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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 17, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, falling through the cracks. the major mistake by the fbi admitting it failed to act on warnings about accused school shooter nikolas cruz and a desire to kill. >> truly regret any pain this has caused. >> how he's ready to plead guilty under one condition as president trump visits victims with the community in mourning. >> he didn't make it. >> and survivors counting their blessings. the other major story we're tracking this morning, the russian meddling charges. what some are calling an act of war. 13 russian nationals charged with trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. >> the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general.
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>> how they allegedly tricked american voters into joining fake political groups. plus, my visit to an alleged troll factory. >> i'm from abc news in the united states. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> the russian journalist who went undercover now telling her story. and olympic moments. u.s. athletes on skates and on the slopes, lindsey vonn's attempt at gold in the super-g. >> whoa, and almost on the side. >> that's going to hurt her. >> jamie anderson gearing up for big air's big debut and nathan chen giving his quads a workout in a record-setting performance. hey, good morning. and we are covering two major stories here this morning. the indictment of 13 russians for waging what the special counsel calls information warfare on the united states. is the white house correct when it asserts that these
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indictments actually vindicate the president and what is being done to protect america from ongoing russian attacks? >> but we are going to start here with new developments in the school shooting in parkland, florida. overnight the president and the first lady, they visited a hospital where the wounded students and teachers were there being treated and also giving a thumb's up while meeting with first responders. that visit, however, coming just hours after the fbi admitted that it received a specific tip saying the alleged shooter, nikolas cruz, had access to guns and a, quote, desire to kill and yet the agency failed to act. >> so much outrage and confusion over that news. abc's adrienne bankert who is usually with us here on the desk on weekend mornings is on the scene in florida with the latest on the investigation. adrienne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, paula. yes, here in this picture-perfect community, it all seems so surreal. the shock of violence, a presidential visit and now the horrifying realization that all of the pain could have been
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prevented. >> the job they've done is incredible, and i want to congratulate them. >> reporter: president trump and the first lady thanking doctors and nurses coming to the bedside of injured victims of wednesday's high school massacre. >> very sad something like that could happen. >> reporter: sad and terrifying after nikolas cruz's alleged murderous rampage, he jogged off campus and is seen walking into a mcdonald's in this newly released video from just minutes after the shooting. right before the 19-year-old was arrested.right before the 19-yes arrested. outrage over the brazen killings magnified by the explosive fbi confession of a huge mistake. governor rick scott wants the fbi director to resign after the bureau admits that on january 5th, a person close to cruz called the fbi's public access tip line concerned about cruz's desire to kill, erratic behavior and the potential of him conducting a school shooting. but according to the fbi, the information was never forwarded
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to the fbi miami field office and no further investigation was made. >> on behalf of myself and over 1,000 employees of the miami field office, we truly regret any additional pain that this has causeded. >> they had the name of the person, nikolas cruz, and they had the witness who was reporting it so they would have been able to act on this information immediately. but they didn't. >> reporter: the attorney general ordering a review of what went wrong. >> it's terrible and now we have to live with our good friends dead. it possibly could have been stopped if the fbi did something about it. >> reporter: this would only be the most recent warning. in september a video blogger contacted the fbi when a user with the name, nikolas cruz, posted, i'm going to be a professional school shooter. while the community is in shock cruz is on suicide watch. the broward county public defender tells abc news he's ready for cruz to plead guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. that public defender hoping for
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a life sentence, now, authorities say that cruz has confessed to the killings. and what's been very frustrating is the number of red flags, according to the sheriff's department they've received around 20 call, concerns about cruz over the past few years. dan and paula. >> such an egregious oversight by the fbi. adrienne, thank you for your reporting. and we do want to take a closer look now at the victims and survivors in this shooting. we're learning more about a young man named joaquin oliver whose loved ones are now calling for action. >> we're also hearing from the mother of a student who survived. this mom happens to be a survivor of an earlier mass shooting in the area and abc's victor oquendo is also in parkland. victor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the memorials for the victims continue to line this park. those 17 angels still lit up behind me. this morning we're learning more about the people that they represent through their friends and families. >> he is the most incredible soul ever. >> reporter: emotions still raw.
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victoria gonzalez telling us about her boyfriend joaquin oliver gunned down on wednesday. the pain unbearable. >> his heart was so big. all he did was love anyone. he told me all the time that what he wanted in life was to make everyone else feel loved. he was everyone's hero. >> reporter: gonzalez showing us the necklace she made from flowers he had given her on valentine's. you did that? >> yes. >> these are the flowers he got me. with the biggest smile on her face my mother told me in the car, he really loves you. >> reporter: three of oliver's closest friends supporting gonzalez the entire time. the night of the shooting julien decoste was with joaquin's family when they got the news. >> finally at 2:00 my mom came back in the room. and she was like, he didn't make it, and then i was just as shocked, and i just couldn't move. nobody has had to deal with this, nobody.
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>> reporter: 16 others had their lives taken that day. countless ripples of heartbreak but also stories of survival. annika dean's son austin was in biology class and originally thought the shooting was just a drill. >> seconds later he messaged me, it's not a drill. it's real, and my heart just sank. >> reporter: in an incredible coincidence dean is couping her blessings once again. she survived the ft. lauderdale airport shooting last year but says this was completely different. >> being in a room with a man that is shooting was hard, but having my son be there was more terrifying for me. we're mourning. we're going to be mourning forever. >> reporter: joaquin's friends have actually been helping to plan his tunial. yes, they wanted to share his story but they also made it very clear they want action from lawmakers. dan, paula. >> so much sadness, so much grieving, so much fear and anger
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in that community. we appreciate your ongoing coverage, victor. thank you. we are going to turn to the other major story we're tracking this morning, the special counsel indicting 13 russian nationals for launching an elaborate scheme to meddle in our elections and undermine the american political process. >> the president is sounding off claiming this vindicates him. matthew dowd is standing by with analysis, but we're going to begin with kenneth moton in west palm beach, florida, where the family is spending the weekend. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. on his way down to south florida president trump appeared to be focused on the deputy attorney general's statement that there's no allegation in the indictment that the russians charge had an impact on the outcome of the election but some democrats argue it's impossible to know how many hearts and minds, if any, were changed by russian interference. this morning democrats are
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demanding the president respond to what some are calling an act of war by russia. >> i've been calling it an act of war for some time. >> reporter: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and special counsel robert mueller charged 134 russian nationals with meddling in the 2016 election. some accused of operating right inside the u.s. pretending to be americans. the indictment clear, the goal in 2016 was, quote, disparaging hillary clinton and supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate donald j. trump. >> the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. >> reporter: the alleged leader russian oligarchy yevgeniy prigozhin known as putin's chef for dinners he's hosted for president vladimir putin. the indictment states the elaborate multimillion dollar operation started 2014 and russian operatives allegedly sent to nine states. >> with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general. >> reporter: investigators say the russians created hundreds of fake social media accounts to spread fake news and tricked real american voters into joining fake political groups like secured borders and heart of texas.
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the indictment says russians even communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the trump campaign. >> now, there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. >> reporter: president trump seized on that comment tweeting, the trump campaign did nothing wrong. no collusion. >> there's been no collusion between us and the russians. >> there was absolutely no collusion. >> there is absolutely no collusion. >> reporter: trump as called the russia investigation a witch-hunt. fake news, a hoax. >> do you see these 13 indictments as vindication for you? >> we absolutely do. >> reporter: but top democrats also looking into russia election meddling point out the special counsel's investigation is not over. >> just because this indictment has no mention of collusion or of knowing participation by americans doesn't mean it isn't going to happen in the next indictment. >> reporter: and a white house statement president trump said
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statement president trump said americans must unite to protect the integrity of our democracy and our elections despite a law giving him more power to hit russia with tougher sanctions, the president has held off, his administration saying the threat is deterrence enough. dan and paula. >> all right, kenneth moton reporting from florida this morning and want to bring in abc news political analyst, matt dowd. magnitude, good morning to you. just another slow political news weekend for us, right? let's start with this news about the indictments. the white house is claiming the indictment vindicates the president because as the president points out in his tweet that the russian meddling began in 2014 before he announced his presidential campaign and the indictment also says that people connected with the trump only made, quote, unwitting contact with the meddlers. so what do you think? is this a win for treatment trump? >> well, that's like watching the first 10 minutes or 15 minutes of the movie "black panther" and saying you know what's going to happen in the rest of the movie and you know who all the bad guys are. i think robert mueller is being very smart about this and one of
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the things that was said yesterday is this indictment and robert mueller is doing serious building blocks, he did it with paul manafort and rick gates and george papadopoulos and this is just another building block and so to say this is the end of the story really doesn't take into account what's going to come in the weeks and months ahead. this is not a win. it's not a win for america but it's obviously not a win for team trump because there's so much more to be discovered, and keep in mind, paula, this is one strand, only one strand of the investigation that bob mueller is in. >> we still have to talk about obstruction of justice and whether or not that happened. >> that's right, and hacking, as well. >> yeah, and the hacking of the e-mails. >> yes, overnight the president spoke about how the indictment impacts him in the tweet that paula mentioned. he didn't much if anything about how his administration is going to protect us from what top intelligence officials describe as an ongoing russian assault. do you fear that we're letting
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our guard down here? >> well, i feared for awhile that we already let our guard down. the fact that this occurred in 2016 already means we let our guard down. it seems like nothing has changed between what happened on election day in 2016 or up until election day and what's about to happen, which many of the intelligence agencies have reported may happen in 2018 and in 2020, and so i think the most disturbing part of the president's reaction to this is it was all personal, but it was all saying, i was vindicated which as i said doesn't vicinity cade him. it's only this indictment, but more importantly, nothing has been done, and we don't seem to be holding russia accountable for the fact that they actually committed an act of warfare against us. it wasn't men in battle. but it was actually the internet warfare and undermining our democracy. that i think is the most disturbing thing about the president's reaction. >> is there any indication that this meddling changed the outcome of the election? >> well, here's my feeling about
8:14 am
that, campaigns are very important. i've been involved in a lot of campaigns. they affect voters. we wouldn't do them if they didn't otherwise. communication is important so i think it had an effect on voters. the only question is is how many voters it impacted and whether or not it affected the result of the election. so we know russia meddled and know campaign communication and social media affects voters and so the question becomes, how many affected? the attorney general's office and the special counsel is not going to answer that question. that's a question for social scientists or others. but it did have an effect on the election. the question is did it cause donald trump to win, and i don't think we'll ever know the answer to that question. >> matthew dowd, we always appreciate your analysis. >> thanks, matt. >> thank you, matt. coming up on "gma" this morning, more on the russians who allegedly meddled in our election. i traveled to russia where this nondescript office building on the outskirts of st. petersburg allegedly functions as a troll factory. how we were greeted and our interview with a local
8:15 am
journalist who went undercover inside the factory is coming up in our next half hour. but we want to talk also this morning about another major political headline. a change in the white house security clearance process in the wake of the rob porter scandal. >> now, the former aide was able to get a top security clearance despite domestic allegations by both of his ex-wives. abc's stephanie ramos joins us from washington. and, stephanie, what exactly are the changes? >> reporter: well, paula and dan, chief of staff john kelly is now trying to tighten the security clearance process at the white house and that's according to the five-page memo sent to the white house staff friday all of it coming after it was revealed that former senior aide to the president rob porter had been accused of domestic abuse. it turns out despite those allegations against porter, which he denies, he still handled classified information. now kelly in the memo said we should and in the future must do better. also in the memo kelly implies that he had no idea how serious the claims were
8:16 am
against porter. now, one thing kelly says will change from now on the fbi will hand deliver to the white house its background investigations and will tell the white house counsel if any information in the file is derogatory within 48 hours of its discovery. >> now, stephanie, some of the president's closest aides are working with interim security clearances. is this going to create a problem for them? >> reporter: absolutely. take jared kushner, for instance, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, he doesn't have a permanent security clearance, and it's understood these clearances take time. it can be lengthy and can take several months, and i can tell you even for military service members, it can take a while, but in this memo kelly says if white house employees have background investigations pending since june 1st, their temporarily clearances will be revoked by next friday, and that could affect the president's daughter, as well, ivanka. back to you guys the >> wow, okay. stephanie, thanks very much. >> close to home for the president. >> big news.
8:17 am
stephanie, we really appreciate it. as we said, a lot going on on this saturday morning including a brewing storm that's going to be rolling through the northeast, and for that we turn it over to sam champion, who is in for rob this morning. very happy to have you here. this beautiful kind of spring-like weather we've had on the east coast being slammed down by cold air now. quick moving three idges of -- inches of rain, this north uniontown township, first february tornado in pittsburgh, since 1950. this area floods in pittsburgh when the rivers are running high, allegheny, ohio, as well, it's that little tip at pittsburgh that's slowing flooding, the roads are closed. be aware that we have the watches and warnings on the
8:18 am
board there. washington, d.c. earlier in the evening. new york 6:00 p.m. boston later. it's going to be tough to measure this is 4 to 6 inches of snow new york into boston. it will start as rain and mix in and end as rain. it's not the president's day storm of old. that's what's happening around the nation, here's what you can expect this morning. >> reporter: noise to see sam champion back. we have sunshine, we're seeing partly sunny skies on sky6 live hd. the willful low 20s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's cold to start, 41 for the high. late snow mixing with rain in philadelphia and south and east, tomorrow mostly sunny and milder. alf hour
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but if you want a before next w >> record warm? >> record warm. >> i like to hear that. >> you can come back any time if you give us news like that thanks, sam. >> thanks, sam. let's check in with ron claiborne this morning. >> good morning, dan, paula, sam. welcome back and great shoes, by the way. >> you can't see them. we begin with the new numbers on the flu outbreak. the latest figures, 22 more children have died of the flu. this is the latest weekly figures bringing the total number of children killed this season to 84 and the rate of people hospitalized for flu remains at the highest since tracking began in 2010. the acting head of the cdc says we could be looking at several more weeks of intense flu activity across the country. former republican presidential candidate and former massachusetts governor mitt romney is trying for a political comeback in utah. he filed to run for the u.s. senate seat long held by
8:20 am
republican orrin hatch who is retiring. in his first campaign speech on friday romney called for action to stop mass shootings and wants to strengthen the fbi gun buyer data base and enhance school security. the parents of accused florida serial killer howell donaldson iii have been placed under house arrest for contempt of court. donald condition's father and mother have defied a subpoena and refused to answer questions from the prosecutor in this case. their son is accused of killing four people last fall in tampa's seminole heights neighborhood. . and a powerful earthquake rocked parts of mexico that measured 7.2, very powerful centered in the state of oaxaca. it caused little damage. a strong earthquake killed more than 200 people in mexico city. at the winter games in south korea an olympic snowboarder from the czech republic showed some of the world's top skiers a thing or two. ester ledecka, she competed in the super-g in a ski race and took the gold medal.
8:21 am
she will compete in a snowboarding event. >> she didn't use her snowboard, though. >> on skis. later next week. she is trying to convince her coach to let her try downhill skiing. >> she should try volleyball. >> amy robach will have the other highlights from pyeongchang a little later. finally at the nba all-star celebrity came, rapper quavo scored 19 points and was named the mvp over the lakers 75-66. but, no, it was "black-ish" star miles brown who stole the show. check this out. check this. >> oh, look at that. >> bang. >> nice. 13 years old and tweeted he always wanted to play in the celeb game the past three years. i would say that's a pretty auspicious start for the teenager. >> on a regulation hoop too. >> yeah.
8:22 am
>> very good. >> thanks, ron. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," is this a russian troll factory. >> we're going to take you inside the building described as ground zero for meddling in our elections. american skater nathan chen landing a record amount of quadruple jumps in his quest for gold in the winter games. >> he is going to ski later too. >> he is? no, volleyball. >> all of it. "good morning america" is brought to you by ihop. pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. i wish i could wake up and say hi to a giraffe.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 8:27 a.m., saturday, february 17. i'm gray hall. sky6 live hd looking live over center city. sunny and clear right now, but we're tracking snow later today. karen rogers has the details from accuweather. >> reporter: yeah, that was a beautiful shot, wasn't it? it's cold out there,
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temperatures in the 30s, windchills in the 20s. they were in the teens, winter is making a brief come back. today late day mix between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. snow in the lehigh valley. it will be wet snow mixing with rain in philadelphia. and rain south and east. so, a mixed bag of precipitation. tomorrow, sunny and milder, 48. gray. >> thank you are -- thank you for the update. folks we'll be back in 30. stay tuned for more "good morning america." i'm gray hall. make it a great day. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premiere medical school, and created a single university that defies convention.
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welcome back to "gma" on an extremely busy saturday morning. here's what's happening right now. there will be more services today and the rest of the weekend for the victims of the school shooting in parkland, florida. >> president trump visited some of the survivors in a hospital on friday and also spoke with the deputy that was wounded in that massacre. and the fbi admits that it failed to follow up on a call to an fbi hotline last month warning that suspect nikolas cruz had a gun, had talked of staging a school shooting and that he wanted to kill people. but first this half hour we're going to take a closer look at one of the russian entities accused of meddling in the u.s. election. >> i recently traveled to st. petersburg, russia, to a nondescript building on the outskirts of town. and it's safe to say they were not happy to see me. there's so much attention paid
8:31 am
to what's allegedly happening inside this building. we want to go and see if we can find out for ourselves. what's allegedly happening here, the manufacture of fake news. this is a so-called troll factory. >> i'm from abc news in the united states. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> okay. >> reporter: we barely make it past the front door. >> we'll leave. we'll leave. >> reporter: this is the epicenter of russia's propaganda war. [ speaking a foreign language ] something they clearly do not want us to see. [ speaking a foreign language ] inside we're told dozens of internet trolls are endeavoring to exploit america's division. these are just some of the thousands of ads they posted online during the 2016 presidential campaign, which reached more than 150 million americans on facebook alone. we didn't make it inside. >> where are we? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: but we're now on our way to meet someone who says she did. she lives way out here.
8:32 am
lyudmila savchuk is a journalist who went undercover in 2015 working at the factory for about $700 a month. she says she and some other ex-trolls shot these undercover videos inside the building showing tight security and rows of trolls typing away. so what was your job when you were working there? >> translator: i was placed into an elite department. >> reporter: her job, she says, would include inventing fictional characters and posting under their names on topics carefully selected by her office. she said the u.s. would always be at the top of the list. >> translator: these characters were carefully crafted to transmit the kremlin's thoughts to the public. >> reporter: interesting that ex-troll lyudmila savchuk said as a result of her speaking out she and her family have faced threats but she says she remains dedicated to her mission which is shutting the troll factory down and described their work
8:33 am
to us as murder through words. >> and i would imagine she fears for her life and she's not going incognito so they know what she looks like. >> many of the other ex-trolls we have heard from all left the country. not her. >> great reporting. >> fascinating look. i have not seen anything like that before. >> it's an interesting country to say the least. more to come. >> anything else cooking in the weather department? >> yes, boy, do we have a lot to talk about. and for the pacific northwest, it's been one to two degrees above normal almost get ready for a winter shock, let's show you what it looks like in snowgualmiey pass. in case you forgot what it looks like. that's what it looks like. we'll get 3 feet of snow in the higher elevations with the next system moving in. it's great even though it's so mild in the northwest this is are a big change. the snow moves in and pushes across here. it will bring light rain into northern california this is not are a big rainmaker. we have big snowfall totals up to 12 inches of snow.
8:34 am
3 feet in some locations in the area in purple. it's that low. 50-mile an hour winds look at the numbers, reno, 13, tuesday morning. seattle, 23, tuesday morning. montana we're down to 8 below. it's a solid push of cold air. you know where it's not cold? anywhere in the eastern half of the nation. you want to see record warmth for february? tampa, 79. washington, d.c., 67. boston, 62 that's the weather around the nation, that's tuesday after our snow. here's whether a you can expect this morning. >> reporter: kind of funny, sam so see snowfall in parts of the region and then we're looking at the 70est. 41 today, wintery mix, a lot of rain with this, mostly sunny tomorrow.
8:35 am
some areas will get five to six inches, new york all the way to boston. so just be advised it's going to happen. probably gone by midnight. >> when we're trudging through that tonight, we'll be cursing your name but can't say it enough. we really love having you. >> wait. did you say trudging through it. you're not going outside. >> she's right about that. >> no, wait, snowing, you're not going outside. >> it's all right, though. >> they're telling us we need to get to a commercial. >> oh, really? >> it happens every time the abuse funnel turns on me. coming up on "gma," skiing champ lindsey vonn hitting the slopes in a race for victory. "black panther" ready to pounce into the record books straight ahead in "pop news" with sam champion? >> yes. >> what? >> i'm going to read this. >> double duty. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've...
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the day is starting off swimmingly for the americans at the olympics. john-henry krueger getting a silver in speed skating. >> did you say john krueger? that's my husband's name, by the way. he did not win in speedskating. >> he wins -- >> i don't know what he wins. >> just stop. >> domestic bliss. >> this is what it's all about,
8:40 am
everybody. here's the leaderboard. here's the medal count. let's check in with amy robach in pyeongchang. >> paul and dan, good morning. >> you'll hear from john today. >> yes, it was a busy day here but the two big events women's super-g and men's figure skating no medals for team usa but so close, it was an incredible competition from the slopes to the ice. >> out comes lindsey vonn down the super-g hill. >> lindsey vonn attacked the super-g course sprinting down the mountainside for her shot at a medal but a mistake near the end of her run leaving the most decorated female skier of all time off the medal stand. >> whoa. >> that's going to hurt her. >> instead finishing in sixth place. vonn sharing her disappointment on twitter saying, it's frustrating to be so close to the podium and to have made such a big mistake but now it's on to the downhill. >> his quads worth so much and he has, oh, so many. >> nathan chen and quads now indelibly connected after an historic program. >> so far he's done five quads.
8:41 am
will he add another? >> this is number six. >> yes. >> oh! are you kidding me? >> the two-time u.s. national champion completing a staggering six quadruple jumps in his routine. >> nathan chen is still the quad king. >> reporter: 18-year-old chen finishing off the medal stand but leaving his mark on the ice. and in the slopes a new event making its mark here, gold medalist snowboarder jamie anderson tells me what we can expect from big air. >> talk about big air. it's making its debut right here in pyeongchang. tell us what big air is as an event. >> so, big air is awesome. it's pretty much one jump. you have three runs and you have to land your two best tricks. >> nathan chen had the highest score today in the men's long program, but because he had such a disappointing finish in the short program, he just couldn't get enough points to medal. i do want to call out two other team usa competitors, we had
8:42 am
adam rippon and vincent zhou were both incredible and both got standing ovations, and i was proud to be an american in the stand. >> great reporting from south korea, amy. how about that performance, though, six quads. that was incredible. >> from john-henry krueger. >> no, he was speedskating. >> freddy krueger. >> sorry about that one, everybody. coming up on "gma," if you're tired of winter -- >> i am. >> yeah, see, you live in miami most of the time. >> i'm still tired of it. >> okay. we can help you freshen up your home for spring and how you can breathe life into your space without spending big pucks. without spending big pucks. feel the power of theraflu expressmax.
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we may be thoroughly ensconced in winter because sam
8:46 am
insists on it but spring will be here soon, notwithstanding sam. >> we have simple tips to recharge your body, your mind and your living space. the doldrums of winter are upon us. and this room in all of its disorganized glory needs to be recharged for spring so design expert francesco bilotto is here to help. >> wait. do you mind? do you have an extra hand? there we go. >> everybody is feeling the winter blahs. how do you give us hope to reach that finish line. >> spring is almost here. and why not rush it a little bit indoors. in a space like this the first thing to do is clear the clutter and clean the surfaces. roll up your sleeves and follow the leader, paula. >> first we clear and clean. >> all right. >> okay. >> next we design the layout. placement is easier said than done. i don't know how to do it. >> it's basically divide and conquer. we'll split the room in half.
8:47 am
keep one area for office and keep one area to just enjoy, relax and help you recharge this time of year. >> so divide and conquer. >> we freshen up the furniture with some new purchases. teamwork makes the dreamwork. when it comes to larger objects it's better to go online. >> definitely, save time, shop online. places like have great styles. no one can fit a sofa, a lamp and rug if their car all at once so have it delivered ahead of time. >> then we repurpose some items we already had. >> can't really enjoy these outside right now so why not bring that in and the color happens to be perfect. >> and then we add some greenery. research from nasa shows that indoor plants can clean the air of some problem chemicals as well as release oxygen. >> look at this. it comes potted, mossed, lots of different variation and you can order these already done. you don't even have to have a green thumb to make them happen. >> and they're affordable. >> they're affordable. >> before we're done it's time to hang. >> you want to think beyond the
8:48 am
canvas and frames and think about baskets. it adds dimension to the space and match our room. >> you know where the winter blahs went? >> away. >> they're gone. >> we recharged the room, man. >> yeah, we did. >> pretty good. >> i'm ready for spring. thank you to pro flowers. i have a little gift for each of you guys. just so that we can breathe a little -- this is from me. but i love all of the stats about indoor plants, a 2007 survey found that indoor plants kept workers healthier and more productive. >> we need to increase our productivity. >> you guys need to increase your productivity. >> breathe happier, everybody. >> thank you for the plants, great story and we'll be back with "pop news" and sam champion. we brought in a ringer, ladies and gentlemen. >> it's going to go all wrong. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by cigna, together all the way. >> can't stop saying it every time sam is here it's an occasion and he's doing "pop
8:53 am
news" this morning. >> why? why not. what could go wrong? everything. so set the clock and see what happens. let's start with "pop news" and we'll start with oscars because we're only about two weeks away from the big night, the big event. hollywood cares and getting the idea about who might actually be up there making the award presentations. so here's some of the names. mahershala ali, margot robbie, "black panther" star chadwick boseman, viola davis, laura dern, jennifer garner, "lady bird" director greta gerwig, tiffany haddish. >> she's amazing. >> she is amazing. tom holland, kumail nanjiani, emma stone, daniela vega and more names to come. as you know, the oscars are hosted by jimmy kimmel and it's all where -- >> here. >> right here on abc. >> right here at 8:00 p.m. "black panther" is opening with a roar. the movie raked in an estimated $70 million on friday and could pull in over $200 million over the presidents' day weekend. 200 mill, people.
8:54 am
it already set a record as the fourth biggest preseller in fandango history behind the recent "star wars" films and that's a big deal because if you can get close tosters you've got it made. also strong reviews. the sky's the limit. 97% fresh. 97% fresh on rotten tomatoes. >> 97%? >> i know that the company is made by our corporate parent. >> what? >> disney, but i did get to see it, and it's really good. >> no, it is -- >> 97% good. >> fresh. >> 97% good, yes, it's very, very good. >> run, don't walk. see it. >> can't wait to see it. >> you don't want to be left out. there are some movies that everybody will be talking about forever, this is one of them so don't miss it. drake is out with a brand-new video for his song "god's plan." everybody has been waiting for this and he makes a lot of people happy. he spent a lot of money on this video. but he also gave a lot of that money away. take a look. ♪ trouble in me trying to keep it peaceful there's a struggle for me ♪
8:55 am
♪ don't pull up at 6:00 a.m. >> anything you want in the store is free. >> anything you want in the store is free. it was a surprise shopping spree for those people inside that store. don't you wish you were there. >> go for the big ticket items, people. >> peanut butter. >> the stuff you can't -- no, not peanut butter. >> aim higher. >> go for a tv set. >> lucky charms. >> drake didn't stop there. he actually was just like handing out wads of cash to people on the street. well, he said he got all this money for the video and said don't tell anybody but he's like spending every bit of it giving it away and donated to the city of miami. the video starts with a message that the video for the budget was almost a million dollars. and it was all given away like i said. don't tell the label because the the joke is on them. we were going to tell you about kim kardashian but the one thing i will tell you is go to ebay because she actually is
8:56 am
selling some of her clothes on ebay so if you want to look like kim, go to ebay. >> some of her -- >> bidding is going to get pretty high. you did a great job with "pop news." >> how did i do? >> sam champion. >> it's not a 97% fresh. a 97% fresh. >> i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> coming up on "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. days after the tragedy in parkatlantic florida, we learn about -- park land florida, we learn about a tip the fbi never fold up. >> we have snow anticipate rain moving into the area, karen
8:57 am
rogers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast all next on "action news" saturday morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good morning, it is saturday, february 17 i'm nydia han along with gray hall.
9:00 am
>> here's a look at the stories we're following on "action news," president trump visitors florida days after a gunman took the lives of 17 people at a high school. we have new information about a pedestrian who was hit and killed by a car this morning. 46 hours without sitting or sleeping just a whole lot of dancing for a good cause. that's what hundreds of penn state students are doing as the annual thon weekend continues. >> karen rogers is in for chris sowers, a mixed bag with snow and rain right, karen? >> reporter: that's right, some of the changes we're having coming in, as well. we're seeing less of an impact for much of the region. the temperature will be higher. the winter weather advisory, now it's a winter weather advisory even for the northwest suburbs, it was a winter storm watch it's been downgraded since yesterday. we have a beautiful start to the day partly sunny skies be w


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