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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a four alarm fire in olde city, puts 160 people to the street in the middle of the night sending them out of their homes, hotels and in the cold and fire fighters are still battling hot spots this evening. sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist.
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i'm walt your perez. big story is four alarm fire in old city this morning. "action news" reporter anni m mark joins us live from third and chest nut where people with forced to flee from safety, annie. >> reporter: walter, sarah just mentioned hot spots you can see right behind me still an active scene when fire fighters are still working on this. it has been under control for hours but fire crew is still remain out here traffic around this area of olde city right now number of roads are closed because they are still working on this luckily, nobody was injury, in this fire. just after 3:00 a.m. the four alarm blaze broke out at third and chestnut, the flames, and thick smoke force 160 people out of their apartments at 239 chestnut and guests at best western hotel. the fail fire department, responded with a 150 fire fighters and medics, at this point residents believed that the fire started on the top floor of the apartment building, officials are still assessing the total damage to
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build goes on the block, the museum of the american revolution, was not damage and will reopen on monday. fire commissioner adam tiehl says initially many did not listen to the first fire alarms that could have been a fatal mistake but that everyone did get out, in time. >> we did find a couple buildings that had not evacuated despite fire alarms sounding. if the fire alarmist down get out of the building, it could be serious. >> reporter: back out hear live they are still expect to be out here for several hours. we were saying about traffic, it is affecting parts of the olde city including portions of market street and also chestnut street. we are told that the red cross is assisting a number of people who are now out of their homes, red paw relief says that they are also, taking care of at least two dozen pets, but in this fire nine cats were killed. the red cross is insisting a number of people, did not exit at this time. reporting live, from olde city annie mccormack for channel six "action news". fire investigators are
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still trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire last night in the cities fox chase section. woman was killed and two fire fighters were injured. crew where is called to the 7600 block of verree road at 6:30, and victim believed to be in her 70's was found dead on the second floor. both fire fighters were taken to the hospital, in stable condition. a 15 year-old is safe and sound after being trapped in the cave at lancaster county for more than six hours. more than 60 rescuers were part of the rescue operation in the township. teen was with a group of friends and adults when he got wedged in up to his armpits. crews had a tough time getting to the victim and had to work carefully not to injure him but around midnight he was freed and taken to the hospital for, observation. the snow that fell in wilmington delaware has already melted away but earlier today the action cam was in bell castle recreational park where we found people enjoying what was left of the snow, there was just enough to do some cross country skiing and some tubing , not a bad way to get
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out and get some exercise. well that snow most of it has already melt add way. >> that is right and the warm up does not toned day we're expecting temperatures to sore in the 70's later this week. meteorologist melissa magee joins with us our first check of the accu weather forecast. >> walter and sarah we had a quick recovery today, snow across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, how much snow you had depended on your location with that high elevation storm, that we were tracking so we had snow in the region, a high of 42. ample sunshine today, climbing up to 46 degrees in philadelphia right now in the city, it is 45. forty-four in trenton. up in the poconos right now 40 at the coast in cape may, 45 in dover in the middle 40's. satellite six with action radar showing we have got a partly cloudy sky overhead a ridge of high pressure sit rated to the south over virginia. this ridge will move out of the way from the start of our workweek and that will supply with us some warmer air but if you are stepping outside on the town for rest of this
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evening it is partly cloudy at 7:00 p.m. forty-one. forty at 8:00, upper 30's on the way at nine, 10, 11:00 tonight. we will look at weather headlines, mild for presidents day, tomorrow, and then an early arrival of spring on the way with record temperatures, as we get in the middle half of our workweek with several chances of rain, we will go over details coming up in the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, now back over to you. >> thanks, melissa. victims of the last week deadly shooting in florida are being remembered right here in philadelphia. the names of the all 17 victims were read out loud, during a services at african episcopal church of saint thomas in overbrook. candle was lit in their honor as well. director says in addition to offering prayers we must also call on the president and elect leaders to tighten up our gun laws. meanwhile, president trump will be holding a listening session with high school students in florida on wednesday. many of the kid in parkland are focusing their anger on the president and asking him to make changes. abc's jim ryan has very latest
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from florida. >> parkland is strong. >> reporter: students who survived the high school massacre that killed 17 people in park land, florida are speaking out. >> this is not about republican or democrats. >> reporter: channeling their grief, frustration and calling for a nationwide student and teacher walk out on march 14th to fight for fighter tighter firearms regulation and promoting anti gun violence demonstrationness washington and other cities march 24th. >> people out there, the kids who need to take part in this are kids every day kids just like us, they are students who need to understand this. this can quickly happen to them. >> reporter: students reacted to president trump's tweets about the fbi failure to investigation shooting suspect after agency received a credible threat. the president tweeted in part they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign, student morgan williams oh, my god 17 of my classmates and friends are gone and you have the audacity to make this about russia. mr. trump has called for
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action to prevent more school shootings but has avoided any mention of changing gun laws. the white house announced sunday that the president will host meetings with high school students, teachers and state and local officials on school safety later this week. we're learning more about the alleged shooter, the couple who took care of him after his adoptive moder died in november told the sun newspaper quote we had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know. jim ryan, abc news, fort lauderdale, florida. tomorrow on abc an exclusive with the family who took in the florida shooter. for the first time they open up about living with him and the guns that he owned. don't miss their first tv interview on good morning america right here on six abc. in other news this evening students at penn state just wrapped up era macing thon weekend. >> that is right, they spent 46 hours dancing and raising money for families of children affect by cancer. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has been in happy valley all weekend long. >> he joins us with the wrap up of the last day and, of
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course, the total that they raised, hi there, chad. >> reporter: hi sarah the clean up very much underway but like you said an hour ago was final reveal and thon 2018 made over $10.151 million not a record been a impress he have feat nonetheless and here are some of the sights and sounds from the final hours. final hours of thon 2018 were a test of wills, each minute, felt like an hour for some, it was an emotional, physical journey with peaks and valleys >> feeling of oh, my gosh it will take so ever, i am so tired but i got this, i can do this, this is amazing. >> reporter: as each second sent jolt of pain through these dancers feet and legs, their collective thought was taken the two big screen and stories of the children who benefited from thon, over the years. there weren't many dry eyes in the arena.
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the mother of landon neff addressed the crowd, her young son survived brain cancer with the help of thon and four diamonds fun. she recalled the dark moment no family should endure. >> that day when we were told that he had cancer and then later on a few days that we were told it was stage four, were probably the worst days of our lives. >> ♪ >> reporter: these stories of survival allow these folks to push on, to the finish, and the big reveal. >> it has been the most amazing experience of my life, let me tell you, from ups and downs of this whole weekend it almost feels like it has been one day. >> reporter: in terms of your memory of penn state. >> this is probably going to be number one in my life. it would be thon and then my wedding. >> reporter: thon 2018 is in the books, another impressive
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feat from selfless collection of penn state students who give hope to so many kids. >> we are. >> penn state. >> we are. >> penn state. >> we are penn state. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> if you haven't experienced thon, first hand, it is really tough to capture how powerful it is. i have been covering the event for seven or eight years now and it is still extremely moving, a test of wills, fighting back all of the tears throughout the day. live from state college, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", back to you. >> amazing, amazing weekend. >> thanks very much, chad. still ahead on "action news" find out which solar company is refusing to recall one of its products even though regulator say it is not safe. plus new technology tsa is testing out to make sure trip through security faster. latest on the deadly plane crash that claim more than 60 lives overseas.
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plane crash in iran that killed all 65 people on board, the turboprop plane crash in the foggy mountainous region in southern iran, 59 passengers and six crew members were killed, investigators say this plane took off from tehran and headed to the town called you soon. president trump is planning vincetation following bomb shell of indictments of 13 russian is a is accused of meddling in the 2016 election.
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they prove there was in collusion between russians and his presidential campaign but legal experts say this is just the first shoe to drop in the broader investigation by special counsel robert mueller the probe is looking into a meeting held by donald trump junior, jared kushner, paul manafort and russian lawyer in 2016. a massive fire involving a diesel fuel tank in north dakota is under control tonight, columns of thick black smoke, poured from the pipeline company, in west far go, all morning long. everyone in that immediate area was urged to stay inside as a precaution, crews say fire was so big they could in the use foam to contain it so they were forced to let 30,000 n before moving in on the blaze. former first lady roselyn carter is doing well tonight after surgery in atlanta the 90 year-old carter had surgery to remove scar tissue from a portion of her small intestineses, the scar tissue developed after a cyst was removed many years ago. she's expect to be in the hospital for a few days and
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continue her recovery at home. airport security lines could start moving faster if a new technology tested in los angeles works out. tsa is testing out a security system base on facial recognition. goal to match up passengers boarding passes and ids with their faces. it will be tested out at lax for next few weeks. fsa is trying out new imaging machines to replace traditional body scanners. company that make baby products said it will not comply with federal regulator 's request to recall one of its strollers. the child safety inc. has refused to recall a bob jogging strollers. consumer product safety commission says children have been injured because the swivel wheel, on the front of the stroller become detached, and, they say that the wheels did not come up on when stroll er is use the properly. regulators filed a complaint to force them to stop selling the stroller, 493,000 were imported here to the united states.
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as many of us dream of summertime coming up a big change is being made at bethenny beach this year. and, love is in the air this month, we will show so dogs who are hoping someone will show them some love and give them a forever home. meanwhile it is year of the dog, that we will take to you the big new years celebration in chinatown.
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for second time in two weeks, there has been a massive pile up on i35 in iowa more than 50 vehicles were involved in a massive wreck yesterday caused by slippery
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conditions on the roads there. several people were taken to the hospital, and earlier this month there was another big pile up, just miles down the road involving more than 70 vehicles. as we look ahead to summertime officialness bethenny beach, delaware announced they will restrict size of tents and canopies, people use to shade from the sun. rehoboth beach and fenwick islands have similar bans. bethenny will allow umbrellas 8 feet in diameter or smaller. baby tents can be no longer than 36 by 36 by 36. and you could be find between 50 and $100 for a violation. if it is older i get the bigger the tents i need to cover my up. >> you may need things to cover up this week. we have temperatures above average, lots of sunshine. bring it on. we will get outside sky six live in the action cam right now looking along ben franklin parkway you can see the flags, gently blowing in the wind. we've got southeasterly component to our wind and that is why, numbers, feeling good
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today, here's sky six live in hd, and, nice shot of the center city sky line with lots of sunshine, still overhead, and far cry from where we were yesterday when we were tracking snow and pockets of heavier snow across the region right now philadelphia is 45. dew point in at 24. winds northwest at 9 miles an hour that pressure 30.43. right now in the city it is 45 forty-three in allentown. lower 40's for reading and lancaster. cape may 43. dover and beach haven in the middle 40's. here's big picture satellite six with action radar high pressure in control right now, we have ample sunshine overhead that ridge of high pressure will lose grip across the region and slide to thee, a lot of activity across the nation's heart land and through ohio valley. is there a warm front snake go through that region and as we get into monday that warm front lifts north across much of the mid-atlantic region and north east providing with us very warm air for this time of the year. call from accu weather for rest of tonight 34 degrees in
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philadelphia, 29 in allentown, we have partly cloudy sky but for area north and west of philadelphia where we did pick up more snowfall, yesterday, there could be an issue with refreezing for our suburbs to the north and west, we're watching out for the slick spots but a really nice day for the holiday and presidents day, tomorrow, mostly cloudy sky though as we go throughout much of the day, 7:00 in the morning temperature of 35, 42 at 9:00 a.m. by lunchtime we are already in the upper 40's, it will be a milder afternoon but we will track some moisture as we get in the afternoon. here's future tracker six, 6:30 in the morning a milky sky overhead, temperature of 35. that warm front lifts through so by 5:30 tomorrow evening we have a couple of showers scattered about much of the delaware and lehigh valleys but as that warm front pushes to our north, we have got a nice, trend, on the way. here are numbers, temperatures will be climbing by monday, we're 5 degrees above average, and, spring fever, on the way, by tuesday, and then numbers are 25 degrees above where we
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normally should this be time of the year but on wednesday, close to 30 degrees above that typical daytime high and will be track something record warmth, we will take a closer look and let you know how long this warming trend sticking around with the full exclusive accu weather forecast at 5:30. new back over to you, sarah. >> thank you, melissa. sun was shining brightly on the beach at sea isle city for the mike seafood's polar bear run and walk for autism. they sported the race at jfk boulevard in the promenade and they enjoyed part which food and fun for the whole family after crossing the finish line all proceeds benefit autism speaks and other organizations that help the family of special needs children in cape may, atlantic and cumberland counties. celebrations of the chinese new year continue this afternoon, in chinatown, here in philadelphia. the sons association, sponsored a parade to celebrate the year of the dog, this is members of the local chinese american communities walked along race and cherry street through traditional
5:23 pm
lion dance as well, other parade goers wore traditional masks. pennsylvania spca sent are in fishtown is hoping someone will show some love for this group of dogs who were part of the so-called, lonely hearts club. these six dogs have spent last six months at the shelter. staff and volunteers adore them and they are hoping that someone else will as well. all this week you can adopt one of these dogs for just $14 , in recognition of valentines day. still to come tonight on "action news" some freebies to take advantage of tomorrow, if you have the day off for presidents day. and the event where super heroes of all sizes were invited to hang out together.
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super heroes of many shapes, size, ages turnout in camden, new jersey. children were invited to attend a free day of family fun at super hero autism activity day. events took place at salvation army center. they got their faces painted, ran obstacle course is, bounced around in bounce house s and enjoyed snacks. day was sponsored by century health care a national leader in providing analysis and therapy for children with autism. the largest, longest running model train and collectible toy show in the country is just wrapping up in wilmington, delaware. train enthusiast, who stopped by green works great train and toy show were treated to hundreds of tables of trains, accessories for sale. huge, exhibits, activities for children, and, much more. tomorrow, of course is presidents day and the kids are out of school.
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so if you are looking for something to do check out what is happening at smith's memorial playground at fairmount park. monday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 e purpose. it is free with free food from philly pretzel factory and lee 's hoagie house along with coffee for saxby's for mom and dad. take the kid to national constitution center. admission is free tomorrow. there are a number of, exhibits and programs underway in honor of african-american history month. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 o'clock a security guard could lose his job over a video of him pre tend to go point a gun at students, and it is caught on snap chat. under cover investigation that could change the way you shop especially when it comes to sales.
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here are stories making headlines at 5:30. fire fighters on the scene of the early morning fire in olde city that forced more than a hundred people in the street. victims are saying about their rush to safety. also jetblue airlines efforts to help relatives of victims of last week's deadly shooting in park land, florida worldwide release of black panter rockets past expectations at the box office and holiday weekend's not over just yet. hard to believe it, yesterday at this time snow was starting to fall and later this week it is going to be in the 70's. >> in case you forgot we're in the middle of winter. meteorologist melissa magee joins us with the check of the accu weather forecast. >> in the middle of winter it will feel like spring across the delaware, lehigh valleys. right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 45, colder to
5:30 pm
the north, syracuse, 35, buffalo, 33. but milder air off to our south, 50 in washington d.c., and 54 degrees in richmond, virginia. as we get that flow returning from the east southeasterly direction tomorrow, numbers will be recovering, very nicely, for presidents day. satellite six with action radar showing you we have got a partly cloudy sky across the region, ridge of high pressure is in current control but that ridge is slicing easeward allow more in the way of cloud cover throughout monday afternoon but it will be giving us a bump up in our numbers. here's future tracker six showing you by 1:00 in the afternoon numbers in the 95 corridor easily climbing in the upper 40's with that nice, surge of southeasterly moisture on the way, by 3:00 o'clock tuesday afternoon we are easily climbing, into the 60's and most spots, in fact, close to record territory, as we get into tuesday and into wednesday, we have got more details and how long this warming trend will stick around with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, sarah.
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>> thank you. at this hour fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a four alarm fire in philadelphia's olde city neighborhood. it was just after 3:00 this morning when flames broke out near third and chestnut streets more than 160 people were forced to flee from their apartments, and hotel rooms. "action news" reporter bob brooks, spoke to several of the victims. >> reporter: for these families all they could do was watch while fire ripped through their home, building 239 chestnut street is apartments, we spoke to patrice a benithose lives on the corner of the third and chestnut. >> the building was filled up in smoke in seconds. i took my daughter, two and a half years old, we ran out. >> reporter: she says at the very least her home will have smoke damage but that damage is not nearly as bad as what her neighbors now face. >> all these residents, are out on the street. i don't know but we are all okay. >> reporter: one of issues fire commissioner talked about
5:32 pm
was some people did in the evacuate when first alarms evacuated. that could have been a fatal mistake. >> when we hear fire alarm, get out, don't take your stuff we are trying to evacuate these building and people are trying to take your stiff. it is serious. we don't evacuate a building without good reasons. >> reporter: dozens of guests at best western had to be evacuated as well which saw many people walking around the scene with luggage and still dressed in what they wore to bed. they had no choice but to get out and leave everything behind. according to one neighbor who lives right next door. >> our neighbor, who is literally next door to us, he was awoke even by a loud boom, and he said his whole building shook. >> reporter: he says that everyone worked together to make sure no one was trapped inside. >> hopefully get down the street, we started, counting head from his our neighbors because we are all friends within this building, and luckily everybody is out. >> reporter: looking at family who lives at the top floor of the building that caught fire, they are devastated, they lost everything and now they, like so many here, have to begin the long road to rebuild and
5:33 pm
recover. reporting from olde city, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". the pressure's mounting for leaders to pass laws to control gun violence in the wake of last week's school shooting in florida. >> change, change, change. >> survivors, parents, teachers, neighbors held another rally today calling for fast action on common sense measures, and there are calls for nationwide marches, and protests, including a student walk out and a march on washington next month. shooting survivors were on abc this week challenging elected leaders to act right now. >> any politician on either side who is taking money from the nra is responsible for events like this. >> we want to give them the opportunity to be on the right side of this. >> those student leaders also say that they are angry about president trum been his tweet blaming fbi for missing problems with mass shooter nikolas cruz. the republican governor john kasich says washington's long
5:34 pm
history of inaction has to stop. jetblue wants to help families victimized by wednesday's shooting so airline is offering free flights for victim families to travel to florida. also teamed up with the ride share service lyft to provide free ground transportation. jetblue is partnering up with the florida panthers of the nhl on thursday to hold a blood drive. a school security guard in florida could lose his job over a disturbing video posted to snap chat, the six seconds video shows guard standing on the school's roof pretend to go point a gun at nearby students. parents are outraged about the video that surfaced just days after the mass shooting, in parkland. >> security is supposed to be here to protect and make our kids feel safe and if you have guns shooting down at them, i mean it is not someone will feel safe about, they are concerned. >> reporter: miami dade officials say video was taken weeks ago and only recently brought to their attention. they say that this employee has been removed and an
5:35 pm
investigation is underway. it could result in disciplinary action even dismissal. ahead on crash in hammington, atlantic county claimed life of the 67 year-old man. there were two vehicles involved and in the busy reckon south union road on u.s. 206. witnesses say 25 year-old driver of the other car mitsubishi eclipse was driving southbound, and tried to pass another vehicle and crashed head on into a pick up headed northbound. man inside was pronounced dead at the scene, driver of the eclipse, and his passenger were taken to atlantic care for their injuries. police are investigating the crash. medical unit was involved in the crash this morning, in the germantown section of the city. police say rescue crews were called to the scene at chew afternoon and church lane at 7:00 o'clock this morning. the front end of the white suv was badly damage, one person was transported to an area hospital with unknown injuries , so far, it is unclear what caused the crash. now to an under cover investigation, that may change the way that you shop.
5:36 pm
a especially when it comes to buying things on sale. nearly year long test found potentially disturbing pricing policies, and more than a dozen national retailers. here's consumer reporter nydia han to explain. >> reporter: yeah, if i think i'm saving money i will spend money and fast because i worry i will miss out but not after this checkbook magazine found too often sale prices are not special savings at all, it is said, they are creating a bogus sense of urgency to buy. sale signs and stickers leave stephanie paterson skeptical after her sag with these earrings with a yell he clearance tag for $128. >> i said i wonder how much they were originally. i peeled sticker back. low and behold, they were priced at $98. >> reporter: yes, advertised clearance price is $30 more then the original price. >> i said this. >> reporter: but this is apparently just one kind of
5:37 pm
bogus bargain. over the course of 10 months checkbook magazine's under cover shoppers, tracked prices of select items available for at lee five weeks at 19 major retailers, and found in most cases average pry sales price was actually the routine price , the one that the store charges more than half of the time. >> buy one get one half off that makes me want to buy one right now. >> right now or you are worried come back next week the price will be higher. it could be you have a letter price next week. >> reporter: new parents are always looking to save money. so if this is on sale they will buy it. >> yes, would you think you are saving money buy buying this on sale problem is they are never charged the regular price for it. >> reporter: it is nice, also on sale. >> charge it for 44 weeks, on sale almost every week. >> reporter: according to checkbook magazine the war offenders are jc penny, k-mart , kohl's, macy's, neiman marcus and sears. followed by the banana republic, best buy, blooming
5:38 pm
dale's, gap, home depot, lowes , nordstrom, office depot office max and wal-mart. >> it is for sure misleading. they are just manipulating you into buying their buy now, feeling good about your purchase to make a bunch of purchases while there. >> reporter: presidents day sales are coming up, would the sales be even better. >> no. they want to -- even black friday sales, people say, the offers weren't any better than any other week. >> reporter: checkbook magazine says consumers need to be smart shoppers. >> don't be induced to buy that item just because it is on sale, buy what you need when you need it and don't be in a rush. >> reporter: also shop around, and ask for a price match, checkbook magazine says its testers often found so-called sale items were being sold for less, elsewhere. so, at which stores did they fine sale prices do offer special savings? well, bed, bath and beyond and costco. retailers tell us they stand by their sale policies, many say their sales comply with
5:39 pm
applicable pricing and advertising laws and they believe that the test failed to consider things like every day low pricing, price guaranties and member pricing. the results of the checkbook magazine test and full statements on six i'm nydia han, channel six, "action news". still to come tonight on "action news" a rare picasso is missing. also coming up in sports jeff skversky catches up with miguel franco at spring training. get the best internet with the best shows and get the best of both worlds. fios by verizon gives you the fastest internet available
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jamie's here now with sports. go flyers, playing well. >> they have been playing really well. i won't chalk it up entirely to the eagles but it sure seems like things have been clicking for flyers since bird won super bowl. winners of the seven of eight. best of all today comes at expense of the rival rangers. wild start, three fights in the first period, wayne simmonds mixing it up, fists not only thing flying in the first. those two with the puck. teams combined for six goals in the period. they give flyers three-two lead. rangers come back, they beat michal neuvirth who leaves after the first period with the lower body injury. so down to their third string goalie, they start the second, alex lion and 25 saves, only allows one goal. in the third, flyers, pull away, captain claude giroux scores his 200th career goal. lion with his first nhl victory. flyers beat rangers seven-four >> at first nhl win you talked about for a long time. but, you know, it was, it was good. full building, great
5:43 pm
atmosphere and cannot give enough credit to the guys. they played really well. >> with your first win you get a feathered boa. >> of course. >> of course. phillies new first base man carlos santana has been pushing cars in the off season spring training he will be pushing michael franco who had a lot of work to do this year. jeff skversky has his store friday clearwater. >> reporter: two years ago phillies hall of famer mike schmidt made a bold statement saying miguel franco was better then he was at his age. well, franco has not lived up to the hype, he has been working hard down here in clearwater but fellow teammate s, carlos san tan a this could be a make it or break it season for miguel franco who may have led phillies in home runs and rbi's last year but he has lowest batting average among third base mans in the league, and he lost his every day job down the stretch. >> just getting better in everything, you know what i mean, try to control my emotion, try to be more aggressive, and like i said, just, to do everything i need
5:44 pm
to do to get better. >> reporter: he played winter ball in the dominican republic where he trained with carlos santana in camp taking franco under his wing at santana's request, the rockers are side by side. >> he called me and said, hey, i want to work with you, i want to work together. franco is great. he comes to work. he is working hard. >> reporter: franco work hard cutting down his weight,'s arrived 10-pounds lighter. >> i have been doing a lot of running, a little less food. >> reporter: no more ice cream >> no more ice cream. that was kind of tough. >> reporter: no more cheese steaks. >> cheese stake. >> reporter: cheese stake or two never hurt anybody. speaking of good food, gain kapler will host team dinner on the eve of the their first full squad work out. with the phillies, i'm jeff skversky for channel six "action news"y doubt there will be cheese steaks there. much more coming up on "action
5:45 pm
news" sports sunday. i will go one on one as well with the guy who scored, goal winner, claude giroux at 11:35 silver boxers not hanging it up, chase utley resigned with the dodgers two years, two million-dollar deal. the team says that his value extends well beyond the field and it feels like they have got their leader back. they say he may be the oldest but he is in the best shape out of anybody. super bowl champs make round is today, stephan wisnieski was signing autographs in havertown. how about this despite the fact that he narrowly missed out on a incentive clause in his contract that would have paid him a $250,000 bonus this season, the eagles gave it to him anyway. >> it is awesome. you know, they didn't to have do that, but, you know, they chose to dot right thing and it says a lot about an organization that they are willing to take care of their players. >> he was a big piece in the puzzle of the offensive line in the eagles winning the super bowl. >> keep the guys happy, that is the key right there. >> better do it.
5:46 pm
>> thanks, jamie. in health check tonight doctors remain baffled by mysterious symptoms suffered by some u.s. government workers, assigned to havana, cuba. a stud by doctors at university of pennsylvania says that diplomates they have treated all reported bizarre sounds, they experienced headaches, and problems with balance, vision, hearing, thinking, and sleeping. essentially they suffered a concussion, and had symptoms without a head injury. the doctors are concerned it could be a new weapon but it is unclear who might have deployed it. [narrator] look around.
5:47 pm
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art galleries and dealers are alert for picasso etching stolen friday from a milwaukee art appraisal company. is there a small photo where etching of the bull fighter used to be. terroro is valued at 35 to $50,000. the shop owners do not recall anyone being in the business, on friday, and they do not have security cameras. >> that is not good. >> um-hmm. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee, looking forward to tuesday and wednesday. >> yes, even tomorrow is nice, mild as well. >> yes, we want more. >> it is on the way, guys, we will talk about the details. here's is what going on outside live sky 6hd looking at center city sky lane from our temple university camera. beautiful shot. things are quiet right now after all that snow we had yesterday across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, ample sunshine outside, earlier today. here's sky six live in hd, things are getting dark, right now, as we are's looking at
5:50 pm
penns landing, with the sun, it is starting to set and we have got partly cloudy sky throughout the rest of tonight temperature right now in philadelphia coming in at 45. dew point at 24. winds northwest at 9 miles an hour that pressure 30.43. as we get throughout the day tomorrow, 8:00 o'clock in the morning we have a milky sky on the way, temperatures in the 30's, as we go throughout the afternoon numbers bumping up in the upper 40's, lower 50's but we will track some rain as we get into tomorrow afternoon tomorrow is a bit of a day of transition in the region. right now to the north and west, it is 43, lower 40's for reading and lancaster. thirty-seven in the poconos. over in trenton and beach haven at 44. atlantic city come in at 47. satellite six with action radar showing we have got high pressure in control, this ridge of high pressure moves off shore, tomorrow, and allowing for southeasterly wind to move across much of the region, meaning, temperatures will be nice, mild, for the start of our workweek and maybe have the
5:51 pm
day off for presidents day and holiday tomorrow. for next 12 hours partly cloudy, it is chilly, falling back down to 29 in the suburbs and 34 in philadelphia for overnight low. here's future tracker six monday at 6:00 in the morning we've got some cloud as cross the region, temperatures for the most part in the 30's. a weise get into monday afternoon we're tracking a warm front that will lift through. couple showers are likely as we get into tomorrow afternoon but numbers, look at this, 50 in philadelphia, 49, in wilmington at that time and then that will start, the page for temperatures to get even warmer then. that 52 for the high temperature tomorrow for presidents day, sunshine to clouds, afternoon showers likely as this warm front lifts through. once it lifts to our north, however we have aggressive warmth on the way for tuesday and into wednesday. so record territory on the way we are calling for tuesday, a high of 70, tying record at 70 setback in 1939 and then on wednesday, up to 73 for a high , record warmth on the way , old record, 72 setback in 1930.
5:52 pm
here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, good looking forecast on the way, mild tomorrow highs in the lower 50's, those evening showers, will be overhead, for presidents day, once the showers lift north here comes the warmth by tuesday, nice one in at 70. might feel humid as we get into tuesday afternoon. spring fever, continues on wednesday, plenty of sunshine near record, high temperature in at 73. and we're tracking a frontal boundary that moves through on thursday so mostly cloudy by then. couple showers likely, a high temperature in at 58 degrees, and it is cooler by friday with evening rain in at 50 and next saturday still some rain likely, a unsettled pattern on the way but temperatures are above average, 59. and sunday clouds and sun and a high temperature coming in at 61. nice stretch, tomorrow and through middle of the week, wow. >> thanks you. six days ago we celebrated valentines day a very popular day for men or women, to pop the question but 2 million marriages a year consumer reports say there is something
5:53 pm
else to love about tying the k not a side from the emotional connection they rounded up a few of the financial benefits of getting hitched. here's alycia vitarelli. >> reporter: nicholas deleon and barbie tait are engaged. >> i'm real excited to celebrate, everything that we have done, and relationship that we have built together, and, start planning ahead for the future. >> reporter: along with monogram towels and checks from family members it is likely barbie and nicholas will experience other financial benefits, like lower taxes. >> married couples may find tax savings when they file a joint tax return. if you married in 2017 you may be able to save more this tax season by itemizees are combined, deductions rather than taking standard deductions. as for future tax returns, talk tour financial expert. >> reporter: getting better or less costly health insurance can be a major benefit for newlyweds. if you have family health coverage at work and your spouse doesn't adding your spouse to your policy may cost you a bit more but can give
5:54 pm
far more peace of mind. if you think long term you can receive social security payments of up to 50 percent of your spouse's even teen it. >> to get this you need to be at least 62 years old and your spouse must already have filed for benefits. >> reporter: you can also save on car insurance, consumer reports has found that for married couple cost of insuring two cars under one tollcy, it is typically less than having an individual policy for each car, and for barbie and nicholas any financial benefits are definitely a perk, alongside the emotional benefits of marriage. >> real exited to see how things, you know, continue to go throughout our lives. >> yeah, it will be a great time. >> reporter: i'm alycia vitarelli. >> now a bit of the reality check, consumer reports also say on the flip side marriage can also result in some financial liabilities if the bride or groom is in debt, has a poor driving record or a bad credit history.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
marvel movie black punter blew away the box office this weekend. film shattering record bringing in an estimated $192 million, this holiday weekend making it the biggest february opening on record. black panter has been part of the world marvel since 1966 but this is first movie about the character. the film's also the first in the super hero ge nre with a predominantly black cast and production team. >> cool. thanks for joining us. coming up on "action news" at 6:00. >> memorial service being held at university of pennsylvania, to remember sophomore blaze burnstein murdered last month. and we are live with the story "action news" at 6:00 is next. again ra.
5:58 pm
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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and, walter perez. sunday night, in the newsweek end of winter weather will give way to spring-like temperatures this week. also thon 2018 is in the books, we're there for big reveal and huge effort to help kids battling cancer. >> but the big story on "action news" is a four alarm fire in olde city earlier this morning that caused evacuation of 160 people. >> fire broke out just after 3:00 a.m. in the building near third and chestnut streets but it took hours to gain the upper hand and amazingly in one was injury. >> "action news" reporter anni e mccormack joins us live from the scene with the very latest on the investigation, annie. >> reporter: and, sarah and walter, this fire was placed under control hours ago but still, fire fighters continue to work,


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