives.
5:35 pm
that are unresolved. they are not living in the present time but some old psychological story, some hurt and thoughtlessly and out of rage acting it out on other people. >> as for those that witnessed the violence, experts say that it's important to get the mental health care to try to ease the lasting effects. and all the families of the deceases were notified and we are getting our first look at who the victims are. among the 17 are 15-year-old alyssa, a freshman described as an amazing soccer player and overachiever and a young woman with a promising future. senior nicholas was a standout swimmer he earned a full athletic scholarship to university of indianapolis next fall and jaime was a freshman at the school. there she s and teacher scott
5:36 pm
beagle was killed saving students and unlocked a classroom door and guided students inside to keep them safe. >> and the coverage continues for you online at and there you can read more about law enforcement's investigation and hear what loved ones with were saying about the victims that lost their lives in the shooting. >> in other news philadelphia's new district attorney took a stand against the city's opioid crisis today. he announced that he is joining mayor jim kenney in the push to hold accountable for health and welfare. six pennsylvania counties. filed separate lawsuits against the manufacturers of opioids and join the team of philadelphia officials trying to make sure that funds from lawsuits against big farma come back to the city of philadelphia and it's paid to the city of philadelphia. >> the numbers are not final yet
5:37 pm
but estimated there were 1200 deaths from drug overdoses in philadelphia in 2017 the highest rate by far in any major city. from our new jersey newsroom. investigators are trying to determine the cause a house fire that left a firefighter critically injured it broke out on union road in hammonton. and the driver suffered a medical emergency and transferred to the hospital in critical condition and the fire went to two alarms before being brought under control. time for an update on the highways. matt pellman is live. >> motoring our way to the weekend and motoring slowly in center city. often the case along the vine street expressway eastbound and the local vine eastbound by hahnemann it was westbound a crash earlier all that is left here is a vehicle on the shoulder. the lanes are open but still a slow go westbound out toward the
5:38 pm
schuylkill expressway. if you head westbound on 422 still the broken down truck. westbound past trooper road sticking out into the right lane and extra slow there coming out of king of prussia with speeds like 10 miles per hour. coming eastbound on the schuylkill we saw big delays coming out of king of prussia because of an earlier crash at gulph mills. that is cleared now but still slow on the eastbound schuylkill with speeds like 17 as you head toward the conshohocken curve. and break up at city avenue and backs up again at the boulevard to south street. during the overnights this week work scheduled both ways along the schuylkill at south but not closing it entirely this week. just one lane out of commission but still that causes delays during the overnight hours. a crash to watch out for in hatboro along warminster road. stick with mill road. and the earlier crash in mt. laurel on the new jersey turnpike southbound near exit 4 is gone but delays are not.
5:39 pm
still 17 miles per hour. use kings highway as an alternate. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" thursday night. a local school district celebrates black history month with an important discovery about change. we'll take you there. and why three young lemurs are taking part in a special presidents day celebration and adam joseph tracking the latest in the weather center tonight. >> warm and then tracking snow and then more warm. there is a lot going on in the weather department as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan rain is coming in from the west this evening and we see more than a half inch tonight and a second system in the desert southwest here for saturday evening and bringing snow for some of us. we'll talk about those details in the seven day. plus, stillies spring training continues today. jeff skversky joins us from clearwater, florida. with a look at sports. >> reporter: hey guys reece hoskins and the phillies are
5:40 pm
swinging for the fences already down here in clearwater, they believe they can win in the majors this year too. we'll hear from the phillies coming up in sport. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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a sign that spring is around the corner, phillies single game tickets for home games went on sale this morning and like always a host of special events and give-aways including the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 world series season. >> they are getting ready down there. >> they are. they say that winning is contagious, we have seen it around town the sixers and flyers are playing great since the eagles won the super bowl. maybe the phillies who of the big four have the farmest to climb can follow suit. lets head to the palm trees and jeff skversky with more. >> reporter: it's only day to but the phillies have an extra pep in their step and owner john middleton tell me their players
5:44 pm
watched the eagles win the super bowl and being competitors they want to follow suit and to help do that they are actively searching for a top of the rotation starter we'll see if they can get that done. phillies manager, gabe kapler is keeping close eye on the starting rotation. that aaron nola is walking around like a super star. >> and when it comes to nutrition and recovery, will help cut down on injuries and keeping them on the field will result in wins and the players believe they can contend. >> yes. we can get through the finish line. and yes we can see the national east title. >> they all believe we will be competing that is our goal every year. a lot of people will say we are still rebuilding, but we don't look at it like that. >> the guys here i think we are contenders. no doubt. >> we have talent in this room,
5:45 pm
guys each take a step forward you said that yesterday, each develop and focus on doing their job we have the chance to shock people. >> a lot of people are using that word shock people. the end of the last season the phillies finished strong .500 baseball they hope to pick up where they left off and be in contention for first place come september. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> that would be great thanks. the sixers have hit the all-star break on a five-day winning streak locked in the seventh seed in the east. we'll have to see joel embiid's status is for the all-star. they were down 24 and ben simmons and company came back his sixth triple-double and the most for a rookie behind magic johnson and oscar robertson. they hit the break on a high
5:46 pm
note. >> looking forward to it, coming back everyone has a break and you know recoups and gets back to where we have time to be with family and friends. and come back to business. >> the flyers won four of their last five hit the road to take on columbus, they are in third place but only 4 point as head of the blue jackets and well aware at this point every game counts. >> now, it's an awful close race all the way through. and i think, you know being able to embrace that and accept that through wins and losses and being able to accept the next challenge is a real strength and so far this year. our leaders and group in the room has done a good job of that. >> don't want to jinx it but the games are looking good. wonderful. >> thank you so much. meantime students in delaware took a moment to reflect on black history. youngsters at stanton middle
5:47 pm
school walked in displaying signs of peace and kindness followed by the black history panel discussion and the panel was comprised of commune leaders and conversation focused on being the change on what you want to see. >> still to come on "action news" tonight the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> looking live at sky 6 hd at the gorgeous skyline tonight and adam joseph has details when we come right back.
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time to check the accuweather forecast. adam joseph is here with the warm details. >> kind of book end when you look at the seven day. 70s come back next week with snow in between. >> wow i know a march seven-day forecast. head to the weather center one place excited about the snow here in spring mountain montgomery county they could pick up 3 to 6 inches of snow saturday night and skiers and snowboarders out there this evening and heading into the holiday weekend a big weekend for skiers and snow borders and the weather. kind of all over the place. saturday we start with sun and increasing clouds and rain and snow comes in during the evening hours saturday into saturday night. and sunday is the pick lots of sun and 48 degrees and milder with melting snow and presidents day many sun and another system in the lower 50s. as we look at the numbers right
5:51 pm
now around the region. 60 philadelphia. 65 reading and allentown and 62 in wilmington and the mild southwesterly wind taking over even 60 for the ski resorts in the poconos. here is the batch of rain we are watching this evening. coming in from the west but the system for saturdays two pieces, one to the north and one way down to the south, the two phase to create a rapidly developing storm in our region saturday evening, for tonight lets take one system at a time. rain coming in at 7:00, 8:00. staying very warm. 50s to near 60 degrees. still seeing the rain in the area. that continues for the morning rush and pack the patience, wet roads and rain falling with mild and temperatures in the mid-50s and the rain works away after the lunch time hour and that is when temperatures drop and we start in the 6:00 and end in the 40s and tomorrow is upside down
5:52 pm
day. warmer in the morning and cooler in the afternoon and that drys out. we fall into the 40s. rainfall tomorrow night to lunch time on friday a an inch to inch and a half of rain. temperature comes from from the half to three quarters inch and that system on saturday start at 4:00 and 6:00 and starts as snow even in southern areas, 7:00 showing all of this as snow and this is your sleet line and this is your rain line. this is rain and snow going over to rain and where the line exactly sets up is still in question but somewhere in south jersey or along i-95, 7:00 at night with all snow to the north and west. it's out of here first thing sunday morning and a fast moving system but potent system so heavy burst of snow between 7:00 and 1:00 in the morning, especially west of philadelphia rough travel even with the warm
5:53 pm
ground it snows so hard it accumulates quickly and a sharp cut off in southern area where's there is no snow and the rain snow line is uncertain at this point. but nothing in southern areas, coating to inch in interior south jersey and wilmington and philadelphia and trenton 1 to 3 inches and 10 miles other side of 95 and 3 to 6 inches of the heavy wet snow into your saturday evening and saturday night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 62 showers in the morning and temperatures falling in the afternoon tomorrow and evening snow and rain saturday of 40 degrees and the pick of the weekend is sunday near 50 degrees and clouds and afternoon rain and monday 53. and flirting with records tuesday and wednesday either side of 70 degrees cooling down but really nice on thursday. of 50 degrees. saturday evening plans in southeastern pa watch the
5:54 pm
evening roads. >> thank you. get updates on the possible snow expected saturday night into sunday. you can check stormtracker 6 live double scan live any time on your phone or tablet and the 6 abc app say free download for your mobile device. >> it's almost time for thon at penn state and we'll be there. chad pradelli brings you coverage from happy valley as the 46 hour dance marathon kicks off tomorrow and keep up at facebook and twitter. still ahead tonight a birthday party fit for a president. the philadelphia's zoo newest resident mark the national holiday and celebration. my shoulders carry more than my country's pride
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there is a special birthday at the philadelphia zoo and visitors were there to wish a special happy birthday to three lemurs. these three brothers lincoln theodore and quincy marked it with treats ain lemur cake.
5:57 pm
they were named for u.s. presidents in honor of their date of birth that falls near presidents day. they are native to the island of madagascar. and jim gardner is standing by with these stories next. the gunman charged with killing 17 people at a high school in florida goes before a judge. >> and a delaware man is accused of damaging a $4 million statue at a franklin institute exhibit. those stories are coming up next at 6:00. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, rick williams and it's entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers. meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night a pedestrian is struck and killed in burlington county and knowledge governor, phil murphy announces plans to ease traffic on new jersey transit. but the big story is a day of fac finding in parkland, florida. and a day of mourning and soul searching across america. nikolas cruz appeared before a magistrate. he was charged with 17 counts of murder and held without bond. officials say he legally purchased the ar 15 rifle he used in the slaughter of students and adults yesterday at stoneman douglas high school. and the leader of a white nation lift group in florida says he
6:00 pm
was a member of his organization. and they described cruz as a volatile teenager that say his strange behavior caused friends to end friendships with him. and a total of 17 people were killed and 13 are still in the hospital. and in the wake of the worst school shooting since sandy hook in 2012. a lot of people had a lot to say including students that are fed up with the adults. >> what we really need is action. we say we are going to do all of these things, thoughts and prayers. what we need is action. please this is the 18 and one this year. that is unacceptable. we are children, you guys are like the adults. you need to take some action and play a role. work together and come over your politics and get something done. >> emotions were raw at a prayer vigil with young people and parents shared


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