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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bob brooks is live along the tri-state transportation company in west depford. bob, one big mess? >> reporter: a huge mess but it happened and it was an accident and the tri-state transportation company is doing everything they can to rectify the situation. >> see that line of cars, they are busy throughout the day. anyone that drove through the hick wid asphalt. are able to come in here and get their cars cleaned off. it covered at least a 14 mile stretch. liquid asphalt dumped over the road in south jersey, it was so thick crews began to roll it up in layers. and how did it get here? a tanker truck from tri-state transportation. a driver on his way to baltimore experienced a boil over. >> a boil over is when
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condensation gets into the tank and the hot asphalt mixes with it. you close the lid and start to move it, and it activates it and it boils over. the truck went down 295 south and clear down to mile marker 4 before it stopped. once the water is boiled out it stops. >> a lot of people drove through it and some had it splash up on to the paint and others caked on to their tires. this is from vince, we spoke to him as tri-state. >> just driving down the road at 5:00 in the morning and i thought i had a flat tire. he brought his truck here to get it cleaned off. >> all they had to do is give me a call and we'll take care of it and sorry about it. >> he watched as they cleaned it and the spray they use the immediately cleaned the asphalt. >> get it fixed and everything will be good and i'll be happy. >> as you hear tri-state transportation they have owned
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up to. you see the lines out there. you can come on down and they will try to make things right. >> reporting live bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a three vehicle crash claimed two lives today. in berlin, camden county, two sedans collided and hit a semi truck near clementon road it happened at 10:45 and the drivers of the cars were killed and an american cyphered critical injuries. and the spring like temperatures are breaking records from mt. pocono to atlantic city and points in between. lets get the latest from meteorologist, cecily tynan, and accuweather. >> the warmth is arriving two and a half months ahead of schedule. philadelphia 72 degrees and besting the record of 70 by 2 degrees set in 1939 and puts it in perspective. 27 degrees above average.
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typical temperatures that we see in early may. not in late february. in philadelphia not alone with record highs, atlantic city airport in pomona 73 and trenton a record of 71 and wilmington up to 75. and you know who doesn't like this kind of weather, up in the poconos the ski resorts, 66 degrees a lot of melting going on there today. if you look at high temperatures in the eastern half of the country. the strong ridge cincinnati 80 and memphis 77 and one more day before the cold front slides through and brings a reality check for the enof the week. the accuweather highlights show. dense fog developing could cause fog for the morning commute. and find the umbrella four straight days of damp, dreary weather. we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> lets go live to sara
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bloomquist in washington square in philadelphia. sara you may recall endured arctic like cold for a week reporting on the cold in minneapolis. sara a whole different spear wrans today. >> these temperatures are a treat for everybody not just everybody that endured a cold super bowl in minneapolis. we are out in washington square showing off the brand new "action news" storm tracker van. it has a live radar, monitor on the side. people are coming by and saying are you here because there say storm coming? i said check yourself. it's clear. even at this hour people are out and about here on washington square. >> it's crazy, absolutely crazy and i'm not complaining at all. >> this winter weather is wild. this afternoon temperatures soared into the 70s in the city. here on washington square people came out to soak up the bright
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sun. >> weather comes and goes and take advantage as it comes. >> and the sunshine put smiles on faces and some brought the dogs out and of course the kids, the park benches provided a perfect perch for enjoying a book or salad or the company of friends. >> absolutely. can't not come out when it's 65 degrees in the middle of february. >> what do you think of this weather. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. you have to get out and enjoy a book. >> that is right. along boathouse roma took a break from work to get in a workout. a run, bike ride or nice long walk and some got out on the river wearing shorts. >> it's beautiful. i couldn't resist and i'm not a walker and i couldn't resist today. >> nobody can resist the spring like temperatures while they last. >> it's just amazing. it's a bit of a breeze and i'm dressed too warm i think.
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>> it's nice. it's going your higher. than it is now. >> back here live taking a look at the new van on this beautiful night here on washington square. it really shows up now that the sun has set. get out tonight. get out tomorrow. it's going be even better. you know it's not long before the rain is back on the radar. live on washington square, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course you can get updates on the weather warm-up and check stormtracker 6 live double scan live any time you don't have to wait for the van to come to your neighborhood go to your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. folks gathered in center city philadelphia to honor the 17 people killed at a florida school and the vigil got underway an hour ago outside of city hall. district attorney larry krasner and various community groups honored the victims and called
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for tougher gun laws and the end to gun violence. >> tomorrow marks one week since the tragedy in parkland, florida. and governor phil murphy called for shooting protocol in the garden state. and praising students for calls for gun control measures. this happened late today in trenton. john rawlins has the full story from the newsroom. >> hi jim, the governor called the gathering today in the wake of what happened in florida. new jersey has a lot of existing protocols concerning school security. active gunshoter drills and that sort of things. the action today the new minvation will look through the pol says and add to them where needed. >> today we will review current protocol and outline different steps being taken at the state level. to augment the practice by law
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enforcement. let me be perfectly clear nothing is a replacement for comprehensive gun reincluding a ban on mill industry style weapons and keeping those with mental issues from access to gun. >> and reaction over schools security. starting today state troopers begin increasing their stops at schools within their patrol areas. >> it's not just about the security in those schools. that is certainly a primary function but giving faculty members and parents and the students the opportunity to interact with our troopers. that is where the instilling of public trust comes from. the states department of children and families part of the process it provides specialists in behavioral health. unfortunately. there is not a societal cure all for what led up to the shooting.
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but i'm encouraged that new jersey leaders are taking a proactive approach to head off tragedy before it occurs. >> the governor made it clear about signing off about gun measures, including mental health and magazine capacity. and walk ougt of class in support of gun control. his reaction was god love them because our generation is not getting it done at the national level. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> republicans could file a federal lawsuit and one would suspect they will over pennsylvania's new congressional map, as soon as tomorrow. the national republican congressional committee calls the state supreme court's new map, quote a rush decision that created chaos and confusion and unnecessary expense in the 2018 election cycle.
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president trump also weighed in on the new map. tweeted that republicans need to quote, challenge the new pushed congressional map. trump went on to say don't let the dems take elections away from you so they can raise taxes and waste money. they ruled that the previous congressional map was favored to republicans. and pat toomey says that the state supreme court overstepped its bounds. >> they decided to take on a political role they were not elected to. the constitution is clear the places and times of election is to be determined by state legislature with a bipartisan vote. toomey was in delaware county touting tax reform and toured new hudson facades in linwood. and he says that the company is an example of one that can grow and compensate workers and be competitive because of the recently passed tax legislation.
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coming up on "action news" the investigation into what sparked the blaze in old city continues, crews worked to secure the scene from collapse. and the eagles name a new offensive coordinator, ducis rogers has that story. and cecily tynan back with the accuweather forecast. >> and trademarking the phillies special. when "action news" continues tonight.
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the four alarm fire damaged the building next door. and deemed unsafe and can be repaired. the atf agentses are investigating the cause of the massive blaze. a mullica hill couple is dead because of a murder-suicide. arlene mckenna was receiving treatment at the sub acute center in washington township when her husband raymond shot her and turned the gun on himself. eileen was taken to cooper medical hospital where she was pronounced dead. now an update to a story we told you about on "action news" at 6:00. police arrested arnold palmer for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach. he faces aggravated assault and aggravated assault of an unborn child. pastors and rabbis and imans
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wrapped up a two day session. in the spring garden section of philadelphia. in response to rising religious intolerance and build relationships and foster respect and understanding between christians and jews and muslims. it's pal day at city hall in philadelphia. 38 outstanding high school students from 19 police athletic league centers were invited to shadow government employees and the the teenagers got to meet mayor jim kenney and learn about the daily operations of our city. and our president and general manager, bernie prazenica was there. so i want my glasses to be unique...
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and now the team wants the rights to exclusively own the phrase took they want to trademark the phrase on apparel. several owe other entities have filed for the trademark. including yuengling, it will take months to sort out the rights to the philly special. >> and a new offensive coordinator. >> doug peterson settled on mike grow for the offensive coordinator. the mike grow, the first coordinator job since college 10 years ago. and pederson will continue to call out the offensive plays. it was created when frank wright was named the coach of the indianapolis coach. and the injuries mounting with the fliryers. it got so dire the team had to
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get a new goalie last night. >> the goalie is wearing red and white red wings pads because hours ago peter played for them. >> two hours i'll be in a different city and different team. but you know, it's a new chapter and new life. >> he is a good goaltender in this league. and you know he has done that overtime. and certainly this year, over the past, you look at his performances over the last month. very solid and excellent. so we are excited to have him. >> they traded for the 26-year-old when michael elliot went down with injuries. and brought in draft picks rather than an unproven commodity is not lost on the team. >> he is coming in with experience and won in the past. some big games. and you know we are pretty glad
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to have him. and it shows the management trusts this group and kind of believes in us. >> alex ryan will start against the canadiens tonight. and the flyers won six of their last seven but playing without wayne simmons. for upper body injuries. >> power play and like i say, it's something that happens to everyone in the league. we have to grind it out without him. >> jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." to baseball the phillies have a game in two days exhibition at the university of tampa and open grapefruit league on friday. >> and getting the smiles right. picture day for the phillies. a different feel in camp and that has to do with the new manager. gabe kapler has simple clear demands of his flares. >> we have high expectations and
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come prepared and bust your [ bleep ] and all over the next day. that is what they did. they started out on the right foot coming prepared and blusting their [ bleep ]. we are confidence they will do that. >> a game in two days. >> what was he saying? >> we can't say it. it was bleeped. >> work hard. >> cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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records falling all over the place today. >> and warmer tomorrow.
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we have the fog in the morning and the action camby the water works showing it burning off by midmorning. and once it did we got the bright sunshine and people are doing this. playing hooky. michelle posted this photo on my twitter account and people enjoying the main line, and normal high for this time of year 45 holding at 69 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown and trenton 67 and atlantic city airport 63 and the cool spot with the southwesterly wind off the ocean. cape may currently 53 degrees and today is national love your pet day and in honor of that walking the dog forecast with favorite pup there. and a great day to walk the dog. 6:0059 degrees into the low 60s by 7:00 and by 11:00 into the mid up toer 60s good dog and
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soaring up into the 70s. and makes you think about spring. still officially 28 days away and the home opener for the phillies. and 48 days away and mothers day a good day to start the gardening past the first frost. 80 days away. winter on the way and all right now bottled out west. satellite and radar, showing the ridge, strong ridge of high pressure like the bermuda high and the dividing line with the warmth in the east and west and this is the cold front and that front will push in tomorrow night. ahead of it tonight. a foggy night and could cause problemed for the morning commute. and 66 for center city and tomorrow the heat is on after the fog burns off partly sunny and 75 in philadelphia and new record high trenton and allentown record highs of 73 and reading 73 and wilmington 74 and record highs across most of our viewing area and then the party
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is over on thursday. the cold front slips through and brings us a raw wind from the east. 49 is the high and we hit that early and temperatures drop down into the mid-40s and waves of low pressure develops along this. probably four of them for thursday. bringing us periods of rain at times. temperatures warm up for the weekend and on a damp side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow morning we get the fog and again may want to allow extra time for the morning compute. could slow things down. and by the afternoon temperatures off to the races. 75 is the high and could get a few showers tomorrow night with the cold front and basically just stalls over us. thursday it's raw and chilly and rain at times and 49 degrees and friday more periods of rain and 46 and the same cold front advances north friday night. and what that will do it bring
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us milder conditions and another wave brings us more rain especially late on saturday. saturday night. and sunday the first half of the day. and a high of 61 degrees and behind it we clear things out finally on monday. and 56 degrees and on the mild side and tuesday partly sunny and high of 52 and allow extra time and i'll have details on the fog on "action news" at 11:00. >> abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking developments on several fronts. as the survivors of the deadly school shooting board buses for their state capital, washington next, the white house is pressed late today. what will the president do on mental health and on guns? should there be an age limit to buy an ar-15? and the white house is then asked, does the president have his own ideas? late today, president trump then revealing new action. also tonight, the new images from inside the school. frozen in time. president trump tonight unleashing on twitter on russia, saying today that he's been much tougher on russia than president obama. tonight, the white house is asked, how so? and if so, why are the sanctions against russia passed by both republicans and democrats on hold? our team on syria tonight. the horror. new airstrikes. families, young children seen screaming.


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