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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news" the growing gun debate a brand new national poll is released this morning as a top local police official proposes armed personnel in schools. >> fog rolls in as temperatures rise. taking a live look there down the boulevard. the action cam at tyson. we're helping you get through the commute as accuweather tracks the winter warmup. >> calling on kelce. the eagles center fires up the phillies in florida like only he knows how. [laughter] >> good morning. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, february 20th. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. got a warmup coming. >> uh-huh, big time. in fact you already feel
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relatively mild in most neighborhoods. we are looking at some early cloud cover and along with that some fog. i'll talk more about that in a moment. we do expect these clouds to begin to break up and down to our south and west you can see a little bit of that already happening. temperatures this morning not too bad. 48 degrees in philadelphia currently. already up to 51 in trenton. 51 in wilmington. 53 in millville. still cooler up in allentown and reading where you're at 37 and 39 degrees respectively in terms of the visibility, well, it's not great. we've got a dense fog advisory until 10 o'clock across the entire region. visibilities at times will be below a quarter mile and that's the kind of thick fog that could really kind of slow you down in a hurry if you're scooting along too fast and suddenly you encounter it. current visibilities are real low right now about a third of a mile or less in fact in philadelphia, allentown reading and lancaster. a bit threader through wilmington. over toward trenton be careful as you're driving around. hard to see animals pedestrians, parked cars that sort of thing. temperatures are going to zoom
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today. 55 degrees as soon as 10 o'clock. notice how the clouds do give way to increasing sunshine later and 69 degrees by 4 o'clock. i actually think we're going to get a high of 70 right in there around 3:00, 3:30 this afternoon. could be even warmer tomorrow before the next cooldown. karen, details coming up from accuweather. >> dave you can see the fog in our cameras and also the construction crews. you get the idea with the flashing lights in the distance. this is the schuylkill here at south street and we still have a lane blocked in each direction. should be clear by 5 o'clock this morning. fog is a big issue especially on your area bridges. you really get the sense looking at the fog right here it's hard to see on the ben franklin bridge and that's why they have 25 miles an hour speed restriction on the ben so be careful as you're coming in or out of the city. we also have 35 miles an hour speed restrictions on the betsy ross. 25 on the walt whitman bridge. so, watch for speed reductions on your area bridges. it's really foggy and hard to see out there. the construction crews have cleared here on i-95 near bridge street, so no big problem here. certainly no delay.
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but reduce those speeds because of the reduced visibility. an accident involving a pedestrian, hearing there are injuries on the scene so ems workers on the scene in upper moreland sitting down easton road near mill road. stick to moreland road as your alternate matt. >> thanks karen. a new washington post abc news poll on the gun control debate was released overnight. it shows most persons want actions to prevent future mass shootings but not everyone agrees on the best way to do it. overall 77 percent of americans blame congress and 62 percent say president trump is not doing enough to prevent the violence. when it comes to solutions, 77 percent want to address mental health issues. more than half of those polled say there should be stricter gun laws. when broken down by party lines, democrats significantly outweighed republicans in their support for gun control. conservatives favored health screenings and arming teachers in school. the support for banning assault weapons remained flat
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compared to two years ago. the poll also showed less than half of americans surveyed favored arming teachers in schools but top police commander in delaware county wants to do just that for one of the region's largest school districts. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at upper darby high with the reaction to that proposal. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this police official saying he knows this is going to be controversial but he says coming from someone with law enforcement background and experience he finds that this is simply the best and most efficient solution. >> we got to the do something and it's time to think out of the box. >> reporter: after yet another deadly mass school shooting, a proposal that is sure to spark some heated discussion. superintendent michael chitwood is proposing a controversial program called the save our children initiative. it would allow preselected teachers or other personnel to conceal carry guns in school. the idea is that they could stop the threat in case of an attack and save countless
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lives. chitwood says school shootings typically last three to five minutes and it takes police about that long to just arrive on scene. >> bottom line is by the time we get there the threat already over. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law guns are currently not allowed in schools so the legislature would have to make an exception to school personnel. as for parents it's already getting strong reactions on both sides of the issue. >> i'd certainly like to know a little more than just a snap fire judgment to bring more guns in the school. >> people would be against it. i got it. i understand it. the bottom line is we need to save our children. >> reporter: and so you're probably thinking either this is great in theory or this is long overdue. well, we want to hear from you. we set up our and facebook page here for this discussion. tell us what you think and perhaps if you have another alternative. reporting live in upper darby jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you jeanette.
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in florida 100 students who survived last week's deadly school shooting rampage, they are heading to the state capitol today in tallahassee to urge lawmakers to take action. president trump plans to meet with some of them tomorrow in washington. the white house announced yesterday that trump does support efforts in congress to improve background checks for gun purchases. the suspect in the school shooting nikolas cruz appeared in court yesterday. the 19-year-old faces 17 counts of first degree murder. and the principal of marjory stoneman douglas high school where the rampage occurred announced plans to reopen that school come next tuesday. certain road closures remain in effect around the olde city building that was destroyed by fire on sunday. engineers say it has got to be torn down before it collapses. part of the roof at 239 chestnut street has already begun to cave in. authorities are hoping to salvage some of the historic facade but the rest of the structure is going to have to be demolished. federal atf agents are helping in the fire investigation.
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there's still no clear cause for the four alarm inferno. a pickup truck left a gaping hole in a south jersey auto parts shop. the driver slammed into the auto zone on wellington avenue in ventnor last night leaving glass and debris littered on the inside of the store. no one was seriously hurt. and it's still unclear what caused that driver to lose control. >> every phillies player was there for the first day of full squad workouts in clearwater, florida, and a philadelphia eagle joined them. management invited center jason kelce to speak to the team yesterday following his unforgettable speech at the august super bowl parade. kelce told them there is nothing wrong with being an underdog, use the doubt as fuel. >> there's a lot of similarities. a good young team with a lot of talent not really anybody -- i think we usually projected to be like eight and eight before the season and then we went on to win the super bowl. >> kelce says he sees big things for the phillies and other philadelphia sports teams. love how they are connecting
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the eagles and the phillies trying to get the mojo moving on. >> yeah, it's nice. i know gabe kapler is very into the eagles story and trying to impress that upon his players. how better to do it than have jason show up, right, with that beard. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that the sprinkles and showers from yesterday are gone but we have a lot of thick fog out there. let's take a look at sky6 and when you have fog you can get that drizzle drop and moisture from the low lying cloud cover on your windshield, so even though we don't have active rain, little drizzle definitely possible and the fog is an issue, getting rather thick in parts of the region so slow it down if you hit that this morning. 37 degrees right now in allentown. that's the coolest suburb we have right now and that's far enough above freezing where i don't think you're getting any freeze-up on road surfaces from the moisture from the fog. 39 trees in degrees in reading, 51 in trenton and wilmington. 53 degrees in millville and 44 in cape may. some areas especially mild this morning. here's the visibility for you and again, the fog is an issue
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around philadelphia, allentown, the poconos, notice, reading, lancaster in some degree millville wilmington and trenton. everywhere you see the gray you want to slow it down. it could develop a little bit thicker in some other spots, too. that seems to be a changeable situation. cloud cover fairly thick above the fog. most of the clouds are low lying clouds and we expect those will start to mix out after about 10 o'clock or so and we should wind up with some sun coming back. in the lehigh valley we'll call for increasing sunshine and milder today with a high of 67 degrees. down the shore increasing sunshine is also likely. it's going to be a little bit cooler right along the coast though with a high only getting up to about 60. that is also above average, though. and in philadelphia increasing sunshine with a shot at 70. if we hit that it will tie the old record set back in the 30's. winds out of the southwest at eight to 16 miles an hour continuing to keep things mild not only today but tonight also. we go gown to 58 degrees and
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tomorrow we could have late fog developing and patchy cloud cover. then we get into what we're calling the tale of two seasons across the country. we have that p and a pattern where you have a trough out west and obviously a lot of cold air in place. freeze warnings in california but over here in the east a big dominant area of high pressure for the next couple of days will continue to just zoom that many mild air right up into play and we're going to that wind up with high temperatures above average by about 25 degrees and in fact in record territory. today's forecast high of 70 in philadelphia ties the old record and tomorrow's forecast 73 would beat the old record after that things cool down a little bit. today's high 70. tomorrow record warmth a high of 73 and then thursday that's when the clouds come back. we get a little bit of rain through the day and it's cooler with a high of 49. friday also looks cloudy with periods of rain likely and a high of 48. and then unstable pattern continues into the weekend. on saturday, it's milder with a high of 61 but through the
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day there will be rain, the steadiest of that will probably be in the afternoon and evening but we can't rule out a little drizzle or light stuff in the morning. and then on sunday another high of 61 but again, cloudy skies and more rain is possible. looks like we clear out on monday back foot mid 50, even monday's high is above average though, real mild pattern in place. >> what a february. >> yeah. >> thank you david. 4:41. new on "action news," new video of the dramatic ride that ended up in need of help themselves after what started as a typical job. >> researchers analyzing the dna found on a sunken pirate ship. see if they know who that belonged to. karen. >> fog is an issue out here and roads are a little damp on the boulevard at broad street but that southbound traffic heading towards the schuylkill moving pretty nicely. we'll take you into new jersey and see what it looks like there next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good sense of the fog there. good morning, everyone, it is 4:44 on this tuesday. traffic already on i-95 and the fog there dense in some spots of our area. >> that's going to be a mess if people are going too fast, karen and they don't realize just how close someone is ahead or behind them. >> good point. you need to slow it down as you're headed out because of the fog reducing visibility pretty important issue for you as you're heading out this morning. so let's take a look right now. this is what it looks like on route 42 in new jersey. we had construction out there that's in the process of clearing here in camden county but we see some crews out there on and off. they've been sitting in the right lane. right now you're seeing traffic move okay but you can kind of get the idea of the fog out there so be careful as you're heading out. on the schuylkill they're in the process of clearing out. we still see some some of the flashing lights on the schuylkill at south street as
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you're heading westbound. eastbound construction just cleared. westbound in the process. it will all be clearing in a few minutes. let's take a look over here in upper moreland township. speaking of issues with having trouble seeing people there was an accident involving a pedestrian out here and we're hearing there are injuries on the scene so you have ems workers out here. they've shut down easton road near mill road. if you're in this area stick to moreland road as your alternate to that one. this is chester county here, 202 near greentree drive. it's damp. we see some fog out there as you're heading out, so just be careful right now. let's look at these visibility reports. three hundred310ths of a mile i, reading and lancaster. on the waze app we have meow meow talking about fog on 276 in bristol township. i think that will be repeating itself wherever you head out and temps 10 to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. you're in the 40's this morning in the lehigh valley. upper 40's in center city. in new jersey, 56 in
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hammonton, 55 degrees in dover delaware heading up to 70, very mild today, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, a missing uber and lyft driver have been found alive at a los angeles hospital. joshua thebe vanished without a trace. his friends did not provide any further details on how he was located at the hospital or what happened to put him there. the last time he or someone else used his phone it was used to call 911 the day after his disappearance. sheriff's deputies rushed to the scene in florida to find a man choking a paramedic on the side of the road. >> let go. let go of him now. let go of him now. >> back up, back up. >> body cam video shows the 33-year-old man straddling one paramedic while the other emt tried to pull him off of his colleague on sunday night. when the man refused to stop, a police deputy who had arrived at the scene tased him
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and took him into custody. the paramedic despite the shock and the fright are expected to be okay. the ambulance crew says they were taking the ma and to the hospital when suddenly he attacked them. >> a sunken pirate ship in new england may have led scientists to a historical treasure. experts believe a bone found in the wreck off cape cod belonged to 18th century pirate samuel bellamy. the femur was encased in a block of sand. it took 250 hours of preparation to finally free the bone. researchers plan to compare its dna with a sample from one of bellamy's descendants. >> fascinating. it is 4:47. there's a new push to get rid of graffiti in berks county. >> volcanic eruption sends a thick amount of ash rising miles into the air. >> ♪
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>> homes, businesses and roads are still under water in towns along the ohio river. pomeroy, ohio, was one of the worst hit cities. the ohio river crested at more than 50 feet yesterday morning before the water all muddy you see there slowly began to retreat. a flood warning remains in effect throughout cincinnati where the river is cresting and may reach up to 55 feet by tomorrow. >> no issues like that here, just some fog out there there as you're heading out this morning and you can kind of see that in our cameras.
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this is southwest philadelphia, the platt bridge by i-95. some speed restrictions in place on your area bridges because of the fog. mass transit showing no delays, of course most trains aren't running just yet, dave. >> and it's hard to even see a third of a mile in some spots. that's true in allentown reading poconos a lot of our northern and western suburbs with thick fog. millville and trenton seeing it. we're in a mild pattern. we'll wind up way high very likely around 70 degrees this afternoon and then as you look forward to the next 24 hours, tomorrow we're going to be at 58 at roughly the same time we're at 52 now, so that's an indication that tomorrow we're going to go even higher. i could see a high of 73 degrees so a couple of very mild days today, guys. >> thank you david. thick clouds continue to cover villages near mount in indonesia. the volcano shot ash more than 16,000 feet in the air.
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fortunately no deaths or injuries were reported. the volcano has killed at least 25 people since 2010. >> 4:52 is the time. a treasured memento back in the hands of hands of a widow. >> details of a give away going on at the airport today. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. the action cam live along the roosevelt boulevard and tyson
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in northeast philadelphia and you can see the halos there around the lights caused by the fog. it's pretty thick in some areas an issue that you need to be ready to deal with this morning. it is 4:55 and 48 degrees. there's a major cleanup effort going on right now in reading berks county. city officials say they're clearing out alleys sprucing up public property and tackling the graffiti problem. they say the primary problems are the shear numbers of the vandalism and tracking down the people responsible. a week after a break in in torresdale a woman has her late husband's dog tags back in her possession. police returned them to francis adaire's widow. they were found at the intersection of brous and knorr streets in mayfair. the family says the dog tags were in a jewelry box that also contained adaire's rosary and they're praying that that turns up along with a quilt that had been made out of his shirts. >> have a coke and a smile today.
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travelers at philadelphia international airport are being treated in honor of the eagles super bowl title. american airlines is teaming up with a local beverage distributor to hand out 50,000 commemorative super bowl soda cans with the birds logo on them. eagles mascot swoop and members of the cheer squad and pep band will be on hand to celebrate. >> it is 4:56. a new workout option says it will get you ready for the summer swimsuit season by literally shocking you into shape. how bad do you really want it? that's coming up in the morning buzz. >> philadelphia police still searching for eagles fans who got out of hand during the parade. >> gunfire erupts. police think she's just an innocent victim. >> ♪
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>> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, february 20th and here's what we're following on "action news." >> dense fog could cause you some problems on the drive to work. this is a live look, the view from sky6. you can see just how soupy it is out there this morning but you'll be able to skip the jacket later today. we're getting a taste of spring right here in winter. >> more than 20 gunshots ring out across the grays ferry neighborhood. an innocent victim is caught in the crossfire. >> a delaware county police official wants guns in schools as a means to keep kids safe. we'll tell you more about his proposal and who he would like to have carrying those weapons during the school day. >> first up, the fog, the warmth, the traffic with david and karen. >> and as that warm air moves
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in it's helping to trigger the fog through the region. >> yeah, there is. there's not much wind out there. we'll need the wind to pick up and also that sun to come up and start evaporating this. could be 9, 10 o'clock before we're done. right now on satellite you see a lot of low lying cloud cover. not a lot of rain locally. that warm front has pushed up to the north so the rain is up in canada and new york state at this point. temperatures are on the mild side in most neighborhoods. we're jacket worthy i guess in philadelphia at 48 degrees. but without much wind it's really not too bad. trenton is at 51. 51 in wilmington. all the way up to 54 currently in millville and up in allentown and reading you're still cooler, upper 30's, but even if you get some of that moisture from the low lying clouds and fog up north, it's probably too mild for it to freeze up on the roads. that can sometimes happen when you get fog and slightly cooler weather. as we take a look at the dense fog advisory, this is everywhere across the region until 10 o'clock this morning. in some cases, visibilities are down below a quarter of a mile. that means if you're really moving and suddenly you hit that sort of thing it's


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