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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 17, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> three weeks out from selection sunday, wildcats had
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11 threes in the first half. they lose their cool in the second half. galespi put them up nine. cats going crazy. triple for dante. nova season high 16, threes. they are in the driver seat for a number one seed. >> st. joe's on hawk hill. freshman from lancaster, taylor for three. hawks win the third straight 82-75. penn visiting cornell, six triples, led with 23 points, 79-71. quakers won 7 of 8. lasalle won and drexel lost earlier today. >> thank you, jamie. much more news in the next half hour. stick around.
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>> we begin this half hour with the latest on the snowy weather conditions. there is a lot of slush on the roads. meteorologist melissa magee is here with a look at what the rest of the evening will bring. >> the slush is for north and
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south of the i-95 metro area with higher accumulation. a lot of the precipitation is exiting the region. radar 3d, you can see the heavy snow, mixed precipitation heading to new england. we have a mostly clear sky most of pennsylvania and back through the ohio valley as well. street level and storm tracker 6, no more snow. same for philadelphia. rain is exiting as well. as far as temperatures in the wake of the moisture, it's cooling down, 33 in philadelphia with a northerly component to the wind. cape may, a temperature of 35. 34 in dover, beach haven 37. the winter weather advisories up for some spots.
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i expect them to come down overnight as the precipitation is clearly ending. easton, allentown, doyles town included in that. we have better weather on the way. sunshine and full blast. we have detail in the seven-day forecast. >> we have more now in lancaster county, the operation to rescue a boy scout trapped inside a cave. this video just in. the scout was with the group of the wind caves bridge valley road, 200 feet in the cave when he was wedged up to his armpits and couldn't get out. rescuers are involved and the rescue has been going on since 5:30 tonight. the boy is in good condition, we are told. >> an rt cake in mexico
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yesterday left buildings swayings. alarms went off 72 seconds before tremors were felt. 13 deaths were recorded from a military helicopter crashing into a neighborhood while serving in the aftermath. >> president trump tweeted about the indictments of 13 russian nationals. he slammed the news media for the indict ms. earlier trump said that proved there was no collusion with the campaign. the russians tried to interfere with a variety of media accounts and lured americans to campaign style rallies all in an effort to benefit president trump. >> we are learning about the florida massacre. a long list of behavioral
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disorders at the same time survivors are speaking up demanding stricter gun laws. >> linda lo pez has the details. >> new details are emerging about the young man that confessed to killing 17 students at the this florida high school. >> classmates that knew him said he was trouble. >> there wassin there was somett him. >> a report from the department of children's services said niklas cruz cut himself in 2016 and videoed himself on snap chat saying he wanted a gun. >> the sun sentinel and confirmed by the public defender showed a history of o autism, adhd, and medication, which he stopped taking. this report in a stripping of what appeared to be missed
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warning signs. the fbi never investigated tips last month and there were 20 calls regarding cruz. >> the massacre sparking a call for less fire power. >> if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, it's time for victims to be the change we need to seek. >> pressure on the legislature to restrict the sale of guns. no one should be able to buy an ar-15, especially not an 18-year-old. >> cruz just turned 18 when he bought his semiautomatic weapon. he shot 150 shots in the minute he was inside the school. linda lopez, new york. >> new jersey transit could be banned from the line trenton to
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new york city. amtrak may stop the agency from using the track if it doesn't use crash preventing measures. positive control braking systems were installed on 35 of 440 cars. there are a thousand employees who need to be trained to use the system. still, the new jersey transportation commissioner believes they'll have everything in place to meet the end of year deadline set by amtrak. >> starting today, patients with one of 17 conditions can purchase marijuana in chester and buck's county. two dispensaries opened their doors and reporter bob brooks was there. i have multiple sclerosis h chronic pain and glaucoma. >> jeanne has been waiting for a
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long time. medical marijuana for sale in pennsylvania. she and many others will buy medical marijuana in the keystone shops in devin. >> my neurologist says it will help me up to 50%. i'm almost in tears. i can't wait to see if it does. >> keystone shops is one of the first to open in the state over the last two days. the other in our area is the sollistic center. >> you won't see dried marijuana leaf for sale. that's not considered medicine in the state yet. corlgd to thaccording to the diy sell oils, topical creams and items that can be vaporized. he sees this as a positive.
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>> people are looking for relief for serious conditions. we know all won't be helped but many will be. >> it's our hope that medical marijuana represents a solution to the horrible dilemma we face as a society. >> 4,000 patients approved by certified physicians. the grand opening of the keystone shop so popular they are expecting a few hundred patients to show up. to my left, they invited local police to direct traffic because so many people are coming in. bob brooks, "action news." >> a man from new jersey was charged with his girlfriend's death. his car plunged into the river. he made it out but his
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girlfriend didn't. he was charged with leaving the scene of a crash but now he's charged with first degree vehicular homicide. >> a man from new jersey is accused of hiring a friend to burn down his restaurant so he could collect the insurance money. they have been charged with arson for hire and conspiracy to commit arson. >> a young man is gunned down on the streets of camden. investigators need your help to find his killer. details when we come back. ♪ ♪ [narrator] look around.
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>> time for a check of the forecast. seems it's over with in terms of the snow. >> the precipitation is exiting. we have a nice day on the way tomorrow. sky 6 live and hd looking at the tops of the buildings in center city. snow has exited much of the i-95 metro area. we are dealing with visibility in spots as we go through the rest of the overnight hours. sky 6 double scan radar, dry, no major issues with precipitation. light flakes north and west, rain we had in north jersey is exiting the coast. right now in philadelphia, 33. winds in the upper 20s. winds out of the northwest, pressure at 0.35. air temperature, 39. visibility increasing in philadelphia, up to six miles,
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down to 2.5-miles. we are up in wildwood because the precipitation has long ended. in the city, 33. same for allentown, pocono, 30. cape may, 35. dover 34. freezing in wilmington. we are showing you this is a quick thumping of snow racing to the north and east. in new england, spots can get half a foot of snow. clear skies headed our way for sunday. early snow and rain exiting, clear by dawn, 30 in the suburbs for the overnight lows, slushy roads watching out for slick spots there. 34 in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker 6, through the night, 3:30, a number of 35.
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35 in allentown, 28 in the poconos and 34 in dover. tomorrow morning, flenty of sunshine to get the day started and numbers rising to the 30s. across the region, a good looking afternoon. lots of sunshine, a high of philadelphia, 48. 47 in wilmington. 47 in reading. better than that for the rest of the week ahead. the exclusive seven-day forecast showing lots of sunshine, milder afternoon at 48. mild monday, 52. warm front moving through. that means precipitation is likely by day's end. in the wake of the warm front, gorgeous by tuesday, record warmth on the way, 70 pr the high. wednesday, a high of 73. thursday, mostly cloudy with a
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couple of showers around and 58. friday, mostly cloudy and 50. next saturday, showers are likely. high temperature at 57 for the last week of february. >> unbelievable. >> very nice. >> thank you, melissa. >> the family of a man named zachary gaunt have only the memories of their loved one. they are hoping someone will come forward so their memories have a sense of justice served. here's rick williams with the crime fighter report. >> animated kid, loved life. lot of friends growing up. >> june 10th, 2017 zachary joined his grandmother and six-year-old son on a trip to cape may. they returned saturday june 11th, no problems. >> he was going to the house to have dinner with my mother.
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>> zachary ran into trouble early monday morning june 12th. police were called for reports of a deceased male. when they arrived they found zachary suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i don't care who you are, no one deserves to die like that. >> there is a $1,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. 215546 tips. >> do what's right. come forward. say what you need to say. we know that can be difficult, but the right thing isn't always easy. >> i'm rick williams, channel6 "action news."
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>> the museum celebrated the lunar new year today. familthe lunar new year is often referred to as the asian new year. >> time for a check on sports, jamie is in for jeff and spring training. >> that crept up, didn't it? >> spring training boom. >> we are set for the full squad workout monday. all eyes on the offseason acquisition, carlos santana, the first baseman who signed a $60 million contract. he pushed a mercedes benz eight times in a row. >> the phillies signed carlos
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santana to take the team to the next level. 15 years ago they made a similar move luring jim tomey from the cleveland indians as well. though hope it has the same effect. i went one-on-one with santana. >> how excited are you to be in philly's spring training signing your deal to be here? >> excited. >> do you believe in this team? >> yes. >> we have to a lot of talent, younger players, playing hard everyday. that's why i'm here. i'm here to try to help and play everyday and try to win. >> not only is santana patient at the plate, but patient with
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the younger players. he took mykel franco under his wing. their lockers are side by side at the request of santana. jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> when i was a kid i loved all star saturday night. more recently i could take it or leave it because i didn't have anyone to root for. no more. >> joel embiid. >> love seeing the process, making his challenge debut aside from the fact that he forgot to take his tag off his shorts, had trouble with his passing, but made toyota the second round where despite cheating, you could tell he was having fun happy to be part of the weekend. >> this is my first type of environment.
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everybody told me it was going to be fun. kind of overwhelming, but i love this type of setting. i love to have fun and i'm glad to be here. hiewrly thsurely the first of m. >> i love him. >> castle is next. for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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