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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris sowers. 6:00 o'clock and right now we are following breaking news a fire erupt nothing a storefront that forces people from their apartment this all happening a short time ago philadelphia's olde city section. this fire has hit four alarms now. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at 200 block of chestnut street. i understand we are awaiting a
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news conference with the fire commissioner is that right. >> reporter: yeah, nydia and gray that just happened and fire crews down here they have their handing full we are at third and chestnut. i will step out of the way and show you the scene we have right now. like you said four alarms they are hosing this thing down right now, and i can tell you when i first showed you i have been in this business for almost a decade now and i have never seen flames, this big, they were shooting, clear into the sky, they were huge. luckily you can see they have got things under control quite a bit at this point. you can see up top they are spraying down in the building right new but i'm told that is an apartment building several units in there and i have to be honest with you guys, it is torched. flames were shooting clear up through the entire building and coming up out of the roof and windows. this is just 10 minutes ago. very serious situation down here. there is a hotel i'm told by fire commissioner that had to be evacuated all of the
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surrounding buildings had to be evacuated. we're right across the street from the museum of the american revolution just so people can get an exact idea of where we are, right now, at third and chestnut. this whole block all of these buildings down here way too early to tell at this point what the extent of the damage will be but there is going to be significant smoke damage if not actual fire damage, and so many of the surroundings buildings and including the one where it started but, you can see behind me crew is very busy right now. we just got to the scene an hour ago but very intense situation nydia and gray and we will learn more details this morning. reporting live from olde city bob brooks channel six "action news". >> bob, thanks for the update. we will turn to weather now. new video shows heavy snow pushing through solebury township on the edge of allentown. part of the lehigh valley took the brunt of the storm getting 7 inches of snow. >> this is more video showing a bobcat clearing snow from the parking lot from the cherry hill plaza parts of the
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south jersey got several inches of snow before that storm moved out. >> and sky 6hd now looking live at the, flag waving on the ben franklin parkway. heavier snow skirted by city but that cold air served as a remind their winter is still here. >> let's start with an update from accu weather and meteorologist chris sowers, some snow, you are smiling. >> well, just like that, it is licensing gone and now we're talking spring like temperatures in the accu weather seven day forecast. how about the size of those flakes last night, silver dollar big fat wet flakes coming down accumulating very quickly. that is what we talk about with the thump of snow, and it was very difficult for that snow to melt even though ground was warm and temperatures were still about freezing because it was coming down fast and furiously this storm is long gone at this point from the gulf of maine here and continues to pull to the east/northeast at 45 miles an hour we're expect ago lot of sunshine later this afternoon and with the winds shifting out of the west/ southwest temperatures back in the mid to upper 40's. this will all melt. official numbers here
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philadelphia final totals 1.2 inches, lindenwald, new jersey 1.5, broomall 2 inches, graterford 4.3 and doyletown just under 5 inches of snow. dover 1.1. claymont 1.4. marlton 2 inches. then we will get further north of philadelphia, lehigh valley , higher he will racials and then they saw a lot. emmaus 7 inches. boyer town picking up 7 inches of snow. allentown officially received more, then 8 inches of snow. now a lot of it is beginning, some of it starting to melt with temperatures above freezing. numbers aren't quite that high right now but it is officially what fell. freezing mark is 32 degrees right there a lot of locations are below freezing, therefore we have black ice out there we have frozen slush at back road haven't been covered that will be all frozen. take it easy north and west of the city this morning, center city showing 35, south jersey clear, my drive-in to work this morning was very easy. roads were just wet didn't take me anytime at all to get
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in. most of the roads from the city south and east should be fine, north and west some slick spots. later this afternoon we are absolutely balmy, sunny skies, mild, high of 48. this will stretch of winning weather. we can topple 70 not once but twice in the accu weather seven day forecast. i will ab long in a few minutes with much more on that guys. >> chris, thank you. before we get to that winning weather here are a few snowy pictures. check out these slushy road in lansdale for a slow go in a saturday night in montgomery county. while the airport didn't get much of the white stuff, it looks like it did, actually, winter weather had folks wanting to head someplace warm >> a lot of snow out there snow being blamed for an accident in northern stretches of bucks county. road where is slushy through the night and early morning hours, and winter mix, slowed down drivers on streets in the plumsteadville area. one family spent the day skiing in the poconos and the night trying to get home. >> we have, we left there at 4:00 and we just got here, it
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was almost three hours, yes, it is really bad, you could not drive more than 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: cristina, kept clearing off sidewalk outside of her restaurant in doyletown last night. despite this weather customers living in walking distance of her place, kept her busy. this was the scene in wilmington just about everything, covered in the blanket of white, certainly not enough to keep people from getting out and about though. we several people enjoying the night outside on the town. your time 6:06 this morning. fifteen year-old boy scout is recovering after being freed from a lancaster county cave, he had been trapped there for several hours, at 6:00 o'clock last night the teen was with some of the scouts and few adults when he got stuck in the rock and some wind cave-in the township. it took dozens of workers several hours to free this teenager and get him to the surface. he was taken to the hospital earlier this morning where he is being treated for hypotheria. president donald trump made a late night comment than line about the florida school
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shooting. his comment criticizing the fbi, failure to look into a tip about the accused shooter. we are learning more about nicholas cruz this morning. a new report from the department of children and family services says that cruz , cut himself several years ago and shared video of his wounds on snap chat. report says cruz had a history of autism, adhd and depression he was prescribe medication which he had stopped taking. fbi received a tip from someone close to cruz that he owned a gun and talk of committing a school shooting. tip was passed to the miami fbi field office but never investigated. in the tweet last night the president says very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signs, sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. get back to the base beings and make us all proud. meantime in dallas vice-president pence had this
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to say. >> president trump and our entire administration will continue to focus, with renewed energy on making sure that the schools across this country are safe, and we are going to work to give law enforcement and local authorities the tools that they need to deal with those struggling with dangerous mental illness before they bring harm to others. >> in the wake of the florida massacre there are renewed calls by some people nationwide for the white house and congress to take action on gun control. later this morning it is a special addition of this week martha raditch reports from parkland florida, abc news looking in the missed warning signs this week starts at 10:30. you heard president trump referring to the 13 russian nationals indicted in the tweet just moments ago, the president also commented while at his florida estate this weekend. he slammed the news media for coverage of the indictment, earlier the president claimed vindication saying it proves there was in collusion involving his campaign, friday
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federal officials announce that had russians tried to interfere in the election with a variety of social media accounts and even lured unsuspecting americans to campaign style rallies, all in an effort to benefit president trump. 6:09 is your time. we are following more breaking news for you this one coming from iran, passenger plane carrying 66 people has crash in the southwestern section of that country, killing, everyone on board. that plane slammed in the mountains in that region. it was a french made twin engine craft, bad weather hampered rescue efforts there. iran has dealt with several plane accidents in recent years all due to an aging fleet. 6:09 now. new jersey transit could be banned from operating trains on the northeast corridor running from trenton to new york city. amtrak says it may stop agency from using track if it does not finish installing new crash prevention measures n december nj transit said positive train control break ing system had been installed on just 35 of its
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440 locomotives, 89 radio towers still need to be equipped as well. there are nearly a thousand employees who need to be trained to use the system. the national transportation safety board believe positive train control could reduce number of crashes. so still happening today celebration the chinese new year with the parade through the streets of chinatown. philadelphia sons association will host its annual event to celebrate the year of the dog, the parade begins at 11:00 this morning at tenth and race streets, roads in that area will be closed for the parade. they always do such a good time. we are staying on top of breaking news here on "action news" sunday morning fire forcing evacuation of the residents of the olde city hotel and apartments we are working to bring you another live report in the next half an hour. gone 2018 massive dance fundraiser at penn state winding down. "action news" reporter chad pradelli brings you story of courage for those hoff taken on childhood cancer, chris.
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flames shooting from the building. we know an apartment building and also a hotel had been evacuated, but so far no word about any injuries but of course that can all change. we are awaiting word from the fire commissioner about this fire, to give you an update but crews on the scene of this fire there in olde city, and four alarm fire, we know that a hotel and also some apartments have been evacuated it looks like fire fighters are still dousing the apartments there, with hoses as you can see, crew is still on the very active scene. we will work this throughout the morning and bring you very latest on air and web site at six turning to accu weather and meteorologist chris sowers , a lot of people cleaning up this morning. >> well, philadelphia south and east we don't to have clean up at all. roads are great, northwest, some areas pick up 7 inches of snow out of this system here but most of the viewing area got away were not much at all. you have to go way north and west, of philadelphia area really to pick up any kind of
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slippery roads out there this morning, things like that, snow covered roads, things are starting to improve rapidly. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia, 32 allentown. trenton 34. thirty-six in cape may, millville 35. dover 35. and lancaster checking in at 29. we have well west of philadelphia to pick up those slick spots right now as conditions continue to improve very, very rapidly. riverside, new jersey this was sent in by stacy here. that was when the event first started those huge flakes. look at the size of these snowflakes. they were coming down like silver dollars stick to go everything. even though temperatures were in the 40's during the afternoon, the ground was mild , it had a very difficult time melting because it was coming down so rapidly that it immediately stuck to everything. 48 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for today, normal 44. 34 degrees is where we started out this morning, normal low is 28. here's satellite six with action radar. there is the system right there rapidly pulling away.
6:16 am
you can see we have clear conditions off to the west. we will see west/southeasterly breeze develop, whatever cloud cover left over during first part of the morning hours should quickly evaporate and we will see full sunshine by afternoon. there is that dry air right there working its way in on the back side as that storm pushes through the canadian mar times. dryer air means clear conditions today will be an absolutely beautiful day. sunny skies, mild. 48 degrees is forecast high, winds northwest at five to 15 miles an hour and as we go hour by hour, perhaps cloud cover left over during morning hours, otherwise, full sunshine by afternoon. by lunchtime 44. by 2:00 he clock 47. and then by 4:00, 48 degrees. overnight tonight partly cloudy watch for refreeze, there will be black ice re developing, still snow on the ground well north and west , get into upper bucks, montgomery counties and lehigh valley especially still snow on the ground but mostly still melt in the philadelphia area watch for refreeze.
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29 degrees, suburbs, 34 for center city. you can see how quickly these numbers will jump in afternoon by 3:30 we are up to 46 in philadelphia. even lehigh valley. allentown 8 inches of snow, 45 s afternoon. a lot of this will melt. trenton 45. dover 48. millville 47. atlantic city 47. then first thing tomorrow morning hovering close to freezing and then here comes the clouds. this is a warm front punching through monday afternoon touching off a couple of showers and brief period have light rain, late in the day here but look at the numbers, 50 in philadelphia, millville 50. atlantic city 52 this warm front once this batch have rain pushes through it opens door to spring-like weather. we will have a couple days here in the 70 ease, and one of those days could be more like 75 or 76. what to expect for monday? icy patches, well north and west first thing during the morning hours and then warm front comes through clouds increase, light rain develops right after lunchtime or
6:18 am
perhaps a couple showers and areas of fog monday night. then warm front clears and watch what happens. here's exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, look at tuesday and wednesday. for now we will go 70, 73. we have a couple forecast models as warm as 75 or 76 on wednesday unbelievable considering normal high this time have the year is 44. for thursday cooler, maybe some rain in the afternoon, 58 friday mostly cloudy, mild with a high of 50. saturday cloudy skies and rain but not bad temperature wise, 59, nydia. >> looking good, chris, thank you. engineers are assessing the stability of the hill side in the pittsburgh area after a land slide yesterday. mud covered a road, and forcing authorities to shut it down. landslide comes after two days of rain, and strong winds. we will be right back.
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it is now 6:21. happening today big reveal at thon we will learn how much money students raised for pediatric cancer families and research. "action news" sports this cause every year and our chad pradelli is staked out at penn state's bryce jordan center. >> reporter: party rages on inside bryce jordan center at penn state, only this is a party with a purpose. ftk is the motto for the kid like keylonnie le boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer as a infant, her mother remembers the tears. >> it was very stressful. she only had a 50 percent
6:22 am
survival rate, so it was very, very tough. >> reporter: thon four diamond s fund and penn state hershey children's hospital helped her make a full recovery. 4,000 families have benefited from thon over the years. and three-year old mena who are an was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago. >> they give us gas vouchers for every trip that we make down there and anything outside of our insurance we are being taken care of. it is amazing. >> reporter: it is kids like this who inspire these penn state tours raise money, and dance, for 46 straight hours, taylor is a committee member at thon and she cut her hair today, hair that will go to make wigs for children. >> i really wanted to cut my hair. i thought in better way to do it and have it go to a great cause, so many kids deserve it i'm real happy. >> reporter: inside bryce jordan center pictures of the afflicted line the walls, each child with their own terrible
6:23 am
journey fighting cancer. each in the mines of these dancers. >> i dance for any family that has ever had to hear the words your child has cancer. >> reporter: more than $146 million has been raised at thon over the years. coming up later today at 4:00 p.m. these dancers will be finally able to sit down, go to bed but before they go to sleep we will have a final reveal to find out how much money was raised at thon 2018. in state college, chad pradelli for channel six "action news".
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welcome back 6:25. sunday morning. taking a look at storm tracker six, there is last night's snow, it is all the way up in to maine and southern canada.
6:26 am
one of the good things we are seeing with this system unlike numerous storms we are seeing this time of the year there is no arctic high here off to its west driving the cold air in. we're not seeing that this time. as a matter of fact winds shifted west/southwest we are seeing milder air moving in and temperatures air above freezing in numerous location as cross delaware and lehigh valleys. we will see a lot of melt to go day by tomorrow afternoon, all of the snow that you pick up last night is long gone. forecast for today jersey shore, sunny skies, very mild, 48, philadelphia same number lots of melting and even up in the poconos shoot forgo a high of 41 with afternoon sunshine. then pattern starts to look more like middle of april, jet stream will dive like this, all of the cold air will be stuck out here in the west and will drive straight down but not charging east, this is all warm air that just sets up along the eastern seaboard, huge area of high pressure right here and this will sit there and not move. that means this will kind of be the pattern for the next
6:27 am
week or maybe even to week number two as we get in the following week we will see what happens but temperatures will be unseasonably mild. by 3:00 o'clock tuesday model has us at 67. accu weather has us in 70's. we have several forecast maryland else having us from 73 to 75 by the time we get into wednesday, gray. chris, thank you so much for the update. 6:27. we want to get you back to breaking news we are following from olde city, fire fighters bat telling fire there. it is now four alarm fire. >> that is right, it has been rage nothing olde city for several hours now. this is right across from the american museum and best western motel and apartments have been evacuated. we are expecting a news conference from commissioner adam tiehl in the next half an hour, we will take that for you live and our bob brooks is live on the scene. >> looking at your screen you can see fire fighters are still bat telling fire, the upper floor you can see flames still coming from the building
6:28 am
and heavy smoke from the building. we are also told there is a september bus on site for those evacuated to get out of the cold but very active situation, very dangerous situation and at this point we don't know about injuries but we expect an update from the commissioner in a minute. >> it does look like they are getting that fire under control. smoke was pouring out of there when we first took this shot a little bit ago but we will continue to keep you updated on the air and six a hockey game was played in honor of philadelphia fire lieutenant matt latourneau who died in the line of duty last month. his fellow brothers hit the ice in havertown and played against police officers, money raised will benefit charities that support fire fighters, we will be right back. nicholas cruz. is sweet enough already. introducing happy baby & happy tot whole milk yogurt
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so you can breathe... ...and sleep. go to today to request a free sample. we have breaking news in olde city a fire forcing folks out of their apartment, motels this is a four alarm fire, "action news" has been on top of this story since calls first went out. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at the 200 block of chestnut street, with a live report we will talk to the commissioner if you can give us an update of a very serious situation right now. >> very serious situation 3:13 we were dispatched to one of the buildings you see behind me. we are up to four alarms plus a couple special calls. we have more than 150 fire
6:31 am
fighters, medics, other support personnel, still a very serious incident. we have 150 people's vac waited so far for various occupancies around but a lot of fire in these buildings in olde city we are getting a handle on it now. we have managed to contain it to the building, of origin. >> reporter: what do you want people to know in this immediate block, you have a lot of buildings that could have suffered damage right now >> i appreciate the question. we had folks that did not evacuate. we had to go back in and tell people this is serious despite smoke, fire alarm sounding. this is a serious thing. you never necessity what your building is connect to. we have people who are connect to the building on fire who had not evacuated. we need people to take these things seriously. our fire fighters do an incredible job and risk their lives to go save others. there is just no reason to do that if you can evacuate yourself. >> reporter: no injuries, none in the department or any
6:32 am
residents. >> no injuries yet. very tough job. incredible work by fire fighters and medic to keep it contained. we will be here for hours, yet , so we're hopeful we can continue to keep damage contained and then not have anybody injured. >> reporter: can you describe what they are doing right now because we can see orange flames still coming out of the window. >> this is a active fire fight we are still trying to get fire extinguished in the building of origin so we actually have aerial apparatus all the way around the building, it has a courtyard in the middle. we are trying to keep it contain. overtime these buildings that become connected and it is not , nothing is guarantied down here but just an amazing job by members of the philadelphia fire department and our great partners dunn here tonight. >> reporter: commissioner, thanks very much. >> yep. >> reporter: guys, i will step out and give you another look third and chestnut specifically you can see building where it is started. they are still spraying water, still see in the water those
6:33 am
orange flames that the commissioner said, they have a handle on it right now nydia and gray. when we first got down here the flames were sky-high, they were shooting in the sky, and just a very serious situation there, some of these buildings down here a best western hotel , restaurant, we were briefly speaking to one of the residents down here. he tells me he heard a loud boom, building shook and this is the outcome. so we will be down here working throughout the rest of the morning. you heard commissioner said they have a lot more work to do we will be here keeping an eye on it. reporting live from olde city, bob brooks, channel six "action news". >> american 160 people's vac waited bob, thank you. now other big story clean up from the snow some people will to have shovel this morning and they are start to go company that. several places got half foot or more, although this is new video shot overnight in moorestown, new jersey which saw considerably less than that. lets get you right over to meteorologist chris sowers for snow totals and accu weather
6:34 am
preview for what is on tap today, chris, how about the rest of the weekend. >> some locations picked up half foot, inch or two more than that but we saw two to 3 inches. temperatures will be rising so quickly. if you are not a big fan of breaking out snow shovel or trying to remove it from the walk mother nature may do it for you here. temperatures will jump in the 40's this early, 10 or 11:00 this morning. there is no arctic air behind this system. it is sitting right here left overs in the gulf of maine. still snowing heavily right now in boston, and portland, and augusta seeing moderate snow but look at the southwest , new jersey, pennsylvania, south east pennsylvania we are in the seeing anything. clouds starting to thin out. we should see sunshine this afternoon. but final numbers look like this philadelphia 1.2 inches, lindenwald 1.5. broomall two, graterford 4.3 and doyletown 4.8. further north and west we go numbers picked up quite a bit.
6:35 am
1.1 in clover. claymont 1.4. marlton two. then we see six, seven, eight, emmaus 7 inches, boyer town 7 inches and allentown 8.2 inches of snow. way up here. poconos picked up six to 8 inches. lake harmony 30 degrees. here's the problem, freezing mark is 32. we have to get temperature above that to start seeing this snow melt. you can see everybody, pretty much west of that line we're still below 32 degrees. we need a couple more hours here once the sunrises these numbers will start climbing rapidly. center city case in point we are at 35 degrees. most of south jersey in the mid 30's, fortecoup, 36, glassboro 34, hammington 36 degrees. forecast today a lot of sunshine, sunny, mild. highs around 48. guys? >> all right, chris, thank you . i promise you i will hug each and everyone of you, as many times as you need and i
6:36 am
will hold you as long as you need me to for all 3300 of you and your families and people get through this together. >> boy, and those are the emotional word of support from the principal of that florida high school where a gunman went on that killing spree this morning we are learning more about that suspect and survivors are speaking up demanding stricter gun control laws. abc's linda lopez now with the details. >> reporter: new details are emerging about the young man whom authorities say confessed to killing 17 people at this florida high school. classmates who knew him when he was a student there say he was troubled. >> i feel like he was just alone, off, there was something off about him. >> reporter: now a new disturbing report from the department of children and family services that says nikolas cruz cut himself in september 2016 sharing video of his wonderfulling on snap chat and saying he wanted to get a done. >> every sign that you are asked to look at, was there. >> reporter: d.c. f report
6:37 am
first obtained and first confirmed by abc news and public defender shows cruz had an history of autism, adhd, depression and was on medication which cruz public defender tells us he stopped, taking. this report, the lateness a string of what appears to be missed warning signs. the fbi never investigated tips that they received last in. over past few year local sheriff said they responded to 20 calls regarding cruz. the high school massacre now sparking a call for less fire power. >> enough, enough. >> reporter: anger frustration boiling over at this gun safety rally in fort lauderdale if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and pray ers, to the victims... >> protesters calling the florida legislature to restrict the sale of guns. >> no one should be able to buy a ar15, no one, okay. >> reporter: cruz had just
6:38 am
turned 18 when he bought his semiautomatic weapon. investigators believe he fired 150 shots, in the minutes he was inside the school. linda lopez, abc news, new york. meanwhile jet blue airways is offering to help those families affected by the shooting in parkland flashings it announced yesterday it is offering free flights to victims families who are traveling to florida for funeral services. and jet blue is partnered with the ride sharing company lift, to offer free rides, once those families members arrive. airline is also planning to hold a blood drive later this week to help those wounded in the attack. your time 6:38. this morning investigators are looking for cause of the fatal house fire in the fox chase section of the city. action cam at that scene late last night 7600 block of verree road, fire fighters say when they got to the scene the home was in flames, they worked their way to the second floor when they found that victim a 70 year-old woman. she was pronounced dead there at the scene, two fire fighters were also injured, their injuries, however, not
6:39 am
considered to be life threatening. 6:38 on this sunday america, still to come the pennsylvania ballet puts on a explosive action packed twist on swann lake, six abc loves the arts tells you about it. pucker up, cold winter weather left your lips dried and chapped we found a quick affordable treatment to make them more kissable and we will tell but some home lip savers. sky 6hd taking a live look at center city sky line meteorologist cry sowers has the seven day coming seven from accu weather, i think you'll like the temperatures coming up this week. daughter: mom, we're home!
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glad to have chris sowers back. >> how are you feeling. >> on a scale of one to 10 i'm above a seven right now. >> it must be the snow. >> i was very happy. i'm very up heat it will all melt here shortly. lets go outside you can see here's good news, runways are clear, if you have to go north and west of philadelphia, to really run into some issues like upper montgomery, bucks county, lehigh valley those locations picked up six to 8 inches of snow. philadelphia pick up one to 2 inches and as you can see here lots of clear runways, sidewalks, things like that. there will be slick spots out there be careful. temperatures will climb rapidly this afternoon. lets flip up over to radar. nothing going on. storm that dropped the snow is in maine and southern nova scotia at this point here. this just sent in by doug,
6:43 am
during the on set of this snow in doyletown, pennsylvania. we got what was called that thump of snow coming down so viciously that, violently, i guess you want to say here that the flames, never had a chance to melt even though ground temperature was between 35 and 38 degrees. clumps have snow, silver dollar snow flakes falling at some point is here. slippery road conditions this morning, black ice, frozen slush a big concern, north and west of philadelphia, temperatures rising quickly though. right now we are sitting at 35 philadelphia is already above the freezing mark at 32. dew point 31. winds west at 7 miles an hour and we are seeing a slight wind chill this morning of 29 degrees. you can see hours here, winds out of the west. unlike most storm system snowstorms we see this time of the year we are not seeing this driving arctic air coming in from the north. this is a westerly pacific air mass to warm things up rapidly thirty-four in millville. dover 35. cape may 35. trenton showing 34.
6:44 am
there it goes just sipping along here. storm system was moving at one point at 50 miles an hour. if you are a snow lover it is unfortunate because they still pick up seven or 8 inches of snow in the lehigh valley. imagine we had a huge blocking high to slow that storm down we might have had a foot and a half of snow. unfortunately there was nothing to slow this down and it is just sipping along. now we are seeing more west/ east flow across united states mild pacific air flooding the whole area and from this point on it is very spring like with temperatures at least in the 50's every single day looking forward, and, several rain chances in the accu weather seven day forecast, no snow. colder up here to the north, warmer to the south as would you expect, that cold air retreats during the course of the week. as we get into today, mostly sunny skies. temperatures by 4:00 this afternoon. allentown 45. philadelphia 47. dover 47. millville 46. officially accu weather will go at 48 today in philadelphia overnight tonight,
6:45 am
temperatures hovering right around freezing mark of 32. black ice could be an issue out in through here again. city of philadelphia is above freezing, 35 millville 34, and then as we get into monday this is warm front pushing through, clouds increase, temperatures mild. we're already in the 30's and 40's by 10:30. light rain showers in the morning hours could transition over to a a steady period of rain by afternoon. once this warm front punches through that is when temperatures really start to respond, and you can see a lot of 60's and zero seven's here in the future. sunny skies, 48 for philadelphia, millville, dover , cape may, atlantic city , allentown 46, reading 47 , not a bad day at all and overnight tonight chill which some locations, dropping below freezing again, so watch out for those slick spots, 34 in philadelphia, millville 29, cape may 33, and allentown also 29 and the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast looking like the end of march or early may believe it or not so 48 degrees, sunny, mild today, monday, presidents day, cloudy skies, drizzle, and
6:46 am
some rain developing, 50 degrees and then we will get into a balmy 70 for tuesday, 73 for wednesday, and then thursday, we will call it , cooler, with a high of 58 degrees, could be some more rain, friday's high 50 and then saturday back up to 60 again, cloud which some rain, normal guys is 44. you have to wonder will we get hit with something bad in march because we are getting so warm now. >> i hope not. >> that usually happens. >> thanks, chris. get updates on the snow totals and check storm tracker six live anytime on your phone or tablet. six abc app is a free down load for your mobile device. thousands endured the brisk, cold winds for 24th annual polar bear plunge in the waters off sea isle city, new jersey. proceed from this plunge will fund other local events later this year, some folks came in costume, you can see, guy with the green cape right there. eagles green, of course, part of the whole presidents day weekend of fun at the shore.
6:47 am
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6:50 on a sunday morning. family of a name zachary have memories of their loved one his family tells him someone with information about his murder will come forward so their memory will include some sense of justice served. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighters report. >> he loved life, lots of friends growing up, long career, football, basketball. >> weekend of june 10th 2010 zachary join his grandmother and son on a trip to cape may. his mother say they return on saturday june 11th, with no problems. >> he was going back to help my mother have dinner.
6:50 am
>> reporter: zachary somehow ran into trouble early monday morning, june 12th, just before 7:00 a.m. police were called to the 300 block of roy den street in camden for reports of the deceased male. when they arrived they found zachary suffering from multiple gunshot wounds he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the whole situation seems extremely senseless. >> i'm not caring who you are innocent human being dogs not deserve to die like that. >> citizens crime commission is administering $1,000 reward for information that arrest and conviction for person responsible. just call 215-546-tips. >> do what is right. come forward, say what you need to say and we all know that can be difficult, and, that it is difficult. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". up next, we have a helicopter carrying official surveying earthquake damage crashed, all 13 people or 13 people died, all of the
6:51 am
victims were on the ground there. this happened on chopper attempted to london friday night at an airfield, and it smashed right into two vehicles, 12 died at the crash site, one person died at the hospital, victims included three children, 15 others also hurt in this. two officials are on the chopper, had concussions. health check this sunday morning a new variety of easier to digest milk has hit store shelves in the philadelphia area. a2 milk was created in australia more than a decade ago, company gets million from being local cows producing only a2 proteins not a1 which causes stomach problems that some people have with milk. most, milk is a blend from both types of the cows. there is nothing added or removed in this new product as lactose free milk. we will be right back.
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and in oaks, montgomery county look at that guy with the bike there. 225 contractors and exhibitors are showing off latest styles, products, the six webb mobile there it is, it was there yesterday and also traffic reporter, gina gannon was on hand to introduce page davis, hoe of the trading spaces reboot. young ice hockey players got to meet a trailblazer, willie reid, national hockey league's first black player, he focused there at ed snider youth hockey foundation to mark black history month, he made his first appearance in 1958 with the boston bruins after several years with canadian teams, he was also known for his speed, and checking ability. time right now is for what is the deal, winter's wrath can take a pounding on the lips. alycia vitarelli say some food can rejuvenate them.
6:55 am
>> in winter my lips get so dry that they just crack, can't put lipstick on because it bubbles and it looks awful. >> yes, i'm constantly talking to people. >> people are looking at your lips when talking. >> reporter: to restore moisture to winter ravages, rachel and lisa, hid to the lip bar in salon 360 in huntington valley. the 20 minute treatment starts with the gentle filing to remove dead skin and then applies national scrubs like honey, raw sugar to smooth, nourish skin or avocado as an intense moisturizer. then some gentle cupping. >> and that brings all of the circulation tour lips report report light application of wasabi a spicy japanese radish >> it wasabi will help lips. >> reporter: she recommend this is once a movement speaking of lip clumping in the idea of fillers but squeam ish with needles consider latest trend micro canulas. >> i'm excited because the
6:56 am
other one was a lot of prick ing. >> reporter: doctor stephen davis says they are so hot right now he is using flexible tiny tubes for 95 percent of his facial injection. >> lips happen to be one of the most popular places to get injected to make them look more youthful. >> reporter: he says this lead to less swelling and redness. >> and bruising, all of those other things would you worry about with needles, this eliminate that is. >> reporter: doctor davis says you wake up with a more natural look that lasts up to nine months. so what do you think. >> they are great. definitely fuller. >> reporter: doctor davis is offering $200 off that treatment, if you call this week week to book an appointment. we have a exclusive deal at salon 36010 percent off for all who mention six abc. alycia vitarelli, channel six "action news". lets get another check of the forecast, things are looking good, perfect opportunity to clean the walk, living north and west of philadelphia, snow is long out of here at this point and wind
6:57 am
s are now shifting out of the west, and eventually, southwest, as the day wears on we're not deriving cold air in but milder pacific air, into the region, later this afternoon. today starts a beautiful stretch of weather for us, the temperatures over last couple of days have been pretty nice, thursday 61, friday 60. then we have a sneaky snowstorm overnight, yesterday we had a high of 42 but from this point on there is a warm front punching through and in the 60's and zero seven's later this week. so for the sure today, sunny, 48, same thing for city, poconos 41, sunny skies, breezy, temperatures later this afternoon by 4:30, somewhere between 46 and 48. overnight tonight we will get awfully close to that freezing mark, so whatever snow is still on the ground watch out for black ice maybe left over frozen slush up into here, and , and, in philadelphia close to freezing as well. monday we will get warm front punching through so we are back up to 45, 47 and then all of a sudden really start to get in the spring like air.
6:58 am
model has us at 66. some areas close to 70. guys. >> chris, thank you. coming up next on "action news" sunday morning we will update you on our breaking news that four alarm fire, and it has forced evacuation of people in several build initial olde city but just essentially declared to be under control we will have a live report. and all you snow lovers you get your wish, finally the last punch from old man winter leaving someplaces under a blanket of snow. >> we will be right back. get the best internet with the best shows and get the best of both worlds. fios by verizon gives you the fastest internet available for only $79.99 a month online with a two year agreement, and your netflix is on us for one year. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once.
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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris sowers. 7:00 o'clock. we're following breaking news a fire erupts in a storefront that forced people from their apartments this all happened a short time ago in philadelphia 's olde city section. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at that fire scene on the 200 block of chestnut street. we understand you have an update, bob. >> reporter: yes, nydia and gray. good news i will step out of the way and show you for the first time pretty much this morning we are in the seeing anymore orange flames shooting out of the building right now. you can see, they have numerous hoses spraying this thing down from all angles from


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