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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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l and i has called for the demolition of 239 chestnut and a neighboring building was deemed unsafe following yesterday's blaze. a survey of the scene today shows the extent of the destruction. and while there was no toll in human life, more than a dozen animals did die in the flames. live at the scene tonight is "action news" reporter sara bloomquist. sarah, police are now involved in the effort to find a cause. what does that suggest? >> reporter: jim, the atf and especially trained arson dog were here on the scene today and investigator told me tonight they have not ruled out foul play. now, 239 chestnut street behind me has been declared imminently dangerous. there's still a lot of activity here tonight. in fact, they're putting more water on that building because of the fear of hot spots, just incredible considering how long ago this fire broke out. we're told the interior must come down. it's unclear when that will
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happen. for residents there and in some adjacent buildings, there's little if not nothing to return to. atf investigators got an aerial view of 239 chestnut street as they worked to find the cause of the four alarm fire that burned through several buildings along this historic olde city block. on the ground an arson dog went to work. chris young owns the little lion restaurant on the corner. he was able to get inside and have a look this afternoon. >> all the power is off, so it was definitely dark. we went down in the basement to check some stuff out and make sure everything was safe. >> reporter: like many buildings here his basement is filled with water inches deep. the fire broke out around 3 o'clock sunday morning. flames quickly consumed 239 chestnut where it is believed the blaze began. smoke filled adjacent buildings including the best western hotel a couple doors down. >> all of a sudden you just hear this blaring noise and you're like, oh, what's -- you
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wake up all scared and the guys on our floor was banging the door. this isn't a joke you have to get up. we were like zero no. >> reporter: today hotel guest were allowed to access some rooms to retrieve belongings. they snapped photos of the damage inside. >> my keys, my purse and all my luggage is in there so i just walked out with my phone. >> reporter: the view from chopper6 shows the collapsed roof at 239 chestnut. l and i says it's in imminent danger of collapse. hotel guests are relieved they can go home. others aren't so lucky. >> but we're all fine and at least we have homes to go back to. i feel bad for the people whose homes were lost. >> reporter: back here live still a lot of activity here this evening. again, firefighters putting more water on the building out of concerns about hot spots. the owner of 239 chestnut has also been ordered by l and i to remove the fire escape immediately. there's concerns it's putting stress on the upper two floors of the building. again, the interior a total
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loss. there is some hope that they can try to salvage this historic cast iron facade of 239 chestnut street. live in olde city, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." jim. >> ♪ >> thank you, sarah. we have a developing story. pennsylvania's supreme court moved today to make dramatic changes in the way pennsylvania voters elect their representatives in congress. and if a new map is allowed to stand, it is almost certain to improve the prospects of democrats statewide. let's go live to "action news" reporter john rawlins for an explanation. john, fare to say that that people watching this may have to relearn what districts they're even in? >> reporter: that's true. because the new remedial map as it's called basically has renumbered many of the districts. for instance if you were in the eighth under the old map that's mostly bucks county you're now in the first which is still mostly bucks county. on top of that those big odd sprawling districts that came into being in 2011 under the
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gop, they're gone. the 2011 map, the court earlier declared unconstitutional. critics blasted the gerrymandered districts like the seventh saying those odd shapes designed to give the gop political advantage. this is the new remedial map unveiled today. gone are many of the ragged shapes that sliced through 28 counties. instead the districts are more compact splitting just 13 counties. many voters will find themselves in new districts, villanova political science professor john johanis says it's likely dems will likely pick up new congressional seats with the new map. >> good likelihood of two to three possibly four seats that could easily shift next time. >> reporter: from republican. >> shift from republican to democrat. >> reporter: he looks to thely montgomery county fourth real estate coming out of the 15th. >> the meehan has been compacted, montgomery county has been cleaned up and
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that's -- probably a democratic -- democratic seat is. >> reporter: the governor a democrat said today i applaud the court for their decision and i respect their effort to remedy pennsylvania's unfair and unequal congressional elections. now, we haven't heard yet from any gop legislative leaders. last week they had indicated they would likely go to federal court possibly asking for an injunction request. their argument the pennsylvania supreme court does not have the authority to draw a new map. that's their job. now an earlier attempt to try to get the feds involved before the actual new map came out was rebuffed by the supreme court so we shall see what happens in the coming days. live in king of prussia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, john. as we look live at center city philadelphia, it has been a dreary monday but we're about to see some unusual temps moving into the tri-state area. meteorologist cecily tynan has temperatures soaring to and even past 70.
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cecily, what is going on? >> and jim its pretty amazing. today's president's day. it's going to feel like mother's day tomorrow. temperatures are in the 70's out to the west. we're still in the 40's. this warm front hasn't gotten here yet but it will be moving through overnight and behind that we have a surge of real springlike warmth. the problem overnight is this, though. visibilities will be dropping. right now the lowest visibilities areas farther to the north that got the deeper snow pack over the weekend. reading the visibility down to a third of a mile, lancaster less than a mile, pottstown a mile. as we head through the overnight hours dewpoints will be increasing. that means dense fog could really hamper your morning commute. but once that fog burns off, we get a few breaks of sunshine, that southerly wind really doing its job, future tracker showing by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, we're very close to 70 degrees in philadelphia. as we head into wednesday, looks like record warmth. 73 degrees. i think we'll have widespread
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70's on wednesday. after this, though, we have a very rainy pattern that lasts right through the end of the week, right through the weekend. i'll talk more about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> thank you cecily. we urge you to get updates on the forecast and check storm tracker6 live any time right on your phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> ♪ >> and this is new at 6:00. philadelphia police have a homicide on their hands tonight. a 23-year-old man has died after being shot in the head. the incident happened just about an hour ago along the 3800 block of north 13th street in hunting park. the victim died at the hospital. police are searching for the gunman and for a motive. authorities are still searching for the cause of a terribly destructive fire in the woodstown salem county area. the blaze early this morning hit an ambulance squad and destroyed five ambulances to the tune of about $2 million.
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live on the unit block of maple court is "action news" reporter bob brooks. bob. >> reporter: yeah, jim, it has been a very long day down here for these people. this ambulance association is a vital part of this community. it employs almost 50 people. now, the good news is they're still going to be able to go to work but moving on it's going to be a very tough process. witnesses say in a matter of minutes the woodstown american legion ambulance association was engulfed in flames. inside it plenty of fuel for a fire. specifically oxygen tanks. they were exploding as the flames spread. emts were here when it happened. it was 4:00 a.m. this morning. officials believe the fire started on this end. roberts and conrad say they were in the lounge at the other end. >> we were resting and my partner came in and everybody is like you got to get out of here. i'm like why do we have to get out of here? we didn't know. we thought maybe there was a call or something and we ran out and there was just smoke
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everywhere. >> it's definitely hard. i've been here for seven years, three years since we've gone paid and it's like home to me. it's like watching your home burn down. >> reporter: there's no doubt the ambulance association is ingrained in this community. all day neighbors stopped by to offer their sympathy. 47 people make a living here. the good news is they'll still keep working. the president here is joe valentine. he says with help, ambulance services are still operational. >> we've had some ambulance -- couple ambulance from gloucester county cover us during the incident. our neighboring town over in elmer, they've given us one of their ambulances to use so that's in service now for us. >> reporter: and the next step is to figure out how to rebuild. >> the building was built and added onto but it's been around since 1954. >> we regroup, we rebuild and we stick together and we work together as a team to make it happen. >> reporter: good to hear the resiliency. at this point no word on a cause of this fire and again, jim, like you said, the president is estimating that
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they lost about $2 million worth of equipment and ambulances in there today. for now reporting live in woodstown, bob brooks channel6 "action news." >> all right bob thank you. coming up on "action news" tonight the search is on for the suspect who assaulted a pregnant woman in center city philadelphia. jeff skversky is in florida where the full phillies squad joined spring training today. jeff. >> reporter: as does one jason kelce, the eagles center a big hit down here in clearwater at phillies spring training. hear what kelce told the phillies before their first full squad workout coming up in sports. cecily. >> justy jeff, it's going to start feeling like florida here. we've got a warm front that's going to be advancing through ahead of it some showers. they're leaving the region but don't put the umbrellas away long. you'll need them by the end of the week. i'll explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ cancer challenges us.
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>> armed robbers made off with about $80,000 during a heist at a hotel in rhawnhurst philadelphia. a guest staying at the roosevelt inn was robbed at 11 o'clock last night. investigators questioned four people but they haven't made any arrests. no word yet why the victim was carrying that much cash. today marks 13 years since danielle imbo and richard petrone, jr., vanished without a trace. the couple was last seen leaving a bar on south street february 19th, 2005. the fbi is again making a plea for the public's help. there is a -- help. there's a $50,000 reward for
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information on the couple's whereabouts that lead to an arrest. the number to call 215-546-tips. philadelphia police say this is the suspect wanted for assaulting a pregnant woman. the incident happened the morning of february 11th on the 1000 block of arch street in center city. the victim tells police the man asked her for two dollars. when she told him she didn't have any money, the suspect kicked the victim in the stomach. and the woman who is five months pregnant was taken to the hospital for treatment. delaware governor john carney kicked off his statewide reinvestor in wilmington today. he vis setted the pearl center on eighth street which is under construction. it will serve as the future home of delaware center for homeless veterans. the property has been vacant for 10 years but when it's completed, it will provide affordable housing and more for those who have served our country. some people spent
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president's day at the museum of the american revolution in olde city in philadelphia. this was the last day to seat exhibit among his troops. the focus, the newly discovered 235-year-old, 7-foot panoramic painting that offers an invaluable glimpse into the revolutionary war. it shows general washington's tent in 1782 set up at an encampment in the lower hudson valley.
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>> the whole crew reported for duty in clearwater florida. >> next you know we'll have grapefruit games later on this week. spring training got crowd. the phils happen special guest. we join jeff skversky live in clearwater, florida, with the details. jeff. >> reporter:. >> reporter: ducis, carson wentz and doug pederson were among the philadelphia sports stars who sent the phillies video messages they played at their team dinner last night
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to fire them up. today, though, they get a surprise guest, jason kelce, the eagles center. he delivers a message and we all know that kelce can deliver a speech. clearwater is the city of brotherly love today. phillies manager gabe kapler has eagles center jason kelce talk to his team before their first full squad workout. kelce gives a toned down version of his super bowl parade speech. he hit home. they were underdogs, too. >> i'd be lying to you if at the beginning of the year we were thinking about the super bowl. that's not what you're thinking about at that point. you're just thinking to you trying to get better and improve yourself. >> champions have stories to share and they're effective for a reason. because they've been through the ups and downs, they've displayed courageousness, they've come together as a unit. they felt what it feels like to have people count them out and then to prove people
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wrong. >> reporter: kelce hopes the phillies can get going. it's been 10 years since they won it all with brad lidge and charlie manuel. kelce thinks these phillies are hungry dogs, too. >> there's a lot of similarities, good young team with a lot of talent not really everybody -- i think we usually projected to be like eight and eight before the season and then we went on to win the super bowl. >> no one really pleased believed in them. everyone wrote them off early and you can related that to us. there's a lot of similarities between that team at the start of the nfl season and us now so it was cool to hear that from him obviously and, you know, to hear his words really fired us up. >> reporter: yes, it d every phillies player coming out of the clubhouse today said they loved kelce's speech and why not, the super bowl champ knows how to talk, hoskins says he got chills listening to kelce today. we're live in clearwater, jeff skversky channel6 "action
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news." >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. to hockey flyers suddenly have goalie issues. yesterday they lost neuvirth to an injury. the flyers might make a move ahead of next monday's nhl trade deadline. joel embiid gave the rest of the world a taste of what we already know, he's a beast. embiid had 19 points and eight rebounds in yesterday's nba all-star game. he also had a pair of blocks. as for his sixers, they currently sit in the seventh playoff position. they have won five games in a row. they have improved by leaps and bounds. >> i mean it just means that the process is and i'm not the only one. we got a lot of potential i think. next year ben should get here. we have more coming along, it's exciting times in philly, you know with the super bowl win and us doing great, so we got to keep it going. >> things are looking up for the sixers. >> they are indeed. coming up on "action news,"
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cecily tynan with that accuweather forecast. the temperature is looking up as well. when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> we are about to see some strange happenings courtesy of accuweather. >> record warmth on the way. today kind of a gloomy day. the action cam in university city where we had a lot of clouds. it was somewhat damp and notice that inch of snow we got saturday night in philadelphia. as expected melted very quickly yesterday and now we're live where they do still have some snow spring mountain the ski resort and notice that there's a lot of fog developing with that warmer air over the snow and this fog
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likely will be expanding overnight. could cause a lot of problems for the morning commute as that warmer air moves in. behind it we've got near record warmth the next two days but once the warmth moves out an extended period of cloudy showery weather right through the end of the week and really right through the weekend. currently philadelphia 48 degrees. allentown 41. trenton 46. atlantic city airport 51. and dover 46 degrees. so, relatively mild but the true warmth will be arriving tomorrow. satellite and radar showing that we've got a few showers to our north. this is all well ahead of the warm front. lots of clouds. so, the clouds will be tough to break tomorrow. it's not going to be a bright and sunny day. we wake up with the dense fog. allow extra time for your morning commute. but temperatures rising overnight. at 7:30, we're already 52 degrees in philadelphia. have to wait until mid to late afternoon to get some breaks in the clouds, some sunshine and when that happens, sunshine combined with the wind out of the south, up to
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70 degrees in philadelphia, by 3:30, so that would tie the record set back in 1939. elsewhere we'll probably fall just a few degrees shy of the record highs which are in the low 70's and upper 60's, all set back in 1930. future tracker showing on wednesday, this is when we'll have widespread record highs. philadelphia 73 degrees. breaking a record of 72 set back in 1930. and notice down to the south, close to 80 degrees in d.c. and virginia. so, it's really a tale of two seasons tomorrow and wednesday. when you have a ridge in the east, you have a trough in the west and that means they have freeze warnings in central valleys of california. big problems for crops out there. but here we have this big ridge. we have a bermuda high so that brings us the strong flow out of the south-southwest. temperatures running about 25 degrees above average. if this were the middle of the summer, we would be talking about triple digit temperatures. not going to be quite that warm but 70 in february is
6:26 pm
certainly very unusual. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast morning fog could be dense springlike temperatures and 70. wednesday the heat peeks 73 degrees and then thursday a cold front moves in brings us period of rain at times, a high at 49 degrees. pretty much the same situation on friday, 48 and then that warm front lifts up to the north. another one. that will bring us a temperature of 61 degrees on saturday with some rain threat late in the day and saturday night. sunday 63 despite rain and monday down to 56 degrees, mostly cloudy with a possibility of more rain and i will have an update on that fog coming up tonight on "action "action news" at 11:00. >> you know what's missing from this forecast? >> bright sunshine. oh, snow. >> snow. >> yeah. i want some snow. >> all right. well, you can have it. a were. ; abc's "world news tonight" with david muir. den at 11:00 here on channel6
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a special report you cannot afford to miss. we reveal which local companies offer the best perks and benefits for employees. here's nydia han with a preview. >> reporter: forget straight up salary and health insurance. if you're looking for a job listen up. some companies and businesses provide free meals, fitness classes and continuing education. plus nap rooms laundry facilities even an open bar. if that's not enough how about a company that offers unlimited time off a flexible schedule and free trips to cool places. we'll show you who is offering what in the tri-state area and beyond. work perks tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> and for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, do we -- an application -- if we have one, who knows where it is. all right. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, several developing headlines as we come on the air. the alleged school shooter. the new video, what it shows. and nikolas cruz in court. and now, the husband and wife who took him in, breaking their silence. answering the questions, what did they know? were there signs? and what they said to him after the massacre and what he said back. also tonight, the twitter storm. president trump unleashes. the president under mounting pressure from many of the school kids at that school to do something. and the president taking aim, saying the fbi missed signals in florida, spending too much time on russia. the reaction was swift. the major winter storm. 24 states, from california to vermont. snow, ice, flooding. more than 100 accidents and counting. the brawl at sea. the pictures. the huge fight onboard a cruise ship. more than 20 family members invo


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