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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, february 20th and here's what we're following on "action news." >> dense fog could cause problems on your drive to work but you will be able to skip the jacket later today. we're getting a taste of spring right here in winter. >> more than 20 gunshots ring out across the grays ferry neighborhood and an innocent victim is caught in the crossfire. >> and a delaware county police and official wants guns in schools as a means to keep kids safe. we'll tell you more about his proposal and who he would like to see carrying those weapons during the school day. >> the ting is fog is going to make it difficult to drive in and to see some of the potholes there. >> potholes we've all been hitting them. i don't know about you but
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some are super big. >> it has. >> in the weather sent we have cloud cover. notice how it's a darker shade of gray. that's an indication on infrared satellite of clouds that are lower to the ground. we have a problem with fog this morning. that should burn off after 9, 10 o'clock. 52 degrees currently in trenton, 50 in philadelphia, 51 in wilmington. still a little colder up in allentown and reading. 38-degree readings there. not cold enough to have any of that low lying cloud cover freeze up on the roads but still you're going to have your windshield wipers going and it's going to be kind of a cold damp feel. 56 in millville. 45 in cape may. dense fog advisory in effect across the entire region. this is pretty rare. a lot of times we'll get it down at the shore, maybe the northern and western suburbs but it's everywhere today. it goes until 10 o'clock. visibilities under a quarter mile and the current numbers still looking pretty dense all the way through the poconos. allentown, reading, lancaster. philadelphia's visibility is up to a half mile but that doesn't mean that you're worse right around this area and even where you see the higher numbers like 3's in millville,
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you still could have some problems. trenton a low visibility number right now at the airport there at 1 mile in visibility. so fog fairly thick out there. again the fog burns off after about 9, 10 o'clock and we start to improve temperature-wise, up to 56 degrees by 10 o'clock. sun starting to come out after that. 67 degrees by 2 o'clock. and this model has 69 at about 4 o'clock. i'm actually going to go with a high of 70 today and if we hit that, karen, it will tie the record in philadelphia. could even break a record with a warmer number tomorrow. it's all ahead in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. >> all right dave. for a lot of people this is the first day after a long weekend headed back to work and it's starting to get crowded here on i-95. that's your southbound traffic slowing down from allegheny to girard. fog is not too bad right there but we've had a lot of issues where we're seeing dense fog. we have a new accident in the frankford section. we're hearing it's involving injuries so you'll see ems workers on the screen at frankford avenue at orthodox street. olde city portions of chestnut
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second and third blocked off because of sunday morning's fire. we've got a big problem here on easton road and the action cam is on the scene of an accident here that's been causing problems in upper moreland township. it's right on easton road southbound and there is the action cam zooms in you see all the emergency workers on the scene. they've got the detours set up. clearly stating it is shut down, easton road southbound blocked between mill road and the pennsylvania turnpike because of an accident involving a pedestrian. happened at 3:30 this morning but accident investigators still out there right now blocking that road. this is also causing issues as you try to head towards the pennsylvania turnpike. it's kind of restricting traffic in that area. you may want to use 309 or route one to take the turnpike and you may want to stick instead of easton road to moreland road instead. we're outside live route one north at oxford valley here in langhorne. we had a big problem here with people hitting potholes. we had a number of disabled vehicles. they just cleared matt and tam but an indication of what's out there so be careful. >> it is a mess.
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after the recent school shooting in florida an anguished persistent question remains, how do we make this stop? some say stricter gun laws are the answer but the top cop in upper darby has a very different idea involving arming teachers and school staff. jeanette reyes is live in upper darby with details on his proposal. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. this police official is saying his proposal is really about acknowledging that every second counts and arming school personnel according to him could save lives and stop the threat before police even arrive on scene: after yet another deadly mass school shooting a proposal that is sure to spark some heated discussion. superintendent michael chitwood is proposing a controversial program called the save our children initiative. it would allow preselected teachers or other personnel to conceal carry guns in school. the idea is that they could stop the threat in case of an attack and save countless lives. chitwood says school shootings typically last three to five
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minutes and it takes police about that long to just arrive on scene. >> bottom line is by the time we get there, the threat is already over. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law, guns are currently not allowed in schools so the legislature would have to make an exception to school personnel. as for parents, it's already getting strong reactions on both sides of the issue. >> i have a license to carry and everything is legal, you know, that kind of thing and more than glad to do it. >> going to have it like on a holster or something and some disruptive person can grab it from you. i think it's an absolutely abysmal idea. >> reporter: opinion about this either way whether you're a parent or not. so we want you to join the discussion. we've posted this story on our facebook page. we've already seen hundreds of comments. we want to hear from you. tell us if you think this is a good or bad idea or maybe you have a better one. reporting live in upper darby, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you, jeanette. authorities are looking for this teenager who they say tried to bring a gun into a
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north philadelphia school one day after the school shooting massacre in florida. newly released surveillance video shows the teen at the entrance of the frederick douglas mastery charter school on thursday afternoon. police say he pulled a handgun from his waist band and then put the weapon in his jacket pocket before he tried to get inside the building. the doors were locked. and he walked away. an innocent woman is caught in the crossfire as two gunmen started shooting in grays ferry. the 59-year-old woman was shot several times while on the 2700 block of reed street last night. investigators think more than 20 shots were fired in all along the street. police rushed the would. to penn presbyterian hospital. they are still looking for the shooters. >> the eagles super bowl victory parade was over a week ago but philadelphia police are still pursuing anyone who might have vandalized the city during the celebrations. investigators released these images showing a group of people who climbed on top of a septa bus shelter at 15th and
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j.f.k. in center city on february 8th. as they were standing on the roof, part of it collapsed. if you can identify any of the people in this video, police would love a call and your assistance. it is 6:07. investigators are still looking for answers on why an ambulance company in woodstown went up in flames. we first told you about the breaking news as the fire was burning yesterday morning. the flames destroyed both the building for the american legion ambulance association and torched five ambulances at a loss of $2 million. the ambulance association serves part of the salem county community. nearby towns are now loaning them ambulances so emergency services can continue. >> pennsylvania's supreme court has reshaped the state's congressional district map which could help democrats in their goal of capturing control of the u.s. house but state republicans have vowed to appeal the court's decision in federal court. the map now consists of 18 districts, all with new shapes and some with new numbers. the biggest changes come in the philadelphia suburbs.
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many of the districts now follow county lines as much as possible and are split up far fewer times. so state justices ruled the previous congressional map with all its zigzag lines including the district labeled goofy kicking donald duck unfairly favored republicans. >> amazon continues to sweeten the deal for prime members, this time when it comes to shopping at whole foods. maribel aber is back at the nasdaq in times square. we loved having you here yesterday and we're looking forward to hearing the market report. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tam. great seeing you. amazon prime members get 5 percent back when they shop at whole foods and use the prime rewards visa credit card. the new offer was announced today and is available right away according to u.s.a. today. the stock market resumes trading coming off its best week in years. nasdaq gained 5.3 percent dow and s & p 500 up 3.3. record setting weekend for "black panther" estimated
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235 million in o north american ticket sales the biggest opening ever for a movie with a primarily african-american cast. it set box office records for a february opening and for a debut over the president's day weekend. tam, by the way what a welcome from the city of brotherly love from hanging out with you guys to mayor nutter helping me with my luggage on amtrak. he's very familiar with amtrak just so you know. >> well, we do mean it when we say the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. good to have seen you maribel. let's go to a live view the. you can see it's really foggy out there. >> karenin a look at traffic. >> 422 at trooper we can see some of the fog in this shot and now you see that slow go eastbound traffic now a nine minute ride as you travel from oaks to 202. apparent as you're driving over the ben franklin bridge and area bridges so that's why they have speed restrictions now of 35 miles an hour on the ben franklin bridge. so, just be careful as you're heading out here on the ben.
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a little hard to see and also the betsy ross 35 but only 25 miles an hour speed restrictions on the walt whitman bridge. so, be careful as you're heading out. they put those speed restrictions in place because of the fog. and with the fog, you know, it's hard to see pedestrians, construction workers. here is an accident involving a pedestrian that's been causing problems in upper moreland and the action cam is live on the scene. we see the detours set up. the road is shut down. this is easton road southbound which is closed between mill road and the pennsylvania turnpike making it tricky for people trying to get on the turnpike this morning. it's been closed since 3:30 this morning. this is a big deal and investigators still on the scene dealing with this accident, so instead of maybe taking easton road, you can take 309 or route one to the turnpike. and also here might stick to moreland road instead. let's look at those visibility reports through the area. the fog is causing a big problem at philadelphia international airport. half mile visibility there. but only .3 of a mile visibility in allentown, reading and lancaster. 1 mile visibility in trenton. part of the reason is the
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warmer air. we've been talking a lot about the warmup as it's coming through creating fog through the region, you're just 39 in bethlehem but in quakertown and pottstown low 40's right now. 49 in warminster. 50 in malvern and center city. 50 degrees in long wood. how about the suburbs in new jersey, well into the 50's here. in hammonton it's 56 degrees, 56 already in brigantine. 57 in dover, delaware. so, today's an unusually mild day. we're going to make it up to 70. yes, we're starting with fog and clouds but we'll see some sunshine. we even have warmer numbers than these coming your way tomorrow. david will be back with that seven-day in just a minute, matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. 6:11 now. high drama in florida. up next, a brush with death for three workers who ended up dangling from a highrise. >> it's full steam ahead for a high speed train that would pass through philadelphia. we'll tell you about the first major step towards building an east coast hyperloop. >> ♪
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>> a massive tree crashed through a family's home in north carolina. the force flattened the rooftop. the family of three was inside when the tree telling yesterday morning in charlotte. they were able to escape by crawling out of a window. the family for now plans to stay with relatives. >> three workers are back on the ground after dangling off the side of a high-rise in jacksonville florida. one of the workers was hanging from a harness yesterday. another was standing in scaffolding that was heavily tilted on the side of the
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building. firefighters secured an anchor and pulled all three workers to the roof. >> not the situation you want to be in. >> nice advertisement for bb&t. >> get your mortgage aren't and get the dangling workers, too. >> storm tracker6 live double scan we are dry. however, as we take a look outside there's a lot of fog and that will put some precipitation little drizzle drops on your windshield. and while it is really easy to make things look foggy when you're using a camera that's 20 stories above the ground like we are here, obviously the traffic along i-95 getting through just fine. when you get down at the surface, though, we do have some low visibility and we want you to be careful this morning if you encounter that. temperatures up to 51 degrees in philadelphia, though, very mild. winds out of the southwest at 14. look at how the dewpoint is the same as the temperature. that's an indication of just how saturated and moist the air is. that's what you got when you got that cloud sitting right on the ground. still holding 38 in allentown and reading, a little bit cooler up there but low 50's from trenton down to
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wilmington. 56 in millville. 45 in cape may. here are the visibilities coming in basically a fog report here and the lower the number the worse it is. allentown, reading, lancaster, mount pocono, all of these areas really looking thick in terms of the fog. and that 1 mile visibility is an improvement in philadelphia but you still got some fog in and around here, really anywhere you see the gray you have to slow it down just in case there's a patchy period where you can't see that well. satellite showing you dark shades of cloud cover, that's the cloud cover that's lower to the ground. there's also a little break beginning to happen to the west of philadelphia. this advisory we have for the fog ends at 10 o'clock and between now and then you'll start to see some breaks and we do expect to transition to some sun later on. big story of the day though is that temperature climb. 52 by 8 o'clock, 55 by 10 o'clock. by noon we're up over yesterday, 61 degrees and we're looking at a high of 70 this afternoon. if we hit that in philadelphia, it will tie the old record set back in 1939. lives across -- ages 67 in
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allentown, 68 in reading millville. 70 in philadelphia and dover. down the shore you're going to be cooler. upper 50's to about 60 but even those numbers are above average. take a look at the tale of two seasons we have across the country. oftentimes it's milder out in the west and not in the east during the season. it's a trough out in the west that's keeping things cold, some freeze warnings in california. over in the east though a big fat ridge of high pressure and that is going to continue to hold us down and push us 25 degrees above average the next couple afternoons. future tracks sick, pump track six shows you we go up into the 70's. a high of 70 sun coming back later after the fog. tomorrow record warmth, 73 and thursday finally cooler, damp, a little rain around and 49. and 48 on friday with cloudy skies and periods of rain there. for the weekend we bounce back up to the low 60's, a high of 61 on saturday and sunday.
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but saturday there could be some drizzle in the morning steadier rain in the afternoon and at night and some additional rain could push into sunday so not a perfect weekend but still above average. >> i like sitting next to you guys when dave says the seven-day because tam is like wow, 70. >> wow. >> let's take a look outside right now. this is 42. that's your northbound traffic. some volume building here. not a major delay. dave was showing us the numbers with the fog as we look through the camera. it's not too bad here in new jersey but we have a problem that's new coming in to us if salem county, new jersey, and this is 295 southbound approaching auburn. debris on the road. hearing that it's tar leaking from a truck and get this, cars are getting stuck in it. only the shoulder. you know it's a bad drive to work when your car gets stuck in tar. matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. the flyers host the montreal canadiens tonight. the flyers picked up a much needed injury following injuries to brian elliott and
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michal neuvirth. this they acquired peter mrazek. the 26-year-old mrazek has a nine-10 save percentage this season and is eight and seven between the pipes. >> time for today's fitness tips. shoshana has something that works two problem areas. >> shoshana with "action news"'s fitness tip. i've got the most amazing plank series with a booty lift in it. get to a full arm blank. booty down, abs engaged. single leg taps. upper body stays still. tap the leg out one and one. keep on doing this, the right and the left. then after 15 of these hold that plank still lift that right leg up bend at the knee and lift and lower. booty lift. don't forget to do the other side. matt o'donnell i challenge you to this one. get to it. >> i'm going to do it for an hour and a half no stop. >> i will take the video. >> no stopping. >> i'm in. >> thank you should be shock.
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-- shoshana. a bride makes it to the church on time but the party got started 35 minutes late. why later. first up tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes a big step towards super fast travel between new york and d.c. >> it's the work of a company headed by elon musk. he says the so-called hyperloop will take travelers between the two cities in just 29 minutes. >> right now it will take you about four hours and newly issued permit allows for building preps at one site in d.c. the amazon assistant has incorporated into a board game called when in rome. >> the echo device teachers players rules, tracks the score and will even ask you questions. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. only florida's natural grows all of our oranges in florida.
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♪ ♪ even getting married. ♪ ♪ at citizens bank we can help you refinance both your federal and private student loans. so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. >> if you're trying to get pregnant lay off the soda. soda could harm the fertility
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of a man and a woman. drinking even one sugary drink each day is linked to reduced fertility for both men and women. soda consumption was linked to a 20 percent lower average monthly probability of getting pregnant. the study noted that for some reason fruit juices and diet sodas which are also a little bit sugary but not as much they don't seem to have as much of a association as sugar. >> special ingredient. >> maybe the overload of sugar. >> i don't drink soda but i think i will just to be safe. an accident on frankford avenue orthodox. expect delays. might want to stick to castor avenue or torresdale avenue instead of frankford avenue. that big accident there. also septa's route 101 and route 102 trolleys earlier delays have ended there, dave.
6:26 am
>> mild conditions this morning. starting out in the 50's in most neighborhoods up north in the upper 30's but that will jump pretty quickly. this afternoon 70. we have a lot of fog around this morning but a fog advisory ends at 10:00 and then we should get some sun back in play so it's going to be warm and pretty nice this afternoon overall. at the airport all green aircraft. no major delays but we have some fog that appears to be lifting in philadelphia. chicago looking at rain and we're still looking at rain and there have been thunderstorms down in dallas fort worth. j.f.k. also a little bit of light rain. >> melissa roger was 4 feet shy of the 18th floor of the hotel when the elevator stopped. fire department rushed to the rescue they pried opened the door got her out immediately gave her a glass of champagne or wine and the bride ended up being about 45 minutes late to her reception. >> but at least everybody was
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in good spirits. up next a controversial proposal would put guns in a delaware county school district. >> engineers make a decision about the fate of a historic building gutted by fire in olde city. >> ♪
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it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> ♪ >> now on "action news," the growing gun debate. a brand new national poll is released this morning as a top local police official proposes armed personnel in schools. >> the fog has rolled in but the temperatures are going to rise. we're helping you get through
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this hazy commute as accuweather tracks a winter warmup. >> following breaking news. a septa bus an tractor-trailer have crashed in a philadelphia neighborhood. more than a dozen people had to be taken to the hospital. >> good morning. we'll get to all of that in a moment. it's 6:30 on this tuesday february 20. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy with your accuweather and karen rogers is helping with your commute. good morning. >> good morning. really got to be careful today 'cause you can't see very well in a lot of spots with the fog. >> yeah, fog is an issue and so is low lying cloud cover in general. satellite shows you that that darker shade of gray has taken hold of philadelphia and the immediate region. the darker gray on infrared satellites indicates clouds closer to the ground. oftentimes that's fog. that's what we've got. breaks out to the west and higher cloud cover to the west is expected to break up as we go through the morning and afternoon. for now cloudy skies, some fog up in the lehigh valley where it's colder with 38 degrees right now on the thermometer in both allentown and reading. 52, though, in trenton. warmer there.
6:32 am
51 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. 56 in millville and still 45 in cape may. a dense fog advisory is in effect across the entire region until 10 o'clock this morning. we're at times from the poconos all the way down to the shore we could have visibilities under a quarter mile and that's exactly what we have right now in allentown, poconos reading and lancaster. fifty six are coming up a little bit in some of these other spots but everywhere you see gray on the map you want to be careful and slow it down just in case you encounter thick fog. makes it hard to see pedestrians and stalled cars and things like that. 56 degrees by 10 o'clock. still kind of cloudy there. fog starting to break up. the sun gradually cups out as -- comes out. 62 degrees by 2 o'clock. by 4 o'clock 69 and i'm going for a high of 70 around 3, 4 o'clock this afternoon and karen tomorrow we may get a couple degrees warmer than that before the next cooldown. we'll have all of that coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. >> all right dave. let's show you what it looks like on your way to work and i think this shot says a lot. roads are a little damp with the low clouds. you can see the fog here and
6:33 am
this is the schuylkill expressway. already busy now as people heading back to work after a long weekend. a 27 minute drive between the vine and the blue route. the action cam is on the scene though and it's showing us this accident we've been talking about in the frankford section of the city, a septa bus, it was a route five septa bus and a tractor-trailer that collided there and you can see the damage and they've shut off the roadway here at frankford avenue here at orthodox street. 15 people have been transported to the hospital to be checked out. you want to expect delays and stick to castor avenue or torresdale avenue instead of the frankford section of the city. you see frankford avenue an accident there involving a tractor-trailer and look at the damage with that tractor-trailer and a septa bus where they collided right there. a mess of an accident. they're going to have some cleaning up to do in the frankford section of the city. the action cam has been busy checking out the scene in upper moreland township. we're looking at this live right now and this is easton road southbound. 611 is shut down and there you can see the road is closed. they've got the detour post
6:34 am
owed out there. this accident involves a ped. we're hearing injuries on the scene out there this morning. it's been out there since 3:30 this morning and still an issue and it's also restricting traffic as you try to get to the pennsylvania turnpike. so, might want to take 309 or route one to the turnpike instead. couple of big problems out there this morning, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we want to continue talking about some breaking news that you started with. that septa bus and the tractor-trailer that crashed in the city's frankford section. investigators say the bus and trailer collided around 5:30 this morning there at frankford avenue and orthodox street and you can look at that, i mean, they really smashed into each other. look at that windshield. we know that 15 people were on that route five bus when it crashed. all of them taken to einstein medical. but we're told that none of their injuries are life-threatening and as karen has said there are some detours in that area. >> a new washington post abc news poll on the gun control debate was released overnight. it shows most americans want action to prevent future mass shootings but not everyone agrees on the best way to do
6:35 am
it. overall, 77 percent of americans blame congress and 62 percent say president trump is not doing enough to prevent the violence. when it comes to solutions, 77 percent want to address mental health issues. more than half of those polled said there should be stricter gun laws. when broken down by party lines democrats significantly outweighed republicans in their support for gun control. conservatives arming personnel that school. the polls showed less than half of americans surveyed favored arming teachers in schools. but a top police commander in delaware county wants to do just that believing it would make the classrooms safer. upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood calls it the save our children initiative. he says the voluntary program would allow preselected teachers or other personnel to conceal carry guns in school.
6:36 am
guns are currently not allowed at school under pennsylvania law. that would have to be changed. parents we spoke with had mixed reactions. >> i think they really need that 'cause you never know what to expect here. >> going to have it like on a holster or something and some disruptive person can grab it from you. i think it's an absolutely abysmal idea. >> this is the first time chitwood has made his proposal public. he hopes it will spur discussion and meaningful conversation. we want to hear your opinion on the proposal. the story is posted on our facebook page and some of us have individually posted on facebook and twitter and we have already seen hundreds of comments. >> certain road closures remain in effect around the olde city building that was destroyed by fire on sunday. engineers say it has to be torn down before it collapses. part of the roof at 239 chestnut street has already begun to cave in. authorities are hoping to salvage some of the historic facade but the rest of the structure will be demolished. federal atf agents are helping in the fire investigation and
6:37 am
there's still no clear cause for the four alarm inferno. a pickup truck left a gaping hole in a south jersey auto parts shop. the driver slammed into the auto zone on wellington avenue in ventnor last night. glass and debris littered the inside of the store. no one was seriously hurt. it's still unclear what caused the driver to lose control. >> time is now 6:37. every phillies player was there for the first day of full squad workouts in clearwater florida and a philadelphia eagle joined them. management invited center jason kelce to speak to the team yesterday following his unforgettable speech at the eagles super bowl parade. kelce told them there is nothing wrong with being an underdog. use the doubt as fuel. >> there's a lot of similarities, you know, good young team with a lot of talent not everybody really -- i think we were usually projected to be like eight and eight before the season and then we went on to win the super bowl. >> kelce says he sees big things for the phillies and other philadelphia sports teams. sky6 taking a look at penn's landing still a little
6:38 am
hazy fog issue out there but not as severe as it is in some other places across the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> let's go back to karen rogers. she is starting with this tractor-trailer and bus that a crashed into each other in the city. good morning. >> yeah, look at the bad accident we have here. the action cam live on the scene right now in the frankford section and you can see this tractor-trailer and the route five septa bus, they collided here on frankford avenue and investigators are out there right now trying to deal with this mess. you can see the debris all over the roadway. they've got glass that shattered out here on frankford avenue and this is right at orthodox street. 15 people had to be transported to einstein to check out that. you see the debris, the broken glass. it is a mess here. stick to castor avenue or torresdale avenue instead of frankford avenue. the action cam live on the scene there with our breaking news. a terrible accident scene there. in upper moreland we've got a big accident here as well. easton road southbound is shut down because of an accident involving a pedestrian that happened three hours ago and it's still shutting down so one of your alternates is to
6:39 am
take york road. now we've got an accident on york road. it's really busy out there today in traffic. york road at mill road. so watch for that accident scene. take 309 or route one to get to the turnpike instead and you can take moreland road, don't take york road as an alternate because we have an accident there. new information about a big accident in salem county, new jersey. we're hearing there may be 20 cars that got stuck in this tar as it leaked out on 295 southbound approaching auburn here in salem county, new jersey. so, the car, the truck was leaking tar and then these cars just kept getting stuck in it. so now one lane gets by. if you can imagine that sticky situation on your ride to work. it's a mess. fog isn't helping any. we have .3 of a mile visibility allentown, reading, lancaster. 1.3, that's a little better in philadelphia international so look at the mild air here. 43 in quakertown, 51 already in center city. 56 in hammonton. 57 degrees in dover, delaware. foggy and mild. david is going to be back in
6:40 am
the seven-day and you're going to think it's spring when you see some of these numbers coming up in a minute matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. 6:39 and a missing driver mystery. there's an overnight update on the desperate search for a ride sharing driver who disappeared more than a week ago. >> a kfc crisis. the fast food chain is forced to close when it runs out of a very important ingredient. >> ♪ this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon
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or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> time is now 6:43 and new this morning, a missing uber and lyft driver has been found alive in a los angeles hospital. joshua thiede vanished on february 11th. his abandoned nissan was recovered near hollywood yesterday afternoon. thiede's friends did not provide any further details on how he was located at the hospital or on what happened to him. the last time he or someone else used his phone, it was to call 911 the day after his disappearance. >> 900 kentucky fried chicken locations are closed in the united kingdom because they don't have any chicken. kfc blames the problem on the delivery service. dhl which is its new delivery service said due to operational issues a number of deliveries in recent days have
6:44 am
been in complete or delayed. kfc said it would not open stores, many of them franchises until they can offer a menu that includes chicken. >> it should be a case study in business schools on how to lose a big client. >> no kidding. kfc, they're pretty big. >> too bad if you got there and wanted that original recipe and it wasn't there. storm tracker shows us we're dry. we have a lot of fog around the region. doesn't look like it's too bad in philadelphia. there's center city and now the airport and visibilities are actually lifting a little bit in philadelphia but across the region especially in some of the northern suburbs there's still the chance of hitting some of that thick fog as you're driving around. you'll want to slow it down if you do. 51 degrees currently in philadelphia, 51 in wilmington, 52 in trenton. fairly mild to start out even though your windshield wipers are on intermittent with that low lying cloud cover putting drizzle on your windshield. 56 in millville, 45 in cape may and up in allentown and reading still cooler, upper
6:45 am
30's there. visibilities as i say keep getting better in philadelphia. up over a mile now but still a third of a mile in poconos allentown reading lancaster and these areas in particular you got the fog. satellite shows you how there are some breakups in the clouds out to our north and west and this higher cloud cover highlighted in lighter shades of lights also going to tend to mix out later today so we'll start out with fog and clouds and transition to increasing sunshine. it's milder today in the lehigh valley 67 degrees. cooler right down by the cool ocean front, 60 degrees is the high in ac for example but that still well above average and in philadelphia we have a shot at 70 this afternoon. and if we hit it, it will tie the old record set way back in 1939. southwest winds going to continue overnight into tomorrow, too and keep us mild. overnight for example, 58 the overnight low. that's well above the average high for this date. partly cloudy, another round of late fall possible by tomorrow morning and then we get into wednesday and it gets
6:46 am
even better. kind of weird too. right now we have a trough in the western portion of the country that's making it so cold there are freeze warnings out there in california but over here in the east a big fat area of high pressure creating a powerful ridge that's going to lock in place for the next couple days and today and tomorrow we're looking at high temperatures roughly about 25 degrees above average. in fact, records could fall the next couple of days in philadelphia if we hit that 70. it ties the old record. tomorrow we're going 73 and that would break the old record. after that it's going to feel a little bit more like february. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today 70, tomorrow 73. couple of nice days. maybe some fog both today and tomorrow morning. but that breaks up pretty quickly. and then on thursday that's when we get cooler and damp, a high of just 49 degrees. there will be some rain at times and only 48 on friday cloudy skies with periods of rain there. heading into the weekend, milder on saturday, with a high of 61. we'll have clouds increasing. could be some drizzle around early. i think most of the steadier
6:47 am
rain holds off until afternoon and evening. and then sunday another 61 but still kind of cloudy and there still could be more rain. now looks like we dry out for monday. hey, you know what, monday we drop to 56 but that's still well above the average high. average high at the end of this month is 47. a lot of warm numbers. >> you forget that when you are looking at 70's, right. let's check these roads. we're seeing the fog and a jam on 95 approaching cottman. southbound traffic already jammed past academy to girard. a disabled vehicle at allegheny just cleared on i-95. couple of new accidents coming in. it's been busy out here this morning. one in lansdale on broad street at hancock. another in pennsauken on 130 northbound at hilton road, matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, karen. president trump marked president's day by continuing to tweet about russian meddling in the 2016 election. trump now seems to acknowledge that it happened in the wake of running robert mueller it's indictment of 13 russians on friday. trump continues to blame the
6:48 am
democrats and specifically former president barack obama. trump said in a tweet obama was president up and beyond the 2016 election asking why obama didn't do something about russian meddling. obama administration has said repeatedly in the past it was restrained in its response for fears of accusations of interfering in the election outcome. new video shows donald trump jr. arriving in india this morning. the president's eldest son is meeting with wealthy indian who's have brought units in trump branded luxury apartments. president trump has pledged to avoid new foreign business deals during his time in office in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. trump jr. is promoting projects aimed at before his father was elected. >> r and b singer. video of a concert in manchester england on saturday. the artist noticed a young fan starting to cry so he hopped off the stage and stopped his set to comfort her. khaled later tweeted high to jump down. she was the cutest in the
6:49 am
world. the clip already has more than 1 million views. rapper drake dropped his latest video and he was giving fans plenty of reasons to smile. the musician donated the entire million dollar budget that was set aside to spend on the shooting and production of the project. some of the giveaways appear in the video for god's plan including $30,000 in grocery donations. the charitable act will impact people all over miami florida. drake called it the most important thing he has ever done in his career. >> a lot of people are talking about that and about that video. it is 6:49. it is time now for a preview of "gma." >> let's join robin roberts in the "gma" studios and robin, yesterday we talked about how the florida school shooting survivors aren't giving up. today more proof they're not giving up. >> reporter: you're right about that, matt and tam. those young survivors of the florida school massacre they're preparing to meet with state legislators this morning in tallahassee. they're going to push for tighter gun restrictions. we're going to have much more
6:50 am
on all of that. a "gma" health alert this morning. we're taking a look at a little known cause of heart attacks especially in women that has symptoms which are often misdiagnosed as anxiety. dr. jennifer ashton and our new augmented reality friend jemaah. we'll check in with ginger zee and her new little ones miles. such a good big brother. did you see this video she posted? it's all coming up matt and tam here on "gma" later this morning. >> tearing her house apart before she knows it. [laughter] >> reporter: that's one way of looking at it. >> thank you robin. >> reporter: two little boys, you're right. >> thank you. a sunken pirate ship in new england may have led scientists to a historical treasure. experts believe a bone found in the wreck off cape cod belonged to 18th century
6:51 am
pirate black sam bellamy. the femur was encased in a block of sale. it 250 hours of preparation to free the bone. researchers plan to compare it to dna with a sample of one of bellamy's descendants. >> up next a stolen keepsake makes its way back to the original owners. also eagles fans will be flying high at philadelphia international airport today. we'll tell you how to score a super free super bowl collectible at phl. >> ♪
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> there's a major cleanup effort under way in reading berks county. officials say they're clearing out alleys and tackling the graffiti problem. they say the problems are the shear volume of the vandalism and difficulty tracking down the people responsible for the acts. a week after a break in at a home in philadelphia's torresdale section a woman has her late husband's dog tags back. police returned them to francis adaire's widow over the weekend. they were found at the intersection of brous and knorr streets in mayfair. police are now reviewing surveillance video cameras in that area. the family says the dog tags were in a jewelry box that
6:54 am
also contained adaire's rose reso they're praying the rosary turns it with along with a quilt made out of his shirts. >> travelers at philadelphia international airport are being treated in honor of the eagles super bowl title. american airlines is teaming up with a local beverage distributor to hand out 50,000 commemorative super bowl soda cans with the birds' logo on them. eagles mascot swoop and members of the cheer squad and pep band will be on hand to celebrate. the give away is for passengers with airline tickets. they will be giving them away just past the security checkpoints. >> there's more ahead on "action news" as we work to update you on our top stories. david and karen. >> all right, guys. we are looking at least fog across the region this morning with visibilities in some of our far suburbs under a third of a mile. be careful as you're driving around this morning. temperatures aren't too bad though karen. >> you can really see the fog on the ben franklin bridge. because of the reduced visibility they reduced the speed limit to 35 miles an hour.
6:55 am
it's 25 on the walt. when we come back we're going to have a live look at that accident involving a septa bus when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> ♪ >> let's get to the breaking news. that septa bus and the tractor-trailer that have collided. jeanette reyes is live at the scene at frankford avenue and orthodox street. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we just arrived here a couple minutes ago. take a look at the images here right up close to this accident here you can see that septa bus and the jackknifed tractor-trailer. we are along frankford avenue where this happened. we're told this happened around 5:30 in the morning. this is the intersection of frankford and orthodox street here in the frankford section of the city. you can see this is very busy corridor, traffic has been
6:58 am
detoured all around the area at a very busy time of the morning. this is the number five bus. we're told it was traveling northbound on frankford avenue when it came in contact with the tractor-trailer which was making a turn onto frankford avenue. now what we're getting as far as injuries, we're told there were 15 people on board this bus. they were all transported to to einstein medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. but, again, if you are driving around this area or close to this area, keep in mind that traffic will be worse than usual and there will be plenty of detours. we'll let you know as soon as we get some additional information but in the meantime, again, 15 people transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. reporting live in frankford, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." back inside to you guys. >> thanks jeanette. if you're heading around that area as jeanette said instead of frankford avenue at orthodox street maybe stick to castor avenue or torresdale instead. the action cam on the scene of another big accident that we're following in upper moreland township. we still have easton road
6:59 am
southbound shut down, an accident involving a pedestrian, emergency crews out there investigators on the scene detouring traffic. stick to moreland road as your alternate. don't use york road because there is an accident on york road as well. it's been busy this morning including an accident in salem county where tar was leaking from a truck. dave, we're hearing went to 30 cars got stuck in the tar,. >> that may be worse than snow, karen. dense fog advisory until 10 o'clock. some areas visibilities are down below a quarter of a mile. here are your temperatures. not too bad. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 38 in allentown. 56 in millville. and later today we're going for a high of 70 with some sun coming back. how about them apples? >> how about that? "good morning america" starts in seconds. for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday, everyone. >> see you guys. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning, america. the survivors of that florida school massacre prepare to confront lawmakers as students stage a lie-in right outside the white house. >> shame on you. >> what a new poll reveals about america and guns and president trump's response. disturbing new allegations. a former friend of the accused school shooter now telling her story. saying nikolas cruz stalked her, tried to sell knives at school. >> even before they announced he was the shooter we all knew it was nik. winter weather warning. 30 million coast to coast bracing for snow, heavy rain and ice. causing hundreds of accidents and restaurants and playgrounds underwater in the midwest. a woman caught on camera upset about sitting next to a baby on a plane is now facin


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