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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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together florida school as the fbi a w received last year plus new imagesear, the investigation and the show of support for the victims and their bombmaking scheme busted. authorities arrest two brothers one a former teacher, in connection with an alleged explosives operation in new york. the questions about their plans. new information fl aut vaccine and its effectiveness especially for the message this morning for parents. plus a bombshell in college basketball. will the entireption scandal? overnight in south korea new frustration for team usawinter games. mcdonald's explains why it's once again changing the happy meal, not everyone is loving it. and a good friday morning to
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you all. we begin with an emotional tribute for the victims of the florida school massacre as details are starting to emerge about the suspect's past. >> thousands gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the 17 killed by that one shooter. he reportedly told investigators he was hearing voices. >> the students the teachers who lost their lives were between 14 and 49 years old. public defender says the suspect is a broken human being. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest from parkland.ning stephanie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, diane and kendis. since we've been here on the groundve seen people emotional, angry and in shock and most trying to find strength from somewhere, anywhere after one of the deadliest school the u.s. took place right here in their town. ♪ >> reporter: ov coming together in disbelief and grief. >> for the rest of my days this will always be engraved in my mind. >> reporter: leaning on each other for support as the names of all 17 victims were read out loud.
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>> alyssa -- >> reporter: some in the crowd chanting no more guns. [ chanting "no more guns" [ brth. >> reporter: over the cries of friends age family. matif thege students. one in the school's marching band. another on his way to college on a swim scholarship. some just in their first year of high school. >> just knowing that his seat won't be filled next time i enter that class is just -- it's heart wrenching. >> reporter: for the survivors the moments that were almost their last replaying over and over in their minds. >> i was scared that i was going to be next. i didn't know what else to do. i just kind of froze. >> reporter: lexi tells us the shooter opened fire in her classroom. not everyone survived. >> i'm thankful to be here but at the same time i'm so hurt to know that a lot of people i know are gone. >> reporter: police say the gunman kong fessed to the shooting rampage telling them he heard voices directing him to
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carry out the attack. >> some of the things that have come to mind are very very disturbing. >> reporter: sources tell abc news this was hisgram n here holding business toll. in another he's holding a large knife. authorities now digging deeper into thesuspect's past. who told authorities about a threat the suspected gunman posted to youtube saying he was going to shoot up a school, that tipster tells abc news he spoke with the fbi last year and also told youtube. the fbi now says they're looking into it. kendis diane. >> yeah he gave that warning in september of last year and he says nothing really resulted from that. stephanie ramos in florida, thank >> the broward county sheriffd strong litician>> scott israel attended the vigil and hugged survivors and warned lawmakers. >> if you're an elected official and youo ke way they are and n differently, if you want to keep the gun laws asare re-elected in
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broward county. >> in the meantime, a student who hid behind a cabinet during the shooting and was struck by bullet fragments said she forgives the shooter and still believes in forgiveness and says we all deserve a second chance. we do have more now on the fbi which as we mentioned is launching a review into how it handled the tip that agents received about the suspect. >> did authorities miss a red flag is the big question. a mississippi man says he warned the fbi last year about the suspect in the florida school shooting. it was september when ben says he noticed an alarming comment on a video he posted on youtube. the comment read i'm going to be a professional school shooter. posted by a nikolas cruz. >> thought that to be odd and disturbing so i forwarded thatreen shot to the fbi and reported youtube. >> reporter: after he reported the comment bennight says an agent paid him a visit but never hearrom fbi again until after the shooting wednesday when the same agent who questioned him last year knocked
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on his door again. >> i actually didn't make the connection till i asked the fbi agent what could this shooting possibly have to do with youtube video. he said it's the se think it might be the same person. >> reporter: the fbi says at the time of the post last year they were unable to identify the person who made the comment. >> aggressive crazy, weird, psycho. >> reporter: people who gth the shooter say he had a violent side even a young age. >> wane was l throwinging to kill it. >> reporter: new images emerged appare intly conducting targ yards as police were called toes. meanwhile, dough nations are po victims of the tragedy. a go fund me page $600,000 in just a matter of hours. >> promi work with state and local authorities to improve securit at schools and take on what hes the difficult issue of mental health. but critics point out the president's latest budget reduces funding for mental health treatment and cuts school safety programs. in addition one of his first moves as president was to sign a bill making it easier for people
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with mental illness to buy guns. and now to the immigration battle on capitol hill. once again limbo. the senate has failed to reach a deal on four proposals that would have addressed the issue. leaving the fate of immigrants who came to the country illegally as children up in the air. protections for them under the daca program were due to start expiring next month but federal judges have blocked that deadline. the supreme court could soon take up that issue. steve bannon may soon find himself in contempt of congress. he answer questions from the house intelligence committee investigating the russian interferen election. bannon's interview came after he spent 20 hours answering questions from special counsel robert mueller's team thi right, time to take a look at your weather for this friday morning. a powerful storm has been pounding western pennsylvania overnight. at least one building has collapsed andomes are damaged. heavy rain caused significant floodingwell. intense winding knocked down trees and power lines leaving
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thousands without power. a look at the radar stormy weather into the northeast. that system is bringing some major drop temperatures falling into the 20s b a lot of chilly air moving east. well coming up why the nonstick pans in yourcould be causing you to gain weight. first, the brothers arrested in a new york scheme accused of hiring and caught on camera. the quick teenager who saved the life of a.
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h images of aain that and caughtbuffalo, new carrying a load of new eng nd conductor suffered injuries and investigation is under including a former teacher are under arrest in new york this morning for allegedly stockpiling materials. christian toro and his brother tyler aare accused of building bombs at home with the help of high school students paying them $50 an hour. the scoot shooting in florida prompted authorities to make the arrests. still unclear what if anything the men planned to do with the explosives. we're learning new details about a school shooting plot in washington state that was actually foiled by the suspect's grandmother. police say an 18-year-old student from aces high school in evert was about ready to raid the campus with guns and grenades but his grandmother called 911 after she found a semiautomatic rifle in a guitar case and disturbing injournal. >> worting is i'm finding journal entries from my
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grandson. >> uh-huh. >> and he's planning to have a mass shooting at one of the high schools. >> wow, just imagine that phone call there. police credit the preventing what been another school shoot tragedy. a high school track coach in northern ohio teen life. video shows chuck glover sitting on a gym bench when he falls onto the florida after suffering a massive heart attack. then h comes 17-year-old nicole with a she's a lifeguard and trained on how to use that device. >> autopilot. i really -- everything is a little fuzzy, i remember what happened. >> there was an angel sitting on my shoulder that afternoon and her name is nicole. >> very thinking. glover turns out has a of heart disease and one of arteries was nearly 100% blocked. nicole attends the school this. every time he sees her noes her ahug. well deservwhen we tainted dogd beingcalled. also ahead ad about its effectiveness. andmerican mikaela shiffrin hits theagain, ones from south korea next.
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for the link. now to an alert for pet owners. several varieties of dog food are being recalled for possible traces of a drug used to euthanize animals. the branned include canned kibble and bit, skippy and they were pulled back after a station found they tested possible for thedrug. new details about a massive corruption scandal in college basketball. yahoo! sports is reporting as many as 50 college basketball programs could be implicated in the ongoing criminal investigations into bribery and the handling of recruits. some hall of fame coaches will be reportedly named. one investigation has already cost louisville coach rick pitino his job and claims his staff knew their school sponsor, adidas had funneled money to the f recruits. let's turn now to the winter games in pyeongchang. it has been a day of disappointment for team usa. >> yeah two medal hopefuls finished just short of making
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the s thair.eed >> reporter: kendis and good morning. potential u.s. athletes unfortunatelily, th had a tough go of it. one day after winning the gold mikaela shiffrin failed tofend her title from t finishing just out of medal contention ae secondze. i was fighting for the and i on the and i was fighting today although not really in the way that ited to and it on the wrong side.short ioss.t decorated ridrn to the podium since winning silver in men's figure skating short program,nyu easily took first place and i heavyavorite going into the free sam for his performancerently seven nathan chen fell twiceduring his routine. alusa's hockey team victory beating slovakia 2-1. next russian team. it was a rough day for the usa. there is a lot of potenmedals this kendis, diane. be an ex and hopefualm the medal count now -- t improves. >> norway they'regood. rmany is coming in second followed by can -- the
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netherlands and they're down at the bottom with eight medals the united states. >> we have a week. >> slow and steady. mikaela shiffrin is likely resting after her performance today. apparently she really likes to nap. >> in call her sir naps a lot. this despite the fact that she sleeps about ten hours a night. >> wow. >> she says her bed is probably her most important possession. >> wow. i'll say. >> what is that like. >> her skis are probably pretty important. >> we haven't gotten tl week collectively. coming up the change cominghappy meals. also ahead, the big hollywood breakup. why jennifer aniston and justin thoreau are calling itits. later the sexual harassment scandal in the entertainment industry takes a new turn as a popular #stuffynose #nosleep #mouthbreather yep,ather. well just put on a breathe right strip d... it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone
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>> i'm matt o'donnell friday morning, here's what's on "action news," a community comes together to remember the lives of the 17 people killed in the school shooting. we're live with the latest developments. you'll need the umbrella today. storm tracker 6 live says it all, david murphy has more on when we'll dry out and the snow potential. nick foles has the last of jimmy kimmel and talks about places he used to go, but not any more. we have weather and traffic all next on "action news."
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lf coast. 83 in orlando. we do return to florida for the story of a brave student who witnessed the attack firsthand. >> she suffered several wounds but she's now home and safe and offering a message of forgiveness for the suspect. amy viteri has the story. >> reporter: daniela realized that truth when bullets came flying into her classroom hitting her and several others. >> it hurt and i didn't know i was like shot. i didn't know what i had. and then like i didn't think it was real until like i saw the blood. >> reporter: this as she hid behind a cabinet with two of her classmates lifeless on the ground others near her also shot. >> she was bleeding all over her face and she was -- she kept on asking like what's wrong with my face? and i was trying to keep everyone calm. >> you know it's real close.
4:23 am
>> reporter: social studies teacher greg pittman rushed his students to safety. several of his colleagues lost their lives trying to protect others. >> and at that time of day normally even before that they would be getting -- they would be where they were supposed to be for -- no weapons. they have nothing to defend themselves. >> reporter: all injured by bullets rushed to local hospitals. >> i've seen i've done two, three gunshot wounds when they come in altogether but not in the mass casualty event like this. >> reporter: daniel were is home bandaged with metal from the bullets still inside her and credits her faith with keeping her calm inside that classroom and her message to the accused gunman. >> i forgive him and i know that he needs love. >> wow, what a brave young girl. >> wonderful for her to hear that. a lot of people are hoping to have a similar message from parkland, florida, this morning.
4:24 am
>> that's what's making news in america >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., friday, february 16. here's what we're following for you, coming coming up later this morning we're you about camden police working on the crash of a girl on the
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