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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we heard from legislate he officials and from cabinet members, considerable number of people. the hook of course is what happened last year in broward county, florida. new jersey was explained here has had specific policies on the books be in the paper for money drills. everybody is content with that. but the governor says that the protocol and procedures will be examined as they go forward in the coming days, weeks and months to look for areas of improvement. >> today we will review current protocol and outline additional steps being taken at the state level to augment the vigilance being practiced by law enforcement. let me be perfectly clear nothing we are doing here can be a replacement for comprehensive gun safety reform at the federal level. including a ban of military
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style weapons and preventing those with mental illness from having guns and universal background checks on all gun sales. >> since 2010 legislation required schools to conduct fire, security and active shooter drills and since that time the new jersey office of homeland security and preparedness working with the department of education has conducted hundreds of announced and unannounced school visits to among other things, to assess the school safety plans. >> unfortunately there is not a single society cure all that led up to the shooting and very much encouraged that the leaders are taking a proactive multidisciplinary approach to head off tragedy before it occurs. >> the emphasis was the state to step up theests in any way it could and the state could do this as far as the gun laws and the legislation will pass and sign them here in new jersey and
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look at better ways to identify the individuals that may be at risk. given mental health situation and announced that the state police planned to make moron domvisits to stops at schools under their jurisdiction throughout the state to try again the whole idea behind everything announced today to try to make schools as safe as possible. live in trenton, channel 6 "action news." >> meantime all flags in the garden state were lowers in half staff. in honor of the victims in parkland florida. governor murphy made the order to remember the lives lost and pledge he will do what he can to prevent such tragedies in new jersey. we have breaking news from the white house. president trump has signed a directive for regulations involving bump stocks on guns and other devices that turn semi
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automatic firearms into fully automatic weapons. a bump stock was used in the las vegas shooting and told jeff sessions to craft new federal guidelines and added quote, we can do more to protect our children. we must do more to protect our children. a new poll released was critical of the president's handling of the violence. we are following a developing story out of delaware county. this is sherwood hardgrove of drexel hill. he has threatened to come back and kill the congregation of his church on state road. if you have seen him. you are asked to call 911 right away. a man was hit and left to die in the busy roadway in montgomery county overnight. it happened at 3:30 a.m. at route 611 between mill sick more avenues and home depot drive
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just north of the southbound pennsylvania turnpike. and he was found laying in the right hand lane with severe injuries and investigators did not know who hit him and how he ended up in the road. look at the surveillance video taken at the 3600 block in lawrence street. hunting park early sunday morning. the man in the red pickup truck and began chasing a man and the suspect fired at the man twice before getting back in his truck and driving off. still not clear why he was targeted. >> philadelphia police are keeping their pledge to go after vandals that partied too hard after the eagles won the super bowl and did damage. folks that trashed the sunoco in south broad street after the game. the hoard rushed in and took the
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items and ran. trenton's first responders were called out to the delaware river after someone spotted a pickup truck in the water and drivers went in near riverside drive and searched the cab and found no one inside. turning to our beautiful weather we predicted it would feel like spring and mother nature delivered today. we sent meteorologist, cecily tynan, outside to check it out. she has the details. the warmth is arriving two and a half months ahead of schedule. temperatures soared up to 72 degrees today and it breaks the old record set back in 1939, this is 27 degrees above average and these types of temperatures we usually get an in early may and not in late february and philadelphia is not alone with the record warmth, trenton record high of 71 and pomona 73 and wilmington a record 75 and bad news for the ski resorts,
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mt. pocono a record high of 66. and the heat intensifies more tomorrow. if you look at high temperatures across the eastern half of the country. cincinnati warmer than here. 80 degrees. and memphis 77. and a cold front with much colder air and temperatures in the 20s and teens behind that. and that front is slipping through tomorrow night. and that will bring us kind of a reality check as well as several waves of rain. looking ahead. once again it will be a foggy night. areas of dense fog developing and slow down the morning commute tomorrow and once the fog burns off. record warmth tomorrow and warmer than today. find the umbrella and four straight days of rainy weather and we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> for updates on the big warm-up. it's for your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a preload.
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potholes pop up everywhere you turn. and with a break in the weather crews are working overtime to get them fixed. walter perez is live with more. >> reporter: you know rick, usually it's the really snowy winters that end up wrecking the asphalt but this winter you have not seen that much snow but temperatures are all over the place and that may be matters even worse. >> the so-called pothole season is just getting underway. >> it's a nate hire. >> and you have not seen nothing yet. >> it's getting worse before it gets better. we are coming off a winter event this past weekend and now we are at a high of 70 degrees. >> bob kent is referring to the thawing and refreezing cycle
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that wreaks havoc on roadways and even though it's not a particularly snow yy winter. it's proving just as damaging if not worse. penndot crews are using 2000 tons of asphalt to repair potho potho potholes. they needed 39 tons of asphalt and in 2016, 651 tons and if the roller coaster temperatures continue with a mix of rain and snow penndot officials say this could last until the end of june. we spoke with a few commuters that say hitting potholes is annoying. paying for the damage they cause is expensive. it's not good it costs us a lot of money when that happens. >> it winds up in the mechanics. and the tires fixed. and it's horrible. >> as usual is a great
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resource. if you want to report a problem or anywhere you drive. go to and find links and phone numbers to report a problem and hopefully get it fixed. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. all right time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center tuesday night. >> speeds are in the hole this afternoon because of a crash that popped up here. chester county westbound side of the 30 bypass in exton by the exit for route 100 and police are on the scene taking out the left lane and part of the right lane. and that is using the off ramp to get around the scene. this is a spot normally busy and sun glare would normally be bad. and no word in the sun glare contributed to the accident. 202, on the westbound 30 bypass, business 30 and lincoln highway
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instead. a crash near norristown and that cleared out and slow speeds spilling back to willow grove and the eastbound side is busy with speeds in the 20s coming away from valley forge. crash in horsham by white marsh memorial park has cleared out and now one in croyden by the dog and bull. emergency crews are on the scene attending to the accident. normal stuff slow speeds on the schuylkill and 95. issues in south jersey runnemede by the timber creek liquors, and that cleared out. one in delaware. past odessa and coming down 13 instead of 1 this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. >> much more ahead on "action news" we'll be right back.
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students across south florida are going for the the cause of gun violence. dozens of students got on buses to travel 400 miles to tallahassee. and plan to meet with lawmakers at the state capital. >> i registered to vote yet and
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any senator and representative and that includes the president i will work against them if they are working against me. >> we are the voice of america and we are making change. we need to drive forward to make the change we are pushing for. new documents show that the local school board there was aware that the alleged school shooter, nikolas cruz was preoccupied with war, terrorism and people getting killed. an attorney links to president trump's campaign entered a guilty plea in federal court. alex evanderswan admitted to lying to vest gayers. he had interactions with rick gates. a long time associate of paul manafort. gates and manafort are indicted. and evandervan swan's plea does not related to meddling or trump
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operations. >> world news will have more on this and gun legislation. following "action news" at 6:00. it appears that the flu epidemic may be on the decline, but not in our entire area. health reporter ali gorman at the big board. nine weeks of fast rising numbers flu totals in the state dropped last week and now back to the level they were three weeks ago. visits to the emergency departments with flu like symptoms emerge in regions of pennsylvania. and up in the southeastern section. and flu unfortunately took more than two dozen lives last week. 135 people, in pennsylvania have died this season. including two children. >> one of the best ways to prevent illness is good hand washing and disfecting areas and
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tight spaces like airports. going outside with wet hair with no jacket in the cold, that is a myth. it won't make you sick unless you are expose ed to exposed to >> and starve a fever and feed a cold that is not true. >> no matter you should eat as much as possible and keep yourself tanked up. i wouldn't starve anybody that is sick you need your nutrition and hydration. >> and to shape up for spring don't look for gimmick diets. there is no such thing as the best diet. stanford researchers followed 600 people assigned to a variety of diets and those following low cash or low fat lost the same weight and found contrary to diet claims the the person's genetic makeup doesn't seem to
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affect whether a certain type of diet will work for them. overall what made a difference was healthy eating. people that ate less sugar and lower process foods and more vegetables lost the most weight. >> i am on the seafood diet for a long time see food and it yes. the first treatment for treating peanut allergies passed the test with flying color. and used capsules with tiny ams of peanut flower to desensitize them. the fda has fast tracked the treatment and could okay it next year.
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amazon announce the a new perk for prime members they can get 5% back from whole foods looking for the amazon prime visa card and the prime version gets 3% back with whole foods and amazon is slashing prices and offering deals since it took over the grocery store chain. some eagles fan got memorabilia celebrating the super bowl lii win and this is
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thirst quenching liberty coca cola gave out cans of soda and each has the eagles logo on it. the american airlines joined eagles and cheerleaders and mascot swoop in the tasty celebration. >> sad news, they announced today that coldy locks a 37-year-old polar bear was euthanized because a decline in her health. they were concerned because she showed worsening changes in her behavior and happen tide. at 37 coldy locks well surpassed a typical life span of 23 years, she came to the philadelphia zoo in 1981.
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breaking news right now from west philadelphia. chopper 6 hd over the scene of 400 north busty street 20 minutes ago at this location. someone was shot and gun fire opened up and maybe another person shot as well. we are not certain. and police are on the scene and the male victim was rushed to penn presbyterian hospital. 20 minutes ago a shooting here in north philadelphia. at least one person hit and we'll have more as soon as we get it. time to talk temperatures, hopefully you got outside and cecily tynan has details of a record breaker.
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record warmth and 72 and warmer tomorrow. and if you didn't get outside you can do it tomorrow and big changes on the way. this is a great looking shot. a drone shot over doylestown. looking north 11:30 this morning. you see the low clouds and fog lifting to the north and the warm front was basically clearing from the south to the north and with it came the remarkably warm temperatures for february. philadelphia right now 71 degrees, notice the dew points on the humid side. first time we have dew points in the 50s. 57 degrees and winds from the south sound west pulling the warm air 10 miles per hour and the pressure is very high and we are under the influence of a high pressure. 71 in trenton allentown 65. and notice along the coast you get the winds off ocean. 50 degrees in beach haven and cape may currently.
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big change along the coast. >> kind of getting you thinking about spring and spring officially is 28 days away. spring training underway and home opener for the phillies and mothers day typically safe for gardening 82 days away. and it feels like it today. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the strong ridge of high pressure the bermuda high forcing the moisture well up to the north, there is a cold front out to the west moving in tomorrow night. but ahead of it, a warm evening. philadelphia 56 degrees tonight and allentown 50 and trenton 55 and cape may 51 and wilmington 55. and overnight lows above the normal high for this time of year. and one against the fog is developing. future tracker 6 showing the low clouds and fog for the morning commute and temperatures close to 60 degrees by 7:30 and then we see breaks in the clouds and sunshine by the afternoon.
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well up into the 70s and tomorrow i think we'll have widespread records broken. a record high of 75 and allentown a record high of 72 shattering the record of 67. and the airport calling for a high of 74 set back in 1930. the five-day at 5:00. morning fog and afternoon sunshine and 5-degrees and then the cold front moves in and basically stalls over us and a wave of low pressure developing along it. meaning we have four days of periods of rain, thursday 49 and friday rain and 46 and warm it up to 59 and rain on saturday. sunday 61 degrees morning rain and changes early next week we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> quick break and more to come in the next half hour of "action news." stick around we'll be right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news."
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teen survivors of the deadly school shooting in florida take their call to action to the state capital. sending several people to the hospital. plus, have you seen these men, details on the armed robbery of a spring garden pizza shop. this was it's scene in parkland florida this afternoon after more than 100 students that survived the shooting last week boarded buss to tallahassee as they plan to ask state legislators for increased gun regulations. abc's maggie ruly is live with the details tonight. >> reporter: the students in parkland began organizing 24 hours after at tack on their high school. and inspiring people across the country to protest and making their way to the state capital.
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>> students across south florida are joining the fight against gun violence. >> i myself registered to vote yesterday and anyone i feel a senator or representative, that includes it's president i will work against them if they are working against me. >> demanding that something be done -- >> everyone needs to take action other than i give you my prayer and wish, you need to protest and we need to make a change. >> and taking the message to the state capital. >> we are the voices of america, we are going to make a change. >> students are busing the 400 miles to tallahassee armed with the message of never again. >> this is the energy we need to drive forward and makele change we are pushing for. >> former governor, rick scott is listening holding workshops focused on school safety and the school board was aware that the school shooter was preoccupied with wars and terrorism and people getting killed.
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>> and what we can do from a legal standpoint but the big challenge i believe is that we have various agencies including the school systems that are working really hard but -- >> there are two events planned for next month. a nationwide school walkout and a march in washington. george clooney donated $500,000 to the march saying our childrens lives depend on it. >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir looks at what the majority of americans say about president trump and congress's actions to prevent mass shootings and tonight at 6:30 after "action news." we learned the identity of a 19-year-old man shot and killed in the olney section of philadelphia. police say that steven wallace was found last evening on north 7th street shot less than a block from where he lives. police have not released a
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motive for the murder. authorities say that a 59-year-old woman was shot in the arm and she is hospitalized in critical condition. the victim was parked in her car on reed street when a kia drove by and the woman heard lots of gunshots and felt pain in her arm realizing she was shot. a delaware county man is arrested for selling illegal firearms outside of a gun show. 48-year-old kevin stillman sold an undercover detective two guns on february 10th, still man reportedly pointed a gun at his own head and threatened to kill himself. more than a dozen people were hospitalized after a septa bus collided with a tractor trailer in the frankford section this morning. jeanette reyes has reactions from people at the scene. >> this is crazy and you don't
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see this every day. >> it looks horrible. two big vehicles and i hope everybody in there is safe. >> it looks pretty bad. >> at the height of the morning rush hour, frankford avenue at orthodox street was shut down after the septa bus collided with the tractor trailer. the truck jackknifes when the windshield was smashed in and the truck driver was not transported to the hospital and did not appear to be injured but looked upset and passers by were stunned. >> i hope everything was all right. that was the first thing i thought. i hope everybody is all right. >> septa says that the crash happened at 5:30 this morning, the route 5 bus was traveling north on frankford when it struck the tractor trailer turning on to frankford from orthodox street. 15 passengers were transported to einstein medical center and the bus driver was rushed to torresdale hospital.
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all had non-life-threatening injuries. >> that is a good thing. hopefully they cover quickly, because it looks bad. >> masha was suppose to be on the bus but was running late. >> you catch this bus normally? >> yes, i am suppose to be at work at 8:00 this is normally my route. >> and septa isp looking into the crash and the cause of the accident is still not known. channel 6 "action news." a pizza store in philadelphia spring garden section was robbed this week two men walked into the brandywine pizza on north 15th street at 11:20 sunday night and a man pulled out a handgun and demanded crash. and the s&ps got away with $300 from the register. from our new jersey newsroom now. governor phil murphy says that his cabinet is slated to make
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state liftry. his picks to lead higher education and motor vehicle and each pick is a woman. the first time in new jersey history the governor's cabinet will conconsist of mostly women. the appointments are pending state senate approval. temple's main campus is used to food trucks and septa buses and today something different hit the fast lane and we got a look at the power of i student built race car and they zipped down south street. this is engineering week. we saw wa they created. science can be cool that is for sure. >> very cool. right now lets check out the conditions on the major roads out there. matt pellman drives that fast by the way. >> out of my way. all lanes are slow lanes unfortunately on the highways as you try to head home on this back to work tuesday, including
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here 422 westbound side coming out of king of prussia down to route 23 and you see the accident off to the side now and extra heavy in the westbound lanes. coming away from 202. no parts of the 30 bypass in chester county. two separate accidents now taking out the left lane. and the other in downingtown approaching 282, a snails pace coming west of 202 on the 30 bypass and business 30 and the pennsylvania turnpike westbound could be alternates. a crash on the tun pike norristown and slow speeds coming west of willow grove and an awful accident montgomery township the 202 parkway crash involves a motorcycle and closing the 202 parkway at nash road up ahead. business 202 dekalb pike or stay farther away.
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roads like 152 or 622 could be an alternate. concord township delco look for a crash at smith bridge by brewsters real ice-cream. that is a busy spot this evening. >> thank you matt. be sure to wake up with the "action news" morning team. to get a great head start. join matt, tam at 4:00 a.m. still ahead on "action news," his wife disappeared on the boat in the bahamas details coming up. why george clooney and his wife amal gave a donation for the student march. we'll have more on the details. and adam joseph tracking the latest on the "action news" weather center. >> temperatures soared into the 70s and a list of record highs for today. 72 philadelphia and trenton 1-and atlantic city airport 73
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degrees and warmer tomorrow but big changes for the end of the week. we'll talk about it in the seven day. >> getting spoiled. and the flyers have a new player in the net. details next in sports.
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a man said his wife disappeared at sea when their boat collided with an unknown object in florida is charged with her murder and 41-year-old lewis bennett is charged in the murder of isabella helman and bennett originally told the fbi he went below deck when he disappeared. and the fbi has not disclosed evidence linking him to his wife's death. >> a man missing was found in locks. joshua was last seen on february 11 and when he picked up passengers for lyft. and a 911 call was made and they could not locate him. he was found alive less than a mile from where his car was and he did feed medical attention. they say it was not criminal. jaime is here and the super bowl may be over but the eagles
5:43 pm
still making moves. >> they have coaching hires to fill. and super bowl champs search for an offensive coordinator seems to be over. doug peterson tapped mike grow for the drive previously the wide receiver's coach. and the first coordinator job in the nfl the last one was with the university of virginia 10 years ago. with the flyers winning six of the last seven and in striking spot. the gm says they owed it to the team to get them a quality gold tender. peter moresic was fresh off his flight. he was playing with a mediocre team and is excited to play with the flyers. >> what do you think of the
5:44 pm
flyers chances? >> they play well now and have a good team. when we come into the building we all know how tough it is to play against them. they have fast all forwards and defense and a good power play. and this building it's loud and have great fans, it's always tough for us to play here so i hope we'll make that happen. >> he is great and having a great season this year. you know, hopefully we can make it all the way. >> hopefully make a run without wayne simmons out for the next three weeks with an upper body injury and maybe he hit his hand in this fight on sunday. and a big hit because simmons coming on as of late. >> those are big shoes to fill on our team. a lot of different respects but everybody will fill in and chip in and do -- take a piece it --
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and like i said. that is what it is all about. >> you heard of rookie hazing, here is one way to doc rate a new manager. gabe kapler had his car dented when nick williams smashed a home one that landed in the parking lot. kapler is a different guy and doing all sorts of unorthodox things and letting players sleep in and how about the t-shirts, promoting them to be bold. jeff skversky inquiring about their new motto. >> what does that mean? >> to me you play the game hard. it's playing the the game with intensity. and doing the little things right. it's taking that extra base when you get the chance. also not being overaggressive or dumb. it's playing the game hard a cool saying. >> he is firing you guys up?
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>> yes, it instills confidence in us. to know we have somebody that wants to be here and believes in us. and wants to win. and that is the same thing we want. >> just like your motto be old. >> be funny ha, ha, ha. how about a t shirts that says be in the playoffs. >> nice. just 17 she won olympic gold and now chloe kim won the cover of "sports illustrated." she became the the youngest woman to win an olympic snowboarding medal and she entered her first contest two years later and won over fans and craved ice-cream and becoming what she called hangry. >> hungry makes you angry. hangry. >> taking a live look from the sky 6 hd camera from cape may
5:47 pm
tonight. adam joseph has it's details if you like today you'll love tomorrow.
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country music legend dolly part on wants to mail books to children. she plans to visit washington, d.c. next week for a special presentation at the library of of congress. her father's illiteracy inspired
5:50 pm
her to start the program in 1995. >> george and amal clooney are donating 5$500,000 to help pay for the march for our lives. being organized by students that survived the deadly shooting at the high school in florida. he and his wife are inspired by the eloquence of the men and women from the high school and making the donation in the name of their children, ella and alexander. >> and oprah winfrey will match the donation of half a million dollars. saying we have had enough. >> lets talk about the accuweather forecast. it's gorgeous day and tomorrow. >> we have pay back time here for thursday, friday and into the weekend. >> we deserve it this time of year. >> we do. boathouse row the flags flapping in the warm wind with the
5:51 pm
sunshine breaking out after the morning fog and the only way to know it's still february in the weather center. look at this picture from molly in south ardmore park. they are bare and you step out and it feels like may. may like today. temperatures for the deep blue sky a nice break from winter and at least for two days. looking at temperatures, 71 philadelphia and trenton now 71 in wilmington and 69 if millville and 65 in the lehigh valley. and the shore much cooler the wind off the water it only made it into the low 50s there. you head out tomorrow to walk the dog or walk the dog yourself. a jog, walk or run perfect morning for it. foggy in the morning and temperatures right around 60 degrees to start the day. once the sun starts to break out. the temperatures are already heading into the mid to upper 60s. we officially hit 72 degrees around 4:00 outside, 2 degrees
5:52 pm
above the record set back in 1939 and the low this morning. 47 degrees at 3:00 in the morning and that was actually higher than the normal high temperature for this time of year. the normal low should still sit in the upper 20s. the storm tragedy ectory is from the midwest from the great lakes and into canada. pushing the jet stream from the north and the bubble of warmth from philadelphia all points to the south and the front moving southwest to northeast. it is not progressing quickly west to east. and one more day to see out in the 70s. extremely mild for this time of year. the fog will redevelop. 50 allentown and 56 philadelphia and lower 50s to the south and much like today. you'll twiddle your thumbs and say when is the sun coming back and it will into the late morning and afternoon hours tomorrow. the temperatures hit into the mid-70s and breaking the old record of 72 in philadelphia set back in 1930.
5:53 pm
75 ahead of the front. 30 degrees above average. that is pretty impressive and records for basically every city tomorrow. and then the front slides to the south and brings in the cooler air for thursday. 49 degrees and ripples of low pressure start to develop along the boundary that stalls to the south. and rainy at times thursday and beyond into the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog and afternoon records and 75. 40s and kind of a raw feeling, rain at times on thursday and periods of rain on friday. and it turns warmer for the weekend around 60 degrees. however, more rain on saturday. even more rain on sunday morning, especially and then the pattern will break with warmer weather at least warmer for this time of year monday and tuesday in the 50s and the fine makes a return and get out and enjoy tomorrow. if you can because it goes downhill for four straight days.
5:54 pm
>> more information on the warm-up check stormtracker 6 live double scan yourself it's a free download for your mobile device. if you love rock and roll listen up organizers of the 45th annual musikfest joan jett and the black harts kick off the event. on the sand steel stage on august 3rd and go on sale on february 27 and and runs from august 3rd to the 12th in bethlehem.
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my gums are irritated.
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i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line, and if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not taking care of your mouth. so now i use this. crest gum detoxify. introducing new crest gum detoxify... it works below the gum line and is clinically proven to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new gum detoxify, from crest. gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. one by one they came to get lemonade. one stand has ties to a bigger cause. they went to the parkland school shooting victims. michael law son and his sons put together the fundraiser and lawson lost a distant relative in parkland and used to live near the school. >> if we all do our role
5:57 pm
whatever that definition is and belief system is and we do it change will happen. >> good deeds do cover come all. that lemonade stand raised $363. >> that is a great idea. now coming up next at 6:00. a trucker unknowingly spilling liquid asphalt causing problems for a 14 mile stretch this morning. and phil murphy calls for a review of school procedures in the garden state. and pat toomey sounds off about the new congressional map in pennsylvania. now for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers. meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and a number of records are dashed today as accuweather track a winter warm-up and president trump weighs in on pennsylvania's new congressional map. >> but the big story on "action news" tonight is the spill of liquid asphalt on a south jersey roadway and it goes on for 14 miles. the driver of the truck left the paulsboro refinery and drove to baltimore not knowing he was dumping the substance on the roadway not only causing a mess to the road but damaging 20
6:00 pm
vehicle as long the way. bob brooks is live along the tri-state transportation company in west depford. bob, one big mess? >> reporter: a huge mess but it happened and it was an accident and the tri-state transportation company is doing everything they can to rectify the situation. >> see that line of cars, they are busy throughout the day. anyone that drove through the hick wid asphalt. are able to come in here and get their cars cleaned off. it covered at least a 14 mile stretch. liquid asphalt dumped over the road in south jersey, it was so thick crews began to roll it up in layers. and how did it get here? a tanker truck from tri-state transportation. a driver on his way to baltimore experienced a boil over. >> a boil over is when


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